Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • Here's what to say to anti-vaxxers!
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Comments • 46 346

  • Some random Dude
    Some random Dude 6 minutes ago

    Anti-vaxxers are like flat earthers. They know they are wrong but don’t want to admit it so make bullshit facts.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 16 minutes ago

    Canada takes a century of testing

  • Tubaaja
    Tubaaja 27 minutes ago

    * looks dislikes *
    We have 5200 polio cases here.

  • Adam Greene
    Adam Greene 43 minutes ago +2

    3 year old: When I grow up-
    Anti vax parent: Now let's not get to far ahead of ourselves

  • Just Tom Here
    Just Tom Here Hour ago

    Here’s my argument being stabbed by a needle hurts like hell and I don’t like needles

  • Hurpedurp Gaming
    Hurpedurp Gaming Hour ago

    Oh boy, level up!
    (I already had autism and got vaccinated)

  • I waited 90 days to change My channel name

    Thank god for this video

  • John McCaskill
    John McCaskill Hour ago +2

    Can we talk about how he draws the U.S.

  • Exotic Potato Artist
    Exotic Potato Artist 2 hours ago

    Dear Ima Skeptic, we get it. You learned about logical fallacies in 5th grade.

  • Caleb Lynch
    Caleb Lynch 2 hours ago

    When I got vaccinated when I was younger I got the following allergies dairy nuts and soy

    • Caleb Lynch
      Caleb Lynch 33 seconds ago

      Ana Mae thanks for telling me sorry that your cousin died but I’ve only ever gotten the roto vaccine so I’m not ever vaccinated and it’s not my choice it’s my parents

    • Ana Mae
      Ana Mae 31 minute ago

      I do get where you are coming. It seems crazy that something that could help so much wouldn't have anything bad about it. But this is the reason we don't see so much of Polio and small pox. I think its really important to vaccinate yourself. My family didnt believe in vaccinating either. Until my baby cousin. My aunt had small pox and hadnt reconized the signs right away. She gave it to the baby. He died in the hospital. The chances of this happening is so low. But so is the chances of you getting autism from vaccines.

    • Ana Mae
      Ana Mae 37 minutes ago

      Non of those were caused by your shots. Eczema is caused by not exfoliating you skin. Your allergies would logically have NOTHING to do with the vaccines.

    • Caleb Lynch
      Caleb Lynch Hour ago

      lestermeganice I’ve had them since after it got the roto vaccine and I’m 13 and also got eczema

    • lestermeganice
      lestermeganice Hour ago +1

      Lots of allergies only appear later in life. Has nothing to do with your vaccine

  • dheril rana
    dheril rana 3 hours ago +3

    how to kill your kid without anyone suspect you : just don't vaccinated your kid

  • Sahasrahla
    Sahasrahla 3 hours ago +3

    My landlord's cancer treatments are causing his immune system to be weakened. If he's around someone who's sick, he could get even sicker and probably die, because he can't get vaccinated if his immune system is suppressed.
    People who can get vaccinated but don't because ~autism~ are pricks.

  • madison king
    madison king 3 hours ago

    3:20 oof the US has seen some better days

    • madison king
      madison king 3 hours ago

      Oh no they had to do it to em again @3:53

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 3 hours ago

    Let’s play a game vaccines are great and should always be used

    How to win Ima skeptic replies

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 3 hours ago

    Someone with more than 1 brain cell: Anti Vaxxers stupid/Vaccines are good
    Ima Skeptic: Allow us to introduce myself

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 3 hours ago

    Everyone I have an idea every time ima skeptic reply’s report it as spam or unwanted content

  • Blue_Exile
    Blue_Exile 3 hours ago +1

    Bwahahahahahaha, I’ve watched your channels many times before but now I’m not going to believe everything you say and may, quite frankly, stop watching entirely since I don’t know what of your channel to believe.

  • Viktorija Venckutė
    Viktorija Venckutė 4 hours ago

    The most ignorant video ever...

    • lestermeganice
      lestermeganice Hour ago

      +Viktorija Venckutė How do you explain diseases like small pox and polio being non-existent right around the time their vaccines were introduced then?

