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  • Jarrett and Sable
    Jarrett and Sable  6 months ago +207

    PART 2 is up click here!
    We ordered a USB thumb stick drive from the dark web. Our computer ended up getting hacked. Also addressed a lot of criticism from this video.

    • A&J Squad
      A&J Squad 14 days ago

      sydney goble vs CD

    • Javah Smith
      Javah Smith 2 months ago

      So !!! why even chance your bedroom

    • Keshounta Sanders
      Keshounta Sanders 2 months ago

      Jarrett and Sable I this stared watched your videos

  • Kelly Beaty
    Kelly Beaty 16 minutes ago

    The most annoying unboxing I've watched, yet, and I came here from Jude Somers channel. Trying to understand how you're shocked that a package came at night, yet the carrier knew to scribble out the addresses. I need him in my life. I just rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain.

  • i am groot i am groot
    i am groot i am groot 23 hours ago

    Is this fake or

  • Rylee Haines
    Rylee Haines 2 days ago +1

    If u thought it was a hoax why did u buy gloves..🤔🤨

    • Jarrett and Sable
      Jarrett and Sable  Day ago

      Why would we not use gloves for an unknown package that we knew from watching other videos could be nasty

  • Allyaa Huda
    Allyaa Huda 4 days ago

    Its totally fake .. they are always mentioned "powder" in this video ..

  • Xity_Blitz
    Xity_Blitz 8 days ago

    Wait the uno card mean our and that could mean the girl is out

  • lego queen /
    lego queen / 9 days ago

    Another USclipr got a real voodoo doll 😱😱😱

  • lego queen /
    lego queen / 9 days ago

    Why you did that UScliprs open bad things one USclipr got a tracker

  • Gabby Macy
    Gabby Macy 9 days ago

    y’all sound so uneducated about the dark web.. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Justinbeiberfan Fan
    Justinbeiberfan Fan 10 days ago

    It’s kinda obvious it’s fake cuz when they got the box from outside there address was already crossed out, and also that hair was not blonde so yeah there’s my evidence that it’s fake.

  • Rainbow Fries
    Rainbow Fries 10 days ago

    Whoever believes this shit. count how many times they said what’s this and you’ll see how good they are at acting.

  • Marianna Chamberland
    Marianna Chamberland 10 days ago

    This could be evidence to a murder you should definitely dispose of it fast the one dirty shoe shows someone was chased these could be murder evidence

  • Imperfect_star 81
    Imperfect_star 81 10 days ago

    The “powder” looks like baby powder

  • Sara c.
    Sara c. 11 days ago

    Omay so ik this is late and somebody mightve posted something like this already but i think this might be a victim of some sort and this person is giving us clues for example, the shoe and expensive cologne and things like that shows us that she lived a pretty expensive life. Maybe she died maybe she got kidnapped and the person who gave this to yall wanted to show yall that (s)he has/had this so called Jennifer. Just my theory.

  • John Kastel
    John Kastel 12 days ago

    "I don't think we should be inhaling this" "Ehh, let's just keep going" LOL

  • Ally Trautlein
    Ally Trautlein 12 days ago

    You ordered something off the dark web to your home address? Shit your dumb

  • Wolf Galaxy
    Wolf Galaxy 12 days ago

    Someone cheated on someone just sayjn

  • Hailey Liriano
    Hailey Liriano 12 days ago

    I love his eyesssssss

  • Lyla Halkyard
    Lyla Halkyard 13 days ago

    BOI YOUR CLUELESS!!!!! the white powder was cocaine and the stuff in the bag was marowana

  • Kenzie_ Kat
    Kenzie_ Kat 13 days ago

    Why y’all unboxing it on your bed tho that sound like a bad idea not being rude

  • BenjyDaVegan
    BenjyDaVegan 13 days ago

    0:34 YES AHS FONT

  • Cedy Gonzalez
    Cedy Gonzalez 13 days ago

    It wouldn’t be a officer I don’t think because maybe the powder is co.......yeah that

