Netsky - Memory Lane

  • Published on Mar 12, 2010
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    I think we're all familiar with Netsky now, for those of you that aren't, he is one of the fastest rising stars in Drum & Bass and this track 'Memory Lane' is his debut release on Hospital Records. You'll be able to buy this on the forthcoming compilation album Sick Music 2.
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  • Knbeats
    Knbeats Day ago

    who is listening in year 9102??

  • MoeGeeLicious
    MoeGeeLicious 2 days ago

    play it at my funeral please

  • RUBlack
    RUBlack 3 days ago

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  • Alfre Rdz
    Alfre Rdz 9 days ago


  • Carver
    Carver 12 days ago

    Damn this is 9 years old already

  • ST. Phoenix
    ST. Phoenix 15 days ago

  • LJN
    LJN 15 days ago

    Love song ♥

  • Rita Rubary
    Rita Rubary 18 days ago

    Damn I remember this, has it been 9 years already?

  • S. Optics
    S. Optics 23 days ago

    Fuck man I was like 15 or something .. 😪

  • streamer btw
    streamer btw 25 days ago

    this for me is a tune that you can never forget.this will never get old iv been listening to d and b for many many years and love the evolution .
    this track 9 years old but sounds good as new one of my top tracks.gorgeous,sublime,extrinsic,beautiful,simple,exciting, award winning,

  • Łukasz Gładysz
    Łukasz Gładysz 25 days ago +2

    So many hours in World of Warcraft with this song 💕😢
    Memories... 😏

  • Мирон Александр

    golden age of dnb

  • purexed
    purexed Month ago

    This was the first dnb tune I liked. Then I found Disprove's In the Lab shortly after and got hooked.

  • Ivo Tasev
    Ivo Tasev Month ago


  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz Month ago


  • Freal
    Freal Month ago


  • blablablub
    blablablub Month ago +1

    For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13) Invite Jesus into your life for his help and to get back into relationship with God and he will give your life real meaning and purpose ...!

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Month ago

    Summer 2019


    Plz BOSS back help me BOSS

  • Zombiecore
    Zombiecore Month ago

    9 years later, still gives me goosebumps :), so chill

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man Month ago +2

    Muamar Gadaffi broght me here. God bless him!

  • Reece Clarke
    Reece Clarke Month ago

    Those dislikers can go kill themselves..

  • Maciej Manka
    Maciej Manka Month ago

    I remember first big event when it was coming out never forget it. Beautiful memory lane ...

  • Mr S Is the Best
    Mr S Is the Best Month ago

    What I want to hear :)

  • dallas thomas
    dallas thomas Month ago

    This song reminds me of a time I was blacked out wasted than some chubby broad punched me in the face

  • Tracy Mixon
    Tracy Mixon Month ago

    Bop ba bop

  • Comcat
    Comcat Month ago

    I swear this type of music just disappeared, you never hear anything of the same quality or style anymore!

  • Eilidhsvlogsandgames

    Quality tune

  • Ionita Dionisie
    Ionita Dionisie Month ago

    energizingggggggg (^_^)

  • Tekno Man
    Tekno Man Month ago

    😍 old

  • Rykkz
    Rykkz Month ago +1

    When listening to DnB I feel like going somewhere and I don't know where but it feels like going forward in a very dark and yet so bright tunnel

  • Luciids Content
    Luciids Content Month ago +1

    listening to this driving in the sun... banger!

  • Rudde
    Rudde Month ago

    Such a fitting title as UKF is down memory lane.

  • Pyramid Ceres
    Pyramid Ceres 2 months ago +1

    9 years later and still my fav dnb track. Netsky doesn't make dnb like this anymore....just weird pop shit.

  • WolfAmbushYTail OwO
    WolfAmbushYTail OwO 2 months ago +1

    I rate this music a 31/8
    Edit: thanks for the like but why is it colored blue?