    • Viktorija Venckutė
      Viktorija Venckutė Hour ago

      +Dennisskillz Dinis im not dumb I have done alot of research.. the evidence that pharmaceuticals provide do not prove anything... ur just ignorant and dont understand that pharmaceuticals are just business.. They say they stopped all these illnesses when in fact they are the ones creating sick society. In the last 50years here is a huge rise in autism, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, allergens... wonder why when we have such a "good medical services"...

    • Dennisskillz Dinis
      Dennisskillz Dinis 2 hours ago

      +Viktorija Venckutė you clearly havent done your research. There are hundreds of papers that prove that vaccines work and are effective. You just are to dumb to realize.

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant 2 hours ago

      Viktorija Venckutė they have their sources in the description, if you want to read that.

    • Viktorija Venckutė
      Viktorija Venckutė 2 hours ago

      Its not useful its all complete lies.. there are no medical evidence that prove vaccines work...

  • Frosty Dawn
    Frosty Dawn 4 hours ago

    my mom decided not to get us our flu shot, then I got the flu a few weeks later
    thanks, mom.
    *appreciate it.*

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn Hour ago

      Typographical Tyrant thanks! It’s chilled out at this point and it’s more of a bad cold right now, but I’m good

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant 2 hours ago

      Frosty Dawn *oof* Hope you feel better tho ❤️

  • Ben Sama
    Ben Sama 4 hours ago

    Anti-vaxxers are the definition of stupid

  • Decad31YT
    Decad31YT 4 hours ago


  • Robert Lewandowski
    Robert Lewandowski 5 hours ago

    Lads I figured it out they don't want their kids vaccinated because

    They are scared of shots

  • Hiking Squire
    Hiking Squire 6 hours ago

    long story short: they all die before their 3

  • Grandblitz
    Grandblitz 7 hours ago

    I was one of those people who had an allergic reaction to the MMR vaccine xD never gotten sick tho.

  • Kaleb Fuqua
    Kaleb Fuqua 9 hours ago

    "They are given to healthier people; usually children" Now what seems off about that quote? well i know one thing. The children in America aren't healthy. At all. Obesity and autism are among the highest rates per state. Highest among all of the states is actually California. Interesting fact about California... They just made it mandatory to have your child vaccinated before entering preschool. Weird how vaccines being necessary in younger children affect directly with the rate of autism.

  • Kaleb Fuqua
    Kaleb Fuqua 9 hours ago +1

    Instead of eradicating polio, they changed the name of it and did not allow a common doctor to give a diagnosis. It had to go through many corporate stages, and after these different definitions of the same disease, no one in the CDC would allow the disease to be called polio. It doesn't make sense to split up a disease into that many strands unless someone was trying to hide the fact that vaccines aren't really helping us. The polio epidemic was staged for big drug companies to keep making billions while the general public are getting autism and dying. Also aborted baby tissue doesn't belong in my bloodstream. No thanks.

    • Fizzle
      Fizzle 26 minutes ago

      *Cough* Good lad, I diagnose you with *retard*

    • Sky
      Sky 6 hours ago

      I think you have a mild case of Retarded

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent 6 hours ago

      Thank you for demonstrating how people who post anti-vaxxer nonsense online = all too often have no understanding of what they post. Of course we had already surmised as such given the innumerable posts by others such as Ima Skeptic who floods this comment section with their own "version" of what you posted. None the less it serves to demonstrate the "pattern" as noted we see with anti-vaxxer claims found online whereby loads of people all post variations of the same nonsense ala "lemmings".
      By the way. It might be of interest that AFM - which is what you are apparently referring to - is not polio. Every patient diagnosed with AFM has *TESTED NEGATIVE* for the poliovirus = every one. So there is no "name change" and AFM - while similar because it too impacts the human nervous system and thus causes a similar symptomology as polio - is not polio nor is it caused by the same virus as polio. In fact there have been multiple viruses associated with the syndrome. So as we see = it helps to have your ducks in a row as to facts. Better luck next time.

