Father and Son Handcuffed by Gordon - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • John Uy
    John Uy 23 days ago

    peter griffin and dolph ziggler are being handcuffed. Savage

  • chocolate comes from the amazons

    the father looks like flex tape phil

  • Alka John
    Alka John 3 months ago

    The title of this video 😏

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 4 months ago

    If gordon was there and saw em taste it with his finger he wouldve tore them a new asshole

  • Andrea Salvia
    Andrea Salvia 8 months ago

    Looked s h i t

  • Gaming Studios
    Gaming Studios 8 months ago

    Where's kratos

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long 9 months ago

    Scott Stapp is making greek food?

  • Kidd
    Kidd 9 months ago +2

    The son is kinda cute tbh

  • Alex _Santoro_23
    Alex _Santoro_23 11 months ago +2

    Greek Sam Winchester or Greek (much younger) Tommy Wiseau

  • KM - Remasterization

    Robin Williams and McJuggerNuggets xD

  • ADamage 17
    ADamage 17 Year ago

    My dad has recipes I like. But, he refuses to share them with anybody. How can family recipes survive if they stay only in his head? I guess in a long time from now i pray I must say goodbye to some of my favorite dishes.

  • Colleen Catlady Hardesty

    Great ending!!!!

  • Franc Shemsiu
    Franc Shemsiu Year ago

    what episode is this?

  • Melody
    Melody Year ago

    The food they made looked awful...

  • Faboof
    Faboof Year ago

    The old Gaben

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Year ago +2

    Ummmm, the son can borrow my hairbands, or i mean i could buy him a hair net thingy.

  • DyingBreath0
    DyingBreath0 Year ago +1

    holy crap, i can see only 2 greek people there, its kinda annoying that people think all those series are true

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter Year ago

    Dat hair swish doe...

  • J is Scoobysmom
    J is Scoobysmom Year ago

    Is that kid adopted? Cuz daaaayum...

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry Year ago

    have they heard of hairnets

  • JamesXNickie99
    JamesXNickie99 Year ago +4

    the owner looks like a Greek Peter Griffin

  • Aaron Rohrer
    Aaron Rohrer Year ago

    1:55 Gordon desperately trying NOT to tell them how bad the dish is

  • Revan [•_•]
    Revan [•_•] Year ago

    Son says I have to go pee

    Gordon be like

    Go together

  • max meilink
    max meilink Year ago

    Ru c

  • Allison Linner
    Allison Linner Year ago +13

    I wouldn't complain if I were handcuffed to Ares for a little while 😛

  • Acalson
    Acalson Year ago +16

    Did Gordon arrest them for killing Greek cuisine?

  • SourPly
    SourPly Year ago

    Anyone know McJuggerNuggets, that's the son

  • CrazyGagey
    CrazyGagey Year ago +2

    Nice to see a father and son bond… as they're handcuffed

  • Wahaller
    Wahaller Year ago

    Dammit Gordon, you're slowing down your next Half Life game's production even more now.

  • Oxymorphone
    Oxymorphone Year ago +7

    back at it again with the porn titles

  • Burn For Bangtan
    Burn For Bangtan Year ago +9

    Sorry but the son looks hot 😐😐😐......sry

  • The Master Dragonborn
    The Master Dragonborn 2 years ago +23

    Lol that awkward handshake at the end XD

  • ben pruitt
    ben pruitt 2 years ago +9

    he just happened to have a pair of handcuffs on him that day? or does he always carry those around?

    MUNDA KUWARA 2 years ago +4

    Good tell your son to wear some hairnet that'll help find less hair is in the food

    FIRE BLAZE GAMING 2 years ago +21

    Is that dolph ziggler

    • Jenifer Mejia
      Jenifer Mejia Year ago

      FIRE BLAZE GAMING I love him😂😂😂

    • Miss.Phoenixx
      Miss.Phoenixx 2 years ago

      FIRE BLAZE GAMING boiiiii 😂😂😂😂

  • Olwyn
    Olwyn 2 years ago

    this seems familiar

  • itz_brokz
    itz_brokz 2 years ago


    Well poop gayyyyyyyy

  • Rick Steve
    Rick Steve 2 years ago +122

    Gordon's getting kinky.

  • TheRealG's Channel
    TheRealG's Channel 2 years ago +128

    Dad says to 69 year old son "son you are no longer a boy, you are a god damn grandpa"

  • Area51 Coffee Shop
    Area51 Coffee Shop 2 years ago +7

    First rule is wear a hair net.

  • Robert Houle
    Robert Houle 2 years ago +56


  • Julio De León.
    Julio De León. 2 years ago +33

    His son is Sooo HOT.!!! 😍😍😍

    • Kidd
      Kidd 9 months ago

      ArabicAngler why do you keep saying that to people you weirdo

    • UitchatZ Z
      UitchatZ Z Year ago

      Uhhhhh alright then

    • Jenifer Mejia
      Jenifer Mejia Year ago

      Julio De León. Right

    • Mitsos 01
      Mitsos 01 Year ago

      Αι στο διαολο παλιο αδερφαραα.

    • Matrimix ximirtaM
      Matrimix ximirtaM Year ago

      d talmood "gay people are good people too!"

  • Shake_N_Bake
    Shake_N_Bake 2 years ago +577

    I like the young man's sensual hair as he swishes it around flowingly and the follicles fall down and flavor the greek food with it's Mediterranean proteins.

