I Bought the NEW Soulja Boy Consoles! - SouljaGame Review | OzTalksHW

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • They're not half bad...

    if you don't buy them from Soulja
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    I Bought the NEW Soulja Boy Consoles! - SouljaGame Review | OzTalksHW
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  • OzTalksHW
    OzTalksHW  2 months ago +5112

    You officially can't buy the SouljaGame consoles from Soulja's website anymore. He took them off his website! In other news, he added the SouljaPhone and the SouljaPad 🤔

    • Blind Mime
      Blind Mime 4 days ago

      Nintendo has existed since the late 1800s for a reason. You dont mess with Nintendo lol, or Disney.

    • Emily Sanders
      Emily Sanders 8 days ago

      He took them out as well.. He got Soulja Pods now :'D

    • B Breezy
      B Breezy 20 days ago

      That's nothing but an universal emulator loaded up with all the console games from different consoles. I think he is getting sued for all those copyright infringements.

    • B Breezy
      B Breezy 20 days ago


    • B Breezy
      B Breezy 20 days ago

      Lol fuckin lame ass Xbox knock off

  • Dennis Ross
    Dennis Ross 19 hours ago

    look at your hating ass man, you over here hating he made 250k off this in one day! Look at you hating

  • Jose Chivo
    Jose Chivo 23 hours ago +1

    Good shit on actually playing it everyone just broke em lmao

  • Blake Diaz Vlogs
    Blake Diaz Vlogs Day ago +1

    You could buy that at the flea market for 20

    NOFOOD? Day ago


  • Luke Sky
    Luke Sky Day ago

    That dumb-assed rapper just lost a lot of money...

  • GyroMurphy
    GyroMurphy 2 days ago

    Dude...were you on "its always sunny"?

  • Tty Glo
    Tty Glo 2 days ago

    He was born in Mississippi

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl 2 days ago +1

    Might have been a great gaming device for entry level gamers, but with all the piracy games on it, why take the legal risk? ;)

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez 2 days ago +1

    How hasn't he gotten sued?!?!?!?!

    • RobbyBurrito
      RobbyBurrito 2 days ago

      Alejandro Gonzalez COUGH COUGH Nintendo COUGH HMM sorry something was in my throat

    PULSAIR JONAS 2 days ago

    Wish exists .....

  • Hero Acer
    Hero Acer 3 days ago

    Soulja boy made Reggie resign

  • Kelvin Z
    Kelvin Z 3 days ago


  • Ghoul Face
    Ghoul Face 4 days ago +10

    I never thought this was real

  • Randy Gonzalez
    Randy Gonzalez 4 days ago +9

    dude !!! there is no way Soulja Boy plays his own consoles. that fool got ps4pros and xbox onesses. you think he is gonna play his crappy games when he knows he is scamming y'all???

  • Milksteak
    Milksteak 4 days ago

    great video you just earn yourself a new sub keep up the good work :)

  • stanglova86
    stanglova86 4 days ago +1

    Its funny that u feel like laughing while reviewing cheers

  • Biggysnaps Crackle pop

    This review was lame,
    Boring, lazy, nothing exciting! We all knew this shit sucked! You just made another video to add to the videos of shitty videos that talk about how shitty this piece of shit Negro and his consoles are!

  • Will Solis
    Will Solis 5 days ago


  • EXBetter
    EXBetter 5 days ago

    SMD game😂😂😂

  • what the
    what the 6 days ago

    What's the game on 9:00?

  • intra morph
    intra morph 6 days ago

    it's a piece of shit

  • Alencar Chaplin
    Alencar Chaplin 6 days ago

    i always wonder who buy this things

  • Josh Sparks
    Josh Sparks 6 days ago

    Littarly dumbest shit iv ever herad of in my life

  • Nathan Zadrozny
    Nathan Zadrozny 6 days ago

    Do these guys know that Nintendo games are only on Nintendo consoles. Also that the console is clearly bootlegged/rebranded

  • D-Dawg ____
    D-Dawg ____ 7 days ago

    I want one

  • Jose Velazquez
    Jose Velazquez 7 days ago +1

    He's a fucking scammer is what he is.

  • ThatGamingSoup
    ThatGamingSoup 7 days ago

    Bet those are nice paperweights

  • Alessandro Surdo
    Alessandro Surdo 7 days ago +1

    Xgame gosto bom jogos até quero R$50.00 só tá

  • Amarni Mark
    Amarni Mark 8 days ago

    I thought they were fake tbh😂

  • Stax Plug
    Stax Plug 8 days ago +8

    Soulja boys controller look like a ps3 and a Xbox controller mixed together

  • Stax Plug
    Stax Plug 8 days ago

    I don’t give a damn about Soulja boy and his console I rather play on a Xbox and a ps4 than play Soulja console

  • William Altmayer
    William Altmayer 8 days ago

    Great video

  • EchoOfGames
    EchoOfGames 8 days ago +3

    am waiting to see soulja boy comment on this video ....

