Optimizing the Snake Build

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • The snake build is one of the hardest classes to succeed as, but with TierZoo's guide, you can create a truly menacing character.
    This project took me a lot longer to make than I expected, thanks for being patient! Also, I'm making about $1 per hour spent editing currently, so please consider subscribing so that I can afford food and videogames k thanks www.patreon.com/TierZoo
    Had to re-upload many times because of copyright nonsense.
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  • Bhq
    Bhq 7 hours ago +1

    lmao that first clip the snake getting walked by squirle

  • disbelievepapy
    disbelievepapy 11 hours ago

    At least snake is S-tier in ultimate

  • chum chumlog
    chum chumlog 20 hours ago


  • TheIsle GamingSavage
    TheIsle GamingSavage 21 hour ago

    Pls do a snake/lizard tier list

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 23 hours ago

    0:43 looks so bad-ass

  • Boco
    Boco Day ago

    I’m going to play as a house fly

  • kangy is normal
    kangy is normal Day ago +1

    Persanaly my main is a squirell I know they have low stats but their bite combos are really good they also have very little hitboxes so there good for evading attacks if u haven't played a squirell I highly recommend it there super fun to play as

  • Everybody S
    Everybody S 2 days ago

    I hear someone b hopping

  • Emperor Palpitoad
    Emperor Palpitoad 2 days ago

    Where would the black mama fall under?

  • Grubby aye aye
    Grubby aye aye 2 days ago

    I was wondering why you didn't mention The inland taipan. A Snake with the venom equivalent of a nuclear bomb in its mouth. My question is this how the hell do they get the stats? How long is the PWR bar on that build. How do you compare The inland taipan to something like the black mamba. A snake that has been known to chase players once aggroed.

  • Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

    We have 20 FT snakes downs here in the Everglades🤪

  • Stian Andreassen
    Stian Andreassen 2 days ago +1

    We need a cat build that specs into venom ranged abilities. If it doesn't defeat you with their cuteness ability, they'll have blindness.

  • kewl buddha boi
    kewl buddha boi 3 days ago

    But we all know the most OP reptile in the game is the ridley purple dragon.

  • macdara o'grady
    macdara o'grady 3 days ago

    Great video but I still believe that tipans should be in mid a their ahead of constrictors and pit vipers

  • Vicente
    Vicente 3 days ago

    Interesting, as a native spanish speaker, you just made me realize there's a difference between poison and venom. In spanish we just have "veneno" for both.

  • fardeen ahmed
    fardeen ahmed 4 days ago

    Why didn't you cover the elapid class?, which contains notorious mains, such as king cobra, black Mamba, Coral reef snakes, copperhead, etc, etc.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 4 days ago +3

    Does anybody know the song/beat name of:
    0:09 - 0:55

  • Justin Huang
    Justin Huang 5 days ago

    I want a game in the game.

  • This is bad
    This is bad 5 days ago

    I mashed the wrong button so I’m a human

  • HeadPhoneHound
    HeadPhoneHound 6 days ago

    They don’t call the cobra the king for no reason

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 6 days ago


  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury 6 days ago +5

    Inland Taipan, Eastern Brown and Black Mamba would like to have a word with you!

  • Steven Moutoux
    Steven Moutoux 7 days ago

    I heard the beginning beat somewhere before any one know the song ?

  • Adam Fedkiewicz
    Adam Fedkiewicz 7 days ago

    Oh i get it lifes a game but i dont kno how much xp i got......

  • sandeep biswal
    sandeep biswal 7 days ago

    What about black mamba ... Has very good speed, size and fast acting venom.

  • honathan soir
    honathan soir 7 days ago

    You havent really given your take on the parasitic faction yet im curious about your take

  • Shazzy S
    Shazzy S 7 days ago

    Humans are so op we don't need to even try imagine if everyone started working out and learn how to hunt,crast and kill

  • Scott Green
    Scott Green 8 days ago

    Some Rattlesnakes have venom with neuro and hemo toxicity. Mojave and Neotropical Rattlesnake venom kills extremely fast.

  • Tre lll
    Tre lll 8 days ago

    But snakes are very much so stealthy

  • Oraciana Knight
    Oraciana Knight 8 days ago

    Damn it, dev already removed Titanoboa build.

  • J V
    J V 8 days ago

    How can I access the Pac-Man (SSB4) build? 2:52

  • De'Roi Tomlinson JR
    De'Roi Tomlinson JR 8 days ago


  • Jonathan Kohls
    Jonathan Kohls 8 days ago

    Well in some VERY IMPORTAND Point I so Not Agree with you.
    1. Constrictors have not insane Camoflage:(?!?!???) Even if Constrictors are Huuuge for snakes they still are Thin and so have at last very good Camo because roods and Something Like that Look similar.
    Of course Other snakes have better camo
    The second is a bit of a hint and not a disagree: Constrictors have a suprise and range advantige because they can make a bit of a Ball (\\//\\//\\//\\>) and than expand quickly and Close a gab of 1,5m or so(=======>) while the pray Item still feels save because the Snake is far away and does not know that the Snake can expand.(I know that every Snake can that but I Just had to Highlight ist at the constictors because you highlighted it as an disadvantige)

