Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • Here's what to say to anti-vaxxers!
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  • Stephanie Dorr
    Stephanie Dorr 3 hours ago

    Take a peek and see what a pediatrician witnessed in his practice and the data he extracted. When will the CDC vaxxed/unvaccinated study? They don't want the study because they don't profit from the truth!

    • Mako_Bungie
      Mako_Bungie 36 minutes ago

      Notice how you're using facebook as source of information. Wow fuckin brilliant you are

    • Horder Jason
      Horder Jason Hour ago

      Oh please, you are using highwire as your source of information, gtfo

  • Connor Henderson
    Connor Henderson 3 hours ago +2

    Is it just me or are a lot of anti-vaxxers middle aged mothers that listen to almost anything someone says on Facebook

  • Mason L.
    Mason L. 4 hours ago +1

    My cousin had a bad reaction to a vaccine and almost died it was super rare she was the seventh ever recorded case and she still support vaccine and so does my aunt

  • Agent 3
    Agent 3 7 hours ago +1

    My grandma has post-polio and she cant walk for more than fifteen minutes. Post-Polio is basically After you have polio. Yes,Polio affects you your entire life. Hey Aniti-Vaxxers, do your kids like walking for more than fifteen minutes? No more of that.

  • Mossasa YT
    Mossasa YT 7 hours ago +1

    *Non-Vax Kid: when I grow up I-
    Polio, smallpox, and measles: I will stop you right there and introduce ourselves*

  • James Tully
    James Tully 7 hours ago +1

    I got an ad for a melangites vaccine when I clicked on this video!

  • ABBAbeth the hamster
    ABBAbeth the hamster 8 hours ago +1

    Could you imagine the irony if an anti-vaxxer was issued an unrelated court-ordered rehab for severe heroin addiction? 😂😅

  • 100000000 Subscribes with a few videos Challenge

    Don’t worry it will die out soon

  • killer queen
    killer queen 9 hours ago

    How to abort 101

  • Matt M.
    Matt M. 10 hours ago

    Do they not know whats in salt?

  • Raptor Kitten
    Raptor Kitten 10 hours ago +2

    Don’t call them anti vax, call them pro disease

  • Austin Copeland
    Austin Copeland 10 hours ago

    What the hell kind of person are you that you would rather your kids have measles or polio and possibly die then have autism? Is autism really is that bad that it is worse than death or paralysis? I have autism and I am able to live a normal life. I go to college, have a girlfriend, and I'm very successful for the most part.

    • Gaston Gourmand
      Gaston Gourmand 9 hours ago

      But I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word! Now in the moment I sleep alone, I sweep the streets I used to own! One minute I held the key, next the walls were closed on me! And I discovered that my life stands upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand!

  • evagelos PVP
    evagelos PVP 11 hours ago

    I actually have to get my last vaccination this month and I thought to myself "Whats the worst it can happen?" Then I watched the video and i've changed my mind

  • Brooke Commons
    Brooke Commons 11 hours ago

    My mum is anti-vaxx and it really annoys me, it’s not my choice and as soon as I’m old enough I’m getting all of my vaccinations

  • YourTrueHijabi
    YourTrueHijabi 12 hours ago +2

    At this point I prefer the flat earthers over the anti vaxxers..

    • Alexia Rai
      Alexia Rai 9 hours ago

      Well one can harm others, another can't so....yeah xd

  • Kim Crawford-Cottingham
    Kim Crawford-Cottingham 16 hours ago +1

    Oh why would you have this video sponsored!?!? Now the Anti-Vaxxers are going to use the argument, "Well you were PAID to say this," bull crap!

  • Ze Yang Lim
    Ze Yang Lim 17 hours ago


  • Name 27
    Name 27 18 hours ago +4

    This video is pointless...
    Anti-vaxxers are too dumb to understand that vaccines are good

  • Michael Fly
    Michael Fly 18 hours ago

    Why has smallpox been effectively eradicated whereas measles, mumps, etc have not been? No one I've asked over the years has given me any reasonable fact no one has given me much of an answer at all. If vaccines work so well, why haven't we just said, ok we did it for small pox, lets do it for measles!

    • Tor Lönnqvist
      Tor Lönnqvist 16 hours ago +1

      Michael Fly
      When smallpox was around, no one was so dumb as to reject an effective countermeasure to the deadliest disease EVER. In the US, and most of europe there are effective vaccines against mumps, measles, polio etc. The only people who get those diseases are unvaccinated people.

  • Edmond Dantes
    Edmond Dantes 19 hours ago

    Can you please recommend essential oils?

