Top 10 Scary Skinwalker Stories

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Skinwalker Stories
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    Okay so a bit of backstory for anyone that might not know, a skin walker is a type of witch in Navajo culture that has the power to possess, transform or disguise themselves as animals. A lot of the stories told to Navajo kids about skinwalkers are quite dramatic they usually end up in either the skinwalker dying or the Navajo. They're meant to represent the complete opposite of Navajo cultural values. So with that in mind, this is the Top 10 Scary Skinwalker Stories.
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  • Zach Shiray
    Zach Shiray 4 days ago

    Gucci is a brand name. Thats what gucci is. Overrated if you ask me

  • Sam Leigh
    Sam Leigh 4 days ago

    You poor bugger - u look and sound really sick. I like your top tho and in my head I see people lined up in front of you - the cameraman, producer/director, whoever, wearing one of those welding helmets with a drop down visor.

  • Dragoncat_06
    Dragoncat_06 7 days ago

    And skinwalkers are powerful they can always be scared off

  • Dragoncat_06
    Dragoncat_06 7 days ago

    Skinwalker's are not witches they are Medicine Man use for the long walk many years ago

  • PaytonVogel Vlogs
    PaytonVogel Vlogs 9 days ago

    Yee naaldlooshii. Also known as the skinwalker

  • DagonH
    DagonH 11 days ago

    Ayman always sounds great. I somehow dont hate "Whats Gucci" because of her.

  • Me Gusto Rosado Tacos
    Me Gusto Rosado Tacos 11 days ago

    Calm it the F down...

  • Fluffy Stream
    Fluffy Stream 15 days ago +1

    My whole body was stiff while listening to the stories, I should take a break from these type of stories

  • Nathan Augustine
    Nathan Augustine 16 days ago +1

    I'm from Albuquerque too

  • Nathan Augustine
    Nathan Augustine 16 days ago +1

    Thar actually real to

  • Nathan Augustine
    Nathan Augustine 16 days ago +1

    I'm native American

  • Master Meowster
    Master Meowster 17 days ago

    I'm only here to get tingles in my spine...... The Navajo Rez is untapped :)

  • Craig Finlayson
    Craig Finlayson 19 days ago +1

    They've changed the sound between parts

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 20 days ago

    The white wolf it is a skinwalker story

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 20 days ago

    You can know if someone was killed by a skinwaker by a clump of dirt and two sticks in a x or one stick over the clump of dirt on the dead person who is unscarred or no cuts at all

  • Dustin Willoughby
    Dustin Willoughby 20 days ago

    Say the word "Gucci" you get a dislike.

  • ColeTrain YukiPondo
    ColeTrain YukiPondo 21 day ago

    I have seen one in a wooded area in Arkansas. It was like a dog mixed with a person and it was walking around someone's house. When we drove by, it looked straight at us and its eyes glowed blue. It was black and when it looked at us, we sped up and didn't say anything for 45 minutes. And all that was said was did you see that? And my friend just said yes. After that we drove straight home in silence.

  • Candy Knight
    Candy Knight 22 days ago

    It won’t let me subscribe

  • rock climbing33
    rock climbing33 22 days ago

    Skin walkers........scary & powerful

  • Fox Toast Alpha
    Fox Toast Alpha 23 days ago

    Oh hi scp 1471

  • Ben craft 8
    Ben craft 8 23 days ago

    Every time she says Navaho take a shot!

