Brad Uses Moldy Rice (Koji) to Make Food Delicious | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


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  • Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey Day ago

    That cat meow sounded so real I thought my cat was freaking out across the room from me. Holy sheese Vinny don’t scare us like that

  • Zachary Folse
    Zachary Folse 3 days ago

    It’s pretty cheap... 10.99$ a lb xD can get fillet for 9.99 where you getting your short rib??? It’s beef super expensive where they are located? I stay in Texas so bone in short rib goes for 3.99-4.99 per LB :3 can get fillet cheaper than what he gets his short rib for

  • Cj Groom
    Cj Groom 5 days ago

    Stop cutting out brad’s rambling!! It’s the best part

  • Mary Mitts
    Mary Mitts 6 days ago

    Interesting stuff. Kind of tough to watch the camera angle change every 2 seconds thought.

  • acebulf
    acebulf 6 days ago

    I did this with the chicken and now I have AIDS.

  • Eli Ayase
    Eli Ayase 7 days ago

    the beef really looked like dry aged

  • serpentineufo
    serpentineufo 8 days ago +1

    _Alex Grossman_

  • Tes M.
    Tes M. 8 days ago

    Brad you put raw meats of different kinds, right, next to each other? Chef Ramsay would be shaking his head

  • Tommy Lightfoot
    Tommy Lightfoot 10 days ago

    Did anyone get sick?

  • Ava Scott
    Ava Scott 11 days ago

    Alex Grossman
    G H O S T

  • jessica innes
    jessica innes 12 days ago

    i legit replayed the first 5 seconds a hundred times, tears streaming down my face XD XD XD

  • 058Martine
    058Martine 13 days ago

    Is this safe?

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander 13 days ago +1

    He makes fun of the "wourder" but not the "expecially"?

  • Mollie Carlson
    Mollie Carlson 14 days ago

    :thought = ......forgot" I died :D :D :D So sassy.

  • Sandwich Casserole
    Sandwich Casserole 14 days ago

    Sooooo did anyone get sick? :D

  • Armory
    Armory 14 days ago

    If I'm not mistaken Koji is the culture they use for Sake, It's awesome, all it does is turn starch into pure glucose and then starve, I wish they sold a lightly processed version of Koji Sugar, it would be awesome, Glucose is the only natural sweetener our body knows what do with, sucrose breaks into a glucose and a fructose and fructose is just poison to us.

  • Gesh S.
    Gesh S. 15 days ago

    Whoever edits these videos is a genius, a fudging genius

  • Jenni Valentine
    Jenni Valentine 17 days ago

    Huh. Well that's kinda cool.

  • Lara H
    Lara H 17 days ago +2

    I legitimately don’t know how “vinnie” keeps quiet so much

  • Valentína Vancáková

    Did he just say "hey guys"?
    I guess he is not talking just to Vinny anymore...

  • Jarred Anderson
    Jarred Anderson 18 days ago

    Daaamn Claire’s thick 3:35

  • Steven Keating
    Steven Keating 19 days ago

    We need an unmasking of Vinny. Let's get a video of them together maybe Rapa or Claire filming lol

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 21 day ago


  • andy jj
    andy jj 23 days ago

    that cat noise scared me and my cat

  • Mateus Leon
    Mateus Leon 23 days ago

    Are they still alive? Sure.

  • Borax
    Borax 24 days ago

    I thought you had to devein shrimp?

  • Kelly Pruitt
    Kelly Pruitt 24 days ago

    Did anyone get sick?

  • Corey Stevens
    Corey Stevens 25 days ago

    Whoever edits and does the FX in these videos needs a raise and a promotion. Brad's hilarious, but it's the editing that makes it special.

  • Draukagrissah
    Draukagrissah 26 days ago

    but did they died

  • Luis Paredes
    Luis Paredes 26 days ago +1

    3:34 got the real meal in the back

  • Jana Mahn
    Jana Mahn Month ago

    I’ve never been one to call people by name while I’m talking to them so I find it so funny when someone does. It cracks me up how much Brad says Vinny lmao

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black Month ago

    plot twist, vinny is a different person every episode or so

  • guerrero luis
    guerrero luis Month ago

    #"Hope nobody gets sick" 😂😂😂

  • Kezia Goodman
    Kezia Goodman Month ago

    um is that safe?

