What Happened Before History? Human Origins

  • Published on Jun 23, 2016
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    Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.
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    What Happened Before History? Human Origins
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  • Alex Nowosielski
    Alex Nowosielski 12 hours ago +1

    2 years old today but still holds up

  • madscientistshusta
    madscientistshusta 13 hours ago

    This is preposterous the bible tells us how we came to be, questioning divine script will have you all burned eternally! Its not to late cast off your denonic science and pick up the good book!
    Knock knock, thats jesus calling! Will you accept his love and have a relationship with him!? If not your doomed to erternal suffering, question not why god creates most ppl to suffer, for he knows whats best for us! Do not listen to this demonic channel we come from adam amd eve not monkeys!

  • Vnutri
    Vnutri 13 hours ago

    "We may joke about cavemen, but as individuals, they were superior to us" *shows a nerdy kid saying "Astrophysics taught me about black holes" with a caveman replying "Killed any bears lately"*
    Yep. They sure are. That is until that thing we learned about black holes allows us to contain a couple dozen and punch that arrogant bastard with the force of a trillion suns.
    Damn Cavemen with their god complexes. Who do they think they are? Walkin around calling themselves superior. If there's even the SLIGHTEST difference between us and Cavemen I'm calling racism.

  • Bifemen2
    Bifemen2 13 hours ago

    Nah God created us..

  • Francesco Ferraris
    Francesco Ferraris 17 hours ago


  • Der Jannynator
    Der Jannynator 23 hours ago

    they just bred with each other and merged. boom one species is gone.

  • lord farquaad the sad


  • Shakeb Mirzaii
    Shakeb Mirzaii Day ago

    Religios people disliked the video! Fuck u all brainwashed pricks...

  • Ashwin kumar
    Ashwin kumar Day ago +1

    I fuckin love this channel!

    SCOT TANK Day ago

    Oh thanks brow...all of your video is amazing

  • Cptn Bangatron
    Cptn Bangatron Day ago

    That Star Fox reference

  • Zenebatos
    Zenebatos Day ago

    the music in the background. somehow made me teary eyed, when put together perfectly at how far we came. You are absolutely correct. Look far behind and we realise how small we are.

  • Fouzaan Noble
    Fouzaan Noble Day ago

    And then after all this, we going back to being homo's. Example, Backpack Kid, Bhad Bhabie, Justin Bieber, Trump, Putin.

  • Fouzaan Noble
    Fouzaan Noble Day ago

    Why one question is, how did we know that we should cook our food? And not just eat it raw like we did before fire.

  • Fouzaan Noble
    Fouzaan Noble Day ago

    Hey! Who you calling a homo?

  • The Piesorna arts

    I think I’ve done a video on every human species ever;)

  • Renault 10
    Renault 10 2 days ago +1

    Adam and hawa?

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 2 days ago

    that last part as really nice :)

  • OwnageCubed
    OwnageCubed 2 days ago

    to think, hundreds of thousands of years went by without humans making any progress.. now we see new ideas and inventions every few months. humanity is rapidly advancing as we speak

  • takezo I
    takezo I 2 days ago


  • Gonjo Guaiya
    Gonjo Guaiya 3 days ago

    You all came from monkeys, homos all of you. Brainwashed Homos.
    Jesus is the greatest!

    • Johny Samuel
      Johny Samuel Day ago

      Gonjo Guaiya
      You and your parents also came from monkeys and baboons

  • letgouvgod
    letgouvgod 3 days ago


  • Curtis Mwansa
    Curtis Mwansa 3 days ago +1

    thank you for telling us how the world is

  • Channel Amza Foundation


  • Aidentamgamer
    Aidentamgamer 4 days ago


  • Данил Саликов

    It means that God/Allah is not existing

  • Alejandro Alcayaga Arzic

    great video

  • Michael
    Michael 4 days ago

    wtf le titre en francais mais tout est en anglais
    sucez moi

  • Finn Winegardner
    Finn Winegardner 5 days ago

    Remember that friends episode with rosses dinosaur talk and joey laughing at homo eriectis

  • Luke Edler
    Luke Edler 5 days ago

    lol we cant see the internet but we know its there does a 2 year old know its there untill its taught how do we know animals dont pass on information quickly looks like to me they do as all does over the world bark the same and all cats pur somewhere along the line the information would have been passed around that whole species so they would bark the way they do so i dont believe all of this video

  • GregTom2
    GregTom2 5 days ago

    But if you take into account the size of the population, a randomly selected "human-hour" would be most likely to be in a developing / industrial nation in the 20th or 21st century.

