Hard Questions For a Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Angelina & Melitza, mother and daughter, have always stuck by each other, but as Angelina grows up, so must their relationship. Melitza goes point for point with her daughter about how to handle privacy and responsibility, and Angelina has some very difficult questions for her mother regarding the truth about her father.
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    Hard Questions For A Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza
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  • Alyssa Hollingsworth
    Alyssa Hollingsworth 4 hours ago

    Damn must be nice to have a mom that gives a shit🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Rosie ;3
    Rosie ;3 6 hours ago

    I don’t know why but when she said how do you feel I miss understand you I started to cry.

  • Johnny Wangnao
    Johnny Wangnao 15 hours ago +1

    When she ask 'If you could give me anything in the world what would it be'? I remember when I was in highschool and ask this question to my mom 😫She answered the same-Honey ,I think I would give you my full blessings till your last breath,and the things I didn't made it when I was in youth life ,I want you to accomplish those things ie what you want to be ,who you want to be in this world,m always with you 😭😭😭,and being your biological mother I would sacrifice my life for you 😭😭😭..That was what she answered me 😢😭..I don't know,why mother's love is so strong in this universe.I miss you mom .
    I cried watching this video 😭 reminds me of my mom n me .

    • The Skin Deep
      The Skin Deep  11 hours ago

      Thank you for opening up and sharing this story with us, Johnny ❤️ We love the bond you and your mom had! This is beautiful, thank you.

  • Kimaya Dookhi Kimaya Dookhi

    Why did I cry?

  • mckmacpattywack
    mckmacpattywack Day ago

    She must be such a wonderful mother. The bond they have is absolutely heart warming 💕

  • andini sabina21
    andini sabina21 Day ago

    I cried a lot at the end, thinking why i never heard some of these things when i knew i actually have to hear it. Thank god i found this video

  • XAsh WolfieX
    XAsh WolfieX Day ago

    A lot of these questions I ask my mom but she never answers

    OCTRETTA 2 days ago

    I cry SUPER, SUPER easily (I'm 12 too BTW) HOW did this girl keep calm?? I would have started bawling, crying hysterically if I were her.

  • Ah Spooky man I’m joking

    I’m crying 😭💔

  • Joann Lucas
    Joann Lucas 3 days ago

    Such a beautiful mother and daughter

  • Faat B
    Faat B 4 days ago


  • Katie loves Football

    Aww her mum is so nice

  • Faith Arch
    Faith Arch 4 days ago

    When the question "what are you hesitant to tell" i would have answered with: "mum my mind and body is muddled up, i was born a boy with female body parts and hormones. I want you to accept me for who i am and get me medical help. If you want me to have therapy then i will go to therapy. If you cant accept me then you cant be my mum."

  • Crystal Gutierrez
    Crystal Gutierrez 5 days ago


  • Kara __
    Kara __ 5 days ago

    I wish my mom was like this.............

  • Love Doris
    Love Doris 5 days ago

    That's a great mom

    NERDYBREADROLL 6 days ago

    5:50 I know exactly how that feels...

  • lina._gym
    lina._gym 6 days ago

    I love their relationship ❤️💭

  • esoRebma
    esoRebma 6 days ago

    I wish i could have a conversation like this with my mom.

  • it's cool
    it's cool 7 days ago

    This is so genuine. They are so honest towards each other

  • Rhys Donnelly
    Rhys Donnelly 7 days ago

    Man the Dad talk killed me. That was heavy.

  • E Annette Lawson
    E Annette Lawson 7 days ago +1

    They have such a strong relationship. WHY CAN’T I HAVE THAT WITH MY MOMMY!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ainul mardiah
    ainul mardiah 7 days ago

    I wish I had this kind of conversation

    • The Skin Deep
      The Skin Deep  7 days ago

      This is exactly why we created our card game! You can check out all our different decks at: www.theskindeep.com/shop

  • Kim Taeghung's Wife
    Kim Taeghung's Wife 7 days ago

    Someone cut onions and squeezed lemons in my eyes

  • Evelyn Trowbridge
    Evelyn Trowbridge 7 days ago

    I miss my mom😭

  • C. S.
    C. S. 7 days ago

    What a sensible mom.

  • Lil Ce
    Lil Ce 8 days ago

    Idk I think she is ready to know but than again Idk because I don't understand the situation.

  • Clearly Gacha
    Clearly Gacha 8 days ago +1

    "why did daddy go to jail" I Feel Soo Bad Im 12 And I Still Dont Know Why My Dad Went To Jail Still, I Cried oml

  • Kiannah Lance
    Kiannah Lance 8 days ago

    I wish i could do this with my mom

  • herrons4ever on ig lol
    herrons4ever on ig lol 8 days ago +1

    i wish my mom was like that...

  • herrons4ever on ig lol

    i wish my mom was like that...

