This Smartphone Changes Everything...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  8 months ago +8707

    What is your next smartphone?

  • Simeon Playstore
    Simeon Playstore 5 hours ago

    The best of all how much does it cost

  • abadi
    abadi 6 hours ago

    2030 .. Apple is owned by OPPO

  • zjuchi
    zjuchi 10 hours ago

    Is he wearing mascara

    KINGSCORPIO ayman 13 hours ago

    So exaggerated.....

  • A_Person 286
    A_Person 286 13 hours ago

    No headphone jack though, still amazing however

  • 夏偲
    夏偲 20 hours ago +1

    Designed in China:)

  • Anwar Anwar
    Anwar Anwar Day ago

    Looks like this time i will sell my iphone x instead of the kidney

  • Marianavarga 12
    Marianavarga 12 Day ago

    Mine is....Oneplus 6T

  • youtube.pakistanstickart

    Like video

  • swarna mohanty
    swarna mohanty Day ago

    Oppo is most advanced .

  • Kaizer Hayag
    Kaizer Hayag Day ago

    You bought many phones can I have one?

  • Kaizer Hayag
    Kaizer Hayag Day ago

    Lol I like your thumbnails because of your face hahahaha

  • Jamie Andrews
    Jamie Andrews Day ago

    It's funny how Samsung is saying the same thing about the Samsung 10

  • Lyas
    Lyas Day ago

    Case has left the chat....

  • MrMontyboo2
    MrMontyboo2 2 days ago

    Most of us have a rear case for protection in case you drop it interested to see how the get around this

  • Angelz Kidd
    Angelz Kidd 2 days ago

    I still feel after a few unexpected drops... If you drop your phone on a hard surface... That camera portion could realistically snap off

  • Aqua Equanox
    Aqua Equanox 2 days ago

    Have one. Good phone!

  • Christin Songbird Beiner

    Lol@ the Instagram comment. I love this guy.

  • Asad Ali
    Asad Ali 2 days ago

    Can we get this selfie camera in new s10??

  • Looby kn4m
    Looby kn4m 2 days ago

    Guys can you help me. I dont know what phone to buy now. I was upp to huawei mate 20 pro, but now this futuristic cool phone. What should I buy?

  • Robert Cees
    Robert Cees 2 days ago

    Where can I buy that phone

  • Miximum POP
    Miximum POP 3 days ago

    We Asian Generation.We the eastside.

  • Jie Apadan
    Jie Apadan 3 days ago

    The most important thing is you can Make Call and Text...

  • Juan Ladino
    Juan Ladino 3 days ago


  • Ashton Wu
    Ashton Wu 3 days ago

    I'm fucking certain I have that jacket

  • Michael Sun
    Michael Sun 4 days ago

    If all the sensor is hidden in the slide... Does that mean the screen will not auto adjust back light?

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan 4 days ago

    Wt u do with phones company donates u?

  • Raed Junior Abu Kartomy

    My next phone, I’m done with IPhone

  • Oliver Gonzales
    Oliver Gonzales 4 days ago

    Find X = 44k php vs. Pocophone f1 = 17k php

  • Samara Weaving
    Samara Weaving 4 days ago

    Looks nice but I bet its operational abilities are rubbish !!

  • Maximus Orion
    Maximus Orion 4 days ago

    No wonder Apple is dying.

  • Sexy Me
    Sexy Me 5 days ago

    When the motor die, you have a problem

  • Sexy Me
    Sexy Me 5 days ago


  • Madison Elaine
    Madison Elaine 5 days ago

    Ew no

  • Ian Ho
    Ian Ho 5 days ago +1

    But....a moving part on a smartphone???Wonder how long it will last.....

  • Jordan Hendy
    Jordan Hendy 5 days ago

    7 months later, has much changed yet?

  • Jgwell Banda
    Jgwell Banda 5 days ago +1

    I don't even know if it's availabile in Europe so....

  • SlaveToTheBeard
    SlaveToTheBeard 5 days ago

    Way behind the curve here, but what do you do about cases?

  • Chris Fer
    Chris Fer 5 days ago

    Meh! Apple copycat

  • TheDrBentley
    TheDrBentley 5 days ago

    Where is the case for it? Lol

  • Jztvchannel
    Jztvchannel 5 days ago

    Red IPhone Xr

  • doug conway
    doug conway 6 days ago

    still sucks - like an iphone or samsung - because it is just as unaffordable to the majority of people.

  • Gerry R
    Gerry R 6 days ago

    Nokia 3230 miles better

  • ElRadioDJ913
    ElRadioDJ913 6 days ago

    Probably the most innovative and perhaps the greatest Smartphone ever invented in tech history. Go home Apple, you're drunk..

  • Suthin Sunil
    Suthin Sunil 7 days ago

    today is the day😘!!!!

  • The Annoying Guy
    The Annoying Guy 7 days ago +2

    the vivo apex did it first tho

  • Jhom03 R
    Jhom03 R 7 days ago

    Very nice phone but the brand is oppo

  • asi es
    asi es 7 days ago

    Lol how much they pay you for saying all these trash bro

  • David Carter
    David Carter 8 days ago

    Dumb phone. There is nothing innovative about this thing.
    Total garbage.

  • Wishal Mohamed
    Wishal Mohamed 8 days ago

    Love the phone...