  • Real Life Nazi 卐
    Real Life Nazi 卐 5 days ago

    The other species didnt go away, thats what race is, a forensic scientist can tell someones race from their skeleton. And yeah it is like living in a world of aliens living with other races, thats why when people become a minority in their homeland they feel alienated.

  • Josh Sumner
    Josh Sumner 5 days ago

    So you mean to tell me
    We have only had civilization for 12000 fucking years


  • Nickname101
    Nickname101 6 days ago

    Here's something to think about- maybe we're wrong, and the so called "aliens" are just the other human species that escaped death.

  • Red Pupper
    Red Pupper 7 days ago

    All hail the flying spaghetti monster to bring about human existence through evolution!

  • mikael
    mikael 7 days ago

    interesting how language plays such a great part.

  • Nothing Productions
    Nothing Productions 7 days ago +1

    everything before humans was a mistake

    • renge9909
      renge9909 7 days ago

      Add them all up, and you got the biggest mistake of all.

  • Alberto Lando
    Alberto Lando 7 days ago

    Wow, this video delivers information and concepts in such a way it really makes you grasp the majesty of human course in history... so much that I was a bit moved after whatching it.
    Thank you so much for such an amazing work, if art is the capability of delivering human thought in a powerful way, I dare say I consider you work art :)

  • monstersince
    monstersince 8 days ago

    we had P.E. before history on tuesdays and double maths before history on a friday

  • Alan Fox
    Alan Fox 8 days ago

    12,000 years ago, the homos emerged.

  • Roni Tom
    Roni Tom 8 days ago

    We were worms before we were monkeys.

  • GNB
    GNB 8 days ago

    we are the smartest but won't be the longest living humans

  • Eduard Voicu
    Eduard Voicu 8 days ago

    I wonder what we'll evovle into the next 1 mln years. We'd still consider ourselves "humans"? Or we'll speak about us like "our species evolved from an extinct savage animal species, called "homo sapiens".

    • renge9909
      renge9909 8 days ago

      We might just stay the same, largely, if we're successful as a species. The only foreseeable divisions occur with space travel and artificial manipulation involving integration with technology (the so-called technological singularity in which man adds his own technology to himself to become something more than man).

  • HardLight Hub
    HardLight Hub 8 days ago

    Very very good video!

  • Tyler
    Tyler 9 days ago


  • bokam tulasidhar
    bokam tulasidhar 9 days ago

    I like your channel

  • Th͡e͡Èd͟i̧to҉ria̷l

    My only question is, why wasn't the Homo Erectus species able to advance to a point of evolution greater than ours today. They had the time and resources so why weren't they able to.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 8 days ago

      Our ancestors also had the time. Different conditions = different evolution.

  • He lo
    He lo 9 days ago

    while most ur vids are amazing and true by what humanity has discovered, this one has more wrong shit than a 1930s scifi novel about future.

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 8 days ago

      I like all the arguments where you point out exactly what was "wrong shit", why and what your sources are.

  • The Yogii
    The Yogii 9 days ago

    How did they explain the evolutionary success of humans without introducing neoteny

  • Matthew Van Buren
    Matthew Van Buren 10 days ago

    "Minor genocides" Ghosts aren't real but our lust for blood is.

  • M.J. PlaysMCYT
    M.J. PlaysMCYT 10 days ago


  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 10 days ago

    I think it would be more genocide, i mean we are good in genocide and we are masters in mass killings.
    I mean why wouldn't we had done to our near cousins

    VENDA 10 days ago

    Science contradicts itself a lot. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. Dinosaurs lived 66 million years ago, yet allegedly its several species still live today. Homo erectus lived for 2 million years, then etc etc. Someone please do the math and give me a solid explanation with these figures. Thanks

    • VENDA
      VENDA 8 days ago

      Is this about the fish evolving?

    • Thinking Özyıldırım
      Thinking Özyıldırım 9 days ago

      VENDA I'm not here to babysit you. Google search No 1: "What happened after the dinosaurs went extinct?". No 2: "Human evolution"/"origin of humans"/"human species".

    • VENDA
      VENDA 9 days ago

      Ok. What about the humans..where did they come from between the earth's age of 4.5 billion years, and humans being only 2 million years old? Where were these alleged species of mankind?

