James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • CONAN Highlight: When a man confused James for his landlord, there was only one thing James could do - pretend to be his landlord.
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Comments • 1 602

  • I have no creative Youtube name so here I go

    That’s amazing

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen Day ago

    Oh man I wish I had any interest in computers other than "normal"

  • johnvuu
    johnvuu Day ago

    dontevenreply is that you?

  • Bob k
    Bob k Day ago

    Best wrong text message i got, was from a girl i knew from school (This was not intended for me): Hey Babe Xx Hows 'bout tonight (two emoticons).

  • Joseph shepherd
    Joseph shepherd 2 days ago


  • Fred M
    Fred M 2 days ago

    I lost it at “Remove all 4 walls” LMFAOOO

  • Jintian Meng
    Jintian Meng 2 days ago +1

    My mistake. How can I help? Phil.

    *GAME ON*

  • LuigiTime9
    LuigiTime9 2 days ago +2

    Oh my god i was crying while he introduced his four step plan.

  • Nathanael Gong
    Nathanael Gong 2 days ago +1

    3:41 your welcome

    • kibstar1
      kibstar1 Day ago

      Nathanael Gong thank you

  • Kscott McCauslin
    Kscott McCauslin 2 days ago +1

    made my day

  • CyberNonymous G
    CyberNonymous G 3 days ago +1


  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 3 days ago

    Man I wish Conan o'Brien was this funny.

  • alishanmao
    alishanmao 3 days ago +1

    he is now my current stand up comedy :D

  • Simone Miller
    Simone Miller 3 days ago


  • Nina nooneknows
    Nina nooneknows 3 days ago +1

    3:44 the use of all the blue arrows here to signify air flow killed me omg

  • AM
    AM 3 days ago +1

    hey I mean, he DID say he was indeed the landlord without letting him explain. Not sure I could be that ten/ten, but I would probably had done the same, but just say to remove everything and just replace it all with ice XD

  • BBBMamba
    BBBMamba 3 days ago

    First saw this guy's Ted Talk about replying to scam artists via email, and it was hilarious

  • zombabeger
    zombabeger 3 days ago

    This soooo good

  • Buster the real one aka Bart the guy


  • Prajwal Sagar
    Prajwal Sagar 3 days ago +1

    I have seen a hell lot of comedy but thing was the most hilarious one I ever saw

  • masterokbut
    masterokbut 4 days ago

    I bet the guy looked back on this and just laughed. :P

    EVZYL 4 days ago

    I LOVE this guy. He always cheers me up after a sh_tty day.

  • LeeTeeArr
    LeeTeeArr 4 days ago +1

    3:49. Where are the red arrows?

    • kibstar1
      kibstar1 Day ago

      LeeTeeArr that’s the real question

  • Prosperity Gruesome
    Prosperity Gruesome 4 days ago

    This guy is on top of modern day technology comedy

  • Diva the Cat
    Diva the Cat 4 days ago +3

    He should get a free toaster for this

    • Obesno0
      Obesno0 Day ago +1

      Nah, he should be given a stake in HUMMUS. It's going places.

  • It’s time O’ clock
    It’s time O’ clock 5 days ago +1

    Bless this man

  • Scarida Ghostly
    Scarida Ghostly 6 days ago +6

    Imagine being the guy from 11 dover place and finding this video.

  • Anonymous Majestic Emo

    I would just be like
    "So can we be friends now?"

  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 7 days ago

    Saw this guy on TED talks

  • Priestess Persephone

    i have to keep watching this cuz it is too fricken funny - i cant image him being able to top this

  • Clarissa Marsfiels
    Clarissa Marsfiels 7 days ago

    I would take James Veitch into my bed and have sex with him. I hope he breeds good! :3

  • Jurian Westerik
    Jurian Westerik 7 days ago

    That guy genuinely makes me laugh!! :)

  • Lea Kersnick
    Lea Kersnick 8 days ago

    He needs to be an auctioneer

  • jal63
    jal63 8 days ago +7

    1 question...
    How has he not been arrested for fined yet??
    Edit: I do love his work and comedy, it's hilarious and has shown me that...ducks...are the loves of my life

  • PaulJayFFF
    PaulJayFFF 9 days ago

    03:43.... genius

  • Tori Mastel
    Tori Mastel 9 days ago


  • Strike Ecozzocn
    Strike Ecozzocn 9 days ago

    This guy is hilarious!

