Gordon Ramsay's Spicy Mexican Eggs

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
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Comments • 3 998

  • Kamran Ishar
    Kamran Ishar Day ago

    Wtf Gordon canned this and canned that ffs

  • ThE sHiTt
    ThE sHiTt 2 days ago

    can tomatoes WTF thats Texans food

  • Yasmin Lopez
    Yasmin Lopez 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but I've never seen nor heard of this and I'm Mexican and always eat Mexican food because of my mom. And I've been to Mexico multiple times. This is not "classic" Mexican food the fuck

  • morelia lopez
    morelia lopez 3 days ago

    we don't make this in México, we use those ingredients often but not like that, i think you just did an inspired mexican dish heh

  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim 5 days ago

    I actually hate it when ramsay cooks asian or mexican foods. It's not authentic at all and he makes everything white man oriented...

  • Gouki Senju
    Gouki Senju 6 days ago

    Like "Mexicans" created spice. 😂

  • Maximus
    Maximus 7 days ago

    How pretentious do you have to be to feel shame about using canned tomatoes?

  • Grant Todd
    Grant Todd 8 days ago

    I wish he was my dad

  • rachael clarges
    rachael clarges 8 days ago

    egg egge rgb

    gg eegg egg egg egg egg egg eghg eg rg er

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 8 days ago

    Is it just me or did thr shell look soggy??

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch 8 days ago

    Cheddar is by far my favorite cheese but does not compliment Mexican inspired flavors. Jack cheese is a better choice or a hard aged Mexican cheese.

  • Suicidal Potato
    Suicidal Potato 8 days ago

    I got an ad for Mexican food lol

  • Spiros Zanakos
    Spiros Zanakos 9 days ago

    Sitting on the toilet watching this

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H 12 days ago

    I could care how good you cook. Tear up those weenies 😂

  • Catherine
    Catherine 13 days ago

    Did he prep the corn tortillas? Or just put them in raw? 😟

  • Emisael Lopez
    Emisael Lopez 13 days ago

    What in the Taco Bell is going on here. Get the fuck out of here calling that Mexican. That’s more like his version of Shakshuka.

  • Jila Jilas
    Jila Jilas 14 days ago

    No chef Gordon Ramsay eso no se hace con los frijoles y tampoco con las tortillas, y el jitomate debe ser fresco, si es una variable de huevos está no me gusta lo siento estoy molesta y para acabarla de amolar su música de fondo deja mucho que pensar, usted necesita venir a México y pasear por sus bellos estados y probar nuestra deliciosa comida que es tan variable de un estado a otro

  • j_ s
    j_ s 14 days ago +1

    Mexicans don’t eat can beans

    • Catherine
      Catherine 13 days ago

      j_ s Practically illegal in the SW USA!

  • alzauri fatahillah
    alzauri fatahillah 14 days ago

    He turn the cam on, he zooom, he eats gordon's food, he gets paid...

  • carlosborromeo56
    carlosborromeo56 14 days ago

    This is Mexican usclip.net/video/kLekN5090oM/video.html
    The name of the dish is Mexican style eggs or huevos a la mexicana in spanish.
    What Gordon made was a poor attempt of our original dish

  • Daniel Palacios
    Daniel Palacios 14 days ago

    Eso se parece más a una versión de huevos Shakshuka, en realidad en México no se hacen de esa manera.

  • Sam Sibaja
    Sam Sibaja 15 days ago

    as Mexican that is not even fucking close to our breakfasts

  • Active_xElite
    Active_xElite 16 days ago

    Who is in control of the camera?

  • Akeem
    Akeem 16 days ago +1

    My abuela never had all these fancy ingredients and her shit taster bomb AF!

  • jbenz1990
    jbenz1990 17 days ago +2

    I’m Mexican and I know there’s other Mexicans who will say this isn’t authentic... you’re right it isnt. He’s a great chef who studies other countries foods and likes to incorporate flavors that he’s familiar with. RULE #1: Don’t think he’s trying to tell every country “I can make
    Your country’s food better than you guys can make it”! No that’s not what he’s doing. He’s just trying to add his own flavor to it. Cooking is just like art your imagination is unlimited and creative. If you’re looking to be a cook that’s studying other countries dishes don’t be afraid to change it up because there may be people who recognize the food isn’t authentic to the people but it’s delicious and different and it’s your version.

