Spooky LIVE Q&A

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • Spooky tech, questions and answers, and pumpkin carvings.
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  • TechSational
    TechSational 8 days ago

    i give the pumpkin a solid 144/4K

  • Ackeen
    Ackeen 22 days ago

    lol oh boi no u arn't live not rn

  • IvyNoodlegirl
    IvyNoodlegirl 2 months ago

    What’s your favorite color?

  • AL Bishop
    AL Bishop 3 months ago

    Live join

  • Anurag Bhandari
    Anurag Bhandari 3 months ago +1

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  • Prayers KKK
    Prayers KKK 4 months ago

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  • Sarthak Tamhankar
    Sarthak Tamhankar 5 months ago +1

    Who's watching this in 2018?

  • Briana Armstrong
    Briana Armstrong 5 months ago

    you could be cleaning your studio and I would still watch ❤️

  • Kvng Britt
    Kvng Britt 9 months ago

    😢1080p ironically changed 144p

  • Edan Sounds
    Edan Sounds 9 months ago

    You forgot to add "!" in the title

  • Bindu Joseph
    Bindu Joseph 9 months ago

    Hi I am Rohan

  • Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    144p I hate that when my internet connection is messing up xD

  • jackhack713 playz

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  • Emine Kilic
    Emine Kilic Year ago

    When is your new video going to come out

  • Chetan Vishwakarma
    Chetan Vishwakarma Year ago +1

    I watched this video in 144 p, 'Cause my jio internet sucks

  • phunk clothing
    phunk clothing Year ago

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  • Zenashka A
    Zenashka A Year ago

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  • Iman Leeclc
    Iman Leeclc Year ago

    Thats a nightmare for me too

    HUGO MALAYA Year ago

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  • Kade Hubbard
    Kade Hubbard Year ago

    I use a moto 360 2nd gen on the dailyyyy

  • Oxron206
    Oxron206 Year ago

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  • HB Uwais
    HB Uwais Year ago

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  • Kingro & Pg.Niyla

    Happy Birthday

  • Ikram Ullah
    Ikram Ullah Year ago

    Omg! In 1440p you r looking a dark ghost..

  • The Unbox Mad
    The Unbox Mad Year ago

    I'm a big fan

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  • The Unbox Mad
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  • el Cess
    el Cess Year ago

    What up Kid...been a fan since I believe just under 1 million subscriber...always a great opinion about Tech!! Thanks

  • Technical Shreyans

    What is your real name

  • Aarin Ambavat
    Aarin Ambavat Year ago

    You could have carve the Samsung Note7 on the pumpkin.....spooky...yeah! Like if you agree.

  • DhatBoyMichael
    DhatBoyMichael Year ago

    When were you born

  • Selcuk Hazar
    Selcuk Hazar Year ago

    have you used razer phone after your video ?

  • Frederick Dotson
    Frederick Dotson Year ago

    you're still carving pumpkins... i guess for Thanksgiving Dinner lol

  • ZeptejSeFilipa
    ZeptejSeFilipa Year ago

    What kind of microphone on the table are you using please? :) Great video anyway. 144p is really scary :)

  • Brody Griffiths
    Brody Griffiths Year ago

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  • Decky Hermawan
    Decky Hermawan Year ago

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  • Navin Bhatt
    Navin Bhatt Year ago

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  • Krishanth Kanakarajah

    what do you think about the pixel buds?

  • Lawarren A
    Lawarren A Year ago

    I really like Lg3 D850

  • Saiful Islam Saif

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  • Tino Be
    Tino Be Year ago


  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins Year ago

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  • Herooftimex
    Herooftimex Year ago

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    Riley Fox Year ago

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  • Jane
    Jane Year ago

    Very cool and creative video!

  • Rohin Patel
    Rohin Patel Year ago

    That TV Wallpaper/screensaver !
    who found the volume of this Q&A and LG wallpaper TV low ?

  • VaPCdoc
    VaPCdoc Year ago

    Are you not doing Joe Rogans Podcast this week? I've been waiting for it!!!

  • Aniket Vasishth
    Aniket Vasishth Year ago

    There's a stranger thing behind you (on your wall)

  • Aniket Vasishth
    Aniket Vasishth Year ago

    OnePlus5T or Pixel2XL?

  • Nick Salvatore
    Nick Salvatore Year ago +1

    How do you make a livestream look so good? Are you using a dslr for a webcam?

  • Angga Mulyawan
    Angga Mulyawan Year ago

    What microphone is it?

  • Jonah Fitzgerald
    Jonah Fitzgerald Year ago


  • Boon Lor
    Boon Lor Year ago

    Hey can u explain what is 5g and why is it faster then 4g?

  • Alex Little
    Alex Little Year ago

    I don't think I've ever seen him actually full on laugh. Pretty weird observation but it's true.

