Netsky - Memory Lane

  • Published on Mar 12, 2010
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    I think we're all familiar with Netsky now, for those of you that aren't, he is one of the fastest rising stars in Drum & Bass and this track 'Memory Lane' is his debut release on Hospital Records. You'll be able to buy this on the forthcoming compilation album Sick Music 2.
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Comments • 10 002

  • Ohlsジョナス
    Ohlsジョナス 5 hours ago

    I know it's already 10 years old but it's just GREAT O:

  • MrPandemicalert
    MrPandemicalert 12 hours ago

    Good shtuff

  • Con
    Con Day ago

    Aptly named Memory Lane I remember listening to this for the first time after being quite a musically recluse person, went a to a party and this was playing everyone dancing, happy vibes and was the same night I met my significant other, would of been perfect if we didn't break up 2 months later xD didn't let this song get soured though. Aptly named Memory Lane.

  • Ackigaming
    Ackigaming 3 days ago

    Yeet 10000th comment bois

  • Ferdinand S
    Ferdinand S 5 days ago

    The memory of reading "The Hobbit" will forever be bound to this song ...

  • Vince the proud
    Vince the proud 6 days ago +1

    alright guys lets bring this track till 20 million views ^ ^

  • Chris C
    Chris C 6 days ago +1

    8 years later, and its still good!

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan 7 days ago

    I'm back after a 6-year hiatus. Oh, how I missed this.

  • 0pT1Cx 937X
    0pT1Cx 937X 8 days ago +1

    If u listen to the beat you can hear Memory Lane listen closely and you can hear it in the beat

  • Jake D
    Jake D 8 days ago +5

    8 years later this is still a banger

  • tmour mari muntz
    tmour mari muntz 11 days ago

    boi dis shit old. but dis shit gud

    • tmour mari muntz
      tmour mari muntz 9 days ago

      +Big S almost half of my life, hahahaha

    • Big S
      Big S 9 days ago +1

      It's crazy how 2010 is already "old"

  • Jadovran
    Jadovran 14 days ago +1


  • Crusader Chan
    Crusader Chan 14 days ago

    so liquid. I love it. good for when I'm free roaming in Need for Speed

  • Moha Ali
    Moha Ali 16 days ago

    Althought discovered this tune in 2015, I feel like i've been listening to it for a century 🎶

  • ynk
    ynk 17 days ago

    8 years 8 months and 8 days today since release, damn time passes so fast

  • SmartrMelons
    SmartrMelons 17 days ago +1

    Needs a guitar lead. Someone like Steve Vai.

  • NitroX
    NitroX 17 days ago

    Memory lane, Old Drum ❤️

  • NitroX
    NitroX 17 days ago


  • Baine Cook
    Baine Cook 21 day ago

    Sounds abit like sonic

  • 3shaw
    3shaw 21 day ago

    Still listening to 2012 dnb mixes today, 6 years later. It makes me feel good and smile en it brings me back to the good old days when I was 16 and had no worries what so ever... This song get me the chills everytime

  • The Jack House
    The Jack House 21 day ago

    Perfect 10 years later, Perfect 10 years after !!!

  • Sed Animator
    Sed Animator 23 days ago

    :) (: :) (: :) (: :) (:

  • Sed Animator
    Sed Animator 23 days ago


  • Lxgendz -
    Lxgendz - 24 days ago +1

  • Ian Vleeshouwers
    Ian Vleeshouwers 24 days ago

    md md md md md untz untz

  • Brian King
    Brian King 25 days ago

    and still

  • Tomas Van renne
    Tomas Van renne 26 days ago

    Still in love with this track

  • Paul Endo
    Paul Endo 27 days ago

    Business shit

  • Wikerstervolski
    Wikerstervolski 27 days ago

    I'm addicted to this!

  • The Afro Tank
    The Afro Tank 27 days ago

    nice, sounds definitely with headphones

  • leto atreidis
    leto atreidis 28 days ago +1

    danke an florian schümann fürs drauf bringen.mein erster drumnbass song, 8.-9. klasse

    • Rene Maier
      Rene Maier 22 days ago

      Grüße gehen raus and Florian!

