$4 Cheesecake Vs. $70 Cheesecake

  • Published on Apr 16, 2017
  • "Did it cut the cheese? Or did it take the cake?"
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    Julian Micault
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    Harry Hustus
    Eileen Avezzano

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  • Ali Salhe
    Ali Salhe 2 hours ago

    wow that cheesy joke made me laugh

  • Rose Condron
    Rose Condron 14 hours ago +1

    I don’t eat half of the food in worth it episodes, but I will watch

  • Phantom CT
    Phantom CT Day ago

    My question is why didn’t they go cheese cake factory
    Wait let me guess lactose intolerant

  • Anime Nigga
    Anime Nigga Day ago

    No one:
    Eileen: 👁️👄👁️

  • Martin Romano
    Martin Romano 3 days ago

    Steven= Phineas
    Adam= Ferb

  • Galaxy Yandere
    Galaxy Yandere 5 days ago


  • Billy Blunt Beats
    Billy Blunt Beats 5 days ago

    I wanna be as high as Adam when I grow up

  • Sarah Rozuan
    Sarah Rozuan 6 days ago

    every worth it food vid the one fact that is always there is the biggest version

  • Muhammad Mota
    Muhammad Mota 6 days ago

    My OCD just went off the charts when the tip of the cheesecake got cut😩😩😩
    Also Me: I wanna do that...

  • cindy dirzo
    cindy dirzo 6 days ago


  • Sara xxx
    Sara xxx 7 days ago

    I want someone like Steven to be my eating partner.

  • Maria Garret
    Maria Garret 8 days ago

    sometimes i wish i could delete the part of me watching all the episodes of worth it so that i could rewatch all over again, nonetheless, im rewatching it

  • Jin's Bae
    Jin's Bae 8 days ago

    is lady m's cake $70 per slice or per round

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 8 days ago

    I like how the last cheesecake didn't have gold, truffles or caviar on it, but it's still good quality. When I eat something expensive, I prefer it's made carefully than made of gold leafs or caviar

  • Cheesecake Lover 36
    Cheesecake Lover 36 8 days ago

    Japanese cheesecake next time??? Plz..

  • Marcos Sanchez
    Marcos Sanchez 9 days ago

    What a bunch of cheapfucks one piece of cheesecake for 3 people

  • Jane Belcher
    Jane Belcher 11 days ago

    social media dude at the last place said that it is all about the cheesecake...... Then starts talking about the white walls?

  • Snowe Taylor
    Snowe Taylor 11 days ago

    okay im late but i saw this when it first came out. carp live in freshwater tho...so andrew's pun(?) doesnt really work

  • Melanin Johnson
    Melanin Johnson 13 days ago +1

    Let me say, you just have to love ADAM.... He's weirdly cool 😂😂😂😂❤💯

  • Monica #1
    Monica #1 13 days ago

    This video made me crave cheese cake, so yummmmm

  • FireGuy 3103
    FireGuy 3103 13 days ago +9

    Steven:adds milk to coffee
    Andrew:aren't you lactose intolerant
    Steven:i'm not lactose intolerant i'm lactose *_somewhat not cool with it_*

  • blackfusion100
    blackfusion100 15 days ago

    When Steven said he thinks of them more like Catdog, I SCREECHED

  • Michele
    Michele 16 days ago

    Adam is the real star of the show

  • Michele
    Michele 16 days ago

    Their job is eating expensive food and I’m honestly so jealous.

  • fik
    fik 18 days ago

    A $7 dollar cheesecake can do the exact same thing as what Andrew describe for the last cheesecake . And what makes it so expensive?

  • fik
    fik 18 days ago

    Maybe you should do a blind test next time

  • Vileser Naculangga
    Vileser Naculangga 19 days ago

    anything cheesecake is perfection to me hihi

  • Toby Bens
    Toby Bens 20 days ago +1

    Anyone else wondering what makes the last cake so expensive??

  • ajsuflena
    ajsuflena 21 day ago

    how could they not try the basque burnt cheesecake

  • Lizbeth Peña
    Lizbeth Peña 22 days ago

    10:12, my favorite moment in the entire video.

  • 1000 subscribers without any video challange

    1:04 first time really hearing adam!

