Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • So basically since we started making USclip videos, we've gotten a number of *interesting* requests to our business email from companies who want to sponsor us or partner with us. So I decided to find 4 intriguing entries to our business email, NOT sponsored order them, and try them out, to see if I was missing out on anything! We tried a Japanese snack box, a free wifi map app, an ultra-portable seat, and an online psychic app. What do you guys think of my not sponsored haul?
    And yes, this video is NOT sponsored!
    PS - I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the USclip edit screen and that is in process! Please don't harass the psychic in question! Thank ye :)
    Products Mentioned:
    ZenPop Japanese Subscription Box
    Free Wifi Map App
    Sitpack Portable Seat
    Kasamba Psychic App
    Safiya's Instagram:
    Via Audio Network
    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  4 months ago +11107

    HELLO FRIENDS!! what do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? the tea is mildly warm!! xoxo, saf

    • Pennybear The dog
      Pennybear The dog 4 days ago

      Saf your my idle i just shmashed your subscribe button

    • fluffy Kittenz
      fluffy Kittenz 5 days ago

      One of the apps that you tested was an add in 5he video

    • kentheda chan
      kentheda chan 7 days ago

      I literally got a kasamba ad before this vid

    • Dounia Belmir
      Dounia Belmir 24 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard lol 7/11 is when my son was born and he’s 3 now 😂😂 irony

  • TheRedUmbrellaTheory
    TheRedUmbrellaTheory 22 hours ago

    so i legit got a kasamba ad on this

  • Alyssa Maney
    Alyssa Maney 22 hours ago

    7-3-11 is my brothers birthday

  • Alyssa Maney
    Alyssa Maney 22 hours ago

    Lucy I have always wanted to go to disney land

  • AP
    AP 22 hours ago

    Need to see the next 2 Japanese boxes 😁

  • Jana
    Jana Day ago

    I don't understand how you can sell out of a subscription package,like they didn't sell out of the box itself however they managed to 'sell out' of someone buying the box once, that doesn't make sense, what a scam but yum japanese food.

  • Ansh0025
    Ansh0025 Day ago

    That some really good power there 10:01

  • All things Darby

    I just got an ad for the psychic app before this episode.

  • Niyabella
    Niyabella Day ago

    Ok but the psychic or what ever said that november/december of 2018 would be good and tyler proposed in december (or at least posted the video). So either tyler went back and watched this video or that psychic was up to something.

  • HollyA
    HollyA 2 days ago +1

    Omg the kasamba ad came on before the video 😂

  • sasa 030603
    sasa 030603 2 days ago

    I actually got a Kasamaba ad before the video...

  • Lena Pagel
    Lena Pagel 2 days ago

    watching this months after it was posted and I got a kasamba pre-roll ad - I’m concerned

  • I’m the quiet one I have no soul

    I have that silicone hair brush

  • Lejla Cehic
    Lejla Cehic 2 days ago +1

    Plot twist: she’s sponsored by all of them at once😂

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  • Sis & Sis & sis
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  • Sis & Sis & sis
    Sis & Sis & sis 3 days ago

    Ok, first of with the wifi thingy technically the app didnt work at all because Macys is a very BIG store like it is very known sø obviously it will have wifi 😂

  • WinterHasCome05
    WinterHasCome05 3 days ago

    Lol a Kasamba ad played before I started this video

  • m o m
    m o m 3 days ago

    I had a kasamba ad at the begining of this video 🤔🤔

  • Welcometothe FamilyJewels

    Funny, I got a kasamba ad on this vid 🤔

  • Ms Z
    Ms Z 4 days ago

    Accidentally closed my USclip app at the start of the Kasamba review and when I came back to the video a Kasamba ad started 😂

  • Sieve Randomness
    Sieve Randomness 4 days ago

    Funny about all kasamba things kinda seem to point to her engagement to Tyler later?!

  • Sieve Randomness
    Sieve Randomness 4 days ago

    There was a kasamba add for this video?!

