Our Cats :3


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  • Frankie Hinojosa

    I’m slim shady yes I’m the slim shady you other slim shadys are just imitating

  • Taffy 34
    Taffy 34 Day ago

    Myyyyyy tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I’m a chicken Nugget to everyone

    6:41 but in your collab with emerichu you said sailor moon was DOPE

  • Padro Ram
    Padro Ram Day ago


  • I’m a chicken Nugget to everyone


  • Rivo Rox
    Rivo Rox Day ago

    The reason I don’t like cats is cause that are mean to me plus when I was young they almost scratched my eye out

  • Caden Hoang
    Caden Hoang Day ago

    7:56 that joke was PUR fect! (Right back at you boi)

  • Hepcat 101
    Hepcat 101 Day ago

    WAIT BUT SHADY MEOWST BE ALIVE BECAUSE.................... Kamikaze

  • Soraya Alisha
    Soraya Alisha Day ago

    I like cats

  • MCGuitars
    MCGuitars Day ago

    Where is the new video James

  • Jared Foster
    Jared Foster Day ago

    Stop the cat puns.

  • *•. You should see me In a crown .•*

    Hey James I was scrolling through USclip and saw they are Doing a reboot on the dark crystal on Netflix the teaser is out :0

  • Aarohi Adhikari
    Aarohi Adhikari Day ago

    I am a cat-dog person

  • Aadyn Ly
    Aadyn Ly Day ago

    lol alex clark said you bring the fire and he will bring the cracker a chocolate -__-

  • Jeffrey Wang
    Jeffrey Wang Day ago

    OR you need to pee but the cat is asleep on your lap and you you don’t want to move because you don’t want to wake her/him up

  • Cecelia Le
    Cecelia Le Day ago

    You can pick two pets

  • Sable McTiernan poop

    ze baby cat

  • Sable McTiernan poop

    ...ONE DAY

  • Abhyudaya Viswakarma

    9:11 bring it on dude !

  • Chace Martin
    Chace Martin Day ago

    R.I.P Georgie

  • Ava And Eli
    Ava And Eli Day ago

    How many dogs did you have as a kid

  • Ava And Eli
    Ava And Eli Day ago

    Also do you have a switch??

  • Ava And Eli
    Ava And Eli Day ago

    I HAVE A CAT!!!

  • Ava And Eli
    Ava And Eli Day ago

    Hey can you do a reaction to theodd1sout dominoes
    Ps I'm a very big fan😁

  • Sammy Kitty doge

    Congrats on 9 mil

  • BB Gun
    BB Gun Day ago +1

    Who else got the joke?

  • KcDay
    KcDay Day ago

    I😚😍😻cats!I lhave 9 animals 3 dogs 3 cats and 3 fish!

  • Slisson 13
    Slisson 13 Day ago

    I have 11 cats

  • ArtKittensRule 1100

    And thats it.... we never got another cat again......

    *UnTiL OnE DaY*

  • keke Nelson
    keke Nelson Day ago

    1:05 and 1:06 look at the cat face

  • Olinmarri Obsioma

    I have asthma and duh im alergic to mostly everything. And i dont know why saying dat is weird but pless dont judge meh coz im always bullied at school becoz of alergies. My bullies will pull off my hood in the hot burning sun and i didn't tell u that im alergic to da sun coz when i sweat i itch and if i itch i get wound marks that are itchy and if i get wound marks that are itchy doctor time. One time in school my bullies gave me a cake but i asl if their is peanut butter they said no and i ate it and everything happeneds all over again but not sweating. THE ODDS 1 OUT/James u enspire me even though i have this kind of condition and remember im ur number one fan!🙂

  • rizka yuva
    rizka yuva Day ago

    Im a cats lover too my alergi is dust hehe

  • The place you come to for gaming

    It's Chihuahua not chiwawa

  • Camryn Smith
    Camryn Smith Day ago

    Hey James! I know you don't know me, but your an amazing USclipr. You bring joy to my sad days, and make me laugh when it seems I can't. Please never stop USclip and enjoy life as a person. I know you probably won't respond to this due to being a USclipr, but I wanted to say thank you for being so kind to anyone and not cursing in your videos. :D have an amazing day!