  • Deris Trome
    Deris Trome 20 hours ago

    I think weak humans should die and let the other ones to evolve against the issues ( but I think I still like the protection more than anything)

  • fried toast
    fried toast 20 hours ago

    Vaccination for anti vaxxers to stop them

  • Player1GamingYT
    Player1GamingYT 20 hours ago

    The dislikes are triggered anti vaccers

  • J W
    J W 22 hours ago here ya go a bunch of proof that vaccines cause autism

    • J W
      J W 7 hours ago

      Tor Lönnqvist I listed a bunch of studies. On here. Scroll up or don’t. If you already know they are safe keep getting your vaccines. ✌🏼❤️

    • J W
      J W 7 hours ago

      Not Amused really my sources are medical journals . No worries. Keep getting vaccinated don’t ask questions. ✌🏼❤️

    • J W
      J W 7 hours ago

      franz taubenreuther nope, a lot of research is. Don’t believe me? It’s ok. The truth will eventually come out. Until then keep getting vaccinated and don’t ask questions. Apparently it’s upsets people. I’ve had how many insults hurled my way and not once have I insulted anyone here. I posted studies as well not just a “blog”. If you’re feeling motivated you could scroll up and see them, or not. ✌🏼❤️

    • J W
      J W 7 hours ago

      Alexia Rai 🤣🤣🤣

    • J W
      J W 7 hours ago

      Gabriel Silvain great argument, I’m totally convinced you’re right now!

  • J W
    J W 22 hours ago +1

    Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations.
    Tomljenovic L, et al. Lupus. 2012.
    Show full citation
    Immune challenges during early development, including those vaccine-induced, can lead to permanent detrimental alterations of the brain and immune function. Experimental evidence also shows that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants can overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity. In some developed countries, by the time children are 4 to 6 years old, they will have received a total of 126 antigenic compounds along with high amounts of aluminum (Al) adjuvants through routine vaccinations. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, safety assessments for vaccines have often not included appropriate toxicity studies because vaccines have not been viewed as inherently toxic. Taken together, these observations raise plausible concerns about the overall safety of current childhood vaccination programs. When assessing adjuvant toxicity in children, several key points ought to be considered: (i) infants and children should not be viewed as "small adults" with regard to toxicological risk as their unique physiology makes them much more vulnerable to toxic insults; (ii) in adult humans Al vaccine adjuvants have been linked to a variety of serious autoimmune and inflammatory conditions (i.e., "ASIA"), yet children are regularly exposed to much higher amounts of Al from vaccines than adults; (iii) it is often assumed that peripheral immune responses do not affect brain function. However, it is now clearly established that there is a bidirectional neuro-immune cross-talk that plays crucial roles in immunoregulation as well as brain function. In turn, perturbations of the neuro-immune axis have been demonstrated in many autoimmune diseases encompassed in "ASIA" and are thought to be driven by a hyperactive immune response; and (iv) the same components of the neuro-immune axis that play key roles in brain development and immune function are heavily targeted by Al adjuvants. In summary, research evidence shows that increasing concerns about current vaccination practices may indeed be warranted. Because children may be most at risk of vaccine-induced complications, a rigorous evaluation of the vaccine-related adverse health impacts in the pediatric population is urgently needed.
    PMID 22235057 [Indexed for MEDLINE]

    • J W
      J W 7 hours ago

      Solum Artifex why not do a placebo vs aluminum adjuvant study? There is no valid reason. I read the lame arguments given. As to why they won’t. It’s simple enough to do. Even the phase 3 clinical trials of HPV ended up using the aluminum again. Then took that data and combined it with the true placebo data making the trial a fraud. I wonder why they did that 🤔

    • J W
      J W 17 hours ago

      Solum Artifex skeptical raptor🤔 wonder who he is? I don’t give any credibility’s to someone who won’t identify themself. People who fight vaccine transparency cherry pick as well. In fact the CDC WHO Dept of HHS are classic for demonstrating this tactic. I’m not anti vax. I’m for safe vaccines. They haven’t been studied with true placebos other than HPV which demonstrated clear increase in autoimmune disease.

    • Solum Artifex
      Solum Artifex 18 hours ago

      Annnnnd BOOP

  • Technoultimategaming
    Technoultimategaming 22 hours ago +1

    Natural protection? No vaccines?

    *Black Death has entered the chat*

  • Technoultimategaming
    Technoultimategaming 22 hours ago

    Born in 2002
    Heard nothing bad about vaccines

  • CencerousV
    CencerousV Day ago +1

    I got vaccinated. Everyone at school calls me autistic

    POKEFAN FIDEL Day ago +3

    Anti vaxx kid: *exist*
    Polio,Measle,Ebola: it's free real estate

  • BakaStryx
    BakaStryx Day ago +2

    anti-vaxxers or flat earthers
    *_which is worse?_*

    • Albert Walsh
      Albert Walsh Hour ago


  • Cracked Tablet Gamming

    No the real reason anti vaxxers well hate vaccinations is they just don't like needles.

