I Shouldn’t Have Challenged Liza Koshy.


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  • Melissa Raven
    Melissa Raven 18 hours ago

    I never knew Will had a channel until now XD

  • Wendy Cienega
    Wendy Cienega 19 hours ago

    So much fun watching these two lol

  • Aida Sarr
    Aida Sarr 19 hours ago

    That's some casey editing right there

  • Angelique Heaton
    Angelique Heaton 19 hours ago


  • Booty GAwD
    Booty GAwD 20 hours ago +2

    6:30 “can we edit Will outta the...”

    GETS 0 LAUGHS 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hikingtotoro
    hikingtotoro 20 hours ago

    Honestly, tea.

  • Booty GAwD
    Booty GAwD 20 hours ago +2

    Bro I didn’t even know u had a USclip channel I woulda subbed a min ago ...😒😒😐

  • Mia Parker
    Mia Parker 21 hour ago

    Liza stood up & did the water wave...you go girl 💃😂

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller 23 hours ago +1

    Liza and Jaden Smith?

  • natrual haired singer .

    Damn he got a youtube channel now ?

  • Margarita Stewart
    Margarita Stewart 23 hours ago

    It's obviously just the *pecs*

  • Shishter whos mans is this

    Will where has Liza been for soooooo looooong also your the best.

  • MissKittyRN75
    MissKittyRN75 23 hours ago

    I would watch a Fresh Prince spin off with both of them.

  • Bunmy girl33 Marshmallow

    Lol I walked in to the living room wile watching this and shark tale was on lmao

  • britney Ramsey
    britney Ramsey Day ago +1

    He livin his best life

  • YourAveragePotato

    Don’t mess with our QUEEN

  • Patricia Romero
    Patricia Romero Day ago

    Wheres liza been

  • kreatus
    kreatus Day ago +1

    "Ok. I feel safe now."😅 Oh praise today--- the day I found out Will Smith has a YT channel 🤩😎 I was psychically warned a couple days back when popping on the radio in my jeep & nearly losing my mind (in a good way) hearing MIAMI playing---- turn it UP!!!

  • sky-yourstruly *

    i suck d

  • Annie 🐸🌈B❀🌻🍂Free☮🐝💕

    🎉🎈Looks so cool!! 💋🐧✌🎃Fun fun .... Bliss .🐇🌠🌱💕😍🙌💛🌑😊🐼😄

  • Eril Lafiana
    Eril Lafiana Day ago


  • Mia Renata
    Mia Renata Day ago

    Iconic collab

  • Gay Blue
    Gay Blue Day ago

    I need a Will Smith with me 24/7 as a hype man tbh

  • Alexis Taylor
    Alexis Taylor Day ago

    Liza is like a female version of Will Smith!!! 😂

  • Fely Kelly
    Fely Kelly Day ago

    I think the one standing up is actually Jet Paskinsky 😂😂😂 thats your opponent Will hahahaha

  • Alyssa Renee
    Alyssa Renee Day ago

    She. Is. So. Amazing !!!!

  • Sophia Harms
    Sophia Harms Day ago

    This is AMAZING

  • Lauryn T
    Lauryn T Day ago

    Will is really living his best life.

  • alberto mora
    alberto mora Day ago

    I like how he has ads ever tho he already has millions

  • lurenissen
    lurenissen Day ago

    Why doesn't this guy age??

  • Jordyn Villarreal

    Such a wonderful collaboration especially since it my 2favorite people I love them so much❤

  • lil fyer
    lil fyer Day ago

    will smith a real one tho

  • Angus Sosa
    Angus Sosa Day ago

    ah, Liza it's soo cute UwU 🌈

  • lil fyer
    lil fyer Day ago

    why is will doing this channel like this, just for fun, or are the property taxes adding up???

  • Guy Outlaw
    Guy Outlaw Day ago

    I'm trying to figure what's the song playing for day 2!!! LIT!!!

  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez Day ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever clicked a video so fast

  • maryam maryam
    maryam maryam Day ago


  • Beth Beth
    Beth Beth Day ago

    I follow you on musicly

  • Brendan French
    Brendan French Day ago

    The soundtrack sounds just like The APL song from Elephunk by the black eyed pea's.

  • Odin Ommundsen
    Odin Ommundsen Day ago

    Will Smith is the son of god

  • Odin Ommundsen
    Odin Ommundsen Day ago

    The only question I want to have the answer in the world is, how do Will S. look so young when he’s like 45

  • saito shirosumi
    saito shirosumi Day ago

    Will u don't look like u aged a bit and that's the truth

  • BearymoS
    BearymoS Day ago

    What did we do to deserve Will Smith

  • Priscilla Guzman

    thiGH thIckTiViTieS

  • s
    s Day ago

    you know youve made it when will smith uses you as clickbait

  • Bulexisrostudios Foreva

    MAMA NOOOOOOO!!... im srry im weird i know im weird dont freaking judge meh

  • Priscilla Guzman

    the collab I never knew that I needed

  • Sydney A
    Sydney A Day ago

    I'm going to blame all of my mistakes on my Thigh-thic-tivities. XD

  • *DoRa ChAnClEtAs*

    This is better than the vines I laugh to

  • casper2yall
    casper2yall Day ago

    That looks really awesome to try.