  • AAK 17
    AAK 17 23 days ago

    The first cheesecake looks like the cheesecake Rachel and Chandler stole

  • The Person
    The Person 24 days ago

    --I half-expected Steven to be like -*-CUT-*- every 5 minutes to go to the bathroom--
    Steven is lactose-intolerant

  • Urba Raza
    Urba Raza 24 days ago

    Adam always gets the least amount of food 🙈

  • Accelgortus S
    Accelgortus S 24 days ago

    ''I learnt what love is'' because cheesecake lady made good cheesecake ignore all the times when my parents showed me love th echeesecake is where the love is at

  • Kaylan Seaman
    Kaylan Seaman 26 days ago

    My dads cheese cake is better

    SAGAR S 26 days ago

    Adam: You are awkwardly placed, are you? :)

  • Just ME Onlyme
    Just ME Onlyme 29 days ago


  • Dilara A
    Dilara A 29 days ago +2

    I watched 100 times and finally i realized 2:28 they ate together from heart shaped plate. Even Andrew pointing that out😉💟

  • Sandy Chen
    Sandy Chen Month ago

    I'm eating the Lady M cheesecake right now while watching this episode

  • nooraalrubaiy
    nooraalrubaiy Month ago

    Sainsbury’s cheesecake is 👌🏼

  • tracyx11
    tracyx11 Month ago

    How Andrew thinks Steven is bad cop hahahahahahahaha

  • Oh My Gamers
    Oh My Gamers Month ago +1

    *mom walks into room”
    “Why are you repeating the word cheesecake so many times?”

  • Kaushik Kas
    Kaushik Kas Month ago

    If Adam is the camera man how come he is always in front of the camera 🤔

  • The Czech Jet
    The Czech Jet Month ago

    someone should make an asmr of adam eating which would just consist of silence because he eats like a mouse

  • Dilara A
    Dilara A Month ago

    I love how Andrew asked in a straight voice “ Am i crazy “ and Steven answered “You re just a classic guy “ 🙌🏼

  • Bella Cecillia
    Bella Cecillia Month ago

    Steven with his amount of sugar intake is me.

  • Divs Dash
    Divs Dash Month ago

    I wish i could do this for a living

  • Amrina Ocha
    Amrina Ocha Month ago

    why did andrew don't active in his instagram??

  • Nabeil Javed
    Nabeil Javed Month ago +1

    Does anyone know the song that starts at 7:37???

  • xtal
    xtal Month ago

    I ordered cheesecake , can’t wait

  • YS WiseSavage aka Drake Froust

    Did it cut the cheese or take the cake good one

  • YS WiseSavage aka Drake Froust

    Sometimes i think they should play the voices of catdog if they make it a movie seriously

  • Brahmjot Saini
    Brahmjot Saini Month ago +1

    You are awkwardly placed are u🤣🤣🤣

  • the diamond horse
    the diamond horse Month ago +1

    Adam is my opposite gender self very quiet but when I like something I silently take it all

  • Briggette Connell
    Briggette Connell Month ago

    Who else just live for these analogies 😂😂

  • Dls Channel
    Dls Channel Month ago

    The woman looks like Eugene from Try Guys

  • Team Dawg
    Team Dawg Month ago

    how did you not go to the cheesecake factory

  • M.K. Fox
    M.K. Fox Month ago

    There are so many comments about Adam (not saying I’m not guilty) but I still wonder whether or not he knows how many there are lmao

  • agentmew2
    agentmew2 Month ago


  • Chianti Hanna
    Chianti Hanna Month ago +4

    Adam needs a try all.....just him, nobody else😂

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan Month ago

    Why does Adam always have to eat the leftovers???😶

  • Da Taime Knith
    Da Taime Knith Month ago +1

    FOUND A MISTAKE! 4:22 - 4:24 her arm magically disappears off his shoulders and in the next cut it appears again, gimme my oscar.

    • Chewbacca Gaming
      Chewbacca Gaming Month ago +1

      Well, they edit it to match their dialogue. This was uploaded at 2018 dont expect your the first one to notice lol

  • Macy Y.
    Macy Y. Month ago

    Can anyone tell me where can I buy Adam’s glasses? 😍

  • An1m3hAcK3r
    An1m3hAcK3r Month ago

    Adam is me. You just gotta sit there in silence and enjoy the taste.

  • T F
    T F Month ago

    Adam 😍😍😍

  • Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon Dioxide Month ago

    5:41 kinda sounds like it could be a Hannibal Lecter quote

  • Diksha Raj
    Diksha Raj Month ago

    I'm sorry for being extremely late with asking this question....
    but does Buzzfeed fund all these trips as well as the expensive food they eat?

