10 Shocking Things Found In Your Favourite Foods!

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Top 10 Shocking Things Found In Your Favourite Foods!
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Shocking Things Found In Your Favourite Foods!!! We all love food and drink but there have been some crazy things found in these foods wether it be McDonald's fries, Oreos, Mountain Dew and more! Check out these crazy things found in foods that would even shock Gordon Ramsay!
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  • Top 10s
    Top 10s  Year ago +1315

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    • Anthony Maharaj
      Anthony Maharaj 17 days ago

      How I, smell you p.u and bo you stink you're hairline Ben like Ben 10

      PENCILMATION FAN Month ago

      Sometimes i trust foods

    • black streets C.C
      black streets C.C Month ago

      We appreciate you reminding us what to do before eat our food thank you so much

    • Jenny Strusz
      Jenny Strusz 10 months ago

      This is gross but cool

  • FCBB the gamer
    FCBB the gamer 11 hours ago

    If I see a rat in my bread I would have a heart attack

  • Epic Derpy
    Epic Derpy Day ago +1

    I remember eating school lunch and always finding hair in my food, but still eating it.

    • 10000 subs
      10000 subs Day ago

      I found a fish in my apple juice

  • lυcĸy clover
    lυcĸy clover Day ago

    i'm watching this while eating half of these foods and it makes me question what my choices are

  • Bibi Baqi
    Bibi Baqi 2 days ago +2

    This is a little story... when I was a kid, I would love ores a lot like SOOOOO much I would eat 3 packs like everyday and that picture changed my mind

  • Ivan Jr
    Ivan Jr 3 days ago

    Once, i found ham in my hamburgers 🍔

  • IDontKnow MyName
    IDontKnow MyName 3 days ago

    *I'm never going to M'c Donald's again*

  • Stephanie Collins •Queen to a King•

    I think baby food should be sold in plastic containers or plastic jars. I've always been one to watch what I'm eating because I've found a few different things in different foods throughout my 30 years.. maggots in macadamia nut cookies, glass in baby food, mouse droppings in boxes of cereal, and keep in mind, Every one of the packages were bought brand new from the store

  • Stephanie Collins •Queen to a King•

    Done 🤩😎🤗

  • Darrell plays
    Darrell plays 4 days ago


  • X_pvpmaster_X 10
    X_pvpmaster_X 10 5 days ago


  • Tropical_Chloe
    Tropical_Chloe 6 days ago

    Burger king foot lettuce

  • Joshua DOC Miracle
    Joshua DOC Miracle 6 days ago

    Can i plz get a shout out

  • cool dude
    cool dude 7 days ago


  • Aqsa
    Aqsa 8 days ago +1

    Eww I can't twist the oreos I just bite into it 😑

  • samzo and friends
    samzo and friends 9 days ago

    I have subed and liked

  • Willow _Claws
    Willow _Claws 9 days ago +1

    *NUMBER 15:*

  • GoogleIsDeafIdiots
    GoogleIsDeafIdiots 9 days ago


  • Hernan Damian Ibarra

    I once found a bit of weed in my sandwich

  • John Baradas
    John Baradas 9 days ago

    I just ate ice cream

  • John Baradas
    John Baradas 9 days ago

    Everyday i eat oreos i split the oreos up

  • Rabaani singh
    Rabaani singh 9 days ago

    I found a worm in oreo cookies 🐛🐛

  • Drake
    Drake 11 days ago

    One time when I was maybe I think 5 years old I was having some pizza rolls and one of them I couldn't chew so I think I split it in two, if I remember correctly and I found a brown spiky ball in one of my pizza rolls, luckily I didn't eat it or got sick, after I saw that, I wasn't hungry anymore.

  • Haze King
    Haze King 12 days ago

    Frinch friys

  • CraZyKaT 2009
    CraZyKaT 2009 14 days ago

    I almost ate a fire ant sucker if it wasn’t for my cousin who pointed this out

  • Carissa The Comic
    Carissa The Comic 14 days ago +1

    The Oreo cookie was mine when I was in my old home m 9 now turning 10 also in the video it says I was shocked LIES nope I was not shocked so maybe THINK IF PEOLE WOULD BE SHOCKED maybe they won't no haters reply saying it was not mine please

  • Cindi Fornicola
    Cindi Fornicola 14 days ago

    1:31 ME

  • TheDinocoGamer
    TheDinocoGamer 15 days ago


  • Marco Viti
    Marco Viti 15 days ago

    liar wrong

    OUTATIME 15 days ago

    Ashamed to NOT really find anything in my homemade onion SALAD but, vegetables... Lol, I mean pika ~😁😉

  • Sofia papaspanos
    Sofia papaspanos 16 days ago


  • Dre Tahir
    Dre Tahir 16 days ago


  • RHJSJSBZBVS zbzgvxvs
    RHJSJSBZBVS zbzgvxvs 17 days ago

    I eat Oreos now then when I bite there's a spider worse guys

  • Odd3sout :3
    Odd3sout :3 17 days ago

    Once I found a piece of cheese in my grilled cheese!

