What Happened Before History? Human Origins

  • Published on Jun 23, 2016
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    Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.
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    What Happened Before History? Human Origins
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  • Alice Asinovsky
    Alice Asinovsky 15 hours ago

    Anyone who finds this interesting should check out the book "Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari!

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 17 hours ago

    8:20 *RIP* _Opportunity Rover_

  • Gagan Rai
    Gagan Rai 19 hours ago

    3:43 seriously nobody got that Hulk Hogan reference...

  • Pro Tay
    Pro Tay Day ago

    "M A D E U P H U M A N W O R L D"

  • Rene Antonio
    Rene Antonio Day ago

    Thank you for this video.

  • blinded youth
    blinded youth Day ago

    7:07 Blackstone Valley

  • Mam m
    Mam m 2 days ago

    I got myself tearing up at the end of this video

  • Giet04
    Giet04 2 days ago

    This was fun video. Keep it up.

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    gamer boss 2 days ago


  • gamer boss
    gamer boss 2 days ago

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  • uncleanunicorn
    uncleanunicorn 3 days ago

    8:13 none of this is helping Gotham city.

  • Zeno90 Dj
    Zeno90 Dj 3 days ago

    200001 years now

  • Emoman Tavish
    Emoman Tavish 3 days ago

    We're actually saiyans, we killed the intelligent ones on our planet (tsufurujin) and now we don't know what to do, we're the monsters not humans

  • Šïýąh Bēýåż
    Šïýąh Bēýåż 3 days ago

    08:13 pikacu and batman

  • terriblyterrific
    terriblyterrific 3 days ago

    Depression is the 21St century plague.
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  • hari krishna
    hari krishna 3 days ago

    Who else watching this in 2019?

    • hari krishna
      hari krishna 2 days ago

      +Dettrix only stupids give replys for this kind of questions

    • Dettrix
      Dettrix 2 days ago

      hari krishna I’m getting SO tired of this fucking question!? Do you see how many subscribers they have!? ALL of their videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of people everyday! Ugh!😒

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    God made the animals and humans separate

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      Anonymous Nameless Day ago

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      Giovaughn Fagan Laurency 2 days ago

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      Dettrix 2 days ago

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      Giovaughn Fagan Laurency 2 days ago

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    • Dettrix
      Dettrix 2 days ago

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  • ali N
    ali N 4 days ago

    8:37 starfox n64 Easter egg???

  • POOdiePEE, the sub B3GGAR

    Fake News.

    • Dettrix
      Dettrix 2 days ago

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  • This is my Paradise and hobby in 2019.

    Human existence is scary.

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel 5 days ago

    The best youtube channel

  • ThatVaultDude
    ThatVaultDude 5 days ago

    This is so interesting

  • Daniel Etienne
    Daniel Etienne 5 days ago

    I can agree with that book thing

  • Nicko Maleitzke
    Nicko Maleitzke 5 days ago

    How about the history of weapons?

  • whousay Iam
    whousay Iam 5 days ago

    I don't think People had bad lives before Earth was created.. Yeah we did not have porn but we didn't need it because it was not against the law to walk around naked..

  • starterchannel
    starterchannel 5 days ago

    Watching this made me feel truly blessed to be living in this modern time of civilization. I hope the future of mankind will continue to be prosperous and we don’t continue to destroy our planet.

  • asme asem
    asme asem 7 days ago

    Man I'm so jealous now, I've learned this 10-minutes video in nearly 10 hours on other "Prehistory" course.
    This video covers every essential thing that you have to know in the stone age period, it's awesome how could you accumulate all these informations in just 10 minutes video, I really appreciate that.

  • Evaloz
    Evaloz 7 days ago

    awesome as always.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  • Maruf-S معروف
    Maruf-S معروف 7 days ago +1

    a theory is a theory. (My point is that you can't just say that humans are from monkeys cause they are similar - but then again, no one from today has witnessed the origins of humans yet the theory has not been confirmed). But great video!

    • Dettrix
      Dettrix 2 days ago

      Maruf-S معروف Humans didn’t come from monkeys but humans and monkeys share a common ancestor. But I doubt you know what that means...

