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  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • Intro:
    For those who didn’t know, I used to, myself be a fairly political commentator, I intertwined it with media friendly topics, and even covered trending topics from time to time, but I was pretty political. I’m not gonna go into that much depth, mainly because I will likely save it for a special video, and I expect to be asked it for a Q&A, but there’s some stuff I stand by, some stuff not so much, ideas evolve, if you care about it you can DM me. If I was still political, I think today’s topic would definitely be of my interest, however, we are running with it on my new format, because I think it’s embedded in USclip culture enough to appeal to many of you.
    So it’s a bit of old, bit of new. And anyway there’s an equally prominent reason that I’m doing this, because, probably to the surprise of some of you, I used to watch a lot of Angry Joe. I wasn’t crazy about the streams and so on, however, I’d always tune in to one of his more longform reviews, and even some of the film reviews, you know, the one with Other Joe and that bloke with the beard, yeah, you know. And also, as a person with OCD levels of pedanticism, I love lists, and in around 2014, at the turn of the year, Angry Joe would drop 3 or 4 big fat lists for me to dig my teeth into. Delish.
    I really enjoy a lot of review channels, they definitely encourage critical thinking, and as someone who had always dreamed about being involved in the creative industry, it gave me ideas of things that I might or might not want to do if I ever followed those arrows. I haven’t yet, though there’s still time, and I’ve ended up here. What a place to be, anyhow, central to that was Angry Joe. He didn’t always provide his criticism in the most constructive way, but he never held back, I mean, it’s in the name. What else would I expect? I enjoyed his passion balanced with delivery of valid criticism, and he also made his name as a huge proponent of consumer values, which, in spite of my criticism of certain people in the past, I’m still a huge fan of people getting their value for money.
    So he definitely played a fundamental part in my life. Another thing that I followed was his politics. It always appeared that he fell into the moderate but passionate left, while still being empathetic towards other views. It was a few weeks back, I was browsing the internet for the latest spice, and decided to see if there were any new Angry Joe videos. I don’t watch them on a particularly regular basis at this point, mainly because of my own commitments, University and USclip equally take up their fair share of time, and I’m still expected to be social to keep up appearances. However, I noticed that one of his most recent videos had a particularly poor like to dislike ratio, that being this cheeky bugger.
    Now, at first, this didn’t surprise me hugely, he’d done other videos in the past that had been poorly received, particularly the ones where he just ranted impromptu at a camera, at the time I moved on, I was just looking for videos to watch. However, a few hours later I heard that it was something a bit more contentious, and then someone messaged me, and then videos came out. And so I was like okay, what is the spice then lads? Well to understand the spice, we have to go to the root, so let’s take a little trip.
    This is Battlefield, I assume most of you know Battlefield, I sure know Battlefield, I personally played Call of Duty more than the franchise, but that was only because at the time, most of my mates played Call of Duty too. “Oooh The Right Opinion played it because his friends did”, shut up, I was 13 and had to manually decipher how socialising worked. I went through a period of copying and pasting highest rated insults off a website onto my Facebook page, they were dark days, alright? Alright…
    So yeah, Battlefield, it’s a game, that people played, and gaming a few years ago, was in a sticky situation. You see, there’s this thing with Call of Duty too, where both games are released fairly regularly, annually for the CoD franchise, now whereas many games typically wait years to have sequels, if they have sequels at all, this idea of a game a year was properly ingrained into the culture. However, like with every progression, you need new ideas, and so there was a chronological movement, typically forward, and with these series we gradually, or quickly, moved into the future, and honestly, in many people’s opinions, it was a bit bad.
    Not because there was anything bad about the idea, but for many people, the overwhelming amount of gadgets and flashy visuals seemed to replace player skill. It just became all a little silly. So Battlefield, noticing this, smartly decided to go back in time, to World War I, for Battlefield One, which, was given great praise by many critics, which, in spite of the slightly short single player campaign, was supplemented by an excellent multiplayer which had some pretty cool features...
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  • The Right Opinion
    The Right Opinion  2 months ago +204

