• Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • Huawei overtakes Apple to become number 2 smartphone vendor in Q2 2018 -
    How is this thing even real??
    Be VERY skeptical of this smartphone "enhancement"...
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  9 months ago +2824

    What's your next smartphone?

    • PRN 123D
      PRN 123D 8 days ago

      Next : Pocophone F2 and Mi A3 Lite.

    • Greg Haas
      Greg Haas Month ago

      No Smartphone.

    • celebstadium
      celebstadium 2 months ago


    • ollabarabolla
      ollabarabolla 2 months ago

      just got a Honor 7x for less than $200. am happy with my purchase. why the heck does anyone need a $1k phone?

    • iWagen
      iWagen 6 months ago

      nokia 8.1 when it releases

  • Kazi Sahil
    Kazi Sahil Hour ago

    Now: Huawei beats apple
    2 weeks later:Huawei Is shit with face palm in thumbnail
    This guy is serious cancer

    ROBIN WILTON 4 hours ago

    This fargot white guy likes to eat little Chinese 🌭🌭🌭🌭 hotdogs he likes eat them till he chokes on them.

  • lovdusk
    lovdusk 5 hours ago +1

    anna ou-

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 6 hours ago

    Replaced my iPhone with a Huawei and let me tell you THIS DEVICE NEEDS ROUGHLY TWO CHARGES PER DAY

  • Theye Ramos
    Theye Ramos 7 hours ago

    Now you will appreciate iphone..since huawei dished by google..qualcom and intel.

  • Frankenstein Jr
    Frankenstein Jr 7 hours ago

    Definitely Trump saw this video. Thank you unbox therapy...😢

  • Baigs Apps Games
    Baigs Apps Games 12 hours ago


  • Fake News Serpents
    Fake News Serpents 15 hours ago +1

    Not for long
    Google just Blocked Huawei

  • Charly G
    Charly G 17 hours ago

    Well I like my Samsung and I also do like Huawei

  • R M
    R M 17 hours ago +1

    Absolutely right!

  • •Invisible GaminG
    •Invisible GaminG 22 hours ago

    Fucking hate my Huawei MediaPad but S10 5G

  • WorkingClassMan
    WorkingClassMan 23 hours ago

    america is a communist government. they banned huawei to slow its growth to protect apple and google. fascism. the marriage of state and corporation. you dont get more fascist than the jewnighted snakes.

  • Poeung Coco
    Poeung Coco 23 hours ago

    Trump banned Huawei because US afraid of China. It’s the fact that US can not longer develop new smartphones.

  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune Day ago

    Well, Apple is so Greed and the result "Lose" And Huawei Created Decent and Cheap Devices....And My Phone is Huawei y6 pro 2019...And I love it....Its so Fast, Clear Camera, Great Design....And Now..Huawei is the Future...And Apple just a Piece of Trash right now...

  • james keith
    james keith Day ago

    The race to kill 95% of the population, take all your wi fi smart phones smart meters, 5G and the rest of harmful technology and stick it where the sun don't shine

  • Gago Kaba
    Gago Kaba Day ago

    I have apple, huawei,, samsung and xiaomi.. But my favorite is xiaomi.. Strong signal and fast just my experience. ✌️
    Admit it android is better than apple!

  • josaf thapa
    josaf thapa Day ago

    Huawei p smart 2019

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu Day ago

    China #1

  • Mayvin Damasco Romero

    Watched this after US banned Huawei.... 3:59 you're lew..... Apple did care.... Hahaha pretty sure they have something to do with this. If you can't beat them then screw them. @unboxtheraphy

  • James Harris
    James Harris Day ago

    And now we know the reasons why Hauwei has been banned. We have to keep our companies in front.

  • apple Indi
    apple Indi Day ago

    I think best technology Apple products 👍

    • Matt Matt
      Matt Matt Day ago

      Yeah but the problem is that it's way too overprice.

  • hotwheels reviews

    Apple number 1 in the most price

  • yeah yeah
    yeah yeah Day ago

    I have a P20 love it

  • Kazihiko Nyanta
    Kazihiko Nyanta Day ago

    Idk why its recommended to me today after Huawei banned in US and im using one.

    DAN BESTY Day ago

    Kindly Do a comparison video Zenfone 6 vs OnePlus 7 pro

  • Nowroz Bahar
    Nowroz Bahar Day ago +2

    Unfortunately, Google has banned Huawei.

  • Pawe Mhlana
    Pawe Mhlana Day ago

    You beat them they ban you haha, no hard feelings Huawei it's just business.

  • Mohd Shuaimi Ibrahim

    Apple is so outdated....🤣

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung Day ago

    They don't sell this phone in South Korea either...

  • 张小杰
    张小杰 2 days ago

    if you don't know whether Huawei's product is good enough, see what American has done.

