Wiz Khalifa Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • 斎藤つばさ
    斎藤つばさ 21 hour ago


  • its Jordan
    its Jordan Day ago

    I wont spend over 120 for shoes.

    OFF WHITE Day ago


  • Maryam Memon
    Maryam Memon 2 days ago

    Joe la puma seems like such an ass kisser 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Vincent Lisa
    Vincent Lisa 3 days ago

    $1,105 for those off white UNC's, lmaoooo, jesus. Can get them for $770

  • n i m b l 3
    n i m b l 3 3 days ago

    My man looked like a whole horse in the thumbnail

  • illusi0n
    illusi0n 3 days ago

    Nice GLASSES !!

  • Juice WRLD
    Juice WRLD 3 days ago

    His Fit low key lit tho

  • Djni
    Djni 5 days ago

    That’s pocket change for him

  • Iuli Dan
    Iuli Dan 7 days ago

    0:07 music please 😪😭😓?????

  • Joniel Chua
    Joniel Chua 7 days ago

    Are we not talking about the cashier girl?

  • Savage Vlogs
    Savage Vlogs 8 days ago

    “Yeah yup”

  • DEMIGOD Productions
    DEMIGOD Productions 11 days ago

    BTW I think it's funny as fuck they bring the people on the show, give em the spotlight and shit but then Complex too broke to pay for they shoes. Like wtf if you making a show make a show don't turn it into a shopping trip for a homie. Yall trippin

  • DEMIGOD Productions
    DEMIGOD Productions 11 days ago

    Yo shouts out to Vans, I'm brand loyal to them and this the first episode I personally seen that gives them the light. WE ONLY WEAR VANS AND WE THROW AWAY NIKES.

  • Walter T.
    Walter T. 11 days ago

    When he swipes his credit card at the end, its facing the wrong way. Probably to hide his cc#.

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez 12 days ago +1

    Dude what’s up with all the dislikes!?!?!?

  • Tales From The Kicks
    Tales From The Kicks 13 days ago

    Good vibes watching this video

  • macelosalomao jesus
    macelosalomao jesus 17 days ago

    This intro is so dope

  • Free real estate
    Free real estate 17 days ago

    bruh he used vans i think....

  • We Care
    We Care 17 days ago

    $2100+ in one swing. That's crazy!!🔥

  • Emi Sanchez
    Emi Sanchez 18 days ago

    How tall is joe?

  • P0T4T0Turtlez.
    P0T4T0Turtlez. 19 days ago +3

    He's gonna skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa...

  • GAM3V1DZ 2005
    GAM3V1DZ 2005 19 days ago

    At least this guy has sense when it comes to shoes. He keeps it chill.

  • Techi Boy
    Techi Boy 19 days ago

    I am like uu

  • playgamer androide
    playgamer androide 20 days ago

    Músic ? 0:02

  • Kriss Daigle
    Kriss Daigle 21 day ago

    bag it up. damn wiz

  • the golden gamer
    the golden gamer 21 day ago

    How come everybody think wiz was born in Pittsburgh he was born in North Dakota

  • youssef mowafak
    youssef mowafak 22 days ago


  • Azzisgud Stream
    Azzisgud Stream 24 days ago

    wiz is fucking legend

  • G PLUD
    G PLUD 24 days ago

    the rapper with physical credit card

  • Alessio Ferrante
    Alessio Ferrante 25 days ago

    Name starter beat?

  • impimo
    impimo 25 days ago


  • candy code
    candy code 26 days ago

    Damn Sir!

  • Wassup Yall
    Wassup Yall 28 days ago

    You gon skrrt and hit the dab like wiz khalifa

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng Month ago

    damn he’s spent the least of all of these I’ve watched so far and he got his son more shoes than he got himself. gg.

  • Joey Tellez
    Joey Tellez Month ago

    He has glasses inside cmon people hes high

  • Aiden Feltz
    Aiden Feltz Month ago

    Do bill cosby

  • xTNPxLodog27
    xTNPxLodog27 Month ago


  • Bertarontaria
    Bertarontaria Month ago +1

    Dem blue glasses is popping

    YOUNG DREA Month ago +3

    Real ogs wear vans and Chucks 👈

  • Alexer Bantayan
    Alexer Bantayan Month ago

    That first beat is hard!! Can somebody tell me the title of that sh*t

  • Firman Syah
    Firman Syah Month ago

    Chuck taylor is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Shim
    Chris Shim Month ago

    I love wiz, i listen listen to his first mixtape!

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior Month ago +1

    i want someone to come on here and spend like 20 grand

  • 0.
    0. Month ago

    Lil pump eskettttt

  • Weihao Zeng
    Weihao Zeng Month ago

    Yeah yep!!!🤣😂

  • Noble M Babu
    Noble M Babu Month ago

    This sneaker collection is CB's closet😝

  • Fariz Ards
    Fariz Ards Month ago +1


  • colby stegemann
    colby stegemann Month ago +1

    he gon skrrt and hit the dab

  • Hunter man
    Hunter man Month ago


  • chrispine maara
    chrispine maara Month ago +1

    Wiz is just a cool dude just simple n clear big up brah👊👊

  • qwerty
    qwerty Month ago

    hit the dab like wiz khalifa

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson Month ago

    Best one yet. He and P. Diddy!

