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  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • The Daily Show puts Donald Trump’s achievements in perspective, from lying about his net worth to his announcement of a vague Space Force.
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Comments • 7 327

  • Kirito Kirigaya
    Kirito Kirigaya 23 minutes ago

    Space force? This is embarrassing

  • UploaderNine
    UploaderNine 23 hours ago

    10:00 a segment filled with total idiots.

  • Jay Marco
    Jay Marco 3 days ago

    Stupid people saying it's a right vs left. Just blinded to how stupid Trump is.

  • Jay Marco
    Jay Marco 3 days ago +2

    Stupid people saying it's a right vs left. Just blinded to how stupid Trump is.

  • Arfa Nisar
    Arfa Nisar 3 days ago

    I can’t even use this data in my exam Trevor. Fuck you!

  • mithilesh reddy
    mithilesh reddy 3 days ago

    I finally get it, Americans wanted to laugh daily... So make Trump the president

  • Luthien Seldomane
    Luthien Seldomane 4 days ago

    If you're against abortion, that's your choice. But that's the point. HAVING a choice. If you are against having a choice, then you're not anti-abortion, you're anti-freedom. So they're either very stupid and should be cut out of the genepool, or they're complete pieces of shit and should be cut out of the genepool.

  • waiotahi52
    waiotahi52 4 days ago

    Space force..proof that Americas' stupid people are more stupid than other countries stupid people

  • R1C01000
    R1C01000 5 days ago

    This timeline keeps getting worse, Global trolling holy shit

  • Who Isreal
    Who Isreal 6 days ago

    The way his voters just swallows his lies like a bukkcake slut is nothing less than baffling 😕

    POTATO TOMAHAWK 6 days ago +1

    Why is it up to old white men what women do with their bodies, ones not even involved with them, and somehow religion keeps playing into politics when they are always supposed to be separate

  • Waffles
    Waffles 6 days ago +8

    The people he was interviewing were so dumb they didn’t know he was making fun of them. Trump supporters.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 7 days ago

    Trevor Noah, when you attack Trump Supporters, that is whining! You as a black man can not go 24 hours without crying racism

    • waiotahi52
      waiotahi52 4 days ago

      This not an attack, this is reality....with proof, with pictures, with sound. Prove him wrong

  • S. R.T.
    S. R.T. 8 days ago

    If Ivanka weren't my daughter, I'd probably be baning her.

  • TJ Wilson
    TJ Wilson 8 days ago

    LOL!!! Yeah, Trump congratulated Kim Jong Un. Trump is a space cadet!!! These people are stars of the American education system!

  • Edward Earl
    Edward Earl 10 days ago +1

    I dont know how no one saw that T was fraud, and no where a billionair ?? an im not very smart..

  • saltine boo
    saltine boo 12 days ago


  • Chao Vue
    Chao Vue 14 days ago

    Omg uncle's Donald Childress so dumpy like him space Fk that good name lol

    • Rashid Raza
      Rashid Raza 12 days ago

      Can you translate your sentence into English?

  • Jacob Yisrael
    Jacob Yisrael 15 days ago

    Those space force supporters, though.
    Matter of fact the idea of space force.

  • Mohsine Eljattari
    Mohsine Eljattari 16 days ago

    F this people love your show trevor

  • Brave Voice
    Brave Voice 16 days ago

    Russia (Космические войска России,) and China (航天强国) had already established Space Forces. Of course we will keep pace.

  • Lionel Jackson
    Lionel Jackson 17 days ago

    You dont know how rich you're gonna be . We sure dont because that shit ain't going to happen .
    Billy Bob-Im already rich . I married my sister ,God bless trump who would fuck his own daughter if he could .

  • Stanton Dinger
    Stanton Dinger 17 days ago

    Google Space Command...we have had a "space force" since 1982... its motto is "Guardians of the high frontier" it's a branch of the U.S.A.F.. It's located at Peterson Air Force Base. This just shows that Trump and his base and frankly most Americans have no friggin idea what is going on with our Military or our Country.

  • Gary S.
    Gary S. 17 days ago

    Is Donald Trump a chuunibyo?

  • Sybil Holiday
    Sybil Holiday 17 days ago +2

    I'm posting this Nov 22, 2019.
    Watching dt speak in the 2016 campaign & watching him now, is quite alarming.
    Like him or loathe him, back then, altho crude, & a boor & a bore, he was entertaining & could tell a story with a point.
    Today? He had to rehearse his most recent, "No No No" speech several times to be able to say the few sentences correctly.
    No matter who the president or what party, I'd find this really frightening.
    Anxiety? Delirium? Mini-strokes?Why was he rushed to Walter Reed?

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott 18 days ago

    Holy cow! How dumb are these people? Basically, Buck Rogers can prevent galactic IEDs? But there you have the evidence of what happens when people are almost wilfully uninformed and misinformed. Trump can yell a sound-bite and they go hysteric over it while demonstrably having NO IDEA what he's even talking about. I wonder if he paid these nuts $50 each, too.

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott 18 days ago

    Like early America did everything possible to ensure control of the Pacific, so it will try to dominate space. Once a decent laser weapon is figured out and up in orbit, any satellite will be vulnerable and, if powerful enough, the laser could target sites on the ground. Sounds far-fetched, but so did a Trump presidency not so long ago. Anyway, even if it's not realistic, the Pentagon will try anyway as it will mean another excuse to KEEP AMERICA SAFE via weapons companies and their symbiotic government shills. Ker-ching.