    • Maruf-S معروف
      Maruf-S معروف 4 days ago

      +Angelmou so Mr smart guy, have ANY scientists found ANY traces of HUMAN MONKEYS? At least 1 HUMAN MONKEY trace? I'll wait for your answer.

    • Angelmou
      Angelmou 4 days ago

      The term "theory" has in the english language 2 opposite meanings - like the term "crane" which refers to a bird, but also a machine with a hook/claw.
      In our daily english language the term "theory" means usually a "guess" or an "assumption" that is called in scientific language usually speculation or hypothesis. In scientific english the term "theory" means:
      "Highest form of knowledge about a topic mankind is able to reach, with natural laws as subservants and power of predictions, used as tool for exploitation and still to be open for new data to alternate."
      Germ theory of disease, does not only explain observations like the fact of infections - it also distinguishes bacterial, fungi and viral infections, makes predictions about the behavior, is able to be exploited to create medicine for each structure and is still open to be alterated if we find new forms of diseases like alien parasites for example in the future.
      That makes Germ theory of disease the highest form of knowledge about that topic.
      Evolution theory is the highest form of knowledge about the laws and mechanism of breeding and selection of lifeforms in nature.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 7 days ago +1

      _"a theory is a theory"_
      A scientific theory is not a common language theory. They have entirely different meanings.
      Also, we are taxonomically classified as apes. That's how modern biology works. And we have evidence that we evolved from different apes.

  • Mackenzie McConnell
    Mackenzie McConnell 7 days ago

    Some scientist speculate that essentially NOTHING happened to the other species of humans, they simply reproduced with other human species and quite literally bred themselves out of existence, just like how if a woman from France and a man from Australia have a child, and that child has a baby with a Canadian, eventually the will be no more blood from France or Australia in the great great grandchildren, therefore making “ a new race “ which is essentially just mixed up from peoples with all different backgrounds. We have no proof of a mass extinction resulting in the survival of only that species. Some also push as far as to say the Homo sapiens ARE the result of all this mixed breeding.

  • أفضل الفيدوهات المتنوعة

    Algeria is the first country to have a population of 2.4 million years ago, according to the latest research

  • Julien Motteau
    Julien Motteau 8 days ago

    So it tooks us 2 millions years to finally discover/master fire ? Or did I just misunderstood something ? HALP :(

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    Is it possible to get a access to the text of these amazing videos so that I can use them train my English reading skill. Thank you.

    • David Cascales
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      +萬博Thank you mate, good luck learning English. Bye from Spain.

    • 萬博
      萬博 4 days ago

      +David Cascales Actually I found a betterr way which is to listen and writing the text down,and it appears more efficient on both reading and listening. Definitely worth trying.

    • David Cascales
      David Cascales 4 days ago

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      But if you discover the answer, please, advice me

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    • Dettrix
      Dettrix 2 days ago

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  • Echoir Kavre
    Echoir Kavre 9 days ago

    But what are their references for this video for example?

  • Jeff Brady
    Jeff Brady 9 days ago

    Indeed..maybe these little inconveniences aren't such big deals. Thanks for the video!

  • Ghazi Rostom
    Ghazi Rostom 10 days ago

    Thank you for this precious content

  • Ghazi Rostom
    Ghazi Rostom 10 days ago

    This is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold

  • Todd Clemmer
    Todd Clemmer 10 days ago +1

    Most of this in typical conjecture.

  • Ufuk Akkaya
    Ufuk Akkaya 10 days ago

    I like the fact, that kurzgesagt just completely skipped the dark ages 😂

  • Nullophasus From No Where

    Progressism / 150
    This is not science, this is politic. There's no such thing as "progress" who exist, this is an opinion. All the video is based on that base and this is really disapointing.

  • Trash Dump
    Trash Dump 10 days ago


  • Felipe Nascimento
    Felipe Nascimento 11 days ago

    review legend portuguese, please!!!!!!

  • YouTube Master
    YouTube Master 12 days ago

    woah, woah, woah. I'm ten and I can calculate orbits. E=0.58N^-1.2

  • Việt Trần
    Việt Trần 12 days ago

    Thanks Kurzgesagt for your lovely videos :)))
    This vid is awesome

  • Applemonster87 MC
    Applemonster87 MC 12 days ago

    Who is the black bird,is that you?

