doing my friend's makeup who doesn't know anything about makeup using only her makeup

  • Published on Jan 24, 2018
  • the title should also say "drunk and in the dark." give this video a thumbs up if jonalyn should trust me with her wedding makeup. check out jonalyn on insta! jonalyn_rose
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Year ago +1947


  • Jesus Christ himself
    Jesus Christ himself 10 days ago

    "Do you have alcohol"
    " vodka"

  • Monique F
    Monique F 29 days ago

    Omg so mean, him saying she looks like a drag queen. I think she looked lovely.
    That's totally something I'd love to do drunk with a friend

  • LexiWolfRunner2110
    LexiWolfRunner2110 Month ago

    Love that! At 11:42, someone was playing Fortnite!

  • Arianna Lartigue
    Arianna Lartigue 2 months ago

    I can’t even tell that you’re drunk😂😂😂

  • Beauty Queen
    Beauty Queen 2 months ago +1

    Gabbie and Jonalyn remind me of me and my cousin , my cousin has so much high end makeup and she doesn’t use it because she sucks at doing makeup and she always make me do her makeup where ever we go

  • Aubrey Smolenski
    Aubrey Smolenski 2 months ago

    When I ask my friends if I can do their makeup, their like hell no

  • Gatcha_Rose 2432
    Gatcha_Rose 2432 3 months ago +1

    This title blew my mind! 😂😂😂😂😂😂💞💞💞

  • AllureofFemininity
    AllureofFemininity 5 months ago

    My God shes beautiful

  • Marissa Kristine
    Marissa Kristine 5 months ago

    Man, this reminds me of high school when my friends would do my make up.
    Now I am an adult with no friends. (;

  • Alexandra H.
    Alexandra H. 6 months ago

    your friend reminds me of pam from the office

  • Nivay Marie
    Nivay Marie 6 months ago

    4:17 I was literally dying of laughter like girl

  • Ella Baron
    Ella Baron 6 months ago

    Wearing her grandmas hoodie durning the intro🧡

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith 6 months ago

    Just re-found this video. Apparently, last time I was drunk, I kept yelling "whispering doesn't make your mouth move less" and now I know why 😂😂

  • Kylie Puchalski
    Kylie Puchalski 8 months ago

    I can’t believe he reacted like that like he is she marrying him 🙄🙄

  • Kaitlyn Ambrose
    Kaitlyn Ambrose 8 months ago

    she’s wearing her grandmothers jacket in the outro:)

  • Stevie Leigh
    Stevie Leigh 8 months ago

    8:35 When the video unexpectedly turns into asmr....lmao

  • Makenzie Nations
    Makenzie Nations 8 months ago

    THE OFFICE Reference killed me! YES GABBIE!

  • Hope Tutor
    Hope Tutor 9 months ago

    Why is your friend me

    ABBY KNAPKINS 9 months ago

    Her fiance is a dick. She looks/is gorgeous!!!

    FEMININJA 10 months ago

    “Is this morphe?”.... “what’s that mean”

  • kaitybell
    kaitybell 10 months ago

    HAHAHHAHAHAA!!!! My mom ALWAYS says "You're so pretty" to me when I do something ridiculous or stupid hahaha. She is SO RIGHT.

  • Kendall Campbell
    Kendall Campbell 11 months ago

    this is by far one of my favorite videos on your channel. I need you in my life Gabbie.

  • •Coco Online•
    •Coco Online• 11 months ago

    The title tho 😂😂😂

  • holly mccoy
    holly mccoy 11 months ago

    her finance’ should’ve said she looked beautiful cause if ur getting married to someone u should probably feel that way abt them

  • Evelyn Mundt
    Evelyn Mundt Year ago +2

    Awwwww the jacket she’s wearing in the intro is her great grandmother’s

  • b m
    b m Year ago

    I think her fiance was a complete jerk.

  • Jenny Gaming
    Jenny Gaming Year ago

    Gabbie:" You can fix that, do you have alcohol?"
    Jonalyn: " Like vodka?"

