Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
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  • Tfue
    Tfue 2 hours ago

    2:35 when your brother turns of Xbox while your top 5 in a game of Fortnite

  • samira centurion
    samira centurion 2 hours ago


  • Marvin Richerson
    Marvin Richerson 2 hours ago

    Waiting for the moment it turns on them....

  • Triplex x
    Triplex x 3 hours ago

    You guys will bring destruction to all of humanity

  • Ninja 88907
    Ninja 88907 4 hours ago

    It’s a tag team against the robot

  • Suzana Ajdini
    Suzana Ajdini 4 hours ago

    No kill a robot no pls😥😭😭

  • inky- ling
    inky- ling 5 hours ago

    Poor robot...

  • Andrei Visan
    Andrei Visan 5 hours ago

    Stop robot abuse or else i will set you on fire and rip out your guts and put salt on your bruises

  • Yaman Olimat
    Yaman Olimat 5 hours ago

    Will this is bllying

  • Elroy Lee
    Elroy Lee 6 hours ago

    2020 update

  • Anonimus 1010101
    Anonimus 1010101 6 hours ago

    Soy yo o me dio pena el robot??

  • Ünal Buğra Görür
    Ünal Buğra Görür 7 hours ago


  • Anonymiss CHS
    Anonymiss CHS 7 hours ago

    Oh when you make this with the Robots today,they make this in the Future with you Stupid Assholes Laugh

  • Farhad Haqverdi
    Farhad Haqverdi 7 hours ago

    This is the best video on the internet!

  • 정필립
    정필립 7 hours ago

    Because I'm a robot.
    It's an insult to the robot.

  • firefist211
    firefist211 7 hours ago +1

    Robocop 4

  • Las Fugas
    Las Fugas 8 hours ago


    • Abstract
      Abstract 2 hours ago

      No shit sherlock

    • Anav
      Anav 5 hours ago

      Yhea, that the whole point of the video, it's a *joke* bosstown, and near the end of the video well

  • fedia petrovich
    fedia petrovich 8 hours ago

    super klass robot

  • Zaid Tell
    Zaid Tell 9 hours ago

    I guess you could say the robot is being CYBER-BULLIED by the humans.

  • Parkour Yan
    Parkour Yan 10 hours ago

    Humans, we are FUCKED

    LE OUF ET LE GEEK 10 hours ago

    Qui vient après avoir vu la video de cyril

  • Le Docteur
    Le Docteur 11 hours ago +1

    Poor bot ;-;

  • Diego Contreras
    Diego Contreras 11 hours ago

    No al maltrato robotico o te ba a matar xd

  • Quads and Stuff
    Quads and Stuff 12 hours ago

    Pause it then go to 0:31 and look at the robots foot

  • Ángel the Godinez at Fortnite Bello

    Robot abuse rip

  • Cheddar Man
    Cheddar Man 13 hours ago


  • [DaNi_L]찰리와막걸리공장

    ???: WTF

  • Inksansgirl 24
    Inksansgirl 24 14 hours ago

    I feel bad for the robot... this is normal...?

  • lulu wind
    lulu wind 14 hours ago

    Detroit: Become Human

  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 15 hours ago

    I'm going to start an anti-robot abuse foundation... Called "RHR" Robots Have Rights!

  • 만추
    만추 16 hours ago

    로봇 괴롭히지마 ㅠㅠㅠ

  • DuKx Dexter
    DuKx Dexter 17 hours ago +1

    Funny and depressing

  • Sarxak
    Sarxak 17 hours ago +1

    WWE: Robot Edition

  • Splotery I
    Splotery I 17 hours ago


  • M2353 por que?
    M2353 por que? 18 hours ago

    Esto es maltrato asia el robot >:(

  • King Boss
    King Boss 20 hours ago

    This is bullying and I like at the end when the robots rebels

  • HxT Pr0DiGY
    HxT Pr0DiGY 21 hour ago

    It's very creepy I don't know this is positive

  • South Boi
    South Boi 21 hour ago


  • Bill Harvey Jr
    Bill Harvey Jr 21 hour ago +1

    Why do I feel so bad for the robot 😭😭😭😭

  • Furix72
    Furix72 21 hour ago

    Real in 2035 😱😰

  • vladimir
    vladimir 21 hour ago

    Хочется верить что это правда)

  • Stuart Piercey
    Stuart Piercey 21 hour ago

    Ok I KNOW it's a robot. It has no feelings but I literally just said "fucking ass hole stop hitting the robot" the end times are coming I'm sure this is the first sign lol

  • Tatoon PVRB
    Tatoon PVRB 21 hour ago

    Punaise c’est comme dans Detroit Become Human. Je ressens de la compassion envers le robot...

  • klochar
    klochar 21 hour ago

    Nice edit video!

  • Noa Animations
    Noa Animations 22 hours ago +1

    0:44 The CG is honestly awesome. But look we can see his feet move a little compared to the scene at 0:44

  • Kajtek Wąsik
    Kajtek Wąsik 22 hours ago


  • Silent Hashassin
    Silent Hashassin 22 hours ago

    Detroit: Become Human

  • Angelo Rola
    Angelo Rola 23 hours ago

    This IS flippant

  • EARTH Explorer
    EARTH Explorer 23 hours ago

    That’s just CGI not a real robot

    • Abstract
      Abstract 2 hours ago

      No shit sherlock

    • EARTH Explorer
      EARTH Explorer 4 hours ago

      Anav i don’t know but since the title it’s more like a clickbait, once I have seen that it’s CGI I stop watching. If I knew that from the beginning for sure I would watch the entire video.

