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  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
  • "I've never been more scared during a fashion try."
    Get their jackets here:
    Kristin: bzfd.it/2Kx73gG
    Jen: bzfd.it/2r2Ws41
    Devin: bzfd.it/2Rdie0z
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  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  3 months ago +424

    Get their jackets here:
    Kristin: bzfd.it/2Am1g8T
    Jen: bzfd.it/2TK1PlV
    Devin: bzfd.it/2BvXbRt
    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

  • Adelaide Greenleaf

    Kristen🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ obviously PLUS size clothes are bigger bc the person is bigger that’s like saying a house should cost the same as a brick cmon u can’t say it should cost the same

  • Y O U R M O M
    Y O U R M O M 2 days ago

    Kpop I

  • park.namjoonie
    park.namjoonie 4 days ago


  • {*•Yuki Chan•*}
    {*•Yuki Chan•*} 6 days ago

    1.1M viewer yassssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Julia Larish
    Julia Larish 8 days ago

    Where are Chantel and Freddie?

  • Rachel Moreau
    Rachel Moreau 8 days ago +1

    Jen: How you doin babe?
    Me: uwu

  • sloth Lovers
    sloth Lovers 10 days ago

    I have the same jacket as Jen!!!

  • Shekina Munyambu
    Shekina Munyambu 11 days ago

    Jen Jen jen... Marry me

  • Genevieve McCalla
    Genevieve McCalla 15 days ago +1

    5:14 at first I thought Jen had frosted tips and I was like "wOw" but then I realized it was just the sun
    But, hey, Jen, if you wanna get frosted tips, fine by me!

  • DarknessHunterGaming
    DarknessHunterGaming 17 days ago

    I have a jacket like Kristen’s but black

  • Lauren green
    Lauren green 17 days ago

    I would love to work here, it honestly looks like so much fun.

  • Eden Smith
    Eden Smith 22 days ago +1

    Hit me with that jacket girl! XD

  • Aoibhin Keenan
    Aoibhin Keenan 24 days ago +1


  • Firegen1
    Firegen1 24 days ago

    5:23 - Jen is too hot/cool and she gonna need to stop. She's making other Jens/Gens jealous. Thanks Gen with a G.

  • Kiwi Bird
    Kiwi Bird 24 days ago

    Can you buy wedding dresses off amazon too? I'd love to see the accuracy of those!

  • Freya Sladen
    Freya Sladen 28 days ago

    Christin has lost so much weight omfg. You go girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Big Bertha
    Big Bertha 28 days ago


  • Chimmy Jimine
    Chimmy Jimine 29 days ago

    ;-; I always wanted to ice skate but I’m broke

  • Kelly Blaser
    Kelly Blaser Month ago

    kristins doesnt count hers is fron levis the other girls jackets were under Amazon fashion

  • emma watson
    emma watson Month ago

    its funny hlow jen the one who alway falls is better at ice skatinf love you jen

  • Sikizu
    Sikizu Month ago +1

    For best results ice skating, keep your knees bent a bit! It helps keep your center of gravity where it needs to be, and makes the actual skating easier (also, "nose over toes" helps a lot too).

  • Sam Gray
    Sam Gray Month ago

    Note: Kristin is wearing pants.

  • Cenzie Ford
    Cenzie Ford Month ago

    Am I the only one who has a crush on Jen

  • Alonna P
    Alonna P Month ago

    That looks like twin rinks

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano Month ago +1

    "It's warm ans shapeless and perfect." Me in a sentence

  • Anna Ettinger
    Anna Ettinger Month ago


  • Taylor Draws
    Taylor Draws Month ago

    I'm simple.
    *I see Jen*

  • Riaa boii
    Riaa boii Month ago

    Jen should have worn the jacket with a plain top instead of a pattern cuz then the jacket would pop more. But she looked cute either way

  • Connor should Know who Cole Sprouse is

    I clicked on this while I was watching Emery and Sarah fight on a live

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan Month ago

    Devin, just want to say, you look good and are very pretty. 🙂

  • Roxy
    Roxy Month ago

    Just saw Jen in her jacket........I am now about 100% gayer.... Well then

  • Liang Xin Yu
    Liang Xin Yu Month ago

    What size did jen get???

  • Cam-I-Am
    Cam-I-Am Month ago

    As a cAnADiAn, tHE skAtINg made me UncOMftErBal

  • Cam-I-Am
    Cam-I-Am Month ago

    "Lady tested, Lady Lazy video ideaaa *insert jazz hands here*"

  • Micah Long
    Micah Long Month ago


  • johhny cash
    johhny cash Month ago

    Devins first choice-the camel colored coat, was sooo her and so beautiful!

