The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
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  • Thatonemidget
    Thatonemidget Day ago

    The Dragon is School, Its Scales and Armor is Consequences, its jaws: homework.
    The King is the popular kid and humanity is the students.
    The missile is Holidays and weekends.
    Think about that when you watch this

  • stringOW
    stringOW Day ago

    Black Dragons can only breath acid, dummy

  • tahm kench usta
    tahm kench usta Day ago

    I used to be an adventurer like you than I took an arrow in the knee

  • Mustacheslayer
    Mustacheslayer Day ago


  • CreeperDude0509
    CreeperDude0509 Day ago

    Just get a tank, like, just get a tank, or a Titan (titan fall).

  • CreeperDude0509
    CreeperDude0509 Day ago

    Wait, so this went on to modern times, like tanks and stuff? I get that swords and spears won't work but I'm surprised that high explosive shells and nuclear bombs would not be able to peirce it's hide.

  • CamieTheChameleon _89_draws_

    Wait if they can make a nuke why do they still have a king?

  • Bianca Garcia
    Bianca Garcia Day ago

    Yes it is bad

  • Kakyoin Donut
    Kakyoin Donut Day ago

    Is it bad that I wanted the dragon to kill every one at the last second

  • VSD Real Life Gamers

    There killing the dragon with a nuke!!!???

  • Solavaire
    Solavaire 2 days ago

    *thicc black scales*

    ARDNAXELA NEHOC 2 days ago

    I think the dragon represents death. We have tried to fight it in the past, eventually seeing that we can’t end it, and just focusing on how to make it less painful for everyone. But we couldn’t see that, even with how horrible death is, it is helping us. In real life, imagine how crappy it would be if nothing or no one could die. The bug population would explode. World hunger. Overpopulation. Crowded cities. Life would really suck without the “dragon”. I really don’t think we should kill the dragon, because behind it’s black scales and jaws it is protecting the planet from a horrible future.

  • Tiez _
    Tiez _ 2 days ago

    buuuut... this isn´t a fable, is it? fables are supposed to be short, right?

  • leadingkoala playz
    leadingkoala playz 2 days ago

    but dragons don't exist

  • Pedro Stanfield
    Pedro Stanfield 2 days ago +1

    Is this a "jew controlling the economy" metaphor?

  • jrsonic 2003
    jrsonic 2003 2 days ago

    I love this story

  • Punk Girl
    Punk Girl 2 days ago

    Plot twist: the dragon was a mother and the child became the dragon

  • GalaxyMan#2227
    GalaxyMan#2227 2 days ago

    idk why this is in my recommendation but ok

  • Raviness
    Raviness 3 days ago

    I tought of 2 things.
    1 i had a feeling that the dragon would stand back up and murder everyone ;-;
    2 the process of the dragon rotting. it would be fatal to the ecosystem and the entire place cuz of how big it is. i doubt they could get rid of the dragon so soon so it doesnt cause anything worse.

  • Arkin itoc
    Arkin itoc 3 days ago +1

    is that ril

  • Hamza Imran
    Hamza Imran 3 days ago

    Oh man they removed tierzoo's comment it was soo funny especially the replies that followed

  • Iwor735
    Iwor735 3 days ago

    That... Is an odd experience. On one hand - it's a fable and got morals and conflict and... ...and I just feel like it lacks elegance of of classic fairy tales. It is spoken in modern language, adult modern language... And maybe this is what makes me feel uneasy. It leaves little to imagination and to interpretation. In the end it feels more like an "argument for a solution", than a fable. And plus, that humble patience that goes through whole story, from acceptance of dragon to refusal to stop the last train... Well... It does not works. Not feels right and neither works in real life, you prevail by taking action, even desperate. At least over tyrants.

  • CardinalBoi
    CardinalBoi 3 days ago

    Great illustrations, solid narration, and a very intriguing story. I was waiting for it to turn into some sort of direct allegory for modern day society. And while it may not have been as direct as I had initially presumed; it is indeed very much relevant, and an important lesson for us all to learn. That time is precious, and should never be wasted. That even after years of suffering, it is never too late to start anew. But also to be wary of what one does with their time, and to not simply abide by tradition simply for the sake of doing so.
    This story tells a very, very valuable lesson. And I'm glad to have experienced it for myself.

