What's the Hardest Place to Break Into in the World?


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  • RealLifeLore
    RealLifeLore  6 months ago +1198

    Hey guys, sorry for the slightly delayed upload on this! I'm currently in Guam with Sam from Wendover Productions (airplane guy) and Brian from Real Engineering and the WiFi in my hotel is pretty bad, so it took a long time to upload this. Anyway, if you want to check out some behind the scenes photos I've taken here go check out my instagram; bit.ly/2HgMHFN

    • Ky_Without_ An_’I’
      Ky_Without_ An_’I’ 19 days ago

      Lmao just found this video and realized somebody big knows and has been to Guam.
      The hotel WiFi does suck

    • Jay Yt
      Jay Yt Month ago

      Solution get a nuke and drop it on bank

    • SuperSpruce
      SuperSpruce 3 months ago

      RealLifeLore 1000th like on this comment

    • Samuel Karras
      Samuel Karras 3 months ago

      Bruh hack dashline and u dead

  • Dagan Ward
    Dagan Ward 6 hours ago

    I've compiled a list of the hardest places to break into. By difficulty.
    The Federal Reserve Bank
    Chuck Norris's house

  • Kathy Vincent
    Kathy Vincent 9 hours ago +1

    *The FBI joined the chat*

  • Musaid Mohsin
    Musaid Mohsin Day ago +1

    Where is Michael schofield at? 😂

  • Thomas Dinh
    Thomas Dinh Day ago

    The true hardest place to break into is an unopened jar

  • The_Ipodcrazy
    The_Ipodcrazy Day ago

    Uh...guys get the thermal drill

  • The_Ipodcrazy
    The_Ipodcrazy Day ago

    Only legends will get this referance:
    I can break into all of these places with just a medic bag

    KAMAEHAMAEHA 2 days ago

    It's possible in GTA 5 haha

  • Viruz
    Viruz 2 days ago


  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 3 days ago

    just use tnt and blow up the stone bricks in the wall all you need is some gunpower, sand and a redstone torch

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 3 days ago +1

    thats ez just go in, take the gold and leave lol dumb

  • NickClegg666
    NickClegg666 3 days ago

    this whole video was just a dashlane add. fuck you you cunt.

    also your information about the hacking of the federal reserve through bangladesh isn't the full story

  • Luke H
    Luke H 3 days ago

    Remember, this is only what they allow us to know ;)

    MRX GAMEING8 3 days ago

    One way is work in the bank

  • BeastMaster64
    BeastMaster64 4 days ago

    Omg he said sri lanka

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia 4 days ago +1

    Video ends at 4:38

  • alfonso chy
    alfonso chy 5 days ago

    Tell OverKill to make this a heist in payday

  • GamePlayer 101
    GamePlayer 101 5 days ago

    You need theGTA 4,5,SA and VICE city for this job. 😂

  • Dood Bob
    Dood Bob 5 days ago

    Made to Vault-Tec specs.

  • deadtornado
    deadtornado 6 days ago

    Now Dashlane can access all my information... they know all my passwords now...

  • IT'ᔕ ᗰEᕼ
    IT'ᔕ ᗰEᕼ 7 days ago

    The hardest place to break into is a secret headquarters home to the largest uncensored hentai supply

  • PlushiePark Pro
    PlushiePark Pro 7 days ago

    Maximum honeycomb

  • BlazeYT
    BlazeYT 8 days ago

    Banks hate him! People despise him! See how this man was able to make a tutorial to break into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York!

  • Chinfu
    Chinfu 8 days ago

    Best call superman for that one hehe...

    If anyone gets that reference

  • Michael Judge
    Michael Judge 8 days ago

    im 90 percent sure the white house has more protection than this.