  • the plague
    the plague 23 days ago

    Who else likes ayman

  • Sanctum98
    Sanctum98 24 days ago

    Lol right when I heard the running man I got up and hit the dance lmao

  • Vice Lone Wolf
    Vice Lone Wolf 24 days ago

    Ayman you have such beautiful hair I love your curls

  • Jimmy St-Jean
    Jimmy St-Jean 25 days ago +1

    Ayman even when you don't feel good you are still sweet and gorgeous! Xx

  • Scott Ledger
    Scott Ledger 25 days ago

    You never hear of skinwalkers in Scotland so I'm not sure these are true

  • Strawberry Moondrops
    Strawberry Moondrops 25 days ago

    My fiancé says that when his mother was a little girl, she would occasionally see some type of wolf-like creature following beside the car. Her parents would be in the front driving obliviously, and she would be in the back looking at this huge hybrid wolf like thing. They would be going up to speeds of 60 or 70 an hour, and this thing could keep up. She was so scared that she couldn’t speak or tell anyone about it.
    A skin walker maybe?
    Another thing that’s interesting, they believe that they are from Native American heritage, but not sure of anymore background than that.

  • dmondpower
    dmondpower 25 days ago

    I lived in mexico and they are called nahuales.
    Once from Tijuana to ensenada wr were going home at 2 am and from my side view i was seeing how something was running around us and t the cars speed (70mph)
    It looked like somthing brownish like a thick hairy patato bag running next to the car.
    The odd part was that it was following us for 10 minutes on the pitch black night with no cars but it went away into the desert when a 18 wheeler diver passed us

  • Raenique Begay
    Raenique Begay 26 days ago

    Moreee do a part two

  • Joshua Prado-Saccoman
    Joshua Prado-Saccoman 26 days ago

    How big was his pinga

  • Tricia Eustache
    Tricia Eustache 27 days ago

    you should do something else with ur life instead of this honey.
    you dont suit horror

  • Gacha_Vanilla
    Gacha_Vanilla 27 days ago +1

    i cant trust my dogs they bark at everything

  • Cynder The Dragon
    Cynder The Dragon 28 days ago

    I'm not scared of skinwalkers. I see them in my backyard at night all the time(mostly cat like skinwalkers; my house for some reason attracts cats)

  • Edward Mcnair
    Edward Mcnair 28 days ago

    All i got out of this was don't go to New Mexico......

  • Alpha Dragon Queen
    Alpha Dragon Queen 29 days ago

    Well good thing I didn't see those when I was in New Mexico

  • kracker kland
    kracker kland 29 days ago

    I live in New Mexico and these things are rill I'm not joking when I was kid I was riding with my cousin in his truck and all of a sudden a coyot came out of no where but we just past it and kept going. We got to elephant Butte New Mexico and we set up our camp by the lake amd then all we see is a coyot walk to the sure of the lake then looks to us then stands up on all fours and give a growl tipe screen then slowly walks into the water slowly while looking at us the next morning we were woken up by coyote howling and there were dead fish on the shore in front of our camp and that day they pulled out a dead native man that had drownded he was our family friend

  • Tommy Walker
    Tommy Walker 29 days ago

    I trust my dog but remember dogs are snacks in horror movies

  • Vhan Chua
    Vhan Chua 29 days ago

    Head hurting after losing consciousness? Should've went to a hospital. That's never a good sign.

  • SavageDan
    SavageDan 29 days ago

    Wait a minute i heard alot of these stories on concious panda

  • Tisha Marie
    Tisha Marie Month ago

    who else is navajo? 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Elvin R
    Elvin R Month ago

    Probably I should get a dog

  • craig 45
    craig 45 Month ago

    Who is Aynan Hasan. I leave for 4 months and this is what yall do. SMH.

  • Irl_ SourPatch
    Irl_ SourPatch Month ago +1

    I encountered a skin walker... me and my cousin were at a furry convention;-;

    • LOST ART
      LOST ART 29 days ago

      Wow I didnt know there were furry conditions,*Goes to the Convention*What up ppl

  • Dave A
    Dave A Month ago

    I'm a simple man, I hear "What's Gucci?" I downvote and leave

  • Hugo C. M.
    Hugo C. M. Month ago

    number one should be catghost and why? because there are references to skinwalkers

  • Why am I here?
    Why am I here? Month ago

    I love that sweater, Ayman :-)

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago

    Aye, I'm Navajo 🤔

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    BlobbersPlaysYT Month ago

    could you guys talk a little more like the person telling the story, like freaked out

  • The letter K
    The letter K Month ago

    Hey I’m part Navaho

  • David Webb
    David Webb Month ago

    No, I have never encountered a skinwalker. But if I did I would protect you from it. I would wave my hand and tell it to get! What do you mean you will sound manlier than usual? Has someone said your voice sounds manly? There is nothing wrong with your voice you sound beautifully feminine, even on the days you are not feeling well.
    I hope you feel better soon Ayman. Your videos are awesome and so are you!