  • Majin Prince.
    Majin Prince. 17 days ago

    Number 15 , Burger King foot lettuce...

  • gamerboy23 23
    gamerboy23 23 17 days ago

    number 0.5, bananas
    Bananas with white spots on the peals hide Brazilian wandering spiders or mold.

  • my reww
    my reww 18 days ago

    I don't eat anything I eat grass

  • The Random Guy Named Bob

    I would be that spider.

  • silver hit
    silver hit 18 days ago +2

    Number 14
    Taco Bell piss nachos. The last thing you want in your taco Bell taco is somebody's piss, but as it turns out that might be what you get.

  • Little C
    Little C 18 days ago


  • gary wharton
    gary wharton 18 days ago

    also its mountain jew not dew when spoken

  • gary wharton
    gary wharton 18 days ago

    hold up if he bit into a small sandwich knife it could take his life??? u fucking joking man people get there throat slit and survive worst thing it would do is cut your lip/gum lol

  • The awesone nintendo fan

    Disney buyied mountain dew
    And put an mouse in it

  • Gamer_of2006 Yeet
    Gamer_of2006 Yeet 19 days ago

    NIBBA this dude dumb everyone knows that you can only have one.
    *ONLY O N E*

  • Adam Ndiaye
    Adam Ndiaye 21 day ago

    Disgusting groos

  • Bacon Bacon
    Bacon Bacon 21 day ago

    Mom: Oh my god I think I saw a mouse on the floor!
    Dad: Son. Get the Mountain Dew. Now.
    Son: Got ya dad. * gets Mountain Dew out of the fridge *
    Dad: * takes Mountain Dew and puts it into a water gun and starts shooting the mouse *

  • Taiwo Ojo
    Taiwo Ojo 21 day ago

    Why is it always me Donald insalted can't it be Wendy's

  • Abby Simonson
    Abby Simonson 24 days ago

    my brother found a tooth in his mc donalds hamburger

  • A Person
    A Person 24 days ago

    I think ate a knife

  • Bruce Bat nred Herrera Dimas

    . You don't like me when I'm mad so don't please don't talk about my Mountain Dew

  • Christian Fischer
    Christian Fischer 24 days ago

    What is the intro song

  • Katherine’s Life
    Katherine’s Life 26 days ago


  • Armon
    Armon 26 days ago

    Find a Band-Aid and any type of food that's definitely High bile right there that's gross that is really gross

  • Armon
    Armon 26 days ago

    If I was going to feed my child some baby food out for that s*** into a ball check in and make sure it's clear to eat for the child

  • Armon
    Armon 26 days ago

    Our bodies and our mouths is strong enough to handle the acid that's in pop but I don't know about the mouse though but that is gross I might have to test that one out

  • Regal
    Regal 27 days ago

    I stopped eating outside food. I make all my foods at home and pack. 👍🏾

  • Moussa Miller
    Moussa Miller 27 days ago

    at my friends house I found a stink bug in a closed can of root beer. i didn’t find out until after i drank half of it...

  • Moussa Miller
    Moussa Miller 27 days ago

    I found a vegan in my salad

  • _Pumpkin_Friend_
    _Pumpkin_Friend_ 28 days ago

    The way he says sandwich.

  • asuna yuuki
    asuna yuuki 28 days ago

    i dont eat from subway

  • Shiromi Torayoshi
    Shiromi Torayoshi 29 days ago +2


    • BegoneTHOTDab [GD]
      BegoneTHOTDab [GD] 7 days ago

      +Majin Prince. r/whoosh

    • Majin Prince.
      Majin Prince. 17 days ago

      Shiromi Torayoshi They pretty much warned you, also dislike and your just another shitty hater Lol. XD Delete our retarded comment

