Baker In Supreme Court Gay Wedding Cake Jack Phillips Shares His Story | The View


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  • hodell82
    hodell82 2 months ago

    Part of the problem here is that these people are equating someone refusing to violate their conscience as being "unloving". Not true. This man could have much love for these two gay men as human beings, but still refuse to do something that goes against his beliefs. Also, the sword cuts both ways doesn't it? If you love me as a human being and respect my rights, are you going to ask me to do something that violates my beliefs, just because you feel you are entitled to it?

  • Julio .T
    Julio .T 8 months ago

    These woman are just a bunch of liberal, femenist, hipocrites trying to teach a servant of God the word when they themselves dont apply it to themselves and clearly take it out of context, and yes it does say in the bible that I am to judge but to judge righteously. This man is innocent like any other person who negates their services based on what their faith is.

  • Orpheus T
    Orpheus T 8 months ago

    I'm not a Christian, though I do believe in God, much respect to this man for sticking to his conscious. Better to starve and die in the street than being forced to do something against your will. And these people are idiots when they think that they know what Jesus would do. This type of slimey gay activism is why there will be a strong backlash against intolerant hateful LGBTQs. I don't care what gays do, but once they start pushing their ways on me they just turned me into an enemy who was once somewhat sympathetic to them.

  • hjalmar poelzig
    hjalmar poelzig 8 months ago

    The prophecy is complete:
    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

  • jovan turner
    jovan turner 9 months ago

    I understand now that it has been explained further. He didn’t want to make them a cake but they could still buy one. I dont support it but I understand. I don’t serve people with maga hats at my restaurant but I offer them to sit somewhere to the garbage

  • Harmony
    Harmony 9 months ago

    Did Joy tell someone in the audience not to clap?? Wtf

  • Lloyd Ndhlovu
    Lloyd Ndhlovu 9 months ago

    Did she say there are God fearing Gay People? Lol

  • Lloyd Ndhlovu
    Lloyd Ndhlovu 9 months ago

    The other lady said the Bible says you should not judge but there's a condition(I'm surprised that she's even religious or was). If you do the same thing you're judging them about, then that's hypocrisy. That's logical 100%. The ladies are even speaking for Jesus(I don't think they are spiritually matured or not spiritual at all). Go to another cake bakery and buy a freaking cake!!! No courts. No argument. Problem solved.

  • Michael Burnett
    Michael Burnett 9 months ago

    Joy, please quit the show. You add nothing to the conversation.

  • 1233arceus
    1233arceus 9 months ago

    Here we go again, another story involving an outdated fictional book

  • Alex Dashkoff
    Alex Dashkoff 9 months ago

    Wow I’m so proud of everyone here. I consider the audience of the view to be low IQ people, but now I’m starting to think otherwise since I see almost everybody siding with this man who isn’t even homophobic.

  • Will Skinner
    Will Skinner 9 months ago

    Now these atheists are going to interpret Jesus and speak on behalf of him from his perspective. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

  • Will Skinner
    Will Skinner 9 months ago

    @thefeministsontheviewwhoidontknowyournames So businesses are allowed to refuse service to Trump Supporters and conservatives

  • mytuber81
    mytuber81 9 months ago +1

    First off the bias on the panel is breathtaking. It’s amazing how intolerant and non-empathetic the panel is to what Jack is now dealing with and totally forgetting HIS rights under the constitution, smh. It’s also amazing how Sara Haines and others try to use the Bible to shame Jack for exercising his faith BASED ON THE BIBLE. There’s a rule/principle about reading the Bible that says ‘never read a bible verse’. What that means is don’t try to get the full context of something from just one verse, that’s irresponsible and intellectually lazy and that’s exactly what Sarah Haines did. The Bible ALSO says to “judge righteously”, hmm...wonder why she didn’t include that verse??🤔🤔
    Joy Behar asserts that “Jesus would make the cake”, how does she know that? What part of God saying ‘men lying with other men is an ABOMINATION’ and ‘God created MAN AND WOMAN and to go forth and MULTIPLY’ did she not understand and/or miss when she read through the entire Bible?🤔
    The panel doesn’t seem to understand that loving someone doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they want even if it directly violates your conscience. That’s not love it’s hate. The irony is that they would seem to have no problem if the law discriminated against Jacks religious beliefs b/c they think he’s a bigot. Jacks lawyer is right, if the state can deny jacks rights under the constitution it can deny ANYONES rights, they don’t seem to understand that fact. All they see is a man they personally disagree with and not realizing the broader implications of the lawsuit. Remember, jack served this couple for YEARS knowing they are gay, that’s not a sign of a bigot who wants to unjustly discriminate b/c of hatred toward the two men. He’s not forcing them to come to his shop or do anything, the two men and the ACLU are in fact trying to FORCE Jack to do something that would violate his conscience. Who’s the intolerant one again??🤔🤔
    Would they say the same thing if it was Muslim baker or florist? Of course not b/c to the left religious beliefs ONLY matter if you worship at the altar of political correctness and identity politics.

