What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear | STORYTIME


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  • sakkijakki
    sakkijakki Day ago

    After this video I booked my first parachute jump, I'm terrified but excited for it :D

  • James FromAZ
    James FromAZ Day ago


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 days ago

    Thumbnail looked like a fortnite video

  • Bryan Escabosa
    Bryan Escabosa 2 days ago

    WoW I really liked it!!

  • Kim wright
    Kim wright 3 days ago

    Why am I Crying. This is beautiful!

  • Kami Bays
    Kami Bays 3 days ago

    “God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear” - Will Smith

  • Sgt Benton
    Sgt Benton 4 days ago

    Hah, I remember calmly booking a skydive online, clicking submit and then completely freaking out. :D

  • Elena Aragon
    Elena Aragon 5 days ago

    PREACH!!! 🙌🏽

  • Oooo khair
    Oooo khair 5 days ago

    Plz safe for we sir

  • ash Hill
    ash Hill 6 days ago

    I love your take on this!! It's amazing your outlook on life

  • alonda gladden
    alonda gladden 7 days ago


  • madam lyné
    madam lyné 7 days ago

    I just love the words will said in the end...thats why i take risks its fun👊🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MusicEvryDay
    MusicEvryDay 7 days ago

    I watched this with my friend the night before we skydived and gotta say...I slept much better then I thought I would! Thanks Will!

  • Roy Bickford
    Roy Bickford 12 days ago

    Also from your BIGGEST FAN... I have another face your fear quest? Have you ever thought to see if the un known of the Sasquatch, Bigfoot is real. Would you be willing to spend a few night's in a hot spot that has Sasquatch, bigfoot activity. Now I've not seen one but I go fishing, hiking and camping. But every sense my event of being in there presence and hearing one scream I've grown a fear for the woods. But would you be willing believing in them, or not and willing to spend a few night's in a hot spot to see if they existed. BIGGEST FAN!

  • Roy Bickford
    Roy Bickford 12 days ago

    Will I'm at big fan of you..... That's great that you chase your fears for the rush and feeling of being alive, and plus for the causes. So now you've fulfilled your fear of the ocean how about taken it to the next level and go GREAT WHITE SHARK cage diving. I know by saying this to you because you have a great sense of humor. But you don't see many black people going cage diving with GREAT WHITE SHARKS!...... ! Let along famous ones... lol. BIGGEST FAN!

  • seayouthere beach
    seayouthere beach 12 days ago

    I jumped I survived

  • Pulkit Pithva
    Pulkit Pithva 13 days ago

    Hi Will Smith,
    Bravo for the jump. but can you do this though

  • Molika Men-Thlang
    Molika Men-Thlang 14 days ago

    Ok Will now hold a rat! 😂🤣🤣

  • Ömür Baha Dokuzlar
    Ömür Baha Dokuzlar 14 days ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah very funny

  • Mai Lor
    Mai Lor 14 days ago

    I started following him on IG early on and I can’t believe in like a month after, he had 10 extra followers. Will Smith is so inspirational and he’s so good with his delivery. Idk how many times I’ve watched this... I get chills every time!

  • Boring User
    Boring User 16 days ago

    "God placed the best things in on the other side of fear" said my friend before running to a haunted house

  • Michael Statia
    Michael Statia 16 days ago

    There is no way not even for money would I do this lmao. Probally would pass out mid air lol

  • D Mill
    D Mill 16 days ago

    I cant stop watching this

  • Nina Elaine
    Nina Elaine 19 days ago +1

    This video inspired me to do my jump a few days ago and it was amazing! I have a video up on my channel for anyone interested in hearing about my experience!

  • id vendor
    id vendor 20 days ago

    😄😄,😄😄,😄😄,😄😄w w w w w w w w

  • Itsxmusic
    Itsxmusic 20 days ago

    How could this video have any dislikes? I wish the people who disliked videos had to leave a reason why.

