Will LaMelo Ball's 'side show' take away from his game? - Scott Van Pelt | SC with SVP

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Scott Van Pelt has no questions regarding LaMelo Ball's talent as he heads to Australia to play professionally. However SVP questions the "side show" that LaVar Ball brings to the table and if LaMelo can play part in a system.
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Comments • 562

  • Alex Ryan perez
    Alex Ryan perez 10 days ago

    Ppl can't express themselves about the balls in a negative way without making the cry babies mad. It is a mess, it is a joke most of the time. Lavar does hurt those boys more than he helps them now. Maybe not b4 they were grown. But theyre adults now so yeah lavar is only hurting them.

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent 17 days ago

    All the ball kids couldn't survive in the CBA. That's why their father tried to Hype them up so much. To create a distraction. You have players in the NBA right now they can't even shoot. Like home boy on Philadelphia. He's scared 2 shoot! Money money money money ... money!

  • Jay Bizzy
    Jay Bizzy 18 days ago

    ESPN just gotta hate on lamelo’s grind, cmon bruhhh

  • Brendan Jenner
    Brendan Jenner 19 days ago +1

    People hate on melo so much 🙄 he’s got the potential to be better than zo

  • Terrell Moses
    Terrell Moses 21 day ago

    Whoa 😮 the hate is real!

  • Christian Umoh
    Christian Umoh 22 days ago

    Shut yo bitch asss up

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 24 days ago

    Honestly I use to hate on Lamelo, but ever since I watched his families show I have a new view on everyone. Gelo is a man that is soft spoken and has made a mistake, Lamelo has really matured especially when he played for Spire stop showing clips of when he 15 he’s 17 now and starting his second round of playing pro ball. Lonzo is talented but has had injury problems, he works hard to recover. Lavar is a great dad and husband he helps his wife with rehabilitation after her stroke. He pushes his kid so that they can succeed their goals, he always bets on himself and his kids and that’s just being a good dad. Without Lavar Ball acting crazy we might have forgot about the other ball brothers, I think creates controversy so that they pay more attention to his boys.

  • Erik Fredrickson
    Erik Fredrickson 24 days ago

    This dude is just a divisive clown obeying instructions from his higher ups

  • Brandon Sexton
    Brandon Sexton 25 days ago

    This man is a pure hater.

  • DntGshot 12
    DntGshot 12 25 days ago

    Only thing I'm honestly worried about with melo is his strength and defense everything else is there

  • Beats by DUSANT
    Beats by DUSANT 25 days ago +1

    Using your issue with the present father to negatively criticize the talent of the kid is just asinine.

  • Jaythagreat !
    Jaythagreat ! 26 days ago

    ESPN bans lavar then talks down on a 17 yr old. Y’all wack

  • King Cash
    King Cash 26 days ago

    Lamelo who? I don't know these Ball's😞. Try again.

  • Elbert Watts
    Elbert Watts 26 days ago

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong

  • Deshaun621
    Deshaun621 26 days ago +1

    Way to attack the Ball family from all angles
    Espn is terrible

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long 26 days ago +1

    Nope he can ball watch n see

  • Rocky Peter
    Rocky Peter 26 days ago

    Let's be honest, you care about Melo because him and his family are ratings machine!!! Tell us about the other kids in his draft class. We really want to know who they are!!☺

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick 27 days ago

    These guys need new jobs they never have watched melo play he is def a top talent no sideshow he don’t care

  • dj1835
    dj1835 27 days ago

    Ol busta ass host should just retire!!!!! He's out of touch!!! ESPN needs a new line up

  • Tyren Sutton
    Tyren Sutton 27 days ago

    Why is ESPN so committed to hating on Lamelo Ball. He is talking about playing within a structured environment like that's what other elite ball player does. Not true, you go up and down the top ranked HS Ballers and I guarantee you, for the most part, their coaches just let them go out and make plays. What's up with this extra standard for Melo?

  • Pharrell Brown
    Pharrell Brown 27 days ago +2

    He was disciplined at spire he was a leader he going #1 without a doubt ,like if melo goin #1

  • Broderick Fowler
    Broderick Fowler 27 days ago

    Stop hating he is the best high school player in the country and it ain't even close! Espn sucks trying to create a negative narrative smh

  •  27 days ago

    He’s big money 💰💰💰

  • tha nubiun prynce beezy
    tha nubiun prynce beezy 27 days ago +1

    Sound like a hatin ass pecker wood to me

  • Life Of Sergìo
    Life Of Sergìo 28 days ago

    This lot seem to forget lamelo was rated higher than Zion like 2 years ago lol and he’s younger to game is game whoever where ever you play this kids top 3 at least

  • Bgood Tv
    Bgood Tv 28 days ago

    ESPN weird asf for this y’all literally just asked him to announce his decision for your benefit to trash his name hours after

  • Lorian Loth
    Lorian Loth 28 days ago

    How impotent do you have to be to talk down about a 17 year old? He has been doing his thing at spire getting some structure plus he is a team first player which is something considering the style he had when we were first introduced to him. He even says it him self that he thinks lesser of Melo but why? Probably knowing Lavar's mouth he gave that bald cuck a clean f#@k you and his balls shriveled up into a mangina. Now he on espn trying to take his emotions out on a 17 year old.