  • Penny Alksnis
    Penny Alksnis Day ago

    I LOVE CATS!!!

  • The Meme Machine

    I'm so sorry for your lost

  • Charles Zhang
    Charles Zhang Day ago

    Hey, James, I'm using your first cat story for my essay lol. I'm sorry please forgive me :3
    Not plagiarized totally. (Uses ctrl c ctrl v)

  • Sonnie Boggins
    Sonnie Boggins Day ago

    **TheOdd1sOut Uploaded**
    Me: Welp time to leave the movie theater.

  • Cassiano Caro
    Cassiano Caro Day ago


  • roberta Johnson
    roberta Johnson Day ago


  • E Y E
    E Y E Day ago

    I once had a little cat who was only a few months old when they died because they were attacked by a dog and was in shock so had to be put down. I cried and cried even though this happened about a year ago

  • Jack deline
    Jack deline Day ago

    my house is at 191 Ford Street

  • Jack deline
    Jack deline Day ago

    hey James can you come over to my house

  • Jack deline
    Jack deline Day ago

    James you say uomosexual for animals

  • Quacc YT
    Quacc YT Day ago

    Sorry about Georgie :(

  • Furry Doings!
    Furry Doings! Day ago

    I respect

  • Alina Rios
    Alina Rios Day ago

    James I will get you

  • Aaron Falk
    Aaron Falk Day ago

    you should get a pugle... a pug and a beagle

  • Ammy • the • cat :3


  • cookiefoxes
    cookiefoxes Day ago

    My parents are allergic to cats.

  • Lydia #1
    Lydia #1 Day ago


  • Lydia #1
    Lydia #1 Day ago

    me to

  • Simon Slack
    Simon Slack Day ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • int_kirlez089
    int_kirlez089 Day ago

    0:34 tROLL FACE xD

  • Julianne Norton
    Julianne Norton Day ago

    i love 🐱

  • Schneilie Jules
    Schneilie Jules Day ago

    I am allergic to cats. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • *-Gacha Depression-*

    “Yeah so we were a normal family with 300 cats never got anymore cats ever again.........

    ....until one day!”

  • Maya Willson
    Maya Willson Day ago

    😂 Lol
    I almost chocked on my HARD candy bc of this

  • Wizard gaming 787

    I was lost


  • RobloxIsAwesome4467

    My name was in the video

  • matrixsword
    matrixsword Day ago

    I don't have a cat lol

  • The Snowy Wolf
    The Snowy Wolf Day ago

    Kitten in french is "Chaton"

  • Dattatray Jadhav

    Alex began his training for chess boxing

  • Esther Wyse
    Esther Wyse Day ago

    Did anyone see that Pepper’s ear was ripped off?

  • Elizabeth xxx
    Elizabeth xxx Day ago

    Why did pepper have 1 ear and the other ear was like cut in the animation

  • Bities ThusPapuhs

    El gato calico^^ Serendipity^^ lo siento soy ARMY :v

  • Raph CJ
    Raph CJ Day ago

    Saw shady on thursday in the UK

  • Tássia Maria Pachêco

    0:05 omg you had the nyan cat and bongo cat?

  • Pace Goto
    Pace Goto Day ago


  • Fyrewall Gaming
    Fyrewall Gaming Day ago

    Sorry for Georgie thing, james.... but yeah, they do that.