  • AlexisPlayz YT
    AlexisPlayz YT Month ago

    Yo I went to outlets and I got 5 pair of shoes for $200 and I had 2 Jordans and the rest were vans

  • Vicious Visionz
    Vicious Visionz Month ago +1

    4:04 Wiz wasn't born in the burg, was raised there tho. Thought Complex could get that right lmao

  • Jef Costello
    Jef Costello Month ago

    methinks steroids might be his new drug of choice

  • chilidog727
    chilidog727 Month ago

    Great show!

  • Steve Urkel
    Steve Urkel Month ago


  • Lucy Ortega
    Lucy Ortega Month ago

    Could you please do LIL SKIES

  • jose luis arenas
    jose luis arenas Month ago

    Subtitulos en español

  • UrFamilyTreeLGBT
    UrFamilyTreeLGBT 2 months ago

    Hit or Miss?

  • BaLL LIfe
    BaLL LIfe 2 months ago

    Wiz's style is fire bruhh, not allot of chains, no grills, nothing too flashy

  • carlos flesh
    carlos flesh 2 months ago


  • Levonne Rowan
    Levonne Rowan 2 months ago

    Mom love you

  • badshitcrazy 12
    badshitcrazy 12 2 months ago

    The music are dope

  • ur mum
    ur mum 2 months ago

    I'm living for his converse lol

  • Matteo 2.0
    Matteo 2.0 2 months ago

    *he gon skirrt and hit the dab*


    that's the way to shop Wiz 2000 is enough :)

  • Flavius Covrig
    Flavius Covrig 2 months ago +1

    Fr Fr

  • Dill Pickel
    Dill Pickel 2 months ago


  • lifewith .krissy
    lifewith .krissy 2 months ago

    Wiz khalifa has very good grammar I noticed that he said “as well” and instead of fosooooo he says for sure

  • I love kwek kwek
    I love kwek kwek 2 months ago

    Buying for his son?? Wow!! Seems to be a cool dad.

  • Tom Spencer
    Tom Spencer 2 months ago

    No...no....I’m pretty sure the medium would still fit lol

  • Spyrax ?
    Spyrax ? 2 months ago

    Look at this dude 😂 4:51

  • Sébastien
    Sébastien 2 months ago

    Mettez traduction vf

  • J Ray
    J Ray 2 months ago

    Doesn’t rock J’s, then buys five J’s 😂

  • SONG collection
    SONG collection 2 months ago


    SEEES 2 months ago


    SEEES 2 months ago

    Che for the track at the beginning of the video?

  • KingJohn301
    KingJohn301 2 months ago


  • J Bart
    J Bart 2 months ago

    Wiz look fire wit dem suits on

  • Beat’s Gaming
    Beat’s Gaming 2 months ago

    i have jordan 1s worm 3 times but they don’t fit sadly but hey they are og’s

  • Donna Collins
    Donna Collins 2 months ago

    I'm from new Orleans

  • Cr R
    Cr R 2 months ago

    Put lil xan on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nakisha Stephenson
    Nakisha Stephenson 2 months ago

    hes a billionare but hes wearing converse

  • Crunchy Balls
    Crunchy Balls 2 months ago

    the glasses suits to him

    THE FIRE BOY 2 months ago

    Wiz was born in north dokota not no pittsburg

  • SaiSoOfficial DaGoat
    SaiSoOfficial DaGoat 2 months ago

    Wiz Lowkey Look a Homeless Man With Healthy Hair

  • NKR 123
    NKR 123 2 months ago

    Wiz khalifa always bin awesome

  • Squid n Spud
    Squid n Spud 2 months ago

    The cashier looks like the better version of bhad baby lmao

  • Rajay thomas
    Rajay thomas 2 months ago

    Wiz was sober

  • The Luatrecian
    The Luatrecian 2 months ago

    3:55 what are those black yellow and purple-shoes right there to me they are low key 🔥

  • Ariep Chillax
    Ariep Chillax 2 months ago

    Subtotal only 656.67 ?? Did wiz get discount ?

  • DylBoob
    DylBoob 2 months ago

    it said, Wiz born and raised in Pittsburgh, he was actually born in ND.

  • The one
    The one 2 months ago

    this guy sucks

  • Luis Paulino
    Luis Paulino 2 months ago

    Do lil skies next!!!

  • J Diamond
    J Diamond 2 months ago

    Remember everyone, just because your friends want you to wear these kinds of shoes or anything, doesn't mean you have too. If you don't feel comfortable and your "Friends" don't want you or fake kidding with and they keep on mentioning it. Then their not really your friends. Remember your beautiful in the inside and your different then anyone else in this world.-J Diamond

  • Darlene Jordan
    Darlene Jordan 2 months ago

    do cj so cool

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    THIS SO COLD!!!!!!!
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  • TheLifeofLea -
    TheLifeofLea - 2 months ago

    I want to see more girls on here please ‼️😭