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  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • Intro:
    For those who didn’t know, I used to, myself be a fairly political commentator, I intertwined it with media friendly topics, and even covered trending topics from time to time, but I was pretty political. I’m not gonna go into that much depth, mainly because I will likely save it for a special video, and I expect to be asked it for a Q&A, but there’s some stuff I stand by, some stuff not so much, ideas evolve, if you care about it you can DM me. If I was still political, I think today’s topic would definitely be of my interest, however, we are running with it on my new format, because I think it’s embedded in USclip culture enough to appeal to many of you.
    So it’s a bit of old, bit of new. And anyway there’s an equally prominent reason that I’m doing this, because, probably to the surprise of some of you, I used to watch a lot of Angry Joe. I wasn’t crazy about the streams and so on, however, I’d always tune in to one of his more longform reviews, and even some of the film reviews, you know, the one with Other Joe and that bloke with the beard, yeah, you know. And also, as a person with OCD levels of pedanticism, I love lists, and in around 2014, at the turn of the year, Angry Joe would drop 3 or 4 big fat lists for me to dig my teeth into. Delish.
    I really enjoy a lot of review channels, they definitely encourage critical thinking, and as someone who had always dreamed about being involved in the creative industry, it gave me ideas of things that I might or might not want to do if I ever followed those arrows. I haven’t yet, though there’s still time, and I’ve ended up here. What a place to be, anyhow, central to that was Angry Joe. He didn’t always provide his criticism in the most constructive way, but he never held back, I mean, it’s in the name. What else would I expect? I enjoyed his passion balanced with delivery of valid criticism, and he also made his name as a huge proponent of consumer values, which, in spite of my criticism of certain people in the past, I’m still a huge fan of people getting their value for money.
    So he definitely played a fundamental part in my life. Another thing that I followed was his politics. It always appeared that he fell into the moderate but passionate left, while still being empathetic towards other views. It was a few weeks back, I was browsing the internet for the latest spice, and decided to see if there were any new Angry Joe videos. I don’t watch them on a particularly regular basis at this point, mainly because of my own commitments, University and USclip equally take up their fair share of time, and I’m still expected to be social to keep up appearances. However, I noticed that one of his most recent videos had a particularly poor like to dislike ratio, that being this cheeky bugger.
    Now, at first, this didn’t surprise me hugely, he’d done other videos in the past that had been poorly received, particularly the ones where he just ranted impromptu at a camera, at the time I moved on, I was just looking for videos to watch. However, a few hours later I heard that it was something a bit more contentious, and then someone messaged me, and then videos came out. And so I was like okay, what is the spice then lads? Well to understand the spice, we have to go to the root, so let’s take a little trip.
    This is Battlefield, I assume most of you know Battlefield, I sure know Battlefield, I personally played Call of Duty more than the franchise, but that was only because at the time, most of my mates played Call of Duty too. “Oooh The Right Opinion played it because his friends did”, shut up, I was 13 and had to manually decipher how socialising worked. I went through a period of copying and pasting highest rated insults off a website onto my Facebook page, they were dark days, alright? Alright…
    So yeah, Battlefield, it’s a game, that people played, and gaming a few years ago, was in a sticky situation. You see, there’s this thing with Call of Duty too, where both games are released fairly regularly, annually for the CoD franchise, now whereas many games typically wait years to have sequels, if they have sequels at all, this idea of a game a year was properly ingrained into the culture. However, like with every progression, you need new ideas, and so there was a chronological movement, typically forward, and with these series we gradually, or quickly, moved into the future, and honestly, in many people’s opinions, it was a bit bad.
    Not because there was anything bad about the idea, but for many people, the overwhelming amount of gadgets and flashy visuals seemed to replace player skill. It just became all a little silly. So Battlefield, noticing this, smartly decided to go back in time, to World War I, for Battlefield One, which, was given great praise by many critics, which, in spite of the slightly short single player campaign, was supplemented by an excellent multiplayer which had some pretty cool features...
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  • The Right Opinion
    The Right Opinion  4 months ago +251

    Freudian slip at 6:48, meant Battlefront 2, did correct it on screen but got blended in partly with the background.
    Firstly, really sorry for this being late, I had the hurricane, which I wasn’t too affected by, but my head editor (who was also meant to edit a part) was called out to the National Guard, bless him, but at the end of the day, a video’s a video. Just like to say that although there is footage, I’m not directly implying anyone unless vocally mentioned. I might be saving some direct implications for a future video ;). Also, you will see a spelling mistake if you pay close enough attention. Do not fear, the editor responsible has been sentenced to 40 lashings.