  • JakeTheCookie
    JakeTheCookie Day ago +5

    Anti-Vax People: *exist*
    ASAP Science: “I’m about to end this man’s whole career.”

  • Khalid Hassan
    Khalid Hassan Day ago +1

    The Amish people don’t have to get vaccinated. So Can I still call them a antivaxers?

  • Slimey KADENZA
    Slimey KADENZA Day ago +3

    Even if vaccines did cause autism, would you rather have autism, or die of a deadly disease?

  • cheeseUout
    cheeseUout Day ago

    Wait you didn't answer why vacinnes are only made to fund mysoganistic doctor rapists that feed off people's naieve tendencies. Check mate. Your whole video is false

  • C Minu
    C Minu Day ago

    Funny how 99.9% of anti-vaxxers, still alive, have already been vaccinated.

  • ATST Production
    ATST Production Day ago

    Anti-vax gets rabies) pshhh I'm not gonna let you inject me with viruses

  • PixelizedGaming
    PixelizedGaming Day ago +1

    im so glad im vaccinated lol

    I got stabbed by a rusty nail once (on accident) while goofing off near a construction site. The nail went in about a centimeter deep and it hurt really bad. Eventually it healed but i still have a really nasty scar to this day. I wouldn't be alive to write this comment if I weren't vaccinated.

    send these karens to school

  • Daddy BaRrY BeE BeNsOn

    Honestly Anti-Vaxxers are dumber then flat earthers

  • Jake Nation65
    Jake Nation65 Day ago

    Recently, a mother lost her child due to a sickness, but for the stupid and ignorant reason, anti-vaxxers are attacking her with inhumane comments on Facebook like "child killer" and "you killed your son"(she deleted the account shortly afterwards). I understand that there are stances to people vaccinating and people who oppose it, but its things like this that really pisses me off, people like this shouldn't be allowed to even have a stance on this topic, they will go on facebook, mindlessly find a parent who lost their child from a disease, and start ranting all over them about how they killed their child from vaccinations. They have the brain cells of a rock, yet if their kids die, they'll go off blaming the government.

  • the autistic hamster

    Thank you remember people V.Y.F.K (👏Vaccinate👏Your👏Fricking👏Kids👏)

  • Im a Weeaboo
    Im a Weeaboo Day ago +1

    Unvac Kid: When I grow up I want to-
    Anti - Vax Mom: *tetris beatbox guy*

  • Philly Northbound Train Deadhead

    Such uneducated comments. Epic - You cannot get tetanus from a rusty nail. Do your research and look it up. Also if your kid is vaccinated and vaccines supposedly work then an unvaccinated kid is no risk. Some vaccines r not even tested. N u can't sue the drug companies because they have a secret vaccine court. Why? Parents against vaccines actually research the science n do not blindly follow their doctors advice who blindly follow the pharmaceutical reps who do not need a degree in medicine or science.

    • Iced
      Iced 22 hours ago

      hahaha research, buzzfeed isn't research

    • CuffRox
      CuffRox Day ago +3

      Yes, yes you can get tetanus from a rusty nail. That's one of biggest reasons unvaccinated people get tetanus. Furthermore -- all vaccines are tested THOROUGHLY. They all go through clinical trials. And that thing you said about unvaccinated kids not being at risk because the rest of us are vaccinated is just totally untrue. Vaccinated people are still carriers of the disease, just because we're immune to it doesn't mean we can't spread it. You know, if you people would just vaccinate your goddamn kids then measles, polio, smallpox, etc... would be eradicated by now.

      And honestly, I don't even care if this is a troll comment, people need to hear about this shit.

    • Faulty Salty
      Faulty Salty Day ago +1

      Watch the video retard

  • this channel is crap

    If Karen was a pro vax and the dad was an anti vax

    Who would you choose?

  • Uxue Chung
    Uxue Chung Day ago +2

    Guys this is insulting please. God will help me I don’t need these toxic medicines. Just pray and you will live

    (This was a joke lol)

  • Sirena Roberts
    Sirena Roberts Day ago +1

    My mom born in the 80's
    has never seen anyone die of a disease called polio
    I know a child who has polio due to the fact that they got it from their nephews

  • Adogface
    Adogface Day ago

    Allergies aka the weak blood lines

  • Uncle Elmer
    Uncle Elmer Day ago +5

    I have defeated antivaxers 100% of the time. They wilt under my logic and often go out and get vaccinated after losing an argument to me.

  • Itsyaboi
    Itsyaboi Day ago +1

    How ignorant and misinformed are these anti-vaxxers. You guys believe the internet more then someone who studied for a long time to be a doctor etc. The deadly diseases are coming back because of you ignorant selfish people.

