Hard Questions For a Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza


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  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 6 minutes ago

    "What can I do to be a better parent?" People need to ask that question of themselves.

  • sykhera bethea
    sykhera bethea 53 minutes ago

    I want this kind of relationship with my kids

  • Br0wnskin Sheila
    Br0wnskin Sheila 9 hours ago

    I love this and will be trying this with my daughter. Great job mom, you are an awesome mommy and raising an amazing little girl who is wise beyond her years which speaks volumes on your parenting. I hope some day that you are able to give your baby girl everything you stated in this video and so much more!♥️🙌🏾

  • why did shane give weed to his cat

    their relationship is so pure. if I have a kid one day I hope to have a relationship with them like that

  • Potato_Chii
    Potato_Chii Day ago

    Bruh, mother and daughter videos make me wanna cry so much 😭😭. They remind me of my mom and how much she loves me, just like these mom's with their own daughters.

  • Aj Jess
    Aj Jess Day ago

    Try it with teenagers

  • Jacori  Williams
    Jacori Williams Day ago

    Why am I crying in the car dealership??

  • LUCY
    LUCY Day ago

    Bro I’m straight up crying

  • sproket
    sproket Day ago

    Good mom.
    And she's probably right if dad went to prison for a long time the little one doesn't need to know at the age of 9 or 10

  • fluffylover1231
    fluffylover1231 Day ago

    “You’re the parent, I can get sick, why did you let me do *this* ?”
    😂😂 I snorted that was so me as a kid
    I’m lying that’s me now too 🤣😅

  • Asian YA
    Asian YA Day ago

    This little girl got a phone what

  • Annie Young
    Annie Young Day ago

    Same nameeee Angelina!! 😁

  • Neida Rosado
    Neida Rosado 2 days ago

    OMG when her daughter was explaining why she loves her I thought oh how cute and then she says "because I have someone to share my journey with" and I bawled😭

    • Neida Rosado
      Neida Rosado 2 days ago

      I really loved how her mom explained how she's 50% mom and 50% dad but she's 100% her own person and parents decisions do not determine the type of person you'll become. Love it!

  • XxLuna - MothxX
    XxLuna - MothxX 2 days ago +1

    at 7:45 Angelina was talking about closure, she wanted closure of her dad and for someone to understand that at such a young age is amazing

  • Gabrielle Burton
    Gabrielle Burton 2 days ago

    That was beautiful :,)

  • Reian -Raelene Balbosa - Mc Intosh

    I'm balling my eyes out right now cause I don't have this with my mom

  • gasper gwanchele
    gasper gwanchele 2 days ago +1

    Heheheheheheeee..... My mom, would call my dad and jump me if i asked for privacy..

  • Fani
    Fani 3 days ago +3

    *literally how did that little girl hold on so long without crying omg*

  • noa s
    noa s 3 days ago

    Imagine a girl her age cutting herself that's me

  • Entle Mmipi
    Entle Mmipi 3 days ago


    NEDA_Z BEKKOUCHE 3 days ago

    I salute u for being such a wonderful mom 👏 and for raising this girl and making her a more wonderful daughter 👏 God bless you all ❤

  • Amiyah Delk
    Amiyah Delk 3 days ago

    Sharing emotions or how I feel makes me feel weak and weird and idk why. It makes me feel like because i shared that people are going to want to check up on me and i would just rather keep things to myself and be independent to myself😞☹

  • Amiyah Delk
    Amiyah Delk 3 days ago

    I'm so stubborn and mean so it would be hard to talk to my mom like this

  • Rose Julien
    Rose Julien 3 days ago

    She is a very smart girl?

    • Rose Julien
      Rose Julien 3 days ago

      Lol didn’t mean to put the question mark

  • Disappointment :/
    Disappointment :/ 3 days ago

    This is so sweet

  • Galaxy Potato
    Galaxy Potato 4 days ago +1

    “I know my baby”
    That’s adorable 🥰

  • Savannah Smith
    Savannah Smith 4 days ago

    damn. this is a real connection.