  • guilhox guilhox
    guilhox guilhox 2 months ago

    10 years

  • Emma Earthling
    Emma Earthling 2 months ago

    ugh my heart

  • Dinusha
    Dinusha 2 months ago

    Why are there so many comments about Gaddafi here?

  • BOA Channel
    BOA Channel 2 months ago

    Near 10 years .......still listening

  • ElysianDivine
    ElysianDivine 2 months ago

    The ride cymbal beat is on point 👌

  • Adhiraj
    Adhiraj 2 months ago

    Want chill vibes? Play this at 0.75 speed.

  • birdperson B I R D P E R S O N

    2 0 1 9

  • Shuntsam2
    Shuntsam2 2 months ago +21

    9 years today.. Man can't believe it's been so long!

    • N1Z3L
      N1Z3L Month ago

      +Hanska Civ was 10 when I discovered this. Pure nostalgia.

    • Hanska Civ
      Hanska Civ Month ago +1

      +Jonathan Rios yeah this decade was fast asfuck right

    • Jonathan Rios
      Jonathan Rios Month ago +1

      I was 19 in 2011 i remember it all like it was yesterday

    • LVHLC
      LVHLC 2 months ago

      what? I feel old now

    • Mr M
      Mr M 2 months ago

      fuck man 26 now. lol

  • Alessandro Marcelo Valencia Lauri

    This needs a "video o

  • Jiren The gray
    Jiren The gray 2 months ago


  • Ty Chaplin
    Ty Chaplin 2 months ago +4

    Oh my fuck! Been trying to find this for fucking ages. My life is complete now!!!!!!!!

    • Carl -osxD
      Carl -osxD 2 months ago

      Yeahh , that song is awesome

  • Liquid Danta
    Liquid Danta 2 months ago +1

    2019....This one right here appears to be timeless!

  • Juan Martinez Dias
    Juan Martinez Dias 2 months ago


  • C Bryers
    C Bryers 2 months ago +3

    Fuck me where did my teenage self go 😣

  • Machinima Gothic
    Machinima Gothic 2 months ago

    Huh nice track I watch it on this video when Muammar Qadafi drive around Tripoli to show western world his support from civilians

  • xFellowes
    xFellowes 2 months ago +1

    Mw2/ any other cods....listening to dnb always set the scene

  • AlexM
    AlexM 2 months ago +3

    This song aged like fine wine.

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens 2 months ago

    Don't worry friend beatz and and good amount of white caps got this man on another level on a Monday ;)

  • goncalocardoso95
    goncalocardoso95 2 months ago +1

    A true memory lane.

  • Bizzle GTi
    Bizzle GTi 2 months ago +4

    memories 2011-12?

  • c4tn1p
    c4tn1p 2 months ago

    i think we're getting older

  • Scalene Toast
    Scalene Toast 2 months ago


    • AlexM
      AlexM 2 months ago +3

      Talking about your opinion?

  • KrisMK
    KrisMK 2 months ago

    This music remembers me old good COD times :v

  • teneriffatane
    teneriffatane 2 months ago

    songs like this come out every 10 years

  • pere villaronga
    pere villaronga 2 months ago +1

    Will someone read this comment in 2029?

    • Azreal
      Azreal 2 months ago

      ye m8

    • Cherry Bidet
      Cherry Bidet 2 months ago

      I will, I'll send you another reply then.

  • Entropy Ink.
    Entropy Ink. 3 months ago

    I've always found myself listening to this song every year. It's been about 9 or 10 years now

  • c0de 3301
    c0de 3301 3 months ago


  • mrtvicovek
    mrtvicovek 3 months ago +1

    Who listened to this back in 2010 when it came out ? now it's 2019 .. time flies !

  • Defiant Commentary
    Defiant Commentary 3 months ago

    Wrecking people on gears 4 to this song, and other past gears of war titles! This song brings my energy up and mood! I feel a sensible vibe and my eyes light up the room around me.