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    • Comrade J-ME
      Comrade J-ME Month ago

      Will you be doing a 250k Q&A ?? One of my top five channels, I'm always fascinated with your analyses!!

    • Phuc Bug
      Phuc Bug Month ago

      do you actually GET to your opinion on the matter? or just talk forever?

    • Spectrum Mamba
      Spectrum Mamba Month ago

      Remember when you were only 50k?

    • the1tigglet
      the1tigglet Month ago

      I'm sorry but I have to agree with the people who didn't buy the game because of the female. At that time, females were only nurses or supply civilians, they were there to help men. There were exactly 0 women in the militaries of any western country and that was due to men being protective of women, war is not pretty it's actually quite gross and horrific. Having women in war situations where their fellow soldiers might have their body parts including their heads blown off suddenly would not have been well taken by the women. I play games for their historical value, I'm sorry but if you included females in a WWI or WWII reenactment that means you are doing it for profit not for any social justice value, and even if you are an SJW you don't deserve to come anywhere near a game that is actually adhering to every other aspect of WWI or WWII history!

    • StuG Life
      StuG Life Month ago

      The Right Opinion all I gotta say is 8 real men got written out of their own story with no credit and replaced with two civilian women. If they wanted a woman protagonist, they coulda done Russian pilots or tank crews, historically the Russians used women in various auxiliary roles, such as snipers or vechical crew members

  • Drink Juice
    Drink Juice 19 hours ago

    You only mentioned that it's a female. There were rare moments of females in war in the Russian army and others but you completely missed that it was a lady with a missing arm doing all this insane close quarters combat that wasn't at all believable. Joe missed that too. Hell call of duty 2 had female soldiers in the campaign. They certainly had all of their limbs at least. But believe you me there is no way a female on the US Allied forces with a missing arm is going to hold a gun and fight in the way portrayed in the trailer because shed probably be at home.

  • Gel C Oliva
    Gel C Oliva Day ago

    he reminds me of the angry video game nerd

  • wisimiwara
    wisimiwara 3 days ago

    Me, My, I'm, I....90% of this video.

  • Chris Manning
    Chris Manning 4 days ago

    Can people just tell why Joe what joe was attacked for?

  • Cactus Vega
    Cactus Vega 4 days ago

    What was this video about again? I kind of stopped following along a few minutes in.

  • bcfb21
    bcfb21 8 days ago

    I didn’t like the trailers because I thought having a prosthetic arm in WWII was stupid. Just like it would’ve been if it was a dude.

  • Knation®
    Knation® 8 days ago

    *obligatory comment about how uploader refuses to get to the point*

  • Just Iron
    Just Iron 9 days ago

    I was honestly turned off by the trailer as a whole because it was a clusterfuck and seemed to lack coherency. I was lost and didn't feel like it was for me whatsoever.

  • The Scarecrow
    The Scarecrow 12 days ago +1

    I beated that dislike button harder than my dick.
    Thats all im saying

  • Brand Evans
    Brand Evans 12 days ago

    This comment section is toxic garbage

  • Jpgitters Official
    Jpgitters Official 12 days ago

    *29:39** when the video starts, thank me later*

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 15 days ago

    Judging by the comments, I shouldn't bother watching the video. But I will say this.
    I unsubscribed from Joe shortly after that whole Gamergate thing where he generalized anyone who were against the shitty journalists involved as sexist basement dwelling assholes. Seems to me, based on the comments, he's doing the same thing and I'm not surprised in the slightest.

  • The  Toasty
    The Toasty 19 days ago

    Yo that dude has a massive fucking chin

  • Charlie Annunziato
    Charlie Annunziato 20 days ago +1

    awesome video! i love how you explain everything for those in the front and those in the back! you legit give all the information necessary to either agree or disagree with you! thank you for all of this!

