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    What's your next smartphone?

  • DingDongChingChong
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  • Khan Ali adnan
    Khan Ali adnan 5 hours ago

    Becuse of Samsung and apple cheap polices thats why both companies are going failed in the the market the reason is hight price and cheap space in mobile phones.. Dont not think that you are better then others..advice for
    Samsung... Nokia... Apple.

    ... From Pakistan

  • chu chang
    chu chang 5 hours ago

    I have so many friends who works in Washington DC try to get a Huawei cellphone when he travel abroad to avoid NSA peeking them. (But not in China, if you buy Huawei in China. The phone also have backdoor for China MSS not for NSA.)

  • Kent Stark
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  • bb z
    bb z 16 hours ago

    The thing with tech is that vast majority consumers buy whats the most flashy, cool, and fun. I buy the most dependable, durable, and credible. Apple tops in these areas

  • Asyraf Rasid
    Asyraf Rasid Day ago

    Huawei > iphone

  • คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro Comes With AI Loading Prediction Artificial Intelligence
    Hi Vision calorie count of food by camera
    Scan the food
    And a 3D model for food analysis.

  • คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro Shutter Release Between 1/4000 Seconds - 30 Seconds
    ISO can be adjusted between
    50 - 102,400
    (ISO is International Standards Organization)
    WB / Kelvin temperature adjustment
    Or MF / Manual focus

  • Daily thoughts
    Daily thoughts Day ago

    *Overtook not overtaked

  • natalie nie
    natalie nie 2 days ago

    i have two iphone 6s. the batteries are just crap and the selfies i take by iphone are simply disastrous ( maybe it's also because i am too ugly, whatever). Anyway, thanks for ur video and I will definitely buy a Huawei.

  • rifai amir
    rifai amir 2 days ago

    I used to have a Huawei Honor 4C and it was good then i went to apple. Now my Iphone is broken keeps restarting and sometimes doesn't turn ON. Now I am looking at the Honor Play and that Poco phone.

  • SexPolice101
    SexPolice101 2 days ago

    I ditched my iPhone for a Huawei and boy am I glad I did that.
    Apple and Samsung are the past, Huawei is the future.

  • Ayoub Forreg
    Ayoub Forreg 2 days ago

    Actually Apple phones are like microsoft phones they eventually will be no useful anymore i like android and if a smartphone hasn't android it will be useless

  • Dawa Tsering
    Dawa Tsering 2 days ago

    becon n sausage ... 🤢 , no way

  • PBM
    PBM 2 days ago +1

    In a couple of years OnePlus will be up there

  • Jel Buenaventura
    Jel Buenaventura 2 days ago

    Y9 user here, price and specs are mind blowing. 2-4 years from now huawei is the no.1 top brand in the world...

  • TiM Q
    TiM Q 2 days ago

    In Australia, Telstra and Optus don't sell any Huawei smart phones. Hope they will in the future.

  • TiM Q
    TiM Q 2 days ago

    No no no disagree, Huawei is not sacrificing their profit, Apple is rip off.

  • jandeiification
    jandeiification 3 days ago

    Apple is... status symbol, and people are tired of "status symbol-thingee."

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed 4 days ago

    Mate 20 pro best phone on the earth

  • James Gregor Dimalanta

    Already using huawei nova 3i. Its very good for mid range phone.

  • stefan jovadzic
    stefan jovadzic 5 days ago +1

    You are retarded Iphone is best !

  • Daniel Satellite
    Daniel Satellite 6 days ago

    China 1, America 0.

  • Shemuel Roget
    Shemuel Roget 6 days ago +2

    Apple and Samsung are focusing on the semiconductor business.

  • Alvin CA
    Alvin CA 6 days ago +1

    I'll go with HUAWEI mate 20 pro for my next smartphone

  • M
    M 6 days ago +1

    and now they Canada arrested the ceo of huawei on behalf of US,release her you cowards!play fair competition srsly!

  • GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats 7 days ago

    If you guys thought that Apple and Google was taking a shit of your information...then wait for the Chinese government owned company Huawei. They'll be a security risk like no other

  • Lewis Trist
    Lewis Trist 7 days ago

    Great video. Apple has to create a sub brand to compete with what these Chinese manufacturers are offering otherwise I can see Apple being in some serious trouble when Huawei and the like start to take off in the Western Hemisphere.

  • greg rice
    greg rice 8 days ago +1

    honor make the only good phones I can afford

  • xd icy
    xd icy 8 days ago +1

    Buying the new Nova 3i soon 😝

  • raja adil
    raja adil 8 days ago

    Money is the real game!