  • Annastasia Meow
    Annastasia Meow Day ago

    I have a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng story, how many n's u see is how many times this stuff has happen den to me, but even more, we have had 50 cats in are life, rn I hope the three cats we have do not pass, Bc sweet pea and whiskers are siblings sweet pea is a maincoon and whiskers his sister, is a north forest cat and she's got lots of shades of light gray and is really fluffy where for sweet pea he's curious and is fully and has LOts of shades of dark to light brown XD, both of them where from there mother, Oreo, she showed up after to attempts of my dad trying to ignore it, but it kept getting back into are warehouse, and he brought her home, and before her, the only reason she showed up was.... :-: a really sad story, but after Charlottes past infront of me... When I was around 4/5 a few days after it... I was really scared that my cat Tiger that's a tabby cat, and has been there for almost all my life... Im a year older and I'm 12 soon to be 13 rn... But I was scared she would pass, she's always had a weird happy life, used to be wild but become a indoor house after I begged my dad if we could let her in since we let the dogs I'm XD.. Bc there's this really deep ditch back in the woods, and there's a big tree fell over it, and I used to go there and climb it and give tiger some food water and sometimes when she's lucky MILK, and it was are meeting spot, the tree is still there and we also had a picnic spot but I don't go there that much at all anymore, so ya, she was are one cat at the time after Charlotte, and that night... I prayed, and prayed... And prayED..... And the one thing I told God..... Was.. I just want a twin cat like Charlotte.. :-: and that's exactly what I got >-< even the half higher white on one nose and lower on the other side of the noise, was there and all black white on neck and paws, but Oreo had one pinkie toe on both front and back black pinkies, and I thought it was cute, and she had 5 kittens and we kept 2, I love u Mustard, Squeaky, and whiskers twin sister... Cupcake, every DETAIL was the same... It was hard to to but I knew by personalitys, and we were to keep cupcake but my brother was a "animal whisper" and said its cupcake. Sureeeeee TOOD YA SO, but I'm ok with that mistake, but whiskers is a sassy food lover, but loves to sleep on my face I swaer... SHE EVEN HAD TO LEARN HOW TO CLIMB MY BUNK LADDER TO GET TO ME 0.0 HELPPPPP XD Smart thing.. But she's loyal, never has hurt me on purpose, she try's to hold her anger no matter what, but it slips and she will like attack with her back legs, XD I think it's cute, but sweet pea? Never in his life, he's been so sweet and loyal and weird?..... He drinks out of are cups of water with his paws... U better hope u just got that cup and never took your eyes off it XD, he also loves boxes, but... Then there's tiger... She?... Is really sweet and nice, BUT OHHHH IF I GET HER BAD SHE HOLDS HER MADNESS IN BUT I TRIED SAYING SORRY AND I HAD MY HEAD TO HER AND THEN AFTER A MINUTE SHE GOT MAD AND SHE DECIDED SHE WILL STICK HER NAILS INTO MY FACE AND IT GOT MY EYE LID, AND I HAD TO UNHOOK IT AND I WAS JUST THANKFULLY MY EYES WERE SHUT, XD SHES GOT A attitude!! XD she even pointed her middle finger at my brother and he took a pic XD.... but other wise, I'll miss her when she passes, also Oreo went missing a few years ago... Like 3.... Never seen her since... She would be 6/7 if she was still alive, Charlotte would be 10... Now, the hole reason I commented was to say... Said is 10 years old... She's a lab, she's covered in tummers, she's already real big, and... She's a loving nice lazy dog nicknamed Sadie lady XD BC SHE CROSSED HER PAWS AND ACTS LIKE A LADY XD, and then there's izzy.. She's 8 and she's not fat or covered in tummers but, she's also sweet and loving and gets hyper and is called izzy wizzy, and she used to be pure black, and Is so old it's almost white XD.... But.. Idk how izzy will live without Sadie... :-: izzy never was able to even go outside without her Bc she wanted her, she loved her, but Sadie might be passing in 6 months, Bc she's in a lot of pain with the tummers hurting her walking, and if what I'm about to say happens it means a pet has died or is going to... And.. A FLIPIMG BLACK LAB PUPPY SHOWS UP AT ARE HOUSE!!!! ITS WE THINK ITS 4 MONTHS OLD SICNE WE HAVE HAD HER FOR A FEW MOMTHS, AND SHES THE SMARTEST THING EVER... ALREADY GOT IT TO LAY, SHAKE, NOW TRYNA DO A ROLL OVER, BC SADIE CAN DO THOSE, ISZY CANT, ONKY SIT AND LAY XD BUT OLIVE IS WHAT WE CALLED HER AND SHES ALREADY LEARNED WHEN WE HAVE FOOD IF SHE SITS, SHE GETS FOOD XD IF SHE HEARS OR SMELLS IT SHE WILL COME OT U AND SIT AND STARE AND STARTS SHAKING BY PUTTING HER PAW ON IZZY OR SADIE OR ANYTHING INFRONT OF HER AND SHE SHAKES WITH MY FOOT AS WELL WITHOUT HAVING TO SAY SHAKE XD... AND YA, that's my Short story, that's getting bigger Bc all the animals I have rn are all part of this story, and there's anyother animal coming and passing, and i did not have to pray to dog, but I still do about Sadie now... But olive has tryed so hard when she first came into are house to befriend Sadie and izzy, but bark at the cats XD... Izzy and Sadie were very disappointed but being on this trip in the snow, as made them accept her, and are dogs, expecily Sadie, loves the snow, so ya! And olive was the loving thing, it's wild and never hurt us expect when it plays... SOMEONE SHOULD BITE HER SO SHE LEARNS HOW MUCH HER BITES HURT XD... But ya.. She had a sister, we had a neighbor giver her us to give to are aunt that won't one for years, and ya, I miss Holly but they called her Tilly so, XD it will take a bit to get used to, but! Ya, there's random puppys in the woods, and there's a pack of dogs that help each other live in the woods as well, it keeps dropping off puppys >-< so ya BOO YAH ANd eek... This might be a problem but I don't think it's fair to kill the dogs and cats Bc there's to many, it's like saying to many people so we should kill them >-< SORRY ANIMAL LOVER HERE but ya that's my story :D

