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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +2742

    What's your next smartphone?

  • Nathanael Persaud
    Nathanael Persaud 2 days ago

    (watching on my hauwei p20 lite)

  • Luis Colon
    Luis Colon 2 days ago

    Apple USA is not is apple Chinese. if China stopped making apple cell phones Apple company will died

  • Luis Colon
    Luis Colon 2 days ago

    I was very upset when United States stop Huawei on ATT.

  • nick name
    nick name 3 days ago

    android vs iOS, moreover who would you rather trust with your personal data, the Chinese Communist Party or a western company? Remember the Chinese government can grab any info from any Chinese company for any reason, without just cause or oversight. Their products are cheaper because they want to control the global tech market. Do you think the Chinese are going to protect your privacy? Their internet is blocked and freedom of speech and assembly are outlawed in their country. Are you ready for what's to come with their command of AI? Do you want to hand them the keys to the kingdom?

  • HarperPolo
    HarperPolo 4 days ago +2

    Does that Huawei P20 lite work with a TMobile pay as you go sim?

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown 6 days ago +1

    My Mate 20 Pro will arrive in a day or two,, and the Iphone 7plus will be demoted to the"spare".... Bye bye Apple, good riddance.

  • Leon Mercy
    Leon Mercy 7 days ago +1

    not a surprise, Apple has been involving themselves in some dirty business practices

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang 8 days ago

    Huawei and China Mobile (ZTE) is the only companies that has the 5G phone which is 100 times faster than a 4 G phone

  • Ng Ni Co
    Ng Ni Co 9 days ago

    Huawei mate 20 pro

  • Ng Ni Co
    Ng Ni Co 9 days ago

    My smartphone is huawei I hate iphone

  • Stephen Knight
    Stephen Knight 9 days ago

    Huawei security risk. For get with stick brands from the 5 eyes

  • Allen Yeong
    Allen Yeong 9 days ago

    The moron is jealous about Huawei against Iphone that is the main reason he propose extradition of Huawei CFO to US from Canada, period

  • Mukhtar Ullah Siddiqi

    China is a peacful future we all now so heartly welcome, not react like USA

  • Bob Chen
    Bob Chen 10 days ago

    You just have to buy Huawei phone on Amazon. There are plenty of selections on Amazon.

  • J Cheng
    J Cheng 10 days ago

    I am just shocked by the knowledge level of the fans of this channel. Everyone is talking about super cheap phone and locking up CFO. But no one rrally cares why. See beyond what appears at the superficial surface. HUAWEI is a spying company and it's hurting the innovation of this country. Wake up, wake up.

  • J Cheng
    J Cheng 10 days ago

    Huawei is a spying company who steals American technology at no price at all. Protect IP and say no to HUAWEI!

  • xxhalogamer22xx
    xxhalogamer22xx 10 days ago

    -how many sold
    Apple is screwed

  • jeff davis
    jeff davis 11 days ago

    You need to understand 5G. If we lose and China wins? We're in for a huge surprise that no one is going to like, 5G is evil

  • Denki
    Denki 11 days ago

    I had iPhone 6s, SE and iPhone 7
    Now I’m switching to Huawei. In fact I’m getting Huawei tomorrow

  • E Chan
    E Chan 11 days ago

    If you are willing to get screwed by the communist, you will.

  • Dutch/Chinese Mapping
    Dutch/Chinese Mapping 12 days ago

    *cough* iPhone XR is horrible *cough*

  • Craftiemouse
    Craftiemouse 12 days ago

    Huawei gang!

  • Robert Linton
    Robert Linton 12 days ago

    I'll never fly WestJet for their long USclip commercials.

  • Ki Mu
    Ki Mu 12 days ago

    No one cares. Ask this question. Who’s still the best phone seller in America. Fuck the rest of the world.

  • xinling ren
    xinling ren 13 days ago

    Watching this video on my Huawei mate 9, my wife ask me to buy a new Huawei mate 20 pro for myself, i said: nope, its good enough for me.
    I mean the quality, function recharge,carmera everyting.

  • Norwegian733
    Norwegian733 13 days ago +1

    How much did Huawei pay you for this?
    Thats what they do - right?

  • tony fu
    tony fu 14 days ago

    It is the fear and jealousy of Huawei's success in technology.
    Best cell phone and leading in 5Gs.
    Pick on the founder's daughter???!!!! Shame,,,!!!!!,,,, Shame,,,!!!,,,,Shame,,,,,!!!!

  • Andrea Hu
    Andrea Hu 14 days ago

    But but but... china is copying usa's tech from the 2020 🤣

  • jeffrey de guzman
    jeffrey de guzman 14 days ago

    Hey Lew, would you mine if i ask why the're not allow the Huawei Selling their phone here in US? But Samsung does?,,, Thanks Lew and more power to your channel,,,

  • Virus Xtal
    Virus Xtal 14 days ago

    Seen a friend’s random photos taken by his Huawei... It’s pro level...

