A New Rogue (From Rogue One to A New Hope)

  • Published on May 11, 2017
  • Vader’s Mission: After the Tantive IV’s jump to hyperspace and right before it was chased near Tatooine by The Devastator, what happened? What’s in stake for the Alliance? For the Empire? Find out!
    To the artist of this 3D model:
    Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge) (Author)
    P.R.Dobson (Martocticvs) (C4D r8 Conversion)
    Fabio Passaro (LW conversion)
    Hyperspace effect: Rendered by Tonton Palanca
    And to Adywan for sequence from one of his revisited editions.
    And of course to Lucasfilm, FOX, ILM and Disney, I don't own anything, all copyright belongs to their respective owners.
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  • Defeated
    Defeated 31 minute ago

    2:04-2:46 Literally the best scene in all of Star Wars.

  • Разрушитель Совковых Легенд

    «Меня удручает ваше неверие»
    (Благородный Вейдер)

  • Gaming Celebrity
    Gaming Celebrity 22 hours ago

    My favorite part of the movie.
    1) It was ending
    2) Darth Vader attacks
    3) The 1977 version of Carrie Fisher

  • TheGamerThat Games

    1:55 that must be soo scary being trapped and a person coming to kill you

  • Anteeru
    Anteeru 2 days ago +1

    Ugh... i was hoping for a clean cut from the Blockade Runner going into hyperspace to the iconic first frame of 1977. This would've been slick, clean and awesome. Wouldn't have minded using some Williams music in the Rogue One parts either.

  • codiene
    codiene 2 days ago

    Not a bad edit

  • psychoticbastard
    psychoticbastard 2 days ago

    Trained Stormtroopers that can't shoot straight

  • StarwindAmada1
    StarwindAmada1 3 days ago

    You guys think Luke wants some young Jedi pussy because I'm pretty sure he and Rey can go at it on that island

  • StarwindAmada1
    StarwindAmada1 3 days ago +5


    • WMXW
      WMXW 2 days ago


  • StarwindAmada1
    StarwindAmada1 3 days ago +1

    Sure, Anakin's daughter may have rebelled but at least she didn't accidentally commit inces- oh.

  • Julz pim
    Julz pim 3 days ago

    The best movie in Disney era by far lol, that darth vaders scene using all the power its simply amazing killing all the soldiers with no mercy

  • Dark Nova
    Dark Nova 4 days ago

    11:10 for some reason Vader sounds so un-realistic here, or non vader-ish. Wierd.

  • A Thought Crime
    A Thought Crime 4 days ago

    I kinda wish they would have Leia talk to the pilots about jumping to hyperspace with a hand on the seat, to give it a sense of urgency, rather than just stand there.

  • CynicallyObnoxious
    CynicallyObnoxious 4 days ago

    THE HALLWAY SCENE IS WHY VADER NEEDED HIS OWN PG13 HUNTING DOWN JEDI HORROR INSPIRED MOVIE! Lifting that dude up to the ceiling walking by not missing a beat and slice! Thats some Vorhees Myers shit right there

  • Andrew Schmidt
    Andrew Schmidt 5 days ago

    I,ve seen evry star wars movie so far!

  • Ethan Rodriguez
    Ethan Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Is darth vader making his cape move in space... I mean...?????????

  • Sir .Driken
    Sir .Driken 5 days ago

    Its like i can see anakins face through the mask

  • power20841
    power20841 6 days ago

    Her face is a little off.

  • Jay Luck
    Jay Luck 6 days ago

    Never thought of this as a kid...
    When 3PO climbs into the escape pod, he utters “I’m going to regret this.”
    Regret is an emotional response to consequence of action. I hadn’t realized that protocol droids had that complex of programming to actually foresee or anticipate emotional response to actions that could be countered immediately.
    What a confusing time to be droid. I wonder how many experiences of regret he had to draw on from the time Bail Organa had his mind wiped?