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott 18 days ago

    Netanyahu in big trouble at the moment; let's hope Trump follows suit.

  • t heuber
    t heuber 19 days ago


  • TommYYZ
    TommYYZ 19 days ago +1

    As funny as it is scary.

  • RB
    RB 20 days ago +1

    Yes. The Don is leaving poopy his skid marks all over the entire planet Earth.

  • RB
    RB 20 days ago

    At around 9:15 in this video, Trump couldn't contain himself and went Jim Crow on us. "separate but equal", the old Jim Crow terrorist rhetoric. That is very f'd up, Mr. Prez. VERY F'D UP!
    Mr. Prez, please remove your head from QAnus.

    • RB
      RB 20 days ago

      Jim Crow was/is terrorism.

  • RB
    RB 20 days ago

    Sorry, Donny. The USA doesn't need to submit to GREED.

  • Mandar Bhide
    Mandar Bhide 20 days ago

    'Space ISIS' 😂😂😂
    When I see these idiots, I no more wonder how did they elect Donald Trump

  • Security Shark
    Security Shark 20 days ago

    Yea, I'm still poor and working so just another lie from trumpdump. Ohio has outright illegalized abortion rights.

  • Avis Tumpkin
    Avis Tumpkin 21 day ago

    Tampering with U.S. of America. All that been appointed by Trump must go with Trump. Unqualified people resign or be fired. Leave with Trump.

  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown 22 days ago

    Obama steal our money and children. And our country. Good riddance. RIP!

  • Be Frank
    Be Frank 22 days ago

    So fast forward to now.
    How is America not winning currently?? He's done it

  • Taylor Made
    Taylor Made 22 days ago

    Trevor u are amazing im in tears. The space force was hard to watch but funny af. Trumpers are so sad.

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 22 days ago +1

    11:00 These. People. Are. Allowed. To. Vote. 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 22 days ago +12

    No. We don't need the bragedocious mindset of "I'm rich". We need someone who had nothing and still wants to give everything they had to someone else. Selfless. Honorable.

  • Benjamin Murray
    Benjamin Murray 22 days ago

    It is either utterly astonishing or horrendously frightening that this man's sheer level of oafishness and buffoonery and utter lack of any diplomacy is not apparent to the idiots in the background...

  • Alicia Page
    Alicia Page 23 days ago

    Trump wanted to send a nuclear bomb into a hurricane

  • Alicia Page
    Alicia Page 23 days ago

    Place brain-eating ameobas in trump's bathwater. Watch the ameobas eat trump's brain for continuing hilarity!

  • ‘Cave Beast Demon'
    ‘Cave Beast Demon' 23 days ago

    Sorry Trevor, you don't get it. Trump doesn't know what Stockholm syndrome is. Just say'n!

  • Mauricio Arroyo
    Mauricio Arroyo 23 days ago +1

    You can NOT make up stuff like this lol

  • quantumcode
    quantumcode 24 days ago

    is it just me or are all the trump supporters boomers

  • Junior
    Junior 25 days ago

    Space Isis

  • Gabriel Espringtime
    Gabriel Espringtime 26 days ago +1

    Space Force= space between Trump's ears, is all it a mounted to!

  • Gabriel Espringtime
    Gabriel Espringtime 26 days ago

    Israel is a terrorist nation!

  • Gabriel Espringtime
    Gabriel Espringtime 26 days ago

    ...more like from a debtor nation to a 4 times bankrupt one! More debt than Obama Presidency, and counting.. . IN LESS THAN 4 YEARS!

  • Steven Arvizu
    Steven Arvizu 26 days ago

    Idk what y’all are complaining about, I’m so rich rn

  • Kathia Payan
    Kathia Payan 27 days ago

    He sounds like a wrestler. LOL

  • Yia Moua
    Yia Moua 27 days ago

    Lol . Space force! Aha ha ha ha ha ha..... those followers are fools if they believe in space force just like how they fell for the wall! Lol

  • MrSlanderer
    MrSlanderer 27 days ago +1

    10:35 I genuinely feel sorry for this old man.

  • Paula Burgess
    Paula Burgess 27 days ago

    Makes one wonder about all the others on the list

  • Mattathias Macabees
    Mattathias Macabees 28 days ago

    Trump is a time traveling demon and God is cramming this ancient king of Babylon down the American people's throats - he is the beginning of judgements on Ephraim/ Egypt ie America. Buckle up.

  • FIL MV
    FIL MV 29 days ago +1

    11:00 ...these people 🙄

  • Alex Lara
    Alex Lara 29 days ago +1

    It’s crazy how many people can’t THINK for themselves.

    • Y. N'der
      Y. N'der 27 days ago

      The ignorance demonstrated by these supporters here is extreeeeeemely unbelievable!! I am dumbfounded!

    • kshalhoub
      kshalhoub 29 days ago

      It's by design. The traditional educational system wasn't designed to promote critical thinking. It's meant to churn out obedient citizen drones who can't think for themselves.

  • Dynamic Aero
    Dynamic Aero Month ago +1

    10:34 "It's the next generation"
    Says the guy who can't figure out how a printer works