3 Creamy Popsicles - You Suck at Cooking (episode 90)

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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    Oh popsicles, how fun.
    A can of coconut milk
    A can of pineapple chunks with just the pineapple chunks
    3 tablespoons of honey
    A pinch of salt
    A handful of shredded coconut
    Blend, pour, freeze, eat, in that order, or just chug it before you freeze it.
    A can of coconut milk
    A cup of blueberries
    3 tablespoons of raspberry jam
    A squeeze of lemon
    A pinch of salt
    Blah blah blah you know what to do.
    A can of coconut milk
    6 tablespoons cocoa powder
    4 tablespoons maple syrup
    1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    A pinch of salt
    And then do the things
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  • You Suck At Cooking
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    • daverizz
      daverizz 4 days ago

      Totally unrelated to this video... but everytime I watch a Binging with Babish, and he goes to grind some pepper on something, I'm waiting for him to say "Pepper, pepper, pepper..." You have taken over and possessed the small food-watching part of me brain!

    • nickability
      nickability 5 days ago

      As a vegan, I was so happy that your recipes in this video were vegan friendly!

    • Mr. Chicken
      Mr. Chicken 5 days ago

      We need a sub reddit for this channel

    • Gydian Prus
      Gydian Prus 5 days ago

      I love you

  • derpmaster !
    derpmaster ! 15 hours ago

    you should sell a cd of all the songs you made

  • Justin Leonard
    Justin Leonard 17 hours ago +1

    Lol you book comes out on my birthday I already know what I want

  • August Paterman
    August Paterman 18 hours ago

    I went to make it but we didn’t have coconut milk so I used heavy cream instead.
    When blending it turned into a warm creamy and so I put into the freezer to make ice cream instead

  • the green bookTM games
    the green bookTM games 20 hours ago

    i love yours cats

  • Squabble
    Squabble 21 hour ago

    That home made shake weight is pretty amazing

  • Bonblox RB
    Bonblox RB 21 hour ago

    This is the thing that Gordon Ramsay would be proud of

  • Chimp Boy
    Chimp Boy 21 hour ago

    Hey, you forgot about the pop-pickle

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M 21 hour ago

    My gawd I love you! You’re totally my people! Thought I was the only mental who knew the language...🥰🙃😎

  • Gay Blue
    Gay Blue Day ago

    Do the cats want a popsicle?

  • Ley Lah
    Ley Lah Day ago

    I guess this channel is the mild version of how to basic

  • Speckles The Lazer Cat

    What was the cat's name and the kittens too if you named them

  • Tea xar
    Tea xar Day ago

    i learn a lot from these videos.

    • Tea xar
      Tea xar Day ago

      never mind this mf actually made me believe jasberry ram existed.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Day ago

    I feel bad for never watching even one second of any ads embedded in your videos. Honestly.

  • BahnYahd
    BahnYahd Day ago

    Yoooo!! I’m so down to buy that book!

  • Geometeor 26
    Geometeor 26 Day ago

    I love this fucking part 1:17

  • Junior
    Junior Day ago

    why is no one talking about the shake weight

  • I L I K E F O R T N U T

    This is like papa franku and howtobasic had a kid

  • Light Legend
    Light Legend Day ago

    2:08 Hey there buddy, slow the fuck down.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aleasia S.
    Aleasia S. Day ago

    He just cut a popsicle

  • Electric Toast09
    Electric Toast09 Day ago +1

    Me not knowing what this channel is
    Reads title

  • Alice Farrell
    Alice Farrell Day ago

    these r vegan 🌱 win🤗🤗

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    Jomz Day ago

    Does anybody else want to see his guitar?

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    Gay Santa Day ago +1

    m o r e c a t

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    Princess Rm Day ago

    The reverse of HowToBasic

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    Shel Nunya AT Day ago

    Typically, yes:):)

  • a person
    a person Day ago +1

    at first i wasn't gonna like this video. but then you showed SIX fucking cats and i just had to at that point.

    • a person
      a person Day ago

      @You Suck At Cooking give me the scoop: are they yours? and is there any way you can feature them more on this channel??

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking  Day ago +1


  • Anthony Marc
    Anthony Marc Day ago +1

    Man, that book is going to sell out fast! I sure hope you are ready for a fourth and fifth printing of it! Definitely getting on the preorder list!

  • Rishit's Dazz
    Rishit's Dazz Day ago

    This channel blurs the line between an actual cooking tutorial and how to basic

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Day ago

    That tiger kitten that you showed.. I have a mother cat and kittens.What of them look exactly like the tiger cat.

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Day ago

    LOL ha ha ha ha ha..

  • no ideas for a name.

    Irony galore? Bonus kittens at the end?

  • jiminybae
    jiminybae Day ago +3

    "and a pinch of salt"
    [Adds three pinch]

  • JustBecause
    JustBecause 2 days ago +2

    How do you make these without the mould

  • Altair718
    Altair718 2 days ago

    Would I,be able to sub the coconut milk for another nondairy one?(allergic to coconut)

  • B Moore
    B Moore 2 days ago

    I almost clicked away when I saw the real coconut and a sigh of relief when it was a joke

  • Chelsea Parada
    Chelsea Parada 2 days ago +3

    I’m high please why do you talk like this
    I laugh

  • Stewj
    Stewj 2 days ago

    cant tell whats the best part of the video, the kittens or anything and everything else

  • sasuke messengerbag
    sasuke messengerbag 2 days ago

    omg i love this


    Ok but why are people talking about how he ate a popsicle with a fork and knife but not about how he got the toilet paper roll on the weight

  • Kim Squier
    Kim Squier 2 days ago +1

    Add kittens and instantly become a great video, YSAC 'cook' book. Favorite video. Holy grail.

  • Allison Lennox
    Allison Lennox 2 days ago +1

    Raspberry Ham?

  • JD JD
    JD JD 2 days ago

    This video brought to you by
    The American Coconut Milk Lobby

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    signed -God 2 days ago

    When I heard the robotic sounds at the becoming I... I just thought that... maybe, just maybe

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    Ben Cusack 2 days ago

    After watching the eating of popsicles with knife and fork I now wonder what other food I have been eating wrong my whole life.

  • Nathan Siepel
    Nathan Siepel 2 days ago

    Have you got any replacement for the coconut milk, my mother has an allergy for it..

  • Nathan Siepel
    Nathan Siepel 2 days ago

    You suck af cooking but also suck them popsicles

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    Trisha R 2 days ago

    Thank you for the excellent kitten content at the end

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    CJ 2 days ago

    Your songs at the end of your videos remind me of Flight of the Conchords

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    YamiGekusu 2 days ago

    _"No, it's raspberry jam, you dumb f***." _ 😂

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    Delana W 2 days ago

    I don’t suck at cooking actually I’m In a culinary school

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