I Did Rihanna's Vogue Beauty Routine! But I'm Still Ugly LOL | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • I'm bout the LAST person to do this, but it was fun! Enjoy lol Recreating Rihanna's iconic Vogue makeup tutorial!

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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  • Nathalie Duarte
    Nathalie Duarte Day ago

    Ainghhhhttt Jackiee just keep this damn hair forever!!!!

  • Cierra Tucker
    Cierra Tucker 2 days ago

    Wow can you believe Jackie invented being beautiful? What a queen.

  • D. Daw
    D. Daw 2 days ago

    I just love you !!!!!!!! “Write that down write that down”

  • Blatrin Princess
    Blatrin Princess 3 days ago +1

    Shout out to the queens of makeup ☀️

  • Baruch1girl
    Baruch1girl 3 days ago

    You are giving Donna Summer in the West Indies💞💞💞💞

  • Morgan Hodder
    Morgan Hodder 8 days ago

    Best beauty USclipr FOR SURE

  • rosalindhubris
    rosalindhubris 8 days ago +1

    Girl new fan you started the year one of my daughters were born!

  • Elijah Weatherall
    Elijah Weatherall 10 days ago

    Too cute Jackie

  • Tyronda Neal
    Tyronda Neal 12 days ago

    Gurl you look so beautiful 😍

  • neva marie
    neva marie 13 days ago

    jackie’s natural eyelashes are insane 😍😍

  • Salida Hotel
    Salida Hotel 13 days ago

    dude they don't even sell the body lava anymore ):

  • Hailey Cleveland
    Hailey Cleveland 16 days ago

    You’re not ugly tho???? You’re so pretty

  • Basia Thomas
    Basia Thomas 16 days ago +2


  • wolfbabe
    wolfbabe 16 days ago

    omgosh that sunset look soooo gorgeous on our eyes - and your eyelashes are blessed ~ beautiful

  • wolfbabe
    wolfbabe 16 days ago

    We're all a bit ugly.

  • Yagami Light
    Yagami Light 17 days ago

    Wow jackie you literally don't need false lashes... them lashes are on point!

  • Molly O'Hara
    Molly O'Hara 21 day ago

    My forehead is bigger than my ass so I am going to need a giant version of the match stix Rihanna, thaaaanks Queen.

  • Michelle Breen
    Michelle Breen 22 days ago

    Lurve the makeup and hair

  • F
    F 23 days ago


  • Leslie Galloway
    Leslie Galloway 23 days ago

    That silvery color you highlighted with gives you a “dewy” look. Like the dew in the morning.

  • Leslie Galloway
    Leslie Galloway 23 days ago

    Looks like a natural beat. I love this look on you. Looks less drag show like and more like “I woke up like this” 🙌🏽

  • Leslie Galloway
    Leslie Galloway 23 days ago

    I know you playing when you say something about being ugly in this video, but for real you’re a natural beauty. I’m still floored that you layer the way you do when you apply your makeup for these videos.

  • kstrht bgjodmm
    kstrht bgjodmm 23 days ago

    You're gorgeous

  • courto courto
    courto courto 23 days ago

    your intro killed me 😂 watching this all the way from Australia x

  • YaYaminah
    YaYaminah 25 days ago

    Ugly??? Please stop it!!! You are gorgeous and I love all your looks.

  • Nivriti Srivastava
    Nivriti Srivastava 27 days ago

    i need her eyelashes

  • Atiras 1
    Atiras 1 28 days ago

    Jackie's guide to rachetry, wigatry, and foolery...🤣🤣💀

  • ohlady Red
    ohlady Red 29 days ago


  • Epiphanny Taylor
    Epiphanny Taylor Month ago

    Microblading for Rihanna? No no no. Microblading never looks soft in my opinion

  • Laila Haer
    Laila Haer Month ago

    Noooooo You’re NOT ugly,you’re BEAUTIFUL

  • Gg Jo
    Gg Jo Month ago

    Where have you been all my life!?! 😍😍

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C Month ago

    15:40 Yo anyone else notice. What’s going on with the cupboard in the back ground 😂 is it a cupboard I dunno but it does it for a few mins 😂

  • Ogy Maalek
    Ogy Maalek Month ago

    Girl u’re damn hilarious 😂❤️

  • chasity
    chasity Month ago

    your gorgeoussssssssss

  • s a
    s a Month ago

    Luv you girl, that's all, just plain luv you. GB.