  • hwa ra
    hwa ra 8 days ago

    *Asian mom can't relate*

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 8 days ago

    This video makes me so happy for them but so sad. Just deeply sad because I could never have that relationship with my mom.. She's pretty close minded, and I'm very liberal (socially only), pro lgbt+, etc. I love her to death but some things she says really hurt

  • please subscribe
    please subscribe 9 days ago

    When I have a daughter, I want a bond like this❤

  • kayleigh
    kayleigh 9 days ago

    she's such a good mom oh my gosh

  • Karina Hernandez
    Karina Hernandez 9 days ago +1

    I have someone to share my journey with. 😭

  • Sara R
    Sara R 9 days ago

    She is obviously hurting because they are withholding the truth about her dad going to jail. Parents should always answer their childrens questions in the most honest way possible, never answer with "You're not ready to know that" they will not give up and most likely find out from the wrong source. They are asking so obviously they are more ready that you and if you are not ready then that's your problem so suck it up and answer their questions.

  • Strawberrycake*-*
    Strawberrycake*-* 9 days ago

    8:20 that was so cute 😯😯😍😍😭😭🤪🤪.

  • Strawberrycake*-*
    Strawberrycake*-* 9 days ago

    6:36 what did she say?.

  • BigLipsJin /LilMeowMeow

    I wish my relationship was like this with my mom :(

  • Madison Piotter
    Madison Piotter 9 days ago

    Omg I’m crying so much... 😭🥺🥺

  • mikaela sharp
    mikaela sharp 9 days ago

    Really glad that they can talk like this. If it were me amd my mom she would till he eyes and yell at me.

  • Kristin HelenLJ Lightning


  • }- Vital Official -{
    }- Vital Official -{ 10 days ago

    I want to meet them when I’m famous so I can check on them

  • lexi ziegler
    lexi ziegler 10 days ago

    6:38 :((

  • Tessa Haynes
    Tessa Haynes 10 days ago

    When she asked why her dad went to jail... someone cut the onions :/😰

  • Christopher brassie
    Christopher brassie 10 days ago

    This is soooo sweet!!! I love this

  • mckayla
    mckayla 10 days ago +1

    “because i have someone to share my journey with” that’s so cute omg-

  • Mana G
    Mana G 10 days ago

    when ever I wanna tell my dad something that he doesnt agree with he tells me to shut the fvck up or to go do my hw 🤷🏽‍♀️ thats why is have lost repecc for him as a person. He lashes out like a 6 yo and I really cant have a mature conversation. its shocking because this obviously youngs mother and younger child can have a more calm and mature conversationg that me and my father can have. And before all of the 48 year olds come trying to say "oh he puts a roof over ur head and clothes on ur back so you shou-" and all that just know i do thank him for that but he is just not the hero he used to be for me when i was a kid. only people with my exact situation would understand.

  • Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 10 days ago +1

    Sees title:

    “Where do babies come from?”

  • Ava Joan
    Ava Joan 10 days ago

    I wish I had a mom like that.

  • Carla S
    Carla S 10 days ago +3

    That little girl's maturity is insane. She's beyond her years

    ITSME CHAZLYN 10 days ago

    She is so Smart ❤️

  • Anamika D
    Anamika D 11 days ago


  • panda` gaming`
    panda` gaming` 11 days ago

    We should set up a go fund me

  • Ostrich. Wizard
    Ostrich. Wizard 11 days ago

    She has such a great mother

  • Delaney Kennedy
    Delaney Kennedy 11 days ago

    I wish me and my mom could talk like that
    And I wish my mom listened like her mom

  • Delaney Kennedy
    Delaney Kennedy 11 days ago

    This made me cry
    I don't know why but it did

  • Jubert Hubberly
    Jubert Hubberly 11 days ago +1

    Man so this what a healthy relationship looks like?? Whew chile, the waterworks came through

  • Kaitlyn St. Pierre
    Kaitlyn St. Pierre 11 days ago

    Shes just a good mom I'm crying 😭😭😭

  • Jocelyn Llamas
    Jocelyn Llamas 11 days ago

    i wish i had this relationship with my mom but i don’t she just screams at me the second i get home and she doesn’t want me to go outside or have friends so i’m just home by myself she always wants me cleaning if i don’t do it the way she wants she screams at me when i told her about my feelings (me having depression and being suicidal) she said i was doing it for pity and i was being a drama queen and that they buy me stuff i want so how can i have depression

  • drama llama
    drama llama 11 days ago +1

    I like the mother as a person

  • Patiana Soares 19
    Patiana Soares 19 11 days ago

    She is such a good mother

  • Jocelyn Zamudio
    Jocelyn Zamudio 11 days ago +1

    can’t relate

  • Taehyung,Yoongi,Jimin UwU

    It’s probably “who’s your favorite?”