  • RSM82
    RSM82 9 months ago

    In Jn. 8, when Jesus helps the woman caught in adultery, what is his response to her? Something worth considering for those who say that Jesus would simply condone sinful acts in the name of mercy.

  • Rahwa Goitom
    Rahwa Goitom 9 months ago

    omg its by force where is the freedom he don't need to make it

  • Essie S
    Essie S 9 months ago +1

    Yesssss Joy get that last word and cut them off! I live!

  • SwedishBlouse
    SwedishBlouse 9 months ago

    Stupid gays, if they had any sense they would have specifically supported a gay cake maker..shouldn't they be supporting lgbt people?

  • hfontanez98
    hfontanez98 9 months ago

    Supreme Court ruled.... Dude won!!!! End of story.

  • Jacob Kidd
    Jacob Kidd 9 months ago

    Democrats constantly contradict their own argument. They have no educated facts, just opinions.

  • jake Burli
    jake Burli 9 months ago

    Are they actually blaming him for his business loss?!

  • LetzBeaFranque
    LetzBeaFranque 9 months ago

    So, what if someone wants a cake from a Jewish bakery with a swastika decoration applied by the baker? They should be able to get it according to The View. This is the USA and you can vote with your pocket book - you don't have to bring Amerika down on the common man.

  • Jacob Gruber
    Jacob Gruber 9 months ago

    Just go to a different bakery.........

  • Cobus Opperman
    Cobus Opperman 9 months ago

    Supreme Court gives victory to a Colorado baker who refused to make cake for a gay wedding. USA TODAY

  • timelesskoontah
    timelesskoontah 9 months ago

    In the first place he shouldn't have been there. On that show....

  • timelesskoontah
    timelesskoontah 9 months ago

    What's wrong with joy about lovely guys...what's wrong with these people...

  • thelenny38
    thelenny38 9 months ago

    Jesus should cancel the fucking view

  • J
    J 9 months ago

    Does he make cakes for ex-convicts? Divorcees? Adulterers? Child molesters? Is there some form he requires people to fill out so he can be so loyal to his exquisite faith? And, per his faith, he is a sinner too - so what services should he be denied?

  • snarlingrabiddog5150
    snarlingrabiddog5150 9 months ago

    The clapping is censored by Joy. Just watch at 7:01. If it is clapping for something that she doesn't believe in, or is against the leftist agenda of the show, she shuts it down. ....and they are just so tolerant. Ugh!

  • mikoyyuy13
    mikoyyuy13 9 months ago

    Jesus Christ follows God’s orders. He followed His order to be killed even though He was scared He still did it.
    God’s order is that weddings are only between a man and a woman. Jesus would follow that order but would still love the gay couple.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 9 months ago

    The angry beavers came back as a new show called the view

  • Andrew Davanzo
    Andrew Davanzo 9 months ago

    Ya joy knows Jesus sooo well. I bet she goes to church every week

  • Khalil Aziz
    Khalil Aziz 9 months ago

    They were trying hard to get him to participate in gay weddings.

  • Talented Tenth
    Talented Tenth 9 months ago

    Why don't he hire someone else to make cakes for gay couples.

  • Talented Tenth
    Talented Tenth 9 months ago

    I understand the guy has person beliefs, but it is pure hypocrisy when straight couples come in and 90% of them are having premarital sex and living together that SIN in the Bible in the too.

  • Talented Tenth
    Talented Tenth 9 months ago

    Don't base it on religion or Biblical teachings that same sex marriage is wrong, base it on your personal traditional view of marriage bottom line. Would he deny it for an interracial couple?

    KING KONG 9 months ago

    now i want cake

  • Zacharyzmp
    Zacharyzmp 9 months ago

    How about individual sovereignty? Let the man do his work the way he wants to.

  • wayne stewart
    wayne stewart 9 months ago

    Sue the gay couple for lost of revenue and lack of compassion for other people's beliefs very common in the gay community.