  • Bayu Astha
    Bayu Astha 3 days ago

    You're an amazing story teller

  • deathwish
    deathwish 3 days ago

    they dont have much time to get that giant dragon corpse up before it starts to rot and releases its bowls all over the place.

  • Dockito Informa
    Dockito Informa 3 days ago

    hey! can I use this material to translate for my channel?n this can be super usefull to my public! plz answer! LOVED THE VID

  • Blake Bonifas
    Blake Bonifas 3 days ago


  • Blake Bonifas
    Blake Bonifas 3 days ago

    I loved this it was sad and that means I will like it more

  • Otter
    Otter 3 days ago

    The dragon is good.

  • kirk johnson
    kirk johnson 3 days ago

    darn this video really made me think, 5k thats crazy

  • sean strickland
    sean strickland 3 days ago

    Cool story, shit metaphor haha

  • Utobia 048
    Utobia 048 3 days ago +1

    I think the dragon is a metaphor for death

    • Utobia 048
      Utobia 048 2 days ago

      +OneFourFive yea that's actually why I think that

    • OneFourFive
      OneFourFive 2 days ago

      I think?? It definitely is, have you seen a few other videos he has made that are either about death/immortality or mention death/immortality.

  • Lilycocoa :3 loves kittens

    This is stupid the dragon is in the ecosystem it’s top priority is to lower the human spans well thanks a lot ppl know u are going to grow up and starve to death which is a a lot of pain and why well ppl ate it all so bye ppl see u in heaven even that time I will shoot the the king and stop the train my self bc yeah know

  • moxigen
    moxigen 3 days ago

    i see the money-system devouring us in it.
    what do you see?

    • Roman Kazinets
      Roman Kazinets 3 days ago

      moxigen I see Old age/Immortality, as That is a thing Grey is very adamant about.

  • The Horned Hare
    The Horned Hare 3 days ago

    Alright, then explain to me what are we going to do with overpopulation. Imagine nobody dying. Sounds great, for a year or two, for a generation or two, but after that - damn it will be crowded. Imagine how the resource usage will skyrocket. And imagine NOT dying. Like, after a thousands and thousands of years of living you just get tired of it and you are doomed to wake up each day again, forever and ever. Just think about how the days seemed long when you were a child and how time went faster with every next year of your life. It kind of accelerates. Boy, elderly people can't distinguish things they did in 40 and 50, 60 and 70. It becomes blurred. Now multiply that, ten times, a hundred times. Sounds like an endless torcher.
    I mean, this video is awesome, the work that has been put in is tremendous, the idea is crystal clear and pure, that's all fine and dandy. But the ending! A king saying "we have time now" is not how you end this! Solving the problem of death will just create new problems, listed above.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one left with these thoughts. After this video everyone seems blindly pro-immortality. I'm also open for discussions and debates over this topic, just keep it civil and constructive, please.

    • OneFourFive
      OneFourFive 2 days ago +1

      Eh, overpopulation can definitely be an issue, but I would argue it wouldn't really worsen things that much. First of by the time immortality is viable for a majority of the population (I imagine it would only be viable for really wealthy people early on) we would be close to being able to travel to other planets and populate them which means more space for humans to live.
      Also, people would probably choose to have children much later if they know they can live forever, though I don't know how true that is.

      As for not dying for an extreme amount of time (thousands of years) I feel like like there would have to be a way for people to choose to die when they want to. Besides chances are it would be a long time before a form of immortality like that is possible. I am sure you can still die of stuff other than aging and stuff. Jumping off a bridge would still kill you unless you are invisible (which is a different argument entirely).

      Your next point does make a lot of sense though, I am not quite sure if I can argue anything of the opposite. Though I also don't know how serious this issue would actually get if immortality was a thing.

      As for "solving" death creating new problems, I agree, but so does a lot of other discoveries and inventions. It also has the possiblity of solving some issues so it is not just a total bad thing. It solves the obvious issue of dying too early before you have done or discovered what you want to discover which in turn should solve the issue of certain people dying to early like scientists, physists and other important people. Imagine if Einstein or any other genius could live as long as they want to, I like to think they might have come up with other great theories and inventions if they were still alive (and chose to do so).