  • DWP
    DWP 6 days ago

    What if they redid the beginning of A New Hope and instead of the stormtroopers getting in the blockade runner Vader goes in first and does another Rogue One attack on the rebel crew :D

  • Andrew /\ H-TOWN
    Andrew /\ H-TOWN 6 days ago

    So this is what Felix Gallardo has been up too lol

  • Detsiedi
    Detsiedi 7 days ago

    3:30 Who's the actor

  • Clem fandango
    Clem fandango 7 days ago

    Disney: There will be no one to stop us this time
    Fans/rebels: We will re-cut the movies to make the ultimate fan edition !! Now fuck off Rian & Kathleen
    1:40 -3:06 is what the fans want not this PG SJW slapstick shit from TLJ

  • Random Thingies
    Random Thingies 7 days ago

    Why is there stuff in the middle

  • Lee Fleming
    Lee Fleming 8 days ago

    first storm trooper in after the hatch breach is missing the black eyebrow piece on his helmet

  • Sean Wade Nelson
    Sean Wade Nelson 8 days ago

    I like the merger of the two films, decades later... bu the edit was a little bumpy. Could have smoothed out a bit more. But Rogue One is a great bridge to cross over to the original movie of 1977: New Hope. Imagine if they shot Star Wars Ep III & Rogue One together, then onto the 4,5,6... 7,8,9? Too many gaps that had to be filled in later!

  • Fernicus Maximus
    Fernicus Maximus 8 days ago +1

    Not even one kiss seriously. That's worse than Chewy not getting a medal.

  • Art View
    Art View 8 days ago +1

    1:31 - 3:31 when they successfully raid Area 51 and "See them Aliens"

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra 9 days ago +7

    Number of star wars fans that didn't know C-3PO had a silver leg. @5:43

  • Daniel
    Daniel 9 days ago +1

    You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor... Now go to your room

  • Muhammad Zaki
    Muhammad Zaki 9 days ago +1

    Have a choke force,but choke manually..

  • burt panzer
    burt panzer 10 days ago

    Darth Skywalken, usclip.net/video/FrPBtul5uMg/video.html

  • Captain Butt nuggets
    Captain Butt nuggets 10 days ago

    That was cool

    MOONLIGHT SHADOW 10 days ago

    Rouge one worked for me.

  • tr1p1ea
    tr1p1ea 11 days ago

    They Vader scene, still awesome. Who wouldn't watch an entire film of Vader taking names.

  • BDevi0us
    BDevi0us 12 days ago

    C3P0 the first gay robot

  • S P E D
    S P E D 12 days ago

    This is so BAD why did they have to ruin Star Wars with Rogue One and the second trilogy.

  • MarckAT
    MarckAT 13 days ago

    gotta love the rebel alarm/ jumping into hyperspace and just the music makes is so dope

  • Robert Emery
    Robert Emery 13 days ago

    Lord Vader is the G.O.A.T

  • Ben Hill
    Ben Hill 13 days ago


  • ParroT
    ParroT 13 days ago

    3:02 Vader's face when he realizes his master is gonna punch him.

  • Lee Tae73
    Lee Tae73 13 days ago

    Have to admit, this joining of old and new is epic. One of the best parts of all the movies.

  • Jeffrey Doe
    Jeffrey Doe 14 days ago

    By god Vader is terrifying! Only Darth Krayt or Darth Malgus was worse. 2:02

  • Cody Morris
    Cody Morris 14 days ago

    For the few Star Wars: Rebels fans out there that noticed the Ghost participated in this battle, I made a fan-fiction of the Ghost’s perspective of this battle which would lead right into the scene of the Rebels escaping with the plans.
    Despite not keeping up with the show myself, I did my research and tried to stick to canon as much as I could. Regardless, enjoy.
    NOTE: Yes, it is long. 😂 Long enough that I think I’ll just reply it to this comment.