  • Impatk
    Impatk 10 hours ago

    Y’all notice how the richest nigga ever funded this vid

  • Vibhaath Chirukandoth
    Vibhaath Chirukandoth 10 hours ago

    Two decades ago an AntiVaxxer won Nobel Peace Price. 😂

  • Vibhaath Chirukandoth
    Vibhaath Chirukandoth 10 hours ago

    Two decades ago an AntiVaxxer won Nobel Peace Price. 😂

  • Bazooka Llama Productions
    Bazooka Llama Productions 10 hours ago +1

    Arguing with the uneducated is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll just kick over all the pieces and shit on everything, then it'll continue strutting around as if it won.

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn 4 hours ago

      Bazooka Llama Productions i love that comparison so much

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn 4 hours ago

      Bazooka Llama Productions i love that comparison so much

  • Daniel Alexander Castro

    someone send this to kat von d

  • The Mad Hacker
    The Mad Hacker 10 hours ago

    also, the antibodies from mother's breastmilk only cover a baby for 6 months

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent 7 hours ago

      If that = with some lasting less long as others as the different cells die off at differing rates. It is true that colostrum imparts some antibodies = although colostrum is only produced for a few days before it transitions to regular breast milk. It is also true that as a result of a shared blood supply the fetus acquires some circulating immunoglobulins prior to birth. Yet as you noted these immune cells begin to die off with a few weeks so that after a couple of months perhaps = the infant is left with only it's own under-developed immune system to protect itself.

  • Bella Bates
    Bella Bates 10 hours ago +1

    This video is so terrible that someone can laugh and make a joke about this. Kids die everyday and you are laughing about this. Not only do vaccines cause autism. But they have aborted fetal cells in them. The first vaccine a baby gets is hep b. Why give a 12 your old baby a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease.

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant 2 hours ago

      Ima Skeptic thousands... FALSEHOODS! Phonated. - Sander Sides, changed it a bit

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant 2 hours ago

      Bella Bates from the words of Logan sanders (sander sides): FALSEHOOD!

    • Marco van de Weert
      Marco van de Weert 8 hours ago

      +Bella Bates Why, yes, I happen to know of big investigations into showing autism isn't linked. Like here: (meta-analysis of many studies). You could also read the many studies that have investigated any MMR-autism linked...and failed to find any such link (and yes, Ima fake Skeptic, this link's for you, too): ( Table 1)
      You could also look at the studies referenced here:
      So, when you tell me you have done 10x more research on vaccines, why did you fail to find any these studies? Is it perhaps because your "research" involves checking those websites that confirm that what you already hold to be true?
      Also, once again no, vaccines do not contain aborted fetal cells. No study has shown the existence of any such cells in the vaccine itself. This is, of course, related to the production method, which "is designed to remove all such cells". You do know how such production works, yes? If not, your research into vaccines has, so far, been highly defective.
      And I'll gladly talk to the thousands of parents that you claim have lost a child due to vaccination the past year (and no, I will not "yak" at them, unless they are the idiots who put their child under heavy blankets and then blame the vaccination for their child suffocating under those blankets - as has happened in the Vaccine Court and they rightly got sent out of the door without compensation). You finding those thousands is going to be very difficult: - extrapolating worldwide you may potentially get to 1,000 deaths that could potentially be linked to vaccination.

    • Bella Bates
      Bella Bates 9 hours ago

      +Ima Skeptic thank you it is so sad that media and modern pharma shiver it so far into our heads that it's ok to poison our kids.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 9 hours ago

      +Bella Bates - _Marco van de Weert_ is a phrama troll from Copenhagen, Denmark peddling vaccines in USclip comments.

  • guy on the internet who plays r6

    Remember this ima skeptic has come to this video for 10 months every day to reply to comments.......... does this guy have a life or a job????

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent 7 hours ago +2

      _"I don't know what your issues are with me. "Redlegagent" has been sitting on this video much longer than I have!!"_
      Slight difference Ima...............ever so slight old chap. I answer people's questions so as to impart useful information. I also correct errors posted by others. Lastly I expose trolls that frequent these videos. Meanwhile you post endlessly as noted = the same utterly trite bullshit over and over and over again. You have flooded this video with more than a thousand posts now. *T-H-A-T* is the difference Ima Skeptic between me and you. *YOU* are a troll = the worst kind of troll at that. Here endth the lesson.

