• Published on Dec 23, 2017
  • thank you to everyone who has given me love the past few years and continues to give me love. wouldn't be able to do it without ya. this is a fun lil parody of the 12 days of christmas, USclip style!
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  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Year ago +19225

    *subscribes because of this*

  • pinkwarrior444
    pinkwarrior444 7 days ago

    *hopes in the beginning that there’s only 12 bad comments in total* watches* DAMMIT!You don’t deserve even 12 hate comments you deserve 0 hate :>

  • olivia reece
    olivia reece 11 days ago

    How did you forget 3 the entire time?😂

  • Hate Yourself
    Hate Yourself 14 days ago +1


  • Ana Boo
    Ana Boo 14 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • Moonlight GachaPlays
    Moonlight GachaPlays 15 days ago


  • Julka. Julka
    Julka. Julka 18 days ago +1

    Miranda Sings!?

  • Adam Kennedy Minoza
    Adam Kennedy Minoza 19 days ago

    All of the hate comments Are just jealous of you Gabbie.
    You can sing and they can’t They’re all Jealous all of the Haters are just jealous of you Gabbie, Awesome voice Gabbie!

  • Hai Le
    Hai Le 21 day ago +2

    YO, HATERS, IF YOU DIDNT KNOW, SHES ON ESCAPE THE NIGHT! * Sorry, Gabbie, if this is outdated or hasn’t happened.

  • yellow_wolf UwU
    yellow_wolf UwU 22 days ago +1

    Those are all lies and your hair is boootiful as fuck!!!

  • Dhanaya Shane
    Dhanaya Shane 22 days ago

    I’m late but Colleen and u are so good at singing

  • vanessa claire
    vanessa claire 27 days ago

    Omg whoever says these things is a monster she's beautiful and has talent y'all so rude! Gabbie your so amazing and you rock! They should be the ones drinking bleach.

  • Rebecca Birchfield
    Rebecca Birchfield 27 days ago

    how dare people say that about gabby

  • RoseThe Pasta
    RoseThe Pasta 28 days ago

    The 12 days of fuck you, a classic

  • lilly Xander
    lilly Xander Month ago

    Who was laughing when It said "please drink bleach u ugly fuck". 🤣

  • Moonshade
    Moonshade Month ago

    okay how does gabbie casually say fuck your singing like omg it startled me

  • Karen mcgregor
    Karen mcgregor Month ago +1

    Gabbie's hair looks really pretty in this video!! :D

  • laurenzfan
    laurenzfan Month ago

    this was the bessssst. please dont drink bleachhhhhh.

  • Patrick Corr
    Patrick Corr Month ago

    Ibrahim selassie u made this song better

  • DanielT PlaysYT
    DanielT PlaysYT Month ago +1

    YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE BULLIED BY THESE BULLSHITY PEOPLE no offense you reply you get reported

  • GeekyGirl Plays
    GeekyGirl Plays Month ago +2

    Pause at 3:13
    Then read caption.
    Then laugh for way to long.
    Then continue scrolling.

  • Riley's World
    Riley's World Month ago


  • Heuristic Did
    Heuristic Did Month ago

    Your voices are amazing too together

  • Reanna Schobert
    Reanna Schobert Month ago


  • Grachely Martinez
    Grachely Martinez Month ago

    The T_T

  • Grachely Martinez
    Grachely Martinez Month ago

    Why are people so mean fuck

  • Little high Potato
    Little high Potato Month ago

    That was nice................sooo ummm

  • Lydia
    Lydia Month ago

    They forgot 3

  • CDCats CDCats
    CDCats CDCats Month ago

    I have been subscribed for ages

  • Jenna Napier
    Jenna Napier Month ago

    lol love you both

  • Oversized Rabbit
    Oversized Rabbit Month ago +2

    Wow I'm already subbed but I would've if I wasn't!!! Ur voices r amazing! 💚💚💚

  • mackenzie jones
    mackenzie jones Month ago

    They needa do a duettt

  • Itz_Matthew PlayZ
    Itz_Matthew PlayZ Month ago

    Pls drink bleach luagh so hard even has a saprano voice

  • just destiny
    just destiny Month ago +1

    It starts as PG but gets worse

  • Rosie Brinster
    Rosie Brinster Month ago

    This song is so good!!
    The please drink bleach part tho

  • lilchicken nugget
    lilchicken nugget Month ago

    That was amazing your so beautiful

  • Kaycee Long
    Kaycee Long Month ago

    You're singing is amazing I love it and you're pretty and beautiful and you shouldn't give a fu*k about what the haters say I was blown away by your singing keep it up gabbie 👌

  • Channeled Portraits

    I mean the hate are people who want attention

  • Channeled Portraits

    The hats are people who want attention

  • Ashley Arias
    Ashley Arias Month ago

    You both sing beautiful and have a great sense of humor! Thank you for this video !

  • Melanie Rodriguez
    Melanie Rodriguez Month ago

    people are just jealous because you sing so good and you are really pretty love you Gabbie also I know this is an almost 3 years old video I'm just watching old videos

    TOXEPEXLOVER2233 Month ago

    On the 7th day of Christmas you earned 6.6M subscribers :D

  • ThatOneLastPancake
    ThatOneLastPancake Month ago

    On the 13th day of Christmas my youtube gave to meeee:A lot of people who lovee Gabbiiieeeeeeee ♥️♥️

  • Ryan Does
    Ryan Does Month ago

    Don’t listen to them *you’re awesome*

  • _Asthetic. Ice-cream_

    I love how they don’t do number 3

  • Alayna Alverson
    Alayna Alverson Month ago

    drinking bleach can kill you, all of your haters are crap

  • Samantha Scott
    Samantha Scott Month ago

    At least some of us really love you I think u are one of the greatest USclipr out there

  • Poppy And branch Forever

    You sound beautiful together. And your both beautiful singers. I love yall so much and keep singing the person that said "please stop singing. " is probably jealous they cant sing

  • UneqBlossom
    UneqBlossom Month ago

    Sub to Gabbie! She’s awesome 💕💕💕

  • Julianna Gallucci
    Julianna Gallucci Month ago +5

    This was so freaking funny yet savage because they sound so amazing together lmao 🤣

  • Kami KCD
    Kami KCD Month ago

    Do an other video like this I want to see more I like that you sing on yt
    You sing so good!

  • Dareviel12
    Dareviel12 Month ago

    The first time i watched this the first day is much needed therapy and i was thinking of my life so i said me too in my head LOL

  • Dais and K
    Dais and K Month ago

    Pause at 3:25 😂

  • Whispering Nerd
    Whispering Nerd Month ago

    when i hear the original song i sing this in my head lol

  • Lucia Chavez
    Lucia Chavez Month ago

    I subscribed her because she’s actually really funny

  • Zayra Yarritu
    Zayra Yarritu Month ago

    Gabbie*sings*USclip the subs me great song

  • Scarkat _29
    Scarkat _29 Month ago

    *That moment when you want to subscribe because of this song but you realize... You're already subscribed :/*

  • Stephen Martha
    Stephen Martha Month ago +1

    Subrscribe for cabbie and collean balenger

  • This is me YT
    This is me YT Month ago

    Is it just me? Or is gabbie's hair always flawless

  • Sheila Tavarez
    Sheila Tavarez Month ago

    Love it😊