  • Neel 715
    Neel 715 Year ago


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  • Cheyenne Marie
    Cheyenne Marie Year ago

    you should've used a serated knife to carve that pumpkin lol

  • Alexander Rådström

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    Ella De Vos Year ago

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  • Chris C
    Chris C Year ago

    What about the Melting Microsoft surface..?

  • Se Hoon Lee
    Se Hoon Lee Year ago

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  • Nutunalle
    Nutunalle Year ago

    some poor use of space on that pumpkin

  • Alex Tappin
    Alex Tappin Year ago

    spyderco =D

  • sai si Thu Htet
    sai si Thu Htet Year ago

    can u give me an iphone X

  • alto
    alto Year ago

    "in the 20th or 19th" its the 12th QnA😂

  • TheMelo1
    TheMelo1 Year ago

    Good vid. Could've used a bit more lighting but I guess in the name of spooky........

  • Vikas Thakur
    Vikas Thakur Year ago


  • Shakib M
    Shakib M Year ago

    That creepy ass lg window tv thing.

  • Drrck11
    Drrck11 Year ago

    That Q & A video looks scary. I'm afraid to leave a comment 😆🎃👻

  • Sathu
    Sathu Year ago

    Spooky skeleton

  • Joel
    Joel Year ago

    It's so quiet I had to turn up my volume all the way

  • Nik Kosslov
    Nik Kosslov Year ago

    just asking, why such a massive delay while recording livestream?

  • Bored Luke
    Bored Luke Year ago

    I'm watching the video in 144p

  • NPC #20483057
    NPC #20483057 Year ago

    Get spooked!

  • Akbar Ali
    Akbar Ali Year ago

    Give some iPhone...

  • Cristian C
    Cristian C Year ago

    144p hahaha great idea for the pumpkin 🎃

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  • GymothyCharles
    GymothyCharles Year ago

    LG v30 review?? I'm waiting patiently

  • Bradly Edoo
    Bradly Edoo Year ago

    ‘Hey Google’ Haaaaa got em 😂

  • Kyle Logan
    Kyle Logan Year ago

    Hey MKBHD, Iv been following you for a while now and i thourougly enjoy your reviews and videos in general. I knoe vodafone is not avaliable in America, But would you be able to do a review on the vodafone smart ultra 7 and/or the smart platinum 7? They are very good phones and the platinum 7 is a stock android based vodafone branded high end device. And it could well compete with alot of phones you review. And it will probably blow you away as the price is extremely low for what it is yet the specs and build quality are of, iphone/galaxy quality.. Its a very nice phone. And there is not a whole lot of reviews about it. Id pressume you really only review devices sold in america, but i am from new zealand, confirming you have followers around the globe not just in the states. And it would be really cool if you could review these devices by OEMs that dont pop up in the states as some of these phones are actually quite wickid. the smart ultra 7 i honestly prefer over the galaxy note series. You must look into it haha. Thanks

  • Marco Zeid
    Marco Zeid Year ago

    Battery icon with 1% left

  • Gaius Kadiyam
    Gaius Kadiyam Year ago

    Is the news of Samsung 9 real

  • Willow Waltemire
    Willow Waltemire Year ago


  • Ankit Pawar
    Ankit Pawar Year ago

    any news about Oneplus 5t ?

  • It’s me Juntao
    It’s me Juntao Year ago

    Carv the pumpkin to be a Iphone x case

  • Nosson Weissman
    Nosson Weissman Year ago

    Hey MKBHD:)
    Educated guess, will the iPhone X sell as well as the preorders are suggesting?

  • Khairul Amzar
    Khairul Amzar Year ago

    Android P : Pumpkin ....hmm very nice spooky name on next level of Android

  • Super Duper Paratrooper

    Guys I need advice...

  • Spawn
    Spawn Year ago

    Very First iPhone X Review in the world is here => /watch?v=SKzcM1nbkPI

  • Forrest Raschilla

    how many people turned it to 144P!?

  • Biggo
    Biggo Year ago

    I was literally hovering my finger over 144p then I hear him go “no, no, no, no don’t switch to 144p”

  • Sumanyu Sinha
    Sumanyu Sinha Year ago

    Why suddenly there are too many videos on fake/clone of flagship smartphones? I mean why to waste time on clones?

  • Trainer Lax
    Trainer Lax Year ago

    Does anyone know what is Marques daily driver?

  • sagar kurhade
    sagar kurhade Year ago +1

    Dear (who the hell are u) I am first-time watching you.. Honestly you've very nice IQ or opinions.. But i was shocked after seeing your previous videos that couldn't even find any SONY XPERIA device... Now i felt that i was at wrong channel...

  • Siddharth Dixit
    Siddharth Dixit Year ago

    9 out of 10

  • Zaurus Z
    Zaurus Z Year ago

    Hi, IOS AND ANDROID which ones do you prefer?