  • YamsDev
    YamsDev 20 days ago +1

    I personally believe that if you're gonna feature a non-standard protagonist (in this case a woman soldier in WW2) you need to have a compelling, or at the very least believable, reason to do so. Diversity is not, and never will be, a good enough reason on its own. It's lazy, shoe-horned pandering that more often than not attempts to hide poor writing.

    • YamsDev
      YamsDev 8 days ago

      +mahni mahni That is something I did not know. Cheers.

    • mahni mahni
      mahni mahni 8 days ago +1

      I don’t know about anywhere else in the world but nearing the end of the war, many British women actually signed up for war due to there being practically no men left. idk how they did it in the game but it’s not historically inaccurate.

  • Dreyton Mays
    Dreyton Mays 20 days ago +1

    I 100% agree with your point about historical accuracy in video games. I never understood the clamor for realism in games. Like you said, it would be SLOW AND DEPRESSING. Also, why is it that people were okay with people getting shot and then being instantly revived by syringes if they were so married to historical accuracy and realism?

  • toy chicas lover
    toy chicas lover 21 day ago

    I was expecting this to be the whole fans want the angry reveiws and joe kinda went

    Fuck you

  • toy chicas lover
    toy chicas lover 21 day ago

    What a fucking revelation

  • AllAboardTheDankMemeTrain

    The politics are only a cog in the machine that fucking imploded. It's also the response and the actual product. EA kind of pissed everyone off because they actively called people "stupid and uneducated" and told them not to buy the game. The backlash would have been far less severe if they didn't respond with the equivalent of flipping them the bird and expecting them not to be slightly miffed. Doesn't help that the actual game was lack luster as well from an actual gameplay standpoint.

  • Dr. Stein
    Dr. Stein 24 days ago

    I’ll say the same thing I say on all videos relating to the battlefield controversy. I didn’t refuse to buy it because wahman and essjaydubyoos. I refused to buy it because I’ve been increasingly disappointed with each new battlefield installment since 3 to the point where I absolutely hated 1 and only ended up playing it twice.

    • advancedlamb
      advancedlamb Day ago

      5 is very different from 1...and bf4 was better than

  • Sal Salcedo
    Sal Salcedo 24 days ago

    I thought soap operas beats around the bush without sense, this video makes a point at the end and it feels anticlimactic. GET ON WITH THE POINT! I get you sound smart and the writing formally explains your background but you make it feel like you are a condescending prick! JEEEZ!

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows 18 days ago

      I personally really appreciate the fact he puts so much information into his videos. I like listening to them in the background while doing something. He explores both side's views and gives enough information for both people at the front and at the back, incase someone hasn't heard of the issue before, and explores both facts and his own opinion.
      I have ADD and a fairy short attention span (and no medication for now), but these videos have enough going on to keep my attention and interest. I do however agree that it does take a while for him to get to the point, but I just personally don't mind that

  • Shadow Force
    Shadow Force 24 days ago

    Triggering warning the cuck the quartering! Angry joe love sucking EA cock so I’m not shock!

  • William Baker
    William Baker 25 days ago

    Yes he may go a tad extreme but the way the gaming industry is going these days it's required publisher's are walking all over us it needs to stop and being nice clearly is not working

  • Greta mmm boi
    Greta mmm boi 25 days ago

    Ah yes, we all know women were invented after wwII

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows 18 days ago

      I don't think that was the point. Women did work for the military during ww2, but not in combat. That point is historically inaccurate, but as mentioned most people don't actually care about that, unless it was an education game or something

  • Dorf Crunklstein
    Dorf Crunklstein 25 days ago

    Holy shit who cares, it's a lady. get over it.

  • HolyDezmondGamez
    HolyDezmondGamez 25 days ago

    Honestly I missed this controversy cause I really dgaf of women in the game. I care more that the game had barely half of the content of Battlefield 1.

  • Kellen Ruppee
    Kellen Ruppee 27 days ago +2

    TRO seems to really enjoy building his stance from the ground up, brick by brick. It's tedious, sure, but I enjoy it. If you want your opinions shovelled to you in 2 minutes by some thoughtless clickbait USclipr, unsub from this channel. You in the wrong neighborhood.