  • ana langner
    ana langner 19 days ago

    This time Ramsay is so wrong. I have no doubt that the dish tastes good, but it's NOT Mexican.

  • Héctor Chávez Pérez

    That are not mexican eggs...

  • Luis Cortez
    Luis Cortez 20 days ago

    I'm Mexican we dont eat black beans?? Only brown aka pinto

  • Flores
    Flores 20 days ago


  • joey r
    joey r 21 day ago

    i’m mexican and i’ve never had this to be honest

  • Faisal Javed
    Faisal Javed 22 days ago

    Amazing 😋

  • Dany Volk
    Dany Volk 25 days ago

    As a mexican i can say that looks pretty tasty but that isn't the way we prepare it, also we don't use all of these ingredients (-3-)

  • MrGUESS79
    MrGUESS79 25 days ago

    yaaa... no sean culeis si se eaforzo... jajaja. ramsay dont worry,,, ill teach you some mexican food, real one,.. because just by watching you using that pound of cummin gives a heartburn rightaway.. and the canned beans ... the tomatoes .. ayayayyy

  • This Is The End
    This Is The End 25 days ago

    All the triggered Mexicans...stfu its mexican style for sure. Just cus your fucking abuela didn't make it exactly like this. Yall annoying af for real tho. Pinches plebes

  • IzzyReal
    IzzyReal 27 days ago

    As a Mexican it pisses me off all the other Mexicans talking shit all the time when other cultures try to cook Mexican food. They act like Mexican food is the greatest food of all time, and as a food lover of all types of food to be honest Mexican food sometimes looks like junk food compared to other cultures food real talk.

  • Joshua Sanchez
    Joshua Sanchez 27 days ago

    LMAO I live in México and that’s not Mexican, that’s mamadas

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 27 days ago

    It is more like Morocco's Style: usclip.net/video/JVvjvwnlLaQ/video.html

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 27 days ago

    @Gordon Ramsey I invite you to my Home, Im not just talking to you for critisism, I merely want teach you real Anscient food, I growed with 90 years old Mom and my whole family used to cook big ammounts of food for big holidays. I want make you better. believe me, you're not the only person in the world who would help people to improve. If people worth it to teach, I'll do all possible to prepare the best.

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 27 days ago

    Dissapointed of your video as Million Original Mexican! You Use your Fame to distroy the foreigners view on Typical and Historical Food Receipes from many countries. You are good Creating your own receipes but dont use countries names to represent the inventions you make.

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 27 days ago

    "This is a very CLASSIC Mexican Style" Millions of Mexican people just laughing your dope. Do you even know what means CLASSIC? Do you ever spend really time as Antony Bourdain in Typical Mexican Homes? Style? WHATS' STYLE FOR YOU? GET A WEED AND DOPE TRIP TO BELIEVE STYLE IS JUST PUT A COUNTRY NAME BECAUSE IT HAS ONLY REPRESENTATIVE INGREDIENTS? POOP ALSO MIX INGREDIENTS TO GET THE RESULT AT TOILET!!!!

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 27 days ago

    Oh! I see! Gordon can clean his poop with Tortilla and he can say it is Mexican.

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 27 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey, Sorry, but Canned tomatoe? You try to ashame a hole Mexican food Story with your fame? What you did are not Mexican eggs. Sorry, but you made a new receipe that could be called "Gordon Egg Pie with Mexican music to convence stupid people these are Mexican eggs"

  • Corazon de ORO
    Corazon de ORO 27 days ago

    chef ramsie you suck that’s not mexican food you stupid, don’t desrespect my food 😡😡

  • Francisco Rivas
    Francisco Rivas 27 days ago +8

    Classic Mexican Dish Lol, Gordon with all respect but you dont have an idea of Mexican Food.

    • Ghost of GG
      Ghost of GG 10 days ago +2

      +Francisco Rivas Nobody gives a fuck shut the fuck up

    • Francisco Rivas
      Francisco Rivas 20 days ago

      If you Cook you know the fundaments of the differents types of food, Gordon is a excelent chef but its a Shame that he said that is a "Classic Mexican Style" and the reallity he is cooking food (Tex-Mex Chicano), in other words he is cooking food from Usa never Mexican.