  • BØB
    BØB 9 days ago

    Fbi open up

  • Pur3Zzz EZ CLAPS
    Pur3Zzz EZ CLAPS 9 days ago

    Why is this public information

    DUMB_GAMER 10 days ago +1

    Guys,the thermal drill,go get it

  • Eye Ball
    Eye Ball 10 days ago

    I thought the most gold stored was fort knocks

  • BobTheWaterSaleman
    BobTheWaterSaleman 10 days ago

    FBI can break into anything.

  • Plasma Oof
    Plasma Oof 10 days ago

    The hardest place to break in to is my sister's room.

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks 10 days ago

    There is a freight elevator. Has to be.

  • God Fox
    God Fox 11 days ago

    I can do it in 5 min

  • James Wakefield
    James Wakefield 11 days ago

    Challenge accepted

  • Kemyon Pannell
    Kemyon Pannell 11 days ago

    Me who's played the GTA story 3 times over*

    "I can handle it."

  • SoViEtUnIoN NiBBa
    SoViEtUnIoN NiBBa 11 days ago +1

    Is this the mission from GTA V
    The Big One?

  • Matthew John
    Matthew John 12 days ago

    just use a shadow st0ne lol

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 12 days ago +2

    Breaking in there was too easy 😂

  • Blackhawks 8872
    Blackhawks 8872 12 days ago

    Id do this in minecraft
    And make gapples, gold blocks

    More gold blocks

    Alot of gold blocks

  • OfficialWheat 90
    OfficialWheat 90 12 days ago

    What if somebody hacks in to dash Lane?

  • Ayorinde TV
    Ayorinde TV 13 days ago

    The real question is how real life lore knows this..

  • Gally in Nottingham
    Gally in Nottingham 13 days ago

    The answer to the puzzle is just being in the ruling class, walking in, grabbing some gold and leaving with a handshake

  • 12vinyl
    12vinyl 13 days ago

    I thought the golds were at Fort Knox, no?

  • Jake
    Jake 13 days ago

    Ocean's eleven could break into this lol.

  • Michael Israelov
    Michael Israelov 13 days ago

    Challenge accepted

  • 1 2
    1 2 14 days ago

    Fort Knox

  • Quin0911 Gracia
    Quin0911 Gracia 14 days ago

    Ur mom

  • BandagedCuts XZ
    BandagedCuts XZ 14 days ago

    The ad slide in was smooooth

  • Beelzemon MC
    Beelzemon MC 14 days ago

    Guess they didn't watch Die Hard with a Vengeance... meheheh

  • Vamcat 31
    Vamcat 31 14 days ago

    Me: BET!!!

  • Toshii Gaminggt
    Toshii Gaminggt 14 days ago

    Just hire 4 Pro Robber With All the Items He Needs For Disabling All cameras And Boom You Are Sucess

  • Bignoggrr 33
    Bignoggrr 33 15 days ago

    Lester knows a way

  • brady093093
    brady093093 15 days ago +2

    hahaha thats what you think

  • PXRP
    PXRP 15 days ago

    Thanks for security surveillance info *cough* *cough*

  • Lord Tachanka Himself
    Lord Tachanka Himself 15 days ago

    When I thought breaking into my sisters room was hard

  • oldjeff100
    oldjeff100 15 days ago

    Hardest ever?
    Done it mate.

  • Baseball69
    Baseball69 16 days ago

    He basically said “they dont make you pay to use it, you just have to pay when you withdraw or deposit gold”
    So you do have to pay?
    “No... just to put it in or take it out. But theres no fees”. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  • fudge_y
    fudge_y 16 days ago

    My search history

  • Wilkie Whale
    Wilkie Whale 16 days ago

    US government wants to know your location

  • jayesh kawli
    jayesh kawli 17 days ago

    Nice commercial of Dashlane

  • Greshen Gaines
    Greshen Gaines 17 days ago

    You are so good at adding in the sponsors at the end. Really 😀

    COPYRIGHT SHY 17 days ago

    Easy:Make and Army with MAX WEPONS

  • Suck my Jokes
    Suck my Jokes 19 days ago

    I would try to break into freedom from school

  • Goldbaconsnipr45 0
    Goldbaconsnipr45 0 19 days ago

    Rob scrooge mcduck.