  • Abdo Abulat
    Abdo Abulat 9 days ago +1

    📱huawei🤛🤛🏻🤛🏼🤛🏽🤛🏿will beaten by U.S.A🇺🇸🙏🏻🗽🛰🚀

  • OliePlayz
    OliePlayz 9 days ago +6

    2018 Xmas hauwei ?? Fans where u at !!!

  • Silence Machine
    Silence Machine 10 days ago +1

    i decided to switch to android. i think its a good decision.

  • junda liu
    junda liu 10 days ago

    And Honor phones sold in US are much much much more expensive than in China.

    • junda liu
      junda liu 10 days ago

      +Ricky Bobby Maybe it is because phones sold in US are all very expensive. In china, an iphone x priced at least twice as much as p20.

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 10 days ago

      Yep they are taking advantage of the export market

  • Palotás Péter
    Palotás Péter 10 days ago

    "This is for the long game, this is not about you're lifetime, this is about forever" Concidering that company giants in the US and China will end the world in around 30 years I think forever and my lifetime is about the same :D I know its not topic related but when you said it this came to my mind. Btw I'm for the Huawei team

  • preston akidiva
    preston akidiva 11 days ago

    tHIS is also the year Modric ended M10-CR7 Ballon Dior dominance

  • Rith x
    Rith x 11 days ago


  • Mo A
    Mo A 12 days ago

    Apple is losing their momentum,their black magic is disappearing they have to rely on dongles to hit that $1-Trillion market valuation, but the company should not disappear keep improving their software and don't stall on their DRM rights but open their library up, if Apple doesn't change their business style drastically. APPLE REINVENTED

  • Andy Graveline
    Andy Graveline 12 days ago

    I just bought a p20 pro and im so imprest of this device

  • dottie471
    dottie471 12 days ago

    Hi Lew, I have been watching your videos for a while but this is my first comment. Would i give these guys a shot, absolutely. I have never understood the devotion to Apple and Samsung. I have had both brands, I have also had a ZTE, LG, Nokia in the past few years. I am looking at replacing my current phone and I have my eye on ZTE right now but want to try the phone ASUS put out, I also like the Elephone you featured a while a go. Would I consider the P20 or P20 pro yup I would.

  • All about DBS
    All about DBS 12 days ago

    Who likes apple anyway?

  • wap
    wap 12 days ago

    Mate 20 pro one word (unreal) love it hands down best phone iv had and iv had some gd phones. Good job huawei

  • ItsTheBandZGaming
    ItsTheBandZGaming 12 days ago


  • Lee Lemaire
    Lee Lemaire 13 days ago

    Huawei Mate 20 pro for me.

  • Baqar Shah
    Baqar Shah 13 days ago

    hahaha hit like if u know they all r those who are taking against apple are those personn who can not buy apple like me 😂 euuu i dont like apple 😂

  • Roberuto Uchiha
    Roberuto Uchiha 13 days ago

    Apple better start making a very good flagship phone for a good price, none of this ripping loyal apple customers off

  • Roberuto Uchiha
    Roberuto Uchiha 13 days ago

    The iPhone xr is even more of a rip off

  • Adebanjo Abayomi
    Adebanjo Abayomi 13 days ago +2

    Its not about selling the most , its about selling the best .....Apple

    • Itz Adam
      Itz Adam 2 days ago

      The best?? Apple is right down the bottom

  • Even Vehus
    Even Vehus 13 days ago

    Getting my P20 pro tomorrow

  • Pokémon master
    Pokémon master 14 days ago +1

    I love xiaomi

  • kurt barlongo
    kurt barlongo 14 days ago

    the phone is cheap it is only 300 dollars

  • kurt barlongo
    kurt barlongo 14 days ago

    Huawei nova 3I has a 100 GB of space and it is smarter and you can expand the storage up to 512 gb for 300 dollars

  • Raaj Kumar
    Raaj Kumar 14 days ago

    Using Honor devices around 5 years now. Will be using it as long as it exists. ♥️

  • Fire Black
    Fire Black 15 days ago

    Apple is still Apple but being the electronics powerhouse they are has made Apple lazy and slack. Also because people continue buying their shit. That's what happens when a name brand becomes a status symbol.