  • Queen Dest
    Queen Dest 13 days ago

    I’m shook they opened it on their bed

  • Totsiya's Review
    Totsiya's Review 13 days ago

    OMG he burned her body and send it to yall. Yall need masks. The womana hair is dark brown

  • The DisneyAddict
    The DisneyAddict 13 days ago

    *Dont be retarded.*
    *Dont buy anything from the dark web.*
    *DO NOT talk to ANYONE on the dark web.*

    *People on there are more powerful than you think, you don’t know where they are, and or/if they know where you are or live.*

    Edit: The dark web unboxing videos are fake by the way, but if you ever did or tried to get on the dark web, you’d probably be behind bars by then.

  • Daddy Taehyung
    Daddy Taehyung 14 days ago

    Jarrett and sable like disabled lmfao and why would you send something from the dark web to you house idiots I call fake!

  • lena buys
    lena buys 14 days ago

    It's cocaine

  • Alva Lindblad
    Alva Lindblad 14 days ago


  • Fernanda N
    Fernanda N 14 days ago

    Watch this video with your eyes closed, he sounds like the 9 year old alter from split, it becomes 10x more scary LOL

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson 15 days ago

    So fucking fake trash vid trash people

  • 이정은
    이정은 15 days ago

    All of the things added up leads me to think this, there was a blonde woman named Jennifer and somebody kidnapped her. The kidnapper tied her up with zipties, killed her, tried to destroy her things and burned her body using the firework/firecrackers or whatever. The remains of her body was the grayish, crunchy sort of stuff in the small ball of aluminium foil. That's the scenario that come to mind when I watch the video.

  • The Leonard Gang
    The Leonard Gang 15 days ago

    The person that owned that stuff probably got kidnaped

  • The Leonard Gang
    The Leonard Gang 15 days ago

    That might be a investigating box

  • Madison10123
    Madison10123 16 days ago

    He’s honestly so annoying and trying to keep talk over her 🤦🏽‍♀️you can tell she’s getting fed up

  • Dev Pal
    Dev Pal 16 days ago

    It's cocaine

  • Gizibe!
    Gizibe! 16 days ago

    if this was real why would yall do it on your bed....

  • Laurina. Grady
    Laurina. Grady 16 days ago

    Honestly idk why ppl are being so rude and irritated with wht these ppl do, I mean if you don’t like it just exit out of the video instead of going on ur mini rants. The video ain’t rlly tht bad ppl just complain over the smallest things.

  • Random person
    Random person 16 days ago +1

    when a girl says “are you okay with just being friends” and your like 3:37

  • Alyssa Severson
    Alyssa Severson 17 days ago


  • Emi Shi
    Emi Shi 17 days ago

    those hand cuffs arnt real because they have the wee clicky things so u can open them without keys

  • Maddie Moon
    Maddie Moon 18 days ago

    That was old weed

  • Stephanie Carson
    Stephanie Carson 18 days ago

    "Who packaged this like this" You did. Gaytard.

  • WhAt a sCaM
    WhAt a sCaM 19 days ago

    Yall were trolled

  • Dayana Flores
    Dayana Flores 20 days ago

    I'm not trying to be rude but it's stupid that you are opening a dark web box ON your bed especially knowing that their is a strange powder inside

  • 21 day ago

    This is soooo fake

  • بنت الجزائر
    بنت الجزائر 22 days ago

    شحال تهدرواااااااا...بن عمي الموس هذاك تاع ذبيحة ماشي كرطون

  • Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle

    Its all a big joke to make easy money and you idiots are falling for IT! Thoses box are made to "Tell a story". You create a scénario on your head but its all created with random cheap objects. Everybody have old parfume, cheap handcoff from the dolar store, baby Powder... Stop wasting your money away and rent an horror movie instead.

