People Read Strangers' Darkest Secrets

  • Published on Jul 19, 2018
  • We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest ones and read someone else's to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers. Consider online counseling from BetterHelp by visiting: 👉 👈
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Comments • 6 388

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  11 months ago +3465

    Hey Jubilee family 👋Seeking Secrets is finally back. This series has a soft spot in our hearts and we know how much it means to you all. Thank you so much to our sponsor BetterHelp. If you or anyone you know is struggling or just need to talk to a trained professional about life, please consider BetterHelp ( ). We're so proud to partner with them; we truly do believe in the power of therapy to bring healing and comfort to anyone, in all walks of life. Love you Jubilee fam! ❤️

    • Nikk Benson
      Nikk Benson 4 months ago

      I'd love to be a part of your videos. Seriously how can I apply for one

    • Mercy Fae
      Mercy Fae 4 months ago

      Where could I submit a secret for this?

    • Donna Vella
      Donna Vella 5 months ago


    • Nathaniel Stickle
      Nathaniel Stickle 5 months ago

      Jubilee scam

    • Anna Louise
      Anna Louise 6 months ago +1

      Jubilee One of my friends told me he had attempted suicide the night before and was going to try again that night. I didn’t tell anyone and didn’t know who to tell. The next day when i got to school I was informed by my friends that he had succeeded.

  • Alexis Farias
    Alexis Farias 2 hours ago +1

    I can relate to the whole I’m ashamed of my body but I tell other people to love themselves part. I literally hate everything about me. My nose,stomach,eyes,forehead,lips and my height. I tell people everyday to stop complaining and to love themselves bucease they really are pretty. I don’t know why I can’t take my own advice. No matter what people say I can never seem to love myself even if people say, I’m pretty or do this everyday is the mirror. It doesn’t work. I don’t know why I can’t just love myself for once.

  • Lillith Wolf
    Lillith Wolf 4 hours ago

    2:00 this is just sad... that’s what most men think.

  • Cee Vee
    Cee Vee Day ago

    My best friend that I’ve loved since we were kids texted me asking me to hang out one night. We both loved each other since we were kids, and when we were 16 we hadn’t even kissed because our love was so strong and wanted each other in our lives always and not have romance ruin it while being teenagers and end up breaking up. So I didn’t reply that night and thought I’ll just text him tomorrow. The next day, I got a call from his sister saying he was murdered at night.... I will always hate myself for not seeing him that night. Maybe I could’ve changed the outcome. It’s been 10 years since he passed, and I still think about him everyday.

  • Insane Dasher
    Insane Dasher 2 days ago +1

    I know this is random but I love my family from the depths of my heart.

  • Romy
    Romy 2 days ago

    i’m bisexual

  • Joseli Rosario
    Joseli Rosario 2 days ago

    Whoever the first one is..your fucked up honestly

  • Jae
    Jae 3 days ago

    2:34 - 2:43 hits home..

  • Karen Curtis
    Karen Curtis 4 days ago

    I relate to the parents’s broken English

  • megan barraclough
    megan barraclough 4 days ago

    My darkest secret is...
    When I was 14, I had a friend. She and I would talk to each other for hours on the phone. One day I was talking to her and she sounded extremely happy, which was strange since she was always kind of down all the time but I thought nothing about it. I ended up finding out that she had committed suicide that same day and her mum was the one who found her body in the bathroom. I regret to this day not having thought anything about her being so happy when it was so out of the ordinary. I still think about it to this day and what could have happened if I had questioned her about her change in mood. Could I have saved her life or would she have still committed suicide?

  • Lele Gang for life
    Lele Gang for life 4 days ago

    Dark secret : I'm ashamed of myself . I dont have self love . I cant get a boyfriend. My friends never wanna listen to me so I dont have nobody to talk to . I'm always helping people even when I cant help myself 💯 . Months ago I use to cut myself not for attention only cause the abuse I went through when I stayed with family friends. Nightmare still hunts me and often I cry to myself and I cant sleep at night

  • chelsea louise
    chelsea louise 5 days ago

    ‘the women’s body is for men.’ hit me so hard. it’s so wrong and no one should feel or think that way.
    ‘I finally realised what rape meant’ ‘I had no one to talk to’ no one should ever feel like this.💔

  • HC :3
    HC :3 7 days ago

    My deppest secret is that I found a s3x toy on a boat.....on my stepdads work.....I was 11 by then I was confused ...I never told anyone because I feel too ambarrassed.

