Struggling Owner Laughs at Being Over $1 Million in Debt | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
  • The owner thinks he's Sherlock Holmes, but Gordon thinks he's mad.
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Comments • 6 890

  • Zara Jackson
    Zara Jackson 6 hours ago

    has a shit english accent: mInE iS cLeArLy bEttEr tHaN a *_NATIVE ENGLISH MAN_*

  • LauraIsPink
    LauraIsPink 8 hours ago

    Oh my god the British accent *cringe* . . . I did a church musical when I was 12 or 13 where I had to adopt an over the top British accent and even though it wasn't great I can guarantee it was better than his attempt. How embarrassing and tacky was that? The whole performance must have been unbearable to sit through.

  • Winston Troy
    Winston Troy 16 hours ago

    This seems like it would be on nathan for you

  • Kurt Sontag
    Kurt Sontag 17 hours ago

    apparently Gordon has a better Midwestern accent than me

  • Shelley Jackson
    Shelley Jackson 17 hours ago

    Gordon is Scottish
    Sherlock Holmes is English

  • Wayne Holmes
    Wayne Holmes Day ago

    John, Gordon is not British, he's Scottish.

  • josejalepeno63
    josejalepeno63 Day ago

    This is the same couple from “John I want a divorce”

  • Rainey Love
    Rainey Love Day ago

    He looks like the devil

  • Pea Zalez
    Pea Zalez Day ago

    Bro how do people marry people like this lmao

  • Fright Artz
    Fright Artz Day ago

    Wife: *wants to die*
    Husband: *laughs*

  • Vee Vino
    Vee Vino Day ago

    When he said “talk to my hand”...I felt that.

  • DesireRee
    DesireRee Day ago +1

    If I was her I would go back to dentistry, save enough for a small apartment, and leave his selfish butt.

  • Joseph Napolitano
    Joseph Napolitano Day ago +4

    I don’t think the owner realizes that Gordon’s Scottish

  • manfrombritain
    manfrombritain 2 days ago

    it amazes me that an insane moron like this has a wife and managed to get a loan to buy a $700k hotel ... while i, a sane and competent human being who also happens to be fun as fuck, am single

  • waddle.
    waddle. 2 days ago

    I'm surprised the wife hasn't just left.
    This guy fucking laughs at his own wife's life being a living hell.

  • Susan Anderson
    Susan Anderson 2 days ago

    He put them in more debt than they may ever be ae to pay off, no more house... and he thinks it's funny? Time for a wake up call. So much respect for the wife, he doesnt deserve her.

  • DragonBat362
    DragonBat362 2 days ago

    God, I want to beat John's ass. Not only has he pretty much forced his wife into misery and debt with him, but he's practically happy about it!
    This isn't an irresponsible man, this is a sadist. He probably jerks off to his wife's misery.

  • Yawa Player
    Yawa Player 2 days ago

    This man resembles me a lot hahahaha

  • Gr4h1m
    Gr4h1m 2 days ago +1

    That is the worst fucking British accent I’ve ever heard.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 days ago

    How does a bank allow this to happen? This can’t be right. Normally, if a bank grants a massive loan, the debtors have the assets or income to back it up.

  • Mekela Tyler
    Mekela Tyler 2 days ago +1

    I firmly believe that your business is only as strong as your marriage, and this video just confirmed it.

  • Henry Burris
    Henry Burris 2 days ago +2

    I'm against cheating, but if she did, I wouldn't blame her

  • Gilfoyle Shanks
    Gilfoyle Shanks 2 days ago +1

    The wife's English accent was very good 2:58

  • Deric Romero
    Deric Romero 3 days ago

    This guy is the epitome of a Loser

  • MacBurnin' Man
    MacBurnin' Man 3 days ago


  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 3 days ago

    Have some goddamn faith

  • Bane
    Bane 4 days ago

    She's definitely cheating.

  • Jedrick Lopez
    Jedrick Lopez 4 days ago +1

    Am i the only one that thinks the murder mysteries looks kinda fun☠☠☠

  • Hdhehz
    Hdhehz 4 days ago

    My mans lookin like Sherlock Holmes

  • Ismael Muniz
    Ismael Muniz 4 days ago +1

    This nigga bought a fucking a hotel without telling his wife first wtf

  • DanielPlayz
    DanielPlayz 5 days ago +4

    Gordon: Wait so you are *$1,000,000* in debt??
    Husband: *WHEEZE*

  • tlen keeb
    tlen keeb 5 days ago

    What the fuck is goin in this guys head. 1 million in debt and hes playing dress up for 200 dollars. What a joke