    RED BURRITO Day ago

    Were sorry

  • Madness- M7
    Madness- M7 Day ago

    RUSSIA!RUSSIA M********R!!DO YOU SPEAK IT!?!(no problems)

  • IAmMySelf
    IAmMySelf Day ago

    1:25 I think it would be “bispecial”

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs Day ago

    What would happen if I just appeared in your yard

  • kood99
    kood99 Day ago

    Nick Nocturne reference! =D

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs Day ago

    My new homes in England

  • Уголок Рэйка

    Ты даже как ,,мирби'' пропадаеш на месяц сука почему не быстрей блять

  • Alex El Gamer 9090

    Thanks you for the subtitles/
    Gracias por los subtitulos

  • Ian González
    Ian González Day ago

    1:14 i am a cat PURRSON

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs Day ago

    If you ever get another cat call it gafeild

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs Day ago

    What is you're favourite candy bar

  • Paula Munoz
    Paula Munoz Day ago

    I got you're book

    Just saying

  • Hunter Games
    Hunter Games Day ago

    1:20 u can get a ferret they like to be pet (some time they fall a sleep) they play too much

  • Allison Jensen
    Allison Jensen Day ago

    Meow meow ima cow

  • VortexGaming
    VortexGaming Day ago

    Alex doesnt wear his seatbelt

  • Mya The Cuphead Ink Demon

    *Sniff* I LOVE YOU *Sniff* CAT
    *Knocks out*
    Cat: -_-

  • My Amazing Life
    My Amazing Life Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that James would make a good Chat Noir?

  • Andreja
    Andreja Day ago

    "I'm bisexual for animals"-
    Wait wat-

  • PredatorX Gaming Weekly COD videos

    Wouldn't you look for the owner of the first cat instead of just catnapping it? That's exactly what happened to my cat and he went missing for two years. We have him back though 🙀

  • Sean Lynch
    Sean Lynch Day ago

    you now what i have one thing to about Gorgie. yeah they do that

  • Ashi123 _legendbh

    Remember the days when funny cat videos got 20 million views
    Now diss tracks are getting that many views

  • Candy Crush
    Candy Crush Day ago

    I’m allergic to cats so I can’t have one
    But I really do want one

  • The original 1337 gamer Weber


  • Sofia Greenberg
    Sofia Greenberg Day ago +1

    We want to see Jack and poppy

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz Day ago

    I'm allergic to cats and dogs

  • Alijah Thomas
    Alijah Thomas Day ago

    i am alrjik to dogs

  • Stormy Pip
    Stormy Pip Day ago

    One of my cats is gonna die soon ;-; 1 like=1 extra life for my cat

  • el enmascarado normal

    :3 miau

  • I am myself, and myself is you

    im bi for animals too