Half in the Bag Episode 162: Avengers: Endgame


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  • David Van Vranken

    I for one can’t wait for Avengers: Rizzro

  • PBOlad
    PBOlad 2 days ago

    Wait a sec, is there always music playing in the background of these...?

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch 2 days ago

    wow voyager's finale sounds like shit

  • Late Cambrian
    Late Cambrian 4 days ago

    I really want a movie about Wizzro, the grapefruit earlobe super villain.

  • RABBI Shekel
    RABBI Shekel 4 days ago

    i just watched it 2 days ago. no spoilers. i find it hard to care about this movie and despaired at the 3hr run time

  • G Ang
    G Ang 5 days ago

    OMG ...Rich Evans is the Hero in Endgame !!! He made the ultimate Acrificr!! Tony Stark returns in. Capt marvel 2

  • P Grace
    P Grace 8 days ago

    There's beer on the ship..

  • Andreas Tzimboukakis
    Andreas Tzimboukakis 9 days ago +1

    Infinity war should have been the last movie with the beginning of endgame attached to it when they seek out and kill thanos in a blinding vengence kind of way... he died but still won.

  • Drunketh Wizard
    Drunketh Wizard 11 days ago

    Thanos was just Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War when he beat up the Hulk. He had the Power Stone but didn't use it. When he had all the stones later on I think he was just playing hard to get.

  • It'sAGundam
    It'sAGundam 12 days ago +1

    oh my fuck How did I miss the star trek parallel

  • SupportE;R
    SupportE;R 13 days ago +2

    Steve went back in time to marry Peggy while the events of all the previous movies happen.
    So, does that mean that in Civil War, he makes-out with his niece?...

    • Sgt Snoke Em
      Sgt Snoke Em 10 days ago

      ......Cap was from a different time 😂😂

  • Bob Salt
    Bob Salt 14 days ago +1

    Finally watched it. It was fine. I wish I would have watched the edit where Captain Marvel is removed and Spiderman doesn't grovel in the mud like a frightened baby begging the Spice Girls to save him.

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 15 days ago

    People who say that 2014 Thanos is a different character are missing the point.
    Thanos emphasises over and over again that no matter how many times they try to defeat him, he'll always come back. He is inevitable. It no longer matters from what timeline he's from. He's an entity that, no matter his age, is always Thanos, and will always try to stop the Avengers.

  • Sean Mann
    Sean Mann 16 days ago

    Nope. Everyone got together for the funeral scene.

  • tazkermit
    tazkermit 18 days ago +1

    On more than one occasion you guys have assumed an "obvious" green screen shot or sequence. The funeral shot brought all those stars together, no stitching. With the exception of characters like the Hulk, who need effects to exist normally, there was no trickery. I also recall y'all dismissing one of the finest stunt efforts in the last decade in Skyfall, as those were real stunt men riding on rooftops on location in Istanbul. And you were pretty confident in that sentiment at that. There are other occasions that I can't remember. Y'all have always had a great eye for film making but perhaps reconsider jumping to green screen conclusions. Especially with badass stunts, because when noted in films like Fury Road, that really enhances the cinema experience. An action film that puts in such an effort is a much better watch.

  • Go_Rilla26
    Go_Rilla26 20 days ago +1

    "I've been waiting 5 years for this."
    Gul Dukat & The DS9 Writers Room

  • Trenchfood
    Trenchfood 20 days ago

    I got two words from this film... 'Vagenda' and 'Blacktain America'. Sorry!

  • Lucio IV
    Lucio IV 22 days ago

    Thanos even without using the stones dog walked the Hulk in under a minute, so I'm not sure why you don't understand him bearing Cap, Thor and Ironman without using stones.

  • A Coop
    A Coop 23 days ago

    No way Mike’s gonna read this now, but Thanos didn’t use/activate any of the stones against Hulk or Iron Man when he beat them in Infinity War.

  • T.J.Ball.
    T.J.Ball. 24 days ago

    The iron man gauntlet’s ability to harness the infinity stones is actually a deep lore that’s weirdly loosely inbuilt through the overarching story reaching as far back as Captain America 1. Basically the element with which tony makes his suits arc reactors from is based on the material that makes the tesseract. Which is a vessel designed to harness and contain the power of an infinity stone. Which is what the films are trying to imply gives tony the ability to use the stones. It’s a bit weird and seems like a stretch but hey. It’s a cool little crumb trail throughout the Stark saga

  • Daniel Shults
    Daniel Shults 25 days ago

    Have Tony reforge Thor's goofy axe into the new iron-infinity-gauntlet after they get Mjolnir back. Boom.

  • Shane Broussard
    Shane Broussard 27 days ago +1

    Mike must really get the Star Trak nerds riled up by always saying "Star Trak".

  • Kand1nSky
    Kand1nSky 27 days ago

    is it too early for a GoT reWatch?