  • William Nguyen
    William Nguyen 2 days ago

    If all the u.s apps, softwares, and computer chips put on Chinese phones had been ban ,their phones become junks.

  • falalala la
    falalala la 2 days ago

    Im officially visited this channel after huawei been banned in US

  • falalala la
    falalala la 2 days ago

    The table has turned 😂

  • Ikhsan Bi
    Ikhsan Bi 2 days ago

    And now huawei blacklist in usa ?
    Apple drop by huawei 5G tecnologhy

  • saidur rahman
    saidur rahman 2 days ago

    Just in camera not in technology

    MOON STARS 2 days ago

    iphone a rubbish gadgets

  • Florentino Dela Fuente

    Yeah it's so easy to copy an renovate it like Japan did to usa we can do the same and better when competition arrives its about the best phones not about stealing copying doing what ever to gain up on other countries well the same can happen to china I say it's good bussiness just for china but at thief expense

  • Rural Property in Spain

    So, What's going to happen with Huawei Now.......Good topic for a rant :-)

  • DismalBrew
    DismalBrew 2 days ago

    Im in Texas and I have an Honor 7x, best phone choice i have ever made, cheap, durable, sleak, and fast

  • R.J Williams
    R.J Williams 2 days ago

    Hauwei is innovative and updates some if not most of their customers. I have a Mate 9 from 2017 with Android 9.01 on it.

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 2 days ago


  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam 2 days ago

    now google baned

  • Jonathan Choi
    Jonathan Choi 3 days ago

    You asking what will apple do? look around. Trump and google just dropped a bomb on huawei. apple cares? it only shows they only care about making their wallets fatter. got a piece of advice for apple. don't be a sore loser and make up stories about security risk just to win the game. just die slowly like what you did to nokia.

  • Joseph Dowling
    Joseph Dowling 3 days ago

    Google dropping support of huawei because of blacklisting of Huawei by American Government

  • Senelion
    Senelion 3 days ago

    Google bans Huawei lol

  • Stepan Zaklinskiy
    Stepan Zaklinskiy 3 days ago

    today (9 month later) USA banned Huawei as a "threat to the national security".
    Coincidence? I doubt.

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama 3 days ago +2

    And Google just banned Huawei.

  • Nelson Thall
    Nelson Thall 3 days ago

    But all patriotic Americans & Canadians ought to boycott Huawei. And there should be a strong tariff on their phones.

  • Kuya Robbie
    Kuya Robbie 3 days ago +3

    And now Apple and USA are now attacking Huawei 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jack Duffy
    Jack Duffy 3 days ago

    Thank you Subscribe Join, I'm able to write my own comments.

  • David Miller
    David Miller 3 days ago +1

    I don't want that dam phone it's more fucken junk from China! This country can't even make a United States flag instead it's made in China it's fucked up

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare 3 days ago +1

    huawii lmao

  • SaSo and Ali
    SaSo and Ali 3 days ago +1

    Eww hauwei pice of garbage

  • Raymond Tay
    Raymond Tay 3 days ago

    Well done Huawei

  • Joegen Lo
    Joegen Lo 3 days ago

    Watching this on my iphone xs max and crying..

  • professormaxtrinity
    professormaxtrinity 4 days ago

    Funny thing, you can't buy a Huawei phone right now in U.S. but, Huawei has dominated trade shows for the last 3 years. Their booths are drawing large numbers of people who can't buy their products ...yet. What's your take on that?

    • professormaxtrinity
      professormaxtrinity 3 days ago

      +Nelson Thall It would be my estimation that they're already spying on us. They can see your nose hairs from space with satellite tech, why would they need phones to spy on us.? They will outpace the others in 5g because, their costs will only get cheaper. That's why the U.K. is contracting with them.

    • Nelson Thall
      Nelson Thall 3 days ago

      Forget Huawei. They spy on us with their phones.

  • Lambert Hall
    Lambert Hall 4 days ago +1

    P30 pro

  • Tnue '
    Tnue ' 4 days ago

    The real reason why the US banned Huawei.. because they outsells Apple! Huawei are much more powerful and better than iPhones. The best camera!

  • Derek C Howie Howie C Howie

    With a song in my heart . I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows. I believe with Huawei company + Stu McLaren + Good Life & all that take part the seeds for the future will keep us True & Honest . Yours in service with Huawei Derek C Howie Tauranga New Zealand .

