Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum Foil?

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • Aluminum foil is known to tear easily, but how strong can it get when it's twisted into a rope? Is it even possible? Today we're finding the answers.
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Comments • 7 855

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    mannat gulati 2 days ago +1

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    Mike Lawless 3 days ago

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  • Keka Harris
    Keka Harris 7 days ago

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  • OGXphobia
    OGXphobia 7 days ago

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    Kendall softball 11 days ago

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    Dalten Perleberg 13 days ago

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  • dreadthedays Music
    dreadthedays Music 13 days ago

    It's beautiful. Great for an art project.... Maybe not one that is weight bearing lol

  • Depopa
    Depopa 14 days ago

    can it hold my bodyweight? then I got some great plans in mind.

  • Peter Semonian
    Peter Semonian 15 days ago

    at least its stronger than a samsung

  • Super plushie Edgar
    Super plushie Edgar 16 days ago

    Can you try making a colorful rope

  • joannatroll trap
    joannatroll trap 16 days ago

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    TATUM CASSADY 17 days ago +1

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    fatama karim 17 days ago +1

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  • Andy Varcho
    Andy Varcho 18 days ago

    Still want to know how strong a rope made of duct tape is.

  • EpicFantasy12
    EpicFantasy12 18 days ago

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  • Le Pulé
    Le Pulé 18 days ago

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  • Arianna Suggs
    Arianna Suggs 18 days ago

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  • Stefan Rosu
    Stefan Rosu 18 days ago

    Make a rope with leaves. Might be handy for survival.

  • Sophie Durham
    Sophie Durham 18 days ago

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  • Hjdjd Udhhfhdhdh
    Hjdjd Udhhfhdhdh 18 days ago

    You'd think metal would be strong and you'd be wrong

  • Littleladylulu Lulu
    Littleladylulu Lulu 19 days ago

    I would have done the pounding and sanding method after you twisted them. Like when they make those balls

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    Evelyn Vlogs and more 19 days ago

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    Arnas Laurinaitis 24 days ago

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  • The True Legendary Super Saiyajin

    What about rubber bands? Can't there be one done on rubber bands?

  • Roevic Rosnuel Ty
    Roevic Rosnuel Ty 26 days ago

    Make a rope using paper

  • Shaun Mccarthy
    Shaun Mccarthy 26 days ago

    That’s not a rope it’s aluminium cable 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Omar James
    Omar James 26 days ago

    Phone chargers make a route with phone chargers

  • TheSequel Plays&Vlogs
    TheSequel Plays&Vlogs 27 days ago

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  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams 27 days ago

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  • harde boy!
    harde boy! 27 days ago

    Its not tareable strong

  • Tigger TV
    Tigger TV 29 days ago

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  • happy dog
    happy dog 29 days ago

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    Jondell Cadyne Month ago

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  • Theblahblah2727
    Theblahblah2727 Month ago

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  • NickandLex
    NickandLex Month ago +1

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  • Bryce Animations
    Bryce Animations Month ago

    I think that when you used the fish scale it got weaker as you pulled and it unwinded

  • Gavyn Loos
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    DADDY Month ago

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    How do one write neighbor?

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    I smell like beef Month ago

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  • Ness Winter
    Ness Winter Month ago

    I can't get over how Americans pronounce aluminum

    • Crazshayz x
      Crazshayz x Month ago

      Lol that’s how we Americans pronounce it. Honestly it’s the right way to pronounce it.

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    The Riddler 70000 Month ago

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    F03 4NB.
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  • Fred Jackson
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    No it’s called a wire

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    Mark Delgado Month ago

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    Just to correct you, at around 9:07-9:08 it’s actually 59 lbs not 56 :)

  • Coolest Gus
    Coolest Gus Month ago

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    Krakens Tale Month ago

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    ArtisticWizard 101 Month ago +2

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