Who's a U.S. citizen? | Lineup | Cut


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  • :: SBK ::
    :: SBK :: 21 hour ago

    That girl with bold lips ..I really thought that she is Indian!! 🙈

  • Chantel Harewood

    The last guy who got emotional he’s such a sweetheart. I wish there was more people in this world who have that kind of empathy! And I love the group hugs I wanna do a group hug! Lol

  • thatmomentyoucantthinkofagoodname

    Mora is a queen I love her aygdauydag

  • Lucija Lunar
    Lucija Lunar Day ago

    ik that lady was from Thailand by how she said her name.

  • Taniya Sultan
    Taniya Sultan 2 days ago

    I want to go on one of them, and want people to judge me

  • Eliza J.
    Eliza J. 4 days ago +1

    The woman in the blue headdress is soooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adah
    adah 5 days ago

    its not just a paper that makes you a us citizen. its also to make sure your not a criminal or a terrorist lol

  • Snapps64
    Snapps64 6 days ago

    "Are you a U.S citizen?"
    *immigration lawyer stares at you*

  • Matthew Shiel
    Matthew Shiel 7 days ago

    ffs callum repping England and he got a ugly ass hickey on his neck..... unbelievable

  • TheNamesAdam
    TheNamesAdam 8 days ago

    4:48 she looks like the skinny legend herself Raini Rodriguez

  • Dough Daddy
    Dough Daddy 8 days ago

    Knew it was a Thai trap

  • Ella Follman
    Ella Follman 8 days ago

    That guy at the end omg

  • jim jimmy
    jim jimmy 8 days ago

    She is Male?!!! Wow i didnt see that at all... beautiful.... kelas kau nyah!

  • Bewitched2020
    Bewitched2020 8 days ago

    When i tell ppl I was born in Mexico they usually assume I'm not an American citizen.

  • T-series Big gai
    T-series Big gai 8 days ago

    Of all the brits you could’ve found

  • carla dindri
    carla dindri 9 days ago

    this is the only one lineup i don´t like...

  • Evan Guinness
    Evan Guinness 11 days ago

    I have a Dual Citizenship too.

  • Vesta T
    Vesta T 13 days ago

    “Cullen but with a M and an A” DYINNNGGGGG

  • lilly mcewen
    lilly mcewen 13 days ago

    i wonder what donald trump would say if he saw this

  • George Reb
    George Reb 13 days ago

    0:30 is there another way?

  • Andreas D
    Andreas D 13 days ago

    the midle gril in the dress

  • chiara zarinelli mercury

    fatima, date me plssss

    QUEEN is AMAZING 13 days ago

    this video is America, the true definition.

  • Lab
    Lab 14 days ago

    how do i audition for this show? i live in the seattle area and i would really love to contribute to the show and ill happily do it thru internship you dont gotta pay me i think it would be fun i have a portfolio with several class out of JRP Seattle so im not illiterate to the production world get at me CUT plz!

  • Smelly DOnut
    Smelly DOnut 14 days ago +1

    5:40 ahhaha i love that woman shes so funny :)

  • Ken Doll
    Ken Doll 14 days ago

    Lol im Kenyan too

  • rando
    rando 14 days ago

    Did that guy have a hickey lol jesus cover that shit up. Also the piece of paper argument is kind of weak. Doctors also only have a piece of paper...

  • Basinu
    Basinu 14 days ago

    I could cry

  • Anya Krivenko
    Anya Krivenko 14 days ago

    I could be on this show! Lmao.. I've been in the states for 17 years and still have my green card XD

  • Haley Kathryn
    Haley Kathryn 15 days ago

    Colin looks like such a basic colin i thought it was my friend named colin who looks just like him but isnt him

  • Denise
    Denise 15 days ago

    Name a war the US fought in the 1800’s.
    Uhh the War of 1812. Lol.

  • yaunuh
    yaunuh 15 days ago

    yo is this Seattle based? I wanna be in this!

  • yaunuh
    yaunuh 15 days ago

    yo is this Seattle based? I wanna be in this!