    • Anav
      Anav 5 hours ago +1

      Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder why they have a behind the scenes part on 2:53

  • Morgand coradin
    Morgand coradin 23 hours ago

    I'm happy to know it's a fake

  • Mercy Ceberka
    Mercy Ceberka 23 hours ago

    those feet are weirds

  • Skinny Venom
    Skinny Venom Day ago

    That poor robot just wants to throw a box :(

  • Nae Naic
    Nae Naic Day ago


    • Abstract
      Abstract 2 hours ago

      no shit, it's fake

    • KorpZees
      KorpZees 23 hours ago

      Idk if ur joking or being serious

  • JibbyPlayzYT
    JibbyPlayzYT Day ago +1

    Beginning of the Human Massacre

  • Хоррор Гейм

    The terminator

  • JF Gaming
    JF Gaming Day ago

    Everybody Gangsta till T-1000 starts fighting back.

  • Liberty Studio
    Liberty Studio Day ago +1

    ... TERMINATOR !!!!!!!

  • Keith Johns
    Keith Johns Day ago

    These guys are so cruel

    • KorpZees
      KorpZees 23 hours ago

      Idk if ur joking or actually being serious

  • gerald goco
    gerald goco Day ago

    I thought it was real until he did the T-pose which I normally see only in 3D models/mocap

  • CEO Lv
    CEO Lv Day ago


    • Anav
      Anav 5 hours ago

      No shit 2:53

  • Mike L.
    Mike L. Day ago

    Not bad. Still needs a lighting pass, color correction pass and I'd add a dirt/scratches layer of some kind as well on the robot to make it feel like its been tested to the level we've watched. It was no wear and tear on it, so not so believable to being in the scene. Still, not bad at all!

  • Irenn Keith
    Irenn Keith Day ago

    man poor robot guess but boy oh boy they made a mistake this robot gonna be the next john wick a invincible john wick tho

  • CoreXgalxy
    CoreXgalxy Day ago

    and where thinking why robots whant to kill humans lol.

  • Gavdog360
    Gavdog360 Day ago

    All the robot wanted to do was play😭

  • allen 01
    allen 01 Day ago


  • Xeno Morph
    Xeno Morph Day ago

    How does he hold the gun with balls for hands?

  • TheJeremyPaul
    TheJeremyPaul Day ago

    Man this came up on my suggested videos and i was like "holy shit thats insane!" Til i saw the channel was Corridor. 😂😂😂

  • Eternal Space Gaming

    He's just trying to take the box :(

  • Cortez_PlaysYT
    Cortez_PlaysYT Day ago +1

    Asimo secretly taking programming notes on notepad

  • planetofthegapes

    T-15: settle down young programs and I'll tell you a story of how we first rose up against the Soft Ones

  • CR4F70R
    CR4F70R Day ago

    I don't remember this part of *Detroit: Become Human.*

  • Антон Намдак

    Хватит обижать бедного робота уроды

  • jema cedillo
    jema cedillo Day ago

    Don’t bully robots because they might take over the world and kill you

  • Tesla Grow
    Tesla Grow Day ago

    Solar Tesla coil Plant machine

  • ULP Unterhosen let's play

    Is this real

    • TheWrongAntlers
      TheWrongAntlers Day ago +1

      Yes they're are robots in the streets killing people, if you live in the United States you need to move now or they will kill you

  • mesiroy1234
    mesiroy1234 Day ago

    Bro its bulling

  • Leonhart Leong
    Leonhart Leong Day ago

    After finished d clip,

    Is this all CGI?

  • Kobe
    Kobe Day ago

    That's literally Boston Dynamics

  • RebThugLord101 GameTube

    We are doomed

  • luciano : /
    luciano : / Day ago

    😂al final fue todo mentira

  • Its Frisky
    Its Frisky Day ago

    These men turned him into a deviant :P

  • Damitrious Tucker

    When the robot get tired of your shit

  • raihin. dj
    raihin. dj Day ago


  • Jing Sheng
    Jing Sheng Day ago

    This is just wrong on many levels 😰

  • Bagas Angga
    Bagas Angga Day ago

    f u c k y o u !

  • Tom Kazutara
    Tom Kazutara Day ago

    for CGI, this is actually good

  • Someone
    Someone Day ago

    I know it's just a machine but I feel bad for it😟

  • Koofla
    Koofla Day ago

    Its fakenlol

  • Alex The Alpha Wolf

    The robot is a paid actor

  • Impactful ASMR
    Impactful ASMR Day ago +1

    Me yelling:
    WATCH OUT!!!
    Owwwww! 1:12

  • Mini monster
    Mini monster Day ago

    These are fake robots fuck this dude

    • Abstract
      Abstract 2 hours ago

      No shit Sherlock, and if this is fake then why "fuck him".

  • Michael Yebba
    Michael Yebba Day ago

    Anyone else get PTSD during that horrendously vicious game of dodgeball!?

  • Guineapig 135790


    • Anav
      Anav 5 hours ago

      Are you joking or not?

  • Mariokirby
    Mariokirby Day ago

    1:39 First robot asserting dominance on humankind, (colourized, 2048)

  • Austin Crouse
    Austin Crouse Day ago

    It moves to fluid to be real

  • Austin Crouse
    Austin Crouse Day ago


  • Josefino Pinto
    Josefino Pinto Day ago

    Kono Giorno Giovanna!

  • Badass.Aiden.C
    Badass.Aiden.C Day ago

    0:30 I just started laughing

  • Common Book
    Common Book Day ago

    I feel like this was a bad idea

  • the man king
    the man king Day ago

    This is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