  • JuJa WhiteColor
    JuJa WhiteColor 12 days ago

    Before that history was...Another History...Simple...What happened After that history .....Another History.....Simple...And on and on .....till .......Another Big History...Very Simple....

  • Michael Azarov
    Michael Azarov 13 days ago

    This is a cool summary of the book Sapiens

  • Luke Sky
    Luke Sky 13 days ago

    In the beginning, GOD created man and woman. Then space aliens came down, mated with monkeys, and created the Libtard. Then other space Aliens came down, force-fed the libtards with retard-goo, and created antifa/feminists. Then Justine Trudeau was born...
    ...Space Aliens won't visit us now. Thanks Canada. :-(

  • Gladoholic
    Gladoholic 13 days ago

    As Terry Pratchet said:
    "At one point we climbed down from a tree and stopped throwing crap at another tree and just for a moment worked together and built all of this. And because of that I would rather be a rising monkey than a fallen angel."

  • Haha Jaja
    Haha Jaja 14 days ago

    Garbage, a lot of contradictions in itself!
    Only weak and uneducated minds would believe this crap with no fundamental basis!

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 11 days ago +1

      I like all your rational arguments. Oh wait, all you got are insults... Well, I'm sure the person who got nothing but insults speaks the truth...

  • Erney Sweets
    Erney Sweets 15 days ago +1

    This video doesnt highlight the african .... cavemen did not discover fire

    • TheVincent37
      TheVincent37 3 days ago

      +Erney Sweets Sumerian invented the written language dumbass

    • Erney Sweets
      Erney Sweets 9 days ago

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    • Erney Sweets
      Erney Sweets 9 days ago

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    • Erney Sweets
      Erney Sweets 9 days ago +1

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    • white man invented everything u use facts
      white man invented everything u use facts 9 days ago +1

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  • Ryan Stick
    Ryan Stick 15 days ago

    Great video. This channel is epic!

  • Matthew Nolan
    Matthew Nolan 15 days ago

    I love this channel. But the audio says "500 generations ago" civilization started. Do you mean 50,000 generations ago?

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 14 days ago

      Depends on your definition of civilization. If we assume that one generation equals twenty years, the 500 generations would be 10.000 years. The oldest structures are around 5.500 years old. So...
      50.000 generations would be a million years ago.

  • Soeeasy
    Soeeasy 15 days ago

    this legitimately made me dizzy

  • Monkeymanyola
    Monkeymanyola 16 days ago

    Wow "Homo Erectus"

    • David Cascales
      David Cascales 4 days ago

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  • Zach Wilcock
    Zach Wilcock 16 days ago

    This might be my favorite kurzgesagt video.

  • StartRedOrBlue
    StartRedOrBlue 17 days ago

    Love this channel

  • JackAbs
    JackAbs 17 days ago

    A baby can’t just pop into existence therefore humans must have come from a bacteria but even then how did the bacteria come into existence...

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 17 days ago

      Creationists: "magic / God"
      Atheists: "anything but God"
      Most scientists: "chemical evolution / abiogenesis"

  • Matthew Gilcrease
    Matthew Gilcrease 18 days ago

    What is the mind? Is it consciousness, or is it a construct of evolution. Does reality exist simple because of us?

  • Daniel Rus
    Daniel Rus 18 days ago

    The final message! Yeah! Take that stupid complaining humans! Incredibly useful in modern society where we take everything for granted!!!

  • Squirrel Show!
    Squirrel Show! 18 days ago


  • Broly
    Broly 18 days ago +1

    Charles Darwin revealed how evolution works, but not what it really means.

    Evolution is no longer just a theory; it has been proven true beyond a reasonable doubt. The problem is, even people who believe evolution is true disassociate themselves from the process. They somehow skipped all the lower forms of animal life and just started out at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

    The evidence says we evolved as life evolved.

    Human beings did not just appear at the top of the evolutionary ladder to reap the benefits of those millions of years of evolution without having to live through it.