  • Amani Bob
    Amani Bob 27 days ago +1

    Love how they didn't look it up before spitting on Tony Stark's funeral for having folks being "not really there", even though it's a simple search that would've earned them the confirmation that everyone *was fu*king there* or at least most out of literally a couple *hundreds* !

  • Crozan Egovult
    Crozan Egovult 28 days ago +1

    "Valkyrie will be the new Thor"
    Womp womp

  • TheDjOfChoice
    TheDjOfChoice 28 days ago +2

    The Hawkeye and Black Widow scene for the Soul Stone was also a bit of a plot hole for me
    To gain the stone you had to sacrifice what you loved the most, self sacrifice wouldn’t work & neither of them were willing to let each other sacrifice either, actively fighting to not let the other do it
    They would need to love themselves the most if they self sacrificed, and they didn’t, Hawkeye loved his family & Nat loved the Avengers
    She would have had to push Hawkeye by choice
    probably only Ego could gain the Soul Stone by self sacrificing himself

  • Absolynth
    Absolynth 28 days ago

    Why would OLD Captain America show up at the end? If he went back and changed history for himself, then his universe would splinter off from the one he left in that forest. Because now EVERYONE is in the universe where Captain America DIDN'T help then, right? Or was his younger self always there, while his older self was ALSO there? What the fuck? lol

  • hungarianbeast
    hungarianbeast 29 days ago

    My favorite scene is where they show that bug eatig pizza in Thors house. Not bad for a 3 hour movie!

  • Dustin
    Dustin 29 days ago

    Totally teared up at that beautiful summary of how Voyager ended 😭

  • Mack Lotus
    Mack Lotus Month ago

    Thanos is just barney on steroids

  • jmiester25
    jmiester25 Month ago

    As for your Thanos strength question from Infinity War to Endgame, remember that Thanos was emotionally distracted by sacrificing Gamora and hearing the news that Maw died: "This day extracts a heavy toll," and much more later he says to Wanda: "Today I've lost more than you know."
    In Endgame, everything is working in his favor. He has Gamora's help (or so he thinks), he has 2014 Nebula's help, he has his army and he's successfully in the future. He has the momentum.

  • Roboshi
    Roboshi Month ago

    It really is "return of the Jedi" to infinity wars' "empire strikes back". Gives you all the happy feels but not as good as the one with the downer ending.

  • Roboshi
    Roboshi Month ago

    Thanos' gauntlet was made to hold off any power from the stones and it did work with him using it twice it only fucked up his arm badly. With a specially made iron gantlet, the hulk fucked up his arm even worse with one use and Stark jsut died from one use with his own glove.

    The Gauntlet wasn't made to use the stones, it was made so the stones wouldn't kill you when you use them.

  • Xuvial
    Xuvial Month ago

    They either massively de-powered Thor, or massively buffed Thanos. In Infinity War we see Thor make 6-stone Thanos retreat, and he did that with Stormbreaker alone. Then in Endgame he has both Stormbreaker AND Mjolnir, and he can't beat non-gauntlnet Thanos? Not even with the help of Cap and Iron Man?? Wtf.

  • Edith Gonzalez
    Edith Gonzalez Month ago

    Hey, fatty, nobody cares about Star Trek, damn it.

  • Kris Nye
    Kris Nye Month ago +4

    Rich: "You can't get bigger than Thanos"

    Galactus would like to know your location

  • 912alldaylong
    912alldaylong Month ago

    if the story line was that once you have all the stones, they become part of you for ever, Thanos would never loose

  • 912alldaylong
    912alldaylong Month ago

    captain marvel is a tomboy

  • 912alldaylong
    912alldaylong Month ago

    infinity war= stake and potato, endgame= salad of vegetables

  • laserwolf65
    laserwolf65 Month ago

    The character stuff is A+ material. The plot? F. Overall? I dunno. Which do you care about more? If you care more about character stuff, it's a B. If care more about plot mechanics, it's closer to a C.

  • EggmanlandResident
    EggmanlandResident Month ago

    The description is a lie. I have no intention of actually watching it or giving Disney any money.

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      @EggmanlandResident pleased to meet you ceo of incel

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      @EggmanlandResident you must be a ceo or something, you dont even have 10 seconds to click on someones profile. idk what youre doing on youtube though if you are that busy.

    • EggmanlandResident
      EggmanlandResident Month ago

      @Vlad Chernov So...you bothered to look through someone's liked videos just to make a comment? I guess you have more time on your hands than I do.

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      you liked a video of a guy who refuses to buy a remastered game because a character has more clothes on so i assume your reason to not watch the movie is just as laughable

  • Eternal Reign
    Eternal Reign Month ago

    I don't remember, did they ever explain how or where the unsnapped people re-appear? And there are still a lot of people who died, like people on planes whose pilot was snapped, or even the people on the plane who were snapped and then snapped back 30k feet up. Passengers in cars flying down the highway if the driver was snapped, and then were the passengers snapped back still going 70 MPH? I think they need to make a movie just to explain it, like Rogue One. Endgame Snaps Back. Maybe it depends on what the snapper was thinking or wishing? Maybe Bruce wished for everyone to be place somewhere safe. Still wouldn't bring back the people who crashed in those pilotless planes however haha.

