Wiz Khalifa Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Maserati Fresh
    Maserati Fresh 16 hours ago


  • Noah Temesghen
    Noah Temesghen 3 days ago

    Damn fam, that’s a fat bank account.

  • Sagar Basumatary
    Sagar Basumatary 4 days ago

    10 of mine shoes are thrr

  • Yusuf Ahmadi
    Yusuf Ahmadi 5 days ago

    Wish you could do xxxtantacion but....

  • paulster denava
    paulster denava 5 days ago

    Who else saw the 666 or $9.99 upside down at 3:01 ??? F*ck Wiz is illimunati!!!!

  • paulster denava
    paulster denava 5 days ago

    Who else saw the 666 or $9.99 upside down at 3:01 ??? F*ck Wiz is illimunati!!!!

  • Cuban Pride
    Cuban Pride 5 days ago

    Beat so hard TM TGOD

  • Aireckson
    Aireckson 6 days ago


  • b d
    b d 6 days ago

    Muay Thai not mma got yo ass wrong ab sum

  • Shooter Breezy
    Shooter Breezy 7 days ago

    Wiz was born in North Dakota and raised around the world and than lived the rest of his years in Pittsburgh 412💯

  • Dyan Menace
    Dyan Menace 9 days ago

    At 1:40 when he say " this this that that that " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • aives Productions
    aives Productions 10 days ago

    “Your total will be $2144.”
    “Nice.” - swipes card

    RUMBLE BEE 10 days ago

    Wiz is a real 1

  • An D
    An D 10 days ago

    Snoop dogg episode please

  • Shot caller 99
    Shot caller 99 11 days ago

    Wiz in da builds u know

  • Lean Senarillos
    Lean Senarillos 13 days ago

    who knows The name of that cashier?

  • Izehumah Eyiba
    Izehumah Eyiba 15 days ago

    Please do me I need a sneaker shopping to cop the CDP Black Cement 3s and CDP Jordan 8s CDP Jordan 7s LeBron 8 South beach CDP Jordan 5 Fire Red CDP JORDAN 4 Bred CDP Jordan Carmaine 6s & Katrina 3s and LeBron 9 Galaxy South beach LeBron 9 Hornet LeBron 9 Space Jam 11's

  • Malon Jax
    Malon Jax 15 days ago

    Wiz khalifa is so awesome

  • JJ 2988
    JJ 2988 15 days ago

    sneaker shopping with lil pump

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 15 days ago

    My parents got mad if shoes cost more like than 30 bucks haha

  • Sarah Ama
    Sarah Ama 15 days ago


  • Anne Sanchez
    Anne Sanchez 16 days ago

    He’s so adorable

  • Ja som vegán
    Ja som vegán 17 days ago

    Yeah yup, for sure for sure 😂😂😂

  • CammoMammo
    CammoMammo 18 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what shirt he’s wearing?

    RIDER B.H.C 19 days ago

    Masuk Pak Ekoooo

  • ZenGotBars
    ZenGotBars 19 days ago

    Anyone know the intro beat?

  • Austin Drumm
    Austin Drumm 20 days ago

    Bro I’ve been wearing vans for almost 20 years now thinking about it hahah


    Wiz look like he's wearing his son's sunglasses frfr!!

  • General Lord-Richard
    General Lord-Richard 22 days ago

    Damn 🤦🏽‍♂️ Wiz was in a no ❌ smoke 💨 zone 🚭

  • The FunkyBunch
    The FunkyBunch 23 days ago

    Do lil mosey

  • Mattzly
    Mattzly 24 days ago

    What belt does Wiz have on??

  • KiD Jackson
    KiD Jackson 25 days ago

    8:14 wiz tell all his hoes to rake it up & bag it up

  • Jason Dimeo
    Jason Dimeo 25 days ago

    Not everybody likes Jordan 1’s they straight TRASH💯

  • 1600
    1600 27 days ago

    Wiz is a goat.

  • TayBae
    TayBae 28 days ago

    Glad he thought about Bash I was a little disappointed watching Amber buy shoes for her Bae and not her son

  • frank njogu
    frank njogu 28 days ago

    WOW Wiz is hella chilled.. Thought he'll be all crazy with the wiz laugh and stuff

  • Amber Winegarden
    Amber Winegarden 29 days ago

    Wiz is so great to interview. Dope episode!
    Fucking such a nice easy going guy. Love him

  • Richard Siregar
    Richard Siregar Month ago

    Realest rapper from this generation



  • Ndu Abanobi
    Ndu Abanobi Month ago

    thank goodness, pls loose the tight pants lol

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott Month ago

    He looks like a woman in the suit, you can see the hips to shoulder width too well. Has he always been a male?

  • Necro mancer
    Necro mancer Month ago

    Wtf i have all the limited edition sneakers from all the brands.. show off fuck you..

  • Danny Yagual
    Danny Yagual Month ago

    I wanna fuck the cashier

  • DIEGO Hernandez
    DIEGO Hernandez Month ago

    ya esta bien tostato este wey de la mota prro

  • Macc Jay
    Macc Jay Month ago +1

    Wiz got more Taylor's and Vans than any nigga I know, str8 up!

