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  • Jarrett and Sable
    Jarrett and Sable  3 months ago +197

    PART 2 is up click here!
    We ordered a USB thumb stick drive from the dark web. Our computer ended up getting hacked. Also addressed a lot of criticism from this video.

    • Keshounta Sanders
      Keshounta Sanders 17 days ago

      Jarrett and Sable I this stared watched your videos

    • Shay Walker
      Shay Walker Month ago

      +Yomarie Sierra yes!!!! On the second video it had a USB drive with 8 or 9 files. One had a picture of a shit load of name plates and Jennifer was one... they had clips from the movie 'Jennifer's Body' and some creepy old lady saying 'i know who did it' over and over... i think that's the cuffs & remainder of the exact zip ties the person used to tie her up, one of her shoes, her burnt remains, and some of her hair. The perfume and comb could have been in her purse aaaannnnddddd what if the necklace was what they used to lure her into a trap!!! That's a damn stripper heel!!!! What if the stop cards meant " please stop me from doing this shit again" or " they cant stop me". Then that also means all the name plates are other people they killed... this is creepy af but im glad you think like i do!!!!

    • Emy Lopez
      Emy Lopez Month ago

      Ok so the stinky thing thats black and stuff that's squishy might be human remainings

    • Cza Cza
      Cza Cza Month ago +1

      white stuff must be from cocaine hahahah

  • Sarah Ippolito
    Sarah Ippolito 10 hours ago

    Get the fingerprint and hair tested

  • S. R
    S. R 23 hours ago

    11:25... Why the fuck am I watching this shit?!?... Annoyed and Im done..

    • S. R
      S. R 14 hours ago

      Jarrett and Sable bahaha.... Yall couldnt even open up a dam box.... Who tha fuck opens a box with loose powder on their bed... It should have been itchy powder... IT WOULD MAKE THE VIDEO BETTER....
      Dont be petty... No one liked this video!

    • Jarrett and Sable
      Jarrett and Sable  20 hours ago

      Let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Justin Shacklett
    Justin Shacklett 23 hours ago

    How the adrees already marked out when u got it 😂

  • Jonas Jonasson
    Jonas Jonasson Day ago


  • Mikyla Mulata
    Mikyla Mulata Day ago

    Cocaine 😂😂

  • Danika Blank
    Danika Blank Day ago

    Look... If these people ACTUALLY found the ACTUAL dark web and ordered a box from someone on the dark web they are some of the dumbest people to exist. Congrats you've just revealed yourself to people who CAN make you vanish. I can't imagine where that stuff actually came from.

    • Danika Blank
      Danika Blank Day ago

      White powder spews from box... Nah its fine we got a board under it let's keep opening it up on the bed.

  • ILove RAP
    ILove RAP Day ago

    When they put the thing up where it says the title they put of instead of off so yeah. But does he sound gay to anyone else?

  • ChildOfMischief
    ChildOfMischief 2 days ago

    That shoe was a stiletto XD

  • Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott 2 days ago

    "Im about to open it"
    💁Good idea.

  • Adry Georgiana
    Adry Georgiana 2 days ago

    First of all, on the dark web, you go anonymous and nobody will track you only if you do something, everybody can take whatever they want from the dark web ( everything) but seems that all these UScliprs take advantage of these mysterious boxes like is something to play around.
    How the heck does u order a box like this, you film the opening box, you are aware that on the dark web are crimes and everything that the police never had knowledge of that but u still post it on this platform called USclip so everybody could see probably the evidence of a murder.
    These UScliprs are fake with their boxes from Dark web platform. Nobody will play with this kind of things

  • T Koontz
    T Koontz 2 days ago

    I want your wallpaper! Where did you find it?

  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff 3 days ago

    lord sniffing the bottle which is covered in that white powder...😂😂😂 lord

  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff 3 days ago +1

    soooo you open a box from dark web, which has an unknown white powder all over it and you continue to take it out on your bed....which you sleep in! awesome idea.

  • black & white cheery blossoms infinity

    I saw the Tiffany & co add

  • Alexis Baio
    Alexis Baio 4 days ago

    You watch vampire diaries omg that is my favorite show

  • Helpy Bara jos
    Helpy Bara jos 4 days ago

    if thatpowder is a drug?