    In other words, you were those other animals. Someone had to be them.

    You had to be lower animals to be a human now. You lived as all the different animals in your evolutionary line. You lived through millions of years, and millions of lives and deaths to get where you are now. That's what Darwin's book means.

    In addition to the fossil evidence, the genetic code proves that all animals, including us, evolved from bacteria over the last 700 million years on earth.

    In other words, you were a microbe, an insect, a fish, a dinosaur, an ape...

    When all of the evidence (100%) says something happened, and there is no evidence (zero) that anything else could have happened, it is the truth beyond a reasonable doubt to honest, rational people.

    We have come a very, very long way, but we have a little further to go. The next and last step in our evolution is learning and accepting the truth of life, and this includes acknowledging our true past.

    You will die physically, but you will be born into a new physical body. Being born happens, or you would not be here now. You were born into this life. It is what we know happens. There is no evidence anything else happens. True or false?

    The "you only live once" theory: Many people say that they do not believe in reincarnation; they believe when you die, you're dead. What about fish, clams, horses, bears, flies? People that say you only live once are saying some souls get to live just one life as a worm, and that is it for all of eternity.

    Other people believe you are judged by a god after you die. Is the worm judged?
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Albert Einstein

    Like energy, consciousness cannot be created or destroyed.

    This revelation will change your life. Now you know where you come from and what you've been doing for about half a billion years (evolving). The next question is how does life work and what is next, and we can know that too.


    People are trying to understand the universe independent of consciousness, and it is the most important factor in the equation.

    The universe as it relates to conscious life can be understood now. It is the ultimate truth of life; the truth that will transform mankind and the world.

    "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." F(AB) = -F(BA)
    People do not realize what Isaac Newton's third law of motion really means.

    Everything is balanced. Everything physical (matter/energy) goes back and forth in balanced circles, cycles, or the equivalent. Birth- death, old-young, big-small, strong-weak, start-stop, up-down, rich-poor, beginning-end, fast-slow, hot-cold, pain-pleasure, win-lose, day-night, full-empty, high-low, in-out, success-failure, united-divided, give-receive, creation-destruction, on-off, positive-negative, etc.

    Positive and negative forces moving in balance are the physical universe.

    There are no exceptions to the laws of nature Newton revealed. They apply to all matter and energy. Human beings are matter and energy, thus you and all humans are governed by the same laws.

    • Herro Love
      Herro Love 12 days ago

      Broly relax

    • Broly
      Broly 18 days ago +1

      Hm Grraarrpffrzz Materialists say that the brain is the mind. This is totally false. Brain and mind are different entities in a feedback loop. There are four components in the mind-brain system:
      1) Mind (this is an immaterial mathematical singularity outside space and time in the Fourier frequency domain).
      2) Matter (Bodies and brains exist in the Fourier spacetime domain).
      3) The mind-matter communication channel (this involves frequency to spacetime Fourier mathematics, i.e. inverse Fourier transforms).
      4) The matter-mind communication channel (the return path … this involves spacetime to frequency Fourier mathematics, i.e. forward Fourier transforms).
      Worshipers of scientism say, "Physical damage to the brain affects the mind, hence the mind is the brain." This is the pathetic anti-logic we encounter so often from dogmatic, ideological scientists. Naturally, any physical brain change directly affects elements 2), 3) and 4) in the tetradic system we have described, hence inevitably affects the ability of the mind to interact with the physical world. The mind itself is not damaged by any injury to the brain, but, of course, its means of interacting with the physical world is damaged, hence there will be a radical change in behavior. Smashing your TV set with a sledgehammer will drastically affect your reception of a TV broadcast, but has no effect at all on the broadcast. What could be more obvious? Why are scientists so dumb? They suffer from a staggering lack of imagination and intuition, to such a radical extent that they themselves must be brain damaged. They are unquestionably on the autistic spectrum, which prevents them from escaping their mania with sensory things. They literally are so immersed in sensory data that they cannot conceive of anything that stands outside the sensory world. The problem is with them and their fallacious logic, not with reality.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 18 days ago +1

      The consciousness is created by the brain. It's like an electric field generated by an electric engine. When the engine fails, the field vanishes. When the brain gets destroyed, your consciousness vanishes.