    • Francisco Rivas
      Francisco Rivas 20 days ago

      That food is Tex Mex, not Mexican and it was terrible ejecuted .......Sorry but its the true

    • Y0G0FU
      Y0G0FU 21 day ago +2

      Anderson you have no idea how to listen properly. He said "mexican style" not authentic mexican.

  • Marta
    Marta 28 days ago

    Nah sorry Gordon, disagree with everything what has happened here. Canned tomato? Nope. And what’s the tortilla for there? Mexican eggs I had didn’t have beans but cool touch that

  • Ana Merari Salomón Castillo

    This is not Mexican food!!! Epic fail 😂

  • John White
    John White 28 days ago

    This man could cook cat food and make it taste good. You can hate his personality, but he's an excellent chef.

  • Daya Taya
    Daya Taya 29 days ago +1

    Just had some idiot tell me he trustes more Gordon ramsay with Mexican food recipes than me (an actual Mexican)... bless his little white heart.. is like me saying I trust more a white dude with Chinese recipes than an actual Chinese person lol.

  • Chito Dominguez
    Chito Dominguez Month ago

    No that's not a Mexican classic...thats a ramsey remix...basura

  • Big B Kenobi
    Big B Kenobi Month ago

    I would love to cook for Chef Gordon.

  • MrGravess
    MrGravess Month ago

    Don't get me wrong, but what the fuck is that? that dish doesn't exist and needs more salsa.

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez Month ago +2

    Real Mexican dish recipe:
    Cut up ham/wieney
    Put ham or wieney in pan
    Scramble egg
    Put egg in pan
    Put food on a plate
    Smother it with ketchup

  • Cedric Diggory
    Cedric Diggory Month ago

    As a Mexican I saw the canned beans and tortilla shell and cringed.

  • Jet Andy
    Jet Andy Month ago

    Im here to just leave a comment and say God bless to all. Comment sections need more comments of hope and love. Lets start a new trend. #faith-in-humanity

  • jaime lara
    jaime lara Month ago

    SOY MEXICANO y nunca en mi vida llegue a ver esa cosa haha pero que le pasa a este gordon :) esta loquito XD

  • Ricardo AssLips
    Ricardo AssLips Month ago +2

    The Music is incredibly sarcastic

  • Ricardo Cabrera
    Ricardo Cabrera Month ago

    Why does he insist on cooking maxi an dishes !! Gordon ,, you are a brit ,, you don’t have any he palate to achieve this dishes ,,, yeah keep opening canned beans ,,, MG !!

  • Jireh Choo
    Jireh Choo Month ago +1

    A Gordon Ramsay ad

  • Its Reema
    Its Reema Month ago

    You are a best chef 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳I love u❤️❤️

  • Heintzchel
    Heintzchel Month ago +16

    Is that gordan Ramsey using CANNED TOMATOES

  • Set Qesu
    Set Qesu Month ago

    Chef, what can you do if your lactose intolerant?

    • Set Qesu
      Set Qesu Month ago

      +xyz39808comments Never ate the stuff much anyway. You do you and stfu.

    • xyz39808comments
      xyz39808comments Month ago

      Set Qesu have fun never eating baked goods, cheese, ice cream & arroz con leche and pretending to have a disability when we have a cure.

    • Set Qesu
      Set Qesu Month ago

      +xyz39808comments I don't want to live on pills.

    • xyz39808comments
      xyz39808comments Month ago

      eat normally but take lactase pills that are pretty damn cheap

  • Luis Fuentes
    Luis Fuentes Month ago

    Solo le faltó las heidinaranjitas para esos huevos heidimegarelocos estilo mexican

  • Markus Higuera
    Markus Higuera Month ago

    Black beans aren’t traditionally mexican they’re from cuba and costa rica

  • Rishi Vachaspathy Astakala

    Gordon Ramsay eats so much hot Mexican food that even her eggs are spicy.

  • JChanMont
    JChanMont Month ago

    Imagine one eggyolk was deformed when he puts it in the tomato sauce, it'll ruin all haha

  • monatob
    monatob Month ago

    This is not mexican....

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman Month ago

    Looks good bit this is not mexican. More like shakshuka

  • RDT
    RDT Month ago

    Shame I can't taste any of the foods.

  • tonyuccsb
    tonyuccsb Month ago


  • Miguel Villasis
    Miguel Villasis Month ago

    As a Mexican, I approve. Not a 100% mexican dish but a really good-looking one

  • Sepultura510
    Sepultura510 Month ago

    What exactly makes this Mexican inspired again? The tortilla? The black beans? Canned tomatoes. Canned black beans. Non Mexican cheese. Gtfoh Gordon. Stick to beef wellingtons.

