Blood Creek (2009 Movie) Trailer

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • A man and his brother on a mission of revenge become trapped in a harrowing occult experiment dating back to the Third Reich. Blood Creek, starring Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender and Dominic Purcell.
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    Two brothers become entangled in a sinister occult experiment at an American farmhouse.
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Comments • 10

  • McGrath 79
    McGrath 79 Month ago

    seems clive barker alot

  • decibelfilm
    decibelfilm 6 months ago +1

    Having seen this when it came out, and with the two most notable names attached at the time being Schumacher and Dominic Purcell (rather than the up-and-coming Cavill and Fassbender), I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a little rough around the edges and clearly a victim of budget cuts in the post-production phase, but is enjoyable both as a pacy, genre-splicing occult thriller and as one probably the last movies we'll get from Schumacher.

  • Aio A.
    Aio A. 11 months ago +2

    How did they manage to cast fassbender lmaoo

    • Frank Chartier
      Frank Chartier 4 months ago +2

      Aio A. This was before he got famous. One year before, actually. This is an older movie

  • phung thiên phung
    phung thiên phung 11 months ago

    Thank you video

  • Soul Chicken
    Soul Chicken 11 months ago

    Looks awesome. I mean--it obviously has the potential to suck more than a two-dollar whore, but the occult aspect of the nazis lends itself to some really fascinating possibilities.

    • Aio A.
      Aio A. 11 months ago

      Bruuuh lmaoo

    VIRAL VIDEOS 11 months ago +1

    Nice 🔥🔥👍👍

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 11 months ago

    looks stupid