  • wayne stewart
    wayne stewart 9 months ago

    Great guy

  • wayne stewart
    wayne stewart 9 months ago

    It's called freedom let the owner be free

  • Mister Sparky Del Rio Texas

    He did right not to make the cake

  • Alberta Giddens
    Alberta Giddens 9 months ago

    I don't think Joy knows Jesus enough to speak for Him. Lol

  • Wednesday's Child
    Wednesday's Child 9 months ago

    The women on the view are illogical. I think the view to be forced to make an anti abortion cake. We'll see if they refuse.

  • Jojo Higher
    Jojo Higher 9 months ago

    Jesus would have told him the bread you need is the bread of life. I am the life. You should ask for your sins to be forgiven not for cake. If you had known the truth, you would not have been here. I am the truth!

  • Jojo Higher
    Jojo Higher 9 months ago

    If someone came in asking for a penis cake for a bacherette party, no one would care if he turned them down. I believe there was an episode of that on Cake Boss. The mom didn’t want her son making the cake because it was obscene!

  • alecrebel
    alecrebel 9 months ago

    what a bunch of mindless, soulless and idiotic toads! Who watches this garbage?

  • eoselan7
    eoselan7 9 months ago

    Judge not that ye be not judged...the guy is a low life creep...

  • Ju5tsayin
    Ju5tsayin 9 months ago

    Let me shed light on this issue this is not a baker refusing to make a cake for a gay man. This is not a baker refusing to serve a gay man. This is a baker refusing to make a cake specifically to celebrate a gay marriage. It isnt about judgment of the individual. This is about the baker believing a wedding is sacred and a religious event due to his faith and he does not want to bake a cake representing something that goes against his faith.
    I would not go to a satanic baker and expect him to bake me a cake for my holy communion. Like wtf.
    I hate the view and all the snakes on it.

  • Goldena Medina
    Goldena Medina 9 months ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if Joy Behar's ancestors forced Jews to convert and then burned them at the stake for not eating pig meat.

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson 9 months ago

    This makes me so sick these kind of people make me mad.

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson 9 months ago

    When they say love it doesn't mean except what they are you can slap a child hand not to touch a hot stove or anything hot that is love.

  • S Tobler
    S Tobler 9 months ago

    They talk like they know Jesus 🙄 YOU DONT KNOW JESUS! Or else you’d understand His nature-merciful and JUST.

  • Katherine Davidson
    Katherine Davidson 9 months ago

    Joy is obnauxious and dumb downs every argument. “I’m just speaking for Jesus right now.” How arrogant.

  • Phenom AL
    Phenom AL 9 months ago

    The bible says u can sleep with another man wife but don't fall in temptation for the the wife hubby!!!😃👆🥋✊

  • Triple G
    Triple G 9 months ago

    I support the baker. I don't agree with his views, at all, but it is his company and he can do what he wants..

  • Albert & San
    Albert & San 9 months ago

    Jack is clearly gay as a goose himself :-)

  • Wallys Rc Addiction
    Wallys Rc Addiction 9 months ago

    What a stupid show. Junk

  • Eddy Lopez
    Eddy Lopez 9 months ago

    God bless this baker, to have the patience to listen to these silly ladies and their belief that Jesus would make them a cake! Are you kidding me?? Jesus is God and he created marriage between a man and a women and anything outside of that is just playing dress up. Also, the blond lady that supports gays and goes to church she made up her own God witch is idolarty. God's rules never change! I was so sicken by watching these dumbing mock the bakery but then again Jesus does warn us about being persecuted.

  • golfinjoe1
    golfinjoe1 9 months ago

    Do you wear a tag or shirt that stipulates your political position? Your religious preference? Your personal preferences? Why not?

  • Roy B
    Roy B 9 months ago

    "And he answered and said unto them, *Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,"* - Jesus in Matthew 19:4 acknowledging Genesis 1:27-28.
    Jesus kept the company of repented sinners. He spoke harshly of sins, homosexuality included, that is why he was Crucified by the Romans at the determine desire of the Jewish powers. People pleasers don't offended people and Jesus offend the wicked.

  • Sweence
    Sweence 9 months ago

    Don't let their niceness fool you. These are religious lunatics. Who cares what the ancient bible says? It's a book of fairy tales from the bronze age.

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 9 months ago

    I commend this man for his stance and obedience to his faith.

  • Roy B
    Roy B 9 months ago

    Do not judge others hypocritically. The Bible tells you to judge justly. Such hypocrisy on display, they are judging this baker all the time claim the Bible say not to judge.