  • Ashlee Jing
    Ashlee Jing 15 days ago

    I don't understand why my friends thinks oppo is better than Huawei nova 3i I mean they both look jutst the same and tbh I think Huawei is better. But yes Huawei is also slowly going around in sg

  • mi tsang
    mi tsang 15 days ago

    buy Chinese ,America bar Chinese smart phone in their market, china open for apple , is that fair???

  • andy klompenburg
    andy klompenburg 15 days ago

    perhaps thats why they kidnapped the CEO

  • ong kim
    ong kim 15 days ago

    We chinese communist never learn the "know-how",,Chinese communist do "the KNOW-HOW",,we have it in our BRAINs,,LOVE my CHINA

  • Henry
    Henry 16 days ago

    The real reason for not using Huawei products is that US government can not access any data will. All US products have backdoors for US government, including German chancellor Merkle's phone. So if people start using Huawei, US might have much more difficulty getting people's data.

  • Altaf rawan khan
    Altaf rawan khan 16 days ago

    What about one plus sir

  • Fernando A. Soto
    Fernando A. Soto 16 days ago

    I would love to buy one of their phones as apple products always seem to be the same and more costly every time.

  • Δημητρης Ζαγοραιος

    Apple sucks, huawei fucks.

  • Tim Brodd
    Tim Brodd 17 days ago

    So does a rock.

  • Carlos Tan
    Carlos Tan 17 days ago

    Rotten APPLE

  • Biju Nair
    Biju Nair 17 days ago

    Huawei battery sucks, in colder tempertatures it switches off, Worse you cannot restart without a lot of effort. Dont buy it if you live in temperatures below 5 degree C

  • Demetrius Flenory
    Demetrius Flenory 18 days ago

    Apple got that bitch locked up

  • Iván Chudyk
    Iván Chudyk 18 days ago

    3 Brand names on the title, what kind of clickbait is that?

  • Stephan Söderberg
    Stephan Söderberg 18 days ago

    Apple slowly died with Jobs, still have my ip7 but next will probably be a Huawei.

  • Zhangrelaysung
    Zhangrelaysung 18 days ago

    is this the reason she got kidnapped?

  • barrych mak
    barrych mak 19 days ago

    Under "Operation Shotgiant", US spied into Huawei's Servers in Shenzhen since 2009 and found no unusual ties of Huawei to the Chinese Government nor any other Government.
    US is creating a lot of Fake news...

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark 19 days ago

    USA is taking down huawei !! LOL

  • RedFlag
    RedFlag 20 days ago

    Huawei: Okay Apple, bent over!

  • Frank Mckenzie
    Frank Mckenzie 20 days ago

    They definitely got my attention.. I've been a dedicated Samsung user after BlackBerry but this look like an option in the future

  • AckbarGaming
    AckbarGaming 20 days ago

    I love my Nova 3i cheap and 128 gb storage

    • AckbarGaming
      AckbarGaming 18 days ago

      Its fast at gaming

    • Blurry Face
      Blurry Face 19 days ago

      can you tell me more about your experience with it? i want to get it.

  • MrBubblegun
    MrBubblegun 20 days ago

    Not Samsung? Not Microsoft? Phew!

  • David Jackman
    David Jackman 21 day ago

    I type this comment from Huawei nova 3

  • William Ng
    William Ng 21 day ago +1

    Still a Apple and Samsung

  • Tintin Alain
    Tintin Alain 21 day ago

    I love Huawei! 😀❤️👍😁

  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd 21 day ago

    I do not see Apple being able to sell me a budget phone. They couldn't sell me anything. A budget iPhone would be a joke because not even the X has anything great about it for the money.

  • multi_fandom trash
    multi_fandom trash 21 day ago

    I'm here to flex my Huawei

  • michael Xu
    michael Xu 22 days ago +1

    I am a apple fan for 8 straight yrs,but I switched to HUAWEI for mate 20 pro.nice smart phone,good battery life and fantastic camera.

  • Jdog Morgan
    Jdog Morgan 22 days ago

    Lou is there any input you have on the Umidigi one max I just orderd one is it worth my money ?

  • science poli
    science poli 23 days ago

    im currently using samsung, but to me, price doesnt matter. I will choose 100% apple iphone xs. Apple has best design and ecosystem. Apple's software is amazing. The only reason i use samsung is my iphone broke down

  • Mel Snelgrove
    Mel Snelgrove 23 days ago

    I have been a Mac fanatic for 25 years but Yep I have just ordered a P20. They feel fresher, brighter and our super ,super value. Even their laptops look brilliant.

  • Hey There
    Hey There 24 days ago

    huawei isnt bad at all.

  • matterhorn1975
    matterhorn1975 24 days ago

    Absolutely love my Huawei P Smart. £159 from Argos. Superb screen and resolutions, also fantastic camera front and rear.
    Had it for 10 months now and it's never crashed or froze.
    My mum got one too, she has had hers for 5 months and again has had no issues with it at all. BEST BUDGET / TOP END PHONE ON SALE TODAY

  • Tabby .S
    Tabby .S 24 days ago

    Does HUAWEI spy on their customers? or lie?