  • Priestess Persephone
    Priestess Persephone 9 days ago +1

    omg i cant stop laughing

  • Paul Fox
    Paul Fox 10 days ago

    This guy is awesome 👏🏼

  • Dawn Of Ender
    Dawn Of Ender 10 days ago

    TᕼE OᑎE TᕼIᑎG I ᗩᑕTᑌᗩᒪᒪY ᒪᗩᑌGᕼ ᗩT ᙭ᗪ (OTᕼEᖇ Tᕼᗩᑎ ᑕᗩT ᐯIᗪEOᔕ)

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk 10 days ago +1

    I had a dude call me Jason on the phone the other day I'm Bruce but he presist and on the second call we had an hour conversation about title replacement in his kitchen I even took notes

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 10 days ago

    Isn't this basically Joe Lycett's schtick, only done not quite as well?

  • lightning core
    lightning core 11 days ago

    Damn, how can someone be so funny

  • Wendi Laing
    Wendi Laing 11 days ago

    That guy was totally rude to the wrong comedic genius.

  • Greta M.
    Greta M. 11 days ago

    I am binge watching his bits in the middle of the night and now I won’t sleep because I can’t stop giggling.

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 11 days ago

    James is awesome he needs to do more videos

  • Kaela C
    Kaela C 12 days ago

    Drinking water while watching this, I may have dribbled some onto my desk

  • Salamat osu!
    Salamat osu! 12 days ago

    I don't understand people who send stuff to the wrong number have to be so defensive when called out about it... if someone tells you that you "might" have the wrong number, then maybe check...

  • Naomi Bartholomew
    Naomi Bartholomew 12 days ago


  • Sandy ,
    Sandy , 12 days ago

    i couldn't breath the whole time, this is priceless XD

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 12 days ago

    Who texts their landlord on something like that? Be an adult and actually call them.

  • Natalie Harkness
    Natalie Harkness 12 days ago

    I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂 I'm literally in tears LMFAO

  • Nguyen Hang
    Nguyen Hang 13 days ago

    This guy is brilliant

  • Artimus Protensor
    Artimus Protensor 13 days ago

    I once got a bunch of wrong number texts and phone calls from a guy whose girlfriend had cheated or ditched or something. Very threatening texts and phone calls. It took me half the night to convince the idiot that I'd never met him, never met his girlfriend, didn't live where he thought I did, and wasn't even black. (He kept calling me the N-word, though not in a racist way, since he was clearly black himself.) I probably should've shown him a picture of my very white self holding my nice, huge, techy-looking, modern iteration of a giant double-barrelled shotgun...

  • ww ww
    ww ww 13 days ago

    you are sooo funny man really am not kidding or so really

  • Msterielle
    Msterielle 14 days ago

    I only found James on you tube today. I didn't know he existed. Now he's my daily laughter provider. Hilarious. I haven't laughed like that for a while. Thanks James.

  • kxmode
    kxmode 14 days ago

    The kicker is his total blissful smile to the audience! Like the way a kid tells a knock-knock joke for the first time! :)

  • kxmode
    kxmode 14 days ago

    Zero cursing! Seriously! How awesome is that?! Super funny and family friendly to boot! :D

  • Y C
    Y C 14 days ago +1

    You are so funny, can't stop laughing!

  • Jdizzle Daplaya
    Jdizzle Daplaya 14 days ago

    3:45 that's how you literally break the 4th wall 😂😎😃😄

  • Jdizzle Daplaya
    Jdizzle Daplaya 14 days ago

    This dude needs to be casted as a super villain. He sounds like that evil genius who would love everything he is doing so much he wouldn't hesitate to tell everyone.

  • Aniko 15
    Aniko 15 14 days ago

    This guy is a legend. Someone get him a medal

  • Miles Coverdale
    Miles Coverdale 14 days ago

    Brilliant dry sense of humour, nothing mucky, just clean and funny

  • Jdizzle Daplaya
    Jdizzle Daplaya 14 days ago

    Get this man his own TV show!