  • AIlini Kusitafu
    AIlini Kusitafu 7 days ago

    everyone is fighting their own battles, if you are going through one, please know that you are worthy and deep down beautiful in every single form 💖💖💖

  • Selisia Muslia
    Selisia Muslia 10 days ago +1

    My darkest secret is that I ate the last piece of pizza.

    NDNG BG 10 days ago

    1:34 I felt that

  • Death Gray
    Death Gray 10 days ago

    Everything is true to me
    Some of them are related to me
    It's sad...

  • pwintmyatthu_20
    pwintmyatthu_20 11 days ago

    My whole life, I’ve been made to feel like I was undeserving of love.
    Both from myself and others and I’m afraid that part of me believes them.
    This one hit me in my feels.

  • Aries Lanae
    Aries Lanae 13 days ago

    The drown one threw me alllllllllllllllll the way off😩R.I.P. Him❤️
    And the crying for the mom one🤭😭
    The babysitter one...that’s crazy and disgusting
    I also hate me but tell people to love themselves..

  • TheOneAndOnlyJuliaAndo

    My darkest secret is that all of my life I've been told that if my mom or dad felt upset or bad it was my fault. they would yell at me and tell me I'm the reason they "want to eat their gun." The worst part? I believe it. I can't help but thinking I made them drink all that alcohol, and they can't help telling me. I'm now 14 and have severe depression and each day they tell me I don't have depression and I'm just looking for attention. I can't sleep and I have been gaining so much weight. I'm always sad or angry and sometimes I take meds just so I could sleep. That, is my darkest secret.

  • kookiescute abs
    kookiescute abs 17 days ago

    Mhmmm...."my body is for men" that made me almost get teary.
    I have a secret. But i don't trust anyone enough to let it out. Also, i think I'm a good friend but not as a daughter. They left me.

  • チャンネルあから

    "I'm ashamed of my body but I say to people to love them self"
    That's true to most people. Most people love the people that they care the most then there self. It's sad that you hate your self and you try to change the body that they are ashamed of. So it's so sad and I hope they love themselves

  • little bopeeps
    little bopeeps 19 days ago

    That opening statement 😢😭

  • Liza Ojanen
    Liza Ojanen 20 days ago

    1:35 that’s me :(

  • Grey Parker
    Grey Parker 21 day ago

    I’m transgender and I can’t let people love me until I’m on hormone replacement. I can’t have someone love me when I’m not who I am yet. I don’t want someone to love me, when I’m physically not *me*

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow 21 day ago

    Saying such things to your kids when they expect something positive from you. Aghhh, mofo you better use condom instead of having babies. 😑

  • Just Me now
    Just Me now 23 days ago

    I pretend that I'm happy and that I move on from my last relationship but the truth is I still love my ex and I'm not happy I act like I am. I give advice to people, when I'm the one who needs it.

  • Gio SixOneNine
    Gio SixOneNine 23 days ago


  • AllySunshine 02
    AllySunshine 02 24 days ago

    2:08 is when I started crying

  • Gab Baltisoto
    Gab Baltisoto 26 days ago

    I dont want to love anyone. How could I? I don't even love myself

  • D C
    D C 27 days ago

    Wait wait wait a gosh darn minute... 4 to 6 years old and your dad said that? Man what...

  • Purple Star
    Purple Star Month ago

    "I wish grades didn't have to define someone's worth"

  • Samual Palmer
    Samual Palmer Month ago

    I know it obviously wasn’t directed at me but when she said sometimes it completely out of your control I strayed crying because it’s so true, but to hard to get to the point where you can think that and truly believe there was nothing you could of done

  • linn h
    linn h Month ago

    The first one. Omg..

  • Grandmasterstick69
    Grandmasterstick69 Month ago

    "He told me my body was for men"

    I think his body is for me to give him some broken bones

  • Paige Payne
    Paige Payne Month ago

    I feel for these people

  • -*M̷e̷g̷a̷n̷*-

    Excuse you Mr. Dad my body is my body not some babysitter's sex toy

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    2:10 Arrest the dad ASAP

  • MauriCoolGuy
    MauriCoolGuy Month ago

    I killed a gang member in self defense but never told anyone about it, not even the police because I always though that doing so would put me in jail. I hid the body and everyday I grow no remorse.

  • nena Ca
    nena Ca Month ago

    I am also ashamed of my body but I tell other people to love themselves. Now I’m going to cry because of thinking how disgusting my body is.