    • Kellen Ruppee
      Kellen Ruppee 18 days ago +2

      +Yeontan's Eyebrows This isn't even close to being the first video that plays out exactly like this. This was a very popular and largely bandwagon topic that seemed to have attracted a lot of brainless newcomers. Seems to be a lot of Joe's audience as well. Not that I expected any more from an audience that finds being pandered to enjoyable. I'm just happy the real fans took the time to keep the like ratio at least positive 😂

    • Yeontan's Eyebrows
      Yeontan's Eyebrows 18 days ago +2

      I completely agree with you. His videos give a broad perspective which I enjoy, but they're interesting enough to keep my attention. I understand some people don't enjoy that, but if that's the case there's no need to click on a video that's 30 minutes long

  • Kellen Ruppee
    Kellen Ruppee 27 days ago

    Angryjoe got backlash because he's a poor content creator who panders to a casual majority and condescends anyone who thinks different from him. At a certain point his character blended with his real personality and when every saw who he really was, it became obvious how nuts this dude actually is. Angryjoe blew up through "hurrdurr cod bad I hate quick scoping, dlc is evil hurr". It was only a matter of time before he slipped up.

  • Nædrin
    Nædrin 27 days ago

    my brain is fried mush.. 😖

  • Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    I didnt like angry joe. I always thought his.. Anger reviews were sometimes even unjustified and he just ranted on small things just to rant.
    And I hated how he yelled about small shit. I avoided him and anybody who used him as reference haha

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 28 days ago

    The game failed because it was a load of history abusing sjw crap stop defending it. People do buy more than one game a year and when some jumped up little prick tells gamers to take it or leave it guess what happens.

    • advancedlamb
      advancedlamb Day ago

      I wish conservatives never existed, but as long as human selfishness exists you scumfucks will never disappear.

  • Morgan Campbell
    Morgan Campbell 29 days ago

    The problem wasn't even "muh wamen," it was the fact that EA suddenly latched on and started agenda-pushing out of the clear blue, without warning, very obviously. The presence of a female lead and historical inaccuracy were almost nonexistant problems, and I don't know where Joe and others picked up on that. The problem was that EA tried an obviously forced marketing ploy based on a trend, believing that, based on the statistics and their numbers, it would, for some reason, work. They then learned the hard way that the ploy - specifically and literally telling potential customers "if you don't agree with us and OUR MESSAGE then don't buy our game!!!!" at the climax of the fiasco - didn't work when it blew up in their faces spectacularly, followed by sloppy attempts to fix the issue that just dug their grave deeper. Stop me if you've heard that one before.
    What Joe failed at was not how he approached the topic, but that he had the completely wrong one. He created and complained about a problem that did not exist. The death of Battlefield 5 happened outside the game, not in it.

  • Lovish Landson.U.M
    Lovish Landson.U.M 29 days ago

    Whoa, dude, you made me see something I wasn't seeing in AngryJoe before which he doesn't engage with his fans that even leave beautiful comments to read for him. I left plenty and received none, now on the discussion about a woman being on the battlefield lore timeline is dumb for him not to spend on this because he could have gotten more women followers and "just go with flow baby" the money or for him to rant on it, is weird and why? what? because we are in a new time where of course big lores that were followed back then are now being switched up, I mean look at Fallout76 on how it messes up the lore to make this game happen, and yet it is here.

  • reegan domangue
    reegan domangue Month ago

    The worst part about the “historical accuracy” argument is that women were actually in combat during WW2 anyhow. Pilots, snipers, underground rebels etc.

  • Trig_Assassin
    Trig_Assassin Month ago

    To lazy to edit something here accept you edited the words to lazy to edit something here therefore you were not to lazy to edit something there

    • Nædrin
      Nædrin 27 days ago

      i think he meant the process of looking for something to edit there.

  • Jmz_x89
    Jmz_x89 Month ago

    Fucking hell it took you five minutes to stop going on and on about yourself and start talking about the topic.