  • Abi W
    Abi W 23 days ago

    "We shouldn't be inhaling this,what is this powder?"
    *doesn't put a mask on*

  • TheQueeenReigns
    TheQueeenReigns 24 days ago

    This is fake really you got it delivered to your actual house 😐 yea okay

  • Treviana Smalls
    Treviana Smalls 26 days ago

    Why would y’all get it sent to your house and why are y’all on the bed😔

  • Sarah Marie
    Sarah Marie 26 days ago

    Those cards may be referring to the SCP Foundation, which is basically a website that catalogs all kinds of weird creatures, entities, etc. These creatures are often called Skips.

  • Brandi Bachle
    Brandi Bachle 28 days ago

    I hit play and my first though is YOU HAD THAT SENT TO YOUR HOME?!?!

  • Babybugsbunny718
    Babybugsbunny718 29 days ago

    First off, outta all the videos I've seen, how yall the onli dicks 2 have it sent 2 ur actually place of residence 🤔🤨 hope they come back n kill yall in ya sleep.

  • Kendra Acker
    Kendra Acker Month ago

    The print on the outside of the box is a code used to mark different sizes of boxes :)

  • Nicki Cox
    Nicki Cox Month ago

    Wait. A package came you all had a package delivered from the dark web to your house?

  • Lhvnj Fhjjgc
    Lhvnj Fhjjgc Month ago

    Throw the whole video away

  • Redfoxlivin
    Redfoxlivin Month ago

    The girl was probably a drug addict because that black stuff was probably heroine and the white stuff could’ve been coke.

  • MeshIt Up
    MeshIt Up Month ago

    It said Jennifer

  • Jessica Briner-DeVore

    Let me just open a package “from the dark web” on my bed after I got it delivered to my home. K. It kills me how people act like they’re protecting themselves in these videos and all they have are some gloves and touch their face 🤦‍♀️😂 oh brother.

  • Everardo Romero
    Everardo Romero Month ago

    1000 for someone's trash... lol

  • Kayla Carmichael
    Kayla Carmichael Month ago

    if anyone wants a mystery box pm me 😘

  • Melissa Kirk
    Melissa Kirk Month ago

    The neclace Bonnie had was a Talisman

  • Amber O'Kane
    Amber O'Kane Month ago

    Please watch my first videos guys I really want some feedback because I've no idea what I'm doing xo

  • kayla jervis
    kayla jervis Month ago


  • BananA Ship
    BananA Ship Month ago

    A lot of boxes have codes y’all

  • Robyn v d Kerkhove
    Robyn v d Kerkhove Month ago

    lol what if the powder was antrax

  • Classy Lady
    Classy Lady Month ago

    You worried about this shit getting on you but you opening this shit on your BED!!!!! WTF WERE YOU THINKIN????? You probably got some anthrax and shit on your blanket!!!

  • Salt & Honey Games
    Salt & Honey Games Month ago

    Took you 6 minutes to open the damn box. That and if I saw white powder all over everything my first thought is this is Anthrax

  • Moldoveanu Alexandra

    Y all should stay in school! Y all dumb as a rock!

  • Astrid Arrington
    Astrid Arrington Month ago

    The brown and Black powder stuff that smells might be ashes

  • Min Sungii
    Min Sungii Month ago

    The whole video all I heard was her saying "why would they give us that" lol what were you expecting? Its a mystery box from the dark web 😂

  • Mallory Soto
    Mallory Soto Month ago

    ONE QUESTION WHY WOULD U GIVE THEM UR ADDRESS ????? please answer my question

  • Mallory Soto
    Mallory Soto Month ago

    The scary thing is my grandma's name is Jennifer and we are from California. So it's very scary that it had her name and California on the license plate 😳😱

  • Carlee Edwards
    Carlee Edwards Month ago

    the white powder is like crack or like weed!

  • Jazmin Clay
    Jazmin Clay Month ago

    so faaake lol

  • Nurse Punkie
    Nurse Punkie Month ago

    Wow. So frustratingly stupid. Fucking fake gagging and constant looking at the camera. Like hi are we that stupid haha do you watch how you look?!