  • Mirai/ /Azuki
    Mirai/ /Azuki 28 days ago

    There's a lot of Drum and Bass styles nowadays, so I think I'll list them in order of best to worst
    1) Deep Liquid (Seba - Why Can't This End/Nelver - Out of Touch/Netsky - Memory Lane)
    2) Liquid (Makoto - Black Mist/Phloem - Luminance/High Contrast - The Road Goes On Forever)
    3) Warehouse (London Elektricity - Yikes!/Fred V & Grafix - Goggles/Metrik - Slipstream)
    4) Neurofunk (NOISIA - Stigma/Rawtekk. - Photone Recruits [Phace Remix]/Mefjus - Blitz)
    5) Halftime (Fred V & Grafix - Hydra/Reso - Break Em'/Reso - Slap Chop)
    6) I don't know what you'd call this style, but I don't like it (Metrik - Hi!/Metrik - Dawnbreaker/Netsky - Love Life)

  • Tharrion
    Tharrion 29 days ago

    Im a Metalhead but i kinda line this sound

  • Hellkid13
    Hellkid13 Month ago +2

    this shit get's me hyped up every fucking morning.

    JUPITER MACRON Month ago

    Memories and nostalgic feelings... RIP Adolf Hitler.

  • mike hammer
    mike hammer Month ago


  • BloodT3cH
    BloodT3cH Month ago

    Damn, all the things it just brings back...

  • Usuario 1312
    Usuario 1312 Month ago

    It's crazy when you look at the date of release of tunes like this already 9years

  • micah1510
    micah1510 Month ago

    dope song

  • Big Lpha
    Big Lpha Month ago

    Man this is giving me chills. The good times

  • Insane HD717
    Insane HD717 Month ago


  • Gáe ßølgˆˆ
    Gáe ßølgˆˆ Month ago

    I recently heard this song. I can not believe that dnb of 2010 is so good. So amazing

    CZAJNIK Month ago

    włącz sobie to na ripit

  • Darko Panic
    Darko Panic Month ago

    for me is this summer and the sea. warm subs light snares and the spheric sound to round it up. Superb!

  • fozzy flossi
    fozzy flossi Month ago

    This track ...... this 1 track sends my feelings of joy and past experiences high ..... it’s just everything a track should be ..... takes me back to .................. MEMORY LANE ....... good times .... if I’m unhappy this is the key to my smile ..... Netsky .... u is the man ❤️

  • 438ft
    438ft Month ago

    One of the first dnb tracks I've heard after taking mdma for the first time.

  • dnbstepEROZ Smog
    dnbstepEROZ Smog Month ago

    Barnes and nobles

  • Knightwing
    Knightwing Month ago

    Ok so this was my first time hearing this, and it is so amazing!

  • Christopher Price
    Christopher Price Month ago

    2018 n still getting goosebumps

  • Nathaniel Chapman
    Nathaniel Chapman Month ago

    sick where the Mandy at chills

  • Bruno Cruz
    Bruno Cruz Month ago

    Miss the old netsky dude... RIP dnb after 2013...

  • Dimitry Dimitriev
    Dimitry Dimitriev Month ago

    BIg up my DNB CREW, Big up Barcelona crew, Big Up UK Crew. Big Up to Netsky around the globe!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    perfect name for the tune. this is a time machine!

  • Milos Knezevic
    Milos Knezevic Month ago

    2019/2020 ...

  • Libor Vacek
    Libor Vacek Month ago

    best ❤️

    TEA BOY Month ago

    always ended up spangled with mates listening to this.. oh the memories ahaha

  • Omar Jaywer
    Omar Jaywer Month ago

    remember when dnb was dnb? me neither...

  • stanfosi
    stanfosi Month ago +1

    Netsky, one love brother, see you in vybe city with aero-nikes resting on my feedy strings and wave-gloves made from eargasmic leather to spinning and trippin records knobbing the plate for dinner with dem bouttons de ministére of sound villâgée, kom met me mee jij belgische god, hoor samen het genot shameboy strobot...

  • spincr
    spincr Month ago

    You know a mix was good when in your head you hear it go over into apex - just one second remix from the Journey.

  • Alan Calibers
    Alan Calibers Month ago

    take me down to the 2010 memory lane please....

  • Xoliul
    Xoliul Month ago

    LMAO and now he makes the shittest pop music ft David Guetta....