  • TheDarkestSoul 6
    TheDarkestSoul 6 Month ago

    was that a kazoo cover of the jojos part 4 opening

  • fishy van
    fishy van Month ago

    6:39 battlefront

  • Emo Imo
    Emo Imo Month ago

    Is... this a video about Angry Joe making a mistake? About how not to advertise a game? About politics in gaming?
    Thanks to the 2x speed function, I actually managed to watch the whole video, unlike 90% of the people here, but I still have no idea what the heck the point was. Seems like you never really made a point or settled on an argument. And it wasn't really formatted like a research or "news" video.

  • tronguy93
    tronguy93 Month ago

    Man, Joe has been hitting the cheeseburgers lately

  • Lily Wong
    Lily Wong Month ago

    AngryJoe is a fucking idiot. I loved his DmC Devil May Cry rant but then I found out he never even played Devil May Cry 4 and he thought that the Devil May Cry 5 trailer was going to be DmC 2. He's a fake ass fan.

  • bleunt
    bleunt Month ago

    Man, this video is soooo much about the games. It could be half the lenght.

  • nachosNapples
    nachosNapples Month ago

    i think the video is long for the sake of pre blocking questions or confusion on the topic

  • Just xIGoldenIx
    Just xIGoldenIx Month ago

    2:56 I see what you did there

  • Oake
    Oake Month ago

    Well that's 30 min of my life I won't get back

  • Dagron Sayler
    Dagron Sayler Month ago

    Okay. If they wanted females in the games and weren’t pushing an agenda why wasn’t there literally any female characters in Battlefield 1 besides that one chick from Lawrence of Arabia? They’re pushing an agenda onto the players, when they instead should just be focusing on a good game. Nobody cares that “wahmen can be strong 2.”, because we’re not retarded and already know that. You guys set a precedent with Battlefield 1 and how realistic it was, but you completely throw it out the window in Battlefield 5 and that’s the problem here. You decided to flop out of nowhere and nobody likes such changes.

  • CanadianBehelit
    CanadianBehelit Month ago

    Just try to get to the point instead of rambling on for too long. I couldn't even finish watching your video because of that. It's like were both having a chat during lunch about an important subject and you bring up many other things, deviating from what we were initially discussing resulting in me no longer paying attention to you or just losing interest in the conversation. That was a bad exemple, but please. Avoid rambling on too much. And I usually have better attention span...

  • Calvin Wang
    Calvin Wang Month ago +1

    'Hi, don't let my posh English accent or avatar with tophat and monocle fool you. I'm not an elitist. In fact, I'm just like you just better because I'm an university STUDENT' - As a professional marketer. You're doing a pretty shitty job at promoting your brand. I'm trying very hard to find any redeeming qualities from your persona's positioning.

  • Anna Elise
    Anna Elise Month ago

    I don’t think this video is convoluted or rambling, at least not as much as other videos. It’s more nebulous a topic so there’s a lot of foundation to set before building the house. I like this video. It’s thoughtful

  • Visual Brute
    Visual Brute Month ago

    No one said game companies can't be creative and make stuff up for the fun of the game however If they want to claim to have an authentic WW2 experience, they better deliver on that. This is something youtube commentators overlook. It's like a seller claiming to have authentic Nike's while only selling knock off. This had nothing to do with a female-led character. If dice said the new BF is an alternative story, no one would even bat an eye.

  • Frostbitex5
    Frostbitex5 Month ago

    “Durr me want short video. Say point so me can finish picture book before nap time”
    If you guys don’t like long form videos, that’s fine. But most of these videos are 20-30 minutes long
    “Durr he’s rambling”

  • Lt.Tomato
    Lt.Tomato Month ago

    Honestly they couldve had a true story with a female lead in world war 2 instead putting a disabled female into a completely different story and just shit on history. That and the terrible response to the backlash combined with cringy ads didnt help.

  • Room 101
    Room 101 Month ago

    Going through the comments, seeing so many people admitting how dumb they are, and how they can't seem to follow along, is hysterical to me...and scary. If you want a short little video, with only monosyllabic words, with bright flashing colors, and fart noises...someone who will only give you surface commentating, you're in the wrong place. Go take your Ritalin, dummies. Too bad there's no pill that can make you all smarter. At LEAST don't broadcast how simple you are.