  • Broly
    Broly 18 days ago +2

    In Illuminism, rationalist mathematics is the ground of mind, and mind is the ground of matter. In science, irrationalist randomness is the ground of matter, and matter is the ground of mind. Well, which version will you choose? Are you a rationalist or an irrationalist, an ontological mathematician or a scientist? Illuminism totally rejects all irrational, random, “magical” explanations of reality, hence totally repudiates science. Science is a silly philosophy that has abandoned reason in order to embrace causeless randomness. It’s driven to do so by an absolute hatred of any suggestion that mind precedes matter, which would destroy the scientific paradigm and necessitate the ultimate paradigm shift. Science prefers non-mental randomness to mental (mathematical) rationalism. If you prefer science to ontological mathematics, it says everything that needs to be said about your respect (or lack thereof) for reason. If you’re a scientist, you’re an irrationalist. That’s a fact. You have turned to randomness rather than reason to explain existence, but, of course, randomness can’t explain anything at all. It’s no different from magic, i.e. things happen for no rational reason, and can’t be explained. It’s no wonder that the scientific universe is meaningless, pointless, aimless and purposeless since any universe grounded in irrational randomness can’t be anything other than those things. No rational arguments compelled scientists to arrive at this extraordinary position. Pure irrationalism drove them there. Scientists suffer from a hysterical, fanatical hatred of reason and mind. Therefore, scientists suffer from a hysterical, fanatical hatred of ontological mathematics, in which reason and mind are united. Nothing is more significant about science than its inability to explain what mathematics is ontologically, and what it’s doing at the heart of all scientific theories. Science is a joke that makes no attempt to explain itself. It grandiosely pursues a “theory of everything” while being totally clueless about what mathematics is, and yet the theory of everything is sure to be expressed in hyper-mathematical terms! Science is intellectually offensive. It’s an irrational philosophy that refuses to acknowledge that it’s a philosophy at all, and which openly despises philosophy and refuses to engage with philosophical issues, deeming them “non-scientific”. No scientist would ever dream of addressing our critique of science, which rather tells you everything you need to know about science and its evasion of the big questions. Science, at the ultimate level, can’t explain anything at all. It can’t even define the problem.

  • that one bell pepper from the fridge


  • Saksham Sushil
    Saksham Sushil 18 days ago +1

    This video changed my thinking

  • vava EXE
    vava EXE 19 days ago

    I think going back in time to steal babys wouldn't be a good idea, you know?

  • Goji Mation
    Goji Mation 20 days ago

    8:30 I'm pretty sure that that game is not on that console.

  • Yan Li
    Yan Li 20 days ago +1

    5:12 lol, that face

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 20 days ago

    wait 3 millions years later & octopuses will have evolved like humans...& wait more 10000000000 of years & who knows..maybe more unknown creatures will evolve like humans.

  • NicholaS
    NicholaS 21 day ago

    We learned how to do science longer than we know. It is just that the sciences that we conducted were more... internally focused.

  • PapierPanierPiano
    PapierPanierPiano 21 day ago

    I see children of the 2000s just bad tripping

  • PapierPanierPiano
    PapierPanierPiano 21 day ago

    I love how little cartoons and dumbed down explications are necessary for me to understand

  • Jay M
    Jay M 21 day ago

    i refer this channel to everyone when we spk about youtube things. You guys are best. I really loved how you said at the end... "How special the made up human world is" :D

  • Sabastian Love
    Sabastian Love 22 days ago

    Dude, you done fucked up skipping the anomalies of Sumer and Mesopotamia.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 21 day ago

      +Sabastian Love _"Sounds like you're still in high school."_
      Interesting argument. It surely moved this discussion forward. :D

    • Sabastian Love
      Sabastian Love 21 day ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz Sounds like you're still in high school.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 21 day ago

      +Sabastian LoveMesopotamia still exists, the cultural region that is. So there is no question in that. What I don't believe are the claims a lot of people make, in the likes of that egyptians were created by aliens, pyramids around the world prove somethingsomething, magical giants roamed the Earth and whatnot.