  • Derek C Howie Howie C Howie

    Huawei & Howie partners With Stu McLaren Tribe . To the stars beyond the bars of oppression . Do join us & make a difference in this troubled world . Good Life Derek C Howie Tauranga New Zealand . Wonderful Huawei philosophy with seeds for the future all Good . Wonderful people wonderful team = magic returns . D.C.H. out

  • Relapse
    Relapse 4 days ago

    What is alexibexi doing here

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson 4 days ago

    Nah, you're wrong. The 'sheep' only beat Apple because the sheep do not understand the tricks of trade. Apple is still the best in the long run, but the sheep... looking for something trashy and cheap choose Huawei. I would do the same thing, choose Huawei only because it's cheap, but in a sense both Apple and Huawei are exactly the same in operational principles, except the keying is a little different to iPhone or Samsung, except iPhone is truly a quality phone, second is Samsung, followed by other companies, e.g. Motorola, Nokia, etc. The latter are great phones but you, stupid sheep standing on the soap box and shouting Huawei, Huawei, blah blah blah... looks like you are being paid by Huawei to promote advertising its products that you're so obsessed with this phone, yet little you, with a mouth as big as a Hippopotamus, realise that the reason Huawei phones are cheaper is because they're made in a country where slave labour has been going on for some time and because of cheap labour, their products have a higher chance of being a poorly manufacturing process. What I suggest is that you get off that fucking soap box and stop telling the sheep that Huawei mobile phones are the best and let them judge the phones themselves, stop shouting like Hitler and encourage the public (the sheep) to go into war, abandon products made in their countries and opt for cheap garbage that don't last long. And iPhones are also made in stinking China and returned to Yankee land to sell at American dollars. On the soap box, ha, for what? Yes, yes, Hitler. Getting ready for war on consumerism? Are you American btw?

  • Son Of Age
    Son Of Age 4 days ago

    i had the mate 9, pretty decent phone, a bit heavy but i had it for 2 years before a cracked screen and the battery "expanded". The price to fix it was expensive, so i opted for a new phone, i got a note 9 (note 10 is really above and beyond my budget) and i noticed that Huawei is getting expensive too with the honor series being the cheaper solution and the fact that they use a year old high-end processor makes it value for money. It's no P20 in terms of camera but how many people do what MKBHD does with their phones or take pics like a pro? i think phones have reached the glass ceiling , like PC did years ago. My desktop is 5 years old and still smooth especially with SSD and i feel if my note 9 doesn't die due to battery or some other hardware issues, i'm keeping it for at least 5 years.

    i really don't care for the my brand vs your brand shit. Huawei is good, i'm not a fan of their UI, i think OnePlus does a better job and the OneUI is better (way way better) than the TouchWiz (ugh) BUT one thing Huawei does that Samsung can learn from is , consistent updates, my mate 9 still got two major updates and constant security updates. Amazing.

    my parents and siblings said they won't ever get samsung again especially with the lag issues they faced years ago, definitely a scarring moment for any manufacturer to hear. While Samsung have less lag issues, they have a very solid competition from China and they're winning in the mid to low range ..especially in India.

    China is literally taking over the world by buying it one by one...even Genghis Khan could not conquer that fast. haha. it's amazing and also terrifying in some aspect (not the tech part) but it's going to be an interesting few years from here on out.

  • Sam Links
    Sam Links 4 days ago

    My first Camera phlip phone Huawei I had in 2001 I m like Huawei product

  • kim alonzo
    kim alonzo 4 days ago

    Why does it say Be skeptical of this smartphone "enhancement" during this video?

  • Gandalfwiz2007
    Gandalfwiz2007 4 days ago

    First, Samsung destoyed Apple, now It's Huawei's turn to destroy Apple

  • batboy 367
    batboy 367 4 days ago

    My next smartphone is gonna be the one plus 7. Can't wait for the release

  • Vinje Helene
    Vinje Helene 4 days ago +1

    Huawei all the way 😎💙, i had iPhone before but love Huawei so much more.

  • koala bear
    koala bear 5 days ago

    Huawei are the best, I bought my phone in October 2018, its the Huawei y7 2018 . Love it. Thinking of buying Huawei freebuds, should I?

  • Göran Gustavsson
    Göran Gustavsson 5 days ago

    Why any like to buy a ifhone i dont understand...

  • Gabi Cionca
    Gabi Cionca 5 days ago +1

    Please make a review about Xiaomi

  • Subramanian Mani
    Subramanian Mani 5 days ago +1

    do not ignore India.If India welcomes Huawei then it will be super no 1

  • Jayinem
    Jayinem 5 days ago +2

    Watching this in my Huawei

  • no name
    no name 5 days ago +2

    Huawei, where budget meets premium

  • GeoBreak DM
    GeoBreak DM 5 days ago

    watching this on my mac and my huawei phone right next to me...

  • RMP. !Attacker fake
    RMP. !Attacker fake 5 days ago

    I like apple and samsung, but I don't like huawei.

  • Mio Chan
    Mio Chan 6 days ago

    Google always have their neck in hand

  • renald ray
    renald ray 6 days ago

    And apple fanboys said apple is the best lol. They are expensive, yes, but the gadgets aren't good enough for the price tags

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage 6 days ago

    Its the James Bond of smartphones. But only because it reports back to its government.

