AVENGERS ENDGAME Tony Stark's Dream Theory! (Pepper Fate Revealed)

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame Update! Pepper Potts mysterious role confirmed with major hint dropped by Gwyneth Paltrow! Did Tony Stark foreshadow a critical plot development for Endgame in the opening scene of Avengers Infinity War? Erik Voss analyzes Paltrow's statement alongside the other clues that you might have missed pointing to Pepper's fate in Endgame. What four possible directions could Pepper's final Marvel film go? Could Pepper Potts die in #AvengersEndgame, or will she be revealed in superhero form as Rescue?
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  • Azamat Zhunussov
    Azamat Zhunussov 2 days ago

    I have a theory that all events occuring in "Avengers Endgame" were Tony Starks dream. Kinda wishful thinking+PTSD. And nothing shown in 2019 flick really happened. What do you think?

  • Peter Joseph
    Peter Joseph 7 days ago

    Oh boy these theories

  • GoChang
    GoChang Month ago +3


  • dfailsthemost
    dfailsthemost Month ago

    The way Tony says "you trust me here, right?" to Cap struck me as a question coming from a Tony from an alternate reality. It could be Tony from a world where he and Cap never fell out.

  • Pritpal Singh
    Pritpal Singh Month ago

    lol no katherine is roled as kate bishop i guess

  • Elsie Zhang
    Elsie Zhang 2 months ago +1

    oo what if Pepper and Tony get stuck in the realm

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 2 months ago

    Maybe tony and pepper kiss each other while their dying

  • Jolie Shipton
    Jolie Shipton 2 months ago

    Death. Stony forever

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez 2 months ago

    No, I'm Eric Voss!

  • Mark Hoodzy
    Mark Hoodzy 2 months ago

    its pretty obvious tony and cap are gonna die...endgame

  • Redstoneboy427 _
    Redstoneboy427 _ 2 months ago


  • Redstoneboy427 _
    Redstoneboy427 _ 2 months ago +1


  • nickthemusicnerd27
    nickthemusicnerd27 2 months ago

    Tony CANNOT retire, do you really think he’s just gonna sit around and let people die

  • Datboi to the power of 9 Williams.

    Peter came back from the field trip and the infinity war happens

  • Patrick Louie Cute Flores

    If you remember in ultron tony wants a farm and settle down with pepper so that might happen after end game..

  • Jiya Shariff
    Jiya Shariff 2 months ago

    Pepper should die

  • Saurav Nayak
    Saurav Nayak 2 months ago

    Erik vosss

  • Brandon Asbury
    Brandon Asbury 2 months ago

    Langford is going to be kate bishop.

  • Mickeal Pugh
    Mickeal Pugh 2 months ago

    Any other #BodegaHive members saw Desus and Mero at 0:20 ??

  • Ethan Tiongson
    Ethan Tiongson 2 months ago

    *I’m salty about pepper*

    I’ll leave now......

  • Donovan O'Farrell
    Donovan O'Farrell 2 months ago

    The Russo’s LOVE these characters and a movie with them at the helm wouldn’t kill Tony. I can see Captain America laying down his life, as it would reverse the roles of Avengers (2012) when Tony “lays down on a wire” and flies the nuke into the portal created by the tesseract. I’m guessing Cap sacrifices himself so Tony can “go home” with pepper and possibly start their family. It allows even further completion of Steve’s story arc as his sacrifice would allow Tony to have the life that Steve wanted with Peggy but couldn’t have.

  • Katerina Zatka
    Katerina Zatka 3 months ago

    Who confirmed that Far From Home is AFTER Endgame? 2:10

    • LeAnna Tate
      LeAnna Tate 3 months ago

      Kate Z head of Marvel and Sony both did

  • Dennis Skovdal
    Dennis Skovdal 3 months ago

    Sorry guys, but it’s not Pepper saying: “I’m going to...” or “you’re going to...”
    It’s Friday saying: “I’m going TOO.”

  • Jennifer Clarke
    Jennifer Clarke 3 months ago

    Happily ever after w Morgan Stark!!