  • Ravenclaw Neko
    Ravenclaw Neko 4 days ago +1

    She's so adorable with her little cat headband

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 4 days ago

    thats a good mom. strict but caring

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 4 days ago

    if you find it hard to talk to your kid about life just make them watch every single episode of saved by the bell. they will not only learn bout the real world but through zack fucking up they know what NOT to do. worked for me!

  • melina dickinson
    melina dickinson 4 days ago

    Amazing family.

  • Hazel Jones
    Hazel Jones 4 days ago

    This was so heart touching - it reminds me on how thankful I am for my mom .

  • Flabby Abby
    Flabby Abby 4 days ago

    This is so sweet

  • Mekhi E
    Mekhi E 5 days ago

    Best mother-daughter relationship ever

  • leah p
    leah p 5 days ago

    I love their mommy daughter dynamic 😍

  • JJ Green
    JJ Green 5 days ago

    Why do I wanna cry right now 😫

  • RassclartFunds
    RassclartFunds 5 days ago

    On god I would love to do this with my mum

  • Delroy Dove
    Delroy Dove 6 days ago +1

    people in the comments saying they think he was in jail for rape or domestic abuse, i doubt that...i think the father killed someone because in the vid he was in they mentioned that he was on death row at some point

  • xo_Abbie_ox 123
    xo_Abbie_ox 123 6 days ago

    It’s shit not knowing what one of your parents has done to not be in the picture I am 13 and my mum just told me 💗 it’s hard but her mother will tell her eventually

  • Hannah McLane
    Hannah McLane 6 days ago

    If my mum asked what she could do to be a better parent this vid would be 2 hours with 80% of it on that one question

  • Namjoonie Blue Crab
    Namjoonie Blue Crab 6 days ago

    When the girl asked about her dad, can't help I burst into tears

  • leslie gibson
    leslie gibson 6 days ago +2

    So relatable at so many levels 3:14 . There has to be a way to change this around..

  • Gart Zhou
    Gart Zhou 6 days ago

    maybe if my mom talked to me like this I would have a proper mental state.

  • luminousyoongi
    luminousyoongi 6 days ago

    reading the comments made me grateful that i have a supportive, loving + open-minded mom who i can talk to about anything. to anyone who doesnt have that, i really hope things get better for you

  • Zazo Pink
    Zazo Pink 6 days ago

    My mom told me my dad abused her and my sister when I was... 13? She told me he threatened to kill her when i was 14. She told me he went back to jail when I was 15. She told me he was addicted to cocaine when I was around 16. I'm finally 18, and my old mans settled down. We have a good relationship. He's taken a lot but hes given some to. My moms dad was the same way. You get what you have and you're forced to learn to stay mad or forgive and forget. its always been easier to forget.

  • Zazo Pink
    Zazo Pink 6 days ago

    oh man I would dread this card game lol

  • PinkLunatic
    PinkLunatic 7 days ago +1

    What a lovely young lady

  • No1
    No1 7 days ago

    I am the one who does not have the right to explian herself,share feelings according to my parents. I'm not allowed to be free or happy..I'm always compared with others..mom comparing dad bullying, I get beaten on single and small issues. Like I ones burnt dad's caller ID not purposely just switched it and it bOom! Burned, so I switched it off..later he came home finding who has done it..I was hiding the whole time for 3 hours under the bed after it burned.. when he found out I did it. he pulled my hair from under the bed along the passage of the home then beaten me with the wire and cutted(deep scratch) my neck with the wire.. I was bleeding..lost my conscious when I opened my eyes I was lying on my brother's bed... as long as we weren't allowed to go to hospitals..either. my dad past away 8 years ago. And I'm struggling to change my mom..we mostly argue she never understands she always like to win over she keeps comparing me saying bad words for my future life... but I'll keep trying hard to change my mother because I love her and care about her so much because she has had been the weekest person since her childhood no one couraged her said good words to her..just everybody wanted to get rid of her..can't tell more.. just understand from this much...life isn't that easy .. everyone is suffering through unbelievable stuff in lives..I just pray for a peaceful death and end of the world