    Freudian slip at 6:48, meant Battlefront 2, did correct it on screen but got blended in partly with the background.
    Firstly, really sorry for this being late, I had the hurricane, which I wasn’t too affected by, but my head editor (who was also meant to edit a part) was called out to the National Guard, bless him, but at the end of the day, a video’s a video. Just like to say that although there is footage, I’m not directly implying anyone unless vocally mentioned. I might be saving some direct implications for a future video ;). Also, you will see a spelling mistake if you pay close enough attention. Do not fear, the editor responsible has been sentenced to 40 lashings.

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    • patagonianratz
      patagonianratz 22 days ago

      Geez, even your comments are incredibly lengthy!

    • Baa Humbug
      Baa Humbug 2 months ago

      C Birdman could be pew because they typically go after government stats that are from the census report instead of making fake news like fox or cnn. Either way

    • C Birdman
      C Birdman 2 months ago

      Baa Humbug
      None of those reports from the census will break down the result between Republican and Democrat, so you can stop posting those links now.

    • C Birdman
      C Birdman 2 months ago

      Baa Humbug
      So you way out is the deflect? I got mine from a news article and never claimed it to be a census. You continued your claim even after I called you out on it being from the Pew Research Center (a poll). I saw the exact numbers you pulled from that report. Lmao

  • Sympotico
    Sympotico Day ago

    Get to the fucking point jesus Christ...

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu 3 days ago

    q u i r e

    FUBAR 5 days ago

    That video made me unsub from him.

  • Progressive Points
    Progressive Points 5 days ago +1

    It’s never smart as a gaming USclipr to take the pro “SJW” stance. I respect him for it, because all of his points are extremely valid. However, you have to know that 90%+ of the audience watching these videos are the “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS libtard with FACTS and REASON” crowd. Not a smart business decision.

  • John Blatt
    John Blatt 6 days ago

    Maybe if they'd finished the game there would be less issue here

  • The Rockwell Revival

    I've loved Joe's reviews for many many years but his politics? He's a shitlib SJW basically, I would never go to Joe to hear his politics. And if you called yourself a 'social conservative', I'm guessing yours are quite shit as well. What does that even mean, beyond the Crowley-an diatribe of "do what thou wilt". It's essentially anarchy. Congratulations, you're a dope. Being a 'social libertarian' is hardly even a political outlook at all. Being a regular libertarian at this point is even retarded. Europe is a white homeland. America is a white homeland. Yet both our countries have been co-opted by globalists who push an anti-white agenda, flood our nations with poor non-whites, and are turning our countries into third world shit-holes, and you think 'social libertarianism' is what we need? Fuck offfff.

  • Jojo Wolf
    Jojo Wolf 7 days ago

    As a woman, gamer and history lover; I do not like when a game markets itself as historical accurate, yet they aren’t.
    I find games to be a great media to teach people history like WW2. So if you want to have a female general in an army set during WW2, then set it as an alternative history, because there weren’t any female soldiers fighting in the frontlines. The only women in the frontlines were nurses as far as I know.
    I’ve learnt a lot of stuff thanks to video games, so I do care when a game represent itself as historical accurate but it ain’t.

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong 7 days ago

    Hate me all yall want but the mg42 needs to be nerfed because its all i use

  • Thomas Watvedt
    Thomas Watvedt 7 days ago brits talk too much

  • Bipolar Bear
    Bipolar Bear 7 days ago

    I think Joe and DSP are kindred spirits.

  • Allistair Mario
    Allistair Mario 7 days ago

    Leave the quartering out of this he presents points in a logical manner stop defending joe and get to the fucking point

  • Allistair Mario
    Allistair Mario 7 days ago

    My problem was pissing on the corpses of men and women who have their lives in the conflict just for this game to virtue signals because one developer didn’t have the brains to tell his kids the cold hard reality my great grandfather fought in this conflict not my great grandmother and certainly not a prosthetic arm sniper rifle ninja feminazi

  • william murr
    william murr 8 days ago

    Welcome to 100,000 subs

  • Jonathan Provard
    Jonathan Provard 8 days ago

    Oh hell yeah you have 100k now!!!