    • Sebastian Yap
      Sebastian Yap 8 hours ago

      +Ima Skeptic That was a joke.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 9 hours ago

      +Sebastian Yap - The reason it doesn't make sense to you is because he lied when he said I'd been here for 10 months. You forget how often pro-vaxxers LIE.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 10 hours ago

      +guy on the internet who plays r6 - can vaccines cause autism? YES. Can the SV40 cancer virus cause cancer in humans? YES.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 10 hours ago

      +guy on the internet who plays r6 - why do pro-vaxxers always want to discuss people on the internet instead of vaccines? It's just a RED HERRING that pro-vaxxers have down pat.

  • MBanette doll
    MBanette doll 11 hours ago +1

    Anti-vaxxer parents should be arrested for child neglect and public endangerment.

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant 2 hours ago

      Ima Skeptic your “Informed Consent” ends when THE WHOLE ENTIRE NATION OR GROUP GETS SICK-

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 11 hours ago

      If any agency tries to take my kids for not vaccinating it would be in violation of Informed Consent as that would be *coercion, duress* and *undue influence.* It would be unethical. It would be un-American. Informed consent protects the individual's freedom of choice and respects the individual's autonomy.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 11 hours ago

      That would be in violation of Informed Consent, buddy. And I can't give Informed Consent for any medication or vaccine unless I thoroughly understand all the risk factors and side-effects. This is from the medical dictionary for *"Informed Consent":*
      *_"Voluntary agreement_*_ given by a person or a patients' responsible proxy (for example, a parent) for participation in a study, immunization program, treatment regimen, invasive procedure, etc., after being informed of the purpose, methods, procedures, benefits, _*_and risks._*_ The essential criteria of informed consent are that the subject has both knowledge and comprehension, that _*_consent is freely given without duress or undue influence,_*_ and that _*_the right of withdrawal at any time_*_ is clearly communicated to the patient."_
      Americans are getting bamboozled.

  • Insert Name here
    Insert Name here 11 hours ago

    R.i.p to those who had anti-vax moms or dads

  • Seton 4
    Seton 4 12 hours ago +1

    Ima skeptic out here acting like Yoda (pro tip for ima skeptic-big words don't make you smart). I don't even think he's from the U.S. which is what this video seems to focus on as far as anti-vaxxers...

    • Seton 4
      Seton 4 10 hours ago +1

      Ima Skeptic You’re right, I’m from Antarctica. We vaccinate our penguins here so they don’t get a severe disease called “Ligma.”

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 11 hours ago

      I don't think you are from the USA.

  • MarianKofmann
    MarianKofmann 12 hours ago +1

    Very informative & qualitative video.
    Anti-vaxxers are just like flat-earthers to me. Ate some bullsh*t, now spreading this bullsh*t among other uneducated people.

  • uranium fever aka Vidoge Thedoge

    This guy can destroy libtards so fast

  • lucasaurus 2006
    lucasaurus 2006 13 hours ago

    I've never vaccinated but I'm not salty nor do I care and im not toxic I just don't like it I have me you have you dell with it powerd by dell I'm only 12

  • behbeh man
    behbeh man 13 hours ago

    People are still commenting on this after it’s been out for 3/4 of a year lol

  • Nightcore B3ats
    Nightcore B3ats 13 hours ago

    Just came here for the comments

  • I tHoUgHt It WaS gRaPe JuIcE

    Honey I’m allergic to everything and I have only had a couple vaccines. SKSKSKKSKSKS the only reason I can’t have vaccines is because I am allergic to parts of the base compound, like anaphylactic.
    Get ur kids vaccinated so ppl like me won’t be so sick. (I’m literally sick 24/7 because my immune system is so weak from all my allergies so ye)

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant 2 hours ago

      Ima Skeptic they can still go out, though. is her allergy airborne? can understand that but allergic reaction if consumed? Dude, just make her stay away from the foods that make her allergic and to read food labels to check if she is allergic to any ingredients.