  • LV CVT
    LV CVT 7 days ago

    I can tell how she holds herself to not cry.. God bless moms

  • bibah ma
    bibah ma 7 days ago

    omg this too cute😍

  • Succ Boi
    Succ Boi 7 days ago

    ive had about 3 dads in my life all of them abused my mom but my mom met a man i think 5 years ago she hasnt had a bruise (from a man) since then ( im 12 years old)
    (dont mind the name my brother did it)

  • Olga ismbi
    Olga ismbi 7 days ago

    thee best daughter😭😭❤

  • Reaper Vang
    Reaper Vang 7 days ago

    Awww best mommy and daughter conversation.
    Wish I could have this kind of conversation with my dad without him screaming

  • Verónica Cassamá
    Verónica Cassamá 7 days ago

    Tried to hold back tears and succeeded. This is beautiful to watch. 💜

  • Lauren Russell
    Lauren Russell 7 days ago +1

    This is amazing

  • kayla west
    kayla west 7 days ago

    she is an outstanding mother

  • BlaDe Exploit
    BlaDe Exploit 7 days ago


  • BlaDe Exploit
    BlaDe Exploit 7 days ago


  • Dolly Nghixulifwa
    Dolly Nghixulifwa 7 days ago

    Shed a tear there when she asked what she wish she could give her daughter .What a sweet conversation

  • Yet Fransen
    Yet Fransen 8 days ago

    This is beautiful❤️

  • Jyothi S
    Jyothi S 8 days ago +2

    As a kid even I cried when the mother cried

  • Nathy N.
    Nathy N. 8 days ago

    What an adorable daughter, you can tell they have a good relationship

  • GOD Dawenson
    GOD Dawenson 8 days ago +5

    I don’t even know how I feel like the little girl 👧 make me 😭

  • pitch black
    pitch black 9 days ago

    So many people in these comments dont actually care about the little girl and just wanna know for themselves why the dads in jail

  • Wrldss
    Wrldss 9 days ago

    holy motherhood on point

    SCANNAH MARGARET 9 days ago

    It made me cry 😟😟,, honestly, it reminds me of my life history.. Me, my mom, my dad's absence, my concerns and questions 😩😧

  • Dominique
    Dominique 10 days ago

    What an amazing mom

  • Becky Sharieff
    Becky Sharieff 10 days ago

    They seem like they have such a healthy, positive relationship. This makes me so happy. It really seems like this mother is raising her daughter to be open and honest with her.

  • Mandy ShyWater
    Mandy ShyWater 10 days ago

    I wish I could do this with my parents without being scared like heck and without having a panic attack and being told "to breath normally" like sorry but I can't control my ***t

  • Shianne Naidoo
    Shianne Naidoo 10 days ago

    What a beautiful relationship ♥️♥️♥️

  • Feinex Maine
    Feinex Maine 10 days ago

    Watching this video makes me want to have a kid 😩❤

  • RoseNatural
    RoseNatural 10 days ago

    If I asked some of these I'd get a look of annoyance... If I did this, one question I'd ask is if I could have some space

  • GKLJ Lavones
    GKLJ Lavones 10 days ago

    She is such a inspiration both of them

  • Meka Malice
    Meka Malice 10 days ago

    All parents should do this with there kids!

  • Mikayla Subirana
    Mikayla Subirana 10 days ago

    i started crying

  • Elbereth Rojas
    Elbereth Rojas 10 days ago

    I'm not crying, you are!
    It reminds me so much of my mom, this made me SO emotional

  • Val Brand
    Val Brand 11 days ago

    Awe, I love this.