    • VENDA
      VENDA 9 days ago

      Calculate the earth's age with dinosaurs and humanity...what happened between all those years where the creatures weren't around?

    • Thinking Özyıldırım
      Thinking Özyıldırım 10 days ago

      No, science doesn't claim that _all_ dinosaurs went extinct, just non-avian dinosaurs did. Avian dinosaurs -- birds -- still exist.

  • David Ki Mehfil. mann
    David Ki Mehfil. mann 10 days ago

    Totaly wrong man has not come from monkey. False theory to sell the video .. if it had hapoened then why it does not happen now. Where is the tail .silly science read the Holy Bible

    • Primal Hunter
      Primal Hunter Day ago

      ooooohhh rekt!

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 9 days ago

      You don't understand scientific concepts because you never had a decent education. Educate yourself, and you will understand educated people. Or you cling to ignorance and your bible the same as a scared girl clings to its dolly.

  • Collin Fletcher
    Collin Fletcher 10 days ago

    Who else noticed Slippy / Starfox?

  • tutorial by safouane
    tutorial by safouane 10 days ago

    10 minutes motion graphic
    And that was wrong

  • SandyRocks
    SandyRocks 10 days ago

    This video proves Religion is SHIT !!

  • Enrich Your Journey
    Enrich Your Journey 11 days ago

    The first twenty seconds are a huge lie.

  • jaguar
    jaguar 11 days ago

    when somebody is going to make this type of video dont ever say something about walking on the moon and going to other planets because that make me think you don't know whats going on

  • Brodric Johnson
    Brodric Johnson 11 days ago

    This entire video isn't true, millions of year's? give me a fucking break, either you believe in this cause there's no evidence for millions years or you believe in a God that created everything we see in this world.

    • Javante nor
      Javante nor 8 days ago

      renge9909 Slow

    • renge9909
      renge9909 8 days ago

      If I sound educated, then it sure doesn't take much to impress you in terms of education. Now if you're quite done bickering with false existences, off with you.

    • Javante nor
      Javante nor 8 days ago

      renge9909 You sound "Educated" because of that statement. I'm glad your old history dead worthless garbage says with your history for your existence. You are False, just like your existence.

    • renge9909
      renge9909 8 days ago

      What? You want me to start talking about godlight shining through the clouds and melanating the inner self to reflect the outer skin with the holy blackness of ancient Nubia? No, thanks. I'll leave that to you. In return, you leave the discussion of fossils to me.

    • Javante nor
      Javante nor 8 days ago

      renge9909 You obviously don't have any real inter knowledge. You can't act smart on USclip, real zeals see though wannabes. Hope u find it, bless the lost.

  • _Mad Lad_
    _Mad Lad_ 11 days ago

    i appreciate humanity more after watching this!

  • psammiad
    psammiad 12 days ago

    "Minor genocides"? I'd say wiping out our cousins' entire species is more than minor genocide!

  • Dumb Kid on YouTube
    Dumb Kid on YouTube 12 days ago


  • The Fall of Ko'vü
    The Fall of Ko'vü 12 days ago

    I love you guys.

  • Isaiah Vanegas
    Isaiah Vanegas 12 days ago

    Do you think the brain is like a plant because is has a stem

  • crazypolite
    crazypolite 12 days ago

    Just.. stopped the animation half way through?

  • Grant3d
    Grant3d 13 days ago

    I recommend that anyone who is interested in human history research Graham Hancock. There is a growing amount of evidence that contradicts our current mainstream history narrative.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 12 days ago

      Hm Grraarrpffrzz was that for me or Grant?

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 12 days ago

      Why don't you share what is exactly said there?

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 12 days ago

      Grant3d and while his hypothesis is interesting there isn’t really much to evidence for it. He’s a journalist, not a scientist, he lives of selling books, not serious science. The amount of unfounded sensationalism in his books are rampant. Not saying it couldn’t be true, just that there’s severe lack of evidence.

  • Skeptic Jesus
    Skeptic Jesus 13 days ago

    I expected more retarded creationist comments. Glad to see there aren't many of them left

  • Joao Freitas
    Joao Freitas 13 days ago

    And now we have vegetarians, flat earth supporters, and much more dumb things ... i dont think humanity is going well...

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 12 days ago

      Joao Freitas please elaborate why you think humanity is in trouble because people don’t eat meat.