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really 10 hours ago

      Ima Skeptic Is it confirmed that vaccines cause allergies for sure or is this another thing where it’s not confirmed what causes it but people blame vaccines anyway because they have to blame something.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 11 hours ago

      +Not Amused really - my granddaughter is allergic to many foods. It was caused by vaccines. She now lives in a bubble. It ain't pretty.

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really 13 hours ago

      Ima Skeptic so they just shouldn’t leave the house because of circumstances beyond their control?

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 13 hours ago

      Only you are responsible for your own health. Herd immunity with vaccines is a myth. It's only used as a marketing ploy to guilt trip the public into buying vaccines.

  • Jin
    Jin 14 hours ago

    Anti vaxxers are the kid of people that helps cars cross the street

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 14 hours ago +1

    God why is this even an arguement

    • lestermeganice
      lestermeganice Hour ago

      +Ima Skeptic Care to show some proof?

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 10 hours ago

      Vaccine deaths and approximately $4 BILLION dollars compensation paid out for vaccines injuries -- maiming and killing Americans over the last 30 years. No biggie.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 14 hours ago

    Im just glad my parents are sane otherwise id be dead.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 13 hours ago

      Pro-vaxxer False Dilemma Logical Fallacy argument.

  • Galaxy_JellyFish
    Galaxy_JellyFish 14 hours ago +1

    Don't debunk them, it's just natural selection at that point

    • Galaxy_JellyFish
      Galaxy_JellyFish 9 hours ago

      +Ima Skeptic well I get what you mean, vaccines aren't natural, but if they're stupid enough to believe that they cause autism they may as well get polio or measles

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 10 hours ago

      Do you think _"natural selection"_ includes vaccines?? That SV40 cancer virus (polio vaccine) is going to give you brain cancer. But its better than a whole weeks worth of measles, right??

  • alfredo sauce tastes good

    kid: i don't feel so good..
    parent: lol your fine, it's going to go away tomorrow
    1 week later...
    doctor: sir, ma'am, your child died of a common cold.
    parents: WhAt NoW?????????

  • Lorena S
    Lorena S 14 hours ago

    Somebody send this video to Kat Von D

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 13 hours ago

      Kat Von D knows what the commercial propaganda says about vaccines. She works for the commercial propaganda industry herself.

  • Shaza Maza
    Shaza Maza 15 hours ago +2

    Everyone knows somone who got sick after a vaccination

  • bionic bendy Edenfield
    bionic bendy Edenfield 15 hours ago +2

    Ok what about those vaccine efficacy huh?! I'm no longer immune to measels, mumps, or rubella or help!! I am NOT anti vaccination mind you. I'm a good and causious parent is all. So what about vaccine manufacturers having NO LIABILITY for their vaccines?!?! Is that not a problem to you that those who make the very vaccines that every child has to have, some states mandate it, cannot be sued for injuries their product causes?! Videos like this one make me sick! Good parents do due diligence and question Big Pharma over vaccines and get labelled anti vacs and many hurtful things. This videos labelled them as tree hugger hippy types. And those ppl are just a joke huh? What about the lack of long term affect of the components studies, or why it is taboo to question these so called life saving vaccines??? Fun fact: during the measles epidemic of the 1980's, 443 deaths occurred because of pneumonia NOT the virus!! Research before you listen to this propaganda or others like it!!! Responsible parents does not = anti vaccination!!

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 15 hours ago

      Doctors are deliberately putting us in harms way.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 15 hours ago

      And secondary pneumonia can be treated and/or prevented with Vitamin C but doctors won't mention that. Why not??

  • RSHARK66
    RSHARK66 16 hours ago

    The dislikes are non vaccinators

  • { Memegalodon }
    { Memegalodon } 16 hours ago

    Anti-Vaxxers Think Autism Is
    Some Kind Of Disease, It’s Not.
    You Can Be Born With Autism
    Like You Can Be Born Without,
    Its Like Being Born With Blue
    Or Green Eyes, Brown Or Blonde Hair.

  • { Memegalodon }
    { Memegalodon } 17 hours ago +2

    I Was Born With Autism,
    What Kind Of Retard Believes
    That Vaccines Causes Autism?!?