    • AwwwSweetieDarling
      AwwwSweetieDarling 5 months ago

      He can flavor me with proteins anytime

    • The Anthropologist _Forensic
      The Anthropologist _Forensic 8 months ago

      Shake_N_Bake I have the same hair and Damn.. His is much better. Mine poofs out like a giant mullet in the back

    • Luckiestof13
      Luckiestof13 9 months ago

      You make dandruff sound delicious. ;)

    • LopsidedEdits
      LopsidedEdits Year ago +1

      "medditaranean proteins" killed me

    • Danno
      Danno Year ago

      he is greek they are like gods

  • The Hectic Channel
    The Hectic Channel 2 years ago +125

    Greek Sam Winchester

  • dat boss
    dat boss 2 years ago

    I live in greec

  • That British Kid
    That British Kid 2 years ago +171

    He's not a boy now he is a man because he cooked pasta ffs 😂

    • William Luong
      William Luong 8 months ago

      But can he make pasta is the question.

  • Pamdor3
    Pamdor3 2 years ago +13


  • Chimps bottom
    Chimps bottom 2 years ago

    The son looks like David Ellefson in a way

  • justandresx
    justandresx 2 years ago +298

    do McDonald's next

    • Orangelizard98
      Orangelizard98 Year ago

      Just want to point out that Mcdonalds is in many other countries other than America (I live in Australia and its big here) and that comment is just stupid. Not to mention, not all Americans are dirty idiots. Although with that president I may reconsider the idiot part, don't just fall for stereotypes.

    • Dingus
      Dingus Year ago +2

      BOKEPKUSTIK OFFICIAL shut the heck your mouth

    • sending strong power thank you
      sending strong power thank you Year ago +5

      "Is this ice cream frozen?"
      "Yes, It's frozen"

    • Misses Witch
      Misses Witch Year ago +1

      This needs to happen oh my god!!

    • Hollis Borlow
      Hollis Borlow 2 years ago +1

      +Company007 it was only a joke

  • Alexa Jeanne
    Alexa Jeanne 2 years ago +76

    That son is hot.

    • David Sastre
      David Sastre 9 months ago +1

      Alexa Jeanne Thot begone

    • Kidd
      Kidd 9 months ago

      Silmarien Ingoldo right lol

    • Jack
      Jack Year ago

      Whatchu Say boi make your homework, take your ritalin and play with your therapeutic play doo in the corner for a little while, little man

    • Lilou Dubois
      Lilou Dubois Year ago

      Whatchu Say boi calm your stupid ass down

    • Silmarien Ingoldo
      Silmarien Ingoldo Year ago +2

      +Whatchu Say boi See you there ;)

  • Fish Ed
    Fish Ed 3 years ago +249

    I'm pretty sure Gordan hated that pasta. And just said it was okay to get it over with.
    Also who the hell puts sauce separately on top of the pasta. That's like something you'll see from a cartoon.

    • kira0080
      kira0080 Year ago +3

      He mostly likely didnt like it, but liked it a lot more than what they first served him. Which im sure was the point.

    • Mr. Rection
      Mr. Rection Year ago +2

      Fish Ed separated sauce is normal

    • Devin Stambolziovski
      Devin Stambolziovski Year ago +1

      It may have been shit but just by looking at it you can tell its better than the shit they usually make.

    • person with a name
      person with a name Year ago +1

      well yeah imagine if it was shit and he told them it was shit when they just worked together to make it fresh

    • 27EeYOrE10
      27EeYOrE10 Year ago +2

      In Europe its normal. Many Italian Restaurants serve their sauce not even on the same plate.

  • A Wild Magikarp
    A Wild Magikarp 3 years ago +44

    I didnt know Dolph Ziggler was Greek

    • Jenifer Mejia
      Jenifer Mejia Year ago

      A Wild Magikarp lol I love him his from wwe 😂😂😂 but his way hotter

    • Shafter
      Shafter 2 years ago +4

      +A Wild Magikarp actually its more tyler breeze

  • Crushinit
    Crushinit 3 years ago +12

    I would love to see Gordon Ramsay fuck up a dish. Every chef has a mistake every now and again but he is fucking perfect 😫

    • Novinophobic
      Novinophobic Year ago

      Matthew Hughes exactly what came to mind when someone wanted to see him screw up.....I love that clip!

    • jpteknoman
      jpteknoman 2 years ago +4

      everyone fucks up now and then, but when your restaurant serves 4 dishes in a row that taste bad, it's not a mistake, it's bad cooking

    • Matt
      Matt 2 years ago +4

      He almost fucked up when him and his mom had a little "cook off" but his mom caught his mistake

    • Crushinit
      Crushinit 2 years ago +2

      +Alexa Jeanne just watched it, he was so embarrassed! My point still kind of stands though as he mentioned he hasn't cut himself in 10 years! I barely know how to cook and i burn myself making coffee

    • Alexa Jeanne
      Alexa Jeanne 2 years ago

      +Ninja Gaming He messes up a lot when he's a guest on shows. He's very humble about it. Watch his veggie stir fry bit on Ellen. He like chops his whole fingernail off cutting veggies.

  • face.
    face. 4 years ago +2


  • fabio rocco
    fabio rocco 4 years ago

    Lol greek pasta

  • Tracy(:
    Tracy(: 4 years ago +2

    Aww!! ^__^

  • Bryan T
    Bryan T 4 years ago +18

    "I didn't shit on it". "I'm telling you, you did".

  • SparkzMxzXZ
    SparkzMxzXZ 4 years ago

    what's with the editing of this show... it's getting from bad to worse. so much going on it's hard to watch without getting a headache.

  • jellydog
    jellydog 4 years ago +1

    Penis Sauce.

  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago Ferreira 4 years ago


  • Jack Anton
    Jack Anton 4 years ago

    First!! 420