Valentine's Day Food (Challenge)

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
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Comments • 431

  • haha Ellen
    haha Ellen Month ago

    Ok your editing skill and the music is jsut ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gianni Powers
    Gianni Powers 3 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Lori Miller
    Lori Miller 3 months ago

    Is It me or is he stoned😅

  • Hugh Jackson
    Hugh Jackson 5 months ago

    After years of filming, why haven't you bought lighting equipment to make your videos brighter?

  • sidahmed djabri
    sidahmed djabri 5 months ago

    every valentine's day i ve been in gym ,,,dating my barbell and dumbbell so maybe next time will do it with yuumii food hh

  • Copious X
    Copious X 5 months ago

    Does anyone kno the song that came on at 3:25

  • Jada Cook
    Jada Cook 8 months ago

    The heart shaped pizza stands for (yes we love and accept diabetes)

  • Ed Keaton
    Ed Keaton 8 months ago

    Sure! Fill the lonely void with plenty of the four food groups; Grease, Fat, Sugar, and Salt.

  • MrTweedlerdslol
    MrTweedlerdslol 9 months ago

    sometimes your editing blows me away its nothing i expect in youtube eating videos lol

  • Jade Fornshell
    Jade Fornshell 9 months ago

    I wonder does he ever get sick after eating so much at once or big calorie intake days??🧐🧐

  • Shannon
    Shannon 9 months ago

    Do you enjoy the amount of food you eat, or does it get unenjoyable after a while?

  • Leah Wright
    Leah Wright 9 months ago

    your editing for transitions is pure genius

  • rangodash
    rangodash 10 months ago

    Why would you eat that much sugar at once?

  • Blanka Jorgić
    Blanka Jorgić 10 months ago

    That Zelda sound on pizza 😍😂

  • Muse Der Pampel
    Muse Der Pampel 10 months ago

    I totally loved the sound of the heart shaped pizza & the brownie. 😄 ❤️ 🗡🏹

  • Haileigh Frady
    Haileigh Frady Year ago

    Wow that was fast I wish that happened to me teleport from one door to another

  • Treyvon Fields
    Treyvon Fields Year ago

    Yooooo😂😂😂😭😭 that scream tho😭😭😭💯💯

  • Siddhant Patni
    Siddhant Patni Year ago +1

    Lol 1:43 you can see a police car leaving a donut shop. Murica!

  • Paliv
    Paliv Year ago

    The scream @ 2:01 had me cracking up. Your editing is so awesome, Nate. Love your videos!!

  • Inzah
    Inzah Year ago

    i love nathans video but he purposely tries so hard to be funny

  • Kyle Hayes
    Kyle Hayes Year ago

    Best editing next to RiceGum 😂

  • James McGarry
    James McGarry Year ago

    Those edits are so cool

  • aslı aydınlar
    aslı aydınlar Year ago

    Your editing style is pretty impresing. Good job (:

    KYLE CAO Year ago

    What was playing when you first ate that oreo donut at 3:24???

  • Tia Lipovsek
    Tia Lipovsek Year ago

    hahah :D thank you Nathan for this hilarious videos, i definately see why you and Livia are soooo great together:D two awesome people!!!

  • slehc yo
    slehc yo Year ago

    "Fill the void with food"
    I would need allot of food to fill that & it would lead to world hunger

  • Light福
    Light福 Year ago

    Thats like diabetes from those doughnuts lol

  • xdalisay x
    xdalisay x Year ago

    i love you nathy!