  • Omq Jaylyn!
    Omq Jaylyn! Day ago +3

    Anti Vaxxers wouldn’t had been alive if it wasn’t for..

    Vax parents

  • Mike will
    Mike will Day ago

    These idiots live in a "belief" not based on FACTS! These "Anti - Vaxxers" are all Mentally ill, They are no different then any Cult. They don't care about FACTS! they care about their "Belief" and will do anything, lie, deny FACTS! cry, whine, ANYTHING! trying to protect their "belief" and deny their mental illness

  • Crappy Content
    Crappy Content Day ago +5

    School: *Excludes unvaccinated kid*
    Anti-vaxxer: *tries to sue the school and fails*
    Kid: *gets an entirely preventable disease and gets hospitalized*
    Everyone: Ya should have got vaccinated boi
    Kid: *dies from preventable disease, the anti-vaxxer could perfectly well afford the vaccine*
    Anti-vaxxer: *Gets thrown into a child endangerment and manslaughter trial*

    This will now continue over the next 200 episodes

  • Stephanie Dorr
    Stephanie Dorr Day ago

    How about check out the scientific method? When we no longer use science then vaccines have become a religion not backed by science! Observations and questions are required to follow the scientific method! Science is never settled; and to say so is a complete lack of science, and remove science from vaccine discussion. Therefore, we must conclude vaccines are a religion (I prefer cult since it sacrifices people)!

    • Horder Jason
      Horder Jason Hour ago

      +Stephanie Dorr holocaust? You like it or not, it has advanced our medical understanding and made several breakthroughs, even tho, it was not ethical and horrible in some ways. So in science point of view, this was beneficial.

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really Hour ago

      Stephanie Dorr - I mean, no, they’re just a thing, why put a name like religion to it? Especially when, again, anti-vaxxers use it as a bad thing.

    • Stephanie Dorr
      Stephanie Dorr 2 hours ago

      +Not Amused really Scienctific method includes 6 steps two of which are question and observation. When they state the science is settled and these two steps are left out, we can now call vaccines a religion because it is no longer using science.

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really 2 hours ago

      Stephanie Dorr - Then change the language you use. Calling it a cult may be your opinion but it can be damaging to those who are afraid of that type of thing. Calling it a religion may be your opinion but it can be damaging to those who have a religion and not want religion to be referred to in a negative way.
      The language you use sounds a lot like you’re trying to coerce and scare, and if you really do accept that not everyone will agree with you, you’ll reword your comments in the future.

    • Stephanie Dorr
      Stephanie Dorr 6 hours ago

      +Not Amused really That is why mandating vaccines is wrong. Your belief in them does not outweigh my knowledge to not believe in them. Example: tylenol, you may reach for it for a headache and take it after vaccination. Science says it very dangerous to so and might kill you but doctors say do it. I get a headache, i reach for magnesium because I know my body is deficient because I read the science used it and it works. No side effects. Your choice and my choice are different and that is okay. But i dont force or coercise you and you dont force or coercise me. Last time we let doctors rule over our bodies it was the holocaust. Not interested in a repeat.

  • Thomas _
    Thomas _ Day ago +1

    Did you know it’s more likely that those who aren’t vaccinated are autistic
    Because they are afraid of being vaccinated!
    And don’t say I don’t know
    I was afraid too.... and autistic
    Autism is something your born with, you can’t develop it later on in life, and you always have it
    (Just like how someone with a single flesh arm always has one fleshy arm)
    However autism can affect choices you make in life, eg vaccines
    Autistic people normally have anxiety, and anxiety may make the person worried about being vaccinated with irrational reasons,
    Because of these worries caused by irrational reasons, they don’t want to have it (they may still be forced like me)
    But this is the person themselves not wanting to, it’s there right
    Or you have an autistic parent who has irrational worries and doesn’t want the vaccination for there child
    (Although you can get autism from parents so it’s likely to be an autistic child too)
    So yea, another reverse effect than believed like the allergies one

  • Daisy Animations

    I live in Turkey and it's necessary to vaccinate there are nurses at schools in Turkey lol

  • child of the ONE TRUE KING Jesus Christ

    Oh yay bill 😂😂😂 NOT!

  • child of the ONE TRUE KING Jesus Christ


  • Yoyle 0340
    Yoyle 0340 Day ago

    Non vaccinated kids are the kids you feel bad for but you have to stay away

  • Jordan Ortiz
    Jordan Ortiz Day ago

    I'd rather let my kid die than vaccinate them

    • Thomas Maxwell
      Thomas Maxwell 16 hours ago

      Well you will most likely get you wish(also your probably just a troll but I'm writing this on the off chance you're not)

    • Tuxan, the mysterious guy
      Tuxan, the mysterious guy Day ago

      But why

    • Purdergor
      Purdergor Day ago

      Ok but why tho

    • Just Saph
      Just Saph Day ago

      guys don't take the bait-

    • Guineapig Buddies
      Guineapig Buddies Day ago

      Did you watch the video at all!!??
      You must be an ignorant and delusional person to deny the opinions on hundreds of scientists because you saw some sort of buzzfeed article and decided to hop on the trend!
      You are denying the basic evidence and I feel sorry for your child.

