I Tried Following A Simply Nailogical Nail Art Tutorial

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • So I saw everyone following each other's makeup tutorials and I wanted to join in, but I decided that I wanted to try something I'd never tried before: NAIL ART. So in this video I tried to follow my friend Simply Nailogical's DIY multi-chrome raindrop nail tutorial and see how it went! We used gel polish, multichrome powder, glossy top coat, and fun rain drop effects!!
    Also, make sure to watch until the end to VOTE on what my hair color should be for a special 4M subs video...!
    Check out Cristine's video here: usclip.net/video/DfpoGe1oQ04/video.html
    Check out Thomas Halbert's video here (inspiration): usclip.net/video/eDxqbU-guS0/video.html
    Check out my friend Lauren's nail salon here: instagram.com/color_camp/
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +18060

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! sorry for the upload issues yesterday... hope you enjoy this silly attempt at doing one of cristine's videos! also, make sure to watch until the end to VOTE on what color i should dye my hair!! love u guys! EDIT: ALSO, as i said in the video, i didn't have enough lead time to buy the products from online, I only used what I could find in stores in person! So don't use what I use, get the stuff from cristine's links plz! i know cristine doesnt like glue base coats but i had to use what i could buy in person! and it worked fine for the purposes of the video.

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat 8 hours ago

    Love them

  • krystal saucedo
    krystal saucedo 12 hours ago


  • Caoimhe s
    Caoimhe s 14 hours ago

    Saf: Can I put this on my face? Is that safe?
    Cristine (a few months later): Full Face in Multi Chrome Video 🤣

  • Aina Love
    Aina Love Day ago

    Saf: can I put this on my face??
    Cristine: ....

  • MarianaAmazing101

    Saf; Can I put this stuff on my face or-, that, that's not a good idea.
    No but actually though how toxic is this? Like what would happen if I put this, on my lips?
    *A year later Cristine posts a video about multi-chrome makeup*

  • Nathaly Alvarez
    Nathaly Alvarez Day ago

    my nails are the sameeee....naked and claw-like.My sis calls me a CAT. :/

  • Scarlet West
    Scarlet West Day ago +1

    Do u mean Holo 0:00

  • Sameul Ullah
    Sameul Ullah Day ago

    *tHaT’s tHe MCDoNaLd’s tHeMe sOnG*

  • Suran's y/n
    Suran's y/n 2 days ago

    I wanna do her nails so bad 😔

  • sapphire Wolf
    sapphire Wolf 2 days ago +1

    Why, why, why.


  • Ella Lee
    Ella Lee 2 days ago +3

    You gotta bake that sh*t for minute.
    From a late Australian comment

  • My Cliche Dreamz X
    My Cliche Dreamz X 2 days ago

    Her fanned middle nail are all my nails

  • Jasmine Chea
    Jasmine Chea 2 days ago

    Saf: Here's the thing......
    Tyler:....... You just started......

  • Abby Brown
    Abby Brown 3 days ago

    pause at 13:26 And i'll see ya'll later bob

  • Joseph Murphy
    Joseph Murphy 3 days ago +1


  • Jf Carrier
    Jf Carrier 3 days ago +1

    When is part 2 ? 😊

  • Foxicorn Lily
    Foxicorn Lily 3 days ago +1

    **Nail** queen... SHE IS THE HOLO QUEEN YOU IDIOT


  • Miley Quintuna
    Miley Quintuna 3 days ago

    Notice she picks a video over 1 Year Ago, that’s how long it’s been since a nail video 😂

  • Maybella Prunty
    Maybella Prunty 4 days ago


  • Chloe Thomas
    Chloe Thomas 4 days ago

    OMG 😂 go to 12:40

  • Sami Jenkins
    Sami Jenkins 5 days ago

    Not holo but close ish 😨😱😰😥 she does a cristine nail art and doesn’t use holo

  • Eunwoo_ 넓은fe
    Eunwoo_ 넓은fe 5 days ago

    I'm shook by myself because im severely and preferably annoyed because of ur nails

  • Amelia Williams
    Amelia Williams 6 days ago +13

    Who else looked through the comments to see if Holo queen had commented 😂😂😂

  • Kristin Cavender
    Kristin Cavender 6 days ago +4

    safiya actually has really nice natural nails...
    u know, if she would file them one in a while😂

  • Iris Meyer
    Iris Meyer 6 days ago

    I am a dancing pineapple with a potato hat. just a random thing.