  • Faith Cannon
    Faith Cannon 11 days ago

    The part about her dad hit me because i can totally relate to how she feels. i just found out what mine did a month or so ago and he’s been in there since i was 3 or so. 😕😥

  • Jana Liesegang
    Jana Liesegang 11 days ago

    i love the fact that moms always try not to cry ahead their kids but sometimes i wish they would open their feelings because that shows us that its okay to show feelings

  • MiistySkies
    MiistySkies 11 days ago

    omg i wanna know so bad why her dad went to jail

    • Sophia Heyrman
      Sophia Heyrman 11 days ago

      iiParadoxl probably domestic violence, cause she was talking about relationships

  • jena santana
    jena santana 11 days ago

    Love this ❤️❤️❤️

  • maybemommy
    maybemommy 11 days ago


  • jushle
    jushle 11 days ago

    wow she is such a great and strong mother

  • Minoli Perera
    Minoli Perera 11 days ago

    dude she should be luck to have a mom like her why can't my mom be like her

  • Avianca G
    Avianca G 11 days ago +1

    I like how they communicate, truly enjoy seeing this mother daughter relationship. I love how mom wants protection her baby girl, it’s important to keep children in their place. I can tell mom has seen life and wants to protect her daughter from the harsh realities of the world .

  • Evolutionary Gaming
    Evolutionary Gaming 11 days ago

    I've been on both sides of the spectrum, but as soon I opened up and starting leaning on my mother, I feel like she got more supportive. Or at least knew how to support me by my standards.

  • Kwon bae
    Kwon bae 11 days ago

    That kid is smart asf

  • Sujunee Kpop guittarf
    Sujunee Kpop guittarf 12 days ago

    im doing so much scenarios and ideas about the father so imagine the girl ???? :((

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff 12 days ago

    Their relationship reminds me of what I have with my mom especially at 3:34. I relate to that so much! She'll get mad and make a public rage and I'll just be standing beside her trying to calm her down.

  • Alex Niemi
    Alex Niemi 12 days ago

    Our teacher showed this video in class not thinking it through. I’m an orphan. I didn’t even have a mother figure. Seeing videos like these make me feel bad for not having a mum, but also makes me happy to know some people have such a caring person in their lives. I can only wish that I had a mother like her ❤️

    • Alex Niemi
      Alex Niemi 12 days ago

      And our teacher only shoved us this video because teenage pregnancies aren’t that rare and she want us to know and see healthy parent-kid-relationships

  • Ruelsksk
    Ruelsksk 12 days ago

    bro I’m sorry and but the mom I couldn’t handle like I hate when moms speak in 3rd person like “mommy wouldn’t do that” “mommy looked at you” like idk srry I’m rude

  • Lucid
    Lucid 13 days ago +1

    me and my mom do this all the time. Except I'm the one who wants to do it. It really did improve our relationship. And by the time I hit teenage years, me and my mom were practically best friends. like we didn't treat each other like mother and daughter. It really works. You guys should try it!

  • Manzaa183
    Manzaa183 13 days ago

    That kind of wisdom from the mother only comes with really bad experiences. Bless her heart.

  • Chelsea Henderson
    Chelsea Henderson 13 days ago

    She said i love you because i get to share my journey with you.... I can't find the napkins my eyes are blurry 😭😭😭 ...😍😍😍

  • Chelsea Henderson
    Chelsea Henderson 13 days ago

    Omg i haven't finish the video and i loves yall relationship. I hope your daughter remains the way she is cuz she's perfect. Kids aren't willingly to be too honest with their parents and i feel like she will with you. I just love it.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 13 days ago

    I could watch stuff like this all day. Their relationship is so beautiful 😭❤

  • Hailey Wiele
    Hailey Wiele 13 days ago

    I can’t wait to be a mom like her

  • Hoodxo Calum
    Hoodxo Calum 13 days ago

    If I could give my kids something it would be their dad's. 😭

  • She Hulk
    She Hulk 13 days ago +2

    That's beautiful

  • Ras-Negus Bloomfield
    Ras-Negus Bloomfield 13 days ago

    I'm in tears right now

  • Amelia Jx
    Amelia Jx 13 days ago

    Can I just have a relationship with my mum like this, please?

  • sketch _
    sketch _ 14 days ago

    I love their relationship...this mother did a great job raising her child. She's so intelligent and caring 💖

  • Scarlett_ M00N
    Scarlett_ M00N 14 days ago

    3:21 omgg she reminds me so much of my mom T^T i miss her so muchhh

  • Kourtney Sevenson
    Kourtney Sevenson 14 days ago

    A video has never made me cry so much🥺

  • Zerolunaa
    Zerolunaa 14 days ago +1

    -where do babies come from-

  • Kadence Grace
    Kadence Grace 14 days ago

    I relate so much with her dad my dad did something terrible and i didn’t know til I was 11 he left when I was 7 so I didn’t know what he did and I found out in the worst way possible off of a news article and I found out even more things that he did from my mom when I came to age just stay strong

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 14 days ago

    I don’t tell my mom anything.

    I don’t care, lol

  • Jessica Ubaldi
    Jessica Ubaldi 14 days ago

    Know I’m curious why her dad went to jail

  • kayla nicole
    kayla nicole 14 days ago

    that is one good mother daughter bond

  • tealroca
    tealroca 14 days ago

    I literally teared up when her daughter said “I have someone to share my journey with” 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ OMG

  • 172838488
    172838488 14 days ago

    "do you think mommy cares what she looks like when im protecting you?!" - I wish I had this!!!