  • Jake Rises
    Jake Rises Year ago


  • Alyssa Costa
    Alyssa Costa Year ago

    man it takes me half an hour to eat a sandwich

  • Shannon Armstrong

    Love the screaming 😂😂

  • Moo Milkie
    Moo Milkie Year ago

    the editing in this video gives me life hahah

  • raman sharma
    raman sharma Year ago

    It’s sick it’s piss

  • ush Q
    ush Q Year ago

    The edit where you immediately arrive was BOMB

  • Dlow Dinero
    Dlow Dinero Year ago

    Nice edits

  • Joe Kim
    Joe Kim Year ago

    Nathan, great videos man. Ive been watching you for a while now and at first i was a little iffy about your editting thought you were trying too hard but i was wrong. As i kept watching it grew on me and i kinda see your art behind your editting and the effort you put to learn to editting techniques. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Stephanie Mathews

    Lol 😁 I said it right along with you!!! Love to yall on vday. Belated 😊

  • allen phillips
    allen phillips Year ago +1

    Nate your editing gets better and better and its genuinely hilarious unlike some other tryhards namely erik lol

  • master philosopher

    good video bro so funny

  • Shoshana Trotman
    Shoshana Trotman Year ago

    10/10 on that editing though!!!

  • Cari Porter
    Cari Porter Year ago


  • Expensive Hoseok
    Expensive Hoseok Year ago

    The damn editing awards goes to NATHAN

    URDAN GLEESAC Year ago

    budzoooo you once looked healthy

  • Josh Hockett
    Josh Hockett Year ago

    delicious picks!

  • Mike D
    Mike D Year ago

    I can't believe you ate all those donuts, it sick, it piss

  • Jenny from the Block

    Your editing always cracks me up lmao. Keep it up!! 💞

  • Jake Bros
    Jake Bros Year ago

    Dude you really need to stop making artificial Footage with the slow mo music food scenes, I like your challenges but this artificial stuff is just dumb!

  • Sauce Gods
    Sauce Gods Year ago +1


  • Sauce Gods
    Sauce Gods Year ago

    Yo the edits are 🔥🔥🔥

    • Sauce Gods
      Sauce Gods Year ago

      NP bro I love you....your channel...and your content 🙌🏾💯

  • Harpinder Singh
    Harpinder Singh Year ago

    That ta ta tah was from legend of zelda

  • Guerrilla Shark
    Guerrilla Shark Year ago

    anyone else getting suspicious of him leaving to wash his hands. you could have easily stopped the timer, vomited, then restarted the timer. you left around 11:39, washed your hands and sat down by 12:00. so you did all that in 20 seconds? it' conspiracying

    • Guerrilla Shark
      Guerrilla Shark Year ago

      i just watched your 10lb bbq challenge. i take what i said back

  • Ryan Connelley
    Ryan Connelley Year ago

    anyone else notice the cop pull up as he way heading to his car

  • joey catone
    joey catone Year ago

    I love your editing style

  • Trey Greypaws
    Trey Greypaws Year ago

    Too much sweets for me xD love them just not that much

  • Megan G
    Megan G Year ago +2

    your editing skills are the

  • Hakim Zainul
    Hakim Zainul Year ago

    you dont have to push your content only on eating bro.. make video like pewdiepie. do the thing that you enjoy, yes i know you like do eating challenge. But sure there is something you have an interest in too, maybe workout tips? or anything. love your work btw.

  • Average Fitness
    Average Fitness Year ago

    1:44, just seen the Pigs roll up for some donuts and coffee...Haha, Fuck tha Police

  • lecabo1
    lecabo1 Year ago

    do you think i could keep my abs if i do massive cheat days once in a while?

  • Nayf
    Nayf Year ago

    Ahaha this video is funny! Let me know what you think of my Valentine's Day food challenge :))


    DO UR OWN SEAFOOD BOIL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ravid Nirpaz
    Ravid Nirpaz Year ago

    what is the song on 3:44 ?

  • Feras Alsammak
    Feras Alsammak Year ago

    Good job Nate. Big fan of your cheat day videos. 💪🏻💪🏻 keep up the good work.

  • Ivy Sakura
    Ivy Sakura Year ago

    Perfect transitions! Love them :)

  • YT YT, ꧁༒Bʟᴀɴᴋ༒꧂,

    Did Matt stonie told you how to build a black hole in your stomach?