  • Late Night Gaming
    Late Night Gaming 8 days ago

    This was just inconsiderate of him. It is 2018 after all.

  • Leonardo Torres
    Leonardo Torres 8 days ago

    Shut the hell up 😲😫

  • maganaAMW
    maganaAMW 9 days ago

    Dude your the worst evaluator ever. You literally took forever to get to the point dragging us all the way through the video. When making a video which evaluates a person's job, character, experience, etc. - subjects relevant to the audience, you must introduce the subject, state the essentials of the person, give the point in relation to the persons professionalism, and close out the subject with a conclusion. You done need a 29 min video to state a 10 minute video point.

  • Kas V
    Kas V 9 days ago

    Oooh that other dude looks like the homer doll he has in the background

  • oscar12ty
    oscar12ty 10 days ago

    Have you seen the Nordlys warstory, they made all the people in the operation a girl and her mum

  • Ivan Tavarez
    Ivan Tavarez 10 days ago

    i try to watch these videos , but i cant. your voice is so unpleasing to my ears that it caused me not to watch this. maybe your content is good but for the life of me i cant stand your voice for more than 5 minutes.

  • Lucy Alvey
    Lucy Alvey 10 days ago

    "This is 2018 and we hate build-ups and only want instant satisfaction because we have attention spans shorter than the one of a goldfish"
    - The dislike bar

  • Night Light28
    Night Light28 10 days ago

    AngryJoes hair reminds me of the slayer helm from Runescape

  • Masked Kitty
    Masked Kitty 10 days ago

    *looks at portal 1&2*
    oh look at that guys, a great game with a super awesome female lead that hasn’t flaunted that fact around and also has a super cool female robot villain who’s slightly more flaunted then the female human protagonist.
    that’s pretty neat, right everybody?
    (obviously this comment is said moderately sarcastically, because everybody who’s played portal or even knows about portal knows how awesome it and the female characters in that game are)

  • Mza
    Mza 12 days ago

    You should consider politics, you talk so much without really saying anything.

  • Olivia Moore
    Olivia Moore 13 days ago +1

    I think that people are just too sensitive to the right wing sjw propaganda. When there’s the least talk about women in games or things like that people will automatically say there’s an agenda. Or people who disagree are automatically labeling them as sjw’s and won’t watch their content or go into an argument. Things that shouldn’t be politicized are and it’s blown out of proportion to the point where sjw no longer have any meaning. It’s just a way to silence people. Anyways. So people being to sensitive to it means they’ll react negatively and hence he became a target.

  • Chim Ritchelds
    Chim Ritchelds 14 days ago +1

    I got sick of his shit movie and TV reviews....

    • big boss
      big boss 14 days ago

      Same it's a shame too he use to be good but he clearly lost he's love for gaming

    KOEKIEJAM 16 days ago

    You copied best rated insults? Thats so bad i needed to think for 2 minutes to think if i ever did something that low,

    And hell yea i did

  • NPC 9766666
    NPC 9766666 17 days ago

    I enjoyed his reviews at first because they were entertaining... then I actually PLAYED the games he shamelessly plugged with his "BAD ASS SEAL OF APPROVAL!" Most were total SHIT. Many of the BUDGET games he panned were actually GREAT. The guy is a fucking $HILL. His reviews are fucking worthless. Plus he's a SJW snowflake turd. Fuck EA Joe & Tranny Joe too.