  • Daily Videos
    Daily Videos 4 days ago

    7 dollars... A MINUTE 😳

  • Daily Videos
    Daily Videos 4 days ago

    The physic was right about you and Tyler!!

  • Chelsey Abbott
    Chelsey Abbott 4 days ago

    Macy's wifi is always free and for everyone

  • Xxderpy productionsxX

    Im sorry dearie but
    My birthday is february 13

  • Username
    Username 4 days ago

    14:04 if you want to see her wallpaper

  • Kailey Qualls
    Kailey Qualls 4 days ago

    Did no one else notice that psychic safiana had been on that app for 11 years lmao

  • Charlotte F
    Charlotte F 4 days ago

    That sit pack thing is basically just an uncomfortable plastic pole version of a foldable stool.... so just use a foldable stool...

  • Mads •
    Mads • 5 days ago

    I literally had an ad for kasamba before this video

  • Sarah Cookie
    Sarah Cookie 5 days ago +2


  • Rbk Ruz
    Rbk Ruz 5 days ago

    Did anyone else get the Kasamba ad at the beginning? 😂

  • Sue Eamer
    Sue Eamer 5 days ago

    I am danish

  • Abby Walsh
    Abby Walsh 5 days ago +3

    ok but... who else got an ad for the psychic reading app before this video???

  • Morgan Lee
    Morgan Lee 5 days ago

    You should do an ancestry DNA thing and find out all of the details o. USclip

  • Dan Rye
    Dan Rye 5 days ago

    So funny love watching your videos with my gf and we have the same birthday 😎

  • Crazy Giraffe
    Crazy Giraffe 6 days ago

    i LOVE your videos

  • Crazy Giraffe
    Crazy Giraffe 6 days ago


  • NeRethil Wolfsson
    NeRethil Wolfsson 6 days ago

    "I'm basically sitting on my own butt" Words of wisdom, Safiya!

  • Six Uneven Whistles
    Six Uneven Whistles 6 days ago

    I got a cassamba add on this video

  • michaeldickford
    michaeldickford 6 days ago

    i got a kasamba or however it’s spelt ad before this

  • Daniella Pascella
    Daniella Pascella 6 days ago

    November and December would be good... Tyler proposed! 🤭💕

  • Ava
    Ava 6 days ago

    Wow the ad before this video was kasamba hahahahaha

  • SomeoneElse
    SomeoneElse 6 days ago

    Ok, but y'all should actually try those shampoo brushes. It really helped with my dandruff 🤷

  • Mattox Smith
    Mattox Smith 6 days ago +1

    2019 anyone? After she got engaged so the physic was right!!

  • Sydney Schalla
    Sydney Schalla 6 days ago

    You need to do the hair removal thing. You need to. Need to. Need.

  • Rawan Saffarini
    Rawan Saffarini 6 days ago

    I love how your calendar shows Eid Al Adha which is an Islamic Celebration !
    So happy about that detail , Love you Keep going :)

  • Gretta Anne
    Gretta Anne 6 days ago

    I mean... The first phsycic wasnt wrong. Tyler proposed to Safiya and we can guess that they might get married this year 👏👏🥂

  • Alanna V
    Alanna V 6 days ago +2

    this is totally random but mY BIRTHDAY IS JULY 16TH TOO

  • Jodie Bedore
    Jodie Bedore 7 days ago +1

    I got a kasamba ad before this vid
    Anyone else?

  • Wired_Lain
    Wired_Lain 7 days ago +1

    I'm so disappointed that the monster hunter candy didn't come with a little cat chef to prepare it for you

  • Linda De La Rosa
    Linda De La Rosa 7 days ago

    Naruto woulf havr gotten a. Lifetime subscription of the all ramen box

  • Jessica Churchill
    Jessica Churchill 7 days ago

    What video does she try the olay cloths shown in 0:15 ?

  • K Bonner
    K Bonner 7 days ago

    I got an add about the psychic thing right before the video!