    Me: *dies* 😂😂😂

  • Ceci Acosta
    Ceci Acosta Year ago +1

    Did anyone notice the guy playing fortnite when she was showing her makeup to her Fiancé

  • Leah 1
    Leah 1 Year ago

    Aww she is wearing her great grandmothers jacket

  • Pokeasaurous Rex
    Pokeasaurous Rex Year ago

    why is it that every drunk video I see, I notice that I act drunk when I'm sober xD

  • Brittany Veronica
    Brittany Veronica Year ago +1

    Lol fortnite in the background

  • Sophie .A
    Sophie .A Year ago

    My friends sister has that peach pallet I think

  • b b
    b b Year ago +1

    The title made no sense lmao

  • Allie Buckley
    Allie Buckley Year ago

    Hmmm... I think i can taste the peach hahah I’m dieing😂

  • VMaria
    VMaria Year ago

    Her fiancé is a dick.

  • adrienne
    adrienne Year ago

    all beautygurus smaking face as she askes if a foundation brush was a contour brush. and the rest of the logic she askes about makeup.

  • Alexandra Maria
    Alexandra Maria Year ago

    I love that you're wearing your grandma's jacket 💙

  • Sarah Something
    Sarah Something Year ago

    Can someone explain the whole “what are you going to do with the lines under my eyes?” And Gabbie responded “We’re middle eastern” ?????? I’m ????

  • Katlyn
    Katlyn Year ago

    He's a jerk tbh

  • Phoebe Burnham
    Phoebe Burnham Year ago

    Fall out boy is quaking with that long title Gabbie 😂

  • zeni 78
    zeni 78 Year ago

    "Do I look like a Lama" that killed me! I

  • Mac
    Mac Year ago

    I actually want to stab the BF he's such an asshole

  • Elizabeth Garkow
    Elizabeth Garkow Year ago

    that is her grandmas jacket that she is wearing in the intro

  • youtube addict
    youtube addict Year ago

    The guy in the back playing fortnite 😂

  • FireyCurls22
    FireyCurls22 Year ago +3

    She is precious she must be protected

  • Mallory Beauty
    Mallory Beauty Year ago

    What is her makeup brand?

  • Manu
    Manu Year ago

    Ooh we should cut my hair after

  • Ivy Greene
    Ivy Greene Year ago

    Jim Halpert!!!

  • Stanna4GabbieHanna

    “You could fix this. Do you have alcohol?”
    “Like... vodka?”
    “Rubbing alcohol...”

  • lilyb 7341
    lilyb 7341 Year ago

    my dude in the back playing fortnite

  • Polina Kheifets
    Polina Kheifets Year ago

    Fur isn't fabulous. Animals living in filthy cages their whole lives, being anally electrocuted and skinned alive isn't fabulous. Honestly, how do people talk like they've under a rock all their lives.

  • -tea-
    -tea- Year ago

    Wow, long title😂❤❤

  • Diecho100 -
    Diecho100 - Year ago

    fortnite it the back at the end haha

  • mariah davis
    mariah davis Year ago

    I really want you to do my make up damn your good 100% beauty guru only when your not drunk

  • HailStorm 0_o
    HailStorm 0_o Year ago +1

    What is this title😂❤️

  • sarah shultz
    sarah shultz Year ago

    At first I thought my phone was broken

  • Chaotic Penguin
    Chaotic Penguin Year ago +3

    That title is as long as a Panic! at the Disco song title

  • Ashley Romick
    Ashley Romick Year ago

    “Do I look like a llama?”

  • Tiara actress
    Tiara actress Year ago

    Gabbie's laugh tho 😂

  • Louise B
    Louise B Year ago

    I want you to do her makeup with yours... sober for comparison haha

  • Emma _Playz06
    Emma _Playz06 Year ago

    dem boys be playing fortnite

  • Sarah Webb
    Sarah Webb Year ago


  • iiGamerFriesii !
    iiGamerFriesii ! Year ago

    Dont ask yourself Why Am i sick; ME:YOU DO DRUGS

  • This Actress
    This Actress Year ago

    Are you wearing that jacket from your video where you wear your grandma's clothes?