  • Hannah West
    Hannah West 11 days ago

    I want to be THIS kind of mamma and hope the transparency and love between me and my children are reciprocated as much as it is with daughter here. This video really touched me 💛

  • Diana mayra
    Diana mayra 11 days ago +2

    Things will be different if the daughter was a teen

  • adiayah l
    adiayah l 11 days ago

    ..i wish i could just have a conversation with my parents and them TALK to me, not yell, not call me names just try and be understanding..i feel like i have to keep so much from them because otherwise they'll just give there opinion, give me some kind of punishment, say stop making that face or stop crying repeat the whole thing over again then say i love u...every single time, there that predictable..all i wanted was for them to help, sure if u want ill take the punishment, but don't expect me to be happy and plz just give me a little guidance....sry i usually dont rant lol, but anyway when the daughter started to cry about how much she wants to know about her dad, i can relate and i hope she gets the answers she wants. but parents think we'll see them differently or hate them..no we will still love u and just know that u've been threw some stuff, i mean, maybe even give u a little more respect because ur lettings us get to know u more..wow lol no ones probably even going to read this lol oh well i have to rant to someone even if there complete strangers lmao

  • Cherry
    Cherry 11 days ago

    That’s originally my mum and me

  • The_Muslim_Believer
    The_Muslim_Believer 12 days ago

    I wanna have a conversation with my mum like this

  • 文繁妮
    文繁妮 12 days ago

    They are both wonderful, oh my god

  • squirry
    squirry 12 days ago

    Jesus, that kid is 12. Stop speaking in the 3rd person, she knows who you mean

  • Kayla cakes
    Kayla cakes 12 days ago

    is it just me or am I very curious what happened with the dad???? :)

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 12 days ago

    what an amazing mum

  • Destiney Hall
    Destiney Hall 12 days ago

    If me and my mom and I did this she would say all the things like this mom but then scream at me in the car on the way home for the way I answered 🙃

  • Tacey Trypus
    Tacey Trypus 12 days ago

    What an amazing mother. I wish I could have these conversations with my mother. They have a great relationship

  • Jackie Namala
    Jackie Namala 12 days ago

    About the phone and privacy answer, my brother would answer the same. But I'm only trying to guide him....how can I make him understand? He's 10.

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean 12 days ago

    If I ever see my mom cry, I immediately look away bc I can't stand to see her crying. Once it was really quiet in my house, and I was in my room drawing or something, and I heard my dad SOBBING. His door was closed, and my parents had recently divorced. I just paused to make sure I was hearing what I was hearing, and it was really different, because my dad NEVER--I MEAN NEVER--cries. I started crying as well, and then sobbed into my golden retriever. My heart felt weird.

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean 12 days ago

    My mom is very similar to her

  • Alejandra Jimenez
    Alejandra Jimenez 13 days ago

    “Look at that face, I know my baby” :,)

  • Srinidhi Kurella
    Srinidhi Kurella 13 days ago

    So sweet 😭

  • Matthew arias
    Matthew arias 13 days ago

    She looks like amine

  • 12/14/18 I was told I look like a stud

    ok ik im supposed to say sum abt their relationship or whatever but am i the only one that literally think they look like twins? LIKE THEY LOOK SO ALIKE IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

    NO NAMES MY NAME 13 days ago

    My mom is difficult to talk to when I try to explain myself she says I'm disrespectful never letting me finish my sentence for example once she came over and hit me without reason and started yelling at me and hitting me when I didnt know what I did wrong she used to call me useless and even though she stopped telling me that I still feel like I'm useless

  • Kat Games
    Kat Games 13 days ago

    I have the same sweater as the little girl 🤣🤣

  • Abi Orona
    Abi Orona 13 days ago

    When the little girl was crying about her dad I cried with her, on my 8th birthday my dad left and later arrested and my little brother still doesn’t know why and telling him would break his heart. (He was 6 and is now 13, he still cries at night for my dad and my sisters and I feel hopeless)

  • Leave Me Alone
    Leave Me Alone 13 days ago

    I wan to press the like button so many times their bond is so strong like it is beyond many other bonds.

  • Quya Luna
    Quya Luna 13 days ago

    They're both so sweet, this warmed my heart :')