    • Cody Morris
      Cody Morris 14 days ago

      Part 3:
      Later, Ezra senses Vader’s plan.
      Ezra: “No...no, we can’t let Vader get to the Profundity!”
      Rex: “Ezra, we don’t stand a chance against him.”
      Ezra: “You’re right, we don’t. But I wanna go anyway.”
      Everyone is shocked.
      Hera: “What?!”
      Sabine: “Ezra, that’s suicide! Vader will kill you!”
      Ezra: “Yeah, yeah he will. But I feel he won’t do it immediately. I’ll distract him.”
      Biggs: “Ezra, don’t go thinking you can be a hero if it turns out the Empire will just win anyways.”
      Ezra: “That’s the big question; ‘if.’ If my efforts can change the fate of those Imperial Plans, potentially keep them from falling into the wrong hands when they otherwise would, then I wanna try.”
      The crew spot Vader’s shuttle leaving the Star Destroyer and turning towards the Profundity. They hear chatter over the radio coming from the Profundity, talking about how Vader is gonna board soon and there won’t be enough time to download the plans before he arrives at the rate it’s being downloaded. The crew stares at the radio and then Ezra for a few seconds after the radio chatter cuts out.
      Ezra: “I have to do this. It’s the only way.”
      Rex: “You’re a good man, Ezra, and an even greater Jedi. Kanan would be proud.”
      Ezra smiles at Rex before turning to Hera.
      Ezra: “Drop me off at the Profundity’s main hangar bay. That’s where Vader will go.”
      Hera does as told. Ezra goes on comms as the Ghost zooms past Vader’s shuttle.
      Ezra: “Admiral Raddus, this is Ezra Bridger of Phoenix Squadron! Do you read me?!”
      Raddus: “We read you. What’s the situation?”
      Ezra: “I’m coming in to try to help protect the plans. Permission to land at the main hangar.”
      Raddus: “Permission granted.”
      Meanwhile, on the shuttle, the pilots watch the Ghost fly ahead of them into the hangar.
      Pilot: “Lord Vader, a Rebel ship seems intent on intercepting us in the hangar when we land. What’s the best COA?”
      Vader senses Ezra’s plan.
      Vader: “Go to a different hangar. We have no time for distractions.”
      Pilot: “Yessir.”

      The Ghost hovers in the hangar, not noticing the Imperial Shuttle changing course. The Ghost’s ramp opens. Ezra steps to the ramp’s edge, but is stopped by Sabine and the crew.
      Sabine: “Ezra, are we ever gonna see you again?” She asks sadly.
      Ezra looks to the hangar briefly before looking back to her.
      Ezra: “Probably not, no.”
      Teary-eyed, Sabine hugs Ezra. The rest of the crew join in. Ezra has to squirm out though.
      Ezra: “I need to go. It was an honor to fight by your sides. May the Force be with you.”
      Ezra jumps off the ramp. He waves goodbye as the crew go back into the Ghost and close the ramp, leaving.
      After the Ghost leaves, Ezra takes a deep breath, and rests on his knees (like Qui-Gon does in TPM.) He closes his eyes and meditates.
      In his head, he relives memories of his past and hears voices of various people.
      Qui-Gon: “Trust your instincts.”
      Kanan: “Let the Force guide you.”
      He then sees a memory he wasn’t part of; Ben Kenobi with Maul on Tatooine.
      Maul: “He is the Chosen One... he will avenge us...”
      He then sees two twin suns setting.
      His meditation is disturbed when the ship is rocked by an explosion. Ezra looks around and sees Vader isn’t there.
      Ezra: “Where is he?!” He gets on a radio. “Admiral Raddus, has Vader arrived yet?!”
      On the bridge of the Profundity, Vader is indeed there, slaughtering crew since he came from another hangar. Raddus is still alive, emerging from under a table as he gets on the radio.
      Raddus: “Yes, he is here!” He’s hard to hear over the chaos in the background. “Ezra, get to the Tantive Four! Make sure those plans get on that ship! Hurry, it’s too late for m-“ Vader slashes him.
      Ezra briefly hears Vader’s breathing over the radio before it cuts out.