  • Harry Hytrr
    Harry Hytrr 17 days ago

    in this video you kind of miss the whole point . the first ten mins of the video are you wasting time about your past with Angry Joe's channel which no offence nobody cares about . the next 19 mins is you talking about SOME of the problems that people disliked with the video. i feel like this whole video is you trying to explain why joe's video is mis judged rather then you addressing some points. i'm going to name some examples you totally missed. the first being angry joe huge bias to the series and this time him siding with the developer rather then the community. 2nd being he called everyone that disagreed with BTV agenda " red hats" 3rd Joe completely misrepresented points of other youtube more structured videos which Joe " claimed " he watched. there are many more examples you brushed over. all in all not your best video

  • KingOfTheWorld163
    KingOfTheWorld163 18 days ago

    I think people have an issue with the fact that Soderland and EU were big fucking hypocrites, I'm garbage because I think a robot arm is an insult to the conflict? Fuck you, millionaire lmao.

  • Chronic Rain
    Chronic Rain 19 days ago

    Not just to be a contrarian, but I love the long format.
    Good food for thought, and super happy I just discovered you :D

  • This Bitch
    This Bitch 19 days ago

    You know it's a shame that they introduced a female soldier and black soldier in such an stupid way. There were women who fought in Russia and in the French resistance which are so much more interesting and aren't spoken about much so they're fresher. Imagine playing as a random Russian woman trying to fight off enemy soldiers invading your home town and not being able to run because you'll be shot. And the cannibalism during those times.
    And the all black tanker squad, pattons panthers, that would be so much cooler than just lying and saying 'This is just how it was. Ignore the fact no women or blacks fought in the front lines as infantry'
    I hope at some point a game comes out and does explore the horrors of stalingrad from the people's perspective and the only black tanker division. If battlefield v scared companies away from them I'll be pretty let down

  • Britney L
    Britney L 20 days ago

    They could've easily made it accurate while making it empowering to women. Women were able to fight in the war they were snipers only though, but still they fought. And second of all the only reason not a lot of women were in the war is cause they were working their asses off in factories to make the shit to even fight with. Also how fucking retarded is it that they made the main character a front lining woman with a prosthetic arm what the fuck.

  • SoggZ
    SoggZ 21 day ago

    Summation: joe fucked up and unluckily it blew up?
    To long, Much to long.

  • Goose
    Goose 21 day ago +1

    Gamers are reactionary shitheads. Gaming has become a cesspool for right-wing propaganda. White male identity politics is the name of the game in the gamer world. Its 2018, the planet is literally cooking us, inequality is as high as its been since the gilded age of the robber barons, endless war has become the norm, workers wages haven't risen in 30 odd years, but its a woman in a video game that gamer meatheads are concerned about. Talk about being mind-fucked into ignoring the death unfettered capitalism is causing in favour of minutiae.

  • InFAMOUSx42
    InFAMOUSx42 21 day ago

    Joe acts like everyone who doesn’t want a game marketed as WW2 that includes a women charging people with a cybernetic arm is a sexist asshole. Typical liberal behavior, straight to demonizing the other side without actually confronting the problem. Like I said the game is marketed as WW2... people expect a WW2 environment, not this clear SJW shit. Halo, BO3, Star Wars, all have women which is completely fine, theirs no uproar because these games are in the future, nobody gives a shit if women are in a game except when the game is based off of real life

  • Ghost Murmur
    Ghost Murmur 22 days ago

    Lets stop using race or gender as gimmick for putting a new spin on stuff. Does a girl in the game bother me? Nope, does shoving it in my face as a marketing gimmick and being like "look we have strong woman cuz we're woke"
    It's annoying, but I really don't care at the end of the day I've never bought a Battlefield game anyways.

  • patagonianratz
    patagonianratz 22 days ago

    Why did I watch 15 minutes of this

  • Frank the Tank
    Frank the Tank 23 days ago

    It just goes on and on get to the point dude.

  • Grey Enneract
    Grey Enneract 23 days ago

    You've been getting reamed recently.

  • OddJaguar15
    OddJaguar15 23 days ago

    I wish the game went the way of just picking a historical division that used females.
    I forgot it's name, but I am pretty sure there was an entire tanker squad of women in the USSR.