  • Quianna Rishii Rioveros

    I love adam ❤️❤️🤣

  • Kinduh 3east
    Kinduh 3east Month ago

    How did they not go to junior’s

    AISHA YS Month ago

    Adam is my spirit animal

  • Addison Q.
    Addison Q. Month ago

    also this is the best episode no argument

  • Mercy Nyirenda
    Mercy Nyirenda Month ago

    Adam ❤️😘

  • Claire Yu
    Claire Yu Month ago +4

    tbh lady M isn't like super high class anymore it's all over mainland china and hong kong it's super accessible haha but it is good quality cake after all

  • Hailey Carroll
    Hailey Carroll Month ago

    I’m sorry but sometimes I wish they get straight to the point of the food in their videos

  • Rexcaliburr
    Rexcaliburr Month ago

    I actually found a Lady M outlet in Singapore and as I stood outside the tea shop next door getting bubble tea I was like "hey, this place was on worth it before"

    • Joyce Lee
      Joyce Lee Month ago

      @Rexcaliburr ooh I might check it out, thanks!

    • Rexcaliburr
      Rexcaliburr Month ago

      @Joyce Lee Westgate Mall! It's next to the LiHo on level 2 or 3 I think. Can't really remember.

    • Joyce Lee
      Joyce Lee Month ago

      oo where in SG?

  • Sunnyboi
    Sunnyboi Month ago

    I honestly love Adam-- he's like an anonymous mood if you can understand that😂💚💛🧡

  • IceTrex
    IceTrex Month ago

    For $12.90 in india you can buy 3 footlong subway

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie Month ago

    Love their comparisons of how good each thin is that they’re eating.

  • koko superb
    koko superb Month ago

    I can watch adam eat all day...

  • Christian Jade Almeria

    Adam in their videos is like how Beard Guy was in WOTE`s

  • peachy
    peachy Month ago

    i want to protect adam with everything i have

  • Nino Ding
    Nino Ding Month ago +1

    Andrew: “ Wait weren’t you lactose intolerant?”
    Steven: “No. I’m lactose-somewhat-not-cool-with-it

  • Wait What
    Wait What Month ago +15

    Here we see Adam, an extremely rare pokemon that survives by stealing food from Steven and Andrew

  • Amber l
    Amber l Month ago

    These guys are so "normal". I love how they're just acting like themselves and not trying to exaggerate anything.

  • Level1Hera
    Level1Hera 2 months ago

    What's with that strange edit @4:24 with the arm up and arm down takes? Weird.

  • 1 2
    1 2 2 months ago +2

    Am I the only person who thinks that it's kinda weird that the cocktail was more expensive than the cheesecake at STK?

  • Nth 2c
    Nth 2c 2 months ago

    Lady M has the best cakes ✨👌😫❤️

  • Aiden Wang
    Aiden Wang 2 months ago

    Lady m is 10 dollars a slice, but to make the video more interesting they buy the whole cake

  • Asuka Nakamura
    Asuka Nakamura 2 months ago

    10:09 😭😭😭 this is priceless

  • James Houston
    James Houston 2 months ago +1

    Steven seems depressed
    Because he was so happy last season

    • Debbie C
      Debbie C 2 months ago

      Wow I was thinking that too! Just started binging the series from season 1

  • Elizabeth Richardson
    Elizabeth Richardson 2 months ago

    y'all should have had junior's cheesecake, it's amazing

  • milne seymour
    milne seymour 2 months ago

    i always enjoy this show

  • taejin furevah
    taejin furevah 2 months ago

    im like binge watching this series now for adam what am i doing 🤠

  • Synfull
    Synfull 2 months ago

    10 hours of Adam just eating every food these guys have ever eaten on Tasty

  • Wang Jones
    Wang Jones 2 months ago

    illene for god sake, swallow the bit of mucus in the back of your throat

  • Jeremy Laliberte
    Jeremy Laliberte 2 months ago

    For $$ why is she left my her arm on his shoulder

  • Hyperant
    Hyperant 2 months ago +2

    no cheesecake factory

    i'll be going ok

  • lina
    lina 2 months ago

    i'm in love with adam

  • Sjay
    Sjay 2 months ago

    aww i like it how adam always show that he likes food when he laughs iTS SO ADORABLE