  • Nk Kelly
    Nk Kelly 7 days ago +1

    Lol I just watched her vid totorel

  • Kristen Lionheart
    Kristen Lionheart 8 days ago

    Saf, you do nails like me. I just can't do it right. I stopped trying. I havent had nail polish on in over two years. now, I see it as a waste of time and money.

  • Leaf
    Leaf 8 days ago +1

    When Safiya says 'Fick' which is the German equivalent for 'Fuck'... 😂

  • Cute Surprise pop
    Cute Surprise pop 8 days ago

    Nailfile ripppppp

  • startop weirdness
    startop weirdness 9 days ago +3

    Can we talk about the amount of dirt under her nails😖

  • Pines & Pies
    Pines & Pies 9 days ago

    Oh God Thomas Halbert did this first?

  • Cadence McEwen
    Cadence McEwen 9 days ago +1


  • Audrey Lee
    Audrey Lee 10 days ago +2

    14:10 are your nails bruised or is that leftover polish under your nails? Or is there dirt under there?? Wat!?!

  • Sofia Iozzo
    Sofia Iozzo 11 days ago

    You should try doing another nail art tutorial

  • Isabel Francis
    Isabel Francis 12 days ago +6

    the hairdryer makes it worse. nail polish dries in cold air

  • Hannah O reilly
    Hannah O reilly 12 days ago +1

    2019 anyone 🤔

  • Stone Paper
    Stone Paper 12 days ago

    Can you make more nail designs

  • elmark1000
    elmark1000 13 days ago +22

    Who else wants to see Safiya do this again? Like if you do! Comment why if you don't!

  • Sidahmedbilal Bilal
    Sidahmedbilal Bilal 13 days ago +4

    she should collab with moly burke

  • Shaista Fahim
    Shaista Fahim 13 days ago

    Safiya u did a very good job

  • Roja Rao
    Roja Rao 13 days ago

    Should I try this???🧐🤨

  • Hannah Norris
    Hannah Norris 14 days ago

    You can start a peelie bag

  • Hannah Norris
    Hannah Norris 14 days ago

    Paint your scraggily nail to look like a banana

  • Charlotte Scott
    Charlotte Scott 14 days ago

    Make another nail art vid

  • C.Kaydee 206
    C.Kaydee 206 15 days ago +1

    I love Safiya, but I can't look at her middle finger

  • KayleeJXu
    KayleeJXu 15 days ago

    At 1:02 the subtitle

  • Annabel Pope
    Annabel Pope 15 days ago

    Can Cristine do your nails

  • Nadia Albritton
    Nadia Albritton 17 days ago +1


  • iiTrachea
    iiTrachea 17 days ago

    *glue base coat has entered the chat*

  • Amy Opstal
    Amy Opstal 17 days ago +6

    Glue Peel off base coats are not Cristine approved

  • pooja Sareen
    pooja Sareen 17 days ago

    How do maky your wing l just love it

  • kerrie star
    kerrie star 18 days ago

    Gropers 😂😂😂😂

  • Liv !!!!
    Liv !!!! 18 days ago

    In 3 months she got 3 million more subs Woww

  • Ana Fdez
    Ana Fdez 18 days ago +4

    Your nails look like they belong in A Bug's Life for some reason

  • CoCo Book
    CoCo Book 18 days ago +10

    Lmao 😂 😂 I'm rewatching this in 2019 and it just gets even funnier

  • Cassandra Noel
    Cassandra Noel 19 days ago

    Who thinks Cristine should do safiyas nails for her wedding

  • PerriWinkl Pineapple
    PerriWinkl Pineapple 19 days ago

    Lol if you see on 11:11 in the captions of Christine’s video, it says ‘match’ instead of ‘matte’. anyone else triggered by this?

  • Laurann Scarlett
    Laurann Scarlett 19 days ago

    Cut your nails

  • Lily Rose M.
    Lily Rose M. 20 days ago +7

    *Beautiful, metallic, raisin.*
    *They’re thic, they’re misshapen, and they’re living in the city.*

    • Hermioninny Granger
      Hermioninny Granger 7 days ago

      Lily Rose M. Fick means fuck in German...
      Literally that’s how you spell it

  • Michigan TheBest
    Michigan TheBest 20 days ago

    Sigh... when simply did nail art tutorials.. :’(

  • Chloe Chesworth
    Chloe Chesworth 20 days ago


  • Livmaja Kirstine
    Livmaja Kirstine 20 days ago


  • Winona
    Winona 20 days ago


  • Unicorn Fairy Untied

    I know how all of this stuff works because my mom and dad own a nail salon. Yeah!