      You are not really the only one who is critical of this video, when I first watched it there were a lot of people that were criticizing this video and Grey himself. Some were not so thoughtful, and other were (like your comment).

    • this is not a comment !
      this is not a comment ! 3 days ago

      though your right it would cause problems but just as medicine caused those problems we did it non the less because people will always put off death no matter the cost. As for solving those problems space is almost endless with room, resources and energy and perhaps when you live to see the results long term goals like these become more appealing

  • WireFlier18
    WireFlier18 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who cried from that story? Just me? Okay...

  • Henry Negron
    Henry Negron 3 days ago +1

    And the dragon wakes up with a headache and kills everybody

  • Black turbine
    Black turbine 3 days ago +1

    And now we have Jake Paul
    Yea great job you did

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs 3 days ago

    I believe that the dragon represents diseases like smallpox, measles, and other preventable diseases and the missile represents the vaccines that all but eradicated these diseases

  • nerv net
    nerv net 4 days ago

    I would rather kill myself, than having so many disgusting people surrounding me forever.
    This video triggered me so hard, uggh. It just show's the stupidness of all humans. They all just think of themselves and *thier* familie.

    • nerv net
      nerv net Day ago

      +OneFourFive I originally meant not all of them but the most. I just wanted to say, that instead of keeping the normal population, the humans just think of themselfs and not think of the Earth and all resources and other species that get lost. For them, the human species is the important one. But actually the Earth would be better without us. If Humans don't die then most of the Earth lacks resources and it will destroy the entire planet. Thats what I meant with disgusting people. They only think of themselfs.

    • OneFourFive
      OneFourFive 2 days ago

      What is keeping you from moving or doing something to get away from these "disgusting people" if you have an infinite amount of time????

      Also, this video is a very strange pick if you want something that shows "the stupidness of all humans", it really is not that bad. Also, is thinking about yourself and your FAMILY supposed to be a negative thing?? That doesn't make any sense.

    • nerv net
      nerv net 3 days ago

      +fuck you in particular I won't 😉

    • fuck you in particular
      fuck you in particular 3 days ago +1

      nerv net careful you don’t cut yourself on that edge

  • net everybody
    net everybody 4 days ago

    Oh my god I loved this so much keep it going!

  • Alpha Alex
    Alpha Alex 4 days ago

    So, this dragon didn't see the thousands of humans with I giant missile?

  • Claudia Lomelí
    Claudia Lomelí 4 days ago

    Is the dragon global warming?

  • FlufflelosMagicus
    FlufflelosMagicus 4 days ago


  • raven does gacha
    raven does gacha 4 days ago

    What's the lesson in this if your family is dying then kill Grimm reappear

  • WhatTHE Fuck
    WhatTHE Fuck 4 days ago

    burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it.

  • Blabla maj
    Blabla maj 4 days ago

    0:11 holy poop💩 its ugly

  • George Oelke
    George Oelke 4 days ago +1

    But the dragon arised in a fury of anger and began to kill everyone

  • jagadish akula
    jagadish akula 4 days ago

    2:56 it gets real.

  • hamad adel
    hamad adel 4 days ago

    And humans become overpapulated that they consumed the world

    • OneFourFive
      OneFourFive 2 days ago


      And humans began travelling and journeying to other planets to solve the issue of overpopulation.

  • Jefry1217
    Jefry1217 5 days ago

    anyone else knew it was about death from the sentence at 0:23 because of watching all of grey's other videos about death?

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer 5 days ago

    Ant man needs to shrink into the dragons ass

  • Sapphire Brush
    Sapphire Brush 5 days ago +1

    This fable is about death,the dragon scientists are doctors trying to achieve longevity for people.

  • Light Joshe
    Light Joshe 5 days ago

    You say we live short but we live longer than some mammals.

    • OneFourFive
      OneFourFive 2 days ago

      That doesn't not really mean anything though, we can still have short lives even if ours is way longer than some mammals.