  • Jordyn Lashmet
    Jordyn Lashmet Month ago

    Here is my biggest secret... I hurt myself when I am mad or really really sad and I can't tell anyone because I am afraid that they will call me depressed or something....

  • Dawn Mabalos
    Dawn Mabalos Month ago

    What if they are actually reading their own deepest secrets to release the emotional tension inside them without being "judged" by others?

  • Trey Baker
    Trey Baker Month ago

    That father who told his daughter that her body was for men needs to get beat up.

  • Znas Ona
    Znas Ona Month ago

    who is the beautiful girl with the white cap? i'm in love..

  • Znas Ona
    Znas Ona Month ago

    who is the beautiful girl with the white cap? i'm in love..

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago


  • no name
    no name Month ago

    Oh my, the first one😔

  • Connie Wan
    Connie Wan Month ago

    I've always wanted to be a singer or an actor or a soccer player. I was always told since I was Chinese I would never land a role, never become a good player, and never be able to be as pretty as a brown, blonde, or red headed person. I used to be ashamed that I was Chinese and mad that I was born the way I looked, spoke, and intercepted.

  • Xia Qingyue
    Xia Qingyue Month ago

    while watching this, i'm wondering why they over react about these letters. I don't get it. They are not even that dark. I've read a lot of novels with depressing and even horrible stories people suffering in their own misery maybe that's why.

  • Anish Sidhant Mathur

    this is so deep

  • Teenager Helper
    Teenager Helper Month ago

    My darkest secret......

    I scared of people around me........

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog Month ago

    *Reads about someone who’s ashamed of their body*

    *talks about social media*

  • jacob Aren
    jacob Aren Month ago

    Please read. For five days i had to babysit a 6 year-old girl, the mum and gran and grandfather lived almost together. The mum and gran had to work full days and they'd come home for dinner, i realized something was wrong. The father of the little girl was never brought up in any conversations. I asked my nan (who is a close friend of them) why that was so. I had an idea why but I wanted understand, and what I heard made me mad. The father was a beater. He'd hit his wife. This is a shameful thing to do, the first three years of my life had that and it has caused PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) so the people who read this and ARE beaters, then shame on you. You have no idea how your actions will affect others.
    And for those of you who have PTSD please talk to me, because i believe that if we band together we can help others understand, and or change their ways.

  • Axazasors 909
    Axazasors 909 Month ago


  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee Month ago

    Stop telling your secrets they dont care

  • Kei Pecaso
    Kei Pecaso Month ago +1

    Plot twist: they've read their own story.

  • Corbyn Payne
    Corbyn Payne 2 months ago

    Why was there only one man in this video and so many women?

  • J_El_Rey
    J_El_Rey 2 months ago

    I’m realizing people are now getting even more sadder and desperate I feel like the future is now gonna hold a dystopian world filled with pain I look at people and see them as always happy but each person has a story I now wish for a future of peace, that’s my dream

  • wh00wie
    wh00wie 2 months ago

    Body? Shaking.
    Stomach? Quaking.
    Eyes? Trashed.
    Mind? What’s that?
    Hotel? *Trivago*

  • Olivia Heffernan
    Olivia Heffernan 2 months ago +1

    “I wish grades didn’t have to define someone’s worth” that hit me hard...

  • Golden Risuto
    Golden Risuto 2 months ago

    My biggest secret is that I liked going to school, because at least I wasn't abused there that much (Some bullying) and teachers were ok with me because I didn't cause trouble like my other classmates did.
    My own mother made me feel worthless and emotional/physically abused me almost everyday while my dear father was at work, being there was like a escape from that world, now I left home and I am getting better by the help of medical orientation, almost 15 years of abuse, holy crap.

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 2 months ago

    After telling my mother that my brother molested me repeatedly, she replied with "don't ever tell any man about this, they will see you as used goods and they will only want you for sex." I was 8

  • James Gurung
    James Gurung 2 months ago

    Why do I like to make myself cry

  • E C12
    E C12 2 months ago

    When She Said He Drowned In September I Literally Started Shaking

  • Evelyn Herbert
    Evelyn Herbert 2 months ago

    “I wish grades didn’t have to define my worth” and “i’m ashamed of my body but I tell other people to love themselves” really related to me

  • Mystic Myth
    Mystic Myth 2 months ago

    Why are the parents such assholes when it comes to their children being a raped victim? My mom would have hunted the molester down even if he's on the edge of the world.

