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  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  Month ago +368

    Get their jackets here:
    Kristin: bzfd.it/2Am1g8T
    Jen: bzfd.it/2TK1PlV
    Devin: bzfd.it/2BvXbRt
    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    • Angel Conrail
      Angel Conrail 5 days ago

      I love Jen’s jacket

    • Angel G
      Angel G 7 days ago


    • Tara Tierney
      Tara Tierney Month ago

      Aye grand but where's the link to Devin's first jacket she never got

    • Oakley Tatum
      Oakley Tatum Month ago

      Ladylike my cousin has the same jacket that Jen got😊

    • zw0lfb4um
      zw0lfb4um Month ago +1

      +Eilis Russell @DolliesDaughter Yeah there's loads of protests in the UK right now because of accidents in the warehouses and how shite Amazon's code of conduct is. I get that they're convenient, but they reeeeeally don't need our money right now.

  • Min Yoongles
    Min Yoongles 16 minutes ago


  • Ella smith
    Ella smith 2 days ago

    I LOVE JEN 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💟💟💟

  • Eva Johnson
    Eva Johnson 3 days ago

    Ladylike!!! On Ice

  • Sage
    Sage 3 days ago

    Ladylike, you should do a “buy shoes from amazon” video.

  • Kimmy Kōhai
    Kimmy Kōhai 3 days ago

    Jen looks AMAZING and she's got such good taste!!!!

  • geek Squad
    geek Squad 3 days ago

    Anyone here #2019

  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Jonathan Monaghan 8 days ago

    “Even though I have like 50 moto jackets. I have so many. I have at least... three.”

  • holo starly
    holo starly 8 days ago

    Devin is so preeeeeety

  • Lillian Saam
    Lillian Saam 8 days ago

    I have short arms too. Nothing ever fits my arms.

    • Toast !
      Toast ! 2 days ago

      Chop of the remaining parts

  • Maryanne Fasanya
    Maryanne Fasanya 8 days ago

    This video was really uninteresting

  • Amelia Andriacco
    Amelia Andriacco 8 days ago +1

    “We’re having zipper issues....zissues”😂

  • Samantha Savage
    Samantha Savage 8 days ago

    Jen’s jacket does look like something a kpop idol would wear. I love it so much

  • Wylona
    Wylona 9 days ago

    It would be more interesting if they investigated how overrun with counterfeit products Amazon is now. But they won't, because Amazon sponsors so much buzzfeed content

  • shumpy 7856
    shumpy 7856 9 days ago

    Was it just me that noticed them mentioning CL ???

  • Lil' Linx
    Lil' Linx 9 days ago

    You guys have fallen into this pattern where if you see a video does well then you do a bunch more of the same video but instead of it being interesting its just mediocre because know we all know what to expect it sorta like watching children's television you know what's gonna happen its only slightly different everytime I wish yall would do more travel videos and test videos (not makeup or food because that's been all of your content lately) because unlike these those are a different experience every time I still love you guys but I feel like you guys are more rushed and half-assing your content

  • Jessica Gross
    Jessica Gross 9 days ago

    Is it sad that I was waiting for one of them to fall before the credits? Lol

  • kitkat's crazy life!
    kitkat's crazy life! 10 days ago

    I suggest thinking of more crazy and buzzing video Ideas. I mean anyone can buy a jacket off amazon. Review it . Easy done .

    I liked it with more energy and great exciting content
    NO hate! Just feedback

  • Allyson P.
    Allyson P. 10 days ago

    I wish my local ice rink was that empty

  • Mayte JL
    Mayte JL 10 days ago

    what happened to ladylike?

  • annabell
    annabell 11 days ago

    devins is so cute omg..... the basic jumped OUT

  • Sam Sandwich
    Sam Sandwich 11 days ago


  • Lindsay Davis
    Lindsay Davis 12 days ago

    Kristin: I'm a scarecrow!!! 😂😂😂

  • Alex 2 Xander
    Alex 2 Xander 12 days ago

    0:13 Kristin is looking SNATCHED!

  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde 13 days ago

    "im bored and we have nothing to do and no ideas what should we do"
    " Lets spend buzzfeed money and record ourselves and that's it" mmmmm fun

  • Mallory Jans
    Mallory Jans 14 days ago

    They honestly could have made an entire vid on them ice skating 😂

  • Brandy McNamee
    Brandy McNamee 16 days ago

    Yep. Those are, indeed, jackets. From Amazon. Jackets you bought from Amazon. Yep. Those sure are jackets... from Amazon...
    (Why am I subbed to this channel, again?)