  • Sofain Bahlouli
    Sofain Bahlouli 4 days ago

    لم يتم حل لغز جني فير

  • Acrylic Hitt
    Acrylic Hitt 5 days ago

    Not hating but this I feel like I’m losing brain cells. So the chick holds the box to feel how heavy it is then seconds later she says she hates the idea of touching it with out gloves but she touched it before with out them 🤦🏼‍♀️. If you notice the address is crossed out with a marker meaning they tampered with it before they started the video meaning it didn’t just get there. Then they proceed to open it on their bed which btw if you don’t wanna open it without gloves then you go ahead and open it on the place you sleep is just plain stupid. Then there’s that comb with dark hair in it and it looks like it has a sort of curl to it and the chick has hair identical to this. They either trolling or stupid.

  • Alyssa Marie Arellano

    Can you guys work on not that much talking and ya so😑😑🤐

  • Sonia Ferreira
    Sonia Ferreira 5 days ago +1

    Sorry but these videos are fake.. and plus you wouldn't buy a $1000 box (trash) which you made you self Im just telling the truth so... please like this if you agree 👍👍👍

  • Alynn Emma
    Alynn Emma 5 days ago

    U talk to much

  • Ookami Megami
    Ookami Megami 6 days ago

    Omg y....n on ur bed....n y

  • T T
    T T 6 days ago

    she’s prissy and aggy af

  • gigi2004k
    gigi2004k 7 days ago

    I feel like it's a mystery box because you're supposed to figure out the mystery like the game Clue. Lol

  • palenka BBpudingova
    palenka BBpudingova 7 days ago

    dont you have nothing to do? fuck her got a your eyes

  • Diana Bianca
    Diana Bianca 7 days ago

    This girl îs very but very uglyest person

  • Diana Bianca
    Diana Bianca 7 days ago

    You are all stupid and slowly

  • Team2Litty
    Team2Litty 7 days ago

    Most of the ones here are FAKE.
    If ANYONE wants to help out to get a real mystery box from dark web my btc add is
    Once I hit $250. Plus $15 to ship I will open on my channel and give contents to donator's. Cheers

  • LEO .G
    LEO .G 7 days ago

    It might be cocaine

    • LEO .G
      LEO .G 7 days ago

      Yepp a stripper smoking black tar heroin and sniffing cocaine

  • Reannah s
    Reannah s 7 days ago

    Next time I need to get rid of some old junk I'll just sell it, throw in one of my dogs turds and sprinkle some baby powder on that shit, call it a day.

  • LOVE
    LOVE 7 days ago

    oh damn they done killed a bitch and sent ya'll the evidence lmao

  • lenylove Gameplay
    lenylove Gameplay 8 days ago

    Call 911

  • Stressica !
    Stressica ! 8 days ago

    Okay all of these dark web unboxing videos are wild. Why would you open the stuff near your bed? Why bother wearing gloves? 😂

  • Panraffe
    Panraffe 8 days ago

    "its getting all over me!"
    that's what she said

  • Ruby Medina
    Ruby Medina 8 days ago

    What is that? What is that? Obviously it’s some dark web shit. Y’all just opened it for the first time! No one knows what it is! Please stop asking what is this??? One of the most annoying dark web videos

  • Tenia Clendenin
    Tenia Clendenin 8 days ago

    It’s a fucking shoe 🙄

  • Victoria Dillon
    Victoria Dillon 8 days ago

    Its flour they poured on it hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  • Victoria Dillon
    Victoria Dillon 8 days ago

    This is fuckn annoying!!! Ughhhh

  • Salyna Eefing
    Salyna Eefing 8 days ago

    You guys just so annoying seriously ffs

  • David Orosco
    David Orosco 9 days ago

    If you purchased it on Ebay ............. that is not the Dark Web.

  • Misty Reyor
    Misty Reyor 9 days ago

    "its some type of old necklace..." uh, looks like a dollar store or Wish this acting is worse than my 3 year old pretending to be a dinosaur.

