Chase & Status - Step Away (ft. MC Fats)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2017
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    Just take time and Step Away… finally out now on Chase & Status’ fourth album ‘Tribe’.
    Chase & Status
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    MC Fats
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  • MusicMusic

Comments • 318

  • WhosBennyy
    WhosBennyy 28 days ago

    MC fats:)

  • lloyd t
    lloyd t 29 days ago

    This is SICK

  • Lisa Woollard
    Lisa Woollard Month ago

    bangin tune lisa reds

  • M. M.
    M. M. Month ago

    love it✳free

  • Alan Arnell
    Alan Arnell 2 months ago

    Undisputed,slapped down Brilliance to create , when all else seem to remix remix’s.. seriously 😜 keep pushing,those boundaries will become more important and better 4every 1 (PLZ help,smash up and recycle.............The ignorant elite rich and their social pyramid boundaries pertaining to “ all freedom of expression “ .........sos folks for the rant , but i do hope yall understand ,digest and leave fruitful paths for those that follow. WE are all responsible. We should all give freely ‘then hopefully all debts and future success can be shared by all , most importantly “ WITHOUT ANY NEGATIVE IMPACT IM-PEE-DING our FUTURES GROWTH and an all important HEALTHY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Share , support and smiles’n’huges 4 EVER-REE-ONES ,......, ✌🏻❤️✌🏿❤️✌️❤️✌🏿❤️✌🏻❤️✌️ 🌎🌍🌏 world peace forevermore “ starting with DRUM’N’BASS

  • FlaSh sjck Connor
    FlaSh sjck Connor 2 months ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Steven Daw
    Steven Daw 2 months ago

    Step away

  • Bogdan Fabian
    Bogdan Fabian 2 months ago

    the legend is alive!!!!

    EA EMERGE 2 months ago

    Love this fn track!

    PRO WARRIOR01 2 months ago

    Dirt 4 brought me here! 🚗💯

  • Mike Quirk
    Mike Quirk 2 months ago

    Luvs it! Xxx

  • Korsion
    Korsion 3 months ago +5

    Dirt 4 brought me here :)

  • dewfish one explored sooo friend

    high rez tune and its complicated to underrate this

  • BoogieKnight1976
    BoogieKnight1976 5 months ago

    This tune is kickin' !! Dirt$ all day everyday.

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible 5 months ago

    Starts with a sample from the Goonies 👌🏻

  • Rusalin
    Rusalin 6 months ago

    Amazing song to start the day !

  • Emile Du Toit
    Emile Du Toit 6 months ago

    Vibez inside!

  • Minh Châu Lê Nguyễn

    i have gota fat boner to this. was pinging to fuck to this on the good fucking mdma in RAINBOW, DIGBETH, SAVE THE RAINBOW. LIKE THIS IF U HAVE BEEN TO THE RAINBOW

  • Grimauldus Shagnasty
    Grimauldus Shagnasty 8 months ago

    Dark synth - drum and bass crossover. And it works!

  • Ladislav Both
    Ladislav Both 8 months ago

    My new favourite song!!!

  • Juraski
    Juraski 9 months ago

    Dirt 4 :P :))

  • Palkox Parkour
    Palkox Parkour 9 months ago

    Top song is top

  • Aaron Lo
    Aaron Lo 9 months ago

    Leaving this for taytay. I'll never forget you and the times we had with this tune.
    Never forget you

  • mspinkdomi
    mspinkdomi 9 months ago

    Now that they don't need to chase the status how wonderful would it be if they could stick to a style like this from here on out

  • Perspective Division
    Perspective Division 9 months ago

    People better be steppin' away when I'm listening to this beat

  • nils raczek
    nils raczek 9 months ago


  • Shuna D
    Shuna D 9 months ago

    Yeah. Definitely Goonies!
    I've "debated" this to fuck with a few mates. Blokes. They consider me wrong. I know I'm right. Xxx

  • Shuna D
    Shuna D 10 months ago

    100%!!!!! Xxxx

  • Owen_Wilkinson_2004
    Owen_Wilkinson_2004 10 months ago

    Every time I hear this I have a urge to go rallying

  • Alan K
    Alan K 10 months ago


  • Alex Christie
    Alex Christie 10 months ago

    Is it me or does this banger have an 80's vibe to it? Reminds me of the goodies for some reason.. Still what a fucking track big up c-s

  • stack4774ck
    stack4774ck 11 months ago

    Can anyone help me out with the very first lines of the lyrics ? I hear "shoot you, run away" :D

  • Richard Ridgway
    Richard Ridgway 11 months ago

    Disappointed with this 8 bit midi shite.

  • Owen_Wilkinson_2004
    Owen_Wilkinson_2004 11 months ago

    First heard this on DiRT 4 now I’m hooked

  • SamsterT97
    SamsterT97 11 months ago +1

    This. Is. Só. Fucking. Sick. Fuck everything else. It's all about the sound.

  • Jack Wright
    Jack Wright 11 months ago

    Just love this album

  • Vejdr
    Vejdr 11 months ago

    big up

  • Da ve
    Da ve 11 months ago

    sic track

  • richest2006
    richest2006 Year ago

    This is a proper dirty filthy beat. It's the equivalent of ordering the greasiest kebab after being tanked up. The taste is amazing.

  • Aaron Grimmer
    Aaron Grimmer Year ago

    Great track!...if only the whole album sounded this way! get back to what you do best C&S!

  • András Simon
    András Simon Year ago

    HELL Norway. Dirt4 anyone?