  • Holly Ottley
    Holly Ottley 5 days ago

    Talk to the hand Cos the face ain’t listening

  • MadMan 479R
    MadMan 479R 5 days ago +1

    Wife: you ruined my life, we're a million in debt, my parents disowned me when i chose to stay with you, i was happy as a dentist, we can never have kids cause you're too irresponsible. Im leaving you, i have been having an affair for several months now with your childhood bully, goodbye and im getting everything in the divorce.
    Owner: *FuCkInG WhEeZeS tO dEaTh*

  • Wow
    Wow 5 days ago +3

    Wife:This is my hell I just want to die -cries-
    Him:Haha XD I’m Sherlock Holmes and my accent is actually better than a real British persons

  • kyulkyung's pinky promise

    world: ends
    dude: LAWL ECKSDEE 😩😩

  • Ser Bronn Of Highgarden

    Gordon: "your in over a million dollars worth of debt"
    Manager: "I could have been an actor, you know"
    Gordon: "what the fuck are you gonna do to get out of this fucking shit your in?"
    Manager: errrrrrrr.........dress up as Sherlock Holmes ?.
    Gordon: wtf? Are you fucking mental? How are you going to find $650,000 ?
    Manager pulls out a magnifying glass

  • xx_Elven_xx
    xx_Elven_xx 6 days ago +17

    "I am playing an Englishman and I even have a pipe to go with it.."
    *Gordon's Face - Priceless*

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 6 days ago

    This guy is fucking delusional! Like idiotic delusional moron. His poor wife.

  • Barbara Dyson
    Barbara Dyson 6 days ago +1

    What a selfish git my husband certainly wouldn't do anything like that.

  • pevitzachast
    pevitzachast 6 days ago

    That guy is checked out.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 6 days ago

    Husband is a fag

  • The3inchpunisher ofpain

    The fucking dude is a nut.

  • John Brown
    John Brown 6 days ago

    Sherlock holmes looking mutha-f$&ka

  • MMR
    MMR 6 days ago +1

    John has a very VERY punchable face! .....his face is literally begging to be punched!

  • This is Patrick
    This is Patrick 7 days ago +28

    Wife: I burst into tears when I heard he bought the hotel, we sold our house, our savings, retirement money in the 401k, everything! We now live in the attic, I have a terrible life, I'm slaving away 24/7 while he role play each night, our relationship is falling apart and this feels like my personal hell.

    Husband: lmao it's detective o'clock

  • Polo Sucks
    Polo Sucks 7 days ago

    1:05 weard stupid bitch u lucky the fool don’t kill her weard ass mtf

  • lamacorn lindsay
    lamacorn lindsay 7 days ago

    He don’t practice his accent 😂😂 he just has it you YOU sir need to practice wtf is wrong with him

  • Sami Baluch
    Sami Baluch 7 days ago +2


  • Missy ArSan
    Missy ArSan 7 days ago

    Poor wife....

  • A Moose That Rants
    A Moose That Rants 7 days ago

    He is fucking mental

  • Matthew New
    Matthew New 7 days ago +108

    Damn I'm $3000 in debt and I'm worried. This guy's $1 million in the hole and he's just like, "hehe I'm in debt."

    • Huba Buba
      Huba Buba 7 days ago +37

      hope you get out of it bro, take care

  • p-y
    p-y 8 days ago

    Conan doyle is spinning in his grave

  • Not-Quite Satan
    Not-Quite Satan 8 days ago +1

    “This is my hell”

  • Samuel Martin
    Samuel Martin 8 days ago

    If Michael Scott bought a hotel

  • Bro Bonobo
    Bro Bonobo 9 days ago

    Cringe 200%

  • D4Gamerz
    D4Gamerz 9 days ago +1

    4:08 Cameraman sure knows his angles, what a view!

  • goovv
    goovv 9 days ago +6

    Wife: is trapped in a hot, cramped kitchen having to cook all the food for many guests
    Husband: Hey Gordon, I bet my English accent is better than yours

  • Morris Meeuwissen
    Morris Meeuwissen 9 days ago +1

    Wtf is this man

  • Spark Zuckerbum
    Spark Zuckerbum 9 days ago +1

    Every. Single. Episode.
    “Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I didn’t realize things were so bad.”

    I don’t fucking believe you Ramsay.

  • Zaviah IV
    Zaviah IV 9 days ago +1

    Wife: 😶☢️😶☢️😶☢️😶
    Husband: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Harry Ztun
    Harry Ztun 10 days ago

    That laugh is that man loosing his sanity.

  • ASMay
    ASMay 10 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay can call me a dumbass any day.

  • Sigh1 films
    Sigh1 films 10 days ago

    Wtf is this bullshit lmao he in 1 million in debt and playing dress up. What a joke

  • MLBfanBoy 10
    MLBfanBoy 10 10 days ago +8

    I'm stressed just watching this. Couldn't imagine being in the situation in real life.