  • al rafi Bandie
    al rafi Bandie 8 days ago

    Beats the iphone, ez

    Oh yea yeah

  • Roan -
    Roan - 8 days ago

  • DroidLocks6971
    DroidLocks6971 8 days ago +1

    I can see the cam motor going out

  • yokomotors 99
    yokomotors 99 9 days ago

    Disappointed for battery 3730mah

  • Matt Bates
    Matt Bates 9 days ago

    I need you to do a video on the doogee x70 because I accidentally bought it instead if the umidigi a3 I meant to buy and I need my mind at ease about the phone I'm going to be stuck with for a little but

  • melanie murphy
    melanie murphy 9 days ago

    Oh wow cool phone

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 10 days ago +4

    The Motorized camera will become weak with use.
    Though Find X is a very beautiful phone.

  • Ishmael Saldana pace out

    Bruh the iPhone XR is like 10x will always outsmart the competition 😂😭😭

  • DarknessFido
    DarknessFido 10 days ago

    Android version of IPhone X, but 10 times better. (Same price)

  • Phil DooDoo on these broke PS niggas Spencer

    Ignorant broke niggas in the comments🤣Lets keep fronting like this shit doesn’t look and act like a damn iPhone lmfao it’s a fucking iPhone X with android shit on it. And you guys are impressed. You really show when you can’t afford good shit by your ignorance.

  • Mark Adair
    Mark Adair 10 days ago

    Bro U r crazy lol love the intensity U put into Ur vids!!! Keep it moving!!!

  • Sk Mehebub
    Sk Mehebub 10 days ago

    Bengali please

  • Jonathan smith
    Jonathan smith 10 days ago

    Great design but that all means nothing if the cost is $1000 bucks

  • Jovas SG
    Jovas SG 10 days ago

    What do you do when you have a case on it want to use the camera

  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare 10 days ago +2

    Looks cool but I wouldn’t buy it. It’s not the future I reckon but it’s in the right direction.

  • KL L
    KL L 10 days ago

    gotta say it's a very high-level design, the pop-up camera is also considering the privacy issue.

  • Samurai
    Samurai 10 days ago

    This is awesome I need this phone!!

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil 10 days ago

    Wish I had that phone

  • Sean logie
    Sean logie 10 days ago

    Good to look at but looks really flimsy, probably snap off in your pocket . No water proofing .... bit of a gimmick 🤔

  • ShyKitsune
    ShyKitsune 11 days ago

    R.I.P iphone

  • IronSilk900
    IronSilk900 11 days ago

    How much would it cost?

  • jacob jacob
    jacob jacob 11 days ago

    can that phone change the fact that I'm single?

  • Aaromal K.J
    Aaromal K.J 11 days ago +23

    So when are you unboxing your hair. I mean I've never seen it.

  • DJ Gomez
    DJ Gomez 11 days ago

    is it waterproof?

  • Paul Pierre Sahulga
    Paul Pierre Sahulga 11 days ago

    How are you supposed to put a case on that if the camera moves up?😂

  • Schizophrenic Queen
    Schizophrenic Queen 11 days ago

    Damn now idk if I want a Razer 2 or this.. fuck

  • daneg007
    daneg007 11 days ago

    just got the software update with the gesture stuff on my s9 today.

  • Khin Dara
    Khin Dara 11 days ago

    So nice videos brother I love it

  • Hum Mart
    Hum Mart 11 days ago

    Garbage phone don't waste your money

  • star killer
    star killer 11 days ago

    Vivo NEX is better

  • Kyle Howe
    Kyle Howe 12 days ago

    What do u do with all ur phones

  • rowell santos
    rowell santos 12 days ago

    This man was funny in this episode😂🤣

  • Rich Aftanas
    Rich Aftanas 12 days ago +8

    After a few weeks that camera thingy will be shot.

  • Karolis Petkevicius
    Karolis Petkevicius 12 days ago

    Still a fucking Android

  • BlakeSMO, YT,Clips
    BlakeSMO, YT,Clips 12 days ago

    Better than apple

  • Niño Brucal
    Niño Brucal 13 days ago

    I like that SmartPhone😍

  • Brendan Javadian
    Brendan Javadian 13 days ago

    Do the Sony phone!

  • jomossino79
    jomossino79 13 days ago

    Aliens will finally be exposed with this technology in everyone's hand! lol

  • Khairul Muhammad
    Khairul Muhammad 13 days ago

    7 months later, it doesn’t really change anything.

  • Angry Face Reaction
    Angry Face Reaction 14 days ago +1

    You can also break it with your bare hands

  • Enrico
    Enrico 14 days ago

    You are the Best

  • Jesse Houston
    Jesse Houston 14 days ago

    Are you having sex with that mannequin?

  • minna is bad
    minna is bad 15 days ago

    Unbox Therapy: This phone will change everything!!
    Samsung M20 and M10: *hold my beer*

  • Ebe Vidal
    Ebe Vidal 15 days ago

    I have a Tecno phone Camon X and the face ID is on point..nothing special about this Oppo😒

  • Wind Unknown
    Wind Unknown 15 days ago

    Anyways made in China

  • John Stilwell
    John Stilwell 15 days ago

    I could never own a phone that has a headphone jack. That’s 1980 technology.

  • Róśé
    Róśé 15 days ago


  • Xz Rohul Amin 99
    Xz Rohul Amin 99 15 days ago

    what the name this phone

  • Ukukuu
    Ukukuu 15 days ago