      Ezra sprints through various hallways until he hears the breathing again, this time in person. Ezra stops in his tracks, facing Vader who stands motionless.
      Vader: “Ezra Bridger. We meet again.”
      Ezra turns on his lightsaber.
      Ezra: “I am not afraid of you.” He says angrily, getting into a fighting stance.
      Vader: “Perhaps you have no fear,” he turns on his own saber, “but you do have anger, a hatred that can become your strength.”
      Ezra charges at Vader while screaming, and the two engage in a duel. Vader still clearly outclasses Ezra, but humors him for a little while, pushing him towards a nearby door little by little, albeit quickly. As they fight, the Rebel soldier downloading the Imperial Plans frantically waits for it to finish - proving that if Ezra wasn’t there, the Plans wouldn’t have reached the Tantive.
      Soldier: “Come on, come on! Why is this taking so long?!”
      Meanwhile, Ezra is eventually forced against a wall.
      Vader: “This is your last chance, Ezra. Do not allow your potential to be wasted. Join me, or die.”
      Ezra takes a deep breath, and turns off his saber.
      Ezra: “I don’t fear death, either.”
      Vader stands still.
      Ezra: “Go on, do it. You’ve already killed countless Jedi and innocents before me.”
      The scene cuts again to the Plans being downloaded, which still haven’t even been halfway done yet.
      Ezra: “I’m sure my death will seem no different. Knowing you, if you had a family, they’re probably dead too because of you.”
      This hits Vader pretty hard. He starts breathing faster, remembering Padmé. The scene cuts to the Plans again, which are almost halfway downloaded.
      Soldier: “Come on...”
      Ezra: “You aren’t human, whatever you are! You’re just a soulless mechanical beast with no compassion for anyone or anythi-“
      Vader Force-Chokes Ezra and levitates him in the air while walking towards him.
      Vader: “I have little patience and no time for your games!” He says unusually angrily and loudly.
      Vader then slashes Ezra across the chest, seemingly killing him before dropping him to the floor and proceeding past the doorway. After he leaves, Ezra opens his eyes, coughing and clutching his wound. He hopes his efforts weren’t in vain.

      Meanwhile, the ending of Rogue One proceeds as per real-life.
      Another soldier (soldier 2) runs up to join the one already there watching the download.
      Soldier 2: “Hurry!”
      The plans are eventually finished and printed on a holodisc, which a soldier takes.
      Soldier 2: “Let’s go! We gotta go now!”
      They rush away.
      Vader soon gets to the hallway where the Rebel soldiers are trying to open the door. Vader holds it shut before making his entrance and slaughtering the Rebels. Ezra hears the blasterfire from where he sits as it slowly fades away, indicating the Rebels with the Plans are making progress towards the Tantive. Despite Vader’s efforts, the Plans still manage to get to the Tantive just in time.
      The Tantive IV takes off. Ezra hears it, and looks out a window above his head, watching it leave. Ezra smiles before sinking back down to the floor.
      After standing at the dock and watching the ship leave, Vader turns around and walks back to his shuttle. Along the way, he passes Ezra’s body, seeing he’s still alive. Ezra looks at him, smiling and laughing a bit.
      Ezra: “There is hope now...we’ve already won.” His eyes slowly close.
      Angry, Vader ignites his saber and slashes Ezra again, this time across the face, startling nearby Stormtroopers. Ezra’s corpse slinks to the floor as Vader storms off.
      The remainder of Rogue One ends as per OTL.