  • mike Johnathon
    mike Johnathon Day ago

    I don't trust anything the government says. They are a bunch of demon worshiper elitists. Why don't the Amish have the sicknesses/Autism that is in the General population. The government sees us all as cattle and only the children of elitists matter to them. They want us to be vaccinated so the Elitists children do not get sick.

    • Purdergor
      Purdergor Day ago +2

      Nobody cares about your opinion

    • Just Saph
      Just Saph Day ago +2

      ok buddy lets hope that government welfare you're living off of covers your hospital bills when you contract an easily preventable disease

    • TombWraith
      TombWraith Day ago

      This is just anecdotal, but I live in Amish land. 4 of them live at the autistic house on my college campus and 2 have died from preventable diseases (chickenpox and meningitis)

    • Ibraducreps
      Ibraducreps Day ago

      Because the Amish are few? I hope you never have kids

    • Ákos Körmendi
      Ákos Körmendi Day ago

      What gives even if they were? Demons don't exist so they would just be a different type of religious group.
      Amish people use medicine and also vaccinate, less commonly than the general population but they still do. And Autism is present in Amish populations, please check your facts before spreading them.

  • Ivanmss
    Ivanmss Day ago

    Be still my beating heart...

  • Cian Carr
    Cian Carr Day ago

    I'll never look at dangerouslyfunny's videos the same way, one of his characters is called Mumps...

    Come on

  • Gates Of Vienna
    Gates Of Vienna Day ago

    You either believe evolution or you don’t pick a lane. Every living thing you see are results of innumerable struggles to survive.

    • Purdergor
      Purdergor Day ago

      Gates Of Vienna Facts bro up top

  • Stephanie Dorr
    Stephanie Dorr Day ago

    There is estimated 380 trillion viruses in the human body and that is science! Now eradicating viruses take on a whole new meaning don't they! Vaccines were pushed in the 1950's; however, science is showing us time and time they do more harm than good. Vaccines are an indoctrinated religion from childhood and when we end up wiping out the human beings on this planet because we are stupid human beings it will be too late to change the events. Either its vaccines or complete incompetence in Western medicine because here is the results of the health of the US. 90% vaccinated! Scientific Method; Observation!
    2014: Autism 1 in 59
    2009: 30,000 Americans go to the emergency room each year to get treated for severe food allergies.
    2017: Pharmaceutical drug use is 48.9% of the population in the last 30 days.
    2016: 3,600 Sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID/SIDS).
    2011: 25 million people have Asthma.
    2017: 30.3 million US adults have diabetes.
    2016: 12,500 children and adolescents under the age of 20 years are diagnosed with cancer.
    2016: Approximately 9.4% of children 2-17 years of age (6.1 million) had ever been diagnosed with ADHD.
    2014: 5 million Americans diagnosed with Alzheimers.
    Updated 2018: Leading cause of death in the United States is Kidney disease. Kidney disease can affect your body’s ability to clean your blood, filter extra water out of your blood, and help control your blood pressure.
    Now take a look at we they injected in us and our children and tell me there is no correlation to our health issues?

    • Horder Jason
      Horder Jason Day ago +1

      +Stephanie Dorr so what if we have 38 million or more? Only few out of them are deadly for us

    • Horder Jason
      Horder Jason Day ago +1

      +Stephanie Dorr you just copy pasted the same thing, look: "Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) rates declined considerably from 130.3 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1990 to 38.0 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2016." So please just shut up with this non sense

    • Stephanie Dorr
      Stephanie Dorr Day ago

      +Ákos Körmendi This is a time in history when the public gave doctors absolute power of human beings.

    • Stephanie Dorr
      Stephanie Dorr Day ago

      +Ákos Körmendi You think every body is different? No human being is exactly the same right? We are viruses and viruses mutate right? Check this out....

    • Stephanie Dorr
      Stephanie Dorr Day ago

      +Ákos Körmendi

  • sarcastic bitch
    sarcastic bitch Day ago +7

    Studies have shown that unvaccinated kids have much lower chances of showing signs of autism than vaccinated kids , but that is mostly because kids rarely show signs of autism before the age if 4.

    *They had us in the first half, not gonna lie*

  • Jewels Napier
    Jewels Napier Day ago +1

    Anti Vaxxers be like: hmmm little Timmy has polio better give him some tea tree oil!

