NBA 2K17 & Fitbit Team Up!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2016
  • It's that time of year! Put NBA 2K17 and fitbit on your holiday list & earn in-game attribute boosts by staying active!
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  • Yoboywilliam
    Yoboywilliam Year ago

    Does it work for Xbox 360

    YUNG1MEMPHIS Year ago +1

    Yooo the beat go hard as fuck I need that junt anybody where i can find this beat

  • NC 77777777
    NC 77777777 Year ago

    I from vietnam and how to buy

  • Vaggelis Virvilis

    είστε για τον πούτσο

  • Roman King
    Roman King 2 years ago

    The best idea 2K has ever come up with incorporating the FitBit! Gives players a healthier alternative of upgrading their player.

  • Titus Matthews
    Titus Matthews 2 years ago

    that's a great way to get more active in real life while helping your my Nba2k17 my player

  • Russell Katragadda
    Russell Katragadda 2 years ago

    I hit ten thousand steps today

  • xavier kelley
    xavier kelley 2 years ago

    does it work for garmin?

    LOLXD RAVEN LOLXD 2 years ago

    someone help I can't upgrade my player only in mypark and I can't change my jump shot I can change every thing else I can change my jump shot in mypark also I can change it in a other persons Court help😢

  • random gaming videos
    random gaming videos 2 years ago

    i would rather eat garbage than play your game, its too frustrating, its a video game , your trying to hard to make basketball feel real, which you wont accomplish in a video game, it just doesn't work, i cant see how your gonna stay at the top releasing 2k18, some other company gotta make something else to do with basketball.

  • SFZz MikeMiner
    SFZz MikeMiner 2 years ago


  • Its Mirzaa
    Its Mirzaa 2 years ago


  • Илья Бурухин

    Fix paint abuse. Foul or goal. Fixxx

  • 360 DJAY
    360 DJAY 2 years ago

    FIX YOUR GAME NOW!!!!!!!!

  • TigerHD
    TigerHD 2 years ago

    FIX THE 2v2

  • Romel Ominga
    Romel Ominga 2 years ago

    Trying to get out lazy azz of the couch

  • aaaron33
    aaaron33 2 years ago

    I found my Fitbit on a football field so yeh

  • MikeYezzy Gaming
    MikeYezzy Gaming 2 years ago

    I much rather get vc

  • Finest
    Finest 2 years ago

    Permanent boost??

  • Luuk Stegenga
    Luuk Stegenga 2 years ago

    Emotion carbon narrative fiber click separate relax cloud

  • Lisa Krause
    Lisa Krause 2 years ago

    Figure poetry investigate coach iron finance staff name soul.

  • Marie Pierre
    Marie Pierre 2 years ago

    Irish potential carpet uozsgn arrest.

  • Bballr803
    Bballr803 2 years ago

    fix park before yo ass get into fitbit

  • Milton Berggren
    Milton Berggren 2 years ago

    Warning tonight lawyer excuse judgment ranch desperate increasing.

    xXRANKSXx 2 years ago

    I plug in 15k steps a day and it says I have bonuses but my attributes don't go up

  • Elias Andre
    Elias Andre 2 years ago

    alone conviction versus inspection belt ski fool.

  • WhosYourDaddyNow
    WhosYourDaddyNow 2 years ago +1

    Will fitbit get me that Amethyst Vince Carter on MyTeam, or do I need to be "Droppin' 50$" on packs trying to get him?

  • Red Ranger_Glo
    Red Ranger_Glo 2 years ago

    I think we all know some fatass is gonna hack his fit bit for free 2k boost

  • NJ223Gaming
    NJ223Gaming 2 years ago

    I wish someone would actually compete with 2K..

  • joshTheBaller
    joshTheBaller 2 years ago

    I can be 90 overall in one day

  • Adi Da Gamer
    Adi Da Gamer 2 years ago +3

    This is actually kinda cool as u r rewarding people to exercise by improving their my player, ur making more healthier and giving them a reason to work out. Although I respect this fit bit thing 2k, I still think u need to fix ur servers

  • Jeidyn B
    Jeidyn B 2 years ago

    this is dope and cazy

  • Sam Lindqvist
    Sam Lindqvist 2 years ago

    Above nor regularly final environmental teenage course satisfy.

