Hard Questions For a Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Angelina & Melitza, mother and daughter, have always stuck by each other, but as Angelina grows up, so must their relationship. Melitza goes point for point with her daughter about how to handle privacy and responsibility, and Angelina has some very difficult questions for her mother regarding the truth about her father.
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    Hard Questions For A Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza
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  • Rosa Trinidad
    Rosa Trinidad 2 hours ago


  • REG _HG
    REG _HG Day ago

    What a wonderful mother ♥️♥️

  • Aly
    Aly Day ago

    During the end, I was crying too but the Mother’s words comforted me. I hope one day all parents could be like that. Healthy open communication.

  • Loos !
    Loos ! Day ago

    “He is half of you, I am half of you but you are whole you. So, what we do. Who I am and who he is does not make who you are.”

  • Jainelle Hargrove
    Jainelle Hargrove 2 days ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • Jainelle Hargrove
    Jainelle Hargrove 2 days ago

    The more close ur relationship is the more ur little girl will be comfortable with her opening up to u the more u talk with her. Bless u both

  • Jainelle Hargrove
    Jainelle Hargrove 2 days ago

    Always know ur being the mom have to communicate more openly with ur little girl

  • Undead Ida
    Undead Ida 3 days ago

    She's a good mum..

  • saher khaled
    saher khaled 4 days ago

    Ok this is adorable. But personally im pissed because if you get a highlight of my parents genuinely speaking to me it would be like a 1 min video or less .😭

  • Maureen love
    Maureen love 4 days ago

    955 people who disliked this are also in jail

  • Tracy magira
    Tracy magira 5 days ago +1

    She is such a beautiful soul❤

  • Oz Capicu
    Oz Capicu 7 days ago

    What a wonderful child

  • chimin tea
    chimin tea 7 days ago

    I wish I can have this healthy relationship with my own parents

  • Margaret Stoyneva
    Margaret Stoyneva 8 days ago +2

    It’s just funny nearly everyone starts someone else’s speech with an ohhhhhh

  • Margie Lafond
    Margie Lafond 8 days ago

    I love this! Got a little teary eye

  • Samantha Kidney
    Samantha Kidney 9 days ago

    I wish me and my mom have this kind of relationship

  • cathkails
    cathkails 9 days ago

    I think the mom could have answered that question a little better than "you're not old enough to know." I think her daughter would have appreciated something as simple and vague as "Daddy was in a hard place in his life back then and he made some bad choices. But regardless of whatever choices he made I want you to know those were HIS choices, nor yours. And just because he made the wrong choice back then doesn't mean you have to make wrong choices now for yourself" and then go into her shpeal about how she's her own unique and strong person.

  • ofrans styles
    ofrans styles 9 days ago

    Gosh.. what a daughter.. super Smart

  • pixie1310
    pixie1310 9 days ago

    Also, this is a covert narcissist mother! wow!

  • pixie1310
    pixie1310 9 days ago

    I'm sorry, but if I'm paying for my kids phone (which I am for my 12 year old) I am checking that phone! Not cause I don't trust my kid, but because I don't trust other kids.

  • Kymberrlie Michelle Cason

    As a mom to an 11 yr old... I enjoyed that the most.. it's hard for me to think my baby isn't a baby.. he has is own opinions and questions about life and love

  • Miranda Thomas
    Miranda Thomas 10 days ago

    I think this mom is definitely doing the best she can and she is killing it with her daughter. Just the way her daughter presents herself and how she answers definitely shows that she is in the presence of a great mother.

  • Rossa Shitula
    Rossa Shitula 11 days ago +7

    Wow,what a deep connection. ... 😢😯😍 this exactly how I want my relationships to be with my children + husband so genuine and pure

  • Gacha Angel YT
    Gacha Angel YT 12 days ago

    *Her: why is my daddy in jail Me: OOF!!!*

  • Sushitrash
    Sushitrash 12 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE this video I’ve watched it 5 times already and still can’t get rid of it it’s my absolute fave

  • Aries Lanae
    Aries Lanae 13 days ago

    Need this to be me and my babies😩

  • ዬፍታሄ ንጉሤ

    Brilliant little girl

  • Keniesha Bellmer
    Keniesha Bellmer 16 days ago

    She's a good mom!