    • Cody Morris
      Cody Morris 14 days ago

      Part 2:
      Eventually, after Gold Squadron attempts to bomb the gate, a swarm of TIE-Fighters emerges.
      Ezra: “Uh...that’s a lot of TIE’s!”
      Hera: “I know! Biggs, shoot them down!”
      Biggs is on one of the main turrets.
      Biggs: “Yeah, I see them.”
      Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Profundity.
      Crewman: “Sir, enemy fighters coming in!”
      Raddus: “Phoenix Squadron, where are you?! We’re getting swarmed here!”
      Hera: “We’re trying, sir! There’s a lot of them!”
      Raddus: “That much is clear.”
      As the battle continues, the Ghost crew hears the chatter about Red-5 going down, and they see him get shot.
      Rex: “Damn, not a good way to go out. Whoever takes his place better avenge him somehow.”
      Ezra: “I’m sure they will, whoever they are.”
      Later, the Ghost passes by the bridge of the Profundity.
      Crewman: “Deflective shields down to 50 percent! We’re sustaining heavy damage!”
      Raddus: “There’s no turning back now! We have to press the attack!” He gets on comms as he looks to the Ghost, flying in front of them. “Phoenix Squadron, how you holding up?”
      Hera: “We’re fine, we just can’t quite handle all these TIE’s ourselves. We need reinforcements!”
      Raddus: “I’m sorry, Phoenix, you’re on your own for now. We’ll try to help ourselves as best we can, but until the job’s finished, you’re our only hope! No pressure!”
      Hera: “Certainly.”
      Soon after, they see a Hammerhead Corvette getting close to two Star Destroyers near the gateway after they lose shielding.
      Ezra: “What’s going on?! What are they doing?!”
      Sabine: “I have no idea...”
      Rex smirks.
      Rex: “I know what they’re doing. They’re making a path.”
      Hera: “How?”
      Rex: “You’ll see.”
      The Ghost crew watch as the Hammerhead rams into one Star Destroyer, which knocks it into the one next to it. They then witness the two Destroyers crash into the gate, breaking the shield. The crew of the Ghost cheer.
      But the celebrations don’t last long. The Ghost crew see the Death Star emerge from hyperspace. Celebrations stop dead in their tracks.
      Ezra: “What...what is that?!”
      Sabine: “It’s huge...”
      Rex: *whispers* “Project Stardust...”
      Ezra: “Wait, you know about this?!”
      Rex: “I’d only heard of it. During the Clone Wars, the Separatists were developing some sort of super-weapon, but the Republic got their hands on it just before the Empire took its place. I’ve never actually seen it with my own eyes...”
      The crew watches as the Death Star powers up and fires at Scarif. They see the explosion on the planet slowly get bigger and bigger.
      Hera: “Oh my god...”
      Rex: “So that’s its purpose...”
      Raddus then speaks over the radio.
      Raddus: “All ships, prepare for jump to hyperspace!”
      Hera does as told, steering the Ghost away from Scarif. But suddenly, another Star Destroyer exits from hyperspace right in front of them.
      Ezra: “Woah!”
      Ezra then senses a disturbance in the Force, coming from the Destroyer.
      Sabine: “Ezra? What’s wrong?”
      Ezra: “Vader’s on that ship...”
      On the bridge of the Destroyer, Vader stands motionless, seeing the Rebel ships outside.
      Vader: “Prepare a boarding party.”
      Officer: “Yes, sir.”
      Vader turns and exits.
      Part 3 in next reply.

    • Cody Morris
      Cody Morris 14 days ago

      Here it is. Enjoy.