  • Austin Kyle
    Austin Kyle 15 days ago

    I'm thinking about switching to Huawei P20 Lite. It's on sale for $250, or close to that range, on Amazon and I'm planning on buying it within the next few weeks. That or the OnePlus 6t, which costs a little more but it's still cheaper than an iPhone XR. I was an iPhone user for many years now but their prices are becoming more and more ridiculous as time goes on. Even the XR is ridiculous considering you don't even get full 1080p HD on the phone. Same with the regular iPhone 8 and 7 models (not Plus) except they have a smaller battery, crappy resolution screen (326 ppi is pathetic), no headphone port, and the fact that it's more than a year old makes it a no-no for me. Nothing wrong with a year-old phones, but I don't consider an iPhone 7+ worth it in 2018 ($569+ tax is a no-no for a two-year old flagship). Then again, the Plus models were always overpriced so that's not surprising. I believe the reason Apple are still selling iPhones are from the financing options from the carriers. Take that away, I'm sure no one has $1,000 laying around. In fact, if financing wasn't an option at all, iPhone sales would've collapsed a long time ago. Just look at the Mac and iPad lineup. Point is, Apple has priced themselves out of the competition, at least for me, and I'm looking for a viable alternative to get away from the iPhone empire. iMessage and FaceTime aren't viable options to stay on iOS anymore, while mid-range Android phones are getting better and better by the year. I'm ready for that change.

  • Derpy gamer 1324
    Derpy gamer 1324 16 days ago

    screw iphones

  • Blaziken YT // BlazikenGaming 2133YT


  • Yeng Hang
    Yeng Hang 17 days ago

    Apple is way too overrated

  • Alex_09456 OGSF
    Alex_09456 OGSF 17 days ago

    Love you huawei ❤️

  • NoobMc477 - Minecraft PE

    apple is good for durability BUT ITS FVCKING NON-AFFORDABLE SHE*T!!!!!!!!!!

    ROYAL VIDEOS 18 days ago

    And Huawei has the same specs as Apple and there selling it much cheaper that's the real answer. Now a days Apple are to experience people just dont wont to pay that much and Apple has to realise it and fast.

  • 부자만 보는 TV
    부자만 보는 TV 18 days ago

    Huawei was founded by Liberation Army officer who is now member of the communist party. With this money earned from Europe, Asia and North America, China is building their navy to threaten and militarize islands in South China Sea. Europeans and Americans are idiots... In 20 years, Europeans and American will be like the Uigur population in China.
    China is also number #1 exporter of fentalyn, opiod into Canada and USA. Canadians are truly idiots. China is drugging and destroying young people of Canada and their intelligence agency doesnt do shit about it.

  • Mike Mene
    Mike Mene 18 days ago

    Huwawei poooo poooo

  • Holly G
    Holly G 18 days ago

    Ah one of my first phones was a Huawei started with a samsung then a huawei (four years on still surviving on a day to day basis) went to a Iphone (5s) regretted it immediately so am getting an honor next month! Unless Apple change I probably won’t be going back, too many cons to outweigh things like iMessage.

  • timjbbc
    timjbbc 19 days ago

    I have a Huawei Phone and i live in Texas

  • sanam regmi
    sanam regmi 19 days ago

    Apple will come back to it's own position later.....

  • Warin Jayne
    Warin Jayne 19 days ago

    give Americans the choice let Huawei into america!!!

  • Joe Dynamo
    Joe Dynamo 19 days ago

    I'm never getting that phone. I don't care what spot they are in.

  • Ankit kishor
    Ankit kishor 20 days ago +1

    I will not give a shit to a Chinese company .😂😃

  • Patrick Khwela
    Patrick Khwela 20 days ago

    I've always been a samsung guy but the new huaweis are so gorgeous and have great features. Plus I like their laptops too.

  • Ali.I.J Jafri
    Ali.I.J Jafri 20 days ago +1

    which one is better iPhone 7 plus or honour 10?????????;[;];';.][;];]'

  • whiterottenrabbit
    whiterottenrabbit 20 days ago

    Fuck Apple!

  • Mysthic Yu
    Mysthic Yu 20 days ago

    Samsung so expensive doesn't deserve the price

  • RJ PC
    RJ PC 20 days ago

    no matter how much apple upgrade their phone, they are still shit for the price

  • Emelyn Joy Galicia
    Emelyn Joy Galicia 20 days ago

    First time huawei smartphone user. So far so good,. Im thinking of buying another one.,

  • siddhant patil
    siddhant patil 21 day ago

    Huawei is best

  • Lisa's Lover
    Lisa's Lover 21 day ago

    apples sucks man. my classmates have old apple phones (6, 6s, 5, 5s) which have smaller displays and some are even second hand. it costs 5k+ when its second hand and when i was planning on buying a phone they said i should buy a apple second hand, and i was like, no, because why would i go and buy a second hand phone when j can go for a brand new xiaomi device for a bigger display, brand new, and much cheaper. Apple really does brainwash their customers. Im so happy that i bought a xiaomi redmi 5 for only 6k, and its amazing!