  • Double Trouble Gamers
    Double Trouble Gamers 3 months ago


  • Conor McMullen
    Conor McMullen 3 months ago

    You didn't say "Hi im Rocket Daddy'" and I am extremely dissatisfied

  • simonas zalalis
    simonas zalalis 3 months ago

    I think pepper will die and tony stark will be even more motivated to kill thanos also I think supergiant's coming to end game.

  • A.S.
    A.S. 3 months ago +1

    5:20 u douchbag I am going too is said by Friday.
    Indicating that Friday would no longer be available

  • Handsome White Man
    Handsome White Man 3 months ago

    Why didn’t you say “hi I’m rocket daddy”

  • Schehrazad A
    Schehrazad A 3 months ago

    I think Pepper will die and effectively Tony will retire

    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 months ago +1

    I will miss pepper :'(

  • Jul L.
    Jul L. 3 months ago

    Pepper may die due to child birth. *shrugs*

  • Smitty Smith
    Smitty Smith 3 months ago

    I think almost all avengers will retire after End game..... this might be the last movie

  • Fate Snyder
    Fate Snyder 3 months ago

    4:57 the person who says I’m going too if Friday not Pepper and she’s telling Tony that he’s out of range

  • sayonara crossing
    sayonara crossing 3 months ago

    Fire Emblem Morgan

  • Anon Reaper
    Anon Reaper 3 months ago

    Damn good thing i commented the pepper theory on one of the past Pepper videos lol YOURE WELCOME

  • Heather King
    Heather King 3 months ago

    What if in the universe that we see in the endgame trailer, more than half of the people disappeared? Cuz in that picture that says "Where do we go, now that they're gone?" there are, I think, 5 shadows and only 1 person. Also, it seemed like a whole lot more than half of the Wakandans disappeared in Infinity War?

  • Vibhor Gosain
    Vibhor Gosain 3 months ago

    Winter soldier will pick up CAP's shield as marvel hinted all this time long with the star on his mechanical arm the same star on CAP's shield and on chest of CAP's costume and in latest trailer of end game it's winter soldier who is buckling up the shield not captain america

  • Vibhor Gosain
    Vibhor Gosain 3 months ago

    Doctor strange will return to sanctum to protect the earth and will have a sequel and so does wakanda will be rebuilt and black panther will too have a sequel

  • Vibhor Gosain
    Vibhor Gosain 3 months ago

    Vision will be reserected and Scarlett and vision will too live a normal life , Hawkeye will retire with his family and may be hulk n black widow too retire for good with Bruce taking out hulk gamma cells from his body

  • GonzalesClassroom
    GonzalesClassroom 3 months ago

    i really hope that they dont do the whole alternate reality thing on top of the timeline thing

    BABY THOMAS 3 months ago

    What is the role of Ty Simpkins (HARLEY) IN ENDGAME ????

  • Captain Avalon
    Captain Avalon 3 months ago

    I want to see the Rescue armor in the MCU

  • Qull
    Qull 3 months ago

    Well, maybe original Avenger team retires in the same way that Captain Marvel had retired for the last decade or so.

  • Lloyd O'Connor
    Lloyd O'Connor 3 months ago

    The clip from infinity war when Tony gets on ebony maws ship it’s Friday that says “im going too” not pepper

  • Rockett Gamez
    Rockett Gamez 3 months ago

    What if tony gets injured to the point where he is forced to retire?

  • TomoyaC
    TomoyaC 3 months ago

    Pretty sure the words Im Going Too is said by Tonys AI FRIDAY or are they not?

  • Mason Mann
    Mason Mann 3 months ago

    Pepper = Skrull

  • Jaiswal Siddharth
    Jaiswal Siddharth 3 months ago

    I thought Tony's AI says "I'M GOING TOO" when they leave earth.

  • Batman Shadow The Hedgehog

    Cool Video 👌

  • Logan Murray
    Logan Murray 3 months ago

    Laughed at "happy ending" timeline

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 3 months ago +1

    I'll sacrifice myself to kill Thanos and bring the others back. Its ok guys I got this. Someone hold my beer.