  • Shaun Jodrell
    Shaun Jodrell 5 days ago

    The Dragon killed your mum and your papa

  • Shaun Jodrell
    Shaun Jodrell 5 days ago


  • S & G
    S & G 5 days ago

    Humans should have died they prolly killed the last of a animal HUMANS ARE THE TRUE MONSTERS

  • Jumping Fan
    Jumping Fan 5 days ago

    Jesus is the one who I trust in to take care of death. He died for our sins. Jesus took care of the enemy and showed us that Satan lost. Jesus Christ rose from the dead and we too will rise again after we die. Either to be condemned or to have eternal life. We should listen to Jesus and believe in the bible.. Jesus told people to repent and believe the gospel. The kingdom of God is at hand. We should have interest in what Jesus said because its like this story where it's really cool... but also because its not like this story in that the bible is a true narrative and we can have true life by coming to God. With faith in Jesus Christ we can overcome the world. So let us repent (change our minds) and believe in the gospel. Jesus accepts sinners my friends. Just turn from your sins or worries and just read the bible. (Or ignore all of what I said and see what happens... after all this is all my perspective yet I believe it is true.)

  • SavCorp
    SavCorp 5 days ago

    This is a great story about death.

  • The Conservative canadien

    Death can not be taken away but we can make life longer and a 500 year life would be nice

  • Cathy Doyle
    Cathy Doyle 5 days ago

    Good story

  • The Umbrella_Academy GACHA

    Criminals last meals

    Dragon: 10,000 people

  • H
    H 5 days ago

    wth i wanted the dragon to win.

  • armorsorwd 123
    armorsorwd 123 5 days ago

    Good art

  • JY wong
    JY wong 5 days ago

    The dragon was a terrible tyrant. He demanded mass human sacrifices every day. the Great prince saw the misery of his people, and he stepped down from his throne and walked on the road leading to the dragon. The people on the road saw him but did not recognize him as the prince. They ridiculed him and treated him badly. He did not do anything to defend himself, he was silent like a lamb before the slaughter. When he reached the dragon's lair, the dragon said to himself, "This is the king's heir. By killing him, I would have secured my rule over the people." And the dragon devoured him and tore his body into pieces. On the third day, the prince rose back to life and crushed the dragon's head with his heavy foot. The dragon was defeated and the people were liberated from his grasp, but the dragon was kept alive. In the later days when the prince rises to power, he will slay the dragon and all those who reject him. Then he will rule justly forever.

  • the UNO reverse card
    the UNO reverse card 5 days ago +2

    Then he dodged the missle and all that money and time was wasted


  • Mrs Fosh
    Mrs Fosh 6 days ago

    This would be a pretty good idea for a doctor who episode

  • Evan Hans Pua
    Evan Hans Pua 6 days ago

    If only this dragon existed in 2019 today

  • guido mista
    guido mista 6 days ago

    0:11 i do not like this dragon, it's smug aura mocks me

  • LLIu30MaH
    LLIu30MaH 6 days ago

    Dragons are hot

  • Gill rmn
    Gill rmn 6 days ago

    The dragon is global warming, and its a story about present times. The story teaches how humans find it hard to act on problems that require foresight beyond a few years.

  • ATF Role playing
    ATF Role playing 6 days ago


  • Intrus Deserta est
    Intrus Deserta est 6 days ago

    misery was.

  • VvswordfishvV V
    VvswordfishvV V 6 days ago

    Is this a death alagory

  • paul zapodeanu
    paul zapodeanu 6 days ago

    Supposing we could eradicate death (or rather death from old age), is our society mature enough such that this would be a good thing? Now death for all it's evils is the great equalizer. Sure, eliminating death could lead to virtuous cycles, but it also raises the possibility of tyrants more effective than any before, and without death who would overthrow them? Further, existence in a world of limited resources an essentially unlimited lifespan could easily converge towards a bleak, scarce existence with ubiquitous famine.
    Before you crucify me in your comments essentially my question is: is our society mature enough to effectively survive and prosper should we achieve biological immortality. There is certainly no shortage of examples of immature individuals/societies receiving what would initially be considered a blessing only for it to prove their undoing.