  • kelin a
    kelin a 20 days ago

    sigo repitiendo que hermosuuuuura poder compartir ese tipo de aventuras con tus hijos

  • Сергей Афанасьев

    microchip my ex

  • Mathieu Tallard
    Mathieu Tallard 20 days ago

    Propaganda....The best things in life are on the other side of budget restrictions.......Money is freedom. Money is god on Earth.

  • Hossam Tayison
    Hossam Tayison 20 days ago

    You're so crazy man n we love you here in Egypt 😍

  • Adel The Kid
    Adel The Kid 20 days ago

    How Jaden get his dreads to stand up

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy 20 days ago

    The most true thing I've ever herd. And your 100% right I was the same exact way before I went skydiving. But it was the best experience of my life.

  • Eleventeen O'Clock
    Eleventeen O'Clock 24 days ago

    Love the ideas and philosophical approach to everything. Real ENFP :)

  • Marqecia Ellerbee
    Marqecia Ellerbee 24 days ago

    Will looked like Ronnie DeVoe for a second ! 2:28

  • Georgi L
    Georgi L 25 days ago

    After watching the video of his bungee jump, scuba dive and now skydiving my respect to Will jump from 0 to 100 in no time.

  • bucketadee
    bucketadee 25 days ago +1

    “Fear is just a liar running out of breath”- Hillsong

  • Liz
    Liz 26 days ago

    I don’t know why watching this made me cry. Will thanks for sharing this is something I will do with my son when he comes of age.

  • Nomzamo Sithole
    Nomzamo Sithole 29 days ago

    This has inspired me to go Skydiving.

  • iShootUDrive1
    iShootUDrive1 29 days ago

    I just went skydiving yesterday and everything he said was so true! The part about sitting on a stranger's lap making small talk is so true lol. I cracked up pretty hard.

  • Lisa Lets love rule

    I've jumped out of a plane before.. never really thinking of the fear at all... Until I actually left the plane. This story just put things into a whole new perspective for me but only now, as a mother.. truly resonated. Thanks Will. 😀

  • Ben Witopil
    Ben Witopil Month ago

    There´s no fear in love - but perfect love casts out all fear (Disciple John)

  • Varga Tibor
    Varga Tibor Month ago

    Watching this is really different after actually do skydiving. 😃

  • Mandar Salvi
    Mandar Salvi Month ago +1

    Whats the background music?

  • Black Bearva
    Black Bearva Month ago

    I've been skydiving.... he's 100% right.

    VITKO MUSIC Month ago

    Future is not existing, past is not existing.. Present is the only existing thing :) do you want to check it? Let a car hit you :D

    VITKO MUSIC Month ago

    That's why I have started my music startup.. And it starts and starts and starts... Before I will really get back to stage with millions of people. Before that we will all skydive :D

  • Rachellé Carter
    Rachellé Carter Month ago

    *Best video I have ever watched!*

  • Edivaldo Araujo
    Edivaldo Araujo Month ago

    I want to know who are these 278 people who disliked, so we can kill them before they lay eggs, I'm pretty sure they ain't human!

  • DC Reefer
    DC Reefer Month ago

    You are the man. I just went skydiving and everything you touch on i experienced the same “fear” and “concerns”. You inspire more now then you’ve ever could in a movie or TV show. Salute Mr. Smith 🤟🏽

  • zz zz
    zz zz Month ago

    Just cried

  • Lucimara Manuel
    Lucimara Manuel Month ago


  • Liliana Rivas
    Liliana Rivas Month ago

    Fear is not R-E-A-L god put fear on the other side of the world we’re nobody will never find the place we’re their is F-E-A-R you are brave and daring but not everybody here is perfect ,but everybody’s different and that’s what makes us special. YOU ARE GREAT AMAZING written by ,luna

  • Chase hollan
    Chase hollan Month ago

    Come on we'll didn't you do that in Hancock

  • Audio Fella
    Audio Fella Month ago

    So true about skydiving i was scared shitless right up until they opened the door and jumped all the fear vanished

  • leila lall
    leila lall Month ago

    I can relate. My best experience ever was when I skydived out of a plane 14 000 ft . I got goosebumps watching because I remembered my very own experience. It's living, it's crazy, but like Will Smith put it, it's pure bliss.