    • Joao Freitas
      Joao Freitas 12 days ago

      Yes ... sorry

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 12 days ago

      Joao Freitas are you seriously putting vegetarians in the same category as flat earthers? Wtf dude!?

  • Vincent LaVergne
    Vincent LaVergne 13 days ago

    How on earth could I of been so lucky to write this comment right now while eating a burger. Instead I might of had to slay you just to have the amount of meat to survive this week. Oh, and trust me, because being a cannibal probably would really suck.

    ARNELTWO 14 days ago

    from anothers planets

  • werwer werwer
    werwer werwer 14 days ago

    Hearing the word doesnt mean you know it.

  • Christian Allen
    Christian Allen 14 days ago

    Man, for religious people and scientific people, just take it that the earliest era when the bible was written by Moses, a lot of things maybe didn't have a proper name yet, like Day 1-Day 7, maybe they meant eras, and by Adam and Eve, maybe it's actually a bunch of ancestors of us, and yeah, fossils exist, so dinosaurs exist before Adam and Eve were, "Adam and Eve are the first humans on Earth", maybe they meant as the first "perfect" and "modern" humans that are quite civilized compared to others

    • Christian Allen
      Christian Allen 12 days ago

      Hm Grraarrpffrzz no, not like that, what I meant was, some words does not have it's literal meaning, because people that lived in that era still doesn't have a word for it, for example "days" for "era"

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 12 days ago

      So, you are saying that nothing in the Bible matters as nobody knows what was meant. Well, let's ignore it then.

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez 15 days ago

    The virgin modern human vs the chad caveman

  • K2 FU
    K2 FU 15 days ago

    The space ship landed in Africa,and we went from there.

    • Troll FACE!
      Troll FACE! 14 days ago

      nah i think it was only white people that were brought here by aliensas bacteria to evolve destroy the planet.

  • Dylan Zimmerman
    Dylan Zimmerman 16 days ago

    3 words: Stoned Ape Theory

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 16 days ago

      Dylan Zimmerman and while the theory is very interesting it lacks any concrete evidence. But McKennas books are always tons of fun.

  • Joan Rucker
    Joan Rucker 16 days ago

    Humans did things that no animal or species had ever done and did we did these things so quickly and continue to do so to this day! Such a shame for anyone to believe all of that came from a fucking lizard... SMH

    • Troll FACE!
      Troll FACE! 9 days ago


    • Joan Rucker
      Joan Rucker 11 days ago

      Troll FACE! No not just white people all humans!

    • Troll FACE!
      Troll FACE! 14 days ago

      by humans you mean white people?

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago +1

      haha what? i guess it was magic?

  • vapid rabbit
    vapid rabbit 16 days ago

    wow... the ending actually kind of spoke to me. i was just bitching today about a guy trying to cut in line as i was returning a shirt at the mall...

  • ItsMeCal:PP
    ItsMeCal:PP 16 days ago

    If our closest active relatives are Neathedrals or however you say it, they evolved from Homo Sapiens and so on etc. etc. then there is primates, where did they come from? Isn't the monkey the oldest primate its been around for 3 or 4billion years I think but where did the monkeys evolve from?

    • ItsMeCal:PP
      ItsMeCal:PP 16 days ago


    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago +1

      Neanderthals and Sapiens evolved from an older ancestor. Primates and humans had a common ancestor long ago which each branched off into their respective species. Monkeys evolved from the common ancestor.

  • great dashar
    great dashar 17 days ago

    Loool , this video has no relation with the real human history , before 14000 years humans were super evolved , they have high technology , spaceships and perfect engineering , such as Atlantis the lost city , this civilization was very advanced even more than us , what a pity! people today think that our ancestors were stupid and primitive they think they were stupid cruel monkeys who only hunt and sleep, what a shame ! our ancestors were really advanced!they could travel by space , make hybrids and magic ...

    • MegaJf16
      MegaJf16 15 days ago

      youve been playing halo

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago +1

      There is a lot we don't know but it certainly isn't super advanced societies.

    • great dashar
      great dashar 16 days ago

      EFYN lol , is this funny ? this is an absolute reality you have to know more about human origins ,just think !

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago +1

      pass the bong

  • Lara
    Lara 17 days ago

    Sooo could someone ACTUALLY dumb it down for me - we came from monkeys or something?!