  • redlegagent
    redlegagent 17 hours ago +1

    Thought of the day: Ima Skeptic's daily dose of insanity.
    _"@redlegagent - if you are trying to say Polio vaccines were not contaminated with the SV40 cancer virus, you are a flatout LIAR!!"_
    We see above folks a claim that Ima Skeptic has made here about 2,349 times or so. {chuckle} So why should that be a surprise to anyone who peruses the comment section here?? Answer: it demonstrates how Ima Skeptic - who is a anti-vaxxer troll - continues to misrepresent ad nauseam here. This despite being apprised of the real facts numerous times in the past = only to post the same nonsense over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
    So SV-40 = Simian Virus 40. It is found in infected populations of monkeys worldwide and can be passed on to man via handling or consuming those infected monkeys. Now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the late 1940's and early 1950's when the first polio vaccines were developed = some vaccines were indeed contaminated with SV-40 as a result of the virus being grown using green monkey kidneys..........with me so far. Now here's _the onion_ if you will = the SV-40 virus *WAS NOT IDENTIFIED* until 1960 - after which vaccines were screened for it from that point onwards.
    Moral of the story: one can not screen for something that one did not know existed. As no one had discovered the SV-40 virus yet = it was *IMPOSSIBLE* to screen it out of vaccines produced before it's existence was known. So all of the endless blathering about SV-40 by the anti-vaccine idiots = only ends up showing us how they routinely misrepresent the facts to create their endless innuendo and conspiracy theories. Better luck next time Ima. Let's hope facts finally sink into that perpetually dense skull of yours this time so we don't see this idiotic post again.

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really Hour ago

      Ima Skeptic Or there just isn’t enough evidence to support people’s claims that they were injured by vaccines. So they don’t count as “often”. It’s rarely discovered that someone does actually get injured. You make it sound like everyone who gets vaccinated is going to get autism or cancer, and that just isn’t realistic.

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent 7 hours ago

      Sooooooooooo many posts. {chuckle} Ima Skeptic must be off their medication again. I have often postulated if Ima gets paid per post. How else can you explain hundreds of posts here on this video = with many being little more than iterations of ones Ima Skeptic has already posted hundreds of times previously. _C'est La Vie_

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 9 hours ago

      +Not Amused really - how would you know? When it happens, it goes unacknowledged. We have liars in charge trying to cover their arses.

    • Not Amused really
      Not Amused really 10 hours ago

      Ima Skeptic do they cause them often? No. End of story.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 10 hours ago

      +Not Amused really - can the SV40 cancer virus cause cancer in humans? YES. End of story.

  • Generic Awesome Picture

    Good video:inmskeptic *you have a brain disgusting*

  • Pencil
    Pencil 18 hours ago

    Is the ima skeptic guy still here?

  • Thanos Kermit
    Thanos Kermit 19 hours ago +1

    debunk Christians next

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent 7 hours ago

      _"redlegagent - your pro-vaxx religion has been debunked."_
      Why Ima + based upon what exactly???..................simply because you desperately want it to be true?? I realize of course you will not understand = but I'll say it anyways. You are exhibiting the same self-deluding childish "logic" here that religious fanatics do = "I want to believe it...................ergo it *MUST* be true simply because of that fact".
      Moral of the story: wanting to believe - no matter how fervently - does not proof make. All that matters is what does the *CREDIBLE* evidence support. So be it religion - or vaccines - making claims over and over and over and over again does not make what is claimed true. All it shows is the depth of your self-delusion and inability to objectively view the evidence and adapt to it.
      p.s. - belief in science (read vaccination) is not a "religion". Science changes with new credible evidence.............religions do not. Since as noted you stubbornly cling to your ideological opposition to vaccination despite loads of evidence to the contrary provided by myself and others = your dogmatic blindness demonstrates that the anti-vaxxer worldview *IS* tantamount to a quasi-religion. Something new to think about............or not.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 13 hours ago

      +redlegagent - your pro-vaxx religion has been debunked.

    • U Got Beans?
      U Got Beans? 17 hours ago

      Especially the Christians that don’t believe in medicine.