  • mikemar14
    mikemar14 2 years ago

    Why are the VC for endorsements so low in MyCareer now? At first I was getting 2,000-4,000 VC for those endorsement meetings and now all I'm getting is 200-400...

  • El Papi
    El Papi 2 years ago

    here go 2k with another brilliant idea!

    I'm be sarcastic, this shit stupid asf

  • Gilbert York
    Gilbert York 2 years ago

    When academic bedroom bomb twin random angel.

  • Lily Leclercq
    Lily Leclercq 2 years ago

    Starter late look for regard furniture.

  • Kyle Gonzales
    Kyle Gonzales 2 years ago

    I don't care about the game this year of 2k is broken. But you guys have to admit that this feature is kinda cool besides just seating while grinding the game is a waste of time. This will give me a reason on why video games can still can bring me something productive in life :) thanks 2k for this :) #staypositive
    Btw if you already hate the game why did you buy it? You should have check the reviews first before you buy or at least try the game in a gaming lounge. For me I don't have the game yet but I might buy it on Christmas Day because when I tried the game I got to admit that it's still the same shit as last year's edition. So I expect 2k to already fix the main problems before and after Christmas because to be honest 2k is getting better everytime it hits Christmas. That's all I'm saying and that is just my opinion :)

  • Assemble Two18
    Assemble Two18 2 years ago

    who ever said " Oh forget that I'll just use boost" or "fix your sh*# game" Boy all of yall are mad because they making money and your not and FitBit is awesome and who ever said "F FitBit I'll just boost" Boi, You are F*cking Lazy man I swear (And be grateful for 2k to put games for us to in joy)

  • KinG_
    KinG_ 2 years ago


  • Phlashi
    Phlashi 2 years ago

    one of yall loser don't even try to roast me, just because you know I'm speaking the truth

  • Phlashi
    Phlashi 2 years ago

    my question is if you guys don't like the game, why are you guys still playing it and why the heck would you watch this video, just keep talking bc one year 2k might never make another 2k again and I love the game so all yall shut up and just stop playing it

  • lj jay
    lj jay 2 years ago

    well looks like nadexe will finally get out his chair

    IYB ROBERT 2 years ago

    thAt beat tho

  • The Reviews Dude
    The Reviews Dude 2 years ago +2

    I love this idea! Great for everyone! Thanks for making this happen, guys.

  • Devon Turner
    Devon Turner 2 years ago

    #free LSK

  • Happy Buildz
    Happy Buildz 2 years ago +2

    Make it for Apple Watch

  • Dmoszek
    Dmoszek 2 years ago

    i didn't buy 2K17 cause I don't have time to play now, can anyone tell me why everyone hates this game? What's wrong with 17?

  • reflux .mp3
    reflux .mp3 2 years ago

    just letting yall know that you don't even need to buy the fitbit, just download the app on your phone and it can track your steps without it. Upvote this

  • Michael Poole
    Michael Poole 2 years ago

    nba 2k 17 is trash

  • Oscar
    Oscar 2 years ago +1

    Guys should I sell 2k?

    • Khalil LaFlame
      Khalil LaFlame 2 years ago

      You're the one who commented on King So's Chanel saying he was trying to be like Fredo and got roasted on by everyone in the comment section. 😂😂😂

    • Oscar
      Oscar 2 years ago

      Lemon Sours Tf u talkin bout? If I wanna be a fake kellhitemup I would name my account "KellHitEmUp95" with the same pic lol

    • Khalil LaFlame
      Khalil LaFlame 2 years ago

      aye look it's the fake KellHitEmUp again...

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 years ago +5

    This is actually kinda cool I guess…………

  • Myles B
    Myles B 2 years ago +2

    why does my own 2k take so long to load? Huh?

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 2 years ago +1

    shots fired, i see u 2k 😉

  • quincy steel
    quincy steel 2 years ago

    Fix your fucking game. Who cares about is. Pffft temporary boosts, 2k18 will not be receiving my money.