  • mario escobar
    mario escobar Year ago

    Dude them editing skilllsssss

  • MackanAvMackor
    MackanAvMackor Year ago +2

    Them editing skills tho!!!

  • Ketocarbs
    Ketocarbs Year ago

    Awesome video! Shame you couldn't share with Livia. 🍩

  • vexed86
    vexed86 Year ago

    Take a moment and just appreciate the quality of the editing; really entertaining.

  • America Bro
    America Bro Year ago

    1:29 I thought I was tripping lmao😂

  • Paul Kim
    Paul Kim Year ago

    That transition into the store was dope

  • boj3fr
    boj3fr Year ago

    Nathan you scream like a girl XD

  • pierre fontaine
    pierre fontaine Year ago +2

    food cookiecutters*

  • Juan Neave
    Juan Neave Year ago

    Fuuuuckkk editing was beyond amazing, but that's every video😂 loved this one!

  • Brandon Coughlin
    Brandon Coughlin Year ago

    Mann you gotta do an every dq blizzard challenge

  • AppleJuice
    AppleJuice Year ago

    I honestly ate ice cream all day for Valentine's day

  • kamara Martino
    kamara Martino Year ago

    I am so hungry that food look so good♥♥♥:-D

  • kamara Martino
    kamara Martino Year ago

    Food is good I am so hungry right now

  • xYouthAttackx
    xYouthAttackx Year ago

    hey it pinworm nate..

  • Chris billing
    Chris billing Year ago

    great memes btw

  • Chris billing
    Chris billing Year ago

    Great video as always im spending valentines day with a half pound mexican burrito after shoulders and traps

  • MyPoopy45
    MyPoopy45 Year ago

    I always look forward to your videos they are very entertaining and you have great editing skills!

  • Kelsey Janeski
    Kelsey Janeski Year ago

    You should do something from papa johns or try to eat like five grand Big Macs from McDonald's while they still have them

  • Eli García Ayala

    The 2nd scream lmaooo

  • Dale Elliott
    Dale Elliott Year ago +13

    Who else seen the cops pullin in beside Krispy Kreme lmfao

  • Yun Toushrio
    Yun Toushrio Year ago

    your edits are so funny

  • Osito De Peluche
    Osito De Peluche Year ago +1

    4:35. Nathan has been watching too much Pulp Fiction as of late. Lolololol

  • Dario Petrić
    Dario Petrić Year ago +2

    To much editing on your videos its getting annoying.Just be yourself, ur cool when your being yourself. :)

  • Michael Braten
    Michael Braten Year ago

    You know the brownie is quality when you gotta scoop it out.

  • Stormy Lemon
    Stormy Lemon Year ago

    2:40 wow thanks for smacking me in the face with nostalgia

  • Michelle Saavedra

    Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

  • Aj B.
    Aj B. Year ago

    Your editing continues to get more dope and its hot

  • Derek Hanneman
    Derek Hanneman Year ago

    why is everyone doing doughnuts for valentines day.....ugh hate watching doughnuts...

  • HipHop Albania
    HipHop Albania Year ago


  • Ash Enki
    Ash Enki Year ago

    What you think about that Pin Worm nate!?

  • Oliwia Rygol
    Oliwia Rygol Year ago

    I love your videos omgggg KiLL Me PlEAse

  • Luke Carrigan
    Luke Carrigan Year ago

    We do seem to get similar seasonal doughnuts here in the UK but different fillings. I don't really but them now as I've kind of boycotted Krispy Kreme until they bring back the Triple Chocolate Cake. They haven't tempted me otherwise with anything they have released lately. I went to Dunkin in the U.S and bought those Mini Powdered Donuts by Entenmanns Etc in Stores.

  • LateMoonGrass
    LateMoonGrass Year ago

    02:37 Zelda fanfare!

  • Benni
    Benni Year ago

    Awesome video

  • BudbrothersYT
    BudbrothersYT Year ago +1

    Nate when you smelled that box and the girl scream came on I literally laughed harder than I ever have in months


    You’re awesome !