    UNCHA1N3D ALPHA 3 months ago

    That wasnt pepper who said it it was friday because shes says boss...I'm going too

  • DooM r1mmx
    DooM r1mmx 3 months ago

    Pepper could only save tony not nebula 😂

  • Windson Ma
    Windson Ma 3 months ago

    Hopefully the Happy Joy Joy ending where Pepper and Tony gets Married and walk off in to the Sunset, and the reason that Tony Stark is No longer Ironman any more is because after the wedding scene we take a massive time jump to whatever age and Now there child is the MCU's Version of Iron Heart. And some time between that scene and that Time Jump Scene that I was talking about Tiny Stark retires of being a Superhero, maybe because he doesn't want his child to grow up with out a father, or maybe he figures there are plenty of Superheros out in the world already they don't need him aside from the occasion Mentoships, or it could be something else. Or it could be a Combination of the first things that I mention.

  • Rae’Quan Morgan
    Rae’Quan Morgan 3 months ago

    I still believe that all of the answers to ENDGAME are in Age of Ultron

  • Marthur Aorgan
    Marthur Aorgan 3 months ago

    Why are we sure it was Pepper who said, “I’m going to...”? That couldn’t have been Friday?

  • xnavarrox 21
    xnavarrox 21 3 months ago

    "Im going too" is Friday speaking

  • Jacob Simon
    Jacob Simon 3 months ago

    Wait, Stark said "...We named HIM after your uncle..." so, I guess that's theory denied.

  • Joshua Galvan
    Joshua Galvan 3 months ago

    I have a theory in the first avengers Tony ask about what phase 2 is and when he finds out Nick fury tells him that they are going to use the teseract to make a weapon to fight any unearthly threat. As you look at the set photos they are where the first avengers take place what if they're there to get/make those weapons to fight thanos

  • Kaitlyn Burk
    Kaitlyn Burk 3 months ago +1

    I’m always waiting for that good old “Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye”

  • diva1675
    diva1675 3 months ago

    Pepppee becomes rescue and get Tony and they retire.

  • dturner9297
    dturner9297 3 months ago

    Pepper is a Skrull?

  • S1m0nDE
    S1m0nDE 3 months ago

    Any chance that the ones who we see after the snap are not the ones who are leftover but those who were snapped away? The dusty people wouldn' t be tge ones who die but only those who are not existing in this maybe mindstone world. Anrman and Captain Marvel could escape on the Quantum realm and the other heroes stay to keep thanos safe in this not real world.. maybe...

  • Seth Gilbee
    Seth Gilbee 3 months ago

    Are everyone's dust flying in the same direction? Notice how buckys ashes stayed practically right near the snap location but some of the others drifted in a certain direction. Everyone's dust on titan flew away in the same direction

  • Douglas Jimenez
    Douglas Jimenez 3 months ago

    Any chance Endgame ends with wedding of Tony/Peppers and they retire, ride off into the sunset.

  • Barbara Szczepan
    Barbara Szczepan 3 months ago

    I would like the retirement theory to be true, thank you

  • Kemon Tillman
    Kemon Tillman 3 months ago

    I see Jussie Smollett

  • ata2d 1969
    ata2d 1969 3 months ago +1

    OMG!!! 😂😂😂 Am totally cryin’ and dyin’ after watching the speeded-up version with Eric sounding like a squirrel on meth! 😂😂😂

  • Talking reviews
    Talking reviews 3 months ago


  • Carolanne Darrigo
    Carolanne Darrigo 3 months ago

    it would be to much for marvel to introduce time travel this far into the MCU

  • Maksik Czyżol
    Maksik Czyżol 3 months ago

    5:08 "going to" that was friday talking to stark

  • Emi77CABJ
    Emi77CABJ 3 months ago

    friday is "going too".

  • Marcus White
    Marcus White 3 months ago

    I thought it was Tony's AI that said (I'm going too) after Pepper's signal was lost.