  • Stacie Michaela
    Stacie Michaela Month ago

    I like watching your guys online shop at the start, like the formal dress vid

  • Olivia._
    Olivia._ Month ago

    Ok I just realized how bright regular USclip is. Dark made is sooooo good

  • Ruby Allison
    Ruby Allison Month ago

    I loved jens t shirt

  • xXShadowWolfXx
    xXShadowWolfXx Month ago

    "very CL like kpop"
    me: smirks

  • SOPHiiA iiS BA3
    SOPHiiA iiS BA3 Month ago

    Kristin’s jacket 🧥 IS MY FREAKIN FAVORITE

  • julienne lampa
    julienne lampa Month ago

    I never knew I needed to see content of Jen skating. But now I do, I just wanna watch her skate all the time. THEY SHOULD DO CHALLENGES WHILE ICE SKATING!

  • Emily Ovalle
    Emily Ovalle Month ago

    Jen is so beautiful it actually hurts... my lesbian heart is in pain... 🤧❤️

  • Sanai Armstead
    Sanai Armstead Month ago


  • its amaris
    its amaris Month ago

    "Omg! It's a bowling lady!"

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 2 months ago

    I would love another style swap with Jen/Kristin, Freddie/Devin, and Chantel/Mike.

  • Min Yoongles
    Min Yoongles 2 months ago


  • Ella smith
    Ella smith 2 months ago +1

    I LOVE JEN 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💟💟💟

  • Eva Johnson
    Eva Johnson 2 months ago

    Ladylike!!! On Ice

  • Sage
    Sage 2 months ago

    Ladylike, you should do a “buy shoes from amazon” video.

  • Kimmy Kōhai
    Kimmy Kōhai 2 months ago

    Jen looks AMAZING and she's got such good taste!!!!

  • geek Squad
    geek Squad 2 months ago

    Anyone here #2019

  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Jonathan Monaghan 2 months ago

    “Even though I have like 50 moto jackets. I have so many. I have at least... three.”

  • holo starly
    holo starly 2 months ago

    Devin is so preeeeeety

  • Lillian Saam
    Lillian Saam 2 months ago

    I have short arms too. Nothing ever fits my arms.

    • Toast !
      Toast ! 2 months ago

      Chop of the remaining parts

  • Maryanne Fasanya
    Maryanne Fasanya 2 months ago

    This video was really uninteresting

  • Amelia Andriacco
    Amelia Andriacco 2 months ago +3

    “We’re having zipper issues....zissues”😂

  • Samantha Savage
    Samantha Savage 2 months ago

    Jen’s jacket does look like something a kpop idol would wear. I love it so much

  • Wylona
    Wylona 2 months ago

    It would be more interesting if they investigated how overrun with counterfeit products Amazon is now. But they won't, because Amazon sponsors so much buzzfeed content

  • shumpy 7856
    shumpy 7856 2 months ago +1

    Was it just me that noticed them mentioning CL ???

  • Lil' Linx
    Lil' Linx 2 months ago +2

    You guys have fallen into this pattern where if you see a video does well then you do a bunch more of the same video but instead of it being interesting its just mediocre because know we all know what to expect it sorta like watching children's television you know what's gonna happen its only slightly different everytime I wish yall would do more travel videos and test videos (not makeup or food because that's been all of your content lately) because unlike these those are a different experience every time I still love you guys but I feel like you guys are more rushed and half-assing your content

  • Jessica Gross
    Jessica Gross 2 months ago

    Is it sad that I was waiting for one of them to fall before the credits? Lol

  • kat's life
    kat's life 2 months ago

    I suggest thinking of more crazy and buzzing video Ideas. I mean anyone can buy a jacket off amazon. Review it . Easy done .

    I liked it with more energy and great exciting content
    NO hate! Just feedback

  • Allyson P.
    Allyson P. 2 months ago

    I wish my local ice rink was that empty

  • Mgal
    Mgal 2 months ago

    what happened to ladylike?

  • annabell
    annabell 2 months ago

    devins is so cute omg..... the basic jumped OUT

  • Sam Sandwich
    Sam Sandwich 2 months ago


  • Lindsay Davis
    Lindsay Davis 2 months ago

    Kristin: I'm a scarecrow!!! 😂😂😂

  • Alex 2 Xander
    Alex 2 Xander 2 months ago

    0:13 Kristin is looking SNATCHED!