  • Gradybear
    Gradybear Month ago

    That looks like burnt 420

  • 1977Playmate
    1977Playmate Month ago

    Ya'll really need to be careful. If you know anything at all about the dark web, you definitely should not be opening that on your bed. This stuff ain't no joke ya'll. stop playing before ya'll get hurt. Use a flat surface with no fabric, tie your long hair up, gloves are very good, don't use your home address, don't use your personal computer systems. Another guy got a cheap old laptop for like $60 for hard drives he got in a box. Just be really careful. I'd be sad if ya'll got hurt or sick behind this stuff.

  • Mark Fuller
    Mark Fuller Month ago

    They sold ya garbage an yard sale items for $300 an made $275 after shipping. Now do the math if the sell 3 or 4 a week

  • Tahja Jenkins
    Tahja Jenkins Month ago

    Omg she’s pissing me off thru this whole thing 😂😂

  • joker42085
    joker42085 Month ago

    fake as fuck

  • Nyomi Ammarito
    Nyomi Ammarito Month ago

    Maybe it indicates a stripper thats been kidnapped or murdered? Stiletto, shoes cards gambling? Cuffs kidnaped?

  • Jennifer Sepulveda
    Jennifer Sepulveda Month ago

    Why Jennifer 😭😭😭 that’s my name

  • Acacia Linklater
    Acacia Linklater Month ago

    I feel like this dark Web box was from a hooker or something like that

  • Myke Fuller
    Myke Fuller Month ago

    Maybe next time just have one person to a video, the two of you together is fuckin annoying!

  • Annika Correia
    Annika Correia Month ago

    is Jared gay?

  • Annika Correia
    Annika Correia Month ago

    this is so fucking fake holy shit

  • Penny Corfe
    Penny Corfe Month ago

    The powder is probably a drug , oh and why the hell would a police man do the box !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • megan shaffer
    megan shaffer Month ago

    White powder...aththrax haha

  • Angelie Sanner
    Angelie Sanner Month ago

    It's old dog shit lol bruh

  • Trinity Parkinson
    Trinity Parkinson Month ago

    Yh if this is stuff from a crime scene or something you could get tracked down and been arrested

  • Samantha LeeAnn
    Samantha LeeAnn Month ago

    how can I order a package from the dark web,.. who cares if people have anything to say,.. keep doing y'alls thing

  • Snorri the Heathen
    Snorri the Heathen Month ago

    Every box from the deep web is EVIDENCE!!!! give it to the feds!!! Jennifers family will appreciate it!

  • katey kate
    katey kate Month ago

    Jaret looks gay serisley

    • Jarrett and Sable
      Jarrett and Sable  Month ago

      How can you “look gay?” You sound dumb, comment again and you’re blocked.

  • Elli Allen
    Elli Allen Month ago

    lol... this nasty striper heel

  • Fredrik Vahtola
    Fredrik Vahtola Month ago

    4:11 you are welcome

  • quizel Dedios
    quizel Dedios Month ago

    I love your all vids 😍😍

  • Georgia Pope
    Georgia Pope Month ago

    Soooo curious question . If they'd put that poison powder stuff in the box, the one if you inhale you die like the one they tried to send to Mr. Barack Obama, what then. Ya'll do these videos for views and likes and I'm gonna be honest I'm curious to see but you need to ask yourself is it really worth risking your life over ???? It's the dark web which mean the most evil, nasty, and vile people practically live there and CAN NOT BE TRACED so have you ever thought like what if I had opened the boxed inhaled poison and die.?????? Like yes I'm curious to but not that damn curious I'm sorry. I'll leave it up to ya'll .

  • ron randall
    ron randall 2 months ago

    seriously one of the dumbest mystery box vids i have seen....white powder everywhere, but yet its on your bed...looking at boxes codes like they mean something lol smh...if you were even the tiniest bit concerned surely yall are smart enough to take it off your bed....fake as fuck, and not even a believable fake.....plz don't make another one

  • Cazyy Sama
    Cazyy Sama 2 months ago

    ok and u put all these on your bed ..... what kind of genius piece of shit you both are ....