    • Troll FACE!
      Troll FACE! 14 days ago

      whites were brought here as bacteria by aliens to destroy this beautiful planet. Thats why they tried to kill and enslave Africans , Native Americans and Australians to extinction but failed. Asians are also not human because they mixed with white people. Anyone who is not white or asian is a REAL HUMAN BEING. So WHITE PEOPLE GO BACK TO YOUR OWN PLANET!!!!!

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 16 days ago

      eeeaten technically not, monkeys are a much later branch.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago

      and their ancestors were monkeys...

    • Lara
      Lara 17 days ago

      Væringjar ahhh okay thank you

  • alexg4711
    alexg4711 17 days ago

    6 gorillion years ago goyim!!!

  • Hasan Sabbagh
    Hasan Sabbagh 18 days ago

    Thank you for your effort

  • CH33SER
    CH33SER 18 days ago

    Makes me want to play a game of Civilization...

  • Wennie Sasotona
    Wennie Sasotona 18 days ago


    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago

      half of america is this stupid...

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago


    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 17 days ago

      i think it's time for you to watch more of this channel. monkeys also evolved.

  • Deja Spriggs
    Deja Spriggs 18 days ago

    Its built on quicksand. It’ll soon fade, light most things, and give way to something greater

  • PotatoQueen Slay
    PotatoQueen Slay 19 days ago

    The big bang

  • Marcus Vitali Kashuk
    Marcus Vitali Kashuk 19 days ago

    if you start counting assumptions that were made in this theory, it will be in hundreds, requires too much faith to believe, the beginning, language, dead and new sapiens, etc. It is much easier to accept that there is a loving Creator who created us with an intelligence, giving us intelligence to continue and grow in knowledge. Look at yourself and ask, how you did you become you by a random chance? 0 after trillion years still be 0. Do you have any other examples of intellectual development occurring on random basis occured since you were born. Why did it happen in the past, but now it requires and intellect to create something intellectual.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago

      +V M Kashuk
      evolution isn't "sold", it's just the science of our origins. practically all scientists accept it as fact, so why not you? there are (literally) mountains of evidence for evolution: we can trace it through fossils, genetics, comparative anatomy, stratigraphy and radiometric dating. there's no need to cling to archaic superstitions - science shows us how we came about. your claims of a magical god sound like "ooga booga juju under sea make baby!" rather than make a fool of yourself in youtube comments, why not get yourself educated? it's important to know where you came from.

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago

      Again you clearly don't understand evolution. Evolution is a theory, the closest thing we have to a fact. It's called a theory because it has an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports it, it can make predictions about future evidence and it has been peer reviewed by thousands of scientists. People think it's on shaky ground because of people like you who do no understand evolution and it's evidence. If God made us in his own image god is very flawed. The human body and mind have many flaws, some trivial some can kill you. How is it less responsible to say we came from an -ape- common ancestor?

    • Marcus Vitali Kashuk
      Marcus Vitali Kashuk 16 days ago

      I think that's how evolution is sold that it is an intellectual theory, and believe in God is not. Just not enough evidence for evolution theory, requiring to have more faith in it than in God. In the light of all scientific discoveries for the last 10 years, the theory of evolution is on very shaky ground. We hold to it just because it is easier, with less responsibility to believe that you came from ape, rather that there is God who made you in his image. Why would you believe in God if you are a God, right?

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago

      Your replies clearly show a lack of understanding. The change is a result of mutations. The changes are very subtle and can positively, negatively or neutrally affect and individual which can determine their success at passing on their genes. You acknowledge variations yet fail to see the big picture. image an animal is a puddle and a variation is a droplet. 1, 2, 10 droplets and it's still a puddle. But give it long enough and enough droplets (variations) the puddle will soon be a pond... a completely different thing to a puddle. The puddle (animal) has evolved into a pond (animal)

  • AA TT
    AA TT 19 days ago

    Oh, those kids would blend in all right...

  • Multi Type
    Multi Type 19 days ago

    But how did Color take shape in the time line since only homo sapians sapians lived, i guess since they evolved into two different phyogloy lines?

    • Multi Type
      Multi Type 16 days ago

      EFYN and it doesnt take millions of years to change it could only take thousands depending what caused the biome to change so it isnt always millions of years

    • Multi Type
      Multi Type 16 days ago

      eeeaten i misread the first paragraph

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago

      Multi Type
      what do you mean about changing biomes? who cares about america? you asked about colour, i gave you an answer. and which "two lines" were you talking about?

