How Well Do You Know Me?!

  • Published on Jul 13, 2016
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Comments • 4 880

  • David Corbett
    David Corbett 4 days ago

    J Fred rlly won

  • Poolguy 1964
    Poolguy 1964 6 days ago

    How can you never break a bone but had your nose broken your nose 3 times

  • Nazear D. Housey
    Nazear D. Housey 6 days ago

    that wig made bryan look like a hispanic Donald Trump

  • AngeloCeee
    AngeloCeee 14 days ago

    4:51 Just wait boy.......

  • Dominic Gross
    Dominic Gross 23 days ago

    The eyes of evil

  • ItsPhonix
    ItsPhonix 28 days ago +1


  • Madeline Alison
    Madeline Alison 29 days ago

    who is here after bryan broke his 🖐

  • Stuff King
    Stuff King 29 days ago

    Bryan your nose has a bone in it and you break that

  • Kate R
    Kate R Month ago

    What are edge points?

  • Ameli Iarotchi
    Ameli Iarotchi Month ago

    *Bryan at the start of the video*: I'm your host Ryan and I will be asking questions about myself
    Me: But I thought it was questions about Bryan 🤔

  • DJ Falcon
    DJ Falcon Month ago

    Matt shut up. Vanilla is my favorite flavor as well. Its really good

  • Brittany Moreno
    Brittany Moreno Month ago

    Bryan said he has never broken a bone but then said he broke his nose what?

  • Duo Dares
    Duo Dares Month ago

    You guys scored so bad it was wrong 😂 lol

  • Sonny James
    Sonny James Month ago

    5:59 what did Bryan say?

  • Lucas Mauceli
    Lucas Mauceli Month ago

    I did pentathlon
    -Greko Roman Wrestling
    -Long Jump
    -Relay Racing
    I won

  • Jaden Ruzzi
    Jaden Ruzzi Month ago

    I love hockey

  • Jeetu Aswani
    Jeetu Aswani Month ago

    BRYAN: I have never broken my bone
    (Next question)

    BRYAN: How many times have I broke my nose
    MATT: three


  • My penis is extremely small but,

    Everyone in the comments is saying, "How can he not have broken a bone if he broke his nose three times!" The nose does not have a bone, it has cartilage.

  • Yousif Younan
    Yousif Younan Month ago

    He broke his nose but he said he hasn’t broken any bones the nose is a bone

  • Hockey4life Brady
    Hockey4life Brady Month ago

    Yo your nose is a bone

  • Nancy Azhari
    Nancy Azhari Month ago +1

    Byran what year was i married
    Joey 2008
    Matt 2010
    Joey 2009
    Byran correct
    Me thats the year i was born!!!

  • toast is good
    toast is good Month ago

    Bryan asked have I everbroaken a bone ,thenhe asked how many times have I broaken my nose and it it was 3 so he did break a bone!

  • Rachel Prendergast
    Rachel Prendergast Month ago

    my dads cousin dated superman

  • Zohaib Siddiqi
    Zohaib Siddiqi Month ago

    Bryan:I have never broken a bone
    **Bryan breaks his arm**

  • dishman 26
    dishman 26 Month ago

    Bryan:I've never broken a bone
    Bryan:how many times have I broke my nose

  • Brianna Poliseno
    Brianna Poliseno Month ago

    You said you have never broken something before and then you said you broke your nose three times??????????

  • Tammi Roose
    Tammi Roose Month ago

    0:14 Matthias timed his oh perfectly before the bleep. So it sounded like he said “Oh bleep”

  • borninak83
    borninak83 Month ago

    That's my brothers favorite food

  • Quinn Ostovitz
    Quinn Ostovitz 2 months ago

    Bryan: True or false, I have never broken a bone. Matt: True! Bryan: correct. ( next ) Bryan: How many times have I broken my nose? Matt: Three times. Bryan: correct!
    My reaction: ............... THERE ARE BONES IN YOUR NOSE!!!!! LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheQueenOfSarcasm13
    TheQueenOfSarcasm13 2 months ago