    FERN VEELEZ 16 days ago

    I'm in love with the girl in the red jacket, she's so pretty :~0

  • mkm90210
    mkm90210 16 days ago +1

    The girl at 00:38 and 1:40 said that she is a U.S. citizen, but in a previous video below said she isn't a U.S. citizen. What the heck?
    at 3:45 in the above video. Don't trust everything that say in these videos

  • Davin Long
    Davin Long 16 days ago


  • Brayan Cedano
    Brayan Cedano 16 days ago

    I dont like the lawyer guy he knows to much and its annoying

  • JulioAbel90
    JulioAbel90 17 days ago

    Fear of deportation: Oh geeez if only they've decided to use the proper legal ways to get in the USA instead of breaking the law.
    These poor victims...
    Oh and btw fun fact: Cambodia got bombed by american bombers on the way back from Vietnam. They unloaded more bombs in Cambodia than they used in Vietnam. Why they did that?! well, find for yourself ;)

  • dis boi
    dis boi 17 days ago

    Oh say can you see by the dawns early light what so proudly we hailed?

  • caleb anderson
    caleb anderson 17 days ago

    It’s fucked up how people who are born here know so little but then again we don’t give a fuck about our country

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago

    I knew it was a lady boy from Thailand

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago

    The Mexican girls are ugly as fuck

  • Chrispine Sim
    Chrispine Sim 18 days ago

    Way to go Fetuma. Kenya is proud of you

  • Angela Me
    Angela Me 19 days ago


  • Kyungsoo Kun
    Kyungsoo Kun 19 days ago

    but my name is Colin..

  • MrJohnsonx3
    MrJohnsonx3 19 days ago


  • ivan lara
    ivan lara 19 days ago

    White guy is a jerk

  • Tre D
    Tre D 19 days ago

    I liked the woman from Thailand personality.

  • Genet Wolfe
    Genet Wolfe 21 day ago

    I’m here for my East African Queens!!

  • Dariana Contreras
    Dariana Contreras 21 day ago +1

    Awww I love Hispanics 💕

  • Abigail Akande
    Abigail Akande 22 days ago

    What happened after if they weren't citizen?

  • OMG Aemani
    OMG Aemani 22 days ago

    you should do things like this but maybe with younger people , like 13 or something 💀?

  • steph's fam!
    steph's fam! 23 days ago +1

    This video really hits my heart😕❤ i dont ever want to imagine perents ever going through immigration and this like that🤧 this world has to change for the better.😐

  • Amy Speyer
    Amy Speyer 24 days ago

    omg a thai lady lmao ​my mom speaks like that

  • urmelat
    urmelat 24 days ago +1

    isn‘t it fucking sad that we are still talking about deportation in the year of fucking 2018?!

  • sipumituki
    sipumituki 25 days ago

    mamu vam jebem napacenu

  • Anastasia Havryshchuk
    Anastasia Havryshchuk 26 days ago

    I have three citizenships

  • Kadence Kieronski
    Kadence Kieronski 26 days ago

    The girl in the stripped dress is so gorgeous!😍😍♥️

  • Jeffrey Miller
    Jeffrey Miller 26 days ago

    The CUT is a huge fan of Edvard Grieg.

  • Adinda
    Adinda 26 days ago

    I see the guy on the left is boring 7:21 - 7:52

  • tatiana haynes
    tatiana haynes 27 days ago

    do they know you can be a US citizen without being american born... and be a US citizen and know nothing about US history lmfao

  • mcp
    mcp 27 days ago +3

    i’m an american but i don’t know any of the words to the national anthem or the pledge... is that bad

  • sky peters
    sky peters 27 days ago

    Calem the English guy has a wee hickey.

  • Cheyenne Booth
    Cheyenne Booth 27 days ago

    Callem doesn't have a british accent 😂at least not anymore 😂

  • stuffcomplitation misin

    Omg her hijab bitch how did you do thattt

  • •xopvmpxo •
    •xopvmpxo • 29 days ago

    The girl from Kenya is gorgeous 😍

  • Saleema
    Saleema 29 days ago +2

    I’m loving Fatouma 💜

  • Ericjoram Wahome
    Ericjoram Wahome 29 days ago

    Team Kenya

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson 29 days ago

    5:24 She was so bossing him without saying a word. I like her.
    10:11 She doesn't know?
    10:34 He asks questions and then trying to act like he knows things?