  • chelsea boy
    chelsea boy 24 days ago +1

    But never Samsung ❤❤❤❤

  • mohamed elnagdi
    mohamed elnagdi 25 days ago

    i am leaving apple they just care about them self good bye apple i will not miss you

  • Luto maya
    Luto maya 25 days ago

    Lol be serious the are alot of cheap phones sold by Huawei

  • Julien Lindauer
    Julien Lindauer 25 days ago +1

    Well, that’s more thanks to the low-end 200$ plastic boxes than their P20 Pro !

  • doroskil93
    doroskil93 25 days ago

    Can Huawei P20 phone work with any phone company in the USA even though they aren't selling them? I really want to buy one because I've been traveling in Italy recently and so many people have them. The phone looks great.

  • this profile pic will overtake youtube

    i have a huawei p9 lite and its great :)

  • totally honest
    totally honest 26 days ago

    Come on people lets give Apple what they deserve for ripping people off for so many years. Take them Right to the bottom of the tech market.

  • Musa Madha
    Musa Madha 26 days ago


  • M K
    M K 26 days ago

    @Ubox Therapy :
    Can you address Meng's (Huawei's CFO) arrest?

  • M K
    M K 26 days ago

    Huawei beats Apple in everything related to poor security. Espionage uncensored.

  • Pistachio Lover
    Pistachio Lover 26 days ago

    Def would get a p20 pro

  • Darth Structure
    Darth Structure 29 days ago

    Dont trust huawei. Never had a huawei product. Never have, never will.

  • LE Bruno
    LE Bruno 29 days ago

    Apple is shit and nervous to huawei huawei don't need US Market 54% by the end of 2019 huawei will be 80% will smash long dominance of Samsung bye bye🤚

  • Adnan Aslam
    Adnan Aslam 29 days ago +1

    Huawei is no one that's true...
    What is your think about

  • Akarsh khandelwal
    Akarsh khandelwal Month ago +1

    Huawei is best

  • Tluanga Sailo
    Tluanga Sailo Month ago

    But apple beats the combine chinese smart phone companies in term of profit

  • EHK TV
    EHK TV Month ago

    Huawei y9 2019

  • Ethan Jacob Pilaspilas Rivera

    My huawei y9 is the best I'm never going to change back

  • The Food show
    The Food show Month ago

    Huawei Nova 3i here in black !!!Who else .
    Do you want a phone that opens on Face ID ,water proof ,has dual camera,and is water proof ,plus has a glass back ,not to forget has the iPhone X design?GET THE HUAWEI NOVA 3I IT IS SUPER ELEGANT AND GORGEOUS

  • The Food show
    The Food show Month ago

    Wait is it pronounced HUAWEI or Wawie do you say it with the “H” or not ?😂

  • Doha Marine
    Doha Marine Month ago

    Apple built its credibility. Apple is quality not crap.
    Huawei is a spy to western and America and to the world China wanted to conquer the world. Wake upppppp!

  • Ian R
    Ian R Month ago

    I'm scared now. Please don't destroy Motorola 😬

  • Ram Mohan
    Ram Mohan Month ago

    Why is Louis c.k doing phone reviews

  • Woo's Heroes
    Woo's Heroes Month ago

    If the USA stopped thwarting the import of p20 and pro, by saying it's a security threat as a listening device, then we would see the real winner. Apple is a manipulative, greed infested institution. Boycott!

  • Suresh Pt
    Suresh Pt Month ago

    Once upon a time a greedy apple fell on a Chinese smart head. He started thinking !!! And he found 'Huwawei Force' !!!!!

  • plazmaboys
    plazmaboys Month ago

    My next phone is gonna be huawei nova 3.

  • MateoPlays :D
    MateoPlays :D Month ago


  • Harsh Piumal
    Harsh Piumal Month ago

    :/ Huawei Y6 II > Huawei P9 (currently) No money to upgrade! But it's a beast! hope to buy P10 or P20 in future

  • John Tan
    John Tan Month ago

    You can buy huawei phone on Amazon. It can be used in us. Safe big bucks and try new things.

  • bro ha
    bro ha Month ago

    Search why Samsung let's Huawei win

  • Mirik Kla
    Mirik Kla Month ago +3

    because apple sucks and it s expensive for nothing!

  • Dalena
    Dalena Month ago

    2900 MAGA idiots are angry LMAO

  • Deny Cookie
    Deny Cookie Month ago

    Huawei is the Best!

  • Loufran Duncan
    Loufran Duncan Month ago

    I have recently purchased a Huawei p20 and it is amazing 😍💥

  • fff its
    fff its Month ago

    really? mate 20 looks like XS apple...but for loosers its OK chinese crap

  • Elijah Hua
    Elijah Hua Month ago +1

    So American ask Canada to arrest CFO of Huawei Shame on you American