  • Amonzo Osby
    Amonzo Osby 28 days ago +2

    Dam My Guy you Throwing Shade on melo low key... let him be great sheesh!

  • Itsgoddabemyswag
    Itsgoddabemyswag 28 days ago

    Melo like a young Mike... baby boy always the coldest

  • Dumb Things
    Dumb Things 28 days ago

    Translation: fuck that nigga Lavar once again the kid is good fuck his pops, that nigga pops is a clown can you tell how hard I’m trying not to sound angry? Good night.

  • pandoralover21
    pandoralover21 28 days ago

    How many fucking fake accounts does that Ball family have

  • Rickda Rulerrr
    Rickda Rulerrr 28 days ago

    Does anyone feel bad for Gelo ? 😂😂

  • BIGWORM 510
    BIGWORM 510 28 days ago

    Don't know which family is more weird. The Kardashians Family, The Ball Family or the Adams Family?

  • ö ü
    ö ü 28 days ago

    Lol Scott van pelt sounds like such a hater

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones 28 days ago

    Damn well stop looking at him through that childish ass lens as u so call it and actually watch him hatin ass he is very good and very talented none of that other shit gone stop him only help him in life only hating on him cause his dad grow up ESPN!!!!!

  • Francisco Guzman
    Francisco Guzman 28 days ago

    Lol people hating on bspn. Without bspn the ball family wouldn’t have all this hype. Thus far the ball brand has been nothing but hype. A lot of hot air.

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money 28 days ago

    Lol imagine being damn near 70 talking shit on national tv about a 17 year old about to go pro 😭😂

  • Jamal Madison
    Jamal Madison 28 days ago

    He didn't play for spire?

  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams 28 days ago

    Stop fucking hating

  • Moses Malone
    Moses Malone 28 days ago

    I might be alone in this but I like LeAngelo, his shooting form is orthodox, not a bad touch from deep, reminds me of Jae Crowder. I think his Dad should have left him at UCLA after the China incident since they didn't put him off the team.

  • sabih mitchell
    sabih mitchell 28 days ago +4

    "The sons are a story, the rest doesn't interest me." Wow,he actually passively,aggressively denounced Lavar as if the invisible man squirted Lamelo into existence.

  • Cee Jenkins
    Cee Jenkins 28 days ago

    this guy is a fuckin clown. so is the entire network actually. stop supporting espn. plenty of other reliable media outlets who aren't biased and don't have an agenda, and don't have disrespectful pieces of shit like SVP

  • Tyren Johnson
    Tyren Johnson 28 days ago

    This was a horrible video. Because he’s taking a different route than most players you guys get real disrespectful. All the ball brothers can play. The media shines a different light on them. Just let them hoop and grow their brand like most hoopers should do.

  • Arm D
    Arm D 28 days ago

    LaMelo: I'm taking my talents to Australia
    Lavar: I'm taking my yellow teeth to the dentist

  • d-rockis_free
    d-rockis_free 28 days ago

    Everybody on here commenting like this guy is the next big thing, yes he has talent but the nba is a different story so ppl (in my Stephen A Smith voice) PUMP THE BRAKES!

  • De wells
    De wells 28 days ago


  • tank26kk s
    tank26kk s 28 days ago

    Wtf? Really ur wrong for that what ever ur name is. smh

  • Cammankingdom 23
    Cammankingdom 23 28 days ago

    More trash

  • Oreoluwa Agiri
    Oreoluwa Agiri 28 days ago

    You’re clearly hating

  • d boy get money
    d boy get money 28 days ago +4

    😂 BBB 4 Life 💯✌🏽 ESPN Be Hating REAL Hard.🙏🏽

  • Carlos serna
    Carlos serna 28 days ago

    I believe in him you can do it💯💯💯

  • Puksin Dheep
    Puksin Dheep 28 days ago +2

    honestly if I was Zo or Melo, id say no to every interview ESPN ask me for. The hypocrisy is insane...one they they have them on acting all nice and supportive and when they gon they trash them.

    • imahustla50
      imahustla50 26 days ago

      Exactly they don't need ESPN for nothing

  • Orpheo Dorff
    Orpheo Dorff 28 days ago

    Fuck this espn dude

  • Spurs_
    Spurs_ 28 days ago

    Will ESPN ever start reporting Basketball-relevant topics?