  • Ima Skeptic
    Ima Skeptic 20 hours ago

    It was known back in 1937 that whooping cough could cause scurvy. You know scurvy can kill you, don't you? QUOTE: _"Woringer and Sala reported 4 cases of whooping cough complicated by scurvy occurring among a series of infants treated in their clinic. No scurvy appeared among the other children, although all were on exactly the same dietary regimen. They suggest that vitamin C is an essential part of the body's defence against the Bordet-Gengou bacillus, and that excessive demands made in the presence of such an infection may so deplete the vitamin stores of the tissues as to lead to the _*_clinical condition of scurvy."_*

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 16 hours ago

      +U Got Beans? - when the medical industry weakens the immune systems of the young with vaccines, that gives the SV40 cancer virus a great opportunity to wreck havoc on the body.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 16 hours ago

      +U Got Beans? - we now have cancer attacking the very young and the very old because that is when you are the most vulnerable.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 16 hours ago

      +U Got Beans? - when they say cancer is genetic, that's just saying the SV40 cancer virus was transmitted to your offspring.

    • Ima Skeptic
      Ima Skeptic 16 hours ago

      +U Got Beans? - millions and perhaps billions of people now have the cancer causing SV40 virus floating around in their bodies simply because of vaccines.

  • André No Last Name
    André No Last Name 20 hours ago

    @Winnie The Pooh sing to me pls
    also skeptical hello

    • André No Last Name
      André No Last Name 11 hours ago

      +Winnie the Pooh DO YOU HAVE MORE SONGS?!

    • Winnie the Pooh
      Winnie the Pooh 17 hours ago

      1, 2! 1, 2! Oh yeah yeah! Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah! Eh eh eh eh ooh! Oh yeah yeah yeah! Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah! Eh eh eh eh ooh!

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent 18 hours ago

      Please don't feed the bots. There's enough nonsense in the comments section already. {chuckle}

  • Andrei Abadinez
    Andrei Abadinez 21 hour ago

    lol all of the 5.2K dislikes are Anti-Vaxxers 😂

  • Natalie Herrera
    Natalie Herrera 21 hour ago

    Don’t you ever just live, to flex on those non vaccinated kids.

  • gravitator 33
    gravitator 33 22 hours ago

    The dislikes are antivax moms

  • Bron _
    Bron _ 22 hours ago +1

    "We should just do it naturally, like people did before vaccines."
    They died, a lot of people died quite naturally before vaccines.

  • Jowel Martin
    Jowel Martin 22 hours ago +4

    _3 year old without a vaccine:_
    _Polio:_ Nice place *N I G G A*

  • Because Why Not
    Because Why Not 22 hours ago +1

    Great, now so this for flat earthers

  • Andaman Production
    Andaman Production 22 hours ago

    Bro vaccines are shit stop talking

    Yo why did little John die of polio? Weird

  • squarerooto
    squarerooto 23 hours ago

    Wouldn't be surprised if these anti vaxxers also think raw milk is healthier than pasteurized milk.

  • sad boy
    sad boy 23 hours ago

    i drank led in water for 5 years

  • Hoioidoi Gaming
    Hoioidoi Gaming 23 hours ago +1

    you don't need to vaccinate all your children

    you only need to vaccinate the children you want to keep

  • Team Grizzly Productions

    Here’s what you do is you leave the anti-VAXers alone Just separate them from the rest of society and let natural selection kill off the stupid ones through disease

  • Ryn
    Ryn Day ago

    Kat Von here?

  • Saura Cute
    Saura Cute Day ago

    They just don't like needles.

  • El Hombre Mo
    El Hombre Mo Day ago +1

    Every single statistic and study this guy has featured in this video was done by the people who sell the vaccines.
    Look at the independent studies, and foreign studies from countries who have banned many of the vaccines and food ingredients which the US claims are perfectly safe.
    Car salesmen know a lot about cars. Would you trust one to examine your car and tell you if you need a new one?