  • Ku Rious
    Ku Rious Day ago

    John F. Kennedy Jr. 3-19-2019 on FB (NOW) ChildrensHealthDefense # videos # 551900258635710

  • Aerios the axolotl
    Aerios the axolotl Day ago +5

    I haven't been vaccinated, I mean my parents are not anti-vaxxers. They just don't have the time to vaccinate me yet I guess.
    At least I'm lucky to not get sick, I still want to get vaccinated though.

  • LCarnage
    LCarnage Day ago +2

    I think your video made some anti vaxxers vaccinated

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes Day ago +1

    There is only one way to deal with these ignorant people. Sue them! Every time their child spreads diseases, sue them! If children die as a result of no vaccination, charge them with manslaughter! Religious freedom has NEVER included the right to hurt others directly or through negligence.

  • Eli_CornBread
    Eli_CornBread Day ago +3


    • Enderfire1st _
      Enderfire1st _ Day ago

      +Eli_CornBread lel

    • Eli_CornBread
      Eli_CornBread Day ago

      R/entitledparents incoming

    • Enderfire1st _
      Enderfire1st _ Day ago

      Eli_CornBread yeah, and even if they did. They are somehow totally ok with their kids being exposed to polio, measles, tetanus, smallpox, etc. as opposed to them having kids having a manageable social/mental disorder. They must not care/love their kids.

  • BasicallyBrokeMan2
    BasicallyBrokeMan2 Day ago +1


  • Lieutenant NITEWOLF

    Exactly if we had no vaccines we could be all dead so if you people dont want to vaccinate your kids go ahead but if they get really really sick dont blame anyone but yourselves. I literally think Vaccines are better than nothing sure you may think iron vitamins and etc. Can make you or your kid sick or kill you and whatever then dont eat some of the stuff they give you is in that shot, if you are so scared then I think you might not want to eat all that food give it to someone who needs it, there are many countries that are starving many homeless people why dont you feed them instead of stuffing your face full of junk food. If you have kids feed them it's the law but you dont have to eat but your kids do if you are that scared. I dont condone starving yourself though I just meant face reality if you have a kid get them vaccinated you will be saving them and people with weaker immune systems.

  • The Chilli
    The Chilli Day ago +1

    anti vaxxers just want to kill their kids

  • J W
    J W Day ago

    I’m not against vaccinations. I’m concerned about the safety of vaccines. The studies done to approve vaccinations for market are very poorly designed. They are not placebo controlled. Any drug that is prescribed goes through rigorous clinical testing and we’ve seen how many have been recalled over the years. Interesting how no vaccines have been recalled. Well, actually, zostivax May have been, if not it should be, it’s awful. Regardless, the vaccine safety profiles can’t be legitimately determined based on the current clinical trials and the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC and the Dept of HHS all know it. If you take a look below the surface you’ll see all the corruption for yourself. It exists here just like every other corner the government has a hand in. Why do you think they have this gaslighting anti vaxxers are nut jobs campaign going on? The banned a movie about vaccines? Seriously? They are that afraid of a movie? By the way the recent outbreak in California of the private school with measles, the kids were all vaccinated. So the MMR didn’t help them. The risk of death from any one of these viruses other (barring polio) is low. I’m not saying we shouldn’t vaccinate. We need to adjust the schedule. We need to find out which kids are genetically susceptible to certain autoimmune processes and we need to do true placebo controlled studies. 1/6 kids with autism now. When does it end?

    • cardaroy
      cardaroy 9 hours ago

      Lol doesnt provide any sources,

    • J W
      J W 23 hours ago

      Ákos Körmendi show me a study in which a vaccine went through a clinical trial of hundreds of thousands of people BEFORE it was approved for use of the population. They don’t even use hundreds of people. They don’t even test on infants before approving the vaccine for infants. A newborn child gets a hep B vaccine in the first 12 hours.

    • J W
      J W 23 hours ago

      Ákos Körmendi not true vaccines don’t offer lifelong immunity.Only natural disease does.

    • J W
      J W 23 hours ago

      Ákos Körmendi look it up , plenty of data on autism over the past 50 years and the steady sharp increase. Not hard to find on google.

    • J W
      J W 23 hours ago

      Sabeh Chatteli “many experts” you’d have to define what you’ll accept as an expert. People like to pick and choose although the CDC itself has said many times they can’t rule out a link between autism and vaccines. Thimerosal is still in the flu vaccine in US and in other vaccines in other countries. It crosses the blood brain barrier when injected intramuscularly it’s not the same as eating eat. Like I said not against vaccines but they aren’t even studied properly. You can look yourself. The “placebo” that is used as an injection isn’t saline. It has the adjuvants in it that stimulates the immune response minus the inactivated virus. Why do they do that? What is the point in doing that? Look at the trials yourself.