  • kryLancelo
    kryLancelo 3 months ago

    Esta canción la rompe!! Y eso que vengo del 2075.

  • EliTe
    EliTe 3 months ago

    Playing this on Wipeout is the best thing...
    Love the notes in the background, the most soothing drum and bass song. Never thought I'd describe a dnb song as soothing.

  • EZON
    EZON 3 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Protiva66
    Protiva66 3 months ago

    I come listen to this every time Netsky uploads a new song to remind myself how amazing his music used to be :)

  • sariokaan
    sariokaan 3 months ago

    Almost 10 years ago !! I called this magic tune DnB anthem. Glad I've seen him in my life. Thanks Netsky

    • Azreal
      Azreal 3 months ago

      its not even 9 years ago

  • Rickey South
    Rickey South 3 months ago

    2019 cuz

  • profsirup
    profsirup 3 months ago

    Still here

  • fuzzball52392
    fuzzball52392 3 months ago

    2019? anybody seeking the memory lane

  • Rory Blair
    Rory Blair 3 months ago

    2019 still amazing

  • Fraser Thorpe
    Fraser Thorpe 3 months ago +1

    9 years old!

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    • Azreal
      Azreal 3 months ago

      it's 8 years old

  • Test Channel
    Test Channel 3 months ago +1


  • ThePositiveKRP
    ThePositiveKRP 3 months ago

    This is nice az.

  • iccaka
    iccaka 3 months ago

    this song reminds me of some old cs frag movies... nostalgia incoming, guys, be prepared 😀

  • Logan K
    Logan K 3 months ago

    Holy memories batman

  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang 3 months ago +2

    When you find the song you havent listened too in years, memory lane...

  • Alexandr Mudriy
    Alexandr Mudriy 3 months ago +2

    *This track immerses me in nostalgic memories when NETSKY, Camo and Krooked, Metrik and others made really best drum and bass, golden age 2009-2012.*

  • Masyaf
    Masyaf 3 months ago +5

    God bless Gadaffi and May his soul rest in peace

  • Jeff Session
    Jeff Session 3 months ago

    reminds me of 2010 the old college days

  • Salzstreuer
    Salzstreuer 3 months ago +1

    Congrats for 20 million views! This has been one of my first ever DnB song I've been listening a lot...

  • Futurist 2046_
    Futurist 2046_ 3 months ago

    This sounds like something from 2016, and not 2010. Very modern for the time, yet so nostalgic too.

  • Jon TtRx
    Jon TtRx 3 months ago

    One of my all time faves!

  • NoBreadsticks
    NoBreadsticks 3 months ago

    20million views!

  • Owen Berriff
    Owen Berriff 3 months ago

    Fan nope.sign no one

  • Owen Berriff
    Owen Berriff 3 months ago

    He gone for sack sack shake never a bit interested.

  • ø ø
    ø ø 4 months ago

    ... I'm feeling old now. Fuck me...

  • xx xx
    xx xx 4 months ago


  • Vitali Becker
    Vitali Becker 4 months ago +3


  • playyBiatch
    playyBiatch 4 months ago +2

    2019 still listening *-*

    ZLD ZLD 4 months ago


  • Barret Ortiz
    Barret Ortiz 4 months ago +3

    It's 17 of January of 2019 and this song still magic for me :")

  • Ian Sullivan
    Ian Sullivan 4 months ago

    When I first heard this song , it was the first time I pissed blood

  • gabrielwillames
    gabrielwillames 4 months ago +1


  • Stas Kostyk
    Stas Kostyk 4 months ago

    people from 2019, are u here? :D

  • Kharis Rongsok
    Kharis Rongsok 4 months ago

    I want fly high and high for this song

  • Ju' tre
    Ju' tre 4 months ago

    such a clean mix-down

  • AKTC1999
    AKTC1999 4 months ago

    This song playing mw2 on the Xbox several cans of monster scattered around the room, and a amber leaf 3 in 1 9gram for 2.80 bring me back 🙌