  • Luis Samuel Sánchez

    Hey Will Smith I just want to say thanks for sharing that knowledge and experience. This definitely changed my life approach forever!
    I am a new man thanks to those wise words!!!
    Blessings for you from DR!

  • Jordan Hier
    Jordan Hier Month ago +1

    LOVE this video! haha and skydiving Dubai I guess is not a bad place to jump! LOL I've never been skydiving but I want to go SO badly! I want to get my "wings" so I can jump whenever and wherever I want by myself so I'm not "strapped to this random dude."
    *"God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear."* Such an awesome quote that is SO true and has SO much meaning to it.
    Absolutely have nothing but tons of love and respect for you Will! Thanks for being amazing. Keep your head up and keep on keepin on brother!

  • Royal Viisiionzz
    Royal Viisiionzz Month ago

    anybody knows the song past @1:45 or beat💕😭😂

  • Jimi Agnew
    Jimi Agnew Month ago

    Thank u will Smith for giving us motivation

  • Станислав Кучевский

    I`m going to make a skydive jump next spring. That`s one of my dreams that will come true))
    "The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear" - I remember being in the blizzard in mountains and that was the best moment of my 2.5 years mountain experience, so that`s really true)

  • EURK
    EURK Month ago

    This was dope

  • EURK
    EURK Month ago


  • Ricardo German
    Ricardo German Month ago

    I already went twice. Second time I was hungover af but I was like fuck it lol. I also went swimming with sharks

  • Mopar Chi14
    Mopar Chi14 Month ago

    A huge motivation in many peoples life @tallguycarreviews was inspired by you to beat the odds and to come out on top he’s inspired by you and would like to meet you

  • Valerio Ricci
    Valerio Ricci Month ago

    Thanks Will. We should adopt this point of view in different aspects of our life :)

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez Month ago

    Motivational and funny. Will is tha man😂

  • kzin'tf
    kzin'tf Month ago

    man i swear to you guys, 2 days ago i went skydiving with my cousins and the first thing i could think of was when i got to the plane if i could jump and i swear that i remember this speech from will smith and that same speech motivated me to go foward. So im in top of the plane flying above 15000 feet and they open the door i was very calm until they did that but as soon i take the jump 3 seconds after that shock caused by jumping, all i could think of was " wow this is really cool". One of my best experiences of all time. If you are thinking do this, guys believe me on the other side of that fear you will find tremendous happines. I really recommended

  • Renzo Rossello
    Renzo Rossello Month ago +5

    I’m going skydiving now bc I watched this video.

    • Mathieu Tallard
      Mathieu Tallard 20 days ago

      +Renzo Rossello Who isn,t? I wouldn't have written that if you have said you were going to escalate mountains or do paramotor....The fear will always be there, just under control. Would be more fun to get the girls of your dreams into your bed. Rewards more significant I think....

    • Renzo Rossello
      Renzo Rossello 20 days ago

      Mathieu Tallard it’s not about that bro. I have always wanted to go skydiving because I’m afraid of heights. This video just motivated me to actually do it.

    • Mathieu Tallard
      Mathieu Tallard 20 days ago

      Monkey do what monkey see..........

  • Rachele Falcone
    Rachele Falcone Month ago +1

    This got me speechless

  • Алексей Сало

    Я требую переводчика!!!

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza Month ago +1

    I learn so much from this man 😂

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick Month ago

    Will Smith lol you jumped tandem so you should not have had any fear...

  • Fortyp RSA
    Fortyp RSA Month ago

    This hit me hard

  • Tanish Goswami
    Tanish Goswami Month ago

    Love you will from your biggest fan in India

  • LanceHenryPT
    LanceHenryPT Month ago

    Rich enough to do anything you want, anytime you want….and a super nice happy fun guy on top of that. Man… What a life he and his family have!!