      On Yavin-4, a Rebel commander speaks into the intercom.
      Commander: “Attention all flight personnel, please report to your commanders immediately. We have been redirected to Scarif. Pilots, you will be briefed by your squadron leaders en route. May the Force be with you.”
      Besides everyone else, the crew of the Ghost (from Star Wars: Rebels) are also getting ready to go.
      Ezra: “We’re going to Scarif? Cool! I’ve always wanted to go there if it wasn’t for the Empire occupying it.”
      Biggs: “This isn’t gonna be a beach vacation, Ezra. We have work to do.”
      Chopper: *Droid noises*
      Sabine: “I don’t know where Rex is, Chopper. He needs to get here, though. Now.”
      “Someone say my name?”
      They turn to see Rex running over to them in shiny new armor, and his helmet retouched. Ezra is stunned.
      Ezra: “Wow. Well, you certainly look like a soldier now if you didn’t already.”
      Rex pats his head, tussling his hair.
      Rex: *laughs* “Once a soldier, always a soldier.”
      They get in, and the Ghost takes off.

      Later, they exit from hyperspace to meet with the Rebel Fleet at Scarif.
      Ezra: “It’s even more beautiful than I thought.” Then he notices the shield. “Someday, I wanna liberate this planet so anyone can come here.”
      Hera: “You’ll get your chance someday, Ezra.”
      Suddenly, a radio transmission comes through.
      Raddus: “This is Admiral Raddus of the Rebel Alliance! All squadron leaders report in!”
      Leader 1: “Admiral, this is Blue Leader standing by.”
      2: “This is Gold Leader standing by.”
      3: “This is Red Leader standing by.”
      Hera: “This is Phoenix Leader standing by.”
      Raddus: “Red and Gold Squadrons, attack formations! Defend the fleet! Blue Squadron, get to the surface before they close that gate!”
      Blue: “Copy you, Admiral.”
      Raddus: “Phoenix Squadron, protect the Profundity at all costs! If we go down, this whole operation will be over before Rogue Squadron can do anything.”
      Hera: “Copy that, Admiral. We’ll stay in close proximity to you.”
      The Ghost does as its told, circling around the command ship and shooting down TIE-Fighters. The crew see some of Blue Squadron’s X-Wings get through the gate.
      Ezra: “Look! Some of them got through!”
      Rex: “Let’s just hope they can do their jobs.”
      However, they see the shield suddenly close the gate. Over the radio, they can hear the remaining X-Wing Pilots still outside the gate scream “Pull up” before crashing.
      Hera: “Oh no.”
      Sabine: “It’s alright. Looks like the majority of them will get to ground level after all.”
      The Ghost continues doing its job as the battle rages.
      Part 2 in next reply.

  • Bobby Brennan
    Bobby Brennan 15 days ago

    2:48 onwards: *Physics has left the chat.*

  • Terry Schnereger
    Terry Schnereger 15 days ago

    Did you know episode 4 is the sequel to Rogue 1?

  • David Howard
    David Howard 15 days ago

    As far as I am concerned Rogue One is the only Star Wars film Disney has made.

  • Ilie Angel gabriel
    Ilie Angel gabriel 15 days ago

    We transform Earth in deth star with no life and no oxigen and food

  • Ilie Angel gabriel
    Ilie Angel gabriel 15 days ago

    No more fight this is the end

  • Ilie Angel gabriel
    Ilie Angel gabriel 15 days ago

    We can builded and go to other planets and keep life on Earth for a good life.international

  • Addison Veitch
    Addison Veitch 15 days ago

    2:17 That one guy who sees his buddy get lifted up and just stops firing, realizing perfectly well how absolutely hopeless the situation is.

  • Bobby Robby
    Bobby Robby 16 days ago

    I stopped watching the Star Wars franchise when they made a woman the lead hero role kicking men's ass. Kathrine Kennedy, the feminist producer that ruin the franchise with her feminist statements, that we don't need men to be fans of the Star Wars anymore. By the way the Star Wars attraction at Disneyland is a bust. Extremely low attendance at the park.

  • Rupert Bloomsbury
    Rupert Bloomsbury 16 days ago

    The empire are the good guys.

  • This Dude
    This Dude 16 days ago

    2:18 it sound like somebody yelled it's a Jedi!!

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 17 days ago

    I loved the movie. My opinion it's the best since the OT, but they didn't have the tech to track their position after lightspeed. Maybe I'm just nit picking.