  • Fuck Dallas
    Fuck Dallas 28 days ago

    This guy is talking nonsense🤦🏼‍♂️ In his 92 point game he only cherry picked like 25 points meaning he’s legitimately scored around 65 points. He said Melo went overseas just to promote his new shoe.......wtf. And he acted like playing overseas at age 16 wasn’t tuff af and a very good thing for him. Also he didn’t mention anything about him averaging a triple double at Spire academy🤔This boul didn’t have really anything good to say about him

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones 28 days ago

    Melo will be a great player in the future with maturity

  • Neal
    Neal 28 days ago

    Why do those Ball kids have the ugliest shooting form? Like, how do you end up with 3 boys all having ugly shots!!! It seems like one in a million, but there are 3 of them.

  • Flatbush_Ant
    Flatbush_Ant 28 days ago

    Y’all know nothing about him shut up

    JAXSON MAZZ 28 days ago +1

    Lotto level talent hahahahahaha lmao lol. His brother aint even have lotto level talent. Yeah they got lotto level politics and fame thats about it. Those kids are genetically week im looking at they calf muscles and they triceps. Bro they aint got it and yall going to see what im talking about

    KID CLAWS 28 days ago

    Lowkey melo bout to be a all star and you guys on ESPN are gonna be like I always knew he was gonna be good

  • Swisha 2k
    Swisha 2k 28 days ago

    Hope he don't make the league, *fingers crossed*

  • DropSixteenTV Tv
    DropSixteenTV Tv 28 days ago

    Melo is very talented and is honestly the most talented son. The gripes ya'll are talking about are dumb.

  • NoName718
    NoName718 28 days ago

    Truth is, if it wasnt for Lavar's antics this kid would be irrelevant. He's only getting drafted due to popularity and potential ticket sales. The kid is average at best. Can we finally keep it real for once?

  • Zion Chan
    Zion Chan 28 days ago

    Be a professional n comments on the boys basketball skill. What 17 years old have play a structure basketball. Throwing all these cheap shots to the boy before he go play pro ball simply unnecessary n low.

  • Keith B Jones
    Keith B Jones 28 days ago +1

    These boys got game the HATE is real SMH 😠

  • B_1975
    B_1975 28 days ago

    I agree with this video 100%. The cards are really stacked against this kid to do anything in the NBA in the near term given how bad Lonzo's game has translated into the NBA and Lonzo has like 2 or 3X athletic ability that Lamelo has. When Hall of Fame point guard Jason Kidd evaluated Lonzo he was like PASS. Kidd realized that Lonzo is overhyped and is basically a bust and can only play good if he is surrounded by excellent shooters like he was at UCLA. I see Lamelo as the same type of player. On this new venture to Australia, Lamelo needs to play all 28 games in the NBL and can't quit in the middle of the season like he did in Lithuania because he was averaging 4 points on like 20% field goal percentage. If he does not complete the NBL season his NBA chances are almost nothing. When the scout on this clip refers to Lamelo's "ability to handle adversity" I agree. Watch the game on youtube when he played L Rytas and shot like 3 for 17 from the field. He was getting D'ed up by some white dude and his game looked awkward and uncomfortable. Can you imagine Lamelo in the final four last year whereby teams were grinding it out and the score was like 63 to 65? There was no run and gun, it was like set play after set play after set play. Also, there is a clip of him playing AAU against some team from Compton. Again, when people really get in his grill, he gets frustrated and shoots his team out the game and that is AAU competition. When the competition gets tough Lamelo and Lonzo like to put there head in the sand and they wait for thier daddy to come out and say it is the coaches or their teammates fault. This seems to happen time and time again. That is not going to cut it.

  • Blntd Brwn
    Blntd Brwn 28 days ago

    HATERS! Why you hating on a young mans come up? petty

  • baller 10
    baller 10 28 days ago +1

    Lol yall are haters cause his game obviously has been maturing an developing under jermaine jackson

    • imahustla50
      imahustla50 26 days ago

      Facts facts facts bro! Jermaine Jacksons coaching and developing has took Melos game to another level

  • Emjay Mendez
    Emjay Mendez 28 days ago

    They got the buzz on Lamelo and that's all that is needed. Good publicity or bad publicity makes the boy look good. I can't wait for Lamelo to pave the new way on his road to the NBA!

  • Saint Aubyn TFG
    Saint Aubyn TFG 28 days ago

    Why is this a sideshow? He played and balled out at Spire. And plenty of NBA pros have started elsewhere: Tony Parker was pro in France at age 15, Ricky Rubio, Luka Doncic, Andrew Bogut, Andrei Kirilenko, Manu Ginobili, etc.
    They just wanna continue to throw dirt on the Ball name because they don’t like nor respect Lavar. But LaMelo is an excellent player and he’s going to be a really good player in the NBA when the time comes