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe Month ago

    "One swipe?! Some of us... are ugly, m'am" efjwefkihfekjf

  • Kitty Pedraza
    Kitty Pedraza Month ago

    Love you

  • S L
    S L Month ago

    Your eyelashes are amazing omg

  • krystal wilson
    krystal wilson Month ago

    I just love your videos

  • Daniela Dellavalle
    Daniela Dellavalle Month ago

    WTF?!!? love youuuuu 😂

  • maybelatermariah
    maybelatermariah Month ago

    girllll bronzer in the crease and highlight on the lid saved my life & face many times

  • Keeley Gill
    Keeley Gill Month ago

    Girlllllll your natural lashes wtfffffff😍😍😍😍I love you omg

  • Ivana Jackson
    Ivana Jackson Month ago

    Your not ugly ok god made every woman beautiful I don’t feel like I’m most of the time 😩

  • Sierra Portee
    Sierra Portee Month ago

    👀 “one swipe???... some of us are ugly ma’am!” 😂😂😂😭💀. Jackie,... why are you like this??? 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😅

  • Ida Fox
    Ida Fox Month ago

    You look sooooooooo beautiful. Love the makeup

  • Julia Gabriel
    Julia Gabriel Month ago

    does anyone think the eye look would work on a light/medium skin tone? :)

  • Sophia Freire
    Sophia Freire Month ago

    You’re looking really beautiful 💓

  • Pauline Matawaran
    Pauline Matawaran Month ago

    Oh god I love you so much

  • Candy Gurl
    Candy Gurl Month ago

    That Jackie is Beautiful. Her features and skin made from the gods!!!

  • Emily robia
    Emily robia Month ago

    I love youuu

  • Emily robia
    Emily robia Month ago

    Music name please

  • Donika S
    Donika S Month ago


  • Bigbang Love
    Bigbang Love Month ago +2


  • sahar khan
    sahar khan Month ago

    ur not ugly at all, ly 💘

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat Month ago

    What mascara did she use?

  • Clara W
    Clara W Month ago +1

    and jackie wth you’re not ugly at all your GORGEOUS

  • Clara W
    Clara W Month ago

    can we just admire how cute riri is

  • Genevieve Gray
    Genevieve Gray Month ago

    that Hur!!! omg I love it, looking like the queen. Feeling like the boss! We luvv.

  • claudia grebner
    claudia grebner Month ago

    u are so beautiful!!!

  • Gucci Gamer Girl
    Gucci Gamer Girl Month ago

    0:27 omfg I’ve watched it so many times

  • Melinda Flores
    Melinda Flores Month ago

    Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrllllllll you got me literally LOL-ing! You’re hilarious! And makeup is GAWGEOUS!

  • TheKoyn
    TheKoyn 2 months ago

    Jackie's so goofy and funny

  • Kahdia
    Kahdia 2 months ago


  • Mikayla Benigno
    Mikayla Benigno 2 months ago

    Did you moisturize today!!! Yassss! 💁🏼‍♀️

  • nadine
    nadine 2 months ago +1


    LARISSA ALEISEE 2 months ago

    Jackie is hilarious i love her

  • Mandy vfalk
    Mandy vfalk 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh your lashes looks amaziiing

  • Aleena Ann
    Aleena Ann 2 months ago +4

    for people who can’t afford to warm it up, use a hairdryer BROKE HACKS

    • thefriqueisin
      thefriqueisin Month ago

      I use it on my mascara too, prevents it from being too clumpy and I get a more natural look and just layer it

    • Ana StaysGolden
      Ana StaysGolden Month ago +1

      Aleena Ann lmao I can’t even afford a hairdryer!