  • alejandro benavidez
    alejandro benavidez 9 days ago

    And 3 copy right 🤣

  • Josh D
    Josh D 9 days ago +2

    When does the soulja slim come out??

  • RYP Gaming
    RYP Gaming 9 days ago

    Just why.

  • BooBoo
    BooBoo 9 days ago +2

    Wish the boot screen read "Turn my swag on"

  • Dino The gamester •_•

    How did the gloryous Xbox one and the best PlayStation turn into this

  • Rockstar  Florida 2k6
    Rockstar Florida 2k6 10 days ago

    his clothes are bigger than his carrer

  • a'ri arts
    a'ri arts 10 days ago

    Maaan, this is BLACK ON BLACK CRIME, thumbs down !!!

    • belle taunde
      belle taunde 7 days ago

      a'ri arts Nah call it justice, because that shit was overpriced which is why I’m confused by your statement. But go off.

    • a'ri arts
      a'ri arts 7 days ago

      belle taunde he’s cutting souljas profit by saying where to get it cheaper. Gerrit??

    • belle taunde
      belle taunde 9 days ago

      a'ri arts lol explain to me how sir. I’m waiting.

  • K-9 FURY
    K-9 FURY 10 days ago +4

    Why did your littlebrother look at the camera? at 5:54

  • TheMichaelGreenshow
    TheMichaelGreenshow 10 days ago

    I was cool with this review until his country ass said try something else as if he fits in to judge bro stick to reviews on items visit someone's businesses I hope there's videos on Xbox and Sony

  • Delight
    Delight 10 days ago

    I wasnt expecting this to see such a good review, wow, nice vid! haha

  • Chris 21
    Chris 21 11 days ago

    Soulja Boy Consoles???? What the Fuck is that.?????

  • DankTank7937
    DankTank7937 12 days ago +1

    the portable looks like half of a ds lite

  • Hard Copies Only
    Hard Copies Only 12 days ago

    Were there not more ps1 games on the sd card under the sd icon? I’ve seen on other reviews there were. Interested in purchasing one..

  • XD GodSnipez
    XD GodSnipez 12 days ago +1

    great review i subbed

  • Panzergruppe22
    Panzergruppe22 12 days ago

    Finally I found this video. A honest, legit review.
    I'm tired of Soulja Boy bashing videos. Although it was somewhat fun at the first time, the more I watch the more disgusting they were.

  • Jason Sewell
    Jason Sewell 12 days ago

    Beat at 7:24?

  • Legitmanhunco
    Legitmanhunco 13 days ago

    I wouldn’t buy it fr

  • Calvin Cunningham
    Calvin Cunningham 13 days ago

    yo i got all these on my phone for free man i aint gonna pay for an emulator that i can get for free

  • Ethan E
    Ethan E 13 days ago +1

    50 didn’t “start” vitamin water he took a stake in the company instead of being paid cash for doing advertising

  • Morgan the destroyer
    Morgan the destroyer 13 days ago

    6ix9ine is better

  • SirBallBag
    SirBallBag 14 days ago +2

    Been emulating games on multiple platforms for years now

  • OgDon Kosmo
    OgDon Kosmo 15 days ago

    4 min(juicy) when he talks bout more stuff

  • David Páez
    David Páez 15 days ago

    Why is your voice so relaxing? Am I the only one to notice this? They should have you talk in one of those shows in the history channel.

  • xryanv
    xryanv 15 days ago +1

    He has a song called kiss me thru the phone omg lol

  • speedygamer345
    speedygamer345 15 days ago +1


  • Bobby Meakin
    Bobby Meakin 15 days ago

    you made this on Christmas what an interesting way to spend christmas

  • Rocky
    Rocky 15 days ago

    Who watchin this with souljaphone and souljaheadphones

  • Andrew Lauder
    Andrew Lauder 15 days ago +1

    Great video ,enjoyed with music quality and background music choice. Review was great too!

  • Shane Grewe
    Shane Grewe 16 days ago

    Can someone please send me the link from where the bought it. I wanna make sure i get the one reviewed in this video and not a different one

  • Mr Scratchy
    Mr Scratchy 16 days ago

    ppl.will buy it to fit in just like supreme

  • Noah C
    Noah C 16 days ago

    Damn I thought this was just a meme. He really came out with gaming consoles?

  • Anthony Bonner
    Anthony Bonner 16 days ago

    Soulja is from Mississippi not chicago

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 17 days ago +2

    Woah, I assumed the games the handheld could handle would just be a list of one-off games like that 1000 in 1 for gameboy. Wow.