  • Clyde The Glide
    Clyde The Glide Month ago

    As someone who loves history I don't go to video games to experience or learn about history but when the game is marketed for historical accuracy and EA butchers it by promoting SJW bullshit propaganda that's pathetic. I don't care for Battlefield in particular I care about developers catering to SJW's with pitchforks most of which don't play games. When GAMERS stopped buying the game it flopped, so the group they catered to for some positive media coverage didn't net them any success did it? They should focus on making a good fucking game and leave politics out. Catering to this group who's intent seems to ruin gaming has never paid off nor will it ever.

  • Paarthursnacks
    Paarthursnacks Month ago


  • Gerald
    Gerald Month ago

    this comment section is saltier than the dust at the bottom of a bag of salt & vinegar chips

  • Outclassed
    Outclassed Month ago

    Despite some of the comments I read about you not getting to the point and rambling on. I really found this interesting, and even though Angry Joe the face in the title of the topic I thought the topic was more about the people's reaction to him in this discussion. I could be wrong, but overall I think it was interesting.

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    get to the fucking point

  • Gavin Little
    Gavin Little Month ago

    TRO you are the worst and best youtuber about. Your videos are fantastic but they're always so long.

  • 1UppedGaming
    1UppedGaming Month ago

    This is extremely late (binging some TRO cause im bored and working on stuff), and unrelated to Joe, but I think that the issue isn't a female character in a game with historical context being aimed at a mostly male audience, there are female characters in games all the time that mostly guys play (Overwatch, Read Dead, etc.). I think the issue is that people think being a woman is groundbreaking and can be used as a marketing tactic to reach a very *small* amount of people. There's nothing groundbreaking about lacking male genitalia, but mass media and marketing teams attempt to make it seem groundbreaking in order to get more money, especially in film (see: the whole Ghostbusters debacle).

  • Progressives R Dumb

    He took up the Gamergate "you hate wamen" fallacious position. That's what he did which was idiotic. There is probably a less than 5% portion of the gaming community that is anything close to this caricature he used. So he in essense pulled a "you're just sexist" to legitimate concerns. I feel like you really missed the boat on this one...
    This isn't even delving into his blatant shilling for this sinking ship of a game.

  • Duhbghaill
    Duhbghaill Month ago

    The whole setup for Battlefield 5 was aimed at inciting backlash. It is the 'IN' thing to do now. Don't have a solid product that you can market? Well, just slap some social justice on it, front and center, and sit back to enjoy the show. "But, the consumers will dislike it!" you cry. Ah, but see that is the point. We'll guilt them into buying our shoddy product, to save face and virtue signal that they aren't actually one of 'those bad people'.

  • dragonwaz
    dragonwaz Month ago

    This is one hundred and twenty percent correct and exactly how Joe fucked up when he attacked his own fans for a fraction of his fans not liking his new content. He threw a fire bomb and generalized a lot of his fans and then treated all of them like the enemy of his channel.
    He's made this mistake twice.

  • Keiji Johnson
    Keiji Johnson Month ago

    Jeez, it took you over five minutes just to get to the topic at hand here? Seriously dude, no one came here to hear you ramble on about some meaningless stuff, just get to the point next time!

    • Nohj
      Nohj Month ago

      It's called an introduction you mongo. Just because you have the attention span of a rock doesn't mean the creator is at fault.

  • Jewel Mine
    Jewel Mine Month ago

    Guys calm down, its just a video on the opinion he thought of. I do admit that it can get a little boring at times but the parts in the video that explain can be helpful. Not every video can be a hit but think of the postives of this! Like its providing a actual opinion from a past viewer of said content so that could help provide a view on this! Also why bother summarizing or skipping straight to the point, at times context can help a point get threw but I do admit maybe their was a little to much context (*Cough The amount of time it took to explain and get to the main focus cough cough cough*) But why blindly hate on it and maybe provide constructive criticism! Besides, Im a newer fan of this type of content and Ive noticed that debate or criticsm has been welcomed so why dont we try providing a good way to help the dude improve on his content!

