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  • OzTalksHW
    OzTalksHW  19 days ago +1458

    You officially can't buy the SouljaGame consoles from Soulja's website anymore. He took them off his website! In other news, he added the SouljaPhone and the SouljaPad 🤔

    • cfc434
      cfc434 Day ago

      you can buy these consoles for less than hal the price on aliexpress, amazon et.c. who needs to give cash to soulja for just reselling these...

    • Gabriel chaotic
      Gabriel chaotic Day ago

      OzTalksHW f

    • paul p
      paul p Day ago

      +gareth foster they are cheaper by at least half or more directly from the source at ali express. people are morons i swear to god.

      BLAZE KAIN Day ago

      now all y’all niggas talking bout, “sue soulja” look dumb now since his interview, smh🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Tryp Allah
      Tryp Allah 2 days ago

      So you knock off the black man and by pass him got cha

  • GudWeed BadBitch

    He sales a emulator I could download for free on my old phone

  • Faeyza NHN
    Faeyza NHN Day ago

    Y r those even a thing????

  • Hootimus
    Hootimus Day ago

    not only is it stolen but the emulator isn’t even that good it runs horribly

  • Teymour Shafaei
    Teymour Shafaei Day ago

    50 cents’ gamer lil brother

  • Flixey
    Flixey Day ago

    I don't know what's more sad. The fact that Soulja Boy thinks he can do this kind of shit or his brainless followers talking down to anybody who calls him out on this.

  • Adbo TV T.O.E
    Adbo TV T.O.E Day ago

    Soulja boy copied and paste a game console from China and put his name on it 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂. Hustler by any means 😬😂😂

  • swvs vsCwv
    swvs vsCwv Day ago

    U are racist always triyin to bring a nibba down.

  • stacey melsam
    stacey melsam Day ago

    I miss ps 1 and p2 games

  • King Sancada
    King Sancada Day ago

    Bro What is your Desk called?

  • sun2ner
    sun2ner Day ago

    Its was a strong NO as soon as i read sb name.

  • Kwisclub TA
    Kwisclub TA Day ago

    Soulja Boy is a smart cookie? You applaud him for lying to, deceiving, and scamming people into buying illegal, knock-off garbage? You're wrong, he didn't "rebrand" shit. He's buying it directly from China and selling it as is at a huge markup on his own website. Anyone could do something similar in a single day. Where is your moral compass, my dude?
    Cretans like Soulja Boy should not be "applauded." They should be prosecuted.

  • Kirk Cousins is Trash #4-26 against winnig teams

    You were 11 when Soulja came out? WTF you look at least 27

  • paul p
    paul p Day ago

    What a fool. You didnt buy a soulja anything. You bought a marked up ali express product lol. Could have saved hundreds by buying it from the source. You the type of guy inflating his head. lmfao

  • Holden Black
    Holden Black Day ago

    Fuck with the review but put some money in a another black man's pocket smh

  • Mo Farazian
    Mo Farazian Day ago

    I'm definitely returning my piece-of-shit PS4 after watching this...

  • thareal darkskingoddess

    Who else here from Soulja boy breakfast club interview

  • Geneva Rothwell
    Geneva Rothwell Day ago


  • Diane V
    Diane V Day ago

    No thanks. I already have an NES Classic with hakchi2. But I appreciate the fact that you didn't just trash the rebranded BS like most. Plus you told them how to get it directly from the manufacturer at 1/2 the price of SouljaBoy's shopify

  • Adiem Hh
    Adiem Hh Day ago

    Negropeans like u always hating smh hating ass motherfucker hating on a nigga tryna do something

  • Antuan Wade
    Antuan Wade Day ago

    Bra shut the fuck up... evidently you not from the hood nigga A Xbox and ps4 run a fucking carnote. Gone head with that dumb shittt...... @OzTalksHW

  • kobadidi KK
    kobadidi KK Day ago

    Y’all better stop playing with Soulja’s name bros put some respect on his name

  • Savannah Finley
    Savannah Finley Day ago

    When I lived in Seoul my parents would buy me black market game boy game cards. I had 250+ games on a cartridge of classics and even newer games lmao. Loved that thing

  • NyemaDCUO
    NyemaDCUO Day ago

    I feel like you should’ve brought it from Souljas website to support black business... but that’s just me. Def unsubscribing

  • FreshAwn Michaels

    Yeah knock the black business

  • JUST Cali
    JUST Cali Day ago

    This is a great product!

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Day ago

    It's worth the 180 it's all the classes games 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Demeat Short
    Demeat Short Day ago

    Soulja boy made millions off making music on social media at 16.. Now this young man trying to make games and pushing his name to make it sale if you look at it this 28 year old is a marketing genius.. The fact he did this as a young man. Great hustling too me.

  • Jonathan Garriques

    Exceptionally thorough review

  • RealistPepe
    RealistPepe Day ago

    Stay Woke!