  • Siarra Vertuno
    Siarra Vertuno Day ago

    *Kat Von D has left the chat*

  • WhySo Instant
    WhySo Instant Day ago

    Anti vaxxers see autism as the final boss

  • Silent Suffering
    Silent Suffering Day ago +3

    Dont vaccinate your kids
    Oh wait im retarded

  • Akko With A Mac
    Akko With A Mac Day ago

    Yo babies are op if they're immune

  • heyitsdisha
    heyitsdisha Day ago

    Someone send this video to Kat Von D lol

  • woodlefoof2
    woodlefoof2 Day ago

    Thinking vaccines are bad is like thinking you don’t have to follow US constitution law because of the articles of confederation

  • Liquid Water
    Liquid Water Day ago

    Soooooo getting negative effects from a vaccine is less likely than getting struck by lightning

  • Typographical Tyrant


    • Typographical Tyrant
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    • ABT
      ABT Day ago

      +Typographical Tyrant she might have confused you with me

    • Typographical Tyrant
      Typographical Tyrant Day ago

      ABT I was like... what? how?

    • ABT
      ABT Day ago

      Wow, what a jerk.

  • pixel warriors McMrZ

    aight im antivax and the only reason why is because I have Tourette’s and I react badly to vaccines causing me to twitch and get really soar

    • F/N L/N 18
      F/N L/N 18 Day ago +2

      Still better then dying from preventable diseases.

  • Frayco
    Frayco Day ago +1


  • b r u n o
    b r u n o Day ago

    Wee need to lock antivaxxers up in concentration camps and let them weed themselves out

  • Nobody
    Nobody Day ago +2

    antivax mom: *sees millions of studies to prove that vaccines are harmless*
    also antivax mom: *sees one yahoo answer that says they do* I KNEW IT!

    • U Got Beans?
      U Got Beans? 17 hours ago +1

      j u s t b e c a u s e i h a v e i t d o e s n t m e a n i t s t r u e !

  • Don’t Censor Hentai

    Weird, I thought vaccines caused autism but, when I was younger I had asperger and now, after all those vaccines I somehow am at 0.5th stage autism...

  • Jeon Homi
    Jeon Homi Day ago +3

    I have been vaccinated for decades and the worst thing i've gotten from them is a lil pain in my arm

  • Lydie Wainhouse
    Lydie Wainhouse Day ago +1

    Vaccines cause Autism?
    Pssh, my sibling has it and I love them for it.
    Thank you, Vaccines for..
    Saving us,
    Helping us,
    And other stuff.

  • Neon Xstream
    Neon Xstream Day ago

    Morons: I need my tape worm 🐛

  • Neon Xstream
    Neon Xstream Day ago +1

    The germaphobs: Vacein Vacein Vacein Vaceinmeds meds meds

  • K K
    K K Day ago +1

    I haven’t been vaccinated and I’m not dead yet

  • Stage 4 Terminal Testicular Cancer

    Rumors say if I say a fact about anti-vaxxers or talk shit about them, the legendary retard Ima Skeptic will respond to me like an NPC. If that's true, here we go:
    Your grandson doesn't have autism, it's YOU who has autism.
    OK, just gonna wait for replies...
    EDIT: Still waiting....

  • Mirtsu
    Mirtsu Day ago

    Tag Kat Von D on this

  • Oak synia
    Oak synia Day ago

    Ima skeptic is being a retard right now

  • shibui.mp4
    shibui.mp4 Day ago

    i just have to present these facts for my parents lmao, they won’t vaccinate me even if i beg them 🤷‍♀️

    • redlegagent
      redlegagent Day ago

      So why waste your time. The world is full of people who believe all kinds of nonsensical things..............and who will never-ever change as they often have an emotional investment in their ideological beliefs. Save the ones you can = forget about the rest as they are living in their own fantastical reality I'm afraid. When you are old enough to make your own choices = talk to your doctor about vaccinations.

  • Aro Raptor
    Aro Raptor Day ago +2

    Vaccines should be obligatory unless ur allergic, old or undergoing kemo. If you didnt vaccinate you should be fined or jailed for attemted murder since you can spread it

  • Utaha Kasumigaoki

    Hitler was an anti-vaxxer
    Heck he put the “germ” in germany

  • Aro Raptor
    Aro Raptor Day ago +1

    Anti vaxxers= IDIOT MURDERERS