  • J W
    J W 2 days ago

    Dr. Verstraeten began his presentation by stating: “what I will present to you is the study that nobody thought we should do.” The study categorized the cumulative effect of thimerosal-containing vaccines administered to infants after one month of life and assessed the subsequent risk of degenerative and developmental neurologic disorders, and renal disorders before the age of six. Dr. Verstraeten stated that ALL of these relative risks were statistically significant.
    And he noted that: “mercury at one month of age is not the same as mercury at three months, at 12 months, prenatal mercury, later mercury. There is a whole range of plausible outcomes from mercury.” When asked about the risk of aluminum, he stated: “the results were almost identical to ethylmercury because the amount of aluminum goes along almost exactly with the mercury one.”

    Following the presentation, Dr. Roger Bernier (Associate Director for Science NIP) stated: “We have asked you to keep this information confidential….Consider this embargoed information.”[p. 113]

  • J W
    J W 2 days ago

    6-month-old children who received their shots on schedule would get a mercury dose up to 87 times higher than guidelines for the maximum daily consumption of mercury from fish. When viewed in this way, the mercury load appears rather large. The key issue is whether thimerosal, in the amount given with the vaccine, does or does not constitute a safety hazard. However, perception of hazard may be equally important

    • J W
      J W 22 hours ago

      Kerigan Creighton Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes: Possible Role of Fenton Chemistry in the Oxidation and Breakage of mtDNA

    • J W
      J W 22 hours ago

      Kerigan Creighton Environmental Health Perspectives
      National Institute of Environmental Health Science
      Thimerosal and Animal Brains: New Data for Assessing Human Ethylmercury Risk
      Julia R. Barrett

    • J W
      J W 22 hours ago

      Kerigan Creighton ays). However, the proportion of inorganic mercury in the brain was much higher in the thimerosal group (21-86% of total mercury) compared to the methylmercury group (6-10%). Brain concentrations of inorganic mercury were approximately twice as high in the thimerosal group compared to the methylmercury group. Inorganic mercury remains in the brain much longer than organic mercury, with an estimated half-life of more than a year. It’s not currently known whether inorganic mercury presents any risk to the developing brain.

    • J W
      J W 22 hours ago

      Fizzle and humans aren’t mice but that’s what they use to study the drugs that are made by pharma and prescribed to people.

    • Robert Gable
      Robert Gable Day ago

      Also thimerosal has been removed from most vaccines to help quell anti vaxxers. Despite it being a safe amount, they pulled it to get people to vaccinate

  • walmart ryan ross
    walmart ryan ross 2 days ago

    The message of this video?

    Vaccinate your crotch goblins

  • Holly Warren
    Holly Warren 2 days ago +1

    So the reason most disiases are gone people is because of vaccines that’s why kids are living longer verses back in the early years a good portion of kids died in the first couple of months due to deaise running a muck plus now we have vaccines to help stop certain cancers like the one for cervical cancer but hey if u don’t want your kids to be vaccinated don’t go crying to people when your kid has the desise that could have been prevented if they had gotten the shots like the cerveks cancer can be prevented so they wouldn’t need to deal with the pain of treatment to save there life

  • nefos
    nefos 2 days ago +7

    kid: * isn't vaccinated *
    germs: it's free real estate

  • Gabriel Silvain
    Gabriel Silvain 2 days ago +8

    Is anyone else looking for anti vaccination comments

    • Thomas Maxwell
      Thomas Maxwell 16 hours ago

      I found alot makes me scared for what the world will be like when I grow up (I'm 14)

    • Grade A
      Grade A Day ago


    • Just Saph
      Just Saph Day ago

      just sort the comments by newest, there are plenty

  • One2Ten
    One2Ten 2 days ago +2

    Vaccines=good essential oils=bad. Too bad Karen won't accept science and evidence.

  • Cali 678
    Cali 678 2 days ago

    Kat von D should watch this

  • Teryn H
    Teryn H 2 days ago +2

    All the dislikes are anti-vaxxers

  • CurtFish892
    CurtFish892 2 days ago +9

    This guy dropped the intelligent bomb so hard 6.6k+ antivaxers missed the like button

    • Grade A
      Grade A Day ago +1

      Smacked it more than the force a hippo’s jaw can bite right in their face.

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray 2 days ago +5

    I have Asperger's Syndrome (high functioning autism). Even if the MMR vaccine caused my condition, it's better than dying...and really, the more people like me and Temple Grandin and Dan Akyroyd there are in the world, the better!

    • Sarah Gray
      Sarah Gray Day ago +3

      +Gaston Gourmand I'm not sure what you meant by your comment but I do enjoy swimming.

    • Gaston Gourmand
      Gaston Gourmand Day ago

      Your face above the water! Your feet can't touch the ground, touch the ground! And it feels like you can see the sands on the horizon every time you are not around!