  • Subscribe to Pwediepie
    Subscribe to Pwediepie 2 months ago

    I do not have a constant emotion or feeling. Like I feel happy then sad then disgusted and so on. I dont know what I am feeling even though i feel happy or sad. I grew up hating myself because it is the reason why I am being bullied. I wan to be dead but I just can't

    • epiphany
      epiphany 2 months ago +1

      Subscribe to Pwediepie sounds like a medical issue. Have you tried going to the psychologist??

  • KHOKH 69
    KHOKH 69 2 months ago


  • Mohamoud Mohamed
    Mohamoud Mohamed 2 months ago

    the swimming one is fucked I would be crushed if that was me !!!!

  • Crystal Production
    Crystal Production 2 months ago

    When you are a parent anything in a positive or a negative way can define your child and sometimes remember it forever. I still remember some of my worst moments. When I tired so hard but I gave so little.

  • Adam Samuel #MAGA
    Adam Samuel #MAGA 2 months ago


  • Savvy Lps
    Savvy Lps 2 months ago

    About a year ago, my father cheated on my mother. She had no idea, so I had to tell her. Since then, my father went to alcohol and I only made it worse by yelling and screaming at him for his one mistake.
    He died of liver failure.

  • Harmeet Bhatia
    Harmeet Bhatia 2 months ago

    I got my own problems.

  • Dylan Fokkelman
    Dylan Fokkelman 2 months ago

    I robbed a kid to scare him
    I punched him and he fell head first on a rock. No heartbeat.

  • robert juan
    robert juan 2 months ago

    and eat my sister maruchan

  • robert juan
    robert juan 2 months ago

    my deepest secret is : wene i was 10 i eat tacos that my mom told me not to do

  • Catastrobia
    Catastrobia 2 months ago +5

    I have a problem that is really haunting me now. So here it is:
    When I was a kid, I used to have many friends. Those my friends were having the same characteristics with me: we all closed to society and only talk with each other. We only having fun together, discussing together, etc. It's a really good time.
    But, as long as we grown up, we changed. Well I mean they changed, not me. They became more active, they are liked by society, they can get a new friend so easily. And I'm the only one who is still being closed to society.
    And it's not only my friends, ALL people around me are really a social person. By this time I don't have any friends. I've tried many times to become a social person, but what I got is that I always anxious when talking with anyone. Stuttering is inevitable. And the real problem is that I'm scared of how my future will be. Will I have any friends? Or not at all? That mind always haunting me to this day. Right now I'm in the 9th graders so I will move to a new school. It's the last hope that I will have any friends. Wish me luck!

    • Catastrobia
      Catastrobia 2 months ago +1

      @George Cosarba Yeah, I hope I will find someone who I shared my passion with. Anyway, thank you for your advice!

    • George Cosarba
      George Cosarba 2 months ago

      Being uneasy in social scenarios is not a problem you alone face. As a person who had to watch his friends leave and never come back, as well as be unwilling to make many more out of fear, I tell you that if you only do what you’re passionate about, you will find someone, and someone will find you. One of my best friends as of now didn’t know me and didn’t care about me until we started lifting together, because we both shared a passion for it. Just don’t try too hard to force a change in yourself, because you may have an identity crisis later down the line. As cliche as it is, just be yourself, and be willing to accept those that come into your life.

  • Bowman Steph10
    Bowman Steph10 2 months ago

    “He drowned in September.” This hit really hard. I can’t even imagine what the person felt and if they started saying “what if?”
    What I do want to say is that if that person, or anyone for that matter, is reading this I would like to tell you it’s NOT your fault. I know it may seem like it is since you’re thinking “what if I had done this” or “I should I have done that.” Don’t. Don’t blame yourself. You could’ve have known it would happen and even if they did know, there’s no guarantee they would’ve still survived.
    Basically what I’m saying is I know there are time we blame ourselves for something, thinking we could’ve prevented it. Truth is, we don’t know if we could’ve, it’s completely out of our control. All we can do is to slowly accept what’s happened, and move on. It’s not easy, nor will it ever be, but at least you know you’re trying for yourself and for them.

  • harrison eguasa
    harrison eguasa 3 months ago +1

    My reactions to the first one was 🙂😁😂🙁🤐☹️😥. I really felt guilty right after

  • Sun
    Sun 3 months ago

    Is it bad that I actually kinda find the sad storys kinda funny? Well I do still feel bad of course but i just cant take the comments seriously.