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      yea bruce brought everyone back in safe places. dont remember what was said about indirect victims of the snap tho.

  • Alan Kerr
    Alan Kerr Month ago

    Why didn't they just go back in time and get the sorcerer supreme and the time stone.

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago +1

      @Alan Kerr good point actually

    • Alan Kerr
      Alan Kerr Month ago

      @Vlad Chernov no why didn't they just send someone back to talk to her and get the time stone that way they could go back and forth through time as much as they want. So if they messed up getting the other stones they could just go back 5 minutes and do it again

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      lack of pym particles i guess

  • Corey Ciepiela
    Corey Ciepiela Month ago

    Infinity War-Thanos you could empathize with, Endgame-Thanos is just a generic superhero villain. I was satisfied with the ending, but not much rewatch value

  • BoomShaqaLaqa Sir
    BoomShaqaLaqa Sir Month ago

    Im still deeply dissapointed by how shitty the Hulk was in End game.. He was completely useless the entire movie ffs, and what you did see of him, was so damn lame and boring smh

  • David Collier
    David Collier Month ago

    I'm sure someone has answered this but as to the question about CGI at Stark's memorial; "Aside from Smart Hulk and Rocket and Groot, everybody's actually standing there." - Kevin Feige.

  • Justin Holmes
    Justin Holmes Month ago

    There's a 9hr time difference between St. Louis, MS (Barton lives in Missouri) and Nairobi, Kenya (which is directly South of Wakanda). You can obviously have daylight in both locations at the same time.

  • Jonobos
    Jonobos Month ago +1

    It is time travel which is fucking lazy and stupid writing, and I am not watching it.

  • rancid sausage
    rancid sausage Month ago +2

    Avengers endgame was crap if you ask me.

    • rancid sausage
      rancid sausage Month ago +1

      Speed Run I loved Infinity and when a film is good the time flys by and im surprised with Endgame because it did fly by but at the end of it i thought what went on?
      I think it was because there was nothing to make you think through the film. Yes the Cinematography was okay but it just plodded on was over and i felt totally underwhelmed so 2/10 i give it.

    • Speed Run
      Speed Run Month ago

      Glad I'm not the only one who didn't like it. I was getting lonely.

  • Kukipett Kelbozob
    Kukipett Kelbozob Month ago

    The end would have been much more satisfying if at the end when he snapps his fingers, the other half of the universe would turn to ashes, oups !!!

  • RJ Macready
    RJ Macready Month ago +1

    Wish I could travel back in time and get that 3 hours of my fucking life back

  • Patrick Doherty
    Patrick Doherty Month ago

    Despite all the hate (most of which seems justified), Captain Marvel was a hit at the box office. Can anyone explain this?

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      any mcu movie after infinity war wouldve been a hit i think

    • Hephaestus
      Hephaestus Month ago

      A lot of it was ignorance of the controversy. A lot of people don't spend all day on the internet watching these kinds of podcasts. Also, Disney made it seem like you'd NEED to see it to be caught up for Endgame. I still haven't watched it. I watch way too many podcasts at work :)

  • Daniel Corral
    Daniel Corral Month ago

    I liked the part when Iron Man (could have been someone else, can't member) told Hulk, make sure you only go back 5 years and not anymore than that. This is important because if he went back 5 years plus 1 day Loki would still be alive and they'd have to find a way to kill off Loki again. Very cool Russo Brothers 😂👍

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      tony said "bring back everyone thanos snapped 5 years ago. dont change anything else in last 5 years." very cool daniel.

  • Huntsman
    Huntsman Month ago

    Did you guys realize that you totally left a Star Bucks coffee cup on the set. Major blunder...

    • Vlad Chernov
      Vlad Chernov Month ago

      what set? these are 2 vcr repair guys in one of their clients house

  • Stefan N
    Stefan N Month ago

    Captain Marvel does not leave cos earthquakes, she leaves cos 50% of the galaxy been wiped out and more planets then earth needs help. The tremors were brought up cos Black Widow want it to be checked out but Okoye tells her "Nat, It's an earthquake under the ocean. We handling it by not handling it."

  • Model maker
    Model maker Month ago +2

    To many films got sick of seeing the same characters over and over again preferred the first faze in my opinion nothing special would rather watch the first superman movie or Spider-Man 1+2

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco Month ago +1

    snap your fingers & make more food & water you stupid purple bastard

  • GLP
    GLP Month ago

    Susan crushed that intro, that shit was tight AF.

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J Month ago

    Without the mind stone, thanos isn't smart enough to fully utilize all the bells and whistles of the other stones?

  • celinehagbard2323
    celinehagbard2323 Month ago +1

    The should made Aveners and new X-man (which are teenegers now) fighting sentinels. Just let Hulk punch purple guys:)