  • Ralph Montano
    Ralph Montano Day ago

    It’s was a good review but bashed him a lil too much

  • Reel Life
    Reel Life Day ago

    I'm impress. Tech is where it's at. Yes, he flopped but there is room for him. He will stand out too.

  • MLG Supreme
    MLG Supreme Day ago

    Looks like a knock off xbox one x

  • rainingbeatshard

    The whitest black man

  • Myke Hawk
    Myke Hawk Day ago +3


  • db vfx
    db vfx Day ago

    Hell naw...straight up pirated games. He was promoting this like he invented it on Breakfast Club. I HATE people that take others ideas and pass it off as their own. It's like taking a pair of bootleg Jordans, scratching the name off, and claiming it was your idea. Bullshit

  • Tez Valley
    Tez Valley Day ago

    Damn it got Contra.....I going to buy one

  • fred mills
    fred mills Day ago

    aha, his console gonna have them cartridges you gotta blow then put in to work, ahaha. This Nikkah Coming out with A line of VCrs, lol

  • fred mills
    fred mills Day ago

    that nikkah came out with a console that got 800 8-track games on'it. them shits come with preloaded viruses....ahahahaha

  • ThatDamesKid
    ThatDamesKid Day ago

    Aye can y’all subscribe and like my video🤝🔥🔥🔥

  • Too Much Sauce
    Too Much Sauce Day ago

    Soulja boy told envy : sorry envy I can’t talk about it right now cause I got a lawsuit going on 😁

  • Brandon
    Brandon Day ago +1

    Lowkey thought I was on pornhub for a sec . If you know you know

  • Zaria Ashanti
    Zaria Ashanti Day ago

    Always hate on the black man getting money , y’all laugh now watch it be another rapper with a game console , shit got 800+ games!!!

  • YoungBlaze
    YoungBlaze Day ago

    *Yo Soulja Boy Put the OzTallksHW show on 8 years ago!*

  • Brother X
    Brother X Day ago

    Clearly didn’t do his research

  • Jboogie_jp
    Jboogie_jp Day ago

    Lmao might get this

  • Steven Juarez
    Steven Juarez Day ago +1

    the video game community is ruthless. if you are involved in it you see once good companies doing everything they can to get some income. the community is pretty fed up with getting bad product for high prices. he chose the wrong time and audience to appeal to. to make it worse he insults youtubers that bring in millions of views just because they aknowledge that his product is not only cheap, but a knock off. again, the gaming community does not like to be conned. he also does not listen to the warnings regarding Nintendo, as nintendo does not fuck around and they will sue you to bankruptcy.

  • MonBerry
    MonBerry Day ago

    I dont get it. China has over 1 billion people. And not single one of them is smart enough to come up with something original. What a piece of shit race.

  • Cowabunga Pizza
    Cowabunga Pizza Day ago

    All I wanted for Christmas was the Soulja Boy console, but I got a ps4 instead... I hate my parents

  • Edwin Paez
    Edwin Paez Day ago

    You can buy this for $20 in downtown LA

  • Edwin Paez
    Edwin Paez Day ago

    Bro that's an old ass couch. I think my grandma use to have one.

  • TheMc1436
    TheMc1436 Day ago

    If you wanna actually hear how bad he is just listen to his feature on lil Wayne’s song trigger finger. Absolutely horrendous

  • Mickey Rose
    Mickey Rose Day ago

    I can tell you’re young for not mentioning FuBu Russell Simons with PhatFarn master p with no limit clothing

  • Evil
    Evil Day ago

    how this is legal i dont know but enough about that XDDDDDDD bro never go full retard

  • sofreshprettyboy
    sofreshprettyboy Day ago +1

    This actually sounds like a pretty good deal! In the video you stated a retro playstation with only 20 games would cost $100, while this console goes for $150 for 84 games from playstation and nintendo. Let's be real, the real criticism is because he's Soulja Boy doing this. But it's pretty genius and a GREAT DEAL.

  • Sir Carlo
    Sir Carlo Day ago

    This is just the start .. watch when it evolves . Jus like Xbox & PlayStation did over the years even Nintendo ..

  • Demarco Bufford
    Demarco Bufford Day ago

    Thank you for being an adult in this whole shit storm.

  • Nae Harris
    Nae Harris Day ago

    All the niggas in jail with cell phones about to buy these hand held Soulja games. Facts

  • Summerz School Scotty

    I didn't realize people were so brainwashed

  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'

    *This aint it chief*

    PBE ONNA TRACK Day ago

    He not from Chicago

  • Ramond Ferreal
    Ramond Ferreal Day ago

    Basically cheap fun if you buy directly from the manufacturer. Like your videos - subbed.

  • ScytheXB
    ScytheXB Day ago +2

    My mom bought me that for Christmas when i ask for xbox

  • ScytheXB
    ScytheXB Day ago +1

    Thats some ghetto shit

  • Chris Lajambe
    Chris Lajambe Day ago

    Gamer 4 Life!!!! Hello from Canada!!