  • Debbie Tryte
    Debbie Tryte Month ago

    Someone is jealous bro

  • world shoes
    world shoes Month ago

    But he shop the shoes man

  • Jacob Tunnison
    Jacob Tunnison Month ago

    He ain't high lol

  • Trucker Dave 215
    Trucker Dave 215 Month ago

    Cheap fuck I spend 2k this guy ain't no baller

  • EdwinMbuguaVEVO
    EdwinMbuguaVEVO Month ago +1

    I hate his standing posture

  • stendell09
    stendell09 Month ago

    What is up with Joe's shirt, lol

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez Month ago

    no entendí ni verga no hablo ingles 😂😂😂

  • Nabeel Mirza
    Nabeel Mirza Month ago

    Mac and devin

  • Crunch Buttsteak
    Crunch Buttsteak Month ago

    I feel like im too judgemental. I remember not liking him years ago for what now seems like no reason at all, and he actually seems like a pretty cool guy. Nice video👍

  • alex mendez
    alex mendez Month ago

    try them bitches on 247777777777777777777777777 code

  • alex mendez
    alex mendez Month ago

    the fam in the mac game gangster

  • ItsDiceYT
    ItsDiceYT Month ago

    Intro song

  • Go with The Flow
    Go with The Flow Month ago

    Get lil pump

  • JamieCATALAN
    JamieCATALAN Month ago

    deadass smoked pot but hes very clear and calm like wtf.

  • Lil Hiroshima
    Lil Hiroshima Month ago +1

    Brandon Ingram is that you?

  • van9ne
    van9ne Month ago

    2:06 Lmfao my fav fr "yea yup yea yup"

  • Stuart Rose
    Stuart Rose Month ago

    wiz is wiz he don't care who sees

  • MikaXD
    MikaXD Month ago +1

    Wiz Looks Like a homeless Woman

  • Solo- Johnson
    Solo- Johnson Month ago +4

    Feels good to know I can buy all those shoes too. 💯

  • Alexander Misiak
    Alexander Misiak Month ago

    This guy's a great interviewer, he really knows his stuff on the people.

  • Sammy C
    Sammy C Month ago

    Wiz is a lil OG now

  • Sammy C
    Sammy C Month ago

    I wear chucks still nwa west coast snoop is why I rocked em

  • Pope Savage
    Pope Savage Month ago

    adam 22 episode

  • Pope Savage
    Pope Savage Month ago

    Shoreline Mafia episode

  • Curious Cat
    Curious Cat Month ago

    "Your total is more then I make in 3 months, are you going to laugh at my face or pretend it´s cool?" *big smile because she might be fired.

  • Emilio Dein Stiefvater

    Travis scott

  • saf fu
    saf fu Month ago

    The most humble rapper I have ever seen

  • tutu
    tutu Month ago


  • tutu
    tutu Month ago


  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith Month ago

    wiz looks fresh in a suit...7:38

  • King Awesome
    King Awesome Month ago

    You know he was stoned before this 😂😂

  • Jack Page
    Jack Page Month ago

    He forgot to thank Curren$y for where he’s at today.

  • PsP What
    PsP What Month ago

    The intro sound track tho

  • The big laker fan
    The big laker fan Month ago

    Bruh am i the only one who thinks tyga and wiz look the same. I mean both of them got ripped both of theme have the same dreads

  • Jonas Bakken
    Jonas Bakken Month ago


  • Lastnamefancyk
    Lastnamefancyk Month ago

    Hes so dope. He also has good taste!

  • Mikaelson Game of War

    Vans are decent. Better than converse

  • Leo -vcx-
    Leo -vcx- Month ago


  • Aaron Maley
    Aaron Maley Month ago

    Wiz is one of the people that deserve to be wealthy

  • Kurio71
    Kurio71 Month ago

    He got fleeced. Should be $250 at most

  • Arcel 313
    Arcel 313 Month ago

    Wiz fresh asf

  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis Month ago

    Wiz actually looks normal, he ain’t trynna flex to hard on us.

  • Scrappy The Cholo
    Scrappy The Cholo Month ago

    Wiz, one the chill rapper in the world

  • paulster denava
    paulster denava Month ago

    Who else saw the 666 or $9.99 upside down at 3:01 ??? F*ck Wiz is illimunati!!!!

  • paulster denava
    paulster denava Month ago

    Who else saw the 666 or $9.99 upside down at 3:01 ??? F*ck Wiz is illimunati!!!!

  • paulster denava
    paulster denava Month ago

    Who else saw the 666 or $9.99 upside down at 3:01 ??? F*ck Wiz is illimunati!!!!

  • Joe Button
    Joe Button Month ago

    Wiz lowkey wants to beat Joe’s ass for lurking Amber last time 😂😂😂

  • Tyl Boyce
    Tyl Boyce Month ago

    I wish i was like "nice" after spending over 2g lol

  • MRR Rzl
    MRR Rzl Month ago

    Mia Khalifa next

  • Chris G
    Chris G Month ago

    This guy down to earth.

  • Angelo Walker
    Angelo Walker Month ago

    HeLL yeAuH

  • James Biong
    James Biong Month ago


  • Jayme Mcquillan
    Jayme Mcquillan Month ago

    Oh and I saw your house in Pittsburgh you was not there but I saw a lot of camera people

  • Jayme Mcquillan
    Jayme Mcquillan Month ago

    Oh and I like your songs Black and Yellow you know how I like them

  • Jayme Mcquillan
    Jayme Mcquillan Month ago

    I live in Pittsburgh not in LA