  • The Annals crew
    The Annals crew 9 days ago

    the thing that stunk could be body ashes

  • The Annals crew
    The Annals crew 9 days ago

    the think that stunk could of been someone's body ashes

  • Queen Ester
    Queen Ester 9 days ago

    Looks like a box full of evidence yall should turn that in

  • jess lee
    jess lee 9 days ago

    Famous words they can’t quit saying, “What is this?”, and “What is this?”, I’m telling you, the two slowest and dumbest. And still, let’s just open this Mystery box from from Dark Web right on top of our bed!

  • jess lee
    jess lee 9 days ago

    You guys are simply dumb. Both of you. Why continue to open that box up on the bed where you sleep that just had a white powdery substance going everywhere and continue to go everywhere. Like honestly, you both are just ignorant to the possibilities.🤔

    • Jarrett and Sable
      Jarrett and Sable  9 days ago

      Yet you are commenting on MY video. Your profile picture looks like it was taken on an android and just reeks of poverty and filth. You are trash. 🔥thanks for watching though keep it up fan!! 💙

  • Shatasha P
    Shatasha P 9 days ago

    Why does this seem fake lmao

  • John Coates
    John Coates 9 days ago

    Y'all are the worst actors ever😂😂😂😂

  • Abb Jordan
    Abb Jordan 10 days ago

    They’re so passive aggressive to one another so annoying

  • Sheyenne Nelson
    Sheyenne Nelson 10 days ago

    it is a murder box
    the zipties for ting ssomebody down the bag of something that is crunchy is skin\
    the bag of powder drugs that they made the victimn use
    and the shoe was the shoe jen might have been the one she was wearing

  • Sheyenne Nelson
    Sheyenne Nelson 10 days ago

    Maybe it is from a girl named jenifr and she died or got into a ca accident and what ever was crunchy and liquidy id was a piece of skin that was decaying

  • keke
    keke 10 days ago

    I wouldn’t open that on a bed just saying

  • Strider X Loong
    Strider X Loong 11 days ago


  • Erick Segura
    Erick Segura 11 days ago

    The righting on the bag said Jennifer

  • Erick Segura
    Erick Segura 11 days ago

    That's druggs in the bag

  • Erick Segura
    Erick Segura 11 days ago

    Those stuff is Jennifer's

  • IHeb Zemamta
    IHeb Zemamta 11 days ago

    This guy annoys me, I hate gay people ....

    • Jarrett and Sable
      Jarrett and Sable  10 days ago

      But guess what you’re watching MY CHANNEL. Gtfo with that hate, I bet you live in a small hut somewhere in the desert, with no running water and you shit in a hole.

  • Kamile Surnaite
    Kamile Surnaite 11 days ago

    I love vampire diaries♥

  • Amber
    Amber 11 days ago

    The part with the white powder is so funny lmao there is no way that would be drugs man. That package would have never passed security

  • Yula Barredo
    Yula Barredo 11 days ago

    Wth? U cant keep those things from dark web, geez those things are demonitized lmao

  • Blaine Auge Rook
    Blaine Auge Rook 11 days ago

    The cologne is specifically Pasha De Cartier Edition Noir, which is actually pretty recent rendition of an older cologne sold since 1992, so either way it's recent.
    So that's my input.

  • its your boy ian Allen

    Tht girl is annoying🙄

  • RitzyRhi
    RitzyRhi 11 days ago

    Please just get on with it lord

  • 1LongestDistance
    1LongestDistance 11 days ago

    Ordered trough here email whHaha fucking fake

  • 1LongestDistance
    1LongestDistance 11 days ago

    This people are to stupid to even spell bitcoins so even never made onethis r adicts who like ua to mislwad us with oiwder? Lmfao

  • Ginger Finley
    Ginger Finley 11 days ago +1

    i've yet to see a legit dark web box. like paid with bitcoin and actually purchased on the deep web

  • Lolita Drew
    Lolita Drew 12 days ago

    Looks like a killers box lol

  • JazzyGirl 2012
    JazzyGirl 2012 12 days ago

    Evidence from a crime? And they opened that on their bed?! Where they sleep??? Eewwwwww