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago +1

      Biomes take millions of years to change.

  • Guy Smith
    Guy Smith 19 days ago

    The next iteration of humans will be h. sapiens machinatum. Engineered humans. We will discard evolution and begin intelligently designing ourselves and our descendants. CRISPR-CAS9 FTW.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago

      i agree. although if our brains are augmented with a "cloud" facility perhaps we could survive the death of our biological brain? of course we'd need to recreate brain technology but we're talking hundreds of years away.
      i also like to imagine this scenario (short version):
      brain augmentation increases, causing an acceleration in technological development. human brains become digitised and transcend the need for a physical form. this creates a dilemma - how to remain human? to recreate the human experiences we give ourselves vr experiences involving birth, living a life, and death. the key is that we aren't even aware that the simulation isn't real. and then who's to say this didn't all happen a thousand years ago and you're now in a simulation designed by your ancestors?

    • Guy Smith
      Guy Smith 16 days ago

      The two big obstacles to a post-biological form are energy efficiency and the brain. Life is actually highly energy efficient, so any replacement solution would need to at least equal that. And we still have a hell of a lot to learn about how the brain works. Specifically, until we understand what consciousness is, how it works, and how the sense of self comes to exist, it would be very foolish to try to make changes to a person's brain.
      I think the big steps that we'll see in the next 50 years will be gene editing and augmentation, brain-machine interfacing, and life extension. We will be able to redesign/sculpt our bodies, eliminate health issues (hopefully without causing new ones), and add new capabilities (how about being able to see into the infrared?). With brain-machine interfacing, we'll have the ultimate AR and VR experience, and be able to implement things like actual functioning telepathy. And we should be able to eliminate the degradation of the body due to aging, so that lifespans will increase dramatically (serious disease and accidents would still kill us, of course).

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 17 days ago

      maybe in a couple of hundred years we won't need a biological form at all?

  • iwonnatube
    iwonnatube 19 days ago

    yeay!!! now lets watch that sapiens sapiens nuke it all!!!

  • Abinash Rabha
    Abinash Rabha 20 days ago

    We all should have respect for all religious books because it kept us together and helped us to live a good life and even now for the people who have hard time understanding logic and science.
    Religious books are outdated in our present life. It was effective back then when we had less information and knowledge about universe and everything.
    Back then Religious book (just like a constitution of a country) prevented people going mad, coz there were no tools or technology available even to understand simple things like diseases and medicines. So religious books were very good way for survival and it kept us alive, together and safe but now its outdated.
    It is outdated because in present day just barely breathing and surviving is not enough, life has more meaning than just living and reproducing like a bacteria.
    Conclusion: I don't believe in GOD frankly but I have respect for all religions and its teachings for the above points mentioned

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago

      Religion should be taught in schools but in history classes.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 17 days ago

      why respect religions that endorse oppression and faulty ways of understanding the world? if i believed you should remove your children's eyelids at birth and that people who walk backwards should be shunned from society, would you respect that? you shouldn't.

  • Dave Cirlclux
    Dave Cirlclux 20 days ago +1

    So Adam and Eve never existed? Are you saying Christianity is a lie?

    • Troll FACE!
      Troll FACE! 14 days ago

      No..white people being human is a lie. White were brought on this planet by aliens!!

    • Kal el
      Kal el 19 days ago

      Dave Cirlclux christianity is one of these pranks that actually went too far/gone wrong/gone sexual/almost died/got shot in the hood

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz 20 days ago +2

      You don't really believe that an invisible deity magically created two humans, who then had children who had so much incest that we now have 7 billion people, without the generations after Adam and Eve dying because of genetic diseases due to said incest?

  • Rodrigo Nobile
    Rodrigo Nobile 20 days ago

    Vídeo perfeito. Queria saber se posso fazer uma produção, em linguagem português, para que crianças pudessem entender melhor o trabalho de vocês aqui no Brasil.

  • Tropi Cano
    Tropi Cano 20 days ago

    This is some wild theories b

  • Celestica Demonix
    Celestica Demonix 20 days ago

    The book "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari focuses on these points - I don't know how accurate it is, but I'm enjoying reading it up to now.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 17 days ago

      i have read some serious criticism of that book. i recommend the book harari mentions as his inspiration (guns germs and steel) and also highly recommend pinker's "better angels of our nature"

  • Raja Zayani
    Raja Zayani 20 days ago

    and some people thinks that god created us with mud lmfao

  • Arpan Chaubey
    Arpan Chaubey 20 days ago +1

    Despite everything RACIST jerks might tell you, we're all FUNDAMENTALLY the SAME.
    That's pretty much the reason I've never been half as "patriotic" as was expected outta me.
    I don't believe RELIGIONS exist. I don't believe RACES exist. I don't believe NATIONS exist.
    It's all made up shitty garbage!!