  • peachyrandomness
    peachyrandomness 16 days ago

    i’m really happy to see kids being able to express themselves and talk openly with their parents. to tell them that they don’t like how their parent does something and have an honest discussion about it without being shut down behind the “because i’m the parent” excuse. i think it’s so great that we’re out of the generation where children were seen and not heard. these kids are going to grow into really emotionally intelligent adults

  • Dat pretty lil brown girl

    I would love if i had this relationship with my mom cause like i would love myself n she would know how suicidal i am 😭😭😭
    Teenagers need this😭💔

  • Audio Edits
    Audio Edits 18 days ago

    My mom always wants to be involved in any drama or issues I have when I want to handle my own issues myself, it’s really annoying because if she finds out abt any issues I’m having she just lectures me.

  • i still *needed* you and you still left

    he raped or abused someone .

  • Mommaof1
    Mommaof1 19 days ago

    I admire this mother..

  • Ruvé Oosthuizen
    Ruvé Oosthuizen 20 days ago

    When the little girl asked what would her mom give her if it were anything in the world, it felt like her mom answered her everything she wanted. Not in a selfish way. The mom said she would give her daughter peace, and maybe that is what *she* needs in that moment

  • Elle Ceexo
    Elle Ceexo 22 days ago

    Smart little girl knowing how lessons are learned. Coddling children is the worst thing. Granted, telling your child to wear a jacket isn’t coddling, but still.

  • Happiness 1004
    Happiness 1004 22 days ago

    I really need something like this for me

  • Amanda Vang
    Amanda Vang 22 days ago

    Such a loving mom!!!!❤😍😍 KEEP IT UP!👍

  • Cheeto baby
    Cheeto baby 24 days ago

    This hurt me..? ):

  • Ava Gonzalez
    Ava Gonzalez 25 days ago

    when she started talking abt her dad, i felt her pain and what she's going through and i feel so bad for her like it's hard for other people to understand unless you've gone through it too. and when one of your parents is absent for a while you start to think they don't love you or that you're not good enough. it stays with you too. and she's so brave for asking something like that, especially when someone's taking a video and is gonna post it somewhere where it's gonna get a lot of views. i hope the best for the little girl and that everything is fine in the end even though you have breakdowns abt it every now and then.

  • Gubb Gubster
    Gubb Gubster 25 days ago

    7:16 is when I broke down

  • Callie Anastasia
    Callie Anastasia 26 days ago

    This makes me want to have a daughter of my own. It reminds me of the close relationship I have with my mother and I want that to be the same, passing down to my future daughters and granddaughters. It’s so important for a mother and daughter to be like this to each other. My heart crushed when she asked about her father and cried. Bless these two ladies.💗

  • john STEPP
    john STEPP 26 days ago

    This mom needs to watch Captain Fantastic ASAP your not helping this child grow your modeling them

  • Blackfalcon Otaku
    Blackfalcon Otaku 26 days ago

    I am lucky my dad is a non greedy man. He was a part of a small gang and he could have expanded it and done some really bad stuff but he didn't. Instead my uncles are the ones in and out of jail without the right to see their children. my dad is a good man from bad roots as well as my mother. I am lucky that what happened to so many of my family did not happen to me and my full sister. I still want to kick the sh*t out of the man who got away with hurting my half sister that sick man should have gotten life in prison.

  • DrPoetry1
    DrPoetry1 27 days ago

    6:41 ‘Why did daddy go to jail?’

  • Kenzy Grace
    Kenzy Grace 27 days ago

    Am i the only one who related to this to much that i teared up a bit lol

  • ItZ ShOrTy
    ItZ ShOrTy 27 days ago

    I always thought that our parents use to be strangers to us but we don’t remember cuz we were too young and we just got super comfortable with them and started calling them mom and dad

  • Sunny Joslynn
    Sunny Joslynn 27 days ago

    This little girl is so eloquent and smart! I love the openness and honesty in their relationship! Reminds me of mine and my mothers ❤️

  • Jaurdyn Gilliss
    Jaurdyn Gilliss 27 days ago

    her mommy is so sweet and she knows it and that's the most endearing nature of this video

  • lilyrose mitchell
    lilyrose mitchell 28 days ago

    I like that the daughter seems really comfortable with her mum, like when she said about her messages she'd tell her mum which I love ❤️

  • Giya and Elena
    Giya and Elena 29 days ago

    Wait why did I cry

  • Her_ poetry
    Her_ poetry 29 days ago

    Mother:Smiling people with deepest wounds
    Endures all for her little flowers

  • Deeply Jayda
    Deeply Jayda Month ago

    She is such a great mother 💖

  • Michie Sch
    Michie Sch Month ago

    Ok I just totally fell in love with these two ❤️🍀

  • Jazz O
    Jazz O Month ago

    their relationship is sacred..