  • Lily Lily
    Lily Lily 21 day ago


  • Llamacorn33579 45
    Llamacorn33579 45 21 day ago

    Lol watch at 13:24 the subtitles say see yall later bob!

  • Llamacorn33579 45
    Llamacorn33579 45 21 day ago

    After you cure gel nail polish it should be sticky. The same with tacos (top coats) exept to make it not sticky you wipe it with a little bit of acetone. Just a tip!

  • Sanjeevan Kua bejwzmr


  • Mckinzie Mathews
    Mckinzie Mathews 22 days ago

    Hmmmmm I wonder why they don't work -looks at the box, and sees it's by Sally Hanson- OHHH MAKES SENSE NOW!!

  • Kayla O' Riley
    Kayla O' Riley 23 days ago +16

    *sees glue-y peel off base coat*

  • Margarita Vergara
    Margarita Vergara 24 days ago

    I lobe how saf is so clumsy as me ... feeling identified

  • lizzy lancs
    lizzy lancs 24 days ago

    Oof that streaky black polish and the milky glue peeloff base coat 😂

    DØŁAN NATION 24 days ago


  • Megan Jingwi
    Megan Jingwi 25 days ago

    When you quoted Clueless I fell in love sorry

  • lucy ossi
    lucy ossi 25 days ago +1

    safiya: heres the thing about this nail art tutorial,
    tyler: you just started

  • •miSeRaBle hOe•
    •miSeRaBle hOe• 26 days ago

    omigawd she used a glue base coat. cRiStInE aRe YoU oKaY?

  • Kira Chastine
    Kira Chastine 26 days ago

    9:29 Safiya: Can I put this stuff on my face? no that's not a good idea
    Future Cristine: *covers face with multichrome powder*

  • Roblox grbhrg
    Roblox grbhrg 26 days ago +1

    Painting nails have entered the chat

  • Prima Luce
    Prima Luce 26 days ago +1

    You should have shaped your nails first! Then they would've looked perfect!

  • Weather Geek
    Weather Geek 26 days ago +1

    4:39 just gonna dab dab dab

    Simply Nailogical viewers will understand

  • Devon Lopez
    Devon Lopez 27 days ago

    saf's middle nail is a goddamn mood

  • BluePuppyWarrior Productions

    Christine would be screaming because you didn't use a nail filer to shape your nails xD

  • WeAreLegion
    WeAreLegion 29 days ago

    Every time Christine says "Holo" an angel slits his throat.

  • Daisy Sims
    Daisy Sims 29 days ago

    Fantastic!!! Your nails are wickedly wonderful. Thanks for trying see you later! 😄😄🤪🤪😜

  • Youtube Guru
    Youtube Guru 29 days ago +1

    Omg lol. So try filing them straight. I know you said it grows in like that but shaping them might help.

  • Emma Poston
    Emma Poston 29 days ago

    Did y’all realize that when Cristine said, “And I’ll see you all later bye” it said “I’ll see y’all later bob” in the captions?

  • Brittany B
    Brittany B 29 days ago

    Pls pls never use a hot dryer on nails. A dryer is too hot and will just make nail polish chip pnce it does dry. It also will not dry it good bc of the heat basically melting the paint.

  • Julia Villa
    Julia Villa Month ago

    The mat top coat looked like it is blurred out

  • CutieBlue1235
    CutieBlue1235 Month ago


  • ...
    ... Month ago

    Did anyone see in the caption when she said "see ya'll later bye" bye said bob

  • Danielle Kelly
    Danielle Kelly Month ago

    Pls do more it's so funny to watch?!!!

  • Rabb1t gamer4
    Rabb1t gamer4 Month ago

    The simply Nailogical fans r coming for you

  • EL KERDANY Mansour
    EL KERDANY Mansour Month ago +2

    Cristine do another collab with Safiya like if agree

  • EL KERDANY Mansour
    EL KERDANY Mansour Month ago +1

    Cristine come and watch this

  • Trè Fraise
    Trè Fraise Month ago

    Come for the nail art
    Stay for the fracture porn

  • Tami Reeves
    Tami Reeves Month ago +1

    I thought they turned out well!

  • Kelli D
    Kelli D Month ago

    I loved your vid..you're hilarious

  • itz_Jessica YT
    itz_Jessica YT Month ago

    You should've used Christine's perfectly approved top coat. The that your using is not that really approved by Christine, you see the one that your using is a glue top coat. Christine says that glue top coat could leave lumps in your nails.

  • Jasneet Johal
    Jasneet Johal Month ago

    I really liked ur video and please do more of these kind of videos thanks