  • tommy karrick
    tommy karrick 14 days ago

    What a person to accidentally text

  • sasha forever
    sasha forever 15 days ago

    Gummy bear

  • Charles Kelly
    Charles Kelly 15 days ago


  • Anime Fanime
    Anime Fanime 15 days ago

    Will you be my best friend?

  • Calaban2005 Vlogs and Gaming

    To be fair, he was the one who didn't allow James to let him know that he had the wrong number, so he kinda deserved that.

  • CountArtha
    CountArtha 16 days ago

    This whole exchange was made up, and I can tell because BOTH participants had good grammar.

  • Isabella Detlefsen
    Isabella Detlefsen 16 days ago

    Step 1: Remove all four walls.

  • Milica Timberlake
    Milica Timberlake 16 days ago

    Whenever I see one of James videos, I think it's Ellen. I never pay enough attention, but I don't regret clixking the video 😆😆

  • Dennis Szabo
    Dennis Szabo 16 days ago

    Well he DID tell the guy he wasnt the right person:-D

  • NoGain NoPain
    NoGain NoPain 16 days ago

    Where did this guy come from he’s funny I’ve seen three of his videos so far and they all are funny

  • James Val3ntøn
    James Val3ntøn 16 days ago

    Phil! You make me angry Phil

  • Cyber Infotech
    Cyber Infotech 16 days ago +1

    Hi phil

    Swift here from flex tape. The ultimate adhesive that even works underwater and on glass.

  • Philodice
    Philodice 17 days ago

    Trigger alert. I almost died laughing.

  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres 17 days ago

    Okay now I kinda want James to pull a prank on me... is that weird?

  • MoonBunny
    MoonBunny 17 days ago

    This is honestly amazing

  • KitKatPotato
    KitKatPotato 17 days ago


  • Josephine Goh
    Josephine Goh 17 days ago

    He should've replied "oh brilliant. when would you like me to knock off those windows?" When the owner texted "so you can knock it off"

  • Dina Simoné
    Dina Simoné 17 days ago

    I love this guy so much!!!

  • Krisna R
    Krisna R 17 days ago

    I just discovered James and he is hilarious!

  • Angry-est
    Angry-est 18 days ago

    This is fuccin hilarious

  • Paul Donald
    Paul Donald 18 days ago

    I'm crying. He's brilliant.

  • Ian McPherson
    Ian McPherson 18 days ago

    I went to college with James Veitch and saw him shout at a panel of black female student speakers that the N word isn't offensive, and it's only offensive to them because they allow it to offend them...he used the full word in their presence. He was also accused by at least one woman of sexual assault and I believe her

  • Caffeine Latte
    Caffeine Latte 18 days ago

    I had to decide, I could watch this or be social, I chose this.

  • Lunar Eclipse367
    Lunar Eclipse367 18 days ago

    XD i love this dude he is freaking great. Lol

  • SuperGaleford
    SuperGaleford 18 days ago +1

    These are all fake but still funny

  • Dan T.
    Dan T. 18 days ago

    Quite frankly, this guy is totally hilarious. can watch him over and over again

  • Pierre C.
    Pierre C. 19 days ago

    - "Hi Phil."
    - "I'm not Phil."
    End of joke

  • K. Popper
    K. Popper 19 days ago

    Do you think I could hire James to handle my divorce?

  • Plamen Rashkov
    Plamen Rashkov 19 days ago

    absolutely jenious ...
    thank you - please do more...

  • AR P
    AR P 19 days ago

    I love this man!!! xD

  • Sue Collins
    Sue Collins 19 days ago

    James I love you!

  • udo dirkschneider
    udo dirkschneider 20 days ago

    Hard to believe this guy's stories

  • Leroy Stone
    Leroy Stone 20 days ago

    That's great!!!!

  • Free Zone
    Free Zone 21 day ago

    i love you man ahahahah

  • Jennifer Kieljan
    Jennifer Kieljan 21 day ago

    OMG I can't stop crying since the GIF part!

  • Taylor H
    Taylor H 21 day ago

    I love this 😂😂😂