$95 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - How Bad Is It?


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  • malkit valtoha
    malkit valtoha 39 minutes ago +1


  • Kiel Magno
    Kiel Magno Hour ago

    Give away?

  • Yes Its me
    Yes Its me 7 hours ago

    The way you throw the phones down makes me wanna die

  • Datsun 100a
    Datsun 100a 8 hours ago

    Three crying of laughter emojis.

  • LithuaniaSounds
    LithuaniaSounds 10 hours ago

    Can i have the fake one :(? Im using j5 8gb

    SUPER GAMER4 EVER 11 hours ago

    The pincher is used for replacing the tip of the s pen at your home with the extra tips

    LAFANTOOSH 15 hours ago

    Ur neither a tech expert.....nor smart

  • Fayruze Kasni
    Fayruze Kasni 19 hours ago

    use fake note 9 on your daily life for a month.. i dare yoU!! haha

  • Junior R
    Junior R 20 hours ago +1

    No wonder my note is super fast.. Because is 8gb of ram wooowww.. I didn't even know until i check the specs

  • Junior R
    Junior R 21 hour ago +1

    Did you try a different finger with the fake phone? It will unlock 🔓😂😂 i saw it in another video

  • Ripan Judge
    Ripan Judge 21 hour ago

    Where did you get the fake phone from

  • Chetan123 HG
    Chetan123 HG 22 hours ago

    It is cheaper in the uae

  • C Michael
    C Michael Day ago


  • paper aviation 147

    The tweezers in the box are fow replacing the tips on the spen

  • Amad Yusuf
    Amad Yusuf Day ago

    your acting is so weird. Like u did this review just to gain fame. why did the camera focus more on your face and not the device itself? sorry will never subscribe to this kind of garbage review. u better do a slapstic standing comedian.....

  • Karsten Kramer
    Karsten Kramer Day ago

    du er en idiot at høre på

  • Quantam
    Quantam Day ago

    Plot twist : the first box is the real one and the second is the fake

  • Stephano k.B
    Stephano k.B Day ago



    1 is fake

  • Hcfufg Gdydyev
    Hcfufg Gdydyev Day ago

    I have it

  • multo bwahahahahaha

    Gotta love that blue color

  • Tevin Davis
    Tevin Davis Day ago

    It's A Fake Print Scanner, You Can't Use Your Left Index Finger, If The Right Index Finger Is The Print That's Saved. You Can Only Use The Print Saved, I Bet You Can Unlock The Phone With Your Elbow.

  • c CC
    c CC 2 days ago

    only a pathetic loser would pay 900 dollars more for a slightly better camera/faster phone HAHAHAH what a lemming

  • Jubcool123
    Jubcool123 2 days ago

    I don’t need u changing the camera every bloody time

  • Gamerfun yo
    Gamerfun yo 2 days ago


  • 偉芬wilvams
    偉芬wilvams 2 days ago

    It is a s pen tip tools

  • Alexis
    Alexis 3 days ago

    It's to switch out the s pin tips...I have the not 9

  • Aakash Poudel
    Aakash Poudel 3 days ago

    Thats for spen tip fuc*** This guy doing review

  • Syed Mehran
    Syed Mehran 3 days ago

    The pincher is for changing the s-pen tips

  • Terrell POWELL
    Terrell POWELL 3 days ago

    Where did you get that Capone & Noreaga "War Report" tshirt from? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 classic

  • edge2991
    edge2991 3 days ago

    Dude looks like Marc paul gooselar

  • Cloud Bear
    Cloud Bear 4 days ago

    Samsung for life only real Samsung xd

  • ObrineDrums
    ObrineDrums 4 days ago

    I'm surprised the phone actually worked

  • Leah Nyahunzvi
    Leah Nyahunzvi 4 days ago


  • Leah Nyahunzvi
    Leah Nyahunzvi 4 days ago

    5:38 "I don't know why you would want to pick up a fake one"
    we a
    we ar
    we are
    we are b
    we are br
    we are bro
    we are brok
    we are broke
    we are brok
    we are bro
    we are br
    we are b
    we are
    we ar
    we a

  • Jovi Chua
    Jovi Chua 4 days ago

    Obviously the camera.

