Who's a U.S. citizen? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
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    Who's a U.S. citizen? | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 3 419

  • Valerie Ontiveros
    Valerie Ontiveros 3 days ago

    Honestly we need more people like the guy at the end to speak for unheard. He has such a kind heart and the world needs to see more of that.

  • nicholas Puah
    nicholas Puah 3 days ago

    guess which one is Singaporean?
    will be interesting to watch too

  • deniece
    deniece 4 days ago

    “are you adopted” 💀 my aunt is adopted and she’s from ethopia

  • SandaleLP
    SandaleLP 4 days ago

    oh man the end was so true

  • Nairamath
    Nairamath 4 days ago

    guess i gotta move there too if i wanna live like a male. the laws are so fxced up here.

    Itz__LINDA DUHH 5 days ago

    Mot being rude but the Mexico geutamals can spell it right but I asked my mo where is she from and she said the same this and I’m like so that mean I’m that too because I’m mexican and yeah

  • April Fendy
    April Fendy 5 days ago

    0:22 , Ian PERGANANANT??

  • shook bb
    shook bb 5 days ago

    i already knew the 3rd girl with glasses was Mexican with those sandals 😍😍😅

  • don't watch my videos

    After this video ice send them yo their country

  • Latoya Payne
    Latoya Payne 6 days ago

    The hyperactive English guy is cracking me up. He can't be still 😂

  • allen iverson
    allen iverson 7 days ago

    How can I do sign up to be in one of these ? These are in Florida right

  • allen iverson
    allen iverson 7 days ago

    I’m a citizen but idk any of those questions

  • mario betancourt
    mario betancourt 9 days ago +1

    That english guy is totally DONE WITH THE AMERICANS HAHA

  • Kate The Great
    Kate The Great 10 days ago

    I figured the less questions they got right the more they are citizens 😂

  • Edith A.-F.
    Edith A.-F. 10 days ago

    Oh my god the Latina with the Jean jacket and glasses is someone I volunteer for. Like I see her multiple times a week I KNOW her she’s friends with my dad WHAT

  • Jahanvi Patel
    Jahanvi Patel 11 days ago

    the sisters have a similar story to ximena from the fosters lol

  • Christina Bain
    Christina Bain 12 days ago

    I could nOT hear the British guys accent,,,, is that just me or am I watching wayyyy too many episodes of Bake Off

  • achro jokahu
    achro jokahu 12 days ago

    Damn, we got a lawyer in the house, you all noticed?

  • donut with sprinkles
    donut with sprinkles 12 days ago

    I like how respectful everyone was. If I was there I'd make sure to make everyone feel welcome for wanting to live here.

  • Iisha Misha
    Iisha Misha 12 days ago

    4:27 damn this guy must have a stick up his ass he acts like he knows everything
    So annoying! I hate people like that

  • Tatiana Lekka
    Tatiana Lekka 12 days ago +1

    Imagine the poor Brit moves away because of the election but then he moves back because of the Brexit

    • Marnell de Jong Beekhuijsen
      Marnell de Jong Beekhuijsen 12 days ago

      Tatiana, I thought you were "Lekka" as in delicious in Dutch and German. Turns out you're just stupid. JK LOL.

  • Michelle Ramirez
    Michelle Ramirez 12 days ago +3

    The guy who actually does immigration work got the most wrong 😂

  • alexis hodges
    alexis hodges 13 days ago

    Second guy has a hickey 🤣🤣🤣

  • Winston
    Winston 14 days ago

    The spanish girl was gorgeous

  • Winston
    Winston 14 days ago

    subtle flex with the huge hickey on the brit

  • FireAndIce 509
    FireAndIce 509 14 days ago

    Ik the 1st 3 presidents and I’m a citizen.....But only because seen Hamilton😂

  • Olaf Schuh Bert
    Olaf Schuh Bert 16 days ago

    Didn't know that Crack Kid is british.

  • Christine Ama
    Christine Ama 16 days ago

    Just saying, as someone who lived in Cambodia for a small while and loved the country, I love how often they bring in Khmer people in these videos. It is such an overlooked country with such a rich history. It deserves more attention, especially in the realm of world history classes and the like.

  • banana anna
    banana anna 16 days ago

    27 amendments?

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 17 days ago

    Lol just ask to recite the pledge that you say in school.
    "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...."

  • Miles Brewer
    Miles Brewer 17 days ago

    The real question is do the non-citizens in this video pay taxes?

  • Satsuki A
    Satsuki A 17 days ago

    When the lawyer asking questions from the naturalization test and some more common knowledge stuff and I'm over here with K-12 plus college education in the U.S. going "Uhhhhh... gimme a sec, sir. Let me just... take it back..."
    Also, let me say that dual citizenship? Real nice when you have the chance to have it. I'm not a U.S. citizen. I have dual citizenship in Japan and the Philippines thanks to my parents. Do I want to be naturalized? Personally no because if I want to be a Japanese citizen again I would have to take the test which I know for sure I will fail. To become naturalized as a U.S. citizen for me means forfeiting my right as a Japanese citizen and that is never going to happen. Sorry.

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross 17 days ago

    Can we please talk about how Callum and Collin are literal twins

  • Eddy Sebert
    Eddy Sebert 18 days ago

    2:54 nice stereotype :|

  • madilyn nechay
    madilyn nechay 18 days ago +3

    the Kenyan girl was so beautiful. her skin is gorgeousss!!

  • Alexandra Windfeather
    Alexandra Windfeather 18 days ago

    You just seem.. foreign
    My new favourite line I've ever heard

  • 㚁沐脊女卞沝囈土 土土

    Why would knowing all this stuff about the citizen test make u one or not

  • Sakura Yasuda
    Sakura Yasuda 19 days ago

    I am a AU citizen although my family is Japanese

  • Isabella Martino
    Isabella Martino 21 day ago

    That hickey bothers me so much.

  • Itz Izzy
    Itz Izzy 23 days ago +1

    If they put me in there - pahah I don’t even know the national anthem

  • Jamie Sorto
    Jamie Sorto 24 days ago

    my dad got deported and i never said bye. he was going to freaking work and they just stranggled him out and i was freaking 4 and now im 10 so i fucking hate the government

  • Julia Johari
    Julia Johari 24 days ago

    They are all so beautiful. Collin is cute ehem! Haha.
    When the Cambodian/American guy talked about the Khmer Rouge, my heart sank. I was in Cambodia last year, its a beautiful country I love it. I hope things will be alright and better for everyone there.

  • devin200510
    devin200510 24 days ago +1

    This girl for real said it's dumb because the US citizenship is just a peice of paper???

  • Hanaan Abbasi
    Hanaan Abbasi 25 days ago

    The women are so beautiful

  • A NB
    A NB 25 days ago

    Love how he mansplained DACA to her instead of turning to the cameras. Also love how the white dude at the end doesn't even know when election month is...

  • Desean Mays
    Desean Mays 26 days ago

    No way! The first girl is Ethiopian, my mom is too. Gave a thumbs up for her.

  • Misty Nix
    Misty Nix 26 days ago

    Is anyone a citizen of Heaven?

  • Jessie Freeman
    Jessie Freeman 27 days ago

    I took the test when I was in civics it was super easy it gives you 2 tries to answer each question and it links an article with the answer after you get it wrong the first time so it's great I got a 99%

  • Ilektra C
    Ilektra C 27 days ago +3

    Two questions “where were you born” and one question from the citizenship test

    I just passed mine last November!

  • Hailu Kibret
    Hailu Kibret 28 days ago

    are you adopted? wtf?

  • Sabrina Becerra
    Sabrina Becerra 28 days ago

    10:52 mansplaining DACA to a DACA recipient

  • Sabrina Becerra
    Sabrina Becerra 28 days ago

    lol don't have that guy as your immigration lawyer

  • Emma Fondas
    Emma Fondas 28 days ago

    The 2nd dude has I giant hickey

  • taylor boo
    taylor boo 29 days ago

    the girl guesser was made pretty

  • Tyradaisy
    Tyradaisy Month ago

    if you have a dual citizenship from your parents, you can’t pass it down to your children because it’s only for one generation and you can’t give it to your grandchildren

  • Keli Jordan
    Keli Jordan Month ago

    "What war did the US fight in the 1800s?"
    My answer was French and Indian War what the hell lol

  • Jasmine Wang
    Jasmine Wang Month ago

    I only knew the answers because I take ap gov

  • Emma Crocker
    Emma Crocker Month ago

    Calum has a MAJORRRR hickey though

  • DavidFiggs
    DavidFiggs Month ago

    Holy shit I had no idea the trans woman was (is?) trans. She's pretty hot lol.

  • Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey Month ago

    Hate the anti-Tump vibe on this channel. How about finding some conservatives.

  • Tama Matu
    Tama Matu Month ago

    I hate when people say USA is a nation of immigrant! All nations are nation of immigrant, like the Brits didn't just pop out of the ground on the British isle and Native Americans also didn't magically fall from sky into the American Continent

  • Maddie Joy
    Maddie Joy Month ago

    That girl from Kenya is gorgeous!

  • BriannaMonetBeauty
    BriannaMonetBeauty Month ago

    The first girl was hella defensive with the guesser from Kenya. Like this is literally a show of assumptions and judgements, you can’t get offended when someone makes an assumption.

  • Paula Bam
    Paula Bam Month ago

    I love how I literally have never set a foot into the US and still knew the answers to most of the questions they asked... Every other country other than the US does more US history in school than the US themself... And it's not as if Germany just doesn't have no history itself I mean...

  • Emmyloohoo 101
    Emmyloohoo 101 Month ago

    does the england guy have a hickey?

  • Tami W.
    Tami W. Month ago

    Both the thailand girl and the one who spoke spanish are so fucking beautiful

  • Meredith Louise
    Meredith Louise Month ago

    That just tripped me up that homegirl is still considered a male in Thailand.

  • Alyssa S
    Alyssa S Month ago

    I’m a citizen and idk any of the questions they were asking lol.

  • Nicole del Aguila
    Nicole del Aguila Month ago

    First of all, being an American is MORE than just a piece of paper that grants you citizenship. As a proud American born and raised in the states, I disagree with her comment, and I don't expect her to understand what it is to be an American. However, I understand her annoyance or frustration about the process.

  • Abi Alston
    Abi Alston Month ago

    I love how the people who know more ab US civics aren’t citizens😂😂

  • MeganR Brown
    MeganR Brown Month ago

    I didn't know the answer to a lot of the questions and I'm American 😭

  • Hailey
    Hailey Month ago +1

    The English guy is so awkward, I love that

  • Screwed up mess
    Screwed up mess Month ago

    I immediately knew they were sisters how did they not catch that

  • Darlene McClellan
    Darlene McClellan Month ago

    The guy in black has a massive hickey

  • Lee Doyle
    Lee Doyle Month ago

    She has nothing to be worried about if her parents migrated legally

  • anotherchannel onyoutube

    the guy who was correcting everyone reminds me of "That is not correct because according to the encyclopedia ndnjldnkj-"

  • Wavvybabyy
    Wavvybabyy Month ago

    *Donald Trump has entered the chat*

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter Month ago

    If somebody did this test on me and asked what one of the wars the us fought in the 1800s I would have Answered “the war of 1812”

  • Molly Keough
    Molly Keough Month ago

    is it just me or does the pom definitely have a hickey

  • Tiny Dej
    Tiny Dej Month ago

    I was born here and don't know the answers to these questions 😂😭😭😂😂😭

  • David Somerville
    David Somerville Month ago

    2.14 that hickey tho

  • Chirantan Banerjee
    Chirantan Banerjee Month ago

    Half the people died.
    Oh my god that's amazing. That's so great.
    Great... to meet ya.

  • Colin Wong
    Colin Wong Month ago

    Im a simple man. I see someone with the same name as me, I click. But why are people named Colin so white?

  • ZesterPosey
    ZesterPosey Month ago

    Being born in America coming from immigrant parents , this really bothered me in a way . The guy asking about the US , a lot of people do go to school yet the school teaches it wrong . I took the citizenship test and got 86/100%
    I’m from here yet don’t know much . Ugh

  • Kavana Kamath
    Kavana Kamath Month ago +1

    Is it just me or Calum had a hickey? 😂😂

  • Kali Smith
    Kali Smith Month ago

    does the Englishman have a hickey

  • Warner Fleming
    Warner Fleming 2 months ago

    Imma call border control on these Mfs

  • marypatricede
    marypatricede 2 months ago


  • AJ weathers
    AJ weathers 2 months ago

    am i the only one who saw the hickey on the second guys neck???

  • Burned And Frozen
    Burned And Frozen 2 months ago

    I’ve never even been to the US and I knew that language thing

  • Jalicia Babylon
    Jalicia Babylon 2 months ago

    3:19....im in civics rn and i didn't know it kwksks

  • Jalicia Babylon
    Jalicia Babylon 2 months ago

    Hahaha Calum hood
    Collum Hood

  • Scarlett Mckenn
    Scarlett Mckenn 2 months ago

    Is that a hickey on that guys neck?!?😂😂😂

  • Jodie Coble
    Jodie Coble 2 months ago

    Can we just discuss how the guy from England had a hickey????????

  • tabitha ephraim
    tabitha ephraim 2 months ago

    ooouuu i wish I did this!!!

  • Liz Ayelet
    Liz Ayelet 2 months ago

    I failed as soon as the video started. He’s over there singing the anthem or whatever. I never learned it and I was born and raised in the US. I know Canada’s anthem though. I grew up in Alaska and we went to Canada a lot.
    Edit: I should point out that my parents are US citizens but claim different countries as their homeland because of where their family came from- both sides moves were intended to be temporary until they could return home so teaching their children American things wasn’t a priority. Because of them I qualify for citizenship in Israel and Germany.

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 2 months ago +38

    *fbi has joined the chat*

  • Charlie Bee
    Charlie Bee 2 months ago

    The girl in the red jacket reminds me of Becky G

  • native gamer girl
    native gamer girl 2 months ago

    The first girl had a huskies shirt Washington pride

  • Hannah Ramsey
    Hannah Ramsey 2 months ago

    VERY cool to see a Cambodian!!!! not surprised that they didn’t know about Khmer Rouge, but very happy they learned about it. cool to be represented!!!