  • User Name
    User Name 29 days ago

    who doesn't like Big mac {me} -_-

  • Jasmine Bryan
    Jasmine Bryan 29 days ago

    Cool plus grouss

  • RACON 2
    RACON 2 29 days ago


  • Strahinja Čolić
    Strahinja Čolić 29 days ago +1

    My friend found in bread 10 spiders

  • ricky burroughs
    ricky burroughs Month ago +3

    One day my mom had a chocolate bar and then she opened the wrapper and took a bite sat it down and went to the bathroom and then she came back and grabbed the chocolate bar and took a bite and there was a spider 🕷on it and it crawled off of her tongue and then it was on the floor and she got on the table and yelled MOMMM THERE IS A SPIDER!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!.the end! Another story I was a toddler me and my mom went outside and saw a spider and I stomped on it and said bad spider!!! The end!..I am also going to like my comment so t least I have one comment!!Comment to me unicorns 🦄 if u read this all literally it all not just look over some of it no one will know to comment unicorns 🦄 if they haven’t read this all🤫

    • Majin Prince.
      Majin Prince. 17 days ago

      Screw unicorns, and also Both story’s are Lies , first of all .. STORY 1: Your mom left Chocolate bar on table and then Walked away and came back and spider and it jumped off her tounge and so she jumped on the table and yelled MOM THERES A SPIDER! Wasn’t it your mom who jumped on the table, Oh and also.. If you see a spider on the ground and stomp it for no reason your simply just cruel , nothing about that is Ok.. that proves how fucking sick us humans are.. Spider Not bad , U are. Bad Human!!

    • Lucy Andre
      Lucy Andre 23 days ago


  • Mr. PUG
    Mr. PUG Month ago +2

    this was a SHARP video LOL ( Good pun)

  • Mr. PUG
    Mr. PUG Month ago

    i neverd liked subway anyway so idc

  • MiniBotRTV ツ
    MiniBotRTV ツ Month ago

    mcdonalds black burger

  • Amber Miller
    Amber Miller Month ago

    I love it

  • The1lightingblt
    The1lightingblt Month ago

    Not sooubay!!!!!

  • Rachel Tupang
    Rachel Tupang Month ago

    My is tha insek

  • Rachel Tupang
    Rachel Tupang Month ago


  • Rachel Tupang
    Rachel Tupang Month ago

    Im realy shock im not eating that 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    F O O T L E T T U C E

  • Making Vids but weird and object shows each year

    I found a mini figure but white and i thought it was a white edible thing but it was a white mini figure
    And I found that in my Rosca because I found it in 1/6/2019 I think

  • Cat_Chameleon
    Cat_Chameleon Month ago





    I forgot to check my oreo so my tummy is burping

  • JungSoo Ok
    JungSoo Ok Month ago

    I... should be on a diet... :S

  • Lily Mafia
    Lily Mafia Month ago +1

    One time I bite into my taki & there was a piece of plastic in it & my mouth was blessing & I told my mom & she was like wth

  • Pokeblue 6
    Pokeblue 6 Month ago +6

    *Once, I found something in my cereal*


    ASHAN MOHAMMED Month ago +1

    IN DISCOVERY this Oreo cookie will be BEAR GRILLS favourite food

  • GlazedSugar
    GlazedSugar Month ago

    Number 420 Burger Fling Taco Fungus Gæt

  • Sary Hasann
    Sary Hasann Month ago


  • pavan Mannava
    pavan Mannava Month ago

    The cockroach at 5.30 😓😷😷

  • nealmcevoy
    nealmcevoy Month ago


  • PD_DrunkY
    PD_DrunkY Month ago


  • TalesBubbles
    TalesBubbles Month ago

    Done!!! :)

  • Hornet Knight
    Hornet Knight Month ago

    My friend david found a dead fly and may or may not have taken a bight before she checked... Blechhh

  • HypedV
    HypedV Month ago

    me: whats this in my burger?


  • Elias Hundley
    Elias Hundley Month ago

    I found instagram in my face book

  • Lincoln Strickland
    Lincoln Strickland Month ago

    I'll die of starvation!

  • nahom Robal
    nahom Robal Month ago


  • Mr. Paradox
    Mr. Paradox Month ago

    This is what u gæt

  • STB11 Gaming
    STB11 Gaming Month ago +1


  • Serperior Chaos
    Serperior Chaos Month ago

    The Hash Browns part. OK that's it! I'm unsubscribing!

  • Serperior Chaos
    Serperior Chaos Month ago


  • Myire cristina Alvarez

    I haven't seen nothing but i did see something in ny grandmas food and it was a slug

  • Shannon Ellard
    Shannon Ellard Month ago

    Every time I order cheesy Roll-Ups at taco Bell I get gross things in them like green things that I don't want