    • Sabastian Love
      Sabastian Love 21 day ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz if you think that Mesopotamia is a legend, myth (etc), then you have a lot of catching up to. I'm just gonna be an optimist and assume you responded to me by accident.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 22 days ago

      Stop believing in myths and legends and conspiracy theories.

  • Matthew Spencer-Kociol

    It's amazing to think that the modern human brain didn't truly come about until about 70,000 years ago when we developed a mutation to make us linguistically modern, and that trait was not only favorable but probably dominant to spread so well. Can you imagine? That first family of linguistically modern humans might have seemed godlike, or like magicians, with their ability to communicate in a way that would have seemed the equivalent of a psychic X-men mutation in a comic book today. And 70,000 years ago? Those linguistically talented humans had to spread their abilities to nearly every band and tribe of people around the globe very quickly, since our skills of communication are universal.

  • josh bennett
    josh bennett 22 days ago

    lies humans have only been alive for 6000 years

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 22 days ago

      Oh yes, ignore all the buildings and skeletons and tools and all that stuff of humans that is older... And where do humans come from? Let me guess: "magic". How scientific.

  • Fortnite is fun
    Fortnite is fun 22 days ago +3

    This is a good channel

  • Renard Dubois
    Renard Dubois 22 days ago

    genetics not efficient to pass informations?! what the fuck are you guys on?
    also domestication isn't about farming better livestock, quite the contrary

  • themodern age
    themodern age 23 days ago

    humans have roughly a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born. everyone reading this commenting at or around the time it’s being wrote: you are living life at one of the best times ever in human history. will it get better? maybe. even then this is still the best time in human history to be alive. will it get worse? maybe. same goes for that. many of us wish to have been born in the 60’s or even the 20’s or what have you but that is still recent human history. sure life without war would be great. go back, you won’t find that time. go forward? I surely hope that you find a time without war. but this right now is the safest time to be alive. we aren’t truly free no, but we are the freest we have ever been. right now. everyone is a miracle that doesn’t actually matter. we are all the same and i surely hope you live your life with that mentality. anyway I’m glad I’m alive rn even though I sometimes don’t want to be, but really I do idk it’s complicated but if you’re reading this congrats on being alive in the time that you are! if you wish you had been born another time same but we can’t fix that (yet? lol)

    • themodern age
      themodern age 22 days ago

      Hm Grraarrpffrzz I cannot find the video ): however if you google what are the chances of being born a video explaining the same theory comes up!

    • themodern age
      themodern age 22 days ago

      Hm Grraarrpffrzz by chance I do mean likely hood. so the chance of YOU being YOU and not another sperm and existing now are 1 in 400 trillion. and everyone that hasn’t been born yet is still yes a human. I didn’t say the chance you have of being human though which duh is 100% lol I see what you’re saying but that’s not what I’m saying. just the chances of any one single human being born here now and on earth are 1 in 400 trillion. if I could remember the video title I would send it to you but I have long since forgotten. maybe it’s in my liked videos somewhere 🤔

    • themodern age
      themodern age 22 days ago

      Hm Grraarrpffrzz yes and when the math is applied according to how much time has passed and how many sperm a generally healthy male carries you have a 1 in 400 trillion chance (roughly) of being born.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 22 days ago +1

      _"humans have roughly a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born"_
      Doesn't every human have a 100% chance of being born? I mean, if you are here, you are a human and you've been born. If you are not here, you are no human.

  • Dark Thoughts
    Dark Thoughts 23 days ago

    I love all those little references hidden within the videos, like the star fox video game in this one.