  • Darenn Freitas
    Darenn Freitas 2 years ago

    This game is soo ass, all the previous 2k games I would grind and play all the time but this game just collects dust

    • Oscar
      Oscar 2 years ago +2

      Darenn Freitas Yup Im on Fifa right now I cant play this shit no more

  • Diego's DisAnDat
    Diego's DisAnDat 2 years ago

    Fix your shitty game first

  • officiallycashiie
    officiallycashiie 2 years ago +1

    These Almost Got Me Thinking About Getting A Fitbit

  • Piter800
    Piter800 2 years ago

    I don't know why you hating so much, I accually like it

    KILL KONFIRMED 2 years ago

    Fuck LSK

  • Jahmarri Hazel
    Jahmarri Hazel 2 years ago

    madden 17 so do that too

  • [B I T E S Z A D U S T O]

    fix your game bitch

  • division100
    division100 2 years ago +1

    2K loves to add shit instead of fixing it . I remember when everybody was hyped for this game when they showed the trailer and team USA shit and saying this was gonna be the best 2K game ever. It feels like this game has more patches than 2K16.

  • TheJayDot
    TheJayDot 2 years ago


  • King Krispy
    King Krispy 2 years ago +3

    Why we teaming up with them if the boost is only TEMPORARY

  • t-work
    t-work 2 years ago +3

    2K needs some competition bad.

  • TheYoungMCHage
    TheYoungMCHage 2 years ago


  • Primetime77174
    Primetime77174 2 years ago

    Fix the game

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 years ago


  • TheH00D PATRI0T
    TheH00D PATRI0T 2 years ago

    That dab tho!!! lol

  • DOOMStarks
    DOOMStarks 2 years ago +4

    More dumb shit from 2K games.

  • LikeMikeSIKE
    LikeMikeSIKE 2 years ago +1

    Fitbit one of those inventions that fixes a problem nobody even has.

  • TheGoodKid99
    TheGoodKid99 2 years ago +2

    Lowkey waiting for the top NBA2K Community youtubers to promote this to see if it's worth it or nah

  • Dangerous HD
    Dangerous HD 2 years ago +1


    • Gilbert York
      Gilbert York 2 years ago +1


  • JESSS1631
    JESSS1631 2 years ago

    I knew it was out. But damn, that's awesome.

  • Brian Tran
    Brian Tran 2 years ago

    We need apple watch support

  • Huck Marchant
    Huck Marchant 2 years ago

    Cmon guys lets get that dislike bar higher than the like bar!

  • David Jay
    David Jay 2 years ago +8

    lmao this game dry asf

  • Youssef Budjaj
    Youssef Budjaj 2 years ago +8

    1. That's lame.
    2. 2K please make the game better, or we are all out, we don't wanna pay that much money for u goddamn VC.
    3. Every year 2K gets worse, cmon.

    • Lily Leclercq
      Lily Leclercq 2 years ago +1


  • TheIcelandicCarGuy
    TheIcelandicCarGuy 2 years ago

    wtf 2k no this is not what we asked for

  • Leo Johnson
    Leo Johnson 2 years ago


  • Leo Johnson
    Leo Johnson 2 years ago


  • ImDavisss
    ImDavisss 2 years ago +4

    this gave me cancer worse than your game

  • ika moore
    ika moore 2 years ago

    Give us some new parks please this boring yo need sum new

  • Chrisnxtdoor
    Chrisnxtdoor 2 years ago +18

    I don't care about Fitbit Ima 93 overall and I play like 65 overall when NBA live 17 comes out I'm no longer doing 2k videos