  • Agent 3
    Agent 3 2 days ago +1

    Yeah for argument two,its like saying if you take an infected needle and inject your kid with it,and they get HIV that soon turns into AIDS they will be fine.

    • Agent 3
      Agent 3 7 hours ago

      Thomas Maxwell Its fine bro

    • Thomas Maxwell
      Thomas Maxwell 16 hours ago

      I am really sorry for my other comment I thought you were an anti vaxer my bad

  • Aariz Eashin
    Aariz Eashin 2 days ago +2

    I wish that in the future there will be a vaccine for HIV/AIDS to stop the disease spreading through vaccine and then medicine.

    • Aariz Eashin
      Aariz Eashin Day ago

      Technically when a pregnant woman has HIV and take medication the strands are too weak and they feed them formula and medication for 6 weeks to 6 months to stop them.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla Day ago

      Here is the problem with HIV. Think of your body like a prison. You have the guards (your immune system) - and then you have the prisoners (infectious pathogens). Most infectious diseases attack the cells of your body. As an example the Influenza virus attacks the cells of your respiratory tract where it replicates to make you sick. So you get better when your immune cells (guards) attack the virus and destroy it. The HIV virus however attacks your immune system to disable your immune cells. That is like removing the guards to allow the prisoners to run free.
      So the reason that developing a vaccine against HIV is so difficult is that it disrupts your immune system upon which you depend to defeat invading pathogens. An antibiotic does not make you well per se - rather it reduces the amount of bacteria in you to allow your immune system to make you well. Likewise vaccines allow your immune system to respond more quickly to the invading organism to prevent you from becoming ill in the first place = but it still requires your immune system reacting.

    • Agent 3
      Agent 3 2 days ago +1

      Aariz Eashin it will be hard since HIV/AIDS mutates FAST. Like so fast your white blood cells think its nothing.

  • Ranger S.
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    Everyone who disliked this video gets their information from their essential oil companies.

  • Tea Sis
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    Go follow Karen on Instagram @karen22838 she doesn’t vaccinate her kids and she loves jesus

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    Who over made this video I love you

  • ironman318
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    [dies at age three]

  • Pope yeezus protector of the bibble

    Kid: I wanna grow up to be 100
    Antivax mom: 3 take it or leave it

  • Animal Mother
    Animal Mother 2 days ago +1

    Pro vaxers are like a cult, I swear. Anyone that thinks vaccines should be mandatory are retarded as well

    • AntTheMan
      AntTheMan 23 hours ago

      +Animal Mother well like I said, go live in Somalia or some remote island. + I don't live in USA, There's a clear difference between the government in USA and Sweden. learn to get your facts at a trusted news source and don't just pick from what the government does bad, if we didn't trust the government well guess what? Everyone would die of Polio, Measles, even the flu. So die or trust the government

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really Day ago

      Animal Mother - It doesn’t matter if you were directing it at someone or not, an insult is an insult no matter who or how many people it’s directed at, and if it doesn’t help your argument why say it?

    • Animal Mother
      Animal Mother Day ago

      AntTheMan the fact that you trust the government that much is honestly scary when there is plenty of evidence that demonstrates why you shouldn’t trust the government.

    • Animal Mother
      Animal Mother Day ago

      Not Amused really again though, I wasn’t directly attacking anyone in particular, and retarded only applied to those who fell under my listed conditions

    • AntTheMan
      AntTheMan 2 days ago +1

      +Animal Mother if you don't believe in that the government keeps you and your family safe just go live in Somalia

  • Ashir Malik
    Ashir Malik 2 days ago +3

    What’s different between flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers?

    Flat-earthers can’t create mass-murder

  • StormDoesGaming
    StormDoesGaming 2 days ago

    quinoa tastes like sand

  • TheYazarMan
    TheYazarMan 2 days ago +4

    Seriously tho...there are people who cannot get vaccines because of medical reasons and they rely on us, people who get vaccinated, to get rid of the disease. Herd Immunity is a real thing...

  • Allisondra Terrano
    Allisondra Terrano 2 days ago +2

    Lol, people have to realize that Autism is a disorder, not an illness. Ok so your kid has Autism, deal with it. There are anti-vax kids with Autism, and Vaccinated kids without Autism. And if you're a Vaxxed kid with Autism, it has nothing to do with your vaccines.

  • random sonic
    random sonic 2 days ago +4

    My grandad had a mild form of poilio and has to have a brace on his left leg
    This is because his family was VERRY poor and this was pre NHS days and so couldn't afford the vaccination/ there wasn't a vaccine for it at that time

    Because of seeing the effect I get verry angry at anti vaxxers
    So much that I got excluded from school for shouting at my maths teacher
    But hey ho
    Naterall selection

  • Nidia Rodriguez
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