  • P Last Name
    P Last Name 24 days ago

    What is this about?

  • Artem Shimanski
    Artem Shimanski 24 days ago

    Lol battlefield should've just made the female lead from the USSR. Then no one could talk shit about it not being historically accurate.

  • Sol Cutta -Jason Clayden-

    This is a jealous rivals moan about a phenomenal reviewer who is both funny and completely correct when he reviews. Whereas this uploader just runs on with nonsense that is hard to follow, has no clear point and sounds jealous as fuck... Cos we all know angry Joe knows his field and is one of the best reviewers on USclip. Hey Mr 76k subs.. Joe has 2.5 million. Wins.

  • Sol Cutta -Jason Clayden-

    This is soooo crap I'm falling asleep when watching..
    This must be the worst thing ever on utunr

  • Logan Graham
    Logan Graham 25 days ago

    Nah, i'm sick of historical fighting games. Done. so done. 1942, Vietnam, plenty of others, and now another BF1. fucking sick of it to the point that your entire video is being skipped based on JUST your intro text. No they did NOT rightly return to a game they've done at least 5 other times. The fact that you bought into it is nothing more than nostalgia if you're a gamer like me. Or you just weren't fed up with all of CoD, BF, Ghost Recon, etc. takes on modern and/or historical fps games. You want more of that? Go play older games. Let's get to a Battlefield with some futurism to it ffs!
    CoD sucks fyi, *shoots person vaguely in the area of the toe and gets kill*

  • James Lucke
    James Lucke 26 days ago

    For me it wasn't the fact that she was female. But that she was disabled, British, and on the front line. A female lead in a world was two has been done before but she was a resistance member fighting the Nazis from behind the enemy line. It's one thing when you're selling your game as a Wolfenstein or something like that it's fine to have a character like that but battlefield had never sold itself as such and everything else but her is realistic. She's incredibly out of place in the setting and feel of the rest of the game. Plus yes I think part of it was a marketing ploy.

  • Plocký /)
    Plocký /) 26 days ago

    the think most ppl woudnt even care about the women with bionicle arm in ww1 or what it plays in. Its about the forced diversity, like in star wars. It was not choosen just because it was to push diversity in the game for no other reason than having it. Its like ppl that always bring up politics in conversations, its fcking annoying.
    and how the game creator reacted just inflamed the discussion even harder

  • Christopher Simon
    Christopher Simon 28 days ago

    Angry joe is an asshole. He literally did an unboxing of a $1200 graphics card gifted to him by DICE and then defended dice right after. That's an indirect shill if there ever was one

  • SirBagolicious
    SirBagolicious 28 days ago

    This is where I differ(On the importance of historical accuracy). To me an important part of the gameplay is the context; historical accuracy is a key component to determine how immersed I am and how much I will enjoy it. Historical accuracy being such a substantial point, I was very upset so see the first few seconds of their trailer promote a crippled Irish woman on the front lines in a war; such a person would surely never be allowed to serve.

  • Dirty Canvas
    Dirty Canvas 29 days ago

    Dude, you've got some genuinely good and insightful videos but you need to put the thesaurus down and stop talking when you have nothing useful to add to a topic. I sat through this whole video hoping it would go somewhere and I still have no idea what point you're trying to make; if you're just trying to summarize the drama, you could easily shave 15+ minutes off of this video. I really like your other videos that I've seen but this one is showcasing all of your worst tendencies IMO

  • Nostalgia Works
    Nostalgia Works Month ago

    Women only fought in the Chinese and Russian armies in World War II. Here's hoping that the new Battlefield gets that right.

  • asdfg hjkl
    asdfg hjkl Month ago

    My gripe with the disabled woman in it is not because its a woman, but because its taking the piss on a historical moment that many MEN died for. Many MEN died to save the entire world from nazi rule.
    Men saved the world, think about it like that, men fought and died, they deserve the credit for it, not an amputee woman.
    Now if it was a fantasy game then i couldnt care less but its advertized as a WW2 game.