  • kingblox
    kingblox 19 days ago

    1:06 gringots Harry Potter bank

  • Teh Memez Lord
    Teh Memez Lord 19 days ago

    When you pepper spray a police officer at that very bank

    *intensity intensifies*

  • Lee Sin
    Lee Sin 19 days ago


  • Ocean Girl
    Ocean Girl 20 days ago

    Area 51

  • e man
    e man 20 days ago

    Light work... Hold my beer

  • Gameking 49
    Gameking 49 20 days ago

    Logan Paul tries

    • Zahid Shabir
      Zahid Shabir 17 days ago

      Nah he would get caught before even getting half a mile away from the bank that's how stupid he and his brother/father are

  • Mat
    Mat 21 day ago

    great a new heist for payday 2 YAY

    SNOWISTA 21 day ago

    Alright Alright, I clicked on damn video! Happy USclip?

  • Tobias Limosnero
    Tobias Limosnero 21 day ago

    Watch me!!!

  • CaptainDrums
    CaptainDrums 21 day ago

    If one of those gold bars costs 600,000 screw taking a wheel barrow ill take two of them bars and call it a day lol.

  • Trumanchap productions

    Just ask politely for the gold

  • Mohamed abdirahman
    Mohamed abdirahman 25 days ago +1

    Roths child family net income 50%

  • BattleBornHD
    BattleBornHD 25 days ago

    And what happens if they hack your dashlane? 🤔

  • Marcel Rodriguez
    Marcel Rodriguez 27 days ago

    So you telling me a small nuke detonating next to the building wouldnt bring that bitch down?

  • abdullah muzil
    abdullah muzil 28 days ago

    i do not know, are you telling us to rob it or are you telling us that there is no way to rob it :(

  • Faris Mukhtar
    Faris Mukhtar 28 days ago

    Scofield can crack this

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 28 days ago

    Why do other governments hold their gold in the US?

  • Alan Orozco
    Alan Orozco 28 days ago

    Clickbait. Hardest place to break in is a girls' heart. R.I.P.

  • FM2U KJ901
    FM2U KJ901 28 days ago

    That instrumental ! What is it

  • st V
    st V 28 days ago

    7,000 tons of gold bricks is worth $250 mil? Your math is definitely off. That would be worth way more

  • Memis
    Memis 29 days ago

    How did I get from Shane Dawson's documentary to this...

  • Anime Livestreams
    Anime Livestreams 29 days ago

    What about Fort Knox

  • Jonathan roa
    Jonathan roa Month ago

    #0 *Flex Tape*

  • Redwolf
    Redwolf Month ago

    So much money

  • ImKirbyyy
    ImKirbyyy Month ago

    In my girlfriends pussy.

  • Bebegamer
    Bebegamer Month ago

    My heart

  • Mike Bargs
    Mike Bargs Month ago

    Hardest place?... Bet

  • Tyler Fox
    Tyler Fox Month ago

    Can you subscribe to me

  • God Mode
    God Mode Month ago +2

    My heart cuz ion let these *thots* mess with it

  • 100 Subs With No Video Challenge

    Just call Lestet


    Who wants to dig a tunnel with me?

  • Stranger movie 27
    Stranger movie 27 Month ago

    No it's gringotts

  • Ιορδάνης Αρβανιτιδης

    well played the ad in the end ....well played

  • GG WP
    GG WP Month ago

    Is this payday3 trailer?

  • Ricardo Gallegos
    Ricardo Gallegos Month ago

    Not a bank robber...but...just rob all the trucks they'll use to move the gold after a "attempted " break in. Probably a small army but still. Lol

  • Samuel Garay
    Samuel Garay Month ago

    I can still break in I don’t care fuck em