  • Siim Kook
    Siim Kook Month ago

    shrimp needs to be deveined :(

  • Master of the universe

    my name is Vincent and I love this show

  • letthou
    letthou Month ago

    The editing cracks me up

  • kiki y
    kiki y Month ago

    where do you get the koji rice?

  • PBody& notSherman
    PBody& notSherman Month ago +1

    Thats... disguisting

  • Ben Whittington
    Ben Whittington Month ago

    “Hope nobody gets sick”

  • Dante Velasquez
    Dante Velasquez Month ago

    I hope Brad makes tempeh ....

  • Robert Lunsford
    Robert Lunsford Month ago

    I cover my meat with cheesecloth in the fridge.

  • Jillian Henriques
    Jillian Henriques Month ago

    Can we get a Vinny reveal?

    • ArgentAbendAzure
      ArgentAbendAzure 19 days ago

      His name is Vincent Cross.Look him up on Instagram.

  • LovelyTofu
    LovelyTofu Month ago

    My local Japanese market puts koji on some of their fish - I'll have to pick some up next time!

  • Sierra Rey
    Sierra Rey Month ago

    Love that his version of relatively cheap is $10 per pound. Can't wait to the day that cheap is $10 per pound.

  • DevInvest
    DevInvest Month ago

    “Tray of Carnage”
    Either a great restaurant name-
    Of an Monty Python Holy Grail character!

  • Stephanie Reneé DeRamus

    Issa no for me dawg 🤢

  • JMS1089
    JMS1089 Month ago

    I thought you were suppose to add water to koji

  • Natalie Fiddlesworth

    Why didn’t he devein the shrimp 🤢

  • Mary Bradley
    Mary Bradley Month ago

    "Some people like that charred flavor. Some people call it BURNT"

  • Monica lopez
    Monica lopez Month ago

    Brad is husband and dad material.

  • Sean B
    Sean B Month ago

    Brad never fails to make me laugh lol

  • misidee
    misidee Month ago

    So, when do we get to see Vinny?

  • Iden Elliott
    Iden Elliott Month ago

    6:21 "it really penetrated from both ends"

  • Nicklas Wallen
    Nicklas Wallen Month ago

    "funky, but in a good way..." xD

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person Month ago

    brad talking to vinnie all the time reminds of francis york morgan and zach from deadly premonition

  • Juicy_Shitposts
    Juicy_Shitposts Month ago

    Dude that's like 16€ a kilo that's not cheap thats highway robbery!

  • Orowaxx
    Orowaxx Month ago +1

    no boneless pizza?

  • Erelas
    Erelas Month ago

    Does Rick wear a bell yet?

  • Ninad Joshi
    Ninad Joshi Month ago

    The video editor does a fantastic job with brad videos

  • Zoë Murray
    Zoë Murray Month ago

    I love whoever edited this lololol

  • Collin Gonzalez
    Collin Gonzalez Month ago

    Whoever edits these videos has excellent comedic timing great job

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat Month ago

    Vinny and Brad make such a good team, yo

  • Jason N
    Jason N Month ago

    So, did anyone got sick from the chicken?

  • The guy with the red hat

    Jeezus Christ vinny, we need to put a bell on you!

  • Ashley Duncan
    Ashley Duncan Month ago

    Alex Grossman - Ghost

  • Samantha
    Samantha Month ago

    this whole episode brad reminds me of charlie from its always sunny

  • Lauren Hicks
    Lauren Hicks 2 months ago

    The editing on this is BOSS 😂😂😂😂

  • Joey Kirkland
    Joey Kirkland 2 months ago

    ...and not a word about how the shortrib turned out.