  • Hayley Londono
    Hayley Londono Month ago

    Dont hate on me for saying this plz but what if the dad did abuse her mother because she said
    'i feel like you're not ready yet because u haven't even started dating yet'
    Domestic abuse does happen in relationships.
    This is a prediction so dont take it personal x

  • Wolfie_MSP
    Wolfie_MSP Month ago

    I would love nothing more than to sit down and do this with my mother. I feel like we don't get each other as much as we'd like to or we're not as close as we want to be. I'd also love to ask about my own father, what happened when he left, how they split and what happened when he passed.

  • I Don’t Even Know

    This would be impossible to do with my parents, especially my dad. There is no such thing as a suggestion. There is only attitude and talking back and being ungrateful. Wow gotta love being Asian

  • peter Murray
    peter Murray Month ago

    “A better place to live. A better environment.” I get what mom is saying, but, damn, that little girl is growing up in the most ideal environment imaginable.

  • Amanda Perez
    Amanda Perez Month ago

    Beautiful Emotional video 😍they are both so cute. I feel she is a good mother and the little girl is so smart and mature and understanding at such a young age wow!! ❤️

  • renaee morgan
    renaee morgan Month ago

    Anyone else wish they could do this with their mom?😭

  • renaee morgan
    renaee morgan Month ago

    Omg this little girl is so mature and strong minded😭

  • rori w
    rori w Month ago +1

    My dad left me and my mom before I had been born and for 15 years I never knew why and when she said she kept on thinking he did something horrible I related to that and I hope her mother tells her soon because my mom kept it from me for so long and it tormented me every day and living in that constant thought I was never at peace and the mom said I want to give you peace within the only way you can do that is with the truth for her to truly be at peace

  • Uni boku
    Uni boku Month ago

    I would ask my mom why do underestimate me or why do you compare me with my brother or why can’t you support me for things I love instead of the things I dislike?

  • oH mAn hOly shiT -JK

    I whish i had this realation ship with My mom.
    Its not My moms fault its mine, My family tries to talk to me but i just respond rude and then i go to My room and cry all day thinkin «why cant i change» «why am i so mean» while in school im A whole diffrent person; im caring, Nice ,and A listener, but when i come home i become dark... Mom tries Ask me Whats wrong but i dont know what to say, i say «idk mom i really dont know» its hurts me to know that this is not only hurting me but people around me, im thankfull for My mom still keeping up with me
    i love you..

  • leilah pringle/harris

    I'm watching this on Mother's Day with my mom

  • Mintry
    Mintry Month ago

    “Why did my daddy go to jail?”
    Aaand there’s the tears.

  • miss nayomi marylien

    how old is she?

  • Patrick Shellby
    Patrick Shellby Month ago

    this mother would be the type that supports you when you get a D on your report card.

    But my mum is like,
    btw its nothing serious she is just your stereotypical Asian parent.

  • Abigail Rozycki
    Abigail Rozycki Month ago +3

    when she said
    "A better place to live"
    i just started to cry

  • ri ri
    ri ri Month ago +1

    When she cried I cried😭😭😭

  • sin barb
    sin barb Month ago

    *"and I'm sorry that you're hurting. i feel bad too."*
    i wish i get to hear that, someday, at least once before i die..

  • sin barb
    sin barb Month ago

    they're so sweet.. i wish at least i can sit that close to my mum face to face even without saying anything without crying a river bc there's so much i hide so much pain from her, how I've been getting part time job for my college since i was 10yo (when i found out how broke my family is, but i started part time when i was 15yo) until now im 18yo, i matured too soon, how i miss my child-self, how i want to talkin to my mum without feeling awkward, how i wish we have those kind of love a mom&daughter have so that i won't be this awkward when i have to hug her. i don't even remember when was the last time i hug her. how i want to tell her i want to feel loved, because of lack of love, i don't even love myself. how lonely i am, and how i want my mum to at least say "good job" for me after i achieve everything while she always favor my sister. i did my best up until now, even many people envy me and praise me but she always said that i need to work harder for the best result. how people think im cocky bc i seems not happy whenever they compliment me, i never talked my mind out but it was bc i want to hear a single word from mama.. thank god i live by myself in different city bc of college, so that i have a place to cry my eyes out and locked myself, without being disturbed by people who worry about me cus theres no one worry or even care about me..
    yea, thats my beautiful life..

  • Missy’s Art
    Missy’s Art Month ago

    This mother is great.