  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde 2 months ago

    "im bored and we have nothing to do and no ideas what should we do"
    " Lets spend buzzfeed money and record ourselves and that's it" mmmmm fun

  • Brandy McNamee
    Brandy McNamee 2 months ago

    Yep. Those are, indeed, jackets. From Amazon. Jackets you bought from Amazon. Yep. Those sure are jackets... from Amazon...
    (Why am I subbed to this channel, again?)

  • Ashley Bell
    Ashley Bell 2 months ago

    On my bawdy

  • Priyanka Pandey
    Priyanka Pandey 2 months ago

    how is this a content?

  • - Suga4MyTae -
    - Suga4MyTae - 2 months ago

    5:14 "HELLO BITCHES" -CL

  • Glass Entertainment
    Glass Entertainment 2 months ago

    I am surprised the man knows CL 😍😍😍😍

  • MJ Likes Pasta Salad
    MJ Likes Pasta Salad 2 months ago

    Shoes or swimsuits next!

  • Enjoy The Silence
    Enjoy The Silence 2 months ago

    This episode is boring and uncreative :(

  • Click a vid/vlog for EWICH Domingo

    BWUADY: body

  • Lynda Carter
    Lynda Carter 2 months ago

    Jen could put the logo “Pink Ladies” on the pink jacket, like a throwback to the movie Grease.

  • Hannah Rupert
    Hannah Rupert 2 months ago

    I have the same one as Jen lol

  • Chelsea MacRae
    Chelsea MacRae 2 months ago

    Is it just me that thinks that Kristen’s jacket should have South Side Serpents written on the back of it?
    Where’s My Riverdale Fans At?

  • Grace Galpin
    Grace Galpin 2 months ago

    Beautiful black dress Kristen❤️

  • I Be Jungshook
    I Be Jungshook 2 months ago

    6:22 it sounds like Jen said
    "How ya doing babe?"
    To Devin :O

  • Vicky Logic
    Vicky Logic 3 months ago

    i always like kristen but I REALLY like kristen here lol she makes me laugh

  • Destiny Bruening
    Destiny Bruening 3 months ago

    devin i loooove this look in this video sooo much

  • Teagan Finley
    Teagan Finley 3 months ago +2

    i’m kinda disappointed. this video felt a little lazy. i know you guys are sponsored by amazon, but i wish you did something a little more interesting, like holiday gifts from amazon or something like that. just a little constructive criticism, but i really liked devin’s jacket lol

  • Aaliyah Robles
    Aaliyah Robles 3 months ago

    Jen kinda looks like amber from f(x)

  • Maranda Smith
    Maranda Smith 3 months ago

    Ok I love lady like but in the first few minutes when plus size costing more because of more fabric and her little eye roll. I'm a plus size girl around the same size as her, yeah things cost more BEACAUSE WE NEED MORE FABRIC! Literally, if you want cheap clothes go to Walmart, not places where they care about how the design looks. Thanks.

  • angel x
    angel x 3 months ago

    *when u don't have good content idea*
    *put this trash on the internet*

  • Duh_itz_Kare Bear
    Duh_itz_Kare Bear 3 months ago +1

    When was the last time all the ladies from ladylike were together?

  • um i dont know what to name my username

    That black dress looks awesome on kristen!!!

  • Yana lacap Vlogs
    Yana lacap Vlogs 3 months ago

    How about let them wear breaces for a week?

  • Des
    Des 3 months ago

    I get being made over plus size clothes being more expensive. But it is more fabric.

  • HowardDanielle1299
    HowardDanielle1299 3 months ago +1

    I used to binge watch Ladylike videos but now I can’t get through a whole one. I understand y’all have to constantly create content bc it’s your job, but if y’all need to take a break and actually come up with creative content then take the break. By creating pointless videos is just going to end up with Ladylike losing subscribers. I think y’all just need time to regroup

  • Maria Petrarca
    Maria Petrarca 3 months ago

    You guys need to go back and watch your old content and then compare it to your new content to see how downhill this channel has gone...

  • Nicolas Ingersoll
    Nicolas Ingersoll 3 months ago +1


  • Seryosi
    Seryosi 3 months ago

    When you want to go to a place in California where its colder, just go to a supermarket haha

  • EchoDier
    EchoDier 3 months ago

    I would buy the one Jen and Kristan got.