  • RiOT76AD
    RiOT76AD Month ago

    I enjoy the use of females as main characters. However, I extremely dislike COD and its many iterations. I do actually like FPS’, but COD has always been a glaring exception.
    In my case, even though they used a female main character in Battlefield, it didn’t attract me to the game at all. I think that’s the most important thing. It was a marketing error. They pulled this SJW tactic on people who didn’t care for it at all, and it also failed to bring in new fans. A complete failure.
    Thinking of that, Joe really just becomes an irrelevant side-effect. He made actions that changed others’ view of himself, but ultimately affected absolutely nothing else.

  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley Month ago

    Get to the point!

  • Pugiron
    Pugiron Month ago

    If the inclusion of any group of people that you do not belong to in a game upsets you, you're a bigot. No matter how hard you try to claim otherwise, you're a bigot and you should kill yourself to fix the problem.

  • That bloody spy
    That bloody spy Month ago

    Watch your font before I play avenged sevenfold on you

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago

    I don't understand what the issue is. Angry Joe took the piss out of those who don't like female leads and now there's a backlash?

  • backfire357
    backfire357 Month ago

    I just don't think it's cool to portray the past as a tolerant time. I haven't played it but i would imagine that the all countries are being super inclusive in 1914. Could there have been a woman president at that time? no, and it would be foolish to portray that. Why is there inclusion if that inclusion can't be marketed too and the people we are including don't exist? Fuck joe he doesn't know shit and he sells out quick. I liked oryginal joe on NC's channel.

  • General Esdeath
    General Esdeath Month ago +2

    I was honestly not that concerned about having a female in the trailer; my thoughts were “Ok, I am still open to buying this game; its clear EA is just giving female gamers the option to design a character that looks like them.” That’s common these days.
    They lost my money, and I suspect the money of far more gamers, when they got overtly political in their storytelling, and even worse, when EA employees politicized it even further and began crassly and obnoxiously trying to lecture and sanctimoniously moralize their customers.
    EA is not entitled to my money or my respect, And I am not a bad person if i disagree with their world views, regardless of how much they insist this is the case.
    They needed to be punished for their bad attitude, and it pleases me to see that by any meaningful metric, it is quite clear that they have been. We hurt them, bad. They’re gonna have to get the message, or they’re gonna have to bleed even more money. Some basic respect and patience goes a long way when dealing with customers; I’d even bet that if only they had been more polite and patient and empathetic to those criticizing them, that they likely would have swayed a decent number of skeptics who were on the fence into giving the game a shot.
    I would own battlefield 5 today if not for the “Don’t like it? Don’t buy it” fiasco and the leaked pictures from their release party in which they arrogantly mocked their critics.

  • Skent Borrison
    Skent Borrison Month ago

    Did he just quote masters of disguise at 3:25

  • Gerald The King of the Rock

    Tea is a good drink

  • tonic INC.
    tonic INC. Month ago

    Throwback to when angryjoe profited of the suicide of his late "friend" jewario.

  • Rudofaux
    Rudofaux Month ago


  • Cuil
    Cuil Month ago

    I watched the entire video but I don't remember anything. I think I just spent the whole time enjoying the rambling posh voice and deeply appreciating the artwork for each rendition of TRO's avatar.

  • George Philippakos
    George Philippakos Month ago

    If you attract fans that are similar to you does that make me also a twat?

  • bubblegum
    bubblegum Month ago

    there were a lot of women in WWII, people saying there weren't simply are uneducated. not super relevant to the video but just saying, it's more inaccurate to say there weren't than saying there were. There was several female snipers in the USSR, one having a confirmed kill count of approximately 301 people. There were also resistance fighters from other parts of Europe who were involved in WWII and other wars. I feel this wasn't a marketing tool, but it was a bit weird she had a prosthetic arm. I don't think that was people's problem for the most part.

  • The Dorchaidhe
    The Dorchaidhe Month ago

    It's not because they made the lead character female it's because they're taking historical inaccuracies throwing him in the game with their feminist ideals and they're super far-left political feelings into the game and shoving it down our throat. And in the process disrespecting anybody who ever served in World War II and I personally have too much respect for the people who serve in the military and for the people who served in World War II in the horror that they saw during that time. Well he is trying to make Bank off of their f****** debts and then throwing their f****** garbage retard ideals into the game that is why people are upset.