  • LittlePandaTravel
    LittlePandaTravel 6 days ago

    honesty everyone I know used to be an apple fan , but things changed for apple 6monthago that iPhone users were being making fun of because ur paying the price for proche but buying a shit toyota

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy 6 days ago

    Apple is going downnnnnn and close no customers because price is to muchhhhh fuck u apple u r idiotttt and fagotttttt hahhaahhhhhh China beat u hehehehhhh 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮APPLE

  • Nishchay Chaudhary
    Nishchay Chaudhary 7 days ago

    When there is a Steve Jobs, Apple do Big researches and Innovations but Now they are just Copy and Paste technology look at the VIVO and Huwai,I am From India, and I also bought iPhone 5S earlier but, it's charger pin got so much hot that it(Charger pin) bent from mid and my phone Got Switch off and never start again, in Service center they demanding more then a Half of price for phone to repair and in that price i have a very good option (really really good phones are there so) RIP Apple... In india it's cost too much....

  • Isaac Resek
    Isaac Resek 7 days ago

    Huawei is a Chinese Spy Company

  • Alina Almasan
    Alina Almasan 7 days ago

    I’m sorry but the Android sucks. I don’t care about apples $$ because in the end it’s my/our money .. but android is just ugly. I tired. If jobs was still alive we would have had a proper foaldable phone ... 3 yrs ago.

  • MirceaD28
    MirceaD28 7 days ago

    I imagine some Huawei stuff employee smashing and beating an iPhone. What is also funny that the word "Huawei" is not recognized by google spell check and it underlines it. But if I type "iPhone" with capital I, it will underline it with red as a mistake. So much is the hate by others for Huawei brand. Shame

  • Douglas Culbert
    Douglas Culbert 7 days ago

    Huawei operating system is incredibly unstable with the latest software update. Don't be fooled, like any most Chinese products are crap longterm.

  • I can only change my name after 90 days

    Have you heard of the pineapple it's a little shittier

  • Sammy
    Sammy 7 days ago

    Shame on USA! when they can't compete their rivals, they incarcerate them!

  • Gurmeet Chahal
    Gurmeet Chahal 8 days ago

    if you want to sell your identity, finger print, face, daily activities, sell to china, where laws are controlled by single entity rather in USA,where they still broadcast if there's something wrong in privacy and force them to change. Be careful to buy any chinese cheap but fancy looking phones.

  • Sneek AK
    Sneek AK 8 days ago

    Good, apple was overrated for too long. Time for huawei to shine

  • Pascal 556
    Pascal 556 8 days ago +1

    I'll never change my phone company again I'm always gonna stay at Huawei/Honor mostly because of what you get for the price you pay

  • Angelo Aquino
    Angelo Aquino 9 days ago

    Lol budget iphone now cost 750$. I might be a die hard samsung fan but with the release of the p30 pro i will most definitely change

  • 12
    12 9 days ago

    Apple is not #1 because the price
    A lot people don't have iPhone but want it

  • T W
    T W 10 days ago

    Did any of you bright millennials even try to research why this phone isn’t available in the US or some other countries? 🙄

    THE16THPHANTOM 10 days ago

    looks skinny in this video, big head and no body to support it. skinny, at least since the last time i clicked on this channels videos.

  • ha ha
    ha ha 11 days ago

    Because huawei sells cheap phones which is equivalent to iphone x

    • ha ha
      ha ha 11 days ago

      Ur a moron. I wasnt talking about the hjawei mate x. Incase u dont know there are other huawei phones. Like what im using now p30 lite.

    • MC- T
      MC- T 11 days ago

      Cheap phone? Are you kidding? Their flagship Mate series Porsche Design are much expensive then IPhone X

  • Prince Jadon
    Prince Jadon 11 days ago

    I'm moving to huawei the 👹 can't spy on me with his 5 eyes

  • furzkram
    furzkram 12 days ago

    Almost two years ago I dissed Apple iPhone 5s for a Huawei P10 Lite (!). It was so awesome I bought a second one as a backup in case my first got lost or damaged.
    Got the P20 Lite glad a year later because of a phone contract renewal and kept this as a backup while I sold my first P10 Lite to a friend. The second is still my main device.
    Got a MediaPad M5 Pro four months ago and replaced the iPad air 1 with it.
    Goodbye Apple.

  • Peterj McGee
    Peterj McGee 12 days ago

    they charge you an arm and a leg when they do attempt to fix something and it takes him forever to get it fixed when you know all their doing is putting a refurbished motherboard in the computer are refurbished main board in the phone I knew you don't get back your data unless you have it backed up so then you're just out of luck Apple's not known for her Goods customer service so why should people stick with Apple