  • NPC 9766666
    NPC 9766666 Month ago

    Angry Joe is nothing but a game salesman for the huge corporate studios like EA & R*. The only games he shits on are ones from smaller studios that don't pay him. His reviews are entertaining but not at all reliable on any level.

  • Sai Climber
    Sai Climber Month ago

    Fuck this shit. Entire video is nonsense. Joe is anti-corporate greed. They're caring for one thing, profit. As for you. GET. TO. THE. POINT.

  • Ikcatcher
    Ikcatcher Month ago

    I missed when Joe just made entertaining reviews and didn’t delve into gaming politics

  • Nathan Kappesser
    Nathan Kappesser Month ago

    "Without further ado, let's get into this." Great place to put an ad. :-P

  • MiyoBestGirl
    MiyoBestGirl Month ago

    Have you been on Speed while writing this script?

  • leion800
    leion800 Month ago +1

    Women were involved in ww2 the Soviet union was especially down with having female soldiers.
    The thing that threw me off was the arm, and the katana. She had.

  • Robert Harmon
    Robert Harmon Month ago +1

    18:35 but war IS depressing. The older Call of Duty's, Battlefields, Medal of Honors, they taught us that War is hell and not fun and games. Take CoD W@W (World at War) for an example, that game was fantastic because of how war was shown to the consumers. Cruel, a gorefest, bloodshed, and depressing.
    The woman was part of the British army and no woman fought alongside the men with the exception of the USSR. No one in the European theater had katanas. There was an Indian volunteer division that fought along side with the Germans because they hated the British for treating their people poorly. No one complained about a female protagonist in the Battlefield One campaign because she was part of the resistance with Lawance of made sense, the cover of the release of the game was a black guy but he was part of the Hellfighters division an all black division...therefore it made sense, and on the cover on the Name of the Czar DLC was a woman because the Communists allowed women to fight along side with the men...therefore it made sense.
    If you want games based on a historical event, you got to make it authentic. If you want to be creative and fictional like Wolfenstine, then say so, but don't do what EA did...or what Joe did.
    I was super disappointed in him when he made that video. When I first saw his videos he was for the consumers and dispised the shitty corporations. He trash talked EA for what they did to Battlefront, some Battlefield games, and even Dead Space. He choosed to be a hypocrite and used strawman arguments such as getting politics involved when we gamers want to get away with that because of nostalgia. He bashed CoD WWII for the character customization on multiplayer stating, "I don't remember blacks fighting along side the Germans during WWII" but on Battlefield V it's okay because it's his favorite franchise and bashes his fans and consumers instead of taking their side like he has before. Instead he became the very thing he swore he wouldn't do: become a corporate shill. I unsubscribed him because I have a funny feeling that if the next Battlefield game does this approach on a historical event like they did with Battlefield V, he would defend it again. He wasn't consistent with this video and didn't side with us consumers. I will do subscribe to him again when he doesn't do it again for the rest of his life.

  • Joe Boe
    Joe Boe Month ago

    Nice use of Great Days kazoo version

  • GuardianSeyden
    GuardianSeyden Month ago +1

    To me its like this: Do you hamfist political agenda into your game for any reason other than to improve the gamers experience? Well, fuck your game. It doesnt matter what politics it is.

  • Andrew Auyeung
    Andrew Auyeung Month ago

    This is short and sweet

  • Sputterbugz
    Sputterbugz Month ago

    so angry joe is sexist. got it

  • Brendan Adams
    Brendan Adams Month ago

    Oh my fucking god the picture at 1:40 fucking has me dying

  • Keelan Eeles
    Keelan Eeles Month ago

    This for me, as a video about a particular person; A USclipr, a public personality and a general video game and review enthusiast takes a phenomenally long, winding, often back-peddling and unnecessarily skittish approach to the subject matter that is so central to the video and most importantly, to the viewers that are tuning in to indulge in this particular controversial, current and trending figure within his own industry and by large, the USclipr community as well.
    Basically.. you talk rubbish for 20/30 minutes. Don't do ^, do

  • phoenixfire8226
    phoenixfire8226 Month ago

    Doesn't bother me at all and I abhor SJWs. If the BFV character had been some fat pig with green hair talking about her lesbian dance theory degree then I'd have a problem.