  • Lozza Hamz
    Lozza Hamz Year ago

    Dirty,filthy little vibe

  • Baroot Sound
    Baroot Sound Year ago

    Crazy Tune!!!

  • shieldzy
    shieldzy Year ago

    Big line of coke yeah I got that feeling now step away👌😝

  • Mike Quirk
    Mike Quirk Year ago

    Is that a sample from Goonies? Xxx

  • J Swif
    J Swif Year ago

    This tune is nothing short of amazing 😉

  • Anouska Hudson
    Anouska Hudson Year ago

    I'm strapped in ...

  • Eric Dufresne
    Eric Dufresne Year ago

    this and status used to be cool and dark... now they just suck.

  • davide arata
    davide arata Year ago

    this tune is awesome..vibes!!

  • Tea Man
    Tea Man Year ago


  • Shikathescarecrow

    I listened this dope at Dour festival 2017 !

    EMMMZZYY Year ago +1

    This was absolutely AMAZING at Amnesia in Ibiza last week for their Together night. Goosebumps all over again!

  • J VT
    J VT Year ago

    fxck me

  • martin villo
    martin villo Year ago


  • J#x B
    J#x B Year ago +1

    Big tune!! Funky bizness.

  • Will junio
    Will junio Year ago

    essa music e foda de mais man !

  • Chybah
    Chybah Year ago +1

    good track yeahh!:x

  • Donnnkong
    Donnnkong Year ago +1

    Swear this song is years old?

  • MagnumDB
    MagnumDB Year ago

    The keyboard sound at the VERY beginning of this (and repeated at other times in this song) reminds me so much of the keyboard in Method Man's Judgement Day.

  • DarkMatta DnB
    DarkMatta DnB Year ago

    Will & Soul OOOOOOOssshhh!!

  • Евгений Крамаренко

    Очень здорово звучит!

  • Cryptiix
    Cryptiix Year ago +1

    bringing me back to the 2012 days. THIS IS AMAZING

  • Dominika Gladala
    Dominika Gladala Year ago

    Music and YoU uUu! oNE LOVE

  • vla d
    vla d Year ago +6

    It's all about the sound, it's all about the feeling.

  • Murrell
    Murrell Year ago

    Name the track from 2003 2004 that this reminds you of?

  • Egeri Sinimägi
    Egeri Sinimägi Year ago +1

    actually sounds like something that reminds me dnb (2011) few years back . good job!

  • Cr1t1cal Sh0ck
    Cr1t1cal Sh0ck Year ago

    End of the year over 700k!!! :)

  • truekasia12
    truekasia12 Year ago +1

    What a tune !

  • nekromania
    nekromania Year ago +1

    Great One

  • Charlotte Devaney
    Charlotte Devaney Year ago +3

    ABSOLUTE BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • killian da junglist
    killian da junglist Year ago +11

    Mc fats pure legend

  • DevL eQu
    DevL eQu Year ago

    Sounds so much like Netsky lmfao

  • Mitchel 7346
    Mitchel 7346 Year ago

    Dirt 4 (I don't have it, though.)

  • Ow3
    Ow3 Year ago +1

    Had this on repeat the past two days... Still just as good as when i first heard it

  • Таня Сидоренко

    Jump! Jump1 Jump! \m/

  • Mad For it Boxing
    Mad For it Boxing Year ago +40

    First heard this whilst washing the pots. It turned into a full on rave in the kitchen. Fuck the pots.

  • Miss Dixie
    Miss Dixie Year ago +5

    Chase and status.....thank you ❤️

  • Ekarin Teng
    Ekarin Teng Year ago +1


  • BIGFEL420
    BIGFEL420 Year ago +1


  • Ryan Raffell
    Ryan Raffell Year ago

    Tune. Goonies vibe

  • Davonte McDaniels
    Davonte McDaniels Year ago +2

    Thumbs up if you heard this banger at creamfields 2017

  • Marina Fernández

    Missed Chase and Status ♥

  • EmzLDN 1
    EmzLDN 1 Year ago +2

    Omg that bass blowing my head and driving me mad. Loved it😎 well done chase&status👏👏

  • Roman Čertik
    Roman Čertik Year ago


  • vado pri
    vado pri Year ago


  • Arne VE
    Arne VE Year ago +8

    This is just disgustingly good!!

  • ElTitoRobe
    ElTitoRobe Year ago

    Como sonaba esto en dreambeach :O pa llorar

  • Kier Seath
    Kier Seath Year ago +1

    This is the best song off the new album im in love with this fucking tuneeeeeeeeee

  • Soma Horváth
    Soma Horváth Year ago +1


  • on levels
    on levels Year ago

    n 3

  • Stef .C
    Stef .C Year ago +2

    Sounds like a tune from a 14 year old soundcloud producer

  • TheUnexpectedTheGreatestStarImpersonatorEver

    mc fats lol... nice name

  • Mother ofdragons
    Mother ofdragons Year ago +2

    Absolute banger!!

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo Year ago +1

    Great tune,had to cast from tablet the tv to get full sound! Best tune on this channel in a long time.

  • Batman
    Batman Year ago

    Hell yeahhhh

  • Nosaj
    Nosaj Year ago +29

    Chase & Status have released some shit music recently but thhis is fuckkng beautiful

  • Dr1FtK1ng1999
    Dr1FtK1ng1999 Year ago +2

    Chase & Status!!

  • DJDannyIntro
    DJDannyIntro Year ago

    Noway is it Chase&Status ! Heard this a few times, cool tune, always good to hear Fats

  • Alex Low
    Alex Low Year ago +5

    this is my shit, takes me back to More than alot

  • Deezo187
    Deezo187 Year ago +1

    Love this!