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    Gacha Bear 7 days ago

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  • Just another yt channel

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    Ayanni Everett 7 days ago

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    alex james 7 days ago

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    Eren S. 7 days ago

    What I find funny, is the Kasamba app had an ad before this video. 😂

  • Quickswipe TheWarrior


  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 7 days ago

    That box is not worth it.... snacks are so cheap in Japan and that was so overpriced for what little you are getting, imo;;

  • Micayla Robbins
    Micayla Robbins 7 days ago

    I got a Kasamba ad before this video.. they’ve found you out

  • ScaryClary
    ScaryClary 7 days ago

    I got a kasamba ad before this video started was it intentional?

  • Lex PDA
    Lex PDA 7 days ago

    The psychic reader said that good things will happen in 2019! AND SAFIYA AND TYLER ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! 😱😱😱😱

  • Victor Cisneros
    Victor Cisneros 8 days ago +1

    I think i SMASHED that like Button so much that i broke it 😎💥💥💥💢

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    Malak Khaled 8 days ago

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  • Emerson Caniglia
    Emerson Caniglia 8 days ago

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  • Rachael Pierce
    Rachael Pierce 8 days ago

    The rubber silicone hair comb is basically identical to my dogs silicone bath comb. His just had a puppy face on it instead of the handle but it does work. ... He turned it in to a chew toy recently.

  • The British Bluebells

    Right before this video started, a kasamba ad played!

  • Mia Nedoclan
    Mia Nedoclan 8 days ago

    The ad that played before the video was literally in the video

  • Ane Busk jensen
    Ane Busk jensen 9 days ago

    OMG I'm full Danish

  • Clouded Dreams
    Clouded Dreams 9 days ago

    Psychics must make a killing, I should just quit school and charge $7 a minute to text people random shit.

  • Puggo Lover
    Puggo Lover 10 days ago

    Har.. I'm lucky because my birthdays on 7-3

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    OneFanOfWorld Oneh 10 days ago

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    Isabele Horan 10 days ago

    OMG! We have the same Zodiac sign! I am a cancer ♋️ too!!

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    finessed 11 days ago

    that butt seat would be so good for me, where i live there’s a fair every year and damn do my legs hurt after an hour 😂

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis 11 days ago

    I saw Sean and immediately though about Jacksepticeye (Seán McLoughlin).

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    Julia Boros 11 days ago

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    John Snow 12 days ago

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  • mazhoud imen
    mazhoud imen 12 days ago

    To everyone who says that the psychic predicted the proposal
    Plot twist...
    Tyler proposed on that specific day because of what the psychic said🤣🤣

  • Artsy Katelyn
    Artsy Katelyn 13 days ago

    7 3 and 11 are my lucky numbers

  • Mino Micha
    Mino Micha 13 days ago

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  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay 14 days ago

    I knew she was Danish (half but whatever) ever since I saw her last name I just had this felling but I couldn't find anything that said she was Danish!

    • Tay Tay
      Tay Tay 14 days ago

      And if you read that then I'm sorry for wasting some time of your life

  • Phoodles_
    Phoodles_ 14 days ago +1

    I literally got an ad for the psychics before this video lol

  • mom it’s not a phase. this is the new phase

    This was posted on LDshadowlady’s birthday!

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    olivia moon 14 days ago

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    anime wolf 14 days ago

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  • Abigail Pearson
    Abigail Pearson 15 days ago +1

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  • Amira 5D Lillevang Skole

    I am Danish haha nobody cares🤠

  • Aleksandra bacia
    Aleksandra bacia 15 days ago +1

    The third company that you show the mail form was the last words in norwegian
    Med venlig hilsen: this is norwegian I know because I live in norway👍And your last name means the same in norwegian, I live a place there drive to shcool I need to drive thourg a place named Nygrård. Love you videos❤

    • Nanna Danielsen
      Nanna Danielsen 7 days ago

      "Med venlig hilsen" is Danish too, so what she says in the video is correct. However, if we wanted to write "new farm" correctly, it would be "ny gård", but the pronunciation is almost the same :-D

  • Dani Stuart
    Dani Stuart 15 days ago +3

    literally got a kasamba ad before this video lord help me they really are psychic

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    Blissy show 15 days ago

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