  • grayson kern
    grayson kern 17 days ago

    The older movies still have better special effects then most new movies now adays

  • Lazy Wizard
    Lazy Wizard 18 days ago

    Oh Anakin...So much POWER!

  • caspermilquetoast411
    caspermilquetoast411 18 days ago

    Someone is going to have to go back and re-render
    Carrie Fisher's face because ... Fisher was hot in that
    4th episode and that Rogue One thing is just creepy!

    • Green Greeneya
      Green Greeneya 11 days ago

      They look the same. Fisher itself was suprised how good Leia looks in Roque one.

  • Ponchito Morris
    Ponchito Morris 18 days ago

    Mejor pelicula que los Ultimos Jedi.

  • Guillermo J Delgado
    Guillermo J Delgado 18 days ago

    Por que lo borrastes si te quedo bien....

  • Tracy Snow
    Tracy Snow 19 days ago

    Take another look. At both movies. Star Wars fan all my life. Just sayin.

  • Atlan
    Atlan 20 days ago +1

    I'd rather call it "A rogue hope"

  • Christian Jan
    Christian Jan 20 days ago

    How graphics went form great to trash

  • jorge rozas
    jorge rozas 20 days ago

    I want them alive!!!

  • jorge rozas
    jorge rozas 20 days ago

    if this is a diplomatic mission , where is the embasser?

  • Ferdinand Mcelroy
    Ferdinand Mcelroy 21 day ago

    Mandela moment! Cp3o was all gold in my time line!

  • MN Irwin
    MN Irwin 21 day ago

    A friend of mine basically browbeat me into watching Rogue One. Was very glad she did; it was an excellent movie. :)

    • MN Irwin
      MN Irwin 21 day ago

      Great video, by the way. :D

  • Сука блять
    Сука блять 22 days ago

    Still far better than the "special edition" cut.

  • BTbass
    BTbass 22 days ago

    If Rogue One actually happened as the movie showed it when the storm troopers entered boarded the corvette the rebels would have fought off the troopers until Vader came in and obliterated everyone. That's because Rogue One established Vader as the ultimate threat and gave the rebels a fighting chance against the empire without Vader.

  • jtnachos16
    jtnachos16 22 days ago

    It really does annoy me how everyone squees over Rogue One as a good bridging movie between prequels and original trilogy, yet completely forgets the massive contradictions it has in place canon wise.
    Then again, I guess most people don't care about overall continuity.

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash 22 days ago

    Isn't it a plot hole that he doesn't feel someething in Leia*'s presence?

  • Torg norg the flop
    Torg norg the flop 22 days ago

    A rouge hope

  • Danny Ainge
    Danny Ainge 23 days ago

    Wasn’t it a big deal in #8 that the empire could track them through light speed? Wasn’t it introduced as new tech?

  • Matthew Gaudet
    Matthew Gaudet 23 days ago

    This is the only Disney Star Wars that fits within the Lucas canon. It looked like a Star Wars movie. You could even argue it was the most Star Wars anything since Empire Strikes Back.

  • Alex Thornton
    Alex Thornton 23 days ago

    Watching A New Hope for the first time ‘what’s all this busy shit already happening?’ - Watching Rogue One thirty years later ‘Another part of a parallel life we’ve been experiencing all our lives falls into place.’

  • Zijkhal
    Zijkhal 23 days ago

    This highlights it very well how the battle of Scariff makes no sense whatsoever. First, the data was *beamed* to Leia's ship, then Vader vitnessed her escape from Scariff, so Leia's defense that this is a diplomatic mission makes no sense at all. The saddest part is that they could have made it all make sense by a simple, small change: have the rebel flagship beam the transmission to Leia's ship, which is elsewhere in the Galaxy, currently on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan. Bam, done, and the movie did not lose anything significant from Leia and her crew not being in any danger during the battle of Scariff.