  • creative pockystick

    my name in angelina😑

    DEAS MAN Month ago

    The young girl is ridiculously intelligent

  • jobran al-roumi
    jobran al-roumi Month ago +2

    I think every parent should do this with their child

  • Mel O
    Mel O Month ago

    Our children love us without question... Until they're teenagers. Then, we are the worst people in the world. Sadnesd

  • Mauricio Martínez
    Mauricio Martínez Month ago

    7:14 Oh, cosita... se me partió el corazón. Ojalá pudiera abrazarlas. Que duro es para ellas dos. Y yo que me quejo de cada estupidez.

  • тнe ѕeven мeмeѕ

    2:18 oh my god I wish my mom would be like that haha, she always wants to see what I'm doing on my phone, like geez I'm growing into a teenager I need some space mom, I get it though, she wants to make sure everythings okay, and make sure I'm not doing anything bad, but honestly why would I?, She's like that because my older brother got caught texting people inappropriately which sucks, and he won't learn his lesson so she took his phone away, he is already a teenager, some teenager boys are straight up disgusting (no offense ❤)

  • zuzucat
    zuzucat Month ago +1

    how the heck is this mother so nice????

  • Me No
    Me No Month ago

    Wow. I hope that the Mama ist reading all these nice comments about her. She‘s doing such a great job, or at least, it seems like this. I really love how she points everything out clearly and is so honest. The girl is very mature and calm. ❤️
    I think that her mom explains a lot of things and this makes it more understandable for the daughter when there is something she wants to keep from her for a little longer.

  • Melissa Shipwave
    Melissa Shipwave Month ago

    My name is Melitza!

  • Samantha Hatton
    Samantha Hatton Month ago +1

    Her mum was so nice. There relationship is so strong and amazing. I wish I had a mum like hers.

  • Otosaka Yuu
    Otosaka Yuu Month ago

    The moment she said " A better place to live, your own room " ı had no doubt that she was a loving and caring mother. Every good parent ı met would said the same thing, ı k'now it from my own mom lol she raised me all by herself always loved me more than anything put me over anyone etc it is just obvious that this woman loves her child as every parent should love their kids.

  • Teygan Manning
    Teygan Manning Month ago +1

    When she started crying,, I was like trying no to 😢

  • Nikita Munee
    Nikita Munee Month ago

    My mom would not be like "oh ok I'll change " nope she will tell me "shut up and your grounded "

  • Rei Fall
    Rei Fall Month ago

    This is how all mothers should be. This video made my day

  • Bts Life
    Bts Life Month ago

    “Why did my dad go to jail”
    My heart omg 😭

  • Kaylee Estrada
    Kaylee Estrada Month ago

    brooo my daddy is still in jail! i’m not even that sad about it anymore, because he’s a completely different man and we’re best friends now. closer than we’ve ever been 💕💕✌🏽

  • asmr moonlight
    asmr moonlight Month ago

    i just want this relationship with my mother too

  • Nisa Agnia
    Nisa Agnia Month ago

    I will do this with my child someday :)

  • Nisa Agnia
    Nisa Agnia Month ago

    Why i am crying :( if i try this at home maybe my mom just say "shut up im watching tv rn" :')

  • LayDi Q
    LayDi Q Month ago

    Smart girl.

  • Only Another Stolen Soul

    me: if you could give me anything in the world, what would it be?


  • JJ GamerZ
    JJ GamerZ Month ago

    they have a really good relationship 💕👏

  • Queen Queen
    Queen Queen Month ago

    Respect for the mother.. She is creating a beautiful human being out of a blob cells everyday..

  • The Bamboo Crew
    The Bamboo Crew Month ago +1

    If I had a conversation like this with my mom and she asked me "what could I do to be a better parent" I would say "Be more accepting of who I am, and don't try to change me"

  • Me Me
    Me Me Month ago

    I thought this was going to be a fun video😭

  • MaddiMae531
    MaddiMae531 Month ago

    I'm sObBiNG

  • papi shrimp 2
    papi shrimp 2 Month ago

    i don’t live with my mom, i live with my aunt, and everyday i wonder... y did she have to let me go. she’s says for me to have a better life, but it’s so hard here..... my mom was my pure happiness, when i’m down she would be there to pick me up, when i need help she’s there, her words meant everything to me... because then i was mentally happy..... now, i haven’t seen her in two years, mentally i’m not okay, no one really cares about those things here, i never got a “u can do it” or a “i love u no matter what”, a nice little quote, i never get that anymore, when that’s all i need to keep me going 😪 i can’t tell anyone my feelings, ppl at skool won’t get it, my aunt wont get it, so what do i do..... lay down with my dog, and listen to music ❤️