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez Month ago

    Anyone who cares there are females in that game, is retarded. Nothing more needs to be said on that. Nothing about politics, nothing about ideology, nothing. You're a mentally retarded person.
    It's a game, not a history class. You retards.

  • SlyFox UK
    SlyFox UK Month ago

    I think Joe was far more angry about the wrong depiction of historical events in a game series he is a serious fanboi for... Like doesn't he speak about a squad of British commandos that over took a Nazi weapons location or something without firing a shot? And suddenly they needed the help of a woman and her daughter or something to take it over? Wasn't that what that mission he shows was bout?. All game these days have to have some tough Female lead character as tho its something special these days, but in reality they took stories from WW2 and turned them into female heroine stories, glamorizing a "female warrior" in WW2 is what pushed a lot of people away, a lot of the female activity in WW2 was behind closed doors or in secret. They could of done much much better with this, and yet another reason why i don't buy their games anymore.....

  • Thomas De Brule
    Thomas De Brule Month ago

    I hate angry joe oh boy

  • Blue Resonance
    Blue Resonance Month ago

    The Rambling Opinion

  • Bowen Zientek
    Bowen Zientek Month ago

    Every video:
    "Without further ado-"
    "Without further ado-"
    "Without further ado-"
    "Without further ado-"
    "Without further....."

  • Raphaël Micone
    Raphaël Micone Month ago

    Angry Joe sucks at acting angry.
    His delivery of the angry persona is monotonous and grating.

  • Doomguy
    Doomguy Month ago

    Fuck the crippled chick, I was more angry over the fucking katana in the Western European Theater.

  • Haill Bagguur
    Haill Bagguur Month ago

    Man what is the point of the video? Feels like you talked more about battlefield than just rename it to analyzing battle field with a dash of joe in it.
    You go on and spit out random things that dont even relate to the point much
    Im a fan so im not hating but you have zero focus in this

  • Cecil
    Cecil Month ago

    Good job never addressing other viewers you lazy shit

  • Arnór Frans Brjánsson

    Honestly I feel that AngryJoe is like the WatchMojo of Video game Reviewers. I don't understand why people watch him other than having some background noise.

  • skeptism
    skeptism Month ago

    I wonder how much of the comments here were from subscribers vs randos looking to shit on an opposing POV

  • Calle Nilsson
    Calle Nilsson Month ago

    First of all, the video is nice. I enjoyed it, and its clear that you put effort into making it. However, I'd say its probably longer than it needed to be. I think you could've shorted it down with about 5-10, maybe even 15 minutes with little to no loss in quality. The risk with having a long video, aside from losing more impatient viewers (which of course might negatively impact revenue and potential subs), is that you might lose track of the point after a while, and I kinda feel this video erred on that edge for a while. This is me speaking from experience, since I tend to talk for longer than optimum during my more advanced presentations.

  • Una Bomber
    Una Bomber Month ago

    I think they could of put girls in way better for example there were russian woman who were snipers and some machine gun units, or they could have put Japanese woman defending Japan in an alternate version of the war instead of putting weird out of touch cyborg arm woman who can easily over power battle hardened veterans in a ww2 setting. Also black nazi females seems a little out of touch.

  • Mabel Pines
    Mabel Pines Month ago

    so many dislikes lol

  • PKfire
    PKfire Month ago

    Ripley from alien and samus aran from Metroid are well made female protagonist.

  • Blade Kick
    Blade Kick Month ago

    Having a female lead was not for marketing. All this is is politics in my video games. And i hate that. We play games to escape these things of everyday life! Keep your politics out of my games. A great example The Right Opinion should cover is that newest game that is life is strange clone or sequil. That game pushes libral veiws HARD!!!

  • Fall The Fox
    Fall The Fox Month ago


  • Poor man Arsenal
    Poor man Arsenal Month ago

    First that weak ass h3h3 video and now angry Joe. It's like these topics go completely over your head. Or are you purposefully working around certain issues in order to give the subjects the benefit of the doubt.