  • Ashley Bell
    Ashley Bell 16 days ago

    On my bawdy

  • Priyanka Pandey
    Priyanka Pandey 18 days ago

    how is this a content?

  • - Suga4MyTae -
    - Suga4MyTae - 19 days ago

    5:14 "HELLO BITCHES" -CL

  • Glass Entertainment
    Glass Entertainment 19 days ago

    I am surprised the man knows CL 😍😍😍😍

  • MJ Likes Pasta Salad
    MJ Likes Pasta Salad 19 days ago

    Shoes or swimsuits next!

  • Enjoy The Silence
    Enjoy The Silence 21 day ago

    This episode is boring and uncreative :(

  • Click a vid/vlog for EWICH Domingo

    BWUADY: body

  • Lynda Carter
    Lynda Carter 23 days ago

    Jen could put the logo “Pink Ladies” on the pink jacket, like a throwback to the movie Grease.

  • Hannah Rupert
    Hannah Rupert 23 days ago

    I have the same one as Jen lol

  • Chelsea MacRae
    Chelsea MacRae 23 days ago

    Is it just me that thinks that Kristen’s jacket should have South Side Serpents written on the back of it?
    Where’s My Riverdale Fans At?

  • Grace Galpin
    Grace Galpin 24 days ago

    Beautiful black dress Kristen❤️

  • I Be Jungshook
    I Be Jungshook 24 days ago

    6:22 it sounds like Jen said
    "How ya doing babe?"
    To Devin :O

  • Vicky Logic
    Vicky Logic 27 days ago

    i always like kristen but I REALLY like kristen here lol she makes me laugh

  • Destiny Bruening
    Destiny Bruening 28 days ago

    devin i loooove this look in this video sooo much

  • Teagan Finley
    Teagan Finley Month ago +2

    i’m kinda disappointed. this video felt a little lazy. i know you guys are sponsored by amazon, but i wish you did something a little more interesting, like holiday gifts from amazon or something like that. just a little constructive criticism, but i really liked devin’s jacket lol

  • Aaliyah Robles
    Aaliyah Robles Month ago

    Jen kinda looks like amber from f(x)

  • Maranda Panda
    Maranda Panda Month ago

    Ok I love lady like but in the first few minutes when plus size costing more because of more fabric and her little eye roll. I'm a plus size girl around the same size as her, yeah things cost more BEACAUSE WE NEED MORE FABRIC! Literally, if you want cheap clothes go to Walmart, not places where they care about how the design looks. Thanks.

  • Angel c
    Angel c Month ago

    *when u don't have good content idea*
    *put this trash on the internet*

  • Duh_itz_Kare Bear
    Duh_itz_Kare Bear Month ago +1

    When was the last time all the ladies from ladylike were together?

  • um i dont know what to name my username

    That black dress looks awesome on kristen!!!

  • Yana lacap Vlogs
    Yana lacap Vlogs Month ago

    How about let them wear breaces for a week?

  • D
    D Month ago

    I get being made over plus size clothes being more expensive. But it is more fabric.

  • HowardDanielle1299
    HowardDanielle1299 Month ago +1

    I used to binge watch Ladylike videos but now I can’t get through a whole one. I understand y’all have to constantly create content bc it’s your job, but if y’all need to take a break and actually come up with creative content then take the break. By creating pointless videos is just going to end up with Ladylike losing subscribers. I think y’all just need time to regroup

  • Maria Petrarca
    Maria Petrarca Month ago

    You guys need to go back and watch your old content and then compare it to your new content to see how downhill this channel has gone...

  • Nicolas Ingersoll
    Nicolas Ingersoll Month ago


  • Seryosi
    Seryosi Month ago

    When you want to go to a place in California where its colder, just go to a supermarket haha

  • EchoDier
    EchoDier Month ago

    I would buy the one Jen and Kristan got.

  • yuqi
    yuqi Month ago

    am i really the only one that enjoyed this video smh

  • Sophia Makenzie
    Sophia Makenzie Month ago +1

    I feel like when someone from the ladylike squad asks someone “how do you like this clothing item and we’re do you think I bought it” there answer should automatically be “Amazon” cause they’ve done this so much 😆

  • Claire Kendall
    Claire Kendall Month ago

    Why did she quote that as if making something with more fabric doesn't actually use more fabric?

  • bubble fly
    bubble fly Month ago

    how the FUcC did this get 869k views???

  • To Be Honestly
    To Be Honestly Month ago

    kristen always getting the most expensive stuff.