  • Favorited
    Favorited Month ago

    “God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear.”


  • Shashu St
    Shashu St Month ago

    thank you will

  • matus kolarik
    matus kolarik Month ago

    I think i watched this too many times.... Thanks to you i got my first jump yesterday.... And it was exactly as you said.... Just amazing

  • The Roosevelt channel

    Will smith is a Genius he’s something special he learns from his fear to let other people know that fear is the only thing keeping you away from beauty this man is something else I’m 16 and I’m just sitting on my toilet just watching and realizing everything that’s beautiful comes with fear in front of you you just gotta pass fear to get to beauty how can you not love will smith man I wanna do it ALL now

  • Teetime x
    Teetime x Month ago

    All I can say is BEAUTIFUL

    BROS ON THE GO Month ago

    02:05 what's the music there 😁

  • Versuspl
    Versuspl Month ago

    God bless you Smith

    NO NAME Month ago

    who wanna go skydiving

  • Eman DeMoan
    Eman DeMoan Month ago

    Hell no!! I ain't tryna die lol!!

  • Afshar Daneshfar
    Afshar Daneshfar Month ago

    I hope I can do it tomorrow🤗

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno Month ago

    I love all the positive comments :')

  • Anneka Petersen
    Anneka Petersen Month ago

    omg I love Jaden's face when he's falling lol

  • Anneka Petersen
    Anneka Petersen Month ago

    This makes me wanna face my fear of heights XD

  • Николай Николаевич

    Привет Уил, хоть бы делали Субтитры разговоров для Твоих русских фанатов. Было бы классно

  • FishBoy_Fry
    FishBoy_Fry Month ago

    Damn, I have to say it again. Will Smith really is the man.

  • Mary kineavy
    Mary kineavy Month ago

    Will Smith you put it into words perfectly!

  • Yasmin Solano
    Yasmin Solano Month ago

    After my friend shared this video with me, we decided to go skydiving
    for her Birthday! & it was AWESOME!!!
    P.S I don't do rollercoasters, and yes I am terrified of heights but will so comeback to skydive again, it such a nice experience !!

  • Marlee December
    Marlee December Month ago +2

    “The most blissful experience of your life...” EXACTLY how I felt when I went sky-diving back in 2004! Still feel that way every time I watch my skydiving video. 😊

  • Beto G
    Beto G Month ago +4

    Your not flying your FALLING! Lol

  • Eric Valdovinos
    Eric Valdovinos Month ago

    “Your FLYING” me: nope your falling... with style

  • Top Gunnah
    Top Gunnah Month ago

    Bro I'm not jumping out of a prefectly good airplane

  • elmo jr
    elmo jr Month ago

    Wats the background song

  • Diego Silva
    Diego Silva Month ago

    I will watch this every morning!

  • Selena Martin-Witter

    Just watched your video. Great analogy on fair. A young man I'd been encouraging to go to college told me after years of me helping him get to the door, it was your explanation of fair that got him through it. Thank you Mr. Smith

  • Alicia Chee
    Alicia Chee Month ago

    I am a Cameron local who lives near the site where Will Smith is bungee jumping from a helicopter. Yes, Theory, Fly on the Wall Entertainment, and Will Smith you may not know this but I hope you care to know. Your permit was not approved at the local level. You are not jumping into the Grand Canyon, you are jumping into the Little Colorado River Canyon on the Navajo Nation. You are jumping where we have endangered condors, owls, and plants. We have locals with grazing permits who own livestock in the area. Your permit approval was approved with no blessings from the community. National Park Service declined the celebrity stunt the Wallenda High Wire Walk and they must of declined Will Smith's request and that is why you are jumping near Hell Hole Bend on the Navajo Nation. Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation (NNP&R) do not protect the land from bilaganas (White People). They step on their k'e to make profit off of the bilaganas. History being repeated.