  • Gl3NN
    Gl3NN 5 days ago

    Its called operation

    • Gl3NN
      Gl3NN 5 days ago

      Oh ok he got it

  • Jose Serrano
    Jose Serrano 5 days ago

    Duuuude! STFU and get to the point!!!

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Ahmed Ibrahim 5 days ago

    No 2

  • Rayan Sandman
    Rayan Sandman 5 days ago


  • Hameedkhan Niazi
    Hameedkhan Niazi 5 days ago

    U are so cute

  • Ahmad Jouhar
    Ahmad Jouhar 5 days ago

    1 fake, 2 real

  • Tylerakpik 907
    Tylerakpik 907 6 days ago

    Number 2

  • Tylerakpik 907
    Tylerakpik 907 6 days ago +2

    I do I'm using it

  • jabastin renu
    jabastin renu 6 days ago

    Stop gibberish and do the video

    AADOGY BOYYY 6 days ago

    Number 1

  • Fiascokid
    Fiascokid 7 days ago

    Too much silly talks and silly acting, no real meat and potatoes, total time waster, not to mention, extreme prejudices before even testing the clone. Didn't bother to watch the rest of this video, so silly.

  • Sandy trader
    Sandy trader 7 days ago +1

    @techsmart can you try to be less dramatic? like seriously ? so much drama..Unsubscribed!

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 7 days ago

    I cloud tell that because the color was dull on fake

  • Vernal Brown
    Vernal Brown 7 days ago

    Fake note 9

  • Vernal Brown
    Vernal Brown 7 days ago

    I want a Samsung note 9

  • EdwinPlayzYT
    EdwinPlayzYT 7 days ago

    Where u get the fake

  • Marc Ian Cabawatan
    Marc Ian Cabawatan 7 days ago

    Try playing youtube with 360p or lower. The screen will cut of the upper-left side.
    I Got the fake Samsung Note too :(

  • Marc Ian Cabawatan
    Marc Ian Cabawatan 7 days ago

    Make a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Giveaway

  • favour iwueke
    favour iwueke 7 days ago

    Good job

  • Miso Mama
    Miso Mama 8 days ago

    is that the fake smart watch you're wearing?

  • Bakri Abdelaziz
    Bakri Abdelaziz 8 days ago

    YES. I. HAVE. ONE. IT. COST. ME. 2000

  • Louis Kenzo
    Louis Kenzo 8 days ago

    The one that is the real note 9 is the second one

  • Louis Kenzo
    Louis Kenzo 8 days ago

    I always use my note 9 cause I have a note9

  • TeCh QuEEn116
    TeCh QuEEn116 9 days ago

    I'm going to get this to prank the kids

  • Giova soy yo
    Giova soy yo 9 days ago

    U r so rude treating devices

  • rag e63
    rag e63 9 days ago

    This guy is talking way to much. 👎

  • Jonathan Camut
    Jonathan Camut 10 days ago

    Why is your intro so long

  • Machoman12 Celica
    Machoman12 Celica 10 days ago

    You talking too much.. Bla Bla Bla..

  • Shaquille Payne
    Shaquille Payne 11 days ago

    Where did you get the fake one from send link plz

  • 혀기동
    혀기동 13 days ago

    It looks pretty nicebaaaaaaaaaaaam

  • Imie Tayupon
    Imie Tayupon 16 days ago

    You are so handsome... I love how you looks like....

  • samarth singh
    samarth singh 17 days ago

    1 one is fake

  • The Natural
    The Natural 18 days ago

    You're annoying. I stopped watching at 3 minutes...

