Alien: Specimen | Directed by Kelsey Taylor | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • It’s the night shift in a colony greenhouse, and Julie, a botanist, does her best to contain suspicious soil samples that have triggered her sensitive lab dog. Despite her best efforts the lab unexpectedly goes into full shutdown and she is trapped inside. Little does she know, an alien specimen has escaped the mysterious cargo, and a game of cat and mouse ensues as the creature searches for a host.
    Starring: Jolene Anderson, Aubrey Wakeling, Goose
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    Alien: Specimen | Directed by Kelsey Taylor | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

Comments • 995

  • Rob Higgs
    Rob Higgs 2 days ago +4

    This 10 minute short is a million million million times better than the Prometheus shite they're churning out.

  • Chris Rosenkreuz
    Chris Rosenkreuz 2 days ago

    wtf the song montage is really out of place, takes you completely out of it

    DJZATARRA3422 2 days ago

    A Wayland Wutani Android pooch, clever idea. So the story sets off on the minning company which are being monitored by Magee. ,Isn't this almost the same concept idea from
    " The Return of the living Dead" about new employee encounter's the loose canister which this has a few or more collection of Face Huggers. Anyway this sample film has potential and well budgeted. Good luck filmmakers we're rooting for you. The problem is that Disney owns this franchise and they're gonna fuck it up. A new film needs to focus on Wutani himself and his he discovered the xenomorph species and his crew members become his bait so the Solarco could freeze it and study it for the desperate investors because it my have a cure for Alzheimer's disease...

  • Simao Souza
    Simao Souza 3 days ago


  • Wolf Hound
    Wolf Hound 4 days ago

    This was stupid every body knows that an facehuggers can not lay an egg inside an android or synthetic it just dont work that way.

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 4 days ago +3

    Stop berating us with the feminist ideology. There’ll never be another Ridley.

  • praeyden
    praeyden 5 days ago +1

    It's 5:16 am this was a bad idea

  • Juraj Kadassy
    Juraj Kadassy 6 days ago +1

    What is it? Woman? Lesbian? Cyborg lesbian? Not. This is New Shit!

  • edwardmashberg1
    edwardmashberg1 8 days ago

    Is there ever an Aliens short or fan flick or scene or segment or story line when the humans have the upper hand against the bugs? Or even a fighting chance? Other than A-2 when Ripley dons the lifter it's always the same -- alien sneaks up on earthling, drools, and mauls them to death. A little variety would be welcome?

  • Captain Butt nuggets
    Captain Butt nuggets 8 days ago +2

    Cool it would’ve been funny if the dogs name was bishop

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn 8 days ago +3

    Well done! Hopefully Fox takes you on for pushing the franchise further.

  • LW Riker
    LW Riker 10 days ago


  • Flawle5sAbs
    Flawle5sAbs 10 days ago

    This was shit !! Nothing happened in it

  • Igor Zhuravkov
    Igor Zhuravkov 11 days ago +1

    This is shit, at the alien level against predators 1 and 2.

  • Влад Аськин
    Влад Аськин 11 days ago +4

    Идиоты, они что-то позитивное когда-нибудь снимут?

  • Yan
    Yan 12 days ago +2

    Great job… The atmosphere & cinematography are really reminiscent of some fantastic movies of the 80's (Cameron, Verhoeven, Carpenter, Scott…), which were the best.

  • Kenny Knight
    Kenny Knight 13 days ago

    More Rob Zombie movies not alien movies

  • Kenny Knight
    Kenny Knight 13 days ago

    No aliens movies I'm good with that

  • Damien Bell
    Damien Bell 14 days ago

    Awesome 👏

  • Fifury161
    Fifury161 14 days ago

    Great job!

  • gareth davies
    gareth davies 14 days ago +3

    Best anthology film I’ve seen yet. suspense was built really well alarms and background noises were great lighting great someone should give you a budget to develope this into the next blockbuster. The steam with the industrial echo fading noise perfect alien nostalgia just need a incessant bleeping that denotes your imminent doom. Brilliant just Brilliant

  • Captain Archer
    Captain Archer 15 days ago

    OMG I have had that song STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR DAYS! What is it from, and where can I buy the entire track???

  • Mark Oakley
    Mark Oakley 15 days ago

    Huh. What a neat project! These all felt like apprentice films awarded production resources from the studio. What was the budget for these shorts? A little went a long way, plus somebody high up seems to have provided acting talent. Most small films don't have the benefit of a roster of unionized actors, but instead use friends and students. It makes a big difference.
    Was the "Acid for blood" element, (one of the most fun and iconic parts of the Alien mythos), left out because of a budget/effects limitation? Too bad, but understandable.
    Anyway, these films were cool!