  • S L Y
    S L Y Month ago

    Ever have a song that just makes you feel like everything will be alright no matter what? This is it chief

  • T R A S H
    T R A S H 2 months ago


  • DNB Databáza
    DNB Databáza 2 months ago +1


  • porter robinson is bae
    porter robinson is bae 2 months ago +1

    i love drum and bass with racing games, or flying jets in BF3 haha

  • RAT
    RAT 2 months ago +1

    listen to my first dnb track

  • wafflesmelveXY
    wafflesmelveXY 2 months ago +1

    The 2.1k people who disliked this song have cancer

  • Hasan
    Hasan 2 months ago

    GADAFFI :_(

  • John Stavenow
    John Stavenow 2 months ago

    still banging

  • Rezzkyy
    Rezzkyy 2 months ago +3

    Netsky dominated ukf dnb at the time.... still does

  • Splofar
    Splofar 2 months ago

    overwatch sucks gachibass

  • Coquilles
    Coquilles 2 months ago

    Owca Warszawski Koks bring me here!

  • ʌvʌrʌntus
    ʌvʌrʌntus 2 months ago



    beer beer beer

  • Jonathan H
    Jonathan H 2 months ago +2

    The feels...

  • Olivini
    Olivini 2 months ago

    Still an absolute amazing song over 8 years later

  • Shiv Zaveri
    Shiv Zaveri 2 months ago

    Such insane Deja Vu. I've heard this like 2 or 3 years ago and I remember loving it.

  • RS prod.
    RS prod. 2 months ago

    My opinion is that Netsky started Dnb in all of us when I looking to the past now.

  • zodiac909
    zodiac909 2 months ago

    PROPER DNB back when UKF promoted the REALEST shit.

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart 2 months ago +3

    Awesome tune pure goosebump enducing perfection!

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 2 months ago

    8 1/2 years... Oh My!

  • Rory Blair
    Rory Blair 2 months ago

    What a tune

  • Stevol Wer
    Stevol Wer 2 months ago

    One of the first dnb songs i listen to. We took the car from a friends parents and drive trough the night, was legendary. Still in my favourit playlist nowaday.

  • Gudmundur Thor Karlsson

    Gaddafi brought me here! R.I.P G.O.A.T MUSLIM LEADER.

  • Odd Chap
    Odd Chap 2 months ago

    8 years on, my goodness! so much nostalgia :)

  • Botond Bottlik
    Botond Bottlik 2 months ago +1

    I am here and listening it even in 2018. Drum and bass is timeless

  • billie jayne hobbs
    billie jayne hobbs 2 months ago


  • playerscs good
    playerscs good 2 months ago +1

    2018 is best sound ^^^^^

  • GeorgeCarlinF1BS
    GeorgeCarlinF1BS 3 months ago +6

    Who's listening in 2019?
    Impossible, but don't worry; you will.
    Sweet Moses this track keeps on giving; timeless piece of musical magic.

  • MrOwnerxD
    MrOwnerxD 3 months ago +2

    The era of the best UKF DNB OF ALL FKING TIME. When the DNB WAS AT IT'S GOLDEN ERA !!

  • Lazar Petrovic
    Lazar Petrovic 3 months ago +1

    ayy lmao

  • BlastForward
    BlastForward 3 months ago

    Give me my 2010 back 😭

  • Kondzior92
    Kondzior92 3 months ago

    najlepsze po tylu latach

  • lucian kristov
    lucian kristov 3 months ago

    You ever built racecars to DNB before ? Oh man does it get you in the vibe !

  • sariokaan
    sariokaan 3 months ago

    Netsky called this song memory lane cause he knew we would all get nostalgic about it 7 years later.
    Fck, someone already used this sentence but it's goddamn true !! Netsky forever

  • Trey White
    Trey White 3 months ago

    Sorry had to come here after Sean left the group.....

  • Jack Savory
    Jack Savory 3 months ago

    Memory lane yes, yes it is

  • Jr0662
    Jr0662 3 months ago

    1. Memory lane, 2. Eyes closed, 3. Puppy

  • ismail ijioui
    ismail ijioui 3 months ago

    2018 and still attached to this song

  • Disillusioned Soul
    Disillusioned Soul 3 months ago

    Man, what an amazing track. Dnb is the shit..