  • mlame95
    mlame95 17 days ago

    You could play this on a laptop with xbox/playstation/computer controllers with a better improved beta

  • Suck For Vbuck
    Suck For Vbuck 18 days ago


    HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER 18 days ago

    Soulja wants some of that DRE Beats money. DRE marks up those headphones from $3.30 to $100.00 and that is fine. I was reading the comments and there were a lot of people whining about legality. How legal do you think it is to take over the American Government and cut your taxes. The take the tax savings and move all your factories out of America and import your Chinese crap back in and sell it for 300% markup. These Corporations are your enemy, we do not need them, give me all the money for the items you want to buy and I will bring back all of the jobs, which will create more jobs and completely cut out the Corporate Criminals. Arrrrgggg and Shiver me timbers

  • movieman three
    movieman three 19 days ago

    will soulja boy not be sued by nintendo as hes stealing games

  • lifty sucks
    lifty sucks 19 days ago

    PlayStation mix with xbox😂😂😂😂

  • VRtual Boy
    VRtual Boy 19 days ago

    Of course you're paying much less than the retro Nintendo or Playstation, those... You know, take licensing and other legal costs into the price.

  • AkramxGamer
    AkramxGamer 20 days ago

    عروب از هير

  • Mr Pulluponme
    Mr Pulluponme 20 days ago

    Krypto9095 ?

  • B Breezy
    B Breezy 20 days ago

    I see a bleak future for this universal console Xbox knockoff. Lol he had a good idea but years too late. If he would have done this long time ago maybe he would have made some money.

  • Eat my Dick
    Eat my Dick 20 days ago


  • Daniel Fox
    Daniel Fox 21 day ago

    That looks exactly like a Xbox one s

  • Jonah Nelson
    Jonah Nelson 21 day ago

    You can literally get every game on both of those free on pc, and play with whatever controller you want

  • Tiger Uppercut
    Tiger Uppercut 21 day ago

    Ai/ eetee. Barriers of entry are a bitch.

  • DjNkm
    DjNkm 21 day ago

    i have barber cream on my ears everytime i think of the soulja boy console.

    • DjNkm
      DjNkm 21 day ago

      thank god we are real with xbox...

  • Teddy Barton
    Teddy Barton 21 day ago

    whos beats are playin in the background ?

  • Dom Carter
    Dom Carter 22 days ago

    Nigga got on a U-Neck 💀

  • Dom Carter
    Dom Carter 22 days ago

    Cookie from Ned 😭

  • Dom Carter
    Dom Carter 22 days ago

    If Baron Davis joined the boys choir

  • Dontkillme 311111
    Dontkillme 311111 22 days ago

    think about it you have 100k subs an 3 mil watched this video. hmmmmmmmmmmm. subscribe to Oz

  • Helmuth Gerka
    Helmuth Gerka 22 days ago

    Please dont put consoles/computers on a carpet, it's like you want them to overheat... Even tho I don't think this nockoffs even make that much heat.

  • BossLife Enterprises
    BossLife Enterprises 23 days ago

    He had some white shit in the corner of his mouth 75% of the video

  • Hydra Aka Cyrex
    Hydra Aka Cyrex 24 days ago

    What is the point of this

  • HansDampf1911
    HansDampf1911 24 days ago

    Why do people buy shit like this if they already know it's a ripoff? You're just supporting scammers like SB...

  • Travis Short-Smith
    Travis Short-Smith 25 days ago

    The console itself I have no problem with, but with that being said SouljaBoy claims to have total rights to all of these games?! Horse crap!
    I mean no disrespect here but Nintendo would never let a rapper have the rights to profit off of Nintendo’s IP’s or ROMS.

  • Travis Short-Smith
    Travis Short-Smith 25 days ago

    To answer that question it isn’t. SouljaBoy reselling these are not legal in anyway.

  • Rephrase-then-Erase
    Rephrase-then-Erase 25 days ago

    black man promoting a black console

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Great review. I want to support him but the price sounds steep for one of those consoles that you can basically buy at rite aid these days. I'm going to try it before I buy it , but I'm a big retro gamer so dont count me out . Again, great review.

  • Bonnie & Clyde Ride
    Bonnie & Clyde Ride 26 days ago

    Just for reference, this is a copy of another generic system that is only 40 dollars.

  • ikingbeasti
    ikingbeasti 26 days ago

    Shook ones intro or what?

  • Jalen Lynch
    Jalen Lynch 26 days ago


  • Luiguyforlife
    Luiguyforlife 26 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie he should’ve put the joy sticks apart from each other.

    XXXCLANMAIXXX Clan 26 days ago

    It looks like an xbox