  • Alfredo M
    Alfredo M 9 months ago

    People actually watch this garbage?

  • TheRenegadeStarr
    TheRenegadeStarr 9 months ago

    They're cherry picking... they want to talk about the Bible but will ignore divorcees, illegitimate children, etc. I tried to understand his stance as a baker but he made ZERO sense. I'm glad this situation went public, better places to spend money.

  • l l
    l l 9 months ago

    I'll answe the question for the guy.
    He was asked- if a same sex couple came in ordering a cake for a wedding would he ask them about affairs, sex outside marriage...etc
    Here's the thing; if the cake ordered by same sex couple was to celebrate sex outside marriage or any other particular sin, surely the guy would have turned it down. But according to christian and muslim belief, making a cake for the celebration of a gay wedding, baking a cake for a homosexual couple is making a cake for the celebration of a sinful marriage, an act that cannot be forced on an american citizen who has the right to conduct business in the usa in a manner that does not violate his freedom of speech and freedom of religion!
    God knows, there are plenty of non-christian, non-muslim bakeries that would love to bake a cake for gays and wouldnt think twice about it.
    But these gay activists werent out looking for a bakery to bake them a cake, but looking for the one bakery that wouldnt...
    Just trying to shove their crap down people's throats!

  • Tammy Bowers
    Tammy Bowers 9 months ago

    Its hes right the goverment cant tell anyone in their own bakery. we believe the bible and thats that

  • mike brigs
    mike brigs 9 months ago


  • itz Abizz
    itz Abizz 9 months ago

    Don’t speak for Jesus. They are discriminate against this man and his believes. So shut up and leave him alone!!!

  • Red Daikini
    Red Daikini 9 months ago

    Hey, _The View_ - Would you hassle a Muslim bakery for refusing service to a gay couple? No? Then STFU.

  • PopNHop
    PopNHop 9 months ago

    Joy, please don't try to speak for Jesus @5:55. Jesus spoke quite clearly for himself.

  • LabFee Luna
    LabFee Luna 9 months ago

    Listening to the Jew tell Christians what Jesus would do. Oy ve.

  • rich strong
    rich strong 9 months ago

    ok so i own my own bussiness and i have to do anyrhing a consumer wants ? big bro gov dictates ?

  • Peter Paz
    Peter Paz 9 months ago +1

    This is a tough case. More than most commenters here think. On one side, you have anti-gay discrimination. On the other, you have the proprietor of a business being told who he has to serve. I gotta admit, I am on the side of the gay couple here. As a business owner, you are offering a service. Sure, there are instances where you can refuse service: a drunken or disordely patron, for example.
    Here, however, there is a direct correlation between refusal of service and the sexual orientation of the patrons. That is discrimination. It is illegal and outlawed. No way around it. The same sex marriage issue is not even important here. The Bible decries homosexuality in general. Therefore, even if these two gay men requested a birthday cake for a friend, the baker would likely STILL refuse them service, since his religion opposes it. How can he be allowed to hide behind the Bible when he is being two-faced? Religion in this case is used merely as a tool.....which is its ONLY purpose in society.
    When someone orders a wedding cake, does this baker ask if it is their first marriage? Because it if it not, then they are committing adultery--according to the Bible. See where I'm going here? This is selective religion. Kind of like having a priest pray with troops before going to WAR--where they will commit the biggest sin of all....thou shalt not kill.
    For those who would disagree with me, I pose a question: Does a business owner have the right to refuse to hire someone based on their sexual orientation? It is the exact same thing. Here's another question: If the defense "the Devil made me do it" would not get a killer off, then why should the defense "God made me do it" get this baker off ???? Ultimately, it is a defense based and rooted in something which has NEVER, EVER been proven: the existence of God. The law presumably deals in evidence and tangible reasoning and logic.
    My opinion is based wholly on the law. Bottom line: homosexuals are a PROTECTED CLASS. I am a straight male, for the record.

  • Peter Paz
    Peter Paz 9 months ago +1

    For those of you commenting on the contant clapping....most audience members for talk shows, TV series, etc. are paid to sit in and laugh or clap at key moments. They are basically directed like actors. This is subliminal manipulation of YOU, the viewer, to get you to favor or dislike certain beliefs, actions, etc. All part of the sheep-herding conducted by the entertainment mediums. (-:

  • PC Reject
    PC Reject 9 months ago

    Does this poor guy not realize the vitriol to soon be hurled at him for his religious beliefs. Does he not realize that he's about to be eviscerated by a bunch hate filled leftist females for upholding his religious beliefs. Poor guy, he has no idea. Joyless Behar, you know youre just dying to call him a racist, bigot, homophobic deplorable, dont you. ANd jesus would NOT have baked them a wedding cake either. He would not celebrate their wedding and would not attend, you hateful idiots.