  • Shoshonie Williams
    Shoshonie Williams Month ago

    Skinwalkers still exist to this day and my grandparents told many stories about them to

  • Patricia Avila
    Patricia Avila Month ago

    Gotta love us New Mexicans lol

  • Anuel AAA
    Anuel AAA Month ago

    They should make a top 10 what's Gucci video next

  • Kade Bateman
    Kade Bateman Month ago +1

    They should do a top 10 scary Skinwalker Ranch video.

  • shadowfang dire wolf therian

    I saw something that looks like a skin Walker when I was 7

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    Yo that grandfather was ready lol 😂

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    Sad Canadian Month ago

    Who’s here because of the tik tok video

  • Cullen Begay
    Cullen Begay Month ago

    An old man living in up in the mountion was heading to work one day in 4:00 in the morning and saw that all of his dogs looking at the same direction saying nothing and just staying perfectlly still, being curious he looked towards the direction they were looking at and saw a bear and a wolf walking along side by side in the same direction. This was odd because these two types of animals would never get along and if it was a bear and a wolf the dogs would have gotten crazy but nothing. The crazy part of it all was when they left the dogs continued what that were doing like they were waiting for them to leave.

  • LG3CK0
    LG3CK0 Month ago

    I really like Ayman Hasan she's really cool and funny

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    Jillybean Young Month ago

    I love this girl 👍🏻👍🏻. She is adorable

  • Cullen Begay
    Cullen Begay Month ago +2

    Im native and live in the rez so i know alot of skinwalker stories

    • Cullen Begay
      Cullen Begay Month ago

      Their spirts, like ghost but in a physical form

    • Jan Wallace
      Jan Wallace Month ago

      Are skinwalkers cursed or do they do this on purpose?

  • JordynThe Shorty
    JordynThe Shorty Month ago

    I luv the colors and your shirt where did you get it!

  • Xtremegaming
    Xtremegaming Month ago

    All of them scared me. I don't even know why I watch videos like these, they scare the living daylights out of me!!

  • Bisayang Kolokoy
    Bisayang Kolokoy Month ago

    Its just like a aswang

  • Stunner 900
    Stunner 900 Month ago

    Sounds like Skinwalkers have a thing for Joe

  • some weird oldschool rblx guy

    We kinda have a skinwalker problem, Sorry.

  • RoxxieJQuinn
    RoxxieJQuinn Month ago

    I’m gonna make a drinking game. Take a shot every time “Navajo” is said.

  • N Gos
    N Gos Month ago

    I live in Minnesota and we get a lot of Indian legends that are creepy here. Anyone you ask around here could probably tell you they've seen a wendigo or what not in the winter. Whether you believe them is up to you.

  • Rory Bryant
    Rory Bryant Month ago

    When you see a weird creature and your Native American friend says hit it with the car. you hit it with the car!!!

  • Amanda Mullen
    Amanda Mullen Month ago

    I witnessed something that had to have been a skinwalker when I was a teenager. My boyfriend and I were in his truck driving through a heavily wooded area at night and noticed that something resembling a dog was running after us, it was incredibly large and extreme fast for a dog so we got spooked and he started to drive faster, then we noticed that the animal got up on its hind legs and was running just as fast as he was driving. We were both terrified and at the time we honestly thought that we had been chased by a werewolf, knowing what I do now there is no doubt in my mind that we had an encounter with a skinwalker.