    • BloodStalker 500
      BloodStalker 500 5 days ago +1

      I thought the dragon represented fear itself. It takes up our minds, dictates how we live, and is seemingly impossible to defeat for good. Most just accept it and let it linger, causing more damage and grief. It's only when we get up and face it head-on, with whatever preparation and willpower we have, that we can defeat and finally vanquish it once and for all. Unlike death - which by definition cannot die so long as life exists - fear can be overcome and ultimately makes us better and stronger people afterwards.

  • Cocoa And Puffs
    Cocoa And Puffs 6 days ago

    Dragons are not Evil nor too kind!

  • Dog Club
    Dog Club 7 days ago

    why dragons bad

  • OrcamdragonYT
    OrcamdragonYT 7 days ago

    :fly me :god me :kill the fucking dragon

  • Dumb Janitor
    Dumb Janitor 7 days ago

    huh, soooooooooooooo how old is the dragon?

    • OneFourFive
      OneFourFive 2 days ago

      Extremely ancient probably even older than the other if there is any life out there or has been any life other there. It is supposed to be death.

  • epicdragon 5003
    epicdragon 5003 7 days ago

    what does evil smell like?

  • Im not that popular// INTP

    the dragon was not aware of all the test missiles or when the great crowd of people huddled around the missile right before the dragon died

  • maria tesack
    maria tesack 7 days ago


  • John Carlo
    John Carlo 7 days ago

    Lol that fucking tyrant have no match to our mythical legendary two dragons bahamut and hydra

  • Zeezee
    Zeezee 7 days ago

    hmmm, the dragon sure seems like the billionaire class, and all the lives sacrificed to it are the lives lost unnecessarily under the capitalist regime designed to serve that ultra-rich class.

  • fire marcus
    fire marcus 7 days ago

    the real reason the dragon died... it died of old age before the missile hit and the missile did nothing

  • Kasper Dobel
    Kasper Dobel 7 days ago

    lmao just make a bed and sleep in it by the dragon, that shit hurts the dragon way more then me.

  • Beta Dog
    Beta Dog 7 days ago +1

    11:11 crab rave

  • Hello There
    Hello There 8 days ago

    A town with more than 1 billion+ people and was able to sustain 10,000 people dying each day only by one thing and was still able to grow

  • chloeandvegas
    chloeandvegas 8 days ago

    I think this video is pro-immortality. There is actually a thing where organs can be grown in a lab with patients DNA. With such technology people could theoretically live forever. This could eliminate death by medical reasons, as you could just swap out your organs every few decades. There would still be accidents, homicide, and suicide. Death would be rare (like 95% of deaths would be prevented, more if you include lives saved with self driving cars) Problem is this would cause overpopulation. So here is my proposal: require people who get their ovaries replaced to have a reproduction license. As women age, they would become infertile, they could survive comfortably, but wouldn’t be able to reproduce without a license. Licenses are only issued to maintain the population.

  • No Name
    No Name 8 days ago

    Ah, there's no dragon! 💡

  • Alexander
    Alexander 8 days ago

    i see what you're getting at, but you're gonna need to start proposing some actual ideas if you want to convince anyone.

  • Shadow Scythe
    Shadow Scythe 8 days ago

    So whilst humanity is free of the dragon, now it must somehow find a way to become free of itself, and to fix those that are broken.

  • Major_kukri
    Major_kukri 8 days ago +8

    Dragon: why do I hear boss music?

  • Noon Tree
    Noon Tree 8 days ago

    The dragon should of lived

  • THE Snipz
    THE Snipz 8 days ago +1

    I actually cried. Thank you for this video.

  • More Tea Is Required To Complete This Function

    Ngl this is the mother of all warning about animals getting smart enough to kill us

  • dkaoboy
    dkaoboy 8 days ago

    this story is told in the wrong order. The dragon was there first, has always been there, and always will be.

    • dkaoboy
      dkaoboy 8 days ago

      In the beginning, there is nothing. Only the dragon. Then one day the first life form emerges, it's existence is the definition of defying the dragon. Through time, life evolves to defy the dragon longer and longer.

  • Dear Leader
    Dear Leader 8 days ago

    They should of nuked it

  • The mega reaper
    The mega reaper 8 days ago

    How the ballistic bomb was made

  • YokiToki Pineapple
    YokiToki Pineapple 8 days ago

    I like your story! Its amazing!
    *and sad*