  • Box Snurtle
    Box Snurtle Year ago

    11:40 ayyy Fortnite

  • Demigalaxy _
    Demigalaxy _ Year ago

    “Don’t break it I just got it” like no shit I’m just gonna break your makeup for no reason🙄😂

  • oxetoll
    oxetoll Year ago

    "Do you have any alcohol, like-"
    "Vodka ??"
    "Rubbing alcohol"

  • Bridgeotto S
    Bridgeotto S Year ago

    Hahahaha I’m crying the llama photo 😂😂😂

  • lamps smh
    lamps smh Year ago


  • current Mood
    current Mood Year ago

    he really killed the mood

  • current Mood
    current Mood Year ago

    you guys are so cute rn

  • Kayla Matthews
    Kayla Matthews Year ago

    the palette does taste like peach candy...

  • Thea Adams
    Thea Adams Year ago

    Were you drunk when you wrote the title? 😂 😂

  • Cherysh B
    Cherysh B Year ago

    She seemed sad after what he said to her

  • Saida
    Saida Year ago

    Your friend is pretty

  • L Jk
    L Jk Year ago

    I love Jonna do more videos with her!!

  • Meeplogic
    Meeplogic Year ago

    I didn't like her friends' boyfriend's reaction, she was clearly excited to show him but he just made her feel kinda bad?

  • Josie Love
    Josie Love Year ago

    She reminds me of Pam from The Office

  • vcypher
    vcypher Year ago

    Well I liked her makeup and I thought she looked beautiful:

  • mouse art
    mouse art Year ago

    Play her this video when she doesn’t remember allowing you to do her wedding makeup

  • Genesis Alonso
    Genesis Alonso Year ago

    this is actually so funny

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams Year ago

    girl, I use sephora concealer...... It works fine!

  • Alex Bagby
    Alex Bagby Year ago

    Was anyone else watching that dude play fort nite in the background

  • Malia awesome
    Malia awesome Year ago

    Hate you

  • [N;A]
    [N;A] Year ago

    By Fall Out Boy

  • Bella
    Bella Year ago

    Her makeup actually looked amazing

  • Camryn Sophia
    Camryn Sophia Year ago

    4:00 rip head phone users

  • Danielle Jo
    Danielle Jo Year ago

    Omg In the beginning she is wearing her grandmas sweatshirt it was in her only wearing her gmas clothes for a week

  • Vanessaxo 24
    Vanessaxo 24 Year ago

    This was the funniest thing I've ever seen. My mom is an Avon lady 😂. And Gabbie your necklace is beautiful, I love it! 💞

    INFINITY GIRL Year ago

    Gabbie: “Do you have any brushes for your face?” Jonalyn: “What’s that mean?” Gabbie: “Is this Morphe?” Jonalyn: “What’s that mean?”

  • sslsarah
    sslsarah Year ago

    okay gabbie's friend this massage is directed at you, you look gorgeous honey even before make up and you look nothing like a drag queen and also your fiance is not very nice. gabbie you did an amazing job really.

  • Nina Alexis
    Nina Alexis Year ago

    I was only 1:30 in , and I was already laughing

  • vocall sama
    vocall sama Year ago

    You weren't drunk when you wrote the title?

  • Josie
    Josie Year ago

    That laugh tho!

  • star fire
    star fire Year ago

    anyone else reaslize that she was wearing her great grandmas sweater in the intro

  • ztarbuck
    ztarbuck Year ago

    Her boyfriend just being sincere. So you girls preferred her boyfriend to lie instead? I agree with him too that she would look better if not for that under eye area.

  • breezedblocks
    breezedblocks Year ago

    y'all are so cute

  • dusti rae
    dusti rae Year ago

    i loveeeee this video!!

  • Berucrat
    Berucrat Year ago

    The “BITCH WHAT YHE FUCK” at 4:18 woke my dog up at 3am in the morning when we literally can pick him up and he won’t wake up