    HUNTiNG SNiPER 3 months ago

    Tony die , Pepper retire, that what I think.

  • Mr. Frozenwater
    Mr. Frozenwater 3 months ago

    I've always said Tony and Pepper should retire at the end of the series.

  • Gin Black
    Gin Black 3 months ago

    I would like to see Pepper Potts as a humanitarian figure in the rescue suit saving lives left and right

  • Avery Pope
    Avery Pope 3 months ago

    Friday says "i'm going too" right?

  • Andy Tay
    Andy Tay 3 months ago

    Erik. I call BS. Thats not what Tony's dream was. It was happy with marriage and children. Rewatch and listen to it carefully. Pepper is QUITE ALIVE in it.

  • Olivia Kujala
    Olivia Kujala 3 months ago

    They could retire to Titan 2 after defeating thanos

  • Beth Marta
    Beth Marta 3 months ago

    What if they get divorced

  • zedex 3
    zedex 3 3 months ago

    In avengers age of ultron nick fury says “here we all are back on earth with nothing but our wit and our will” . Other than Thor none of the other avengers at this time had left earth. What does fury mean by what he says?

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia 3 months ago

    Friday was the one that said “I’m going too” not pepper

  • Janethan Ricanibante
    Janethan Ricanibante 3 months ago

    I have a feeling Captain Marvel won't be a boxoffice hit, just break even.

  • King'SAnimus07
    King'SAnimus07 3 months ago

    That’s not Pepper!!!! That was Friday 🙄

  • SkyBlue3D Minecraft
    SkyBlue3D Minecraft 3 months ago +1

    My queston is how Black widow knew Thanos plan i 1st trailer for Endgame?

    • Cat MIA
      Cat MIA 3 months ago

      Ehm bruce found the phone of stark and called steve and told them everything... they were all in wakanda fightening against the "aliens" and thanos...

  • Kayleigh Crandall
    Kayleigh Crandall 3 months ago


  • AL CY
    AL CY 3 months ago

    any chance you can talk normal in your decent videos??? this is jjust beyond ridiculous and distracting.

  • Arnab Mishra
    Arnab Mishra 3 months ago +1

    Its "I am going too" not "I am going to"

  • Jaswanth Sai
    Jaswanth Sai 3 months ago

    hey Eric! do u remember that Tony had created arc reactor prototype from a cave with a box of scraps to save his heart where tony became Ironman, and now again we can see the same thing happening in endgame, what tony is going built in that ship, will it be going change the whole endgame?
    I think u can make a video regarding this. Love Ironman

  • Randy Zeitman
    Randy Zeitman 3 months ago

    Thanos knew Stark so why not all of Dr. Strange’s magic.
    Why didn’t Strange simply send Thanos to an unknown place?

  • Barrett, Charles
    Barrett, Charles 3 months ago

    The “im going too” was said by Friday

  • Tazz Mission
    Tazz Mission 3 months ago

    what if in the quantum realm they go threw they see a alternate reality of tony and pepper being parents?

  • neiljuice
    neiljuice 3 months ago

    i hope that there is a real *real* consequence when they reverse/fix the world. maybe the tradeoff is all the current surviving members disappears, but that would mean nothing really. if only one or two people have to sacrifice themselves to save everyone, it's an obvious choice. there must be some scar left.

  • Lucia Barrett
    Lucia Barrett 3 months ago

    In days of future past quick silver has tow sisters is one of them scarlet witch in the x men Universe

    EVaFRESH MOLINO 3 months ago


  • Ethan Carraturo
    Ethan Carraturo 3 months ago

    🅱️epper 🅱️otts

  • Franklin Yeung
    Franklin Yeung 3 months ago

    4:58 I'm pretty sure the "I'm going too" was Friday saying that she's gonna lose connection.

  • Captain Nerd
    Captain Nerd 3 months ago

    Paltrow is still beautiful.

  • María Mateo
    María Mateo 3 months ago

    Thank god she’s gone...