  • Megan Gagliardi
    Megan Gagliardi 10 days ago

    Is that Sherlock Holmes in the thumbnail?

  • Nigger
    Nigger 11 days ago

    I think he’s laughing because that might possibly be a coping mechanism for him.

  • Mama Said
    Mama Said 11 days ago

    Update this decor no more acting no not good

  • Mama Said
    Mama Said 11 days ago

    Old age future not looking so good

  • budsmoke bunny
    budsmoke bunny 11 days ago

    2:38 gordon isn't British.. hes Irish

  • Lokman Hakim
    Lokman Hakim 11 days ago

    That sweet wife deserve a better man

  • The Tech Librarian
    The Tech Librarian 11 days ago

    I don't understand how these people make it in life ? So you have 700k liqued and this is the best you can come up with? Even if you blew it all and traveled the world it would be more fun then this.

  • Cristofopo Cornelious
    Cristofopo Cornelious 11 days ago

    wtf i work my ass of and this cunt can geat a loan for 1 fucking million and a very cute wife, what a fucking joke this world is.

  • YELDARB5000
    YELDARB5000 11 days ago

    what the fuck lmao

  • Mr 617
    Mr 617 11 days ago

    "Oh, Oh, Sherlock, does, does that Massage your Ego a Little Bit More?!"

  • JR 12
    JR 12 11 days ago

    Thank fuck he didnt try an Irish accent

  • Robot
    Robot 12 days ago

    Everytime i see him smiling, i just want to punch him

  • D K
    D K 12 days ago

    Any psychiatrist here? I honestly wonder how many diagnoses this dumbass has. Personality disorder, I am quite sure, what else? I need answers

  • Turtle Burger
    Turtle Burger 12 days ago

    4:13 Would love to take part in these Scooby Doo nights

  • AirKangLocker
    AirKangLocker 12 days ago

    This should be called Marriage Nightmare

  • Orpheusftw
    Orpheusftw 12 days ago

    Haven't had a cringe that good in a long time.

  • papae
    papae 12 days ago +3

    he's michael scott, but with no redeeming qualities.

  • Alibaster Crenshaw
    Alibaster Crenshaw 12 days ago +1

    Dude ruins their lives then laughs about it like a sociopath. Must be a Trump supporter.

    • gabs
      gabs 12 days ago

      Curious about the comparison

  • aeroAdvocate
    aeroAdvocate 12 days ago

    People are insane. The mortgage alone is crazy. Over a million bucks for an old Inn and they have given up all their assets. NUTS!

  • Honey Lavender
    Honey Lavender 12 days ago +1

    "my totally American accent is far way better than Gordon's, he doesn't practice it much"
    Who practices their accent???

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins 13 days ago

    Kick his dumbass to the street sell the hotel get what you can out of it move on with out him.

  • Linkin Graffiti
    Linkin Graffiti 13 days ago +3

    He:Look I am Sherlock-I EVEN HAVE A PIPE!!😌
    Gordon: Cringing into the ground.

  • I make house calls UKdoctor

    His accent is awful

  • Kevin Ceniceros
    Kevin Ceniceros 13 days ago

    Now I feel sorry for A Conan Doyle....... They killed his stories.

  • The Duke
    The Duke 13 days ago

    Has...has this guy ever met someone with an English accent

  • Arik Schechter
    Arik Schechter 13 days ago

    He's Scottish you donkey

  • Jose Mora
    Jose Mora 13 days ago

    For the English watching, please don’t hate the U.S. for this mans attempt at the English accent at 2:30. Please, remember your country has special needs people too.

  • ArgyleGroove
    ArgyleGroove 13 days ago

    When he started doing the accent in front of Gordon.. CRINGE!

  • Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller 13 days ago +1

    "I don't know where Gordon got his accent from. He obviously doesn't practice very much. Mine is far more authentic than his is."
    Gordon is from the UK! How English does he have to be to sound authentic?!

  • Chaos Primordial
    Chaos Primordial 13 days ago +1

    She should have left him when he wanted to buy the Hotel.
    It's bad enough their a million in debt now their playing Sherlock Homes to only get $200 dollars.
    I bet they spent more than they got for that day.

  • EditRepublic
    EditRepublic 14 days ago

    If David Cross left Arrested Development he'd be a great Tobias replacement

  • hi
    hi 14 days ago

    He's mentally ill.

  • StiligamingYT
    StiligamingYT 14 days ago

    I think the husband is drunker than the crackhead on my street

  • charlie 210405
    charlie 210405 14 days ago

    No one practices a Sherlock accent , if you want to be Sherlock Holmes become a great person at accents or be British actor

  • cool
    cool 14 days ago +4

    The best example of narcissism that i have ever seen