  • KingChrisTV
    KingChrisTV Month ago

    Waste of fucking time. 13 mins in and still hasnt started talking about what the title says. I bet most the dislikes are cuz of this also. Fuck this. I am out.

  • TheWrathOfSeven
    TheWrathOfSeven Month ago

    Who cares about Battlefield? They haven’t had a good installment in the franchise since Battlefield Vietnam...

  • ThatDarnIrishMan
    ThatDarnIrishMan Month ago

    So. Much. Padding.
    I usually like your videos. 10 minutes in and you have literally explained what a company is and what emotions are.
    Get to the point.

  • Shane Wickham
    Shane Wickham Month ago +1

    You are a complete arsehole.

  • MondoJohnny
    MondoJohnny Month ago

    "I dont want no hook wimin in muh war gam! That dont mak me raciss! One time I got bit in the urm buy uh SJW and had teh cut er off... cuzza were-SJWS is why."
    -Hand wringing SJWS under the bed guy

  • Harkness78
    Harkness78 Month ago +1

    UScliprs who youtube about other UScliprs are scum. How about you just create your own content worth watching rather than discuss/criticize/laud more popular youtubers in order to leech views. btw I don't even like AngryJoe and almost never watch him. I think the last video I watched of his was Mass Effect Andromeda review because I couldn't get enough of people ripping into that game.

  • Dissident X
    Dissident X Month ago

    You're absolutely right about that a realistic WW1 game would be slow and depressing. And honestly I stopped watching Joe when he made that SJW video. He sounded like a rabid butthurt reactionary who is the real snowflake. Bye bye Joe. lul

  • multani82
    multani82 Month ago

    Jesus titty fucking christ get to the goddamn point already. After ten minutes you still couldn't get it across, what in the ever living Christmas fuck are you blabbering on about?!

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    The day I unsubbed from Joe. I don't care if there is a female lead but it has to be believable. They could have went all out and put a woman in a motorized wheelchair with machine guns on it. You could deck out the wheelchair with rims and a cb radio maybe a raccoon tail on an antenna. To your point of Joe falling into a trap. No no no. He took what people were saying and skewed it, then called us sexist and racist then he blamed Republicans for it. Though you not being political I can see why you wouldn't be offended.

  • F'xit Fastah
    F'xit Fastah Month ago

    This is as bad as Joe's his movie reviews, boring, no point and consistency. You are a smart prick, use it, intro, climax(point), end. I've stopped watching when I saw "too lazy ..." Yes, you are lazy, it shows in this video, don't make excuses, if you don't take the time or effort, why should I even watch this? Time is what you make it yourself, it's not an excuse for neglecting.

  • Karnage Fails
    Karnage Fails Month ago

    This is fucking unwatchable.
    Thanks for reminding me of Joe's channel. I'm gonna go watch some of his shit now because your shit sucks ass.

  • Brian Holzwordt
    Brian Holzwordt Month ago

    What’s the point of this video if any again?

  • LonesomeWulf
    LonesomeWulf Month ago

    clickbait whore , using bigname to get views to bullshit , nice bro , go on beeing a greedy slut

  • Shiraho
    Shiraho Month ago

    “Oh uh, a character has a vagina, fuck ea”

  • Caffinator
    Caffinator Month ago

    My biggest problem with Joe's position is his disapointment seeing consumers vote with their wallet. As a pro-consumer advocate, Joe should be praising consumers for sticking it to the man by refusing to pre-order. You, I and Joe all know the biggest issue leading to poor sales is the microtransactions and the company attitude toward their consumers. Joe positioned himself as taking the side of Corporate Commander here. Or at least that's the way it looked.