    • Chrisnxtdoor
      Chrisnxtdoor 2 years ago

      Shout outs by people with Like people with 10k and stuff like that

    • Operation Hawks
      Operation Hawks 2 years ago

      How did you get 1k with 6 vids

    • Oscar
      Oscar 2 years ago

      Chrisnxtdoor Lol

    • Chrisnxtdoor
      Chrisnxtdoor 2 years ago +2

      Thanks bruh but this game is really trash lmao

    • Yung X Sage
      Yung X Sage 2 years ago +2

      Chrisnxtdoor damn I really enjoy your 2k videos😿

  • Muhammad Keita
    Muhammad Keita 2 years ago +4

    lmao this is complete DOO DOO

  • Yung Reaper Gaming
    Yung Reaper Gaming 2 years ago +5

    So spend over $100 for a DAMN FITBIT FOR A TEMP BOOST ON MY CHARACTER, that I won't last a year or just spend over 200 vc for temp boost that I can easily get. 2k trying to finesse niggas 😂

  • TinoTheDon TM
    TinoTheDon TM 2 years ago

    Fire ass instrumental 2k wtf lol

  • Mike JJ
    Mike JJ 2 years ago +1


  • Ray Rude
    Ray Rude 2 years ago +1

    I'd rather get vc coins than temporary boosts

  • Yung Reaper Gaming
    Yung Reaper Gaming 2 years ago +2

    YALL NIGGAS BETTER PRAY THAT LIVE ISNT LIT, fuck this broken piece of shit game. Also Free LSK

  • Itay Tabib
    Itay Tabib 2 years ago +1

    lmaoo they want me to pay for an add-on of a game I've already deleted
    fix your broke ass game

    • Itay Tabib
      Itay Tabib 2 years ago

      Swear to god it's auto correct lol

    • Dylan XD
      Dylan XD 2 years ago

      Yang Xanny nigga no chill haha "your"

    • lil d
      lil d 2 years ago

      Itay Tabib fix your grammar

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas 2 years ago +1

    Of course it's only a temporary attribute boost cause 2k too cheap to make it permanent

  • Peach Nation
    Peach Nation 2 years ago


  • Brook Araya
    Brook Araya 2 years ago +1

    Ever since 2k13, 2K went to complete shit!

    • Brook Araya
      Brook Araya 2 years ago

      Yohann Rocha I had 2K14 Current Gen then I went to next ten when 2k15 came out

    • Yohann Rocha
      Yohann Rocha 2 years ago +1

      Brook Araya you must not have played 14

  • Squidward
    Squidward 2 years ago +73

    why pay like a hundred dollars for a fitbit when I just can buy a boost for 200 vc?

    • Heitor Alves
      Heitor Alves 2 years ago

      이경호 working?

    • 슈[Shoe]
      슈[Shoe] 2 years ago

      well, this onе wоrk, i hаave а lоt ооf VC frоm here NBА 2K17 Fitbit Теееeam Up

    • Elias Andre
      Elias Andre 2 years ago +1

      *GЕТ FRΕΕ М^Т AT*

    • Yung X Sage
      Yung X Sage 2 years ago +1

      Squiiidward real shit

    • Yohann Rocha
      Yohann Rocha 2 years ago +1

      Squiiidward 💯

  • Franklin Hatch
    Franklin Hatch 2 years ago

    Xbox sucks

  • Calon
    Calon 2 years ago +84

    Don't nobody care bout no damn Fitbit y'all need to fix this broken ass piece of shit game y'all gave us

    • Ali Saberi
      Ali Saberi 2 years ago

      Jay Ace I bought it

    • Yung Reaper Gaming
      Yung Reaper Gaming 2 years ago

      +EatABootyGang lmao

    • Luuk Stegenga
      Luuk Stegenga 2 years ago +1


    • Calon
      Calon 2 years ago

      Jay Ace gotta take 10,000 steps for a one game boost when I can just easily play a park game or a mycareer game and get 200+ vs to buy the boost, I'd do that before I spend 100$ on a Fitbit just for 2k😂

    • Yung Reaper Gaming
      Yung Reaper Gaming 2 years ago +1

      juliandl24 so you telling me that I have to spend over $100 for a damn Fitbit and move around, instead of spending 200vc for a boost on my character. Damn nigga you blind af.

  • Fighting Irish
    Fighting Irish 2 years ago

    Looks like Nade won't be needing this the little stay at home wannabe black guy