• Published on Aug 25, 2019
  • Stephen Sharer makes DIY Unbreakable Barrier to prevent twins pond monsters from escaping backyard bay hideout while Grace Sharer drives top secret spy machine to capture!
    Last vlog you saw Stephen Share called “ANIMAL CONTROL AGENTS SEARCH BEACH for POND MONSTER CLUES!! (Twin Evidence Found)” and Grace Sharer was also at the beach and posted “TWIN POND MONSTERS CAPTURE GRACE SHARER on WATERPROOF SPY MACHINE!!” well today Stephen Sharer and his twin like Sister Grace Sharer and John took the spy drone into the sky to see where the pond monster battle Royale defense barrier should be installed. While the spy drone was flying Stephen, Grace and John laid out all the frame work for the defense barrier and then hopped in the electric golf cart and headed to the hardware store to get some DIY tools and gadgets to help build this home made monster barrier. At the hardware store John picked u some unbreakable nylon rope, Grace picked up some gadget safety equipment and Stephen picked up a spy gadget backpack kinda like the back to school backpacks for school supplies but this is a spy pack that can be filled with monster repellent! Once back at the Sharer Fam beach house, the family hopped on the Sea Doo Jet Ski and headed over to the pond monster swamp. Right away the Sharers spotted the pond monster in the bay and were close to having an underwater battle royale with it if they didn’t set up the defense barrier in time. With all the home made diy gadgets Stephen quickly set up the defense barrier and once it was fully installed, this home made net was ready to keep the pond monster out from escaping any room! Now the Sharers can head back to the Sharer Fam house and get this pond monster out of their backyard pool for good!
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    I love you guys so much and I love your mom and I love your dog's and I love your videos

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    Spot the different wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrwwwwww if you see the different like my comment!!

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    Do you know what the band skillet is because that’s my favorite band I hope you make a really scary video

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    Stephen share is a great person you have super cool hair Stephen 😎

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    Pick up the sharergini

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    They are as tall as people it might be people dressed up and living in when the house is beside your house

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    Call the jet sky sharasky

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    The pond monster was a guy i saw it i saw the hands shirt

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    Done pls

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    I thought they were animals but obviously not

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    Is monster real

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    He can swim under it

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    The Pond Monster would make for a good hood ornament for the Sharerghini😉

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    Stephen vinegar is not good for the sea

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    I think you should get some bait and put it under a very strong big metal box and trap it and bring it to animal control

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