  • Firas snap
    Firas snap 19 days ago

    that thing is for the S pen

  • ok wow
    ok wow 19 days ago

    I also bought a 1250 bucks note 9

  • Rajiv Singh
    Rajiv Singh 20 days ago +1

    amazing video …………...I subscribed
    keep up the amazing work

  • BeastMaster
    BeastMaster 20 days ago

    Sorry this guy is super annoying how many times can he slammed the phone down oh my goodness get to the point and stop being so annoying. He acts like a drama queen.

  • David T
    David T 20 days ago

    i would just open fortnite and if i dont get the galaxy skin, its fake

  • Kameran Atif
    Kameran Atif 20 days ago

    The pincher is to change the tips on the s pen if uh want it skinnier or thicker

  • Superbattledroi
    Superbattledroi 20 days ago


  • Superbattledroi
    Superbattledroi 20 days ago


  • Exotic Butters [Five nights at Freddys]

    I said number two and I got it right cool!

  • R s
    R s 21 day ago

    the pincher is for the pen tips to change em

  • etiosa ekhator
    etiosa ekhator 23 days ago

    I just stupidly got the fake one I don't know what to do

  • yousuf nasir
    yousuf nasir 25 days ago

    i got it right

  • Yazin aljabbar
    Yazin aljabbar 25 days ago

    How's bad the fake one please !!!
    Is the fake one also water resistant???

  • Tseyk Suli
    Tseyk Suli 27 days ago

    TechSmartt you know on the fake note 9 you can pull pen out too, but you have to use your nails. Since pen there is made of metal and not plastic and that pen uses your body heat to work.

  • noah kohs
    noah kohs 29 days ago

    The pincher is to take out the tip on the s pen to replace it with a new tip

  • remix ddxd.
    remix ddxd. Month ago

    its the 2nd one an you told us the answer ;-;

  • sultan mirzaa
    sultan mirzaa Month ago

    Fake mobile is made in veitnam?

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    This is the worst "tech" channel i've ever seen.

  • joe mendoza
    joe mendoza Month ago

    You talk too much

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin Month ago

    Yeah but it ain’t no iPhone

  • Erick lanson
    Erick lanson Month ago

    7:29 a crater hahahaha

  • googzgag
    googzgag Month ago +6

    All these fake iPhones and galaxy’s look so good that for the price they would actually be good phones BUT the processors inside of them are usually so horrible that it makes the device pretty much unusable on a day to day basis or the batteries are the lowest of quality usually crapping out after a month of use. These Phones are not meant to be used as a persons everyday phone, they are simply made to fool people to believe they are purchasing a name brand device.

  • googzgag
    googzgag Month ago

    I don’t get the Note series anymore. The first like 5 or 6 notes they were phones that were much bigger than it’s galaxy counterpart. Made the phones feel special unlike now I feel like the notes are the same size or a LITTLE bit bigger than the regular galaxys. Anyone remember the Note 4 that was a Gorgeous device it had that black leather feeling back. The notes just use to look much more impressive in my opinion. Maybe it’s just all in my head because all the phones are really big these days so they don’t stand out like they use to. I have an iPhone XS max rite now and I love how it’s noticeably bigger than the other iPhones.

  • bryan norris
    bryan norris Month ago

    How do you not know the adaptor is for Smart Switch? Lol

  • Skyrim Marvel94
    Skyrim Marvel94 Month ago

    Fake vs huawei p20 please

  • Lance Hale
    Lance Hale Month ago

    Where did you buy the fake Note 9? What site?

  • salvatore tinnirello

    For The power of The bottle

  • Darius Leahu
    Darius Leahu Month ago

    Fake is with note9 text

  • Bill Magana
    Bill Magana Month ago

    ya i just got th enote 9 phone and its awesome!

  • Handr handr
    Handr handr Month ago

    fake note9 2600mah and the pen is not clicky it is like note 4 pen

  • Michael Teige
    Michael Teige Month ago

    Sorry you are way too annoying to watch. I could not last the whole 19:27.