  • Elizabeth Hale
    Elizabeth Hale Day ago

    Thank you for being so great Will!!!

  • Esesmuroberts
    Esesmuroberts Day ago

    Cursed video

  • Veronika Vezenkova

    This is such a wholesome video

  • Tyrah Fitzgerald

    Will and Liza is the BEST people ever

  • Ouzay Sings
    Ouzay Sings Day ago

    Just finished watching after Earth lol

  • Caleb Phillips
    Caleb Phillips Day ago

    Your the best Will! Love your videos man I always laugh so hard man

  • beautyhearts23
    beautyhearts23 Day ago

    we KNOW Will is the best hype man we all saw that photo of him and Jada on the carpet

  • Andre Tucker
    Andre Tucker Day ago

    Quit being a silly guy

  • emily.99
    emily.99 Day ago

    Did will smith use Liza’s name in the title boiiii he knows where the clickbait at

  • Ivan Ekelund
    Ivan Ekelund Day ago +1

    7:44 only sp4zie ppl will know

  • Bianca Thorley
    Bianca Thorley Day ago +4

    What is the background music at 0:45 3:11 and 8:36
    Please someone let me know they are great feel-good music choices :)

    • Ebony Russell
      Ebony Russell Day ago +1

      been trying to look for them but literally cant find them anywhere! Sucks

  • no1 partyanthem
    no1 partyanthem Day ago

    I really want Will to be my friend😭also the blond guy 😥😥😥😥

  • Miriam Official
    Miriam Official Day ago

    Some people just do't know how to friggin *age*

  • Chynna Cruz
    Chynna Cruz Day ago

    They are so so funny together, just perfection. Deff deff should have a show

  • Links313
    Links313 Day ago

    You should totally collab with Twenty One Pilots

  • Hi welcome to Chilli’s

    *aLl DiS yOUtUbiN*

  • Magda Padilla
    Magda Padilla Day ago

    Whyyy are his falls so funny 😂😂😊

  • Sarah 00001
    Sarah 00001 Day ago

    i've never heard of a surfboard like that ... must be a rich people thing

  • Mushi Sushi
    Mushi Sushi Day ago

    A collab we didn’t think we needed but really did

  • ekrihosa
    ekrihosa Day ago

    this man.... is 50 years old... how???

  • Pedro Barbosa
    Pedro Barbosa Day ago

    Cringe fest

  • jojopetv
    jojopetv Day ago

    I respect that even after all his falling, he kept trying, even though he had to go back another day to try some more. I have a feeling it's something he'll do again and again until it's like second nature.

  • Bishop .N
    Bishop .N Day ago

    Life Lesson at the end, Appreciate Big Bro!

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem Day ago

    Wohaa hold up.. Will smith has a USclip channel and Im learning this right now. Holy cow...

  • ckg gang
    ckg gang Day ago

    Hi will Smith if you see this i love your family I also love my family too your family is cool

    • ckg gang
      ckg gang Day ago

      I don't know what to say so I am just going to do something 😘

  • Kait Plum
    Kait Plum Day ago

    Who messed up the sync of this? It’s all slightly out of sync

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe Day ago

    Let me find out Uncle Will could surf. He probably could skate. Us skaters call it street surfing.pavement surfing if you will

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe Day ago


  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe Day ago

    And she multytalented

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe Day ago

    Liza Koshy fine as hell

    STYLEGOD CBG Day ago

    Liza hangs with everybody😩

  • soymilk
    soymilk Day ago

    daymmm who edits these?!

  • Mella Patricio
    Mella Patricio Day ago

    Will's support for her throughout this video is amazing 😂❤️

  • P. Rick
    P. Rick Day ago

    Will still lookin like the Fresh Prince.

  • Justin Webb
    Justin Webb Day ago

    Why is this shallow crap on my recommendations list?

  • Nic
    Nic Day ago +1

    This thing costs $12,000
    Daaaamn. That’s like half of what I owe on my college loans 😑

  • Mrs. SMH
    Mrs. SMH Day ago

    Who knew Will Smith had a USclip channel?

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis Day ago

    2 of my favorite people 😍😍😍😊😊 I love you Will and Liza!!!

  • Kenny Rieschick
    Kenny Rieschick Day ago

    Liza's hair looks messier than the streets of Florida right now.....too soon?



  • Belén Góngora
    Belén Góngora Day ago


  • Alayzah Wilson
    Alayzah Wilson Day ago

    we don’t deserve Will Smith or Liza Koshy

  • XRay S
    XRay S Day ago +1

    Love the bgm. But it seems neither “unidentify” nor “thieves” (actually I didn’t find the song called “thieves”) Somebody helps!!!!

  • lauren hagan
    lauren hagan Day ago


  • Kevin J Munster
    Kevin J Munster Day ago

    12 thousand dollars.....? that company is High..... lol

  • Ruby Camara
    Ruby Camara Day ago

    We Goin to Miami🎤 to get jiggy wit it n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. na🎤 so make way for the men in black🎤😂😂😂

  • Jeanri Wepener
    Jeanri Wepener Day ago

    Who are all the people on the boat? Each one's entourage?

  • Raven Oca
    Raven Oca Day ago

    if only he knew 😢 he could’ve used it

  • krystal quevedo
    krystal quevedo Day ago

    guess what Jada*
    u already know

  • Michelle Velasco

    Love it