    Things like these is why I dont like the new Star Wars, and dont accept it as canon.

  • The Random channel
    The Random channel 23 days ago

    Dam captain antillis getting his neck snaked and thrown at a wall suck dis respect

    KIZIL MASKE 23 days ago

    ¿ Whats " a new hope " ? I never see any movie with that stupid retard name.

  • Gheorghe Dan
    Gheorghe Dan 23 days ago

    De ce nu sunt traduse in limba română sau dublat în română

  • Robert Zorzi
    Robert Zorzi 23 days ago

    "many bothans died to bring us this information"
    Movie literally had no bothans

    • Chris Rose
      Chris Rose 17 days ago

      That was the plans for the second death star. So between Star Wars and Empire.

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell 23 days ago

    So the Imperial forces have unlimited supply of laser ammunition and yet they refused to shoot down one measly escape pod that had no life forms that may hold the fate of the forces huge moon base? Vader... Kill that man who said hold your fire! Kill him quickly and well!

  • King Leo XVII
    King Leo XVII 24 days ago

    Why does Vader's helmet look kinda off? It looks like his head is smashed down and he doesn't have a neck.

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 24 days ago

    This is the best fan edit from the ending of rogue one to the beginning of a new hope

    • BruceKenobi
      BruceKenobi  23 days ago

      thank you for watching, your support & your kind words!!! if you can share it, it would be awesome.

  • Michael L
    Michael L 24 days ago

    Sweet seamless storyline editing, nice job!

  • Alex Ye
    Alex Ye 24 days ago

    Good thing Vader didn't think to Force pull the plans to him.

  • CemtecUk
    CemtecUk 24 days ago

    ewww the only hope we've got, is that they stop making these fucking movies!

  • James Manipis
    James Manipis 24 days ago

    I like how vader uses his light saber here compared to how he uses it in the original trilogy

  • Polly Ann
    Polly Ann 24 days ago

    Such a great film.

  • Kardanwellenreiter H
    Kardanwellenreiter H 24 days ago

    Wtf that are the newst films? :D omg in the beginning i thought its a fanmovie, because of the bad “quality“ in effects etc...

  • ppttpp
    ppttpp 24 days ago

    8:50 sometimes i like to shock people with my hands and other times with my own mind. depends on the humor I have



  • JJ Okocha
    JJ Okocha 25 days ago

    Rebels are just communists.... Dart Vader was the only reasonable man in that family.

  • Jacob Palmer
    Jacob Palmer 25 days ago

    The trooper at 12:02 gave no fucks that his hommie was just killed. LOL

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente 25 days ago

    I must say that (atleast for me) Rouge one was one of the best Star Wars movies ever

  • Starrylyra
    Starrylyra 25 days ago +3

    Vader in Rogue One had me grinning so much in theaters. Baddest bad guy, greatest villain there ever was!

  • Jose Parcenary
    Jose Parcenary 25 days ago

    I wonder if 100 years from now will audiences will come to watch the films in this order and as a result think the computer rendering of Princess Leia in ANH is better in than in Rogue One?

  • Jose Parcenary
    Jose Parcenary 25 days ago

    Way to totally undermine the opening of A New Hope by preceding it with this nonsense.

    Keep up the bad work, Disney.

    ALEK BEAVER 26 days ago

    Vader, hey you, get off the profundity! Raddus’ character was far superior to ackbar. Imagine if such a strong sea dog like raddus was in ackbar’s place? Rogue one Is simply a work or art

  • JaguarCats
    JaguarCats 26 days ago

    Quick question...what was Princess Leia doing on aboard in the first place?! They were a part of an attack on the Imperial Base! You'd think that would be the LAST place the rebellion would want her to be.


    We luv these last scenes of rogue one some of the best ones from the movie especially with the Leia Organa in the last scene of the movie was very unexpected was it a digitized face?