  • Tommy Raj Sanjaya
    Tommy Raj Sanjaya 3 months ago

    3:08 real talks

  • Poopy Face Tomato Nose
    Poopy Face Tomato Nose 3 months ago

    LOL 😂

  • Teddy TaeTae
    Teddy TaeTae 3 months ago

    My darkest secret is, last year on the 6th of march i was coming home from school with my friend. And this girl chased me and my friend with a knife all the way up to my house, And she did that to us because.... She was getting sexually abused by her dad and nobody around my town would belive her. And now i feel so bad that i didnt help her even though i never knew about it until after the incident. Good news she is safe now but i still feel so bad that i didnt help her and i still think its my fault. And I still think i deserved to get chased with the knife that day.


    *I'm ashamed of my body but I tell other people to love themselves* That one hit me hard...

  • Isabella Moore
    Isabella Moore 3 months ago +1

    My biggest secret was when I lied about be molested to my family. I was 7 or 8 at the time. There was this boy that lived in the same apartment complex as me. He bullied me physically and emotionally. Although he was only a year or two older than me he was taller and stronger than I was.

    One day he grabbed me and pulled me behind one of the other buildings and started touching me. He told me to be quiet or else. This happened for a few months. The touching got progressively more sexual. He would put his hands inside of my pants and would grope me.

    He flashed me.

    I ended up running home and locking myself in my room. The only thing that I told my mom was that he showed me his penis. I was too scared to tell her about the past months of touching.

    My parents and I moved to Texas due to family issues. I had gone to a different school before he molested me. Since we've moved back, I have gone to the same school as him for 5 years. I see him in the halls all the time. His brother is in several class with me. He tried to label me as a whore at the age of 11. I'm just glad I ran home that day instead of staying there.

  • Amina S
    Amina S 3 months ago

    2:50 unfortunately relatable 💔

    ARIEL NGUYEN 3 months ago

    I remember reading somewhere that.... sometimes telling a secret to a stranger is easier than telling it to a friend.

  • Andriana Semeniuc
    Andriana Semeniuc 3 months ago

    I feel ppl ab the grades bc I get some decent grades and my mom is yelling at me bc my grades r not good enough even tho i got an 85 and sometimes a 92 isn't good enough

  • FluffyWolf FluffFluff
    FluffyWolf FluffFluff 3 months ago

    i think that when you say "love yourself" i dont know how or "be strong and egnore someone" it's difficult because every one around you juges. some day i fell so depressed

  • Ideka 00
    Ideka 00 3 months ago +1

    1:59 That’s heartbreaking

    ATINYARMYBLINKZEN 3 months ago

    Honestly, the pressure for good grades is intense. These days everything is based on grades. Also, I guess the reason we put so much pressure on ourselves is because of the people around us. They act as if getting bad grades is a sinful crime. Honestly, the education system is fucked up.

  • Milla paues
    Milla paues 3 months ago


    Don’t forget to love yourself

  • Aaliyah Goodman
    Aaliyah Goodman 3 months ago

    My darkest sercet?
    I was pregnant at 16, I had a miscarriage and i was all alone, im 18 and I'm trying for a baby because Its hard to sleep at night with the reminder of the choices i had during my pregnancy

  • Sude K.
    Sude K. 3 months ago

    My secret is that everybody in my family had the same dream before they died. It’s always the one who died before them. My grandpa died almost 2 years ago and in his dream his mom said to him “ we are all waiting for you in heaven! Where are you?“ a month later he died. My dad told me my mom dreamed the same. My grandpa said it to her in her dream. I’m afraid

  • לב שיכור
    לב שיכור 3 months ago

    My secret:I always think about killing my self

  • yonk yikes
    yonk yikes 3 months ago

    my deepest.. darkest secret.. was and is that when i was younger my cousin had molested me and my mother always told me family was important and i never told anyone and to this day act like nothing ever happened.

  • nekochuu
    nekochuu 3 months ago

    what if jubilee's darkest secrets is that these "strangers" read their own letters?

  • ¿EF IN?
    ¿EF IN? 3 months ago +2

    Anyone; 7 mars 2019?!?
    Also, i have no dark secrets.

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff 3 months ago

    2:37 is relatable which makes me really sad. I'm crying right now because that's such a relatable feeling.

  • I am a person
    I am a person 3 months ago +1

    Oh.. the first one.. 😢