  • lokino The Moonborn
    lokino The Moonborn 9 days ago

    really wish there was an MMO based on this

  • Evan Flips
    Evan Flips 9 days ago

    You did no research most South American rattle snakes have Nero and hemo toxin and a rattle for intimation
    Btw wtf is this video format

  • Sebastian Muslera
    Sebastian Muslera 9 days ago

    3:27 fucking bus driver-imaginary places. Dope

  • fabrizzio monsalve
    fabrizzio monsalve 9 days ago

    the biggest pythons are apex predators so constrictor dont have any problems, they dont need to hide

  • _ Felidae _
    _ Felidae _ 10 days ago

    Anacondas are boas

  • Eggø Waffles
    Eggø Waffles 10 days ago

    I was here thinking this was a game

  • Sirus Fischbacher
    Sirus Fischbacher 10 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the song at 4:47 ?

  • Noah Page
    Noah Page 10 days ago

    You do realize most snakes are constrictors, right?

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma 10 days ago

    "The official game Wiki..."
    ... so.. just... wikipedia.

  • Sal Deluca
    Sal Deluca 11 days ago

    I feel like this is a guide for the next life

  • Albert Diaz
    Albert Diaz 11 days ago

    Do a Manatee build, they are very OP

  • Terven James
    Terven James 11 days ago

    Why tf st in a God damm snake is 0 are you crazy 0 🤦‍♂️💁‍♂️

  • hamiltondrew
    hamiltondrew 11 days ago

    The runescape music is so nostalgic

  • Boredish
    Boredish 11 days ago

    You’d be a good back up player to tell the main player what their opponent is like

  • Will Lupold
    Will Lupold 11 days ago

    no mention of any of the most venomous snakes in the world? (which could kill any animal in the world except maybe a large ass whale) damn dude, i thought you did your research

  • Will Lupold
    Will Lupold 11 days ago

    love that you show a snake (most likely purposely) hit by a car as one of your first videos...

  • Doctor Bright
    Doctor Bright 11 days ago

    Wait what about the black mamba it is fast and venomous

  • j 157
    j 157 11 days ago

    Have you guys heard of the legendary onix
    A really solid class

  • Black zero1z
    Black zero1z 11 days ago

    anaconda dude

  • LotionMan
    LotionMan 11 days ago

    snakes are like spiders, theyre spooky and intimidating but generally bad. others however are completely terrifying and dangerous

  • SAMMYBOI _128
    SAMMYBOI _128 12 days ago +1

    Someone legit needs to make this game

  • ShepardVI
    ShepardVI 12 days ago

    Must not be in the south. Copperheads and Rattlesnakes are very viable trust me

  • Sicknasty
    Sicknasty 12 days ago

    Snakes can be thought of as dps but high skill cap

  • Morayzilla
    Morayzilla 12 days ago

    What about the danger pool noodle?

  • Tlyer2
    Tlyer2 12 days ago

    Dr dre what’s the difference

  • jaap ten dijk
    jaap ten dijk 12 days ago

    What's the difference between me and you

  • Cameron Miri
    Cameron Miri 12 days ago

    What’s the song at 3:35

  • Steve
    Steve 12 days ago

    I love and hate this game but can’t stop playing

  • dilophosaurus venenifer
    dilophosaurus venenifer 12 days ago +1

    Every time I watch one of these videos it makes me want to buy a game that doesn't exist.

  • Grimm boi
    Grimm boi 12 days ago +2

    As a viper main I can confirm that our venom while slow is VERY deadly

  • Darcie Clements
    Darcie Clements 12 days ago

    What, no seasnake class?

  • Kenneth Morgan McGregor

    Cobras were always my fav snake

  • Shuglee
    Shuglee 12 days ago

    1 2 Oatmeal
    Please continue :)

  • yoboi rr888
    yoboi rr888 12 days ago

    My main is a spectacled cobra. It has the ability to scare predators with it's false eye spots. It is effective against smaller snakes, vipers, rats, lizards, birds, and humans.

  • piarro
    piarro 12 days ago

    Road hog strongest grab😂

  • Plush Universe
    Plush Universe 12 days ago

    Eventually every snake will become a Cobra

  • kaygirl10101
    kaygirl10101 13 days ago

    This is a pretty cool video format. Really well done.

  • Psychic Refugee
    Psychic Refugee 13 days ago

    If this was a real game I'd freaking play it. Choose an animal at the start of the game and then level it up by defeating other animals.

  • Xiao hei 15
    Xiao hei 15 13 days ago

    Another great video!

  • V K
    V K 13 days ago

    Where does Kevin Durant rank in this meta?

  • SlapNation Harry
    SlapNation Harry 13 days ago

    Snakes are the coolest build in the whole game. Don't care if there garbage

  • squek seal
    squek seal 13 days ago

    Hey TZ, can you talk about the "pet" build?