  • Cabrera1027
    Cabrera1027 Month ago

    Wow. Your audience has an amazingly low attention span. Imagine if everything worth listening to in the very near future will have an expiration of 10 minutes... When has anything you've ever heard impacted your life positively whilst fitting within the time limit for most commercials for a 'half hour sitcom'? C'mon now, you guys are acting like a bunch of children who need everything explained before they are allowed to breathe again, life doesn't work that way. You ever had your dick sucked in less than 10 minutes? Probably because there was more hand than blow. What can you teach me in 10 minutes that I won't own already own you on? Don't get me wrong, he could've said so in less time, but until you try to analyze and generate a theory of why the consensus threw out a single person in your own allotted time frame, every one of you can either enjoy or GTFOH. Don't like it? Fuck off.
    Life Lesson:
    Blow not only saves lives, but lengthens shelf life. Take it as you will, ya moist-eared mutts. Sad to see all the ramblings on here take longer to type out than the time they spent actually paying attention to anything.

  • Vova Syhin
    Vova Syhin Month ago

    You suck! You're just too fucking long winded, get to the fucking point mate. Don't bother trying to ride the winds of the more popular USclip channels, you come across as a desperate peddler. You call his video confusing? Yours is fucking making me fall ASLEEP douche.


    "The Right Opinion"? More like the nagging opinion. Get to the FUCKING POINT.

  • MrLTiger
    MrLTiger Month ago

    what a shit video with unncessary amount of talking. JUST GET TO THE FUCKING POINT ALREADY. 10 MINUTES IN AND IM STILL WAITING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED. FUCK OFF.

  • y2jeff2
    y2jeff2 Month ago

    You know what would have been a better description for this 30 minute video? A fucking TL;DR holy shit.

  • Dookie Monster
    Dookie Monster Month ago

    Aw stfu

  • Kanibar 87
    Kanibar 87 2 months ago

    too long

  • Kanibar 87
    Kanibar 87 2 months ago

    that was long

  • TheDustninja
    TheDustninja 2 months ago

    AJ is just the best funny to the point bang on

  • MMOJunkie
    MMOJunkie 2 months ago

    The problem with game critics on and off youtube is that it's their opinion and so many people mistake opinion for fact, it's so easy for the message they are trying to say being lost in the shitstorm of anger and insults,look at the clusterfuck of opinion videos we've had about fallout 76, with a lot of these "Influencers" being called shills etc etc, it seems to me that the whole world has turned into a massive game of Red Vs Blue, I dare not make a video of me expressing my opinions, it's just too fucking dangerous nowadays.

  • Spacious Wheat
    Spacious Wheat 2 months ago +1

    In my opinion on the Joe debacle, I understand where Joe's initial frustrstion having a franchise he truly enjoys fall under such political nonsense disputes. But he didn't realize for a lot of us consumers thats a constant frustration. And so his response to jump in on the morally superior ideology bashing just makes him genuinely in the wrong here. If he had gotten upset that it wasn't being judged on the merits of it being a game that's fine, but then he made it about social justice vs alt right which is a fatal flaw for any social personality in these situations. The minute you throw people into the alt right crowd for mere disagreement you lose

  • Spacious Wheat
    Spacious Wheat 2 months ago

    Don't feel ashamed of liking COD at one point. Gamers who criticze you for it are dicks

  • draper horton
    draper horton 2 months ago

    Shit ass click bait....

  • Wayne  Cornett
    Wayne Cornett 2 months ago

    Get a real job way to long trying to get viewers

  • eboskie1
    eboskie1 2 months ago

    I think Joe was 100% correct. Gamers have turned into a bunch of whiny babies crying about a video game.

  • Vinay Patel
    Vinay Patel 2 months ago

    Brevity learn it.