  • TravelGurl2015
    TravelGurl2015 9 months ago

    Joy is straight dumba**!

    KLIKKZZZ 9 months ago

    These fucking hags on this show are just going out of their way to make this guy look bad, its his right to refuse service, and these fucking hags cannot understand. Why is this show still on the air, if it was reversed, the show would be off the air already. Jesus would of made the cake, wtf, how do they know, they have a lifeline to contact him? Laughable these idiot women are.

  • Damien Runner
    Damien Runner 9 months ago

    we live in a free democracy. Forcing someone to make a cake for someone else is a Communist Idea. Take your money to a baker who supports gay weddings.

  • Marian Okogwu
    Marian Okogwu 9 months ago

    LOL! Joy can’t take the clapping because the claps are in favor of the baker and his lawyer. 😂
    I’m really happy this gentleman handled himself maturely and with much wisdom he answered their questions and didn’t fall for their trap. Oh and glad his lawyer stood up for him. The view seems to have a panel of grown women who act like children.

  • Damien Runner
    Damien Runner 9 months ago

    John 7:24
    Verse Concepts
    "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."
    = we are called to judge so long as we do not commit the same sin.
    The word of God never changes. Check the bibles. Wording might be in different order however its the same meaning. Regardless of christian faith.
    Revelation 22:18-19 King James Version (KJV)
    18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
    19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

  • one of the kings
    one of the kings 9 months ago

    Just seems kinda rude for someone who politely tells them they cannot do the art they want on a wedding cake to be challenge about their faith. Why would try to hurt th em because they are tridqtional beliefs. They can go womewhere else..

  • flaveNico
    flaveNico 9 months ago

    Pretty much : if you go by the bible you're wrong, you have to alter it to our liking and agree with our new ways. The Only bible we can go by is the new altered one that has been modified to not hurt feelings. BTW to the blonde lady saying our church accepts gays and is ok with them living that life, Leave that church because thats not a church. A true Christian does not hate a person no matter their life style we respect the person BUT we dont have to agree with the life style and please dont try making us feel bad for it because its a waste of time.

  • freebirth2005
    freebirth2005 9 months ago

    whoopie open your mind and join the #walkaway

  • Cosmic Mind
    Cosmic Mind 9 months ago

    Everyone's like gays should have freedoms and rights, minorities should have freedoms and rights, everyone except Christians...

  • Johnny fat
    Johnny fat 9 months ago

    I’m with jake😇

  • Shona68360
    Shona68360 9 months ago

    It will come a major showdown between the church and the LGBTQ community...

  • Sean Domhnall O Sullivan

    Jesus would have made the cake, would vote for gay marriage etc,

  • Laura
    Laura 9 months ago

    If Jesus was at that shop he would say I am all you need to be full.

  • rustyshadow7
    rustyshadow7 9 months ago

    Joy Behar: "Jesus would've baked the cake"
    Hey moron, Jesus was a carpenter not a baker.

  • cbonklisse
    cbonklisse 9 months ago

    I'm gay and I would not give him a cent, so I would simply go somewhere else.

  • Micheal Cronce
    Micheal Cronce 9 months ago

    These chicks are dumb AF

  • Jamielynn Fields
    Jamielynn Fields 9 months ago

    Why is this show still on air. These women are trash.

  • Jurassic Room
    Jurassic Room 9 months ago

    It's confising...dislike for the View blow hards...or like for the Baker?

  • Jurassic Room
    Jurassic Room 9 months ago

    OH..OH Really! I suppose you "speak" for God as much as Christians do...

  • Tate O'Connor
    Tate O'Connor 9 months ago

    Geez, let your guest speak and LISTEN

  • John McDaid
    John McDaid 9 months ago

    The lady far left is a half wit who clearly does not even listen to what anyone with opposing views has to say. The show should be called *OUR* view instead.

  • Bmindful1161
    Bmindful1161 9 months ago

    Joy Behar praying for you to have a transformation of heart and mind

  • langston terry
    langston terry 9 months ago

    You should make a cake for anyone no matter what being gay may or may not be a sin but that Dosent determine our right to judge anyone.