    He’s never broken a bone but has BROKEN his nose?? There are three bones in your nose

    • ToXic_Swordfish
      ToXic_Swordfish 2 months ago

      I’m certain that it isn’t a bone

    • TheQueenOfSarcasm13
      TheQueenOfSarcasm13 2 months ago

      ToXic_Swordfish I really hope you’re joking but without hearing tone idk

    • ToXic_Swordfish
      ToXic_Swordfish 2 months ago

      They aren’t human bones they’re shark bones but they don’t really count as a bone

  • leah Nord
    leah Nord 2 months ago

    Hello gunner the runner

  • Patrick Reyes
    Patrick Reyes 2 months ago

    7:13 lol

  • Julie Kuni
    Julie Kuni 2 months ago

    J-Fred: we want you to say hello to what ever he is Gunner the runner
    J-Fred: ok times up get out of here

  • Gaming Quest
    Gaming Quest 2 months ago +2

    4:34 if I here you your fired

  • Melissa Law
    Melissa Law 2 months ago

    2009 was when i was born'

  • Yoonicorn Studios
    Yoonicorn Studios 2 months ago

    I guess Bryan thinks his nose bone is not a bone

  • Yoonicorn Studios
    Yoonicorn Studios 2 months ago

    2019 anyone. I’m doing this to get likes

  • Molly Plays
    Molly Plays 2 months ago

    Brain says I've never broken a bone ends up being true..5 seconds later how many times have I broken my nose ??????

  • Marley Almosa
    Marley Almosa 2 months ago

    My favorite frute is also mango and im sorry if i speld speld and frute

  • Ann McNelly
    Ann McNelly 2 months ago +1

    I was born in 2009

  • Someone
    Someone 2 months ago

    Isn't Bryan Matt's brother?

    • Thebordgamers
      Thebordgamers 2 months ago

      I’m sorry but what the hell did you just say?

  • JHC World
    JHC World 2 months ago

    Now gunners gone 😞

  • c.lvssicpea
    c.lvssicpea 2 months ago

    anyone else realize it would have been 11-9 if it wasnt for the -1 at the start when matt didnt get it right

  • Mason Phillips
    Mason Phillips 2 months ago

    Ryan has never broken a bone like 5 seconds later he’s broke his nose more than once

  • Shelley Graham
    Shelley Graham 2 months ago

    if you have broken your nose then matt was wrong on the previous question

  • FaZe Mexican13
    FaZe Mexican13 2 months ago


  • emmit spofford
    emmit spofford 2 months ago

    GO VANILLA! Anyone that thinks vanilla is good, like this comment!

  • The Dark Prince
    The Dark Prince 2 months ago +9

    Bryan: i don’t care about the heat
    Bryan: I cannot work in a hot environment

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 2 months ago

    J-fred had 9 and Matt had 8

  • Jordan Gevarel
    Jordan Gevarel 2 months ago

    I luv Rush Hour 1

  • Naliya Lytle
    Naliya Lytle 2 months ago


  • Naliya Lytle
    Naliya Lytle 2 months ago

    I love rush hour it is a amazing moviw

  • Burnt chicken nuggets
    Burnt chicken nuggets 2 months ago

    Now gunners gone!😭

  • Rabab Zaidi
    Rabab Zaidi 2 months ago


  • John Cruis
    John Cruis 2 months ago

    I miss matthias in the team edge

  • Mason Wong
    Mason Wong 2 months ago

    Joey: Fun fact Haagen Daaz is sposed to spund Swedish but it’s actually a made dup werd

  • RockyRoblox !!!!
    RockyRoblox !!!! 2 months ago

    4:29 rip headphone users

  • Tomas Ahumada
    Tomas Ahumada 2 months ago

    He broke my AirPods

  • Custom Reaper
    Custom Reaper 2 months ago +3

    When you shoved a zucchini down your throat

    By Mat

  • TC Cuber
    TC Cuber 2 months ago