  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock Day ago

    it is a rip off either way if you care about legality then these chinese knock offs are not for you. if you don't then soulja boy is still ripping you off by a giant margin. welcome to aliexpress where the consoles are 20 bucks. www.aliexpress.com/category/200217957/video-game-consoles.html

  • K U S H AQ3D
    K U S H AQ3D Day ago

    Man U deserve an applause for actually getting it. In my opinion it’s not worth it. Expecially not from someone saying he shot his friend and secondly he just shot your account hopefully your bank account ain’t 0 loss. And yeah u right he should’ve been able to invest that money someone else he tried to pull a jack black move on USclip stunt with that one

  • Mo 13
    Mo 13 Day ago

    Great video man

  • Hurricane Colin
    Hurricane Colin Day ago

    What is the Soulja boy console?

  • GxPS x RICK
    GxPS x RICK Day ago

    Woowwww this man Soulja boy a genius

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Day ago

    If you got the xbone soulja version you're actually winning because Nintendo and Sony sent soulja boy and his lawyers a seas and desist letter and thats why you cant buy the consoles anymore.

  • PushingWork
    PushingWork Day ago

    Worth $80.... EIGHTYY!!!??? Man gtfo outta here with that shit 😂😂

  • Miami florida
    Miami florida Day ago

    That shit is cheap & it might set the whole dam house on fire that will be lite Uuuuuuuuuuu Crank That Soulja Boy

  • James Robbins
    James Robbins Day ago

    Black people always trying to knock another black man's hustle,he'll pay Nintendo $100 for 20 games and not big draco $150 for 800 games.. The average niga

  • ConnectTheDots W/Liv

    If I cant play Fallout4 on it....I dont want it. BUT younger kids might appreciate the 90s and 00s. GTA San Andrea's is still the best one in my opinion and the graphics ain't all that AT ALL.

  • Brandon Parker
    Brandon Parker Day ago

    You trippin bro, $150 for 800 retro grades. That’s a fucking steal.

  • Maleek Hawkins
    Maleek Hawkins Day ago

    Your voice annoys my whole fucking soul 😂😂😂

  • Rodney Williams
    Rodney Williams Day ago

    Sony and Nintendo gone take him to the bank

  • Jono HD
    Jono HD Day ago

    For the handheld just looks like a Nintendo DS snapped in half

  • TopSZN
    TopSZN Day ago

    X Station...

  • Tony Vance
    Tony Vance Day ago

    Keep going hard.#black business... period

  • my Name is Nobody

    All you morons who are buying these fucking things to make a review. Dont you get that you are giving that cum guzzling ID10T exactly what he wants- YOUR MONEY.
    Shit send it to me- the money not that shit "console" I can think of way better things to blow my money on.

    • my Name is Nobody
      my Name is Nobody Day ago

      Didnt even finish the video- Clicked on it for the "SOULJA" purpose of commenting on how dumb you people are. Here i have some shit- No literal shit- Ill slap an apple logo on it and call it the iShit- Only $99. Want it?

  • jordandabrodey
    jordandabrodey Day ago

    Soulja from compton

  • Austin T
    Austin T Day ago

    He licenses all the games legally stooooopid

  • Anon
    Anon Day ago

    it looks like the one software on jailbroken ps3s

  • Edindro Whitehall

    3) Definitely Illegal. SouljaBoy is just begging for jail time.

  • TheRemixGeneration

    They are scams

  • ipeleng mathabe
    ipeleng mathabe Day ago

    8:10 The headphone jack line was a diss to apple

  • Julia Phoriana !
    Julia Phoriana ! Day ago +3

    Even that old ass soccer game looked better then fifa 19

  • gibsjunior
    gibsjunior Day ago +1

    Can you use other USB controllers for the console?

  • Against What Society Accepts

    I see why it’s the price Soulja asked for look up the retro games?? All the prices are jacked up high..ima support it

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi Day ago

    You should do a review with only b-roll.

  • FN Anderson
    FN Anderson Day ago

    Look like a Bootleg cutty from the wire.

  • Royal Eclips
    Royal Eclips Day ago

    HMU to run squads on the Soulja

  • oof g
    oof g Day ago

    How much did he pay you to say all this lies

  • Richard Williams

    Really man never hear bout dat so dem bada dan Xbox an ps Nintendo

  • Keep Up With The Jones’s

    Good video my G!! But man have any chic ever told u, u have a Massive set of soup coolers on you? 👄😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I’m stoopid bruh Nevermind me

  • Amin
    Amin Day ago

    What i do is just hook up my Laptop with a HMDI to my TV. and play emulators. Its the same thing :) And you can also play n64,gamecube,DS and more games.

  • Stuyvesant Rockwell

    Soulja boy business minded. Y'all keep clowning him. He will have the last laugh when he got the cake 🎂 and the dollar 💵 bills.

  • Alfredo Grandis
    Alfredo Grandis Day ago

    Tyga?? TYGGAAA?????!!!!