    • eduardo sampoia
      eduardo sampoia Month ago

      Sepultura5gay...I wonder if the vegetables were watered with raw sewage? Now that would make it authentic mexican.

  • Anthony Miranda
    Anthony Miranda Month ago

    Guarantee this isn’t Mexican.

  • Julio Cesar Granados Muñoz

    Eso no es mexicano r.r

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams Month ago

    Lol “I’m a little embarrassed for using canned tomato paste” respect

  • TheBizarro
    TheBizarro Month ago

    I'm Mexican and I've never had this lol but I respect Ramsay for the new dishes!

  • RAIDERS #1
    RAIDERS #1 Month ago

    No mamas

  • Khaki_ 323
    Khaki_ 323 Month ago

    Reading all the expert comments from people who can't even cook themselves is a blast lmao

  • Salma Hussain
    Salma Hussain Month ago

    Since when is cumin Mexican?

  • Estrella H
    Estrella H Month ago

    As a Mexican this shit looks good af. I might try making it. It’s not the same as my abuelitas food but hey it looks good

  • Al Al
    Al Al Month ago

    Add a nice ..teaspoon.. ofolovol

  • Rosie Rodriguez
    Rosie Rodriguez Month ago

    I'm sorry but you didn't do justice to Mexican food.

  • danielsonn77
    danielsonn77 Month ago


  • Yea Boiii
    Yea Boiii Month ago +6

    2:52 I’m convinced they use the same shot for every brunch/breakfast video

  • Ju4n530
    Ju4n530 Month ago

    Puras mamadas gringas. Luego luego se ve que no es comida tradicional. En méxico nunca se parten las tortillas ni se usan esos trastes que son como para pays. Pura gringada es esa. Y para acabarla el jiomate estaba enlatado. Wacala.

    • eduardo sampoia
      eduardo sampoia Month ago

      You cut them as you're eating them...what's the difference?

    • eduardo sampoia
      eduardo sampoia Month ago

      Their his tortillas...he does what he wants with them...get over it.

  • Donald Cecil
    Donald Cecil Month ago

    His kitchen looks like a farmer's market.

  • Bryan Garcia
    Bryan Garcia Month ago

    World class chef but can’t cook anything that is authentic Mexican food... sad!

  • TheAnimeadoreable
    TheAnimeadoreable Month ago +2

    98% of comments: "I'm Mexican"
    90%: *speaks Spanish unnecessarily to show they're Mexican*
    99% *complaints about dishes*
    But little do they know...that no one will actually listen or care and will make this dish calling it Mexican eggs :D

  • jocelin guadalupe
    jocelin guadalupe Month ago

    habla en español wey

  • Al Rey
    Al Rey Month ago


  • Fernando Cortés
    Fernando Cortés Month ago +2

    Please STOP! You will NEVER cook any mexican meal properly.

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee Month ago

    Looks like shasuka....

  • Dem Morales
    Dem Morales Month ago

    Not to Bash Ramsey, but Rick Bayless makes real Mexican food. This is just some alternative interpretation.

  • Kade Lishbrook
    Kade Lishbrook Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey has Spicey Mexican's Eggs

  • Scientist Albert Einstein

    Can tomatoes? HELL NO!
    Come one Gordon, you can do better than that!

  • Arturo Gonzalez
    Arturo Gonzalez Month ago

    Todos saben que en México el horno no es para cocinar sino para guardar ollas y sartenes. Ni pensar en hornear unos huevos...

  • Fili Valle
    Fili Valle Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey where the fuck thit you get that bullshit😂😂

  • Fili Valle
    Fili Valle Month ago +1

    Jajaja that is not Mexican mister Ramsey 😂😂😂

  • Yuri Yo
    Yuri Yo 2 months ago

    Everyone spewing hate and not calling it authentic... just remember he’s a world renowned chef while a lot of your are cooking from your half broken ass stoves. 😂

  • Talon Xavier Gum
    Talon Xavier Gum 2 months ago

    Fuckin ratchet,.no way Jose. would I make this 4 my opposite

  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez 2 months ago

    CUMIN GARLIC are not part of Mexican eggs