    • Javante nor
      Javante nor 16 days ago

      eeeaten Do u think white people are superior?

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago

      haha great comeback!

    • Javante nor
      Javante nor 16 days ago

      eeeaten You sound slow.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 16 days ago +1

      +Javante nor
      - give up, arpan has blown you out of the water.

    • Javante nor
      Javante nor 16 days ago

      Arpan Chaubey I googled quantum theory which is quantum mind and it's stated they can't hypothesis explain consciousness. Load of shit, u believe in false cause u are fasle and I'm am what I'm am.

  • Victor's Fitness Channel

    2.8 million years ago the Genus homo(humans) arrived...from where? from the DNA of monkeys...ummm how thoughtful....
    "When we Homo sapiens sapiens came into existence,there were at least 6 other human species around".... Ummm, interesting
    "The last of the other species disappeared around 10 thousand years ago, we dont know why or what caused them to die out"
    you don't know because they never existed to begin with...
    God created Adam and eve and thwy were the first Humans(Homo sapiens)
    Humans didn't evolve...we were created...so is everything around us
    we didn't just poff into existence by chance...there was a Creator and that creator is God

    • EFYN
      EFYN 16 days ago

      Hang on. You question the big bang with " what caused it" yet you don't question god existing out of nothing? The fuck.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 17 days ago

      uh, where in the bible does it condemn slavery? the ot even provides advice on how to beat your slaves. graven images and taking the lords name in vain make the top ten list of rules, but not slavery or rape?
      treating everyone equal? the bible is rampant with misogyny.
      "so you think...Women claiming superiority over men is normal" - what? who says that? the claim is that everyone is _equal_ regardless of gender - do you not accept that women and men are different but equal?
      "Ancient civilizations had better knowledge,better understanding of the principles that guides the universe" - ridiculous. they couldn't fly, communicate instantly across great distances, eradicate disease, transplant organs, explore the world, or work out what the sun is made of.
      no gods are real - why would you favour one over another? the bible is a real book written by people. science finally uncovers the facts of our origins and you're clinging to medieval superstitions of gods and monsters and your brain is packed wall-to-wall with conspiracy theories - way to drag the chain of humanity!

    • Victor's Fitness Channel
      Victor's Fitness Channel 17 days ago

      Haha... "Dubious morality"
      The bible believe and support all these claims of "Human rights... Treating everyone equal ...not owning slaves"
      These are the things the Bible had supproted even before science.
      The problem is that you people think we have become one advanced civilization...
      No we haven't thing's are rather going down hill or bad very fast...
      Ancient civilizations had better knowledge,better understanding of the principles that guides the universe(Egyptians...Aztec... Yorubas and all)
      We are operating a messed up Society...look at the marriages of these days.... divorce everywhere(the Africans who aren't operating in this advance civilization have better marriages,less depression stats and so on)
      You think being a Trans is normal...or being a Gay is normal or Women claiming superiority over men is normal(even though when war comes its the women and children are spared... when a ship is sinking or when a building is burning the women and the children are rescued first"
      I know.. You know deep down that religion is real... the bible is real
      why are there free masons...The Illuminati and so on...
      controlling the media and the Music Industry...
      Satan will always try to brain wash us into believing the bullshit the media says...
      You think man walked on the moon.. or do you believe Ebola came from a bat or monkey...or Hiv came from the deep forest of Congo..😂
      There's this movement for a One World Government or order
      These people use science to lie to us.. because we believe in what science says... "since science is Fact" we say
      so when they say science discovered this... we believe.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 17 days ago

      +Victor's Fitness Channel
      what you're claiming is the religious nonsense of a specific middle eastern religion. science shows it to be nonsense. morality evolved with our physical forms, and the dubious morality of your religion is based on an arbitrary line in the 2000 year old sand. scientific understanding of our biology and culture is what caused the rise of civil rights (you know, not owning slaves, treating people as equals regardless of race or gender). your concept of sin is based on a childish understanding of what is good and bad. get a grip.