  • andyITA
    andyITA 15 days ago +10

    What the hell is this:
    Alien: Ore (2019)
    Memory: The Origins of Alien (2019)
    Alien: Specimen (2019)
    Did the alien franchise become free all of the sudden ? and everyone started to make indie movies out of it ?

    • Captain Archer
      Captain Archer 15 days ago

      andyITA That’s pretty much what happened

  • George Price
    George Price 16 days ago

    Any know who the soundtrack is?

  • Danil
    Danil 16 days ago

    worst of worsts

  • andre marselous
    andre marselous 16 days ago

    How about a new story, an new concept altogether. Aliens has been done enough. Please let’s move on.

  • Hj.Maryati Maryati
    Hj.Maryati Maryati 16 days ago

    ..Sigourney Weaver..still ??....

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 17 days ago +1

    this short just a 10 minute movie was head up better the prometeus and last alien trash all together. good job!

  • Mud Yuppy
    Mud Yuppy 18 days ago

    I was bored

  • Larry Shores
    Larry Shores 18 days ago

    I was waiting for Walter.........

  • cbc gf JCP f grrr g my

    Wheres the full movie I was scared

  • Nicholas Sudov
    Nicholas Sudov 19 days ago +3

    Like.... Good woman, she stopped her poor dog's suffering.

  • Mr.Videos
    Mr.Videos 19 days ago

    Hello every1

  • Hartmut Jager
    Hartmut Jager 20 days ago +1

    Excellent camera work and acting, but it takes a bit too long to get to the alien and should include more battling with the alien before it is killed. Oh, no need to make the dog an android. But those are just my minor opinions / quibbles on a top class Kelsey Taylor video clip. 👍

    • civilizeddiva
      civilizeddiva 18 days ago

      I wondered about the robo-dog. I guess it is easier to travel and maintain in space. Also, better protection. Just some initial, random thoughts.

  • Aaronski BeeSting
    Aaronski BeeSting 20 days ago

    Turned the dog's head into milk bones.

  • John K
    John K 20 days ago

    Dumb ass colonists

  • tk m
    tk m 20 days ago +9

    She did the smart and sensible thing by finishing the facehugger off instead of getting too close to it. You don't see a lot of that in horror films lol.

  • Martok the Unbidden
    Martok the Unbidden 20 days ago +3

    Kudos to all artists involved. This was certainly unique, and I loved it! Well done!

  • Aisa
    Aisa 20 days ago

    Any news about the Covenant movie sequel? 🤔

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore 20 days ago

    This was shit

  • action point
    action point 21 day ago +6


  • N K
    N K 23 days ago

    Ahhhh holy mother of Jesus!!!!

  • Nawaz Mohammed
    Nawaz Mohammed 23 days ago +2

    This was amazing. Need to see a full length from this director.

  • wakingohiomama 91
    wakingohiomama 91 23 days ago

    See what happens when we give up on our 2nd amendment rights??? Seriously though can't WAIT.

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 24 days ago

    5:17 ohhhh bad bad Alien! did you know that, if you're doing those things, you become blind?

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 24 days ago +1

    5:17 ohhhh bad bad Alien! did you know that, if you're doing those things, you become blind?

  • Kay Leong
    Kay Leong 25 days ago

    Good production. Only fans know what fans want

  • RAW is WAR
    RAW is WAR 25 days ago

    This was better than the entirety of the last 3 alien movies (not counting Prometheus). Can we please get Kelsey taylor to direct an alien movie?

  • DonBiIbo
    DonBiIbo 26 days ago


  • Scott Rauth
    Scott Rauth 28 days ago +1

    Excellent short. One of the best I’ve watched

  • mister frog
    mister frog 29 days ago

    subtitle please

  • The Smoke Cafe
    The Smoke Cafe 29 days ago +1

    JUST found out about these...this one is 10x better than 'Containment' even with the annoying soundtrack

  • Ravi Nishad
    Ravi Nishad 29 days ago


  • Aidill Fitrian
    Aidill Fitrian 29 days ago

    Make the moviee pleaseeeeee

  • Guillaume Guigeek
    Guillaume Guigeek 29 days ago

    " 20th Century FOX" LOL

  • edgecityfilms
    edgecityfilms Month ago

    Awesome! Super great!!

  • Big G
    Big G Month ago

    That was so cool when is that coming out....

  • Ola Chaberek
    Ola Chaberek Month ago

    The best of short!!!

  • Malcolm D Muir
    Malcolm D Muir Month ago

    This was terrific. Well done by all. Hollywood needs to take a good long look at it-self and also at these low budget shorts, to see exactly how you make good Si-Fi and what the paying audience wants. Ah, but it will never happen. Long live Ripley!