Our Cats :3

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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  • OrbitalxStride52
    OrbitalxStride52 Hour ago

    James: Pets Don't Live Forever
    Me: *Looks At My Dogs Daisy, Blue, And Bear*
    Their Thoughts: oH nOw We GeT aTeNsHiOn, BITCH
    My Thoughts: They Hate Me Now T^T ( Help :P )

    1 like = 1 prayer for Gorgie

  • Kathi Olson
    Kathi Olson 2 hours ago

    James I love your cartoons

  • Power Girl Productions

    Rest in spaghetti never forgetti

  • Asami Richards
    Asami Richards 3 hours ago +1

    I love cats 🐈

  • Young Dumb And Broke *

    The punsssss!!! Plz don't stop lol 😂

  • by Ghast
    by Ghast 3 hours ago +1


  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 4 hours ago

    Every single cat my family has had (and kept) has been a case of randomly finding it and “well I guess we have a cat now”

  • Ayden Swindell
    Ayden Swindell 4 hours ago

    I appreciate Thor And Loki my 2 cats

  • Ayden Swindell
    Ayden Swindell 4 hours ago

    My eyes also get watery and my nose also get stuffy

  • Lucas Veloso
    Lucas Veloso 4 hours ago

    I hate cats and I snuggled

    AND EVERYTIME THEY BITE ME srry 4 bad English
    I have a dog who NEVER bites me

  • Ayden Swindell
    Ayden Swindell 4 hours ago

    That happens to me too

  • Ayden Swindell
    Ayden Swindell 4 hours ago

    Cat videos are still the most popular videos on USclip

  • Firee REC
    Firee REC 4 hours ago

    7:23 is that the twitter bird?????????????????????

    MAURICE TERRY 5 hours ago

    My cat died a long time ago

  • Marleny Vega R
    Marleny Vega R 5 hours ago

    Fire benders

  • Bailey__Does__Things
    Bailey__Does__Things 6 hours ago +1

    “I-I’m bisexual for animals!!”


  • I have wasted my life
    I have wasted my life 6 hours ago

    The baby cat story reminded me of my GG’s cat she called “Kitty” we all thought the cat was a girl… it wasn’t, then it died

  • Bendy bro productions
    Bendy bro productions 6 hours ago

    I never heard a cat named no

  • DylDyl 55
    DylDyl 55 6 hours ago

    Luna looks alot like a cat that showed up at my Gramma's house -w-

  • Pedro Jesús Figueroa Cova Gomes

    That eminem reference....

  • ღSugarieTeaღ
    ღSugarieTeaღ 8 hours ago

    I woullddddd think back to 2006 if I wasn’t born in 2008

  • Katherine Lazarito
    Katherine Lazarito 8 hours ago

    And are you lieing mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Katherine Lazarito
    Katherine Lazarito 8 hours ago

    Aw poor georgie it make me so sad😢😢😢😢😳😳

  • Katherine Lazarito
    Katherine Lazarito 9 hours ago

    I m a cat lover 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • joni turley
    joni turley 9 hours ago

    What the heek bisexul for animals

  • Bella Ampanyuth
    Bella Ampanyuth 9 hours ago

    Gladly my dog is still alive at the age of 16! When he fell in the sewers and found, I was horrified! 7:31

  • SliCK Dkdude
    SliCK Dkdude 9 hours ago

    I’m. A. Cat. Lover. Too

  • Carsen Hix
    Carsen Hix 10 hours ago

    You are one of the best USclip’rs

  • Rosie Gacha
    Rosie Gacha 10 hours ago

    Pepsi makes u pretty coke makes u cold 😌✴🔫

  • Kitty Cream 2
    Kitty Cream 2 11 hours ago

    Cat lover :3

  • Jessica Roberts
    Jessica Roberts 12 hours ago +1

    Dude , i love cats and dogs! :3

  • Why are you reading my name

    Your animations a cute, also those are cute cats. Nice job on this video, no accidents or fails on the animation and voice, grammar. Nice video,goodJob

  • A7 MMM
    A7 MMM 14 hours ago

    2:53 and I'm still wondering who that little girl between James and his brother is

  • Georgi Gyurganchev
    Georgi Gyurganchev 14 hours ago

    My grandma had 2 cats and 1 dog

  • Nadia Stoykova
    Nadia Stoykova 16 hours ago


  • mckenziedance28
    mckenziedance28 18 hours ago +3

    My favorite part is the Chihuahua being a pit bull 😂😂

  • Mylifeasgacha Summer
    Mylifeasgacha Summer 19 hours ago


  • The bear Potato
    The bear Potato 19 hours ago +1

    Your right I just got a cat and Tina is amazing and I’m allergic to my eyes get painfully dry