  • xiao yee dii
    xiao yee dii 21 day ago

    yeah ..its a good news ...... lets kill apple :p

  • icemanmusic44
    icemanmusic44 21 day ago

    I have the Huawei Mate 10 pro. I will always stick with Huawei as long as the U.S allows me to buy them! Best phones ever in my opinion

  • Beng Fernandez
    Beng Fernandez 21 day ago

    Huawei is the best

  • Colin Harris
    Colin Harris 22 days ago

    Huawei needs a new logo

  • liang jiang
    liang jiang 22 days ago

    I have owned iPhone, Samsung, Xiami, and Huawei smartphone. I am now using Huawei Mate 9 and will continue using Huawei smart phone. Do not have to say more.

  • Leomared Campos
    Leomared Campos 23 days ago +1

    But you know what sir its not Huawei, Oppo or any brand of phones that Apple and Samsung must be afraid of.
    its ASUS because of their standard specs and cheap price.
    I already predict that Apple will be beaten by Android.
    So, Now my latest prediction. Asus will become the number one smartphone of the world.

  • Ed Lester Sinahon
    Ed Lester Sinahon 23 days ago

    Check out the honor 8x and you will see the reason why they have beaten apple

  • RatPits
    RatPits 23 days ago

    Fuck Huawei 2years old huawei p8 sundely won't be able to use wifi button... only can use 4g so tired of that shit camera with frame spikes, now i can't even load my messages and foto's from my android to my iphone because i can't connet to fcking wifi with this stupiud huawei...

  • quinyc1
    quinyc1 23 days ago

    People need to take into account that huawei is Chinese and the population of China.

  • Askejm
    Askejm 23 days ago +2

    I don’t see why everyone in the comments are so salty about the iPhone being overpriced. Yes it is overpriced and the reason is that iPhone sales has been dropping, so Apple need to rise the price if they wanna stay alive. Also, iOS costs money to make. Everything from the simple bug fixes, to how good it works to how effective it is at using its hardware. iPhones are better than they seem like on paper. Huawei looks mostly good on paper

    • Paolo Deliberato
      Paolo Deliberato 2 days ago

      People like to jump on the “I hate Apple” bandwagon. Time will be the proof

  • The HawkGuy
    The HawkGuy 23 days ago

    Okay listen I'm a Samsung fan currently using, I don't like Apple but I am going to defend them against Huawei (don't start raging in the comments huawei fans)

  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray 24 days ago

    go huawei!!=)

  • Sochea Johnson
    Sochea Johnson 24 days ago

    How come Huawei beat Apple? lots of their phones copy from Apple and nobody buy $999 Huawei phones but people willing to pay $1500 to iPhone

  • anirban dutta baruah
    anirban dutta baruah 24 days ago

    Feeling proud to be a Huawei customer

  • Max Troy
    Max Troy 24 days ago

    So Apple's idea of a budget phone is the iPhone Xr? And hasn't met sales expectations either. Fact is, Apple like Nokia before it, is in decline.

  • noaman ahmed Baig
    noaman ahmed Baig 24 days ago

    What laptop are you using?

  • Romeo Capilano
    Romeo Capilano 24 days ago

    You said a Huawei can’t sell in North America. WRONG. It is widely available in Canada.

  • Miko Emmerson
    Miko Emmerson 24 days ago

    3 years ago I purchased the Huawei honor X5 after looking around and finding its internal specs better than any other smartphone of a similar build for a far cheaper price. It lasted me until now where I have recently upgraded to a Huawei Honor X8. Do I love this phone? Absolutely. Will I stick with this brand in the long run? Most likely. What I won't do however is become a brand-whore, I will always look around for the best possible deals, because you can guarantee in the future there'll be another small brand that comes out from the shadows and they'll be even better than Huawei. Always keep your mind open.

  • Stephen Bala
    Stephen Bala 25 days ago

    But why huawei dont have any smaller size of theyre flagsip smartphones for asians which has a smaller hands? 💖🖤💖🖤💖

  • weirdo at night
    weirdo at night 25 days ago

    Im using a 300 hundred dollar Huawei Nova 3i, so affordable than Iphone but its a beast.. No regrets.. Worth the money...

  • 暗闇から生まれた死の天使

    lmfao apple likes o shit wtf do we do