      So body heat it is!

  • Sophia Kennett
    Sophia Kennett 2 months ago

    My nose is too big

  • Michelle Paredes
    Michelle Paredes 2 months ago


  • Benjamin T
    Benjamin T 2 months ago

    Giving us sza bundles yes ma’ammmm

  • Ash Linz
    Ash Linz 2 months ago

    I just found your channel and omg I love your personality so much. I don’t even use makeup but you make it so enjoyable and interesting 😂😂

  • No name
    No name 2 months ago

    Gosh you look beautiful

  • Its Funnehcake
    Its Funnehcake 2 months ago +6

    6:19 one swipe!?! Some of us are ugly ma’am

  • Mikayla Preston
    Mikayla Preston 2 months ago

    Wow u low key look so beautiful with a more natural makeup look. I prefer it😍

  • keisha Allen
    keisha Allen 2 months ago

    💕Rihanna and Jackie is sooooo pretty 💕😭

  • Marie-P Gd
    Marie-P Gd 2 months ago

    Your skin color is absolutely AMAZING !

  • Martha Carraleo
    Martha Carraleo 2 months ago


  • Christian V
    Christian V 2 months ago +1

    Late af but Jackie I LEGIT was just thinking about how beautiful your nose is and you said it right after you love it and I agree I think a lot of people's perception of their nose / bodies is way off so positive words of encouragement are always the best! Love you girl your channel is fuego

  • Layah Jay
    Layah Jay 2 months ago

    You got me dying

  • injep
    injep 2 months ago

    Holy! You gained a follower today! This is amazing and hilarious!

  • Mia De Saussure
    Mia De Saussure 2 months ago

    i always watch this since it uploaded and damn! jackie ohmgggggg 😍😫 you are that bitchhh

  • 2lemonades
    2lemonades 2 months ago

    Gorgeous finish

  • Mimi B
    Mimi B 2 months ago

    Ugly? Gurl, you’re gorgeous!

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    Rebecca Kuulkers 2 months ago

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    Lauriane mamay 2 months ago

    Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackieeereeee , we need a Fenty concealer review 😭❤️❤️

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    Carolina Hidalgo 2 months ago +8

    i Feel like fenty gives us the okay to be unapologetically colored, love it

  • Major Crayon
    Major Crayon 2 months ago

    "some of us, are ugly, ma'am" IM WHEEZING LMAOOOOOOOO RELATE

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    Jillian Davis 2 months ago +1

    I would die if Riri came on your channel as a guest... 😍😍😍

  • milkamilla
    milkamilla 2 months ago

    I appreciate Jackie trying to relate to us uglies but damn sis, where??

  • Oracle Pizza
    Oracle Pizza 2 months ago

    it would b so cute to see yall together in a video. btw your natural eyelashes look like mine after i put on falsies ;_; they rok , my lashes b straight -_- btw u no ugly whatsoeverrrr

  • Dyamond Necole
    Dyamond Necole 2 months ago

    How dare you say your ugly😡😘😘😘😘😘

  • Eleanor Rivera
    Eleanor Rivera 2 months ago

    OMG refuses to wear lotion in any climate. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eleanor Rivera
    Eleanor Rivera 2 months ago

    Lol La Synthetictica lol

  • Yared No
    Yared No 2 months ago

    It might be me but Jackie is giving me sza vibes

  • Caroline Marie Yvonne Reilly Lesser

    To be honest, I just loved the last part... Now I think I really need that product :)

  • Nightingale21
    Nightingale21 2 months ago

    You and that sunrise highlighter should get married, clearly meant for each other!

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 2 months ago

    Guuuurrrrrl yaaazzz slay with that look

  • Jelly Curdles
    Jelly Curdles 2 months ago

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