  • Owen Gray
    Owen Gray 19 hours ago

    Dog person or cat person I’m a reptile person

  • Lowkey Lauren
    Lowkey Lauren 20 hours ago

    0:44 if a dog lays on your chest it’s like way better;-;

  • first name 10th name
    first name 10th name 21 hour ago

    my cousin's cat got hit by a car she was a great great grandmother it was sad she was four years old I have her grand daughter she and she had kittens she died weeks ago it's kind of sad.

  • Brittany Howell
    Brittany Howell 22 hours ago

    My tabby cats purretty sick... no joke though hes kinda on the brink of death we think. His eyes are running with snot (its disgusting) and hes covered in glitter, we have to feed him with a tube hes blind because of the snot so yeah thongs arent going well for him. Were doing everything we can

  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris 22 hours ago +2

    Luna is a savage just walking inside for a dumb reason

  • chris nieves
    chris nieves 23 hours ago

    Tihs is sad

  • Elisa Houpt
    Elisa Houpt Day ago

    My sister's cat is luna

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez Day ago

    You can tell that at 8:57 he was gonna say pussy

  • Omid Tutakhil
    Omid Tutakhil Day ago

    I have have a girl cat, and when I first got her I couldn’t come up with a name I liked, so I just called her Girl. After about 10 years her name is still Girl.

  • xavier suber
    xavier suber Day ago

    i love cats
    there so furry

  • julian printup
    julian printup Day ago

    I have more cats than you

  • CottonCream
    CottonCream Day ago

    Look at the Description 0:32 November,32!?!?!

  • MC Spaz
    MC Spaz Day ago

    Maybe Spot became our cat, after my grandmas cat, Betty, and he left one day and never came back.

  • Gabriel van Eijk

    You JUST SAID "we never got another cat ever again" and then you said "UNTIL ONE DAY!" this makes no sense 2:57

  • Gabriel van Eijk

    Baby cat! Baby cat! We all calls him the baby cat! Baby cat! Baby cat!

  • Burn Angel
    Burn Angel Day ago

    Then, a kid punched him in the face.

  • Furry4Life101 ?
    Furry4Life101 ? Day ago

    James: I’m bisexual for cats
    Me: think before you think and don’t talk till you think Ed

  • Maribel Ramirez4075

    Was it black and white? Spot

    • Maribel Ramirez4075
      Maribel Ramirez4075 Day ago

      I did see a cat like him it was walking and then it was sitting on my door everytime we opened it it ran away and it never came back

  • Lolo Poop
    Lolo Poop Day ago


    I'll stop..

  • Genevieve Wiemer

    I’m paws-tivly a cat purrs-on

  • mastered ultra instinked gamer and goku

    A cat scratched me

  • Spirko Rodriguez

    7:57 too soon

  • Cassandra Perna
    Cassandra Perna Day ago

    Rest In Peace,Georgie.
    1 like and comment:A million prayers for Georgie.

    ISAAC GRABER Day ago

    How much times he says until

  • Cringey Chungus
    Cringey Chungus Day ago

    james: i’m more of a coke person myself
    this is why i like theodd1sout

  • Amber Morse
    Amber Morse Day ago

    I agree I want to pick both to

  • Dalia Stanislawska


  • Emily Killick
    Emily Killick Day ago

    I love catsssss!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi :p
    Hi :p Day ago +1

    He spelt chihuahua wrong..

  • Mohammed Migdady

    We have 6

  • Mikas Jankauskas

    dude luna (your cat btw) looks like my

  • Sara Perez
    Sara Perez Day ago

    I have 6 or 7 cats

  • Kaichou Axiesse Evergrene

    That until tho

  • Galaxy gamer
    Galaxy gamer Day ago

    LOL but till one day lolz

  • BluAnt
    BluAnt Day ago


    *uNTIL onE dAey!!!*

  • Bechayda Pacursa

    Hey dude you were in a song stamp all around that song

  • I'm AnnaBellEevee

    Throughout my life my family has had 11 cats, 3 dogs, 3 turtles 2 lizards 5 budgies at least 10 hamsters(one had babies so it could be up to 15 idr) and a gerbil. Most were mine