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres Month ago

    I never think about buying clothes from amazon. Gonna check it out

  • Simply Dakota
    Simply Dakota Month ago

    Everyone is hating but i love video's like this personally

  • R.I.P. ME
    R.I.P. ME Month ago

    anyone here from cody ko

  • Beau-tiful slime videos

    I love Jens jacket

  • Maddie Motana
    Maddie Motana Month ago

    Kristen wearing pants whaaaa

  • Hannah Cantrell
    Hannah Cantrell Month ago

    Jen’s is the best. It’s soo cute & looks so good on her!

  • Elien Shadeslayer
    Elien Shadeslayer Month ago +1

    Is it me or did Kristen lose like a ton of weight?

  • Cherry Dean
    Cherry Dean Month ago

    I already had jeans jacket

  • tegan likes muffins

    I think Devin's jacket might be called a teddy bear jacket/coat

  • Hannah Lamprecht
    Hannah Lamprecht Month ago

    Next time on ladylike we spend a lot of company money on ourselves in the name of a video

  • Hello Itz me
    Hello Itz me Month ago

    Jen: I will show you the pink side for fun
    Kristen: FOR FUN AND FOR ME
    Jen: for fun and for kristen
    Me: LOL

    OTTB BANDIT31 Month ago

    Devins jacket looks like weed

  • JeanneTheHuman
    JeanneTheHuman Month ago

    I tried ice skating recently. I was just a glob of sweat on ice and was sore for two days. Kristin’s got promise.

  • Shayla Beeson
    Shayla Beeson Month ago

    i love how tall devin is


    Did devin order her and its just oversized or did she size up?

  • DragonCake
    DragonCake Month ago

    I saw the ice rink and I went “oh no, Devin’s jacket is going to stick to the ice if she falls”

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx Month ago

    Hahaha 💖✨💖

  • Ayanna Richilano
    Ayanna Richilano Month ago

    Devin:"I don't know how to describe it"
    Proceeds to describe it perfectly

  • Hailey Boyd
    Hailey Boyd Month ago

    Is it crazy that I actually have Jen's jacket?!? 😂

    SPOOPY_ COTYLICIOUS Month ago +1


  • GalaxyGirl24
    GalaxyGirl24 Month ago

    Where does Jen get her to shirts?!

  • pantieslegrandma
    pantieslegrandma Month ago

    If you're going to try jackets, maybe try more than 3? With a theme, maybe? Cheapest Amazon jackets, most expensive. highest rated, all pink jackets, jackets made from bees, idk.

  • Ericagarcia111 Akacurlyfries


  • skippykipper101
    skippykipper101 Month ago

    Ok now I want to see ladylike try ice skating lessons or spending a day learning from a pro figure skater

  • Aut_umn_ Rockafellow

    Where is freddie??

  • SC: kekeandrews
    SC: kekeandrews Month ago

    i bought socks off amazon

  • ann3tt
    ann3tt Month ago

    devin so pretty with her face open without the bangs

  • 7ud
    7ud Month ago

    1:09 "plus sized jackets cost more because of "more design" and "More fabric" no sh*t Sherlock

  • Jaenise Sanchez
    Jaenise Sanchez Month ago

    Very CL from kpop

  • Allies Beauty and Health Channel

    Larger meals cost more because "more ingredients and more time spent making them" so it shouldn't be unexpected that anything that requires more materials would cost more. It's the same with custom ordering/making anything which takes more time/materials.

  • Geminii44
    Geminii44 Month ago

    whats the point of this video...

  • Jellyfish 789
    Jellyfish 789 Month ago +1

    Ladylike should really try doing something different. I personally love the channel and everything, but what they're uploading these days are mainly limited to "style" type videos and videos of them ordering things off Amazon, which is getting boring and repetitive. Does anyone agree?

  • Hayley Evans
    Hayley Evans Month ago

    “More fabric”... it literally is more fabric what’s up with the quotation marks?

  • Em Idc
    Em Idc Month ago

    You bought JACKETS??? from A M A Z O N?? W O W -_-

  • The DyslexicTree
    The DyslexicTree Month ago

    I love you woman!

  • Alex.The.FanBoi
    Alex.The.FanBoi Month ago

    Isn't that the harry styles jacket

  • Sarah Saucedo
    Sarah Saucedo Month ago

    Can ladylike PLEASE try to escape a hostage situation like the Try Guys did!😀

  • Katlynn Flores
    Katlynn Flores Month ago

    Where is chantel?

  • Rafaela Pontes
    Rafaela Pontes Month ago

    I’m sure no one will read this but I got so excited when I saw that “meu deus” sticker on the laptop. Brazilian culture b*tch

  • Madison Savoy
    Madison Savoy Month ago

    Devin I love your teddy jacket o have like the brown tan one and It's the coziest thing ever