  • Claire Chan
    Claire Chan 2 months ago

    Brad doesn't need to cook cus he already a snack

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez 2 months ago

    brad looks like a lumberjack

  • Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw 2 months ago

    Japan is pooping itself right now! :-)

  • bigj2637
    bigj2637 2 months ago

    I can tell Chris is the kind of guy who loves American cheese, spam, Hersheys chocolate, cheese in a can, oscar meyer bologna, etc.

  • Taric Alani
    Taric Alani 2 months ago +1

    He left meat out to rot and then ate it.

    • Taric Alani
      Taric Alani Month ago +1

      The chicken sat unrefrigerated. Bit me.

    • Briny Sweet
      Briny Sweet Month ago +1

      Taric Alani go to 2:46 AND 4:42. The stainless cabinet is a refrigerator. You're welcome. Christ. It's a cooking series, not a kitchen appliances series.

    • Taric Alani
      Taric Alani Month ago +1

      He left it outside. Are you blind?

    • Briny Sweet
      Briny Sweet Month ago +1

      Taric Alani It was refrigerated, for heaven's sake. He mentions putting them in the reach-in.

    • Taric Alani
      Taric Alani Month ago +1

      Susie Queue, oh, right, leave meat out for hours, perfectly fine...

  • Bailey Knapp
    Bailey Knapp 2 months ago

    Who is editing this because I love it so much I’m sad that not all videos are like this

  • jbot91
    jbot91 2 months ago

    Moral of the story. Koji is really unnecessary. Don't bother with it.

  • d4thev
    d4thev 2 months ago

    Does anyone know what apron he's wearing?

  • timmahtown
    timmahtown 2 months ago

    wow - got annoying post production crap?

  • Leo L
    Leo L 2 months ago

    Please rub your body with koji. Please.

  • Cstumps
    Cstumps 2 months ago

    Whoever is the editor of these videos is amazing

  • newking70
    newking70 2 months ago

    Brad looks like Oliver Hudson.

  • dakota schaffer
    dakota schaffer 2 months ago

    Always de vein shrimp becauss that vein is its intestines

  • roseface
    roseface 2 months ago

    Can we get a status update on the health of the taste testers 24-36 hours after the taste? lol

  • A DC
    A DC 2 months ago +1

    Vinny is my favorite character of this series

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro 2 months ago

    Who’s Rick?
    * gasp *
    Have you been using another cameraman?!

  • Tanner Hawkins
    Tanner Hawkins 2 months ago

    The editing on this series rules! Keep it up

  • Matt Smally
    Matt Smally 2 months ago

    Hey brad and vin I own a bar in Melbourne Australia so you two get free drinks yeah

  • Varsha Patibandla
    Varsha Patibandla 2 months ago

    "it penetrated from both ends" yes. Yes it did.

  • LunarAlmanac
    LunarAlmanac 2 months ago

    v i n c e n t

  • Angelina Bartz
    Angelina Bartz 2 months ago

    I love the editing

  • Brooke Ashley
    Brooke Ashley 2 months ago

    I thought I was hallucinating for a second

  • Sifi0142
    Sifi0142 2 months ago

    the editing killing me XD

  • tuff_lover
    tuff_lover 2 months ago +1


  • Kelsey Woodie
    Kelsey Woodie 2 months ago

    Who edits this? Can they edit my life?!

  • goodolarchie
    goodolarchie 2 months ago

    Mold is just nature's way of telling us that it prefers carpet to hardwood

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H 2 months ago

    The people complaining about aged or "molded" food probably also eat cooked yolks 😂

  • CameraBox
    CameraBox 2 months ago

    Brad mentions putting a bell on vin
    I actually dont recall ever hearing him speak. Maybe he does need one

  • AwkwardTorian
    AwkwardTorian 2 months ago

    "Comes to find out, I'm the only one that calls you Vinny" 😂😂😂

  • John Grayson
    John Grayson 2 months ago

    Didn't de-vein. That's a paddlin'

  • Lazyzombie
    Lazyzombie 2 months ago

    Has brad ever given himself food poisoning