  • Team2Litty
    Team2Litty 12 days ago

    If someone or a group of ppl finance a REAL MYSTERY BOX I will open it on USclip most of the ones here are FAKE.
    If ANYONE wants to help out to get a real mystery box from dark web my btc add is
    Once I hit $250. Plus $15 to ship I will open on my channel and give contents to donator's. Cheers

  • Larae Horn
    Larae Horn 12 days ago

    that shits herion dawg

  • Brodie Dougan
    Brodie Dougan 12 days ago


  • Ava Spaulding
    Ava Spaulding 12 days ago

    An officer that hangs out on the dark web, and snorts coke

  • Lets Getit
    Lets Getit 12 days ago

    😂😂😂😂they got a box of evidence😂😂😂😂

  • Moon 33
    Moon 33 13 days ago +1

    Lol It could drugs

  • savannah mootz
    savannah mootz 13 days ago +2

    ''it looks like a pentagram'' how tf that look like a pentagram

  • _ Aesthetic
    _ Aesthetic 13 days ago

    1:24 am, dawn. I dont know why im watching this. AHHH I CANT SKLEEP

  • Fox Rose
    Fox Rose 13 days ago

    Take that to the police

  • Fox Rose
    Fox Rose 13 days ago

    The bag says Jennifer

  • Kyla Revette
    Kyla Revette 14 days ago

    Those handcuffs r fake i got them at a dollar store once XD

  • Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson 14 days ago

    That crunchy black stuff could’ve been heroin ✋🏽 get that shit out💀

  • Zoe Colon
    Zoe Colon 14 days ago

    so they just got Jennifer's shoe on their bed... LOL

  • Jose Antonio Flores rodriguez

    boiiiii these bitches fun ctfu hahhaha make a bitch wanna watch dum they azz

    PITI POP 14 days ago

    1k for THAT lmfao

  • Hannah stockl
    Hannah stockl 14 days ago

    i have that same neckles

  • -Gacha Aria-
    -Gacha Aria- 15 days ago

    RIP Jennifer...

  • Hannah bouwman
    Hannah bouwman 15 days ago

    OMG my sister got that same neckless and she saw a red blinking light and it was a camera .. plz be careful

  • Your Girl Lola
    Your Girl Lola 15 days ago

    k idk if hes wearing contacts but his eyes ugly

  • tillycharm
    tillycharm 15 days ago

    They all look like a killers trophies

  • Jade Matier
    Jade Matier 15 days ago

    Bonnie Bennett!! 😂😂

  • Wendy Torres
    Wendy Torres 15 days ago

    First time ever seeing this channel, seeing them. The voices so annoying, they are so extra. Just annoying af. All that just looks like evidence. "Not trying to get caught up" yet posts a vidoe of them opening the box with all those contents...eithe retarted or fake.

  • Lazy Shrimp
    Lazy Shrimp 15 days ago

    Jennifer that loves drugs and has blond hair and is a stripper

  • Lazy Shrimp
    Lazy Shrimp 15 days ago

    Send me the weed

  • Emma Lindsey
    Emma Lindsey 16 days ago

    Here lemme buy something off the "dark web" and no, don't open it.. No don't do that, put dirty powdery shit all over a bed that we sleep on.. 🙌 Just stop now

  • TheAlyG
    TheAlyG 16 days ago

    To much sarcasm if they knew what they were getting into. 🙄 Powder can be anything but drug. As a past employee of a shipping company all packages are scanned for any drug substances. This can be just like Amazon/Ebay Mystery/Return Boxes.

  • Rady
    Rady 16 days ago

    Sniff that sh*t maybe is cocaine ...

  • Pretty Panda
    Pretty Panda 16 days ago

    Y’all got literal shit 😂

  • anime AMV'S and more
    anime AMV'S and more 16 days ago

    yes mail does................. i got mail at 11:00 PM

  • katie Sharman
    katie Sharman 17 days ago

    How difficult is it to open a box?!! So frustrating.

  • Veve LaTrice
    Veve LaTrice 17 days ago

    Why didn’t y’all have a face mask on?? Glad nothing happened....I think