  • David Gingerich
    David Gingerich 24 days ago

    Actually, by the definition you gave, it's a "superhuman controlling power". Gravity is a superhuman power that controls everything around us, and most Atheists believe in it. So even the surface definition of religion describes Atheism.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 21 day ago

      +David Gingerich _"Saying that there is no such thing as free will just because someone knows what will happen is absurd."_
      Let me demonstrate:
      God tells you _"pick a number between 1 and 10"._
      God knows the future.
      God knows what number you will pick, before you decided yourself.
      God knows, for example, that you will pick number 8.
      God tells you _"you will pick number 8"._
      This means that you have to pick number 8. Because otherwise God would be wrong, and would not know the future.
      But if you have to pick number 8, then you have no free will.
      _"Something has to have created this dimension, or it always existed. I chose the former, and you chose the latter"_
      That's not true. I say that we don't know where the singularity came from that expanded as the big bang theory describes. Sometimes it happens that we don't know something. You, however, pretend that you do know, despite not being able to explain how and not having any evidence.
      You are like a man in Ancient Greece who was asked "Where does lightning come from?" and he replies "Well Zeus, the god of thunder, throws them of course!"
      That greek guy had no evidence, neither could he explain how that could be possible. He claimed that it was God, who did something, for no rational reason. And he was wrong.
      And you are the same. Same as him, you claim that God exists and did someting. You can't explain how, and you have no evidence that this was the case.
      Why should I believe that God exists, if nobody has any evidence that God exists, if nobody can explain how God could exist, and if everything makes more sense without God?

    • David Gingerich
      David Gingerich 21 day ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      I've heard "God" used to define the thing at the top of the pyramid many times; the strawman that you used was something that you made up on the spot, and I'm not sure why there is a smiley face there. I just told you why he has to exist. Something has to have created this dimension, or it always existed. I chose the former, and you chose the latter. You keep asking me to justify my conclusions, but I don't see you trying to justify yours.
      Saying that there is no such thing as free will just because someone knows what will happen is absurd.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 21 day ago

      +David Gingerich _""God" is the word I use to define the highest thing in existence"_
      Well, that is how *you* use the word. That's now how it's used in regular language. Or how it's defined in dictionaries. I mean, here is an analogy:
      Me: "all mountains are made of magic"
      Other person: "why? how??"
      Me: "because I call big hard things made of magic 'mountains'"
      This is absurd. :D The question is: how do you know everything you claim? Do you just make that up? How do you acquire that knowledge? And what evidence do you have?
      What evidence do you have that God exists, that he is all powerful, that he exists outside space and time, that he created the universe. I mean, right now, you could just be telling a story. I have no reason to believe you. So give me some reasons.
      _"but he created us with completely free will"_
      If God knows the future, there can not be free will. If he knows what you do before you do it, you do not have a choice on what to do, and as such you have no free will.

    • David Gingerich
      David Gingerich 21 day ago

      +Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      1) I just told you why God was the highest thing in existence, because "God" is the word I use to define the highest thing in existence.
      2) God is infinitely powerful, therefore he can't exist in this dimension as it is finite.
      3) Half the Bible is metaphors, don't interpret things that are obviously metaphors as valid arguments against the Bible. God rested, yes, but not because he used up all his power or something, he just stopped creating things for a short time.
      4) He could have created humans as mindless robots that do whatever he says, but he created us with completely free will. Adam and Eve were initially in paradise, they were incapable of death and could eat as much fruit from all the trees as they wanted; except for one. So what did they do? They ate the fruit that he specifically told them not to eat and brought death and suffering into the world. Next, nearly all of the world became vile and corrupt. People were literally doing stuff such as burning babies alive on alters. They all deserved death, and that's what God gave them.
      5) Since God is outside of time and space, yes, he can see the beginning and the end. This dimension is lower than him, he created it, and you're asking how he can project himself into it in the form of matter?
      I don't know anything without a shadow of a doubt. I've just come to the conclusion that this is the most likely explanation for why the universe exists. Either this universe has existed for an eternity, or it was created by an exterior force.

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    I love these.

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    Those videos changed my mindset and legit made me appreciate life. God I wish knowledge was so pleasantly presented as this

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    Хочу выразить огромное спасибо за старания, особенно за субтитры на русском.
    Спасибо вам огромное.

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    Just say that a few more times, but a bit more slow

  • Pennywise LOL
    Pennywise LOL 28 days ago

    But wouldnt travelling back in time and stealing a baby would cause a paradox?
    If you steal a baby from the timeline...then an entire generations would be wiped from the timeline
    Which mean that around couple thousands of people would never exist...possibly the most important people like obama,hitler and so on🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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