  • RJ Spear
    RJ Spear Month ago

    Callum with his giant hickey was distracting.

  • Giovane Costa
    Giovane Costa Month ago

    If we were to make one of this in Brazil the test would be only with inside memes
    "How do you feel about 'Gravida de taubaté?"

  • Phoebe Grigor
    Phoebe Grigor Month ago

    I forget how little people know about the Cambodian genocide

  • Sky Saengkaew
    Sky Saengkaew Month ago

    calum from england was cute

  • Ky Berry
    Ky Berry Month ago

    10:29 looks like the youtuber "Gloom"

  • Tamara G
    Tamara G Month ago

    Anyone else looking through the comments to see who noticed the hickey?

  • Adriana
    Adriana Month ago

    lmao my mom has an accent (she's Filipino) and she's a US citizen
    people shouldn't go by accents

  • Cathysaur
    Cathysaur Month ago

    Lmao. I know a British man in the US Navy.

  • lidette711
    lidette711 Month ago

    The English guy is like Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss.

  • G Starrthomas
    G Starrthomas Month ago

    we love the brittish guy with a hickey on his neck

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose Month ago

    Hey I am Kenyan 😁😁😁

  • John Stephenson
    John Stephenson Month ago

    i was the 2121121 view

  • Pro God Pro life Pro Gun

    9:12 - 9:50 if you are here legally there is no reason to fear. Because If your here legally you won’t get deported.

  • Simply Moxie
    Simply Moxie Month ago

    The immigration lawyer was annoying af.

  • Alondra Arguelles
    Alondra Arguelles Month ago

    Love the guy in the blue shirt n

  • Emily Whitcomb
    Emily Whitcomb Month ago

    how do they find these people. would love to be apart of one

  • Lily Balog
    Lily Balog Month ago

    As long she has proof a citizenship they can’t take her. She is being way to over dramatic!

  • Charlie Tato
    Charlie Tato Month ago +1

    I’m a terrible American 😂 I know none of the answers and I was born here 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Yobaida Moreira
    Yobaida Moreira Month ago +4

    First dude had a hickey

  • Kenya Bravo
    Kenya Bravo Month ago +1

    how do you get on this channel? I'm trying to be in this it looks like a lot of fun!

  • B_RyHan
    B_RyHan Month ago

    This series on Cut is so hypocritical. We're not supposed to judge someone by their looks, but that is all they do.

  • Ells
    Ells Month ago +7

    did the english guy have a massive hickey on his neck orrrrr...

  • Thorgod Mani
    Thorgod Mani Month ago +12

    The Kenyan girl is so gorgeous 😍

  • HouseMDaddict
    HouseMDaddict Month ago

    Most Americans would fail the citizenship test. I got a 100% on the citizenship test I took in my senior year of high school, but that was only after I had been taking history classes each year in school. Give me it now, when I've been out of school 10 years, and I'll probably fail. History was my least favorite subject and I can't stand politics.

  • Londons_legacy
    Londons_legacy Month ago +2

    Callum is like me! Except I was born in the US to a British mother, whereas he was born in the UK to an American mother. But we both have dual citizenship. I don’t know if I heard that right but did he say that we are able to pass our dual citizenship to our kids?? I’m gonna have to look into that. Also the election made me want to hop on back to England too 😂

  • Love that Yeet Hi
    Love that Yeet Hi Month ago

    I am adopted

  • lolo
    lolo Month ago +8

    Calum, the British guy looked like he had a hickey

  • Halo Gen
    Halo Gen Month ago

    That white kid is so cringe worthy what the heckk

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee Month ago

    Epic ending💜💜💜

  • Ana Aguilar
    Ana Aguilar Month ago

    The immigration lawyer was so annoying.

  • Valentina Gallardo
    Valentina Gallardo Month ago

    I’m